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Is It Worth To Lower Your Ego?

963.6In the News (Times of India): “Low stress and anxiety levels are observed among people who experience … in the decreased activity in frontal lobes, attained during meditation. 24/7 working frontal lobes, processing complex information and events all the time, when experience lower to none activity during meditation practice or prayer, delve into the realm of enlightenment where there is no stress, hassle or worry. Lower activity in frontal lobe is linked with the ‘feelings of surrendering one’s will completely’, states Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist, and the author of The Metaphysical Mind: Probing the Biology of Philosophical Thought. When our egoistic mind submits itself completely to something infinite and larger than itself, it experiences enlightenment.”

My Response: Certainly, because a person erases everything within himself in general. He greatly reduces his ego and sort of dissolves.

This is an incorrect state because at the same time he annuls his “I,” his personality, he wants to be in a passive state of merging with the surroundings in the form of an inanimate element.

Comment: Scientists, however, call this moment balance and proximity to nature.

My Response: Of course if I turn into a stone, then I am close to nature. On the contrary, if I am an egoist who wants to know, discover, feel, and try, then this is already an “I” existing in nature in its individual form.

It is wrong to lower your ego because it is against progress, against development, against evolution, and against nature itself. This brings us closer to the inanimate level. We simply have no way out, this way we come to a state of balance, peace, an undisturbed state.

Yet, in principle, it is necessary to advance to the point where we clearly use all our egoism, everything that can possibly appear should be revealed and developed in us, and at such a huge egoistic peak of feelings and mind, we are in balance with nature.

Question: Does it mean that it is the desire that affects the work of the brain? The more you develop the desire, the more actively the brain begins to work and serve the desire?

Answer: The brain exists only to pursue the desire. If the desire has a task to achieve, the brain helps us to be filled with what we desire.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Anamnesis” 2/19/10

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What Does A Person Feel Before Death?

627.2Question: Doctors and nurses of hospitals and hospices say that most often before death people admit to someone from their loved ones that they love them. The phrase “I love you” is uttered by most dying patients. A great number of people have a feeling that this is what they missed in life.

Even a materialist like Steve Jobs wrote in his final letter: “Treasure love for your family, love for your spouse, love for your friends. Treat yourself well. Cherish others.”

What can you say about the fact that a person before death says “I love you”?

Answer: A person before death begins to feel something from the world of truth. He is not just illuminated by the future, he escapes from the egoism of the past. After all, what does death mean? First of all, it means the death of our egoism. Whether he acquires something after that is another question.

Question: Is this some kind of a boundary between caring only about yourself and exiting into a completely different space? And there is a small truth there.

Answer: It is small, but this is where we begin to attain it and a new world opens up.

Question: Is “I love you” this truth?

Answer: Yes, this is where it starts. From the fact that you now feel that you did not love and what it means to really love.

Question: Do I feel at this moment that I lived for myself, loved only myself?

Answer: Very much so!

Question: What is in this last confession, this cry, this prayer?

Answer: A person realizes that his entire life in his egoism was basically wrong. Yet, there are people who say the opposite: “Drink, smoke, party, take everything you can from life.” I am serious. I have heard that. “Do not take anything else into account! Fulfill your desires.”

Comment: This is an interesting twist. Suddenly, from the romantic “I love you” to this…

My Response: This is not a romantic “I love you.” This is what a person really feels. These are not romantic feelings of “I do love—I do not love.”

Question: Is this an illumination of such truth?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Still, could you tell me what is behind “I love you”?

Answer: It depends on what kind of person is saying it.

Question: But in truth, what is behind the phrase “I love you”?

Answer: I love you means that I want to feel myself as something nonexistent that only fulfills you and rejoices in your fulfillment.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/29/21

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A Hole In The Soul The Size Of The Creator

534A person has a hole in his soul the size of God, and everyone fills it as best he can (attributed to Jean Paul Sartre)

And the notion of a “God-shaped hole” attributed to Pascal:

What else does this craving, and this helplessness, proclaim but that there was once in man a true happiness, of which all that now remains is the empty print and trace? This he tries in vain to fill with everything around him, seeking in things that are not there the help he cannot find in those that are, though none can help, since this infinite abyss can be filled only with an infinite and immutable object; in other words by God himself (Blaise Pascal, Pensées VII).

My Response: Yes, only the Creator can fill this hole with Himself.

Question: That is, I must call upon the Creator to fill this hole in me?

Answer: Yes, so that He Himself fills this hole with Himself.

Question: How can this be done?

Answer: This is His business.

Question: Is the feeling of the hole a feeling of emptiness? What is it?

Answer: It is a feeling that I really lack the Creator.

Question: Should a person feel that he lacks the Creator?

Answer: Yes. In order to fill the hole that the Creator initially created in him.

Question: Does it mean that the Creator created it on purpose?

Answer: Our egoism absorbs everything like a black hole and only the Creator can fill this black hole with Himself.

Question: I should say to Him: “Come and fill this hole, I cannot live like this anymore”?

Answer: I must say: “I ask You, I demand that the black hole in me that You created, You fill it Yourself because I can do nothing about it!”

This is our ego. Only the Creator can fill it up.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/15/21

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The Development Of A Spiritual Seed

232.08Question: The human body dies along with all its earthly desires. What happens to the desire, which is called a point in the heart?

Answer: Nothing. If a person has not developed this desire, it exists in him in its rudimentary state, it remains in the form of a dot, like a drop of seed. How can we say about a grain not placed in the ground that there is life in it? I take this grain, grind it, and eat it. But I can plant it in the ground and something will grow out of it.

This means it all depends on whether I am working to grow something from this drop of the spiritual seed or spiritual life. It exists in me in potential, but am I developing it? Do I give this drop a uterus, so to say, in which it could develop and be born? It is in this that I will become a person, but already a new one, in a different world.

If I create a special environment around a drop of seed (the desire for the upper), a group, Kabbalah classes, and dissemination efforts, then I clothe it in a shell in which it develops and I begin to feel its development.

This desire becomes more and more voluminous. I feel all kinds of qualities in it and various movements. Suddenly, through it, I begin to see a completely new world, new sensations, and new relationships.

As in material life, the fetus developing inside the mother has no connection with our world and simply exists in a closed space, so first I go through such a period of intrauterine spiritual development. Then I am born and begin to feel myself existing in a different form, I develop in the spiritual world.

We go through the same stages in it as in our world, only there we do not come to death because we merge. We begin to merge with our souls, our expanded, enhanced, developed desires. When we connect, then, like cells in the body, we begin to transfer to each other everything we only can and mutually interchange with each other.

That is when our common body acquires a life and feels above itself. Just as the cells of the body act only for the body to exist, so our souls exist to maintain life above themselves, and because of this, they exist.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Mystery of the Sphinx” 2/5/10

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We Must Be Eternal!

712.03Comment: Man has always looked for a way to prolong life. He believed that his life should be eternal.

My Response: We need to achieve this! We just need to go to a different level of life. Man really should be eternal. We must be! We have a need for this, and Kabbalah can help us.

But for this man must rise above the animal level. An animal cannot be eternal. Two thousand years or three thousand years of existence is still not eternity.

A person must think about how to achieve eternity during his life. It does not depend on how many years he will live, but on the intensity with which, when working on himself, he will correct himself in the right way, rise above his egoism and reach his spiritual state above the egoistic animal state.

Then the level of man will develop in him and he will feel his eternal perfect life, which actually exists.

I think we will come to this. We will have another medicine that will correct us from the inside and raise us above the level of egoism, above all problems. As a result, we will become completely healthy.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up—Anamnesis” 2/19/10

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Open The Upper World Here And Now!

527.02Question: Religions do not talk about the value of this life. Follow more commandments and you will go to heaven. In principle, does this approach completely cancel both mind and all questions?

Answer: No, this approach is good for the normal social scheme of society. But they really do not say that there is value in this life, only beyond its borders.

But Kabbalah says something different: You must attain your world in this world. Open the upper world here and now, and then you will find that you are in eternity, infinity, perfection.

This spiritual world is here. We don’t feel it. Expand this sense organ in yourself, open it, and from it you will see the upper world. It is yours. And when your body dies, you will not even feel that you are dying.

By developing a higher level, we automatically stop feeling the previous one because we begin to feel the flow of life on a different level.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up—Mystery of the Sphinx” 2/5/10

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When Will Life Have Value?

79.01Question: According to Kabbalah, a human is a soul. This is how all Kabbalists relate, both to the events that are taking place and to the human. Why then was this knowledge not given to us from the very beginning? Why is it that only a small number of people have a question about the meaning of life, about spiritual development?

Answer: We must develop from our very starting point, from the point of light that exploded into the volume of the universe and developed it for fifteen billion years. Five billion years ago, the earth began to form from a gaseous cloud, then the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human nature.

This is an ongoing developmental process and we must participate in it. We have no idea how all these stages of development should eventually come together.

Today when we study the history of mankind and its development from generation to generation, we cannot do anything. We are obliged to follow the gradual, step-by-step way in our development. We can only speed it up.

Now Kabbalah is being revealed in the world since we are asking ourselves the question about the meaning of life. Past generations did not ask about this. They were satisfied with religions. After death, there will be paradise; there will be something good, or I am living for the sake of the children so that they feel good. Such answers were enough for us and we somehow calmed down.

The current generation does not calm down. But it is just beginning to develop, and, of course, is not yet able to demand an urgent answer to the eternal question about the meaning of life. But there are already millions. Therefore, Kabbalah is revealed.

If we now explain to people the meaning of existence and how to achieve it during this life, then it will acquire value.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Mystery of the Sphinx” 2/5/10

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The Peak Of Life And Its Fading

760.4Question: Baal HaSulam writes in his articles that a person comes to a sense of inner emptiness at the end of life and leaves this world in despair and inner hopelessness: “What was all this about, what for?”

And what happens to this realization after his body dies?

Answer: Nothing. He just gets desperate. In addition to the usual animal existence, the question appears in him: “What for, why?” This feeling of the end is connected to the point in the heart, to the micro-desire we have, and by developing it, we can feel the next, higher world, the general universe.

Question: Is it having this desire that gives a person the fear of death?

Answer: No, animals also fear death. They also try to avoid it, they fight with all their might to survive. After all, animals, just like humans, gradually weaken and pass away. When they feel death nearing, they deliberately distance themselves from others, leave, and die. In the wilderness, we practically do not see such scenes, but this is how it happens.

It is the same with man. He wants to get away from the whole world because in his old age he no longer perceives it, he wants to live quietly in his corner until he completely fades away.

This happens because he is gradually losing touch with this world. His sensory organs no longer work the way they used to.

Question: Why is everything arranged this way? Why is the course of life going downhill?

Answer: After forty years, life begins to fade. Its peak is in the period between thirty and forty years. Until the age of thirty, we try to somehow identify ourselves, and from thirty to forty we realize ourselves.

I am not talking about scientists, composers, or creative personalities who continue to realize themselves. There are even people among them who through their special qualities reach highest development by the age of sixty. Scientists, for example, accumulate a huge mass of information and knowledge for sixty years of their life. Where would they go? There is no retirement for them.

But an ordinary person engaged only in servicing his body, his ordinary life, he feels after forty years that there is practically nothing to strive for, he has to think about how to continue to exist calmly, simply exist and gradually fade away.
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Mystery of the Sphinx” 2/5/10

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Where Is Real Life Hiding?

712.03Question: What is life according to Kabbalah? What gives us the feeling of being alive?

Answer: According to Kabbalah, the volume of the universe we feel ourselves in today and call our world is a very small part of the entire universe.

We stay in it for a certain time, experience various events to accumulate some special information, and then exit this state to enter a higher one, and to start to feel the full volume of the universe in its true form, not our world, but the universal, what-is-called the higher world that includes ours.

Therefore, in Kabbalah, our existence in relation to this full volume is spoken of as a dream, as a small, not obvious sensation of real life. Real life is completely different from what we feel today.

In practice, we only experience our animalistic existence because everything we do is serving our animal body so that it feels good and comfortable. We try to give it all the pleasures that it wants to absorb and make everything as comfortable as possible for it.

Imagine that your beloved pet lives next to you and you take care of it all the time; this, in principle, is our life. Just like animals, we wish to have children, we want them to feel good, we strive to ensure their future. In animals, this is very clearly manifested at the instinctive level. Their concern for themselves and for the future generation is the main thing beside the essentials for existence such as food and shelter.

So, in this respect, we are animals in our world relative to the upper world where we are called “man.”
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Mystery of the Sphinx” 2/5/10

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About The Fear Of Death

627.2What can you say to a person who knows that his illness is incurable, his days are numbered, and he is tormented by the fear of death?

First of all, one must remember that everything comes from the Creator in order to achieve the ultimate goal. And as for the ultimate goal, it is clear that each of us will eventually say goodbye to this corporeal life, this lowest, heaviest, and most obscure world.

Therefore, the main thing is to try and be connected to the goal as much as possible. There is nothing to be afraid of because everyone will someday feel that this material life is ending, and you must bind yourself more tightly with the next, spiritual life.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/21/21, Writings of Baal HaSulam, Shamati #104 “And the Saboteur Was Sitting”

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