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Life, Death, And Consciousness

627.2Question: If it is not the soul, then what enters a new body in the new birth in a reincarnation?

Answer: The point in the heart.

Question: What happens to our consciousness when the biological body dies?

Answer: Nothing happens. The fact is that our consciousness exists in order to safeguard our egoism. When egoism dies, that is, when it hides from us, then consciousness becomes of no use to us. Therefore, it disappears.

But with the help of our method, we develop a new kind of consciousness and a new kind of desire. The new consciousness serves the new desire—the desire to give. And we do not need to die for this. We can live several lives and deaths during the current existence of our body.

Moreover, we will not feel that we are dying because we will already be in a completely different “beyond body” state.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 10/7/18

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The Speed Of Spiritual Development And Reincarnation

760.4Question: Does the speed of my development and ascent to the spiritual world depend on my previous lives and the reincarnation of my soul?

Answer: Certainly it depends on that. This is not the first time we are in this world.

It is hard to explain what death and birth mean, how we disconnect from ourselves today and reconnect, how certain memories are regenerated within us, and we think that we existed some time ago, etc.

This is not easy to depict for now. However, we are in the process of a long progression of correction.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/16/18

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How Can Mind And Feeling Exist Without A Body?

Laitman_511.01Question: How can mind and feeling exist without a physical body? What will sense the feeling? Where is the mind born and where does it reside?

Answer: Feeling is not a body. Our body is just some substance that seems as if it exists. Some movements and modifications are reflected in it and we feel alive.

In reality, we exist in the Creator’s thought. Nothing exists besides this thought. The whole universe, everything that exists, is just a thought.

Talk to astronomers, ask astrophysicists, and they will say the same. Working with celestial bodies, they feel that this is a plan, a thought.

The science of Kabbalah says the same: matter does not exist, we feel it as a result of the perception of thought.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/7/18

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Can Death Be Delayed?

laitman_559Question: Why does a natural event like death instinctively create fear? What is its spiritual root?

Answer: It is loss, disappearance, annihilation, nothing remains. A person as an egoist, is very sorry to lose it even though life is mostly full of suffering.

Also, if we would count the amount of pleasure obtained during our lifetime relative to the suffering, then, of course, it’s not worth living. Nevertheless, our animal body is really challenged by this.

Question: How can we correctly use the fear of death?

Answer: For the time being, we need to be afraid of death, so that, as stated in Kabbalah, it will push us to the possibility of choosing real life. Therefore, to attain eternal, perfect life, we need the fear of death.

Question: Is it possible to ask the Creator to delay death in order to be able to attain more of spirituality?

Answer: This is an incorrect question. Try to attain spirituality instead of putting off death.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 10/7/18

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The Fear Of Death

laitman_566.02Question: I justify the Creator, but the only thing that I cannot justify is physical death. What should I do?

Answer: If it were not for the fear of death, we would have made a big mess in this world. Imagine if we were immortal. How much harm would a person cause himself and others? Then every day, like a Phoenix, he would rise again and it would be the same all over again. That is horrible!

Death is salvation. If not for the fear of death, a person would not do anything. He would very quickly bring himself to death.

The fear of death helps a person by forcing him to think about the meaning of life: “What for? What? Why? With what account do I end my life? Is there anything else but this?”

The most important question: “What are we living for?”

Remark: But no one asks about it anyway.

My Comment: Subconsciously, everyone does! Even children have this question.

Question: Would it be possible to educate people by explaining to them that death is a transition to another state?

Answer: Of course. Psychologically, you can do anything to a person and he will not be afraid of death.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/2/18

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Who Do We Mean By The Term “Kabbalist”?

Laitman_632.3Question: Who do we mean when we say “Kabbalist”?

Answer: The soul. If a person, while correcting his egoistic desires, has created from them a likeness of the Creator, then such a state of desire is called “the soul.” More precisely, the soul is called the part of the desires that have become similar to the Creator. The term “Kabbalist” means a person who has such a desire.

Desire, first restriction, screen, reflected Light, coupling while striking, receiving for the sake of bestowal—that is the Partzuf, the soul.
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 8/19/18

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 7/8/18

laitman_961.2Question: Are there characteristics of the spiritual root that I can aspire to?

Answer: Certainly. The characteristics are intelligence, knowledge, a sense of eternity, perfection, that is, every detail in the characteristic of bestowal, which is a common denominator for all fulfillments. The characteristic of bestowal is absolutely opposite to us; we don’t want it at all, but we would happily receive what is revealed within it.

Question: If the higher root manages all the details in every moment, what is the role of the branch?

Answer: The role of the branch is to reach a state in which it perceives the upper root as it is, without any arguments about it; this state is called the “direct connection of the created being with the Creator.”

Question: With the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah can a person regulate the degree of pleasure or suffering of how he is governed by the upper root?

Answer: From the wisdom of Kabbalah a person receives a method for attracting the Light of correction on him. The upper Light that descends on a person transforms him from a state of being opposite to the Creator to a state in which he is similar to the Creator. The person begins to feel a positive influence from the Creator and secondly finds the Creator behind this influence.

Question: If a person finishes his life before realizing his spiritual destiny, will he be born again?

Answer: We don’t die and are not born; we only pass through our sensations from cycle to cycle. So there is no need to relate to life and death as something fatal.

Question: How should one relate correctly to a desire to watch a football match?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah is not opposed to this; a person doesn’t need to lock himself in his room; he must play a little. Nonetheless, it is up to him to understand what is most important for him in the short life that has been given to him.

Question: Could it be that I am refusing to carry out the plan of creation but am unaware of this so I will face great blows and suffering?

Answer: Someone who doesn’t carry out the plan of creation is constantly beaten. We see this in the example of the Jewish people. Regarding the plan of creation, they are more developed than the rest of the nations, and so throughout history they have been beaten. As it is said: “…he who increases knowledge, increases pain” (Ecclesiastes 1:18).

Question: As a Kabbalist, how do you relate to the life and death of relatives, students, and the teacher?

Answer: There is no life and death, there is existence in all kinds of states. We must agree with the states we are in and we must carry out everything possible in these states.

Question: It seems that there is a strange formula that arises from this: the higher the level of development, the more suffering people or a person receives?

Answer: That is actually how it is throughout the world. It is said: “…he who increases knowledge, increases pain.” By adding to and increasing his knowledge, he expands the range and begins to see greater values of plus in contrast to minus. Therefore, he feels that these things are not connected together and this causes him to suffer.

Question: How is it possible to differentiate between the “instructions of the Creator” and the personal or collective “advice of the ego”?

Answer: To do this you must direct yourself precisely toward “There is none else beside Him” (Deuteronomy 4:35), and then you will see that there is truly nothing else besides the Creator: There is no collective ego, nor is there your ego; there is only the inner voice of the Creator who is telling you something. One must adjust oneself to this.

Question: How is it possible to differentiate between actions that give pleasure to the Creator and actions that don’t give pleasure and that are generally of no value if a person doesn’t receive a reward for his actions?

Answer: Kabbalists say that the only action that gives pleasure to the Creator is an act of unification in a group, and from the group there is an appeal to the Creator with a common desire.

Question: As a result of suffering, why do some people become more stubborn in their worldview that basically caused them to suffer?

Answer: Very good! Stubbornness and persistence are very good things.

Question: If I regularly watch your broadcasts on YouTube by myself with great desire and interest, am I part of the spiritual group?

Answer: Yes. Those who are with us and study even one hour per week, are participating in the spiritual group.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/8/18

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Laitman_630.2Question: Is the soul an instrument for sensation or is it something that feels?

Answer: The soul is the ten Sefirot within which you feel another creation.

Question: Why is the characteristic of love a characteristic that is opposite to egoism?

Answer: Love is the characteristic of bestowal in a person when he takes all of the desires of another person, puts them in the place of his own desires, and wants to fulfill them. This is a very unique feeling and unique activity that has no parallel in our world.

Question: What is the action of restricting a desire? When I want something sweet but do not eat it, am I restricting my desire?

Answer: No. The fact is that you are replacing your desire for sweets with another more egoistic pleasure, for example, maintaining your weight.

Question: Does the concept of aging or maturing of the soul exist?

Answer: The soul does not age or die, rather it develops. Therefore, the terms “aging of the soul” and “maturation of the soul” are not acceptable in that regard.

Question: What is the role of developing awareness in addition to feeling my desires? Is this the embryo of my soul?

Answer: The purpose of awareness is to help me direct myself correctly to the shortest and most optimal way toward complete fulfillment with the highest attribute of bestowal and love.

Question: Is it possible to say that conscience is the embryo of the soul?

Answer: Conscience is a relative concept. Each one has his own conscience. Therefore, the benefit from such qualities as kindness, conscience, love, honesty, and the like, depends on the goal toward which they are directed. Only the goal is important.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/10/18

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To Not Return To This World

742.03Question: What part of the system determines how many times I need to die and be born? Can I influence this by studying Kabbalah?

Answer: Yes, you can. There is an article of Rabash called “What Is the Degree One Should Achieve in Order Not to Have to Reincarnate?” It depends on a person. Let’s agree that we do not want to return to this world anymore. We will complete everything that we need to complete in this reincarnation, in this lifetime, and say goodbye to this world.

Indeed, this world is the worst, the lowest of the worlds, a state in which any spiritual state is much higher, more honest, and better in comparison.

Question: What does it mean “to finish with this world”?

Answer: It means to become similar in our qualities to the next degree.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/17/18

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Everybody Has A Chance

laitman_236.01Question: If all the events in a person’s life are not accidental, does every corporeal event have an upper cause, an upper root?

Answer: Every person has his own “angel,” i.e., the upper force that rules him in particular. In other words, each of us, via his point in the heart, the root of his soul, is placed inside the spiritual system.

In reality, there are no distances, there are no upper and lower worlds—they are one and the same system, only everything depends on how deeply we go into its sensation or are beyond its sensation.

If we delve into the feeling of this system called “soul” or “upper world,” then we actively penetrate it with our corrected desires and work in it.

If, by virtue of our uncorrected egoistic desires, we cannot work in this system, then we feel our world and, naturally, we have only the initial connection with the upper world, that is, the embryo of the future.

Only when we start correcting ourselves can we gradually be included in this system. In principle, however, we are all in a state where every person has the opportunity to start feeling themselves in the upper system.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/1/18

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