An Infinitely Expanding Infinity

The Soul Is the Property of Bestowal, and Until We Develop It, We Remain AnimalsA question I received: It is written that nature will continue to develop according to the Creator’s conditions until His plan is successfully carried out. So what are the conditions that the Creator gives us?

My Answer: Everything must reach adhesion with Him. The Creator created nothing aside from a single point of desire, in which we exist. This point exists in an ocean of Light within the Creator. All we have to do is to feel all this power, fulfillment and oneness with the Creator, which exists in this single created state. Everything that follows occurs in that same point which was created “out of nothing.”

All our experiences and sensations take place within that point. All the experiences we go through take place while we imagine the world as us and the surrounding nature and people. But in reality, all of this is contained in that one point, which undergoes all sorts of changes within in order to reveal its true state.

The Creator wishes for that point to go through this entire path consciously, with understanding, by means of our efforts. That is how we will come to attain what is the Light and the Creator, which created this point out of nothing. We must come to know what “out of nothing” means, what the “point” is and what the “Light” is, and why He created everything the way He did.

We don’t know what will happen to us after we reach this realization, but apparently some new, additional horizons will become revealed to us after we reach perfection.

But this doesn’t really matter. After all, we advance step by step, and each previous step is just a preparatory phase for the next. We cannot skip steps. But nevertheless, we must always aim for Infinity, because that is the place to which we raise our prayer (MAN) and from which we receive our answer (MAD). This is the only way we can attain the correct attitude, make the right actions, and merit a result. It’s because everything aspires toward Infinity and descends to us from there; and it doesn’t matter that there are many degrees separating us from that state. All these degrees are your future states which are hidden from you for the time being. The degree immediately ahead of you is what you deem to be Infinity.

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