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A Beautiful Jewish Parable

222Comment: A beautiful Jewish parable goes like this: The rich inhabitants of a town hired a man to guard their possessions at night and their big wealthy homes. Late one night, a sage met the watchman and asked him: “Who do you work for?” The watchman answered him and, in turn, asked the sage: “Who do you work for?” These words pierced the sage’s heart. He answered sadly: “It turns out, I don’t work for anyone.” They walked for a long while and talked. The wise man asked the watchman: “Will you come work for me? I’m ready to pay you whatever you ask.” “With pleasure! But what will I have to do?” the watchman asked. “Keep reminding me,” said the sage.

My Response: Yes, that’s true.

Question: So even a wise man demands to be reminded that there is someone he works for?

Answer: Of course. This is the reason he is considered wise; he seems to have everything except the most important thing: he does not have good connections with everyone else.

Comment: But he still asks: “Who do you work for?” So it is not that he forgets, but that he needs to always remember that he works for the Creator.

Answer: Yes.

Question: The sage said: “I’ll pay whatever you ask.” Can you in fact pay to be constantly reminded?

Answer: This is the most important thing. After all, this is the only way you earn, if I may say so, your real wealth.

Question: If you don’t lose the connection?

Answer: Yes. If you constantly increase your connection with the Creator, you invest in it.

Question: Is it possible to stay connected all the time and not to lose it? Or should there still be these ups and downs, interruptions, ins and outs?

Answer: There must be ins and outs all the time. There must be disconnections, because otherwise there will be no renewal of the connection between a person and the Creator through other people. And that is why we are in such a constant stop-and-go movement.

Question: Is that why it is written, “And there was evening, and there was morning”? So the “evening” is my loss of connection with the upper?

Answer: Yes, which specifically comes from above. This is called “awakening from above.” And below, there should be a drive from below, which would push a person to a prayer, to form a request, and so on.

Comment: According to this parable, awakening from below can only happen from some connection with the watchman, with another person who reminds me.

My Response: That is why it says so in the parable, that he reminds.

Question: So can I not do it myself all the time?

Answer: No way.

Comment: After all, he is a righteous man, a wise man, a tzaddik

My Response: That is why he is a righteous man, a wise man, and a tzaddik, because he knows himself, his state, and how to remain at this level.

Question: Only if he is reminded of this?

Answer: Yes. While somebody else, on the contrary, would say that everything is fine, he is in full connection with the Creator, and all is well.

Question: Can we call one who says so a sinner?

Answer: Yes. Because the righteous is the one who justifies the Creator for the fact that He created our world not so perfect, but left a place for man to improve. While the sinner may consider the world to be absolutely perfect. It is the opposite. Humanity thinks quite differently.

Question: So the sinner is the one who says: “Everything is created perfectly, everything is in full connection,” and so on. Is such a person a sinner?

Answer: Yes. While the righteous man says: “Everything has been created perfectly because there is work left for me. And in this way, I can raise this world.”
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/15/22

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The Secret of a Long and Happy Marriage

627.1Question: An elderly couple was asked what the secret of their long marriage was. The wife replied that is was the fact that “We both love me. I do not exit loving myself, and he loves me.”

What do you think about this?

Answer: This is very one-sided, like walking on a crutch. I do not want that. There is no mutuality.

Comment: This is the entire secret of their long marriage; there is no mutuality.

My Response: It is like a little child who behaves like that with his mom: “I love myself and everyone should love me.” This will not work. I do not feel pleasure, height, journey, and fulfillment from the fact that someone will show me that he or she loves me.

I feel like this sometimes, and it does not make me feel good.

Question: Then what is the secret of a long and happy marriage?

Answer: When you can constantly concede to each other. Constantly! That is, to be ready for this all the time to concede to the other in everything. In everything! Then life is beautiful.

Comment: Can you imagine? The moment I feel a prick and have to attack, and hop, I concede even though everything inside me is burning!

My Response: No, there is nothing anymore and nothing is burning.

Question: So once I have conceded, is there suddenly a peaceful flow?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is this what we come to through big fights and big clashes?

Answer: Through understanding, through recognizing the wisdom of nature. Only in this form can you be connected with the other and can you receive pleasure from being with him and conceding to him all the time! That is all. How wonderful!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/27/22

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Our Whole Life Is an Escape from Life

198Question: A doctor writes to you. “Recently I have been observing that young people are under extreme stress. The demand for antidepressants is growing rapidly. The familiar world is collapsing for them. They lose their jobs, a quiet, stable life, it is unclear what will happen tomorrow.

I’m a doctor, and I see that we can’t offer them anything other than medication. All different training sessions are ceasing to work. My question to you, dear Michael Laitman: Where can they get a point of support? Where should they advance next?”

Answer: About 100 to 200 years ago people were not so disconnected from the earth: this is my house, these are my parents, and this is my village, town, or whatever. There is a friend of mine here whom I will marry, and my children will grow up here, and so on. In general, everything was obvious, clear, and simple.

Basically, animal life. But it did not give a person such uncertainty, huge uncertainty in everything.

Today, a person is inflated from the inside with questions about the universe, about life, about his own psychology and behavior. It’s on a mental level.

On a psychological level, he feels that the whole world is in some kind of incomprehensible state. The confusion is so internal for everyone: “Where to?! What?! Why?! For what?!” Nothing is known! This is a time that forces us to understand the overall picture of the world, the system of the world. It didn’t exist before. And today it does.

What will we do? Until we know the whole picture of the world and figure it out in such a way as to connect with it, understand it, perhaps even manage it at least to some extent, nothing will happen. It’s easy to forget and fall asleep. That’s why many people run away to drugs and other things.

Comment: That is, suppression by antidepressants.

My Response: Even the suppression by work. I don’t want to know anything. I have a house, a store, and a job. I go to the store from work, go home from the store, eat, go back to the computer, do something there, and go on vacation.

Happy is the person who finds some hobby, builds something in the computer or physically. That’s it. I don’t want to know anything else! There is nothing else left. It will really be an escape from the prison of our world.

This is such a natural antidepressant that many people use. Or they get into all sorts of beautiful or ugly hobbies. Nothing else can be offered to a person.

And all this is escape, absolutely everything! Up to the point that one goes for theft, for murder, goes for anything, sports, all this is just an escape. You name it. Great compositions, anything else, just an escape from the same question: “Why?” When there is no answer, then any other answer, if I consider it important, saves me.

Question: You said, “Why?” Why do I live? Why all this? It is not worth asking this question. It will drive you completely insane.

Answer: Of course. It chases us, hits us from behind every time until we come to our senses. This is what Baal HaSulam writes in the “Preface to The Book of Zohar.”

Question: Should we stop and take this question on ourselves?

Answer: We have to figure it out because it is not for nothing that it arises in every person and does not allow us to do anything else. Either we forget ourselves or do something, compile some herbarium, or we have to raise this issue and solve it.

Question: Will we ever dare to do this? It’s already a little scary to ask the question: “Why? What for? Why?” about everything.

Answer: It is very good. Then every minute of a person’s life will be filled with a higher meaning. Let’s try.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/28/22

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Condition Of Education

504Question: The number of children and adolescents diagnosed with depression, attention deficit disorder, and hyperactivity disorder, problems with concentration, memory, and sleep is growing rapidly. Children are less and less happy.

Psychologists believe that the problem is that children have been deprived of the opportunity to play. We are not talking about computer games. Playing games is a space of freedom, where children themselves set the rules, develop skills of independence, courage, overcoming difficulties, and so on.

Today, this space is growing smaller and smaller; computers, schools, and society are stealing it from children. Playgrounds are empty. No one knows what it is to play hide-and-seek, blind man’s bluff, and so on, the games we used to play.

What is so important about a game?

Answer: Communication! Communication between children, of children with each other, is a necessary, absolutely necessary state of growing up.

Of course, it has to be through the game. All of life is a game. We also play, but our games are different. When children stay at home and do not communicate with others, even assembling Legos or another building set, or even some kind of supercomputer, they will grow up unhappy. They do not have normal, natural communication with their own kind in childhood.

We must develop through the same stages as all of nature has developed: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. That is, we must give a person all these four stages of development in his childhood so that the child crawls, so that he gets dirty, so that he scratches his knees, so that he explores something around him. We should not sit him on the couch. Let him make everything, everything he can, out of planks, out of bricks, out of chairs. I remember we assembled a car out of chairs.

And it is imperative that he does it not alone, but with other children.

Question: If we take it away from children now, to what future will all this lead?

Answer: To a very ugly one. These are children who are born without any communication skills, who have no natural development.

We, as kids, had a large playground, there was a large German Shepherd named Gelz. I rode it like a horse when I was little. Communication with other children was constant, the game was constant.

I remember every time I was forced to go to music school, I looked at the children who were going to play, and I had to go to music school with this big folder of sheet music!

Question: So your conclusion is a game, but how to introduce it today? What to do today in the current stalemate?

Answer: I do not know. We are doing everything to rebuild our entire world for computers.

This is not right. I see that children do not leave the house.

Comment: Do we need to restructure the entire school, educational, and parental system?

My Response: All of them should be built for the development of communication! The development of communication can be in the game, in dancing, in collective sports.

Everything else is not a sport. It is only the development of egoism.

Question: Can someone just start restructuring all of it?

Answer: First, we need to describe it. We need people who want to describe it all. Then you can already push it somewhere, promote it, and publish it. So that people will start reading, discussing. But it all has to start with a simple description of to where we have come.

Egoism will lead us into even deeper wilds.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/18/21

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Protests Vs. Cooperation: What Will Make Governments Listen To People’s Needs?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 11/16/19

Mass protests are shaking the planet. Can protests really affect change in the world? What are people lacking in order to get into the right cooperation with the countries’ governments and make them really work for the needs of a particular society and the world as a whole?

The answer is connection. Protests give people a certain kind of unity, but it is a unity that is induced. They have an announced goal, several mottos, and blinding emotions. The main point of protest is “against,” not “for.” Therefore, those who come to protest connect around their personal hatred regarding something, or because of the external threat. As soon as it’s gone, or “a dog is given a piece of food” to calm down, the artificial unity disappears as it never existed before.

Can we get out of this locked circle?

Yes. Just as how hatred nourishes hatred, love nourishes love. Therefore, if people connect “for” something—a common goal aimed at building a new prosperous society—and show the government their unity “as one man with one heart,” their needs and requests will be immediately met and fulfilled.

How do we find that point of “for” unity? The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us about it. See Less

Forum in Davos: Unprecedented Optimism

Unprecedented optimism reigns in the World Economic Forum in Davos. International business and political leaders predict global economic growth and do not foresee any serious dangers in 2018. This year’s theme is “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World.”

We can understand the participants’ optimism. They are celebrating on their streets: last year about 82% of the created wealth went to the wealthiest 1% of people on the planet. As they suck more out of the world and the economy keeps growing, benefiting themselves while the real standard of living for the majority gradually declines.

In essence, the elites discuss how to disconnect and divide the world. This is how they see their common future. Their heralds promise that enough crumbs will be left for the rest of the people, but in fact, we see this is not happening. On the contrary, the fragmented world suits them: they unite and become stronger and wealthier.

What can you do? Egoism is unable to share what it has laid its hands on. As a result, the gathering of egoists only aggravates the situation.

They are not to blame; they cannot act in any other way. It is human nature at work. If we don’t want it to lead us down a thorny path, we must correct the egoism in ourselves and in everyone. Otherwise, it will destroy us.

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/17/17


Kabbalah is for the unbounded movement of people in the world, but after they correct their egoism and aspire to become one family.

Immigrants calling “Na’al abouk la France!” (F… France) will soon spread throughout Europe. That’s the result of reckless liberalism.

2300 pages of The Study of the 10 Sefirot begin with the question the book is meant to answer: WHAT’S THE MEANING OF OUR LIVES?

How Trump Can Tweet His Way Toward American Stability


From Twitter, 2/17/17

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/15/17


How Can Tweet His Way Towards American Stability


Solving other people’s problems at your own expense is a mistake. To help means to train and equip #nations without changing their ways.

The brainwashing of our egocentric society gave birth to masses of people who consider themselves infallible. (An observer).

How Trump Can Tweet His Way Toward American Stability


The Dems Smear Campaign Can Put Us All in Trouble


El Huffington Post ‏@ElHuffPost


From Twitter, 2/15/17

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/14/17


Soon, instead of recklessness and unrestrained liberalism, the world will aspire to be practical, balanced, and responsible in everything.

There’s only one solution to the refugee crisis: suitable living conditions in their homeland. Taking them in doesn’t solve the problem.

If the EU is serious about creating the Ministry of Truth, first they have to create the Ministry of Kabbalah. We’re ready to help!

Trump’s influence: The EU is ready to create the Ministry of Truth and punish spreading lies. For this, we need to correct our nature!

Likutei Etzot [Assorted Counsels]: The purpose of the Torah in particular is to reveal the Creator by uniting people of opposing opinions.

Let’s turn love into the foundation of life valentines


Only the unification of Jews that both support or oppose Trump will help Trump retain his power and spare the Jews from pogroms!

The world is in crisis, as in ancient Babylon. The world needs Abraham’s method of unification once again, so it can reach its purpose.
From Twitter, 2/14/17

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/13/17


Our problem: the deterioration of social ties—the basis of society, economics, and politics. We weren’t brought up to connect.

Don’t blame Trump. We’re moving to a new stage of development. Hence the decline of social ties, family, society, economics, politics.

Henry Ford, “The International Jew”: “Society should demand that Jews fulfill the ancient prophecy: to bless all nations.”

Liberals, Republicans, and the Jews Between Them


Trump shows how the Internet can make traditional media and the UN obsolete. If we communicate, we can gradually solve our problems.

Kabbalah says the world must transition to a new paradigm. Trump can make for a smooth transition. Otherwise, crisis and war are ahead.

Tell Finland: Universal Basic Income will be successful only if recipients study and work with the method of human connection. #UBI

Now evident: The EU’s liberal governments can’t solve pressing national problems and only retain power by manipulating the media.

From Twitter, 2/13/17

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