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Cocktail Of Opinions

962.6We exist in a system called human society. There are many flaws in this system. It simply devours itself in its egoism. But this is what we have and there is no other state. The Creator, who placed us in mankind among eight billion people, shows us everything in this form.

We get what we deserve: in the family, in society, in schools, universities, at work, on the street, in relations between people, in wars between countries. All this is the result of our broken vessel, our properties.

We need to accept this as a given and see how to improve this system, how we can contribute to this through clarifications. According to Kabbalah, we live in the era of the final correction, in the so-called last generation. Therefore, we need to see ourselves connected with all the systems revealed to us in the world.

You cannot separate yourself from the public. We must be connected with all of reality, and although we do not share people’s corporeal view of life, we live together with them in this world. Therefore, we need to be connected with them in a correct way as much as possible and influence them as effectively as possible in order to change their attitude to life.

If there is a pandemic of a disease spreading all over the world and there is only one remedy for it, then I have to use it according to the doctors’ instructions. There are many other factors behind vaccination: medical lobbies, politics, money. The opinions of doctors, the interests of businessmen and politicians are all mixed in this cocktail. And this is why we find ourselves in such a confusing situation; the entire world is in bewilderment.

However, there is nothing to do because our nature should have already been more corrected, but it is corrupted and we pay for this with our suffering, misunderstanding, delusions, and in the end—with our lives.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/22/21, “Advance By Overcoming”

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A Stick Instead Of A Carrot

551Fear should always serve as an incentive, a reason to turn to the Creator. After all, the Creator gives us unpleasant sensations in order to turn to the source they come from.

And why do we get blows from the source? Because we cannot properly connect with Him face to face, we turn our back to Him.

From our side it is Kelim of reception and from the side of the Creator, Kelim of bestowal. He turns to us with his Kelim of bestowal, but we do not want to accept Him because we are only ready to receive egoistically for now. Therefore, we feel His address as a blow with a stick instead of a carrot. That is the whole point.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/21, “Advance by Overcoming”

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To Execute Or To Pardon

119We live in the era of the last generation when we need to start correcting ourselves. All of humanity, willingly or not, is already entering this process.

Problems will come one after another ranging from a small pandemic to a big war. All this is in order to make us feel connected and dependent on each other.

This dependence will be revealed to us to the extent that each one holds the destiny of the other in their own hands and there is nothing to bribe him with to act for my benefit. He is free to decide my destiny as he pleases—either to execute or to pardon.

There is nothing I can do about it. Everyone will decide the fate of a friend, which is at his full disposal. The pandemic will teach us, all of humanity, that it is all about mutual dependency.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/21, “Advance by Overcoming”

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The Doctor’s Right To Heal

294.2The Creator gave doctors the right to heal. But since medicine is faulty, and a doctor is just an ordinary earthly egoist, there is reason to doubt vaccination. However, whatever happens, we need to be closer to life. The pandemic will teach us the right attitude: if there is a vaccine, then we must get vaccinated and follow the generally accepted approach.

I am not analyzing the situation in different countries and regarding different vaccines, but now that a new wave of the pandemic is rising, let’s take this seriously. I receive letters from different countries of the world telling me about the serious troubles caused by Covid in our students’ families, and mainly those who have not been vaccinated.

The waves of the pandemic will be coming one after another, and let’s think about how to protect ourselves. This disease will not leave us easily until we start participating in deeper and deeper internal corrections between us. After all, we are in the era of the last generation, and the Creator wants to see that humanity is starting to unite.

If we do not want to do this in a good way, then at least through suffering and blows we will still begin to unite due to hopelessness and we will reveal our dependence on each other. We do not feel this direction and this goal yet, but we will soon discover that the pandemic is designed to unite us and show our mutual dependence on each other.

I do not consider particular cases, but I look at the situation in general from the point of view of the Creator, who certainly has a program and a purpose for this. We too should approach this according to the laws of the method of correction.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/22/21, “Advance By Overcoming”

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The Coronavirus Has Cornered Us

288.2The Creator sent us an epidemic hitting the whole world. Again, we have to declare quarantine and lock people at home. The Creator wants us to sit at home and think about how to change the connection between us from bad to good.

It is like a father punishing his son by putting him in a corner to think about what he was punished for. And we, like that child, stand in that corner, not thinking about anything, only waiting for everything to end and to be released. This is how egoism usually sets us up.

And what should we understand from this? That we were put in a corner or locked in a room as a punishment so that we would think about how to relate to life correctly. It turns out that this is not a blow but a cure, because by the blows of the Creator, He heals. We should consider this as medicine, the same help as our parents gave us when they punished us and meant by it to change us for the better.

Now we see how each country in front of the others is proud of how it managed to fight the coronavirus epidemic and brags about its vaccines: Russian, American, German. But is this really what the Creator wants from us?

The epidemic will not end there. We will still have to pay for it with great suffering and money, but in the end, humanity will learn that this is not “my” or “your” problem, but “ours.” And therefore, we should all develop one medicine together to fight against a single enemy.

The Creator teaches us, and so it is in everything. We are in the last generation and these blows only direct us toward unification. The sooner we understand this, the sooner we will see that the solution is very simple and fast.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/21, “Advance by Overcoming”

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Two Kinds Of Desires In A Person

562.02Question: The generation of Abraham is called the generation of separation, discord (in Hebrew “Dor Haflaga“). The people who followed Abraham began to be called “Israel” and the rest were called the nations of the world. What is this division into two kinds of desires within a person?

Answer: Yearning for connection between people is an altruistic quality. The desire to dominate people is an egoistic quality.

Abraham initiated the principle of dividing humanity into two groups: a small, insignificant group of egoists who wanted to rise above themselves were called Yehudi (Jews, Israelites) and a group called the nations of the world.

These are two types of desires within a person: egoistic desires that are already corrected and ready for use and uncorrected desires that cannot be used.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/11/2021

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How To Interpret Numbers In The Torah?

571.04Question: Abraham was the first person who raised Malchut to Bina in 40 years. It is written in the Torah that he attained the Creator at the age of 40. What does the number 40 mean?

Answer: Everyone has an inherent egoistic will to receive. It can be corrected only by raising it to the level of Bina, which has the numerical value 40. This means that we can rise to the level of Bina in 40 years, in 40 degrees.

In fact, this is purely conditional; we can count and perceive this level in different ways. Yet, in the Torah, the number 40 is very common.

Question: The number three is also mentioned in the Torah. For example, it is written that Abraham started to think about the meaning of life at the age of three. What does it mean? Clearly, this is not simply age.

Answer: Of course it is not a physical age. But we can say that it is a spiritual age when an opportunity to receive and bestow is revealed in a person and from these two opposite states he can build the middle line. Three is the formation of the middle line.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual states” 6/11/21

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Jewish Relations With The Romans And The Greeks

560Question: Why was Greece, which is considered the birthplace of western civilization, under Rome?

Answer: Rome is barbarian, a position of power. Greece is a position of wisdom, but human wisdom. Therefore, the Greeks were a bridge from Judaism to the Romans. The Romans already gave modern barbarian civilization to the whole world.

Question: That is, first there was Kabbalahlove your neighbor, unification. Then philosophy, when people understood this world but through reason. Are the Romans purely animal desires and not ideology?

Answer: The ideology is simple—divide and conquer. Nothing else. A pure position of strength, without any addition of brains.

Question: Why did the Romans allow the Jews to observe their customs?

Answer: The Jews did not interfere with the Romans. They had such a different attitude to the world, to people, and to themselves that the Romans did not seem to notice them. The Jews had an ideological war with Greece, not with Rome.

The Greeks believed that their attitude to the gods, to the meaning of life, was correct. The Jews did not worship their gods, did not pay attention to the Greeks, they considered them barbarians. As far as it was possible to understand the high ideas of the Jews, the Greeks seized them, decided that they understood correctly, and began to fight for it.

Question: Can we say that it was the worship of reason?

Answer: I do not think you can call it that. After all, the religions that originated in Greece are not the worship of reason. There is no intelligence there. They simply materialized the ideas of Kabbalah, and from this came the earthly religions.
From KabTv’s “Conversation about the Greeks” 5/5/21

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Coming Out Of A Dark Cellar

424.02Question: According to the fable of the rich man and his son, what does a young man, who is in the cellar for twenty years, feel?

Answer: He wants to come out of there, but he cannot. The whole world pressures him on all sides and nothing good illuminates for him to such an extent that he wishes he was not born. This is called a dark cellar.

Everything that he could desire is right next to him, everything one can possibly imagine: gems, precious stones, and gold, but he does not see it because he does not have the correct sight.

Sight means the reflecting light, the attribute of bestowal. The moment you acquire it, you immediately begin to see that you are in a different world.

You must be in the cellar for 20 years because there are 10 Sefirot of the direct light from the top down and ten Sefirot of the reflected light from the bottom up.

Question: At what point do we begin to count the 20 years?

Answer: We actually begin to count from the start, but these are not 20 years according to our time. Do not worry. The main thing on our part is to attain the resemblance of the Creator during this lifetime.

So, everything is still ahead. If an elderly person begins to engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah, he will still have enough time to reach the end of correction and to come out of the cellar.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/31/19

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