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Everything Depends On The Root Of The Soul

laitman_958Question: Everywhere and always I separate my “I.” The feeling of isolation from other people disallows me from connecting with them. I push them away. What should I do?

Answer: I understand you perfectly. But you are not the only one. It is practically in everyone.

There are people who establish contact with other people easily. For others it is difficult, and there are those who do not feel other people at all. They live by themselves as if there are plants, not people, around them. This is how the Creator created us.

Therefore, you should not compare yourself with others and be offended. It depends on the root of your soul. Developing Kabbalistically, you will discover that everything emerges from this root. The soul has its Reshimo (spiritual gene) that determines absolutely everything in you.

Each of us has his own specific spiritual gene, which is nothing like the others. That is our place in the general system Adam in the common soul. It is only mine, only yours, his, and so on.

This place defines all our properties: physical, biological, genetic, spiritual, whichever. The same place defines our destiny.

If we knew our spiritual gene, its place, and its coordinates in the common soul, we could calculate everything that relates to us. There would then be nothing incomprehensible either in us or in our lives, not in what has happened, is happening, or will happen.

But it is closed for us for the time being. You will attain everything when this revelation will not hinder you in your spiritual development, but will only help.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/9/18

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What Is Reborn In The Next Life?

laitman_627.1Question: If a person has not developed his point in the heart and therefore has no soul, then what is reborn in the next life?

Answer: Every person has a desire. Desire is a spiritual structure. But it could be ready for correction, change, and connection with others now, or it could not be ready yet.

However, in principle, every person is in their desire as an eternal particle of a single soul.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian 11/25/18

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Absolute Love Or How To Find A Soulmate

laitman_294.2Question: From the point of view of science, isn’t the love a person feels for another simply a chemical process occurring in his body?

Answer: Of course, these are all chemical processes.

Question: What is love in terms of Kabbalah?

Answer: It is love at another level. But ultimately it is realized in us in the same physical and chemical processes. Only in Kabbalah it is studied from its upper source, from where it appears in us.

In fact, everything is determined by what is called “soul affinity,” that is, how much our souls, our spiritual components, are in a close state to each other in the common system of all souls in the world. Accordingly, we become attracted to and find each other.

It seems like it is a coincidence, that there are some circumstances. It is nothing of the kind. There are no coincidences in the world. Only the upper root brings us into some kind of movement toward each other. It obliges us to pay attention to each other and get close. At what level and in what sense to get close depends on the quality of our spiritual roots.

Question: How does this spiritual convergence occur?

Answer: A person in our world does not know this. We, as they say, “sniff” each other, study each other. It seems to us that we are suitable or not. It seems to us that circumstances lead to this, and everyone says: “You are so alike, similar,” and so on. This is all the world of dolls, the world of a game. But in fact, spiritual forces, spiritual roots, determine everything.

Question: How does one search for a spiritual partner?

Answer: People will not be able to. People do not understand. We study this in the science of Kabbalah and understand how it works. But in our world, we still cannot realize it.

Question: Is love a relationship of souls?

Answer: Love is the attraction of kindred souls. But this is spiritual, ideal love.

Question: What is a soulmate?

Answer: Soulmates are those who are in very close combination in the spiritual world.

There is a common soul. In it, there are many, billions of private souls that coexist with each other in all sorts of combinations. Their combinations determine the convergence, separation, and movement, including physical, in general, all this Brownian movement between us in our world.

Question: Does the name “my other half” imply a soulmate?

Answer: This is the perfect case.

Question: What is lovesickness?

Answer: Lovesickness in our world is purely egoistic suffering because I need fulfillment and I cannot find it. “Where is my second half that will fill me?” It’s just like: “Where is my dinner that I want to eat that I’m supposed to have?” It is absolutely the same. It is also the same with sex and with all the other fillings.

Question: What should be the principle of relationships of love in terms of Kabbalah?

Answer: This is a mutual understanding, the pursuit of a common goal, in which we unite together as one. But only in a common goal.

Question: Can this goal be anything?

Answer: No, only the spiritual goal! A spiritual goal is the union of our souls. As the great English poet Chaucer wrote: “Reach the merging of our souls in the tangle of our bodies.” He laughed at this—what we want.

Question: What is the lovesickness (“suffering out of love”) in Kabbalistic terms?

Answer: It is when I want to find my soulmate, including all the other souls in the world, in order to reach a state of spiritual connection between us, when I give everything, and through them I give it to the Creator. This is called true love. Eternal.

Question: Can there be a separation between soulmates, a break in communication? Why does it occur?

Answer: I did not observe such effects in our world. We are still in a state where our world is broken, and it only just begins its approach to the spiritual, corrected world.

We will definitely enter it. The question is when? We will reach a state where we will simultaneously perform actions in our world on the basis of spiritual actions. Then, we will fall in love with the soul and unite “soul to soul” as they say. Then everything will coexist in this way. I cannot imagine that separation is possible at this state.

Question: Then separation will not exist?

Answer: No. This is eternal love!
From the TV program “News with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman”, 2/28/18

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Let’s Reveal What A Soul Is About

Laitman_177.13Question: Why is a person so attracted to conversations about the soul?

Answer: It is because the soul is the source of life; it is our essence, what we in reality represent through ourselves. We exist infinitely in spiritual space. We are very close to the start of our revelation of the soul in our time.

Question: What parts does the soul consist of?

Answer: The soul consists of ten Sefirot. When you connect in a ten you will gradually reveal the structure of the soul within it. A sensation of fulfillment will appear between you. It is called the Light of the soul or the Creator.

Question: People often say “My soul is tormented.” What does it mean?

Answer: Let’s instead reveal what the soul is. The soul is a part of the Creator in us, the property of bestowal and love, the property of connection between us.
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian 9/16/18

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Connection With The Upper World

laitman_925Question: When a person attains the Creator and becomes similar to Him in qualities, does he stop dressing into a physical body?

Answer: There are a number of Kabbalists in our world who are with us in the same sensation of this world and we can have a connection with them.

At the same time, they exist in the spiritual world and allow us to be connected with it. There are few such people, but there is no need for a large number of them. This is unnecessary because we have little need for spirituality in our world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/7/18

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Life, Death, And Consciousness

627.2Question: If it is not the soul, then what enters a new body in the new birth in a reincarnation?

Answer: The point in the heart.

Question: What happens to our consciousness when the biological body dies?

Answer: Nothing happens. The fact is that our consciousness exists in order to safeguard our egoism. When egoism dies, that is, when it hides from us, then consciousness becomes of no use to us. Therefore, it disappears.

But with the help of our method, we develop a new kind of consciousness and a new kind of desire. The new consciousness serves the new desire—the desire to give. And we do not need to die for this. We can live several lives and deaths during the current existence of our body.

Moreover, we will not feel that we are dying because we will already be in a completely different “beyond body” state.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 10/7/18

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The Speed Of Spiritual Development And Reincarnation

760.4Question: Does the speed of my development and ascent to the spiritual world depend on my previous lives and the reincarnation of my soul?

Answer: Certainly it depends on that. This is not the first time we are in this world.

It is hard to explain what death and birth mean, how we disconnect from ourselves today and reconnect, how certain memories are regenerated within us, and we think that we existed some time ago, etc.

This is not easy to depict for now. However, we are in the process of a long progression of correction.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/16/18

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How Can Mind And Feeling Exist Without A Body?

Laitman_511.01Question: How can mind and feeling exist without a physical body? What will sense the feeling? Where is the mind born and where does it reside?

Answer: Feeling is not a body. Our body is just some substance that seems as if it exists. Some movements and modifications are reflected in it and we feel alive.

In reality, we exist in the Creator’s thought. Nothing exists besides this thought. The whole universe, everything that exists, is just a thought.

Talk to astronomers, ask astrophysicists, and they will say the same. Working with celestial bodies, they feel that this is a plan, a thought.

The science of Kabbalah says the same: matter does not exist, we feel it as a result of the perception of thought.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/7/18

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Can Death Be Delayed?

laitman_559Question: Why does a natural event like death instinctively create fear? What is its spiritual root?

Answer: It is loss, disappearance, annihilation, nothing remains. A person as an egoist, is very sorry to lose it even though life is mostly full of suffering.

Also, if we would count the amount of pleasure obtained during our lifetime relative to the suffering, then, of course, it’s not worth living. Nevertheless, our animal body is really challenged by this.

Question: How can we correctly use the fear of death?

Answer: For the time being, we need to be afraid of death, so that, as stated in Kabbalah, it will push us to the possibility of choosing real life. Therefore, to attain eternal, perfect life, we need the fear of death.

Question: Is it possible to ask the Creator to delay death in order to be able to attain more of spirituality?

Answer: This is an incorrect question. Try to attain spirituality instead of putting off death.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 10/7/18

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The Fear Of Death

laitman_566.02Question: I justify the Creator, but the only thing that I cannot justify is physical death. What should I do?

Answer: If it were not for the fear of death, we would have made a big mess in this world. Imagine if we were immortal. How much harm would a person cause himself and others? Then every day, like a Phoenix, he would rise again and it would be the same all over again. That is horrible!

Death is salvation. If not for the fear of death, a person would not do anything. He would very quickly bring himself to death.

The fear of death helps a person by forcing him to think about the meaning of life: “What for? What? Why? With what account do I end my life? Is there anything else but this?”

The most important question: “What are we living for?”

Remark: But no one asks about it anyway.

My Comment: Subconsciously, everyone does! Even children have this question.

Question: Would it be possible to educate people by explaining to them that death is a transition to another state?

Answer: Of course. Psychologically, you can do anything to a person and he will not be afraid of death.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/2/18

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