Where Is Salvation From The Coronavirus?

laitman_947How do we exit our egoism? We exit our desire to enjoy and want to be in connection with each other. Therefore, nobody pays attention to himself anymore but only to what is between us. And between us is spiritual space. It is outside of me.

I am my egoism, outside of it is the force of love and bestowal, the Creator, a place called the upper world. There is the goal of our lives, the purpose of creation, which we must reach.

Each time, to the extent that we rise above our egoism, our “I,” and take a step toward a friend, we begin to feel the spiritual world, the upper force, a reality outside of us, outside of our ego. Thus, we have the opportunity to move away from the coronavirus. This virus pushes us out of our egoism; it forces us to exit our “I.”

This is the most effective and proper remedy. Exiting egoism is the solution to all the problems; the virus is sent to cure egoism. It shows us the need to rise above our egoism, above our “I,” and connect with others. This is how we find the right remedy and properly correct our state.

I must run away from myself, the egoist, into the space between us, to where the spiritual world, the Creator is. But I do not understand what “between us” is. This is a space that I don’t feel the existence of, yet. But we must strive for connection, then we will feel that on this bridge between my egoism and yours is the upper world, another dimension, that is one level above us.

This is where we find the land of Israel (“land” means desire and “Israel” means straight to the Creator, Yashar-Kel), this is where we can yearn for the Creator and be able to feel Him, this is where He exists. This is where the future world is, our spiritual eternal life—everything is only there, in the connection between us.

Therefore, loving the friends as yourself is the main law of all corrections within which the Creator dwells.

Connection with friends becomes more important to me than myself. The more important my friend is, the greater is my advancement, and the further removed I am from this world until the spiritual world becomes more important to me, that is, love and bestowal to the friends, our connection becomes more important than myself.

It means that I break the barrier between Egypt and Israel, cross the Red Sea (Final Sea), the final borderline beyond which there is no turning back. After all, prior to this, there is still a danger of returning to Egypt.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/1/20, Lesson on the Topic “Pesach (Passover)”

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