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“The Day We Die the Wind Takes Away Our Footprints”

504Question: From a letter. “Here are some lines from a bushmen folk song:

The Way We Die”
song of the Southern Bushmen

The day we die
the wind comes down
to take away
our footprints.

The wind makes dust
to cover up
the marks we left
while walking.

for otherwise
the thing would seem
as if we were
still living.

Therefore the wind
is he who comes
to blow away
our footprints.

“Why does European civilization want so much to leave behind some kind of corporeal trace: things, cities, works of art, and books? Why is it important for us to be remembered? Why are we so afraid to disappear without a trace? But people who live in harmony with nature are not afraid. On the contrary, they say: ‘Our footprints should disappear.’

“Why does it happen like this? We really want to leave our monuments.”

Answer: Egoism! It is our egoism! It forces us to take care of ourselves, the immortal ones.

Question: Don’t we die after death?

Answer: Yes. If I could put up such a monument, a column, that would stand forever, I would not be afraid to die. That is, I continue to live through it. Everyone will see and know it, and they will not be able to destroy it even if they want to. The monument will be such that it will be eternal. And on it, on the pedestal, I will stand proudly!

Question: Don’t we even think that I will not be there, but a monument will be there? I will be there, right?

Answer: Yes, it means that I will be there. For a person, this is everything!

What else, my body? It is clear to me what will happen to it. However, to be depicted in stone like this, eternal, respected, and wise, this is anything but simple.

Question: Does it mean that egoism is indestructible? Both before death and after death. Is it something unimaginable?

Answer: Egoism is higher than death, it is a force of nature. It is against the Creator. There is the force of the Creator and egoism is against Him.

Question: So what chance do we have to become such “Bushmen”?

Answer: We alter our egoism, we change it.

Question: From what to what? From this eternal one?

Answer: Yes, we give it eternity. Do you want eternity? Be my guest. Do you want perfection? Not a problem. Fame? Anything you want. But to do that, you have to change.

Question: What should I turn into?

Answer: From the rejection of the other to the love of others. It is this process that a person must go through. Moreover, he, by himself, needs to understand it, go through it, and finish it.

Comment: But there are sparks of this understanding at the moment a person passes away. He understands that “I will not take this with me.” There are many different stories.

My Response: It is all literature. After all, a person remains with the idea that my actions will remain after me. Instead, he has to come to the idea that nothing is important to me, just to leave everything to others.

Comment: So, am I leaving so that everything remains to others? I do not need anything anymore. No monuments, nothing.

My Response: Nothing.

Comment: There was such a movie, it was called All Remains to People.

My Response: I wanted to say that too.

Comment: It was a socialist, communist movie. I even remember that Cherkasov was playing there.

My Response: Yes, Cherkasov. Such a noble man. In fact, ideally, the person should pass away like that.

Comment: As we know, this did not disappear together with communist ideas.

My Response: It is clear that it will not disappear because egoists were at the head of these ideas.

Question: And if we put a Kabbalistic meaning into it, what would it look like?

Answer: It would look like Kabbalah.

Question: What am I doing with this egoist in me?

Answer: I am converting him into an altruist.

Question: Why did it not work out there, but it will work out here?

Answer: First, we have already become disillusioned with all the previous “isms” and other theories. That is first. Secondly, we understand that otherwise we will not be able to exist.

We must understand that only in the correct connection between us, which will become the basic law of society, is our future.

Question: Where in this is the upper force that you talk about all the time?

Answer: It is in the fact that we create it ourselves by trying to connect. If it is not there, this upper force, then we have not made it.

Question: So we failed, and we have to try again and again?

Answer: Absolutely!

Question: Until when?

Answer: Until you make it!

Question: How will I understand that I made it?

Answer: When you see that this connection works between you and others.

Question: How does it work then?

Answer: You will look at the others and see that everyone wishes happiness to each other. I think we still need a long time to come to this.

Question: But are we going toward this?

Answer: This does not depend on us.

Question: So, will this happen one way or another?

Answer: This will happen, this does not depend on us, but we will have to see this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/29/23

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Left-Handed and Right-Handed

562.02Question: Why is there such a phenomenon as right-handed and left-handed? Is there any explanation for this?

Answer: Of course, everything has its own explanation, although we see some things in nature, and some things we don’t.

The fact is that in our spiritual image, from where all the threads descend to our world and control us, there are right-handed who work more in the right line, and there are left-handed who work more in the left line. And there are those who are balanced in two lines. These are very rare people, and they really don’t care which hand to work with, even with two hands.

But mostly people are initially left-handed, they are simply converted to right-handed. If you lock your fingers together and see which thumb is on top, then you can determine who you were originally: right-handed or left-handed.

All this comes from the three lines on which our soul is built. Some people work more in the right, others in the left, and the third type in the middle line. It depends on the kind of souls, because we are all connected in one system, in one single soul. And each of us works in his own field.

Just like inside the body, different organs work in different directions and their directions do not necessarily coincide. O like in a car, pistons or other parts move in different directions; one turns forward, the other back, and as a result, the whole car goes forward. It is the same here, everyone seems to work in a versatile way, but in the end it is all balanced.

Therefore, it does not matter if one is right-handed or left-handed. All this comes from our inner state, those properties that descend into our world and are increasingly manifested in our generation because it is in this generation that we must somehow correct and implement them.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Left-handed and Right-handed” 7/30/11

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Kabbalah Does Not Deal with the Animate Level

49.01Question: There are hypnosis sessions where a person goes into his past lives. What does he feel during that?

Answer: I have not done it and I do not know how true it is. But in principle, everything is possible. But I do not believe in such sessions. What past life? Animate? What is in it?

Comment: For example, he is told in a session that in some incarnation he was so-and-so or such-and-such.

My Response: So what if he was? Let’s say in the last incarnation you were a projectionist in the village, the first guy in the village. What is next?!

Question: There are also cases where someone is being sought through hypnosis. Why do we need hypnosis at all?

Answer: Do you think I am hiding something from you? Hypnosis also exists in animals: how they hypnotize each other, how they affect each other. But Kabbalah does not deal with the animate level.

Question: But is there a spiritual root?

Answer: Of course there is! At all levels all this is included in one single system. But why engage in it?
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Power of Hypnosis” 7/24/11

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When the Time Comes to Turn to the Creator

627.2Question: Dale Carnegie, American psychologist, speaker, and writer, wrote books that gave hope to people. Millions of copies of his books How to Win Friends and Influence People, How to Enjoy Your Life and Job, and How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking were sold. Carnegie was called a seller of happiness and a teacher of humanity. But he was unhappy. During the last years of his life, he was very lonely. The reason for his suffering at the end of his life was that he got lymphatic cancer. After the doctors told him about it, he couldn’t forgive them.

He fell into a terrible depression. It is not known whether he died naturally or committed suicide, but he was in such loneliness without friends.

When troubles came, it turned out that everything was jus theoretical. His books touted that diseases come from the isolation of a person and that one should have a lot of friends because then you are open and not subject to depression. He himself became he lonely and depressed, and that is how he died. Tell me, how does this happen?

Answer: Every person has a certain threshold of sensitivity of where he can overcome his suffering and what befalls him, and where he is no longer in the right state to overcome. He had this threshold, he lived through it and gave up.

Question: Another question is if it is possible to agree with the diagnosis, to agree that now is your final time, and not fall into depression, not distance yourself, and not die alone.

Answer: In the end, every dying person agrees with this. Where can a person go? In principle, he understands practically. In the last days, hours, and minutes of his life, he is no longer in the euphoria in which he was born. He already understands that it is all coming to the end.

Question: So this understanding comes to a person and he calms down?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do you have any advice if say a person receives, God forbid, some bad news? How can he continue to swim? Carnegie fell into such a state, into depression, loneliness, and withdrawal. Even though he preached something else.

Answer: Everyone is still looking for some kind of salvation.

There is no escape from this. There are still thoughts that you are already in the hands of the Creator. And He does what He wants with you. And you can only, if you want, pray to anyone, however you want. But in general, this is what remains to a person.

Question: And how do you survive these minutes, hours, days, or months? Is there any way to direct the ones that go through this?

Answer: The way to direct thoughts correctly is only if you read Kabbalistic articles. I can’t say anything else. This directs you—your thoughts, your desires, and eventually your soul in the right direction, to the right goal.

Question: Why? What is in them?

Answer: Rapprochement with the Creator, a real, true rapprochement with the Creator.

Question: So you’re saying that I’m kind of locked in this little world of mine and that’s the trouble? And so do I have to open it almost indefinitely? And swim like this?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is there an article that you like the most in such cases?

Answer: “There Is None Else Besides Him.”

Question: This is the first article from the book Shamati (I Heard), the crown of this book is “There Is None Else Besides Him.”

When reading it, does peace come or something else?

Answer: Peace comes. Humbleness comes. And joy comes after that. And the joy is very great because you begin to believe that this world exists according to its upper program, and not just that nature thus removes us from its path.

Question: Is it possible to reach this point earlier?

Answer: You can get to this earlier, but you still have to go through this period.

Question: Are we coming to this article anyway?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do you think doctors should tell a patient that he is on the verge, that everything is over, that he is now in the last stage of the disease and he is dying?

Answer: I think doctors need to say this to patients. And to say that it is time to turn to the Creator.

Question: Is it right for the doctor to say so directly?

Answer: Yes. That now everything is in the hands of the Creator, and not in the hands of doctors. And a person should turn to Him. I believe that this will be true and open.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/5/23

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When the Soul Flies Away

276.01Question: There is a very short prayer called Modeh Ani, which is a morning prayer in which a person thanks the Creator. Before getting out of bed, just as he opens his eyes, he says this prayer: “I offer thanks to You, living and eternal King, for You have mercifully restored my soul within me; Your faithfulness is great!”

Please explain why it starts with gratitude?

Answer:Modeh ani lefanecha, I thank You.” For what? “Melech chai ve kayam”—that You fill the whole world, You control the whole world, only You.

Question: It says: “Thank You, living and eternal King,” What “eternal” means is somehow understandable. What is “living”?

Answer: “Living” means which exists in everything that exists. Without His presence in something, it would not exist.

Question: So every person should start any day with this gratitude?

Answer: With the fact that he got up to get to know the Creator. This is the beginning of the day for absolutely anyone. “Melech chai ve kayam, she he chezarta bi nishmati”—”for You have mercifully restored my soul within me; Your faithfulness is great!”

Question: Did He take the soul?

Answer: He takes it in the evening and returns it in the morning.

Question: The fact that I go to bed and go to sleep, is it called that I give my soul for this time?

Answer: The soul flies away.

Question: And how do the Kabbalists explain that the soul “leaves” for this time?

Answer: A person enters a dream, and he no longer controls himself, and therefore his obvious connection with the Creator is cut off. Only the Creator is the master over him during sleep, at night. And in the morning a person gets his soul back and thanks the Creator for it.

Question: You just said that the soul is my connection with the Creator. Is this called a soul?

Answer: Yes. And at the time of sleep, it kind of breaks off.

Question: “For You have mercifully restored my soul within me,” does this mean that it is the Creator who decides whether to return it or not?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What is night then?

Answer: This is when the soul, so to say, breaks away from the body, and a person feels only a dream or his animal state.

Question: Then here’s the question: can night come during the day? Or do I have to fall asleep?

Answer: No. Can you imagine how many people don’t wake up at all?!

Question: So these are people without a soul? The Creator took it and does not return it?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Why?

Answer: It’s quieter in the world. A man without a soul is better off. You have to work on your soul and be thankful for it.

Question: And then: “Your faithfulness is great!” Am I repeating this as a mantra: “Your faithfulness is great!”?

Answer: No. Because thanks to the fact that I believe in You, I am connected to You, thanks to this, I wake up to a new day. “Raba emunatecha”—great is the faith in You.

Question: Do I imagine it or does it live within me? Or should I repeat this as a physical exercise in order to establish a “muscle” of connection with the Creator? Your faithfulness is great! Your faithfulness is great! Your faithfulness is great!

Answer: It just forms within a person, inside him.

Question: When we analyzed the prayer for the road, you said that the road is where a person goes from state to state. This is not a way from city to city.

And here, too, is this prayer also from state to state?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So you don’t have to say it in the morning when you just opened your eyes?

Answer: No, it has nothing to do with day and night at all. In Kabbalah, a day is when I have enlightenment, when I see, feel, and have a connection with the Creator. And night is when a state descends of twilight on the soul and on the heart. And when the dawn comes next, I have to say such a prayer.

Question: Is it necessary to pronounce it in these exact words or not?

Answer: No, in principle, all this can be said differently.

Question: And what should a person say from the heart?

Answer: How good it is for me to be connected with the Creator, this is a day for me. And how bad and sad it is for me to be alone without the Creator, for me it is like night.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/1/23

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Contact with Kabbalah Is a Chance for Correction

214Comment: You often say that if we do not come to correction in this incarnation, then we will continue in the next one. It sounds scary because until you come to some kind of awareness, you have to start this process over again.

My Response: This is a good incentive to study. Later on the next higher degrees, when you are already advancing toward bestowal, you will find out that this is not the most important thing. But, in general, we must take care not to live life in vain.

At least you have a chance; the rest is in your hands. I give you everything I can, I hide nothing. I even pull out of myself such things that if I think carefully, are too early for you to know. I talk too much, maybe not for today’s generation level. Therefore, I seem so strange, unreal, and not quite adequate.

Then, after a couple of years, the things I was talking about happened. For example, I delivered a report about the crisis in Arosa back in 2005, and a few years later, everyone began to talk about it.

That is, I try to give everything and even more. In the blog, I also write for the future. In addition, we invest a lot in the system of integral education and upbringing. Everything we do today is a groundwork for the future. But the problem is that our theory is ahead of the practice. This is not good.

A theory should be given only to the extent that it is immediately put into practice. We are talking about things that are still completely unrealizable in us. But I have no other choice.

Question: Is it programmed in a person in what reincarnation he will eventually come to the understanding of the need for correction?

Answer: He already has this opportunity in the incarnation in which he receives contact with Kabbalah. He can come to it! The rest is his work, his freewill.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Need for Reincarnation of Souls” 7/18/11

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How the Creator Works on A Person

294.4Question: Mark Twain said: “When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.”

Don’t we ever see that this is all as though within us? That is, I always see that this is him who has become wiser? And I was smart all the time.

Answer: Yes. We are amazed at the changes in other people without realizing that it is due to our changes.

Question: But sometimes it is still said that “I have matured, I have become wiser.” A person sometimes says that. Is that the right thought?

Answer: Yes.

Question: At what point does this revolution take place that I have suddenly changed?

Answer: This is the work of the Creator on man.

Question: So I am changing and the world is changing? Is this the formula?

Answer: This is the formula. But who is changing me?

Question: Does the Creator change me? In response to what? Or is it just His will?

Answer: This is in order for me to gradually determine that I am in His power, and He commands the world that only He created. And I am grateful to Him for doing all these metamorphoses with me.

Question: Am I grateful afterward? And before that, is there still hard work going on?

Answer: Of course.

Comment: In order to tell me how I grew up, how I misunderstood my father, what he was like…

My Response: No, it wasn’t you who misunderstood. It was the Creator who guided you through all these states. That is why you have become smarter.

Question: So as a result, as Mark Twain wrote about his father, I am saying the same thing about the Creator?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: So, when I got smarter, I realized that You are good and doing good. But until it happens…

My Response: It doesn’t matter. After all, a person reaches such a state when he dies. And then he understands, realizes.

Question: Who is he? You said, “A person dies and then you say, “He understands and realizes.”

Answer: A man, in his soul.

Comment: But he’s dead.

My Response: And what does it mean that he died?

Question: What do you mean he died? You said, “A person dies and then understands.”

Answer: And then he understands and realizes what it means that the Creator has guided him through all the states of this life.

Question: And who is he who understands?

Answer: A man.

Comment: But he’s already gone. He’s dead.

My Response: That he was buried or burned? So what?

Question: And where is he, the man?

Answer: Spirit. This is the man.

Question: So, it is immortal, this spirit?

Answer: Of course.

Question: You are saying that there is an eternal part in a person that feels everything, goes through everything, and it only?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And this shell, this body?

Answer: You can bury it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/1/23

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What Awaits a Person after Death?

294.4Question: Many people who have gone through clinical death claim that they experienced vivid sensations of a world that is dominated by one force that radiates goodness, love, and mercy. And at the same time, they felt how every moment of their lives, every action and intention, was recorded with pedantic accuracy.

Is there any connection between these sensations and what Kabbalists experience when they reveal the spiritual world? After all, Kabbalah also talks about the love and mercy of the upper force.

Answer: I am afraid to answer this question directly because of the risk of being misunderstood. Of course, everything does not end with the death of the physical body. A body lives and dies, we see it very well, and we even use meat of slaughtered animals for food.

People claim that clinical death was accompanied by very pleasant sensations in complete contrast to the world they left, which was full of suffering. But it is not surprising that there is such a revolution from evil to absolute good because indeed this corporeal world is the worst of all worlds. It is completely ruled by egoism and is opposite to the positive force of the desire to bestow.

In the upper worlds the force of unification acts, and in our world the force of separation does. And it is clear that the difference between the corporeal and the spiritual world is huge.

But it is not worth talking about it because we cannot provide any evidence and cannot broadcast from the upper world into our world. Therefore, a person is so afraid of death and thinks of it as something incomprehensible and shrouded in mystery. And I do not think that I have the right to reveal this secret.

Some people claim that at the moment of clinical death they suddenly realized the huge impact of their seemingly most insignificant actions. And of course, there is a grain of truth in this.

Therefore, in this life it is still worth behaving as the Torah advises, that is, to unite with each other in order to reveal the true form of reality that awaits us in the future in a common desire (Kli). After all, after physical death, we have to discover that we are completely connected and influence each other.

The Creator hides from us what is beyond the threshold of death. And we are like curious children who want to look behind this veil and find out what is there. But in all our life there is no way to step over this barrier and reveal the form of the future world.

What should be the right attitude toward death? Death is not what we imagine. It is just a sensory transition from our world to another world. For a person who has experienced death, this corporeal reality ends and existence in new sensations begins.

Is this transition accompanied by pain? I do not think so. Should we be afraid of the moment of death? I think we should not. We are just afraid of the unknown.

And what happens after death? After it there is no more death, and there is no more this corporeal life. But what is there? We shall wait and see!
From a conversation with journalists 6/6/23

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The Structure of Altruism

49.01Question: You say that egoism forms a certain body. Then what does altruism form?

Answer: Altruism forms the soul, meaning a completely different body, a spiritual one.

Altruism is based on the fact that I perceive the feelings and thoughts of others as my own. I operate not with my own desires, but with someone else’s. I use my own desires only in order to fulfill the desires of others.

To do this, I need completely different qualities. My egoism can only fill itself. Here, however, I begin to connect, for example, to you. But you have other desires, other needs, and therefore I develop my egoism by including your desires, qualities, and all of you into myself, and become twice the size, consisting of myself and you. My part serves you, and your part consumes this service, like Bina and Malchut, like mother and child.

In this way, I attain your desire and fill it with the upper light that comes to me to a greater extent. In doing so, I feel that I am fulfilling you; that is, I feel like a Creator regarding you. By this, I attain one-seven billionth part of the Creator.

Such fulfillment, feeling, understanding, and action, all this is called “the Creator in me.” Here, I have revealed Him. Therefore, “love your neighbor as yourself” is the main rule of the Torah, that is, the entire instruction for correction. There is no escaping this! If you want to feel more than your animalistic body and live above it, you must include the other in yourself!

Question: In principle, is it also a benefit to attach the other to yourself?

Answer: Start thinking that it is beneficial, that through this you achieve everything! Think as your egoism thinks; do not resist! The main thing is to love your neighbor, even if this is uncomfortable for you. Then you will see the light will begin to work on you and will transfer this into a completely different direction.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Structure of Altruism” 5/7/11

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What Is the Body Created For?

608.01Question: There is a certain group of people to whom you can play the balalaika, and they feel it like a slap, and some other more “delicious” things they do not feel at all. Is it good when there is such a mass?

Answer: Of course it is good. The mass should not be different. Mass is the flesh in the body, let’s say bones, tendons, and muscle. It occupies 99% of the body. What does it exist for? It would be better if there were one head or not even a head, but a small microprocessor. That would be a person. Why do we need everything else at all?!

If we pull out a microprocessor from everyone, connect them together, or, let’s say, throw them into some kind of jar and they connect to each other, we will get some kind of common consciousness. And everything else, what do we need it for?! Let’s destroy it, throw it away, let it rot. Would that be better? No.

You see that we were created specifically in a world where around our thoughts, not even around a small corporeal ball, but around our thoughts, feelings, and desires that are not corporeal, there is a huge hundred-kilogram body that needs to be fed, moved, and serviced.

Why? For what? Because it is in this way, at these levels, that we must begin to correct desires. Precisely being at such a point outside of spirituality, in an animalistic desire, that we look at our spiritual part as if from the outside inward and can correct it. If I did not have an animalistic body, I would not be able to correct my soul because then I would be in it. In this way, however, I am outside of it and create and build it.

Question: When this mass of people comes to correction, does it perceive the common consciousness, this common thought, in the same way as the part that is a small ball?

Answer: They will perceive it the same way we do. Everyone will achieve the same awareness and sensation. It will be absolutely the same for everyone.

Comment: But at this stage there is a big difference between Kabbalists and the masses.

My Response: The difference is that they are calmer. “He who increases knowledge, increases pain.”

Question: Does it mean that if everyone possessed spiritual knowledge, they would feel great sorrow?

Answer: Of course. Therefore, the dissemination of spiritual knowledge in our world is so important in order for a person to feel the world more acutely and begin to do something with this world.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Mob and Pop music” 6/1/11

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