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What Happens to the Soul When the Body Dies

571.04Question: What happens to a man, to his soul, when he dies?

Answer: When a man dies his body dies and he no longer perceives himself through his body. That is all.

But his Reshimot remain. A Reshimo is a record, an information chain about its further states. It is recorded from the beginning of creation to the end. And from the moment his body dies, he continues to realize this chain of Reshimot in other forms without being clothed in a corporeal body and without perceiving his existence through it.

Question: But is there any realization that this is my Reshimo?

Answer: Yes. But it is not like now.

Question: Better or worse?

Answer: It depends on his life.

Question: So there remains some awareness that I exist?

Answer: Of course. Nothing disappears.

Question: What happens to the soul then?

Answer: The soul is that part of the desire that has corrected itself and united with humanity in order to affect good on it. Thus the soul continues its existence in the total volume of the whole of the desire. This is a different realization, a higher one.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/12/22

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Realizing Yourself Correctly

962.7Question: In our world we have two states. If I were able to reach awareness and sensory attainment of the common soul, of the common organism of the entire humanity, then I, in a way, would receive this feeling and continue to live in it.

If not, would I then feel only my Reshimot and also continue my existence in it until they give me a new body?

Answer: Let’s say yes.

Comment: It is hard to explain all this somehow.

My Response: No, it is not hard. You just need to realize yourself correctly in the right society. Then it will show you correctly everything that Kabbalah says.

Comment: But so many years have already passed, we have existed for thousands of years, and…

My Response: Who implements it? Very few individuals in every generation. Nowadays, however, there are more of them.

Comment: Still, there is no consensus on this issue.

My Response: Among whom should it be? It exists among the Kabbalists—those who attain this wisdom and change themselves. The rest of the people do not yet go beyond the limits of their animate, material body.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/12/22

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Complete Update

627.2Question: Is there a connection between spiritual genes and the corporeal states of my physiological body?

Answer: Naturally, there is. Both of these factors are active within the same person.

There are things that we receive through the corporeal world and there are things that we receive through the spiritual world. Some are perceived by us through study and others are perceived through the surrounding society, relatives, and so on.

Question: So is it possible to change the corporeal states as well?

Answer: Everything can be changed. A person can change himself completely.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/12/22

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Nature Is a Single Organism

752.2Question: Academician Garyaev found two types of unusual kinds of memory of DNA molecules. He put forth that the thought of nature or the general thought of development contained in DNA is indestructible. He discovered and wrote about the DNA phantom effect that confirms that a person does not die completely. He contends that nothing alive disappears without a trace, something remains in the form of information, and perhaps it is actually immortal. What is this “general thought”?

Answer: It is the immense general system of nature that actually exists but of which we perceive only a small part through our egoistic filter. Therefore, it seems to us that everything is born, lives, and dies. This is how we, being small, limited researchers, perceive everything through the prism of our egoism.

In fact, nature is one single organism, a vast, integral, analog system within which everything acts instantly and instantly connects with each other.

There is no time, no distances, and no movements because every particle includes in itself everything like in a hologram, and therefore everything exists in an ideal form, motionless, because any movement means a transition from imperfection to perfection. But in fact, this does not exist in nature.

Time, movement, and space are the coordinates of our flawed perceptions.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Human Genome” 7/17/11

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Reshimo—A Gene of Spiritual Information

610.1Question: What are Reshimot (spiritual information) and what is recorded in them?

Answer: “Reshimot” comes from the word “recording – Reshima, Roshem.” It is what differentiates any desire from all other desires, any intention from all other intentions, either in the positive or negative direction. These recordings always remain included in the matter.

There is a matter with positive Reshimot and there is a matter with negative Reshimot. Based on these recordings, all kinds of matter correlate with one another; they connect and disconnect, approach one another, and distance from one another.

All states are recorded in them. It means that Reshimot allow a person to determine his state, where he is today: in the past, present, or in the future.

A Reshimo is a gene that carries a certain piece of spiritual information.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/12/22

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Dangerous Love

712.03Question: If the Creator reveals His endless love to us, then we will begin to neglect Him, and therefore, as protection, He gives us blows and rejects us. Why is it necessary to do so?

Answer: This is done on purpose so that we change our state. This neglect is the result of a new level of egoism emerging and unfolding in you.

Question: Why can’t we immediately embrace all of the Creator’s love?

Answer: You do not have any abilities for this. We need to work on it. After all, sensation and the understanding of sensations, i.e., the heart and mind must be together. You cannot just feel it! There must be a period of awareness of the cause, action, effect of these sensations, certain control over them, then the next state, and so on. There are a lot of different switches here.

It all depends on how ready you are for this, how much you want to take part in all the metamorphoses happening in you and your willingness to call them upon yourself. This will reduce the time to adapt to the new world.

This is a completely new world in which you will feel that there is neither time nor space, there is no life or death. You will look at your body as at an animal that is next to you; well, you stayed with it, made friends with it, like with your dog or a bull that grazes in your yard, and now you are parting.

Moreover, you feel this animalistic state that also has its own egoistic form. But since it supported you and brought you closer to spirituality, then in this egoistic form it begins to enter the spiritual as an integral part of it. Therefore, there is no death, there is no disappearance. On the contrary, it is like all your inanimate, vegetative, and animate desires that join your next state because they led you to this.

Starting from the appearance of our universe, that point that developed in you has now led you to exit our universe into the next one. This is a very special state, an historical moment. Although there is no history and time.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Dangerous Love” 1/23/14

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Rise Above the Body!

600.01Question: Do you have a fear of death as such?

Answer: No. I think that people who start studying Kabbalah generally lose their fear of death and even develop a desire for it. It seems to them that there is a desire for physical death, but in fact, it is not. It is a growing desire in us to nullify ourselves, but we feel it in this form for now.

If we knew that there is such a joy in anticipating death, then we would even rejoice. After all, this is not death, but a feeling of self-annulment, the disappearance of one’s egoistic “I,” the transition to “we.”

Comment: But a person is usually ready to do everything to save his life. If you approach him with a knife, he will panic.

My Response: This happens at the animate level. When we rise a little to the next level, we completely disconnect from this animalistic fear and even begin to feel joy from losing connection with the animate level.

Comment: Some people are afraid of injections or something else. It turns out that we associate ourselves with the body, we are afraid to hurt it.

My Response: Rise above the body! There is nothing special about it. There are lots of training programs of all sorts that are not related to Kabbalah. Rise above it!

Question: But why does a person associate himself with his flesh? Everything is about one’s body,  how to bring it to a state of perfection so that it does not hurt.

Answer: This is, so to speak, the imperative of our century. In this way we part with our body and give it the last strength and attention. And that is all. Now it will pause.

You can see that a culture is already emerging where people do not care how they dress—on the contrary, rags are in higher esteem than evening dresses. I think that the crisis over the next few years will shake up humanity and shake out all the whims from it. Then it will get easier.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Anticipation of Death” 2/5/13

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What Determines Human Health?

703.04Question: Some scientists say that if reality is just a holographic illusion, then it cannot be argued that consciousness is a function of the brain. What really is consciousness?

Answer: Consciousness is not a function of our brain. Consciousness is part of energy, matter, information, and properties I receive when I connect to the general information volume. That is, this is what is formed in me when I am connected to the general volume.

Comment: Scientists believe that this transformational change of our views of biological structures allowed researchers to learn that medicine and healing processes can change under the influence of the holographic paradigm.

My Response: Absolutely. After all, our body is programmed. It is controlled by the very forces that we receive from outside. These forces carry all the information about the body as well as about its health. If we correctly connect to the external information, then our body is healed. Conversely, incorrect connection causes all the diseases.

Comment: Some scientists also say that the apparent physical structure of the body is but a holographic projection of consciousness, it becomes clear that each of us is much more responsible for our health than current medical wisdom allows. Similarly, controversial new healing techniques such as visualization may work  well because, in the holographic domain of thought, images are ultimately as real as reality.

My Response: Of course. Unfortunately, modern medicine exists inside this consumer. In fact, we should think not about what we receive inside, but how we connect to the general information field. The quality of our connection with the external field is, in principle, responsible for the state of our health. We must be aligned with it!

This field is built only on the property of bestowal and love, like all of nature around us.

If we wish to create the same properties in us, then we will connect to it and begin to perceive its information completely unhindered. Thus, we will become absolutely healthy and will understand and feel the whole of creation, the whole of the universe. We will become as eternal and perfect as all nature.

And our desire to constantly separate, dismember, and compartmentalize everything only moves us away from health, eternity, and perfection, and does not allow us to see the true picture of the universe.

The result is all the crises we are experiencing. They are needed in order to push us to change our paradigm, to ensure that we correctly connect to this general field.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hologram” 7/28/11

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Results of Genome Research

560Comment: Genome research is based on wave genetics. These studies are accepted with hostility by ordinary genetics, but they arouse great interest.

According to academician Peter Garyaev, the project of studying the human genome, for which fabulous money was spent, led to disappointing conclusions that a person in his genome is no different from an animal, and not only from an animal.

My Response: Indeed, in our physical state we are animals. Only a state when we rise to the level of a single thought, which is an eternal perfect holographic, integral, analog system, can we be called man.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Human Genome” 7/17/11

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Disconnected from Reality

294.2Question: Is our body a shell that allows us to be outside the spiritual state?

Answer: The physiological body, that is, the slice of egoism felt by a person, the lowest, thinnest, most primitive one, allows us to feel ourselves and the environment around us in this egoism and imagine it as our world.

Everything else that actually exists is outside of this slice. But we are still able to live in it as in oblivion, as in a dream. Basically, we are in a non-existent state. As if we got hit on the head and are disconnected from reality.

Question: If you remove this shell of feeling yourself as physically existing, is it already a transition to the next stage?

Answer: Partly. After all, you can’t just remove this barrier. What desire will you exist in? In the quality of bestowal?

Comment: When a person, for example, commits suicide, he seems to hope that he will remove this shell.

My Response: Nonsense, this person does not solve anything. He did not correct himself nor enter a sense of true existence. This has nothing to do with the method of revealing the true reality.

It simply benefits the ego to stop suffering. How many people do this, how many are willing to do it? What about drugs and alcoholism? This too is a kind of death, when one disconnects from reality and temporarily enters a different state.

These, however, are questions that require seeing the whole system and understanding what is happening to us; a person has completed what he had to, now he must somehow transition to another state, be reborn, and discern new Reshimot (spiritual information data).

Question: Why is suicide considered the worst sin in all religions?

Answer: It is as if you are running away from your responsibilities.

In this world, we have a clear task—to reach the image of the upper world, that is, in full unification, to correct the breakage of the common Kli, vessel.

Through all the millennia we have been moving toward this as primitive beings. We were led by inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature. But in our time, we have reached the level of a human solution to this problem; we are in a state when this needs a conscious solution. And we must solve it.

How can you commit suicide when you have to solve the problem of consciously connecting to all people on Earth, fully helping them, joining them as one whole, forming an integral analog system of complete interconnection with them and revealing the upper force of bestowal, love, and interaction in this system? This is where you begin to live and no longer perceive the previous system of forces called our world, you existed in before.

It is all before you. Today, it is all revealed and ready to be implemented.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Impact of Kabbalah on a Person” 6/11/14

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