Why Are Bacteria Learning To Resist Antibiotics?

bacteriaIn the News (from CBS News): Super-Resistant Superbugs” Scientists are sounding the alarm that we have been overusing antibiotics – and that the germs have figured out ways to become resistant to them. “The antibiotic era is really only 60 years old, but as we get more and more resistance going on, it acts more and more like the pre-antibiotic era,” says Dr. Robert Daum, head of infectious diseases at the University of Chicago Children’s Hospital.

My Comment: This phenomenon is programmed: we will not be able to escape suffering, because through it, our egoistic nature brings us to the recognition of the evil within us. This occurs in order for us to desire to replace our egoistic nature with one of love and bestowal.

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Is A National Ideology Necessary In This Day And Age?

ideologyIn the News (translated from Gazeta.ru): “A National Non-Ideology” The modern world is structured such that no nation needs a national ideology or identity. More and more people could live without belonging to a state, as they are involuntarily becoming “citizens of the world.” The existence of a state is justified only if it helps people to build a more harmonious physical life.

My Comment: This is why Kabbalah proposes its model of the new society, as well as a scientifically sound justification for its suggestions. By implementing this model, we will reduce the time people spend “searching,” but more importantly, we will reduce their suffering!

Yet, despite the aforesaid, in Russia the search for a “national ideology” is almost synonymous with the search for the meaning of life on a national scale. Therefore, in this country, such an ideology may very well help to bring all the people (rather than separate individuals) to the understanding that the meaning of life, for a nation, does not lie in the plane of its physical existence, but rather, its physical existence is a medium for attaining the upper, eternal meaning – the revelation and attainment of the Creator.

In order to achieve this goal, however, there must be a special education and upbringing. Otherwise, the people will continue to wander around in the dark, as they have been doing for centuries.

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New Research Says Climate Change Is Not Caused By Human Activity

activityIn the News (translated from RSCI): New research conducted at the Institute of Geography at the Russian Academy of Sciences shows that changes in the global climate that took place during the 20th century were due to natural causes. The Earth’s system continues to operate according to its natural laws and human society should consider the current global warming as a natural occurrence and not one caused by human activity.

My Comment: Everything comes from Above. The world is managed from Above and does not at all depend on what we do here on Earth. Everything depends on the goal that we have to reach – complete harmony between ourselves and the Creator, and how far we are relative to this goal.

We can influence the higher Management of this world only through the intention to become like It. In fact, everything that we perceive as negative events, forces or situations is part of the essence that motivates us internally and externally toward the attainment of the integral force of Nature.

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The Banks Steal Money While The Government Covers For Them

outlaws1In the News (from The Washington Post):U.S. Weighs Single Agency to Regulate Banking Industry” Senior administration officials are considering the creation of a single agency to regulate the banking industry… Under the current system, banks can choose their regulator.

Because the OCC, OTS and FDIC are funded by fees from the banks, the regulators have an incentive to compete for business by offering more lenient oversight. The system also divides supervision of the largest financial conglomerates among multiple agencies, each with responsibility for certain subsidiaries, creating gaps in coverage that companies have exploited.

My Comment: There is no other solution but to create an international coalition of financial bodies. However, the petty human ego will not allow people to realistically accept this alternative as the way out of the crisis.

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