Let’s Build A Bridge Through The Economic Abyss

bridgeIn the News (from The Financial Times):US non-farm payrolls fall 467,000 in June” …the economy shed an average of 691,000 jobs a month during the first three months of the year. Monthly job losses, as measured by the Labor Department, peaked at 741,000 in January. Employers have cut 6.5m jobs since the recession officially began in December 2007. The average workweek fell to 33 hours, the lowest level since records began in 1964, from 33.1 hours in May.

My Comment: Will there be a bottom to this, or is it a bottomless abyss? Clearly, using the old means to recover is not working. Thus, what we have to do is to improve the social relationships, rather than the economic or industrial ones. We have to make them global. Then, all the other relationships will change as well.

There are three issues we have to agree upon:
1) That a commonwealth of all people within a global civilization is a must;
2) That Nature has a force that can correct people from hatred to love for one another;
3) That Kabbalah tells us how to do this.

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On August 28th-30th, I will be attending the South American Kabbalah Congress taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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