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Learning The Creator’s Language

laitman_527If a person doesn’t feel that everything that happens inside him and in all of reality comes from the Creator, who is the only source of life, it is called punishment. And the feeling of detachment itself also comes from the Creator and isn’t the person’s will. There is no greater punishment than being detached from the Creator, that is, to forget that everything comes from above, from Him.

A person should continuously renew his contact with the Creator, consider His thoughts, and decide how to answer every appeal that comes from Him. What happens to me makes no difference. What’s important is that everything comes from Him: both the negative and positive thoughts. At one time I bless Him and another time I curse Him; once I want to remember that He is everywhere and another time I don’t want to remember that He exists and yearn for physical corporeal pleasures.

But all of that is sent by Him, and we should examine all these situations that are mostly unpleasant. It is because the Creator shows me to what extent I am immersed in my shallow, lowly ego, while I have to find the right answer and understand why the Creator sends me such desires and thoughts and why I want to respond the way I do and not the way I should.

If I work that way, I begin to feel that I need support and that it is impossible to manage by myself. I can escape the group and manage by myself only in my corporeal life by hiding from the Creator and without feeling guilty in any way, but if I really want to advance, I immediately feel that I must clarify my relations with Him.

There is no one in the world I settle my accounts with but Him, since He is the only source. Therefore, I feel that I have to be in a group, connected to the teacher, and that I need support.

In this case I already tighten the connection with the friends and with the teacher and begin to listen. It is because I need advice as to what to do in order to be connected to the Creator constantly and not forget about Him, to properly see that every moment in my life comes from Him. I must remember that even my trivial thoughts and my corporeal desires come from Him. Everything comes from Him in order to push me to even greater adhesion to Him, to closeness.

This is what my response should be. It means that we speak the same language. He sends me different signals and I respond to them: “I understand and I tune myself more and more to You.”

Thus, I get closer to the Creator and perceive Him in greater and more accurate resolution. I begin to learn His language. There are many languages in the world that don’t allow us to understand one another. Here I learn the Creator’s language: how he turns to me and how I should answer Him.

If a person and the group focus themselves that way they succeed very quickly and attain contact with the Creator because He begins to teach us every moment of our life.

Learning The Creator Language
All of creation is influenced that way by the Creator and thus advances and gets closer and closer on its way back to the Creator. First, there was the spreading of the worlds from the top down and the shattering, then human history evolved, and now we begin to ascend in order to return to the world of Infinity.
From the Convention In France “One For All And All For One,” Day Two 5/10/14, Lesson 4

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The Mistake Of Those Who Don’t Care

Dr. Michael LaitmanHumanity has reached a dead end that is already making itself felt. We live in one global modern village and we reluctantly discover that we have to connect, to begin to think and talk about that. It is time to take our place on the human level within the general system.

A Hazard to the System

All of nature, the levels of the still, vegetative and animate, is global, integral and mutually connected in all its parts. All the created beings from reeds to the biggest predators are welded into one system, and together, sustain the general order. On the other hand, we are not part of that picture. Man is the only true and harmful part in nature. It is because we have no limits in the satisfaction of our needs. This is typical of the whole human race in every aspect of life, including family, work, social relations, etc.

The rate of divorce, for example, is growing and so is the abyss between parents and children. Young people find it increasingly hard to find a mate and start a strong family. These extreme changes have taken place in the last 50 years or less. They have even had an impact on the Jewish people who always cared about helping young people marry and helped with their starting a home.

Inseparable Individuals

The reason for all that is our ego, which has reached its last phase.

Egoism refers to the fact that I cannot identify with others. I feel others only to the extent that I can benefit from him or her. Ideally, I wish to squeeze everything I can from others. This isn’t an accusation, of course, but a psychological fact about human nature. This is our nature.

However, on the other hand, we have locked the whole world into mutual ties of a single network that cannot be broken, in the global economic, financial, social, family, and political development. The problem is that this network is full of hate, conflicts, confrontations, egoism, and pride.

Consequently the world shakes as a result of the continuous obstacles, worries, and threats. The lack of unity between us invokes inadaptability to nature on the whole and so the world suffers terribly.

Not My Business?

Question: Most people live an ordinary life and although they profit at the expense of each other, they don’t set any special traps and don’t plot against those around them. So where do they go wrong? It is hard to see yourself as an absolute egoist in the continuous flow of daily worries, in the constant battle to survive.

Answer: That’s true. But if you justify yourself that way, you still suffer. So you should find out why. This requires a sound scientific approach even before we refer to the wisdom of Kabbalah, which sums up and includes the whole world.

A rational scrutiny indicates that we suffer because we cannot get along, cannot get along with one another.

You may ask what can you expect of a poor man who goes to work in the morning and comes back in the evening. But, these miserable poor people have created a network of seven billion parts that lack the right connections between nodes. This is the reason that we are all opposite from the unity embedded in nature.

What is required of us today is the correct unity and connection. We will not end this war if we don’t understand the problem.

But each of us shuts himself off in his little corner:

– I don’t know anything, what do you want of me?

– You feel bad. Don’t you want to correct and change things?

– I want to, but it isn’t my fault; I simply live my ordinary life.

This is no way to deal with problems. We gradually sink more deeply into dangerous situations and the pace of events is accelerating from one year to the next. Some of these events are already behind us and we should learn from them. We have to finally realize what is going on instead of hiding in our den, pretending that it doesn’t concern me, since humanity is made of such people who say that they have nothing to do with such things.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 2/15/15

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Do Not Allow Another Catastrophe On A Universal Scale, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why, when one hears that there is no one else besides the Creator, the first thing he thinks about is all this evil that occurred in the world: wars, the Holocaust that claimed millions of lives?

Answer: A person does not agree with the fact that there is no one else besides the Creator because it seems that it eliminates the person himself, including his existence. He does not understand what it is all about.

To this day, people do not agree with the way the upper governance treats the people of Israel, the group that seeks “straight to the Creator” (Yashar-Kel), which Abraham organized as one people. Even today, people still cry about this disaster.

But it would be more correct to transform all the memory of the catastrophe into the basis for correction. The Holocaust Museum and Memorial should show why it occurred, from where this terrible fault came, and what it should teach us. It is meant to teach us how we can rise out of this affliction.

In place of the catastrophe, we can grow a new attitude of the people of Israel to the Creator that is more mature and purposeful. Just tears and vows that it will never happen again will not protect us from future disasters. At that time we could not prevent the disaster, and so we cannot today.

What can be done in order to be able to influence events and not allow this to happen again? How can we learn from the past and find the strength that allows us henceforth to act so that it actually never happens again? Today we must correct the damage that we were not able to eliminate in the days of the catastrophe. Therefore, it took place in order to make corrections by the path of suffering.

The oneness of the upper governance is a very hard fact, which is not accepted by an ordinary person with all the troubles and tragedies of this life he has to go through. People do not understand how it is possible that the Creator treated the nation of Israel so badly, which was the group “aspiring straight to the Creator,” guiding them through such suffering.

It is enough to look at the path that the people of Israel went through, at all the suffering experienced by us during the 2,000 years of exile. Why did this happen? What was our mistake and why haven’t we learned from it? Why to this day, don’t we want to draw conclusions? Indeed, with anti-Semitism growing day by day, today there might be a much worse catastrophe than the one that occurred in Europe 70 years ago.

This is a very painful subject, but we have to discuss it. There is no way out, and we have to look at what happened in terms of the purpose of creation and the forces acting in nature. Our sorrow for the perished is only the beginning step towards production of a practical action through correct, broad education for the people of Israel and the whole world.

This education should show people what terrible forces could be revealed if we do not turn them into good forces. The choice is in our hands! We ourselves choose who will take power over us: the evil force or the force of good, Pharaoh/egoism, or the Creator/bestowal; it must be one of the two.

We should explain this in television programs, workshops, and discussions. This applies not only to the Jews. Today, we have advanced so much that the whole world has to be included in the correction. That is why the upper governance begins to treat the world in the same way as it earlier treated the people of Israel.

In the past, the upper governance demanded only the people of Israel to come closer to bestowal, but now this is demanded from the whole world. Thus, the entire world is on the threshold of great suffering: the war of Gog and Magog, the third world war that was described by the prophets, to a multitude of problems and misfortunes. And all this could happen because the world is not advancing on the correct path.

Of course, the people of Israel will suffer the most because it has to pass the Light to the rest. But the whole world will also be involved in this disaster. It will not be like before, being a catastrophe only of the Jewish people. Riots, problems, and revolutions will occur in any location in the world. We can already see the first stirring of conflicts, which are destined to explode in the future and envelope the whole earth.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/29/14, Shamati #1

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Like Sheep Facing Wolves

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: After the First and Second Temples were destroyed, did the Jewish people feel and remember their foundation established by Abraham? Did the people of Israel remember around what they were created and consolidated? Did this foundation live among them?

Answer: Yes and no.

After the destruction of the Second Temple, the people fell from seeing the inner picture of reality, the managing forces, everything that happens in the world, and again found themselves in mutual hatred, mutual rejection, and mutual distance from each other, with an indifference that characterizes us even today.

Exiled from the land of Israel, we passed through many lands and turned to the West, to Europe, to the East, to the Arab nations, and we began to sink into apathy. Since then, what has held us together is not the power of love, nor belonging to one idea, not mutuality, not connection, and not mutual help without any calculations, but only the desire to survive. We were stuck to each other like sheep flocking together and facing wolves, but we didn’t hold ourselves together.

Basically our situation has been like this throughout the entire exile until this very day, which is the entire two thousand years.

Question: What role did religion fulfill in this?

Answer: Religion helped people in this state of absolute detachment from spiritual sources, from understanding, from everything. It simply strengthened and supported them in this low and abject state so that people could be involved in carrying out some kind of worldly activities, also called Mitzvot, and thus would maintain themselves in this manner. Religion is what is left and what was given to the people after the destruction of the Temple, instead of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

The wisdom of Kabbalah opens the heavens, reveals the Creator, and reveals the power of unity to the people. Through realizing it between them, they discover the Creator, who is found among them, and who makes it possible for them to live within a sensation of a completely different reality.

And when all of this was lost, we acquired our present form. This pertains to everyone, except for a few Kabbalists in every generation who wrote books and developed this method, and who continue to work to attain the Creator and unity between us.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 9/24/14, Part 7

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The Premiere Of Children’s Musical “In The Class With Marshmallow”

On May 20, 2012, the club “Zappa” in Tel-Aviv held the premiere of the children’s musical “In The Class with Marshmallow,” created by our friends, played by our actors, to the music of my student Arkadi Duchin.

More than 300 people laughed, sympathized, sang songs together with the actors, and most importantly, became closer to each other. We hope these performances will become a good tradition, carrying the spirit of unity to children and grown-ups.


Spiritual Songs

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Zohar, Chapter “Shemot (Exodus),” Item 40: We open our eyes and see the wheels of the holy Merkava traveling in their journeys, and the sound of singing, sweet to the ears, to Bina, and beautiful for the heart, Malchut, rising and falling and walking, and not traveling.
…and Hochma is obtained only by journeying from line to line in the three points – Holam, Shuruk, Hirik – the sound of singing is heard. This is illumination of Hochma for the ears, which are Bina, primarily through the middle line, Tifferet, called “voice.” And it is imparted from him, from the heart, to Malchut.

A question I received: Singing is an exalted spiritual action that begets “illumination of Hochma for the ears, which are Bina,” the Light of Hassadim. How is this connected to the music put out by Bnei Baruch?

My Answer: I really like the songs written by my students Moti Mor and Arkadi Duchin. They are born from an impression of a person who is already on the spiritual path and aspires to spirituality. The fact that he hasn’t yet attained exalted levels does not matter.

Baal HaSulam writes that even a simple person may intuitively assign correct names and connect corporeal branches to their spiritual roots. For instance, some time ago some person saw the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem and thought that it was good for growing olive trees. Thus he named it Mount of Olives. Today we accept this appellation as sacred.

Baal HaSulam explains that thereby the spiritual clothes the corporeal, and the connection between the root and the branch manifests. The spiritual root affects its branch, and the branch as though “speaks” out of the root, naturally, without even knowing why.

Therefore, those who study Kabbalah create the right art even if they have not yet reached the heights of absolute spiritual sensation or attained the true nature of sounds and the deep meaning of words. The depth and richness of the impression they possess is much greater than they themselves realize. Everything that a person creates out of his connection with the Source already carries within it a spiritual spark.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/12/10, The Zohar

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I Feel Good, I Feel Bad – A New Song

This new song by Arcadi is based on today’s Daily Lesson:

Listen >>

Lyrics translation:

There’s a protective force guarding us from suffering

Even in the worst situations, we can overcome everything.

But if the One who is Good and Does Good is concealed

If the true cause is concealed

If we are barred from bestowal,

Then there is no revelation and no redemption.

When the Light shines more, I feel good

When the Light shines less, I feel bad

The concealment is really us concealing ourselves

Darkness is a longing for change

The feeling darkness is a good state – it’s one step before revelation

And the Creator confuses us so we would make the right choice

The right concealment is a sense of inversion between yourself and the Upper One

When the Light shines more, I feel good

When the Light shines less, I feel bad

The energy and the oxygen is not inside you,

It all depends on the environment

The Light slowly brings you there

Only if you persist and continue

If you already feel the darkness, it’s a sign that you’ve revealed the Light

It’s strange to say that it’s good when it feels bad

How beautiful it is when it’s all dark…

When the Light shines more, I feel good

When the Light shines less, I feel bad

Just Like Fish – A New Song

This song by Arcadi Duchin is based on today’s Daily Lesson:

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Lyrics translation:

Just Like Fish

A big desire consumes a small one,

It’s simple, just like with fish.

You are controlled by your desires

Just like a puppet.

If you take a detached look at life,

It won’t seem logical.

Even though we are very advanced animals,

We are still slaves to the desire.

The thought is the force of progress

From one state to the next.

Love is the only way out –

Out of yourself and into others.

You are shifting inside a force field,

A field of forces that depict a picture inside your senses.

This is inanimate, this is vegetative and this is human;

But it is all your desire, broken into parts.

This drives us crazy and we just can’t understand

That everything around us is non-existent.

There is just a point from which you can see

That you are the whole world.

Holy Scriptures – A New Song

This song by Arcadi Duchin is based on today’s Daily Lesson:

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Lyrics translation:

The book lets us reveal the forces of separation

Because these books point to our disconnection.

The correction of the body means correction of desires

The correction of the heart means correction of intentions.

Holy books are intended to reunite us again,

Only by uniting will we be able to understand what is written there.

There is nothing on the outside – no ocean, stones or street.

Everything is between us and our “self,”

Between us and the One who is Good and does good.

And it doesn’t matter if there are words and notions

It doesn’t matter that they are not always lucid and clear

Let’s go, my friend, and let’s look at what is broken

Let’s find what needs correction.

There is no Creator and no creation

Reality is far away

It’s dark here, everything is destroyed and there is no peace

There is no Creator and no creation.

Reality is broken

Everything is inside the desires.

Jerusalem is perfect fear

Due to the breaking between us it was debased and destroyed.

It cries over the breaking that we created.

Because of this breaking, there is no peace here, no serenity.

The holy books are intended to reunite us again.

Only by uniting will we understand what is written.

There is nothing on the outside – no ocean, stones or street.

Everything is between us and our “self,”

Between us and the One who is Good and does good.

Everything Is Inside Us – A New Song By Arcadi Duchin

This song is based on the Daily Kabbalah Lesson of 12.09.2009:

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Lyrics translation:

Everything Is Inside Us
Why does he show me this movie?
What is He doing showing me animals, people
And everything that supposedly happens in this world?
Why does He give me the sensation of my life,
And of history, birth, and death?
Why is he putting me in this dream?
I want to know!

It’s not in our power to change nature,
Everything depends on thoughts and prayers alone.
All of the world’s problems come from
The disconnection and separation between us,
And the only remedy is to piece together the fragments of our Soul.

Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Malchut of Infinity
These are qualities inside us,
Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, they are endless,
The world around us is just an imprint of our qualities.

The world is internal, it’s inside us.
The spiritual world is inside us.
There’s nothing for us to look for on the outside,
It’s all just forces depicting this “reality” for us,
We will go from this picture to forces,
And from forces – to their roots.
There, in the roots, we will find the spiritual world.