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The Only Weapon Is Prayer

232.1Our only weapon is prayer. Only the appeal to the Creator can help us—nothing
else works. Is there another force in the world that determines anything? And do you really know what to add from yourself to the Creator’s help?

Therefore, the only thing that exists is the appeal to the Creator in the purest form when I ask for nothing but to receive the power of bestowal. This is my only condition. And if I add something to this condition, then it is as if I am deciding something myself, and this is not good. It is wrong. After all, I do not know what is there in this unknown property of bestowal.

Therefore, there is nothing but turning to the Creator and asking only for the force of bestowal and only from within the Ten. This is called “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.” Israel is the person within the ten. The Torah is his desire to receive the power of bestowal that the Creator can give. And we want all three components to come together.

When they really unite, it means that we have reached the end of correction, that is, all our desires have united with the source, with the forces of the Creator, into one whole.

And here we must come to despair because I think in my egoism that I control everything and that I will do everything myself. But in essence, I must come to the opposite state when only the Creator determines everything, and I have to bow down to Him.

The creator is very jealous. He cannot bear that you turn to some other force—as if in reality there is something else beside Him. He is jealous not even of the fact that you are turning to another force but because you think that there is someone else to whom you can turn to beside Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/21, “Every day will be like new in your eyes”,

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The Hidden Force Of Nature

746.01How can we practically build a common intention if our desires are completely different? If we want to bestow to each other and discover that we cannot do it without the help of the Creator, then everyone draws the Creator to himself so that He would help his friends.

Thus, instead of the egoistic field, we form a spiritual field of bestowal in which we use the qualities of the Creator. This means that the Creator is revealed between us.

We want to reveal the force of the Creator between us, the force of mutual bestowal hidden in nature. There are many forces in the universe that are hidden from us, many stars, planets, and creatures that we are not able to see. So far, all our instruments, telescopes, and radars are not able to identify all this.

But there is a force that fills the entire universe. Scientists call it dark matter. We feel that there are waves that we cannot recognize. Without a doubt, there is a force that permeates the entire universe from one edge to the other (if you can say that the universe has an edge at all). These forces are present in any place because if they were not, the universe would have crumbled long ago.

The forces of interaction between all parts of the universe exist and operate above all our material limitations. Some of these forces are hidden; that is, we can reveal them only if we acquire the intention to bestow. Then we will no longer be limited by matter and corporeal reality.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/9/21, “Never Stop Demanding” 

Explore Nature’s Program

112Question: Does the Torah always talk about what is happening inside a person?

Answer: In man’s awareness of the world and his only highest common goal, the Creator.

Question: Can a person trace these changes of states in himself?

Answer: Logically, you can build this simple chain in yourself and try to implement it. This is what we all have to do: those who consider themselves to be descendants of Jews and those who consider themselves to be descendants of non-Jews is irrelevant.

Everyone must walk this path, as it is said: “And everyone will know Me, young and old.”

Question: After the growing egoism brought the group of Abraham to Egypt, a new leader appeared, Moses, who pulled the people out of slavery. And so they gradually moved toward the land of Israel.

Should there always be a thought in a person that he should enter this land? At what point does it arise?

Answer: In our time, this whole system must be taught to everyone because we live in a period when it depends on each of us whether we implement the program of nature in a good way; otherwise, it will constantly descend on us with evil forces, blows. And we, humanity, begin to feel this more and more on ourselves.

Therefore, we must necessarily disseminate this teaching, the only one that tells the world about the system in which it is located, about the path of its development. We must know this.

Each time we will see increasingly how this system works on us and realizes itself. And we must help it to the best of our ability. Then we will start to develop quickly, in a good way, realizing everything and avoiding any problems.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/19/21

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Two Faces Of Egoism

543.02Zohar for All, VaYetze, items 23-24: The female of SAM is called “a serpent,” “a woman of harlotry,” “the end of all flesh,” and “the end of days.”

She clings to the Ruach of the male and adorns herself with many ornaments like a loathsome whore who stands at the beginnings of roads and ways to seduce people.

This teaches that she needs only those who begin to walk on the path of God, who might fall into her trap.

This is about our egoism, about our desire, which snags for itself temporary small pleasures and sees them as a goal. That is, we must give our body the normal physiological fillings in order for it to exist.

We do give them to it in the measure necessary for it. Just as, for example, you must first feed a horse and then use it. It is the same here, you must give the body some filling so that it can then work and exist normally physically. Then it is not considered something bad because it is necessary. Therefore, Kabbalah says that a person should first think about this, as it is written, “If there is no bread, there is no Torah.”

If you treat your egoism, not like an engine that should drive you forward, and you sit on it like a rider and control it, but like a donkey that controls you, then it is bad.

Then this egoism becomes like a whore, who is just waiting to snatch more from this world, and maybe even from the spiritual world. She tries to use all the aspirations, all the desires, all the thoughts of a person in order to live life in such a way that one receives fulfillment and immediately feels empty again.

We know that nothing is eternal, everything is always fleeting, and in the end, it brings only emptiness. Therefore, the sources say that there is a faithful wife, a faithful comrade-in-arms, with whom you go forward; that is, you are correctly working with egoism when it helps you, is faithful to you on the path in reaching the goal.

And there is a harlot who just wants to profit from you, snatch for herself, she does not care at all who you are, what you are, what goals you have, she is not walking together with you toward the goal. She is with you in order to snatch, drink away, sell, gamble away, and come back to someone else again, that is, to your next desire.

Naturally, a person consists of all desires, all intentions, and all possibilities. Therefore, he must guard himself so that this “harlot,” that is, his attitude to life does not cross the boundaries of the necessary things and does not lead him to be engaged in absolutely alien, temporary goals, fulfillments, and to burn out his life in this way.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #15

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A Bridge To The Spiritual World

938.01Why, when you want to cling to the ten and become a guarantor for your friends, does an abyss of problems and such strong rejections suddenly appear as if the Creator is not allowing you to do this and is pushing you off this path?

All this is so that you understand how much you still lack the strength for correction with which these obstacles will become indiscernible. You can jump over this wall, rise above all obstacles, and achieve correction.

We are going into a battle called “the war with the Creator.” We are at war with the Creator Himself directly against Him, because it was He who created all these obstacles in our way so that we would want to turn to Him and persuade Him to help us. We need to pray to Him to do this work, constantly demand like a nagging child who bothers his father, repeating: “Do it for me, do it,” and does not leave him alone. This is what the Creator expects from us.

We are right in front of the entrance to the spiritual world and we do not want to grasp how to cry out so that the Creator will open the gate for us. There are two conditions here: it is necessary to demand and to demand together. Nothing more is needed. Spirituality is when we are together, and the Creator reveals Himself to the extent of our unity.

Before us is an iron wall that is impossible to climb if we do not help each other. None of us can jump over the fence that separates us from the spiritual world. It can only be surmounted through our connection. Only in this form is it possible to overcome this barrier.

We live in the era of the Messiah, in the last generation, when the most important thing is our connection. The task is not to break through to the spiritual world by ourselves, but to achieve such a connection that others can also go there.

Just like ants when they need to overcome some obstacle, they first make a living bridge out of themselves, interlock with each other so that other ants following behind them can climb upon their bodies. That is what we need to do. We are pioneers, and we must make such a bridge from ourselves so that others will walk upon us into the upper world. This is our work, the holy work.
From the World Kabbalah Convention “From Ten To One” 6/6/21, “Devotion,” Lesson 5

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Renewal In The Work

293.1We should be wary of developing habits in our work because we already get used to a certain viewpoint and fail to see any renewal in the work. But, in fact, every day we go through new states, new desires.

Therefore we must fight against routine, getting used to something, and in no way allow ourselves to act automatically, out of habit.

It is very important to recognize new Reshimot, new desires, new relations, and new things being asked of us at each moment. This is how we will advance. And if we do not notice anything new, then we are stuck in a dead state. Living in spirituality means constant revelation of new Reshimot. And if I do not see the new states being revealed, then I do not live.

Habit is good only in mechanical actions in this world, as it is said: “The world turns as usual.” Thus, we should stick to the same routine day after day and think very carefully before changing anything.

Whereas in spirituality, every day should be like new. That is, we must constantly recognize new states, new desires, new conditions, and advance from them. It seems that not much newness can come from running in the same routine, but my attitude can be new. If I try to find any renewal in my personal, inner attitude, then I am advancing.

You need to be ready to accept a new revelation, a new attitude, and hold on to the two poles, ascents and descents, so that the light is revealed out of darkness. It is not good if a person is inclined to one extreme. Only small children live in polar states, either having uncontrollable fun or bitterly crying. A person correctly moving along the spiritual path remains in three lines: right, left, and middle.

On one hand, he tries to stay as close to the Creator as possible, and at the same time, he scrutinizes the desires that separate him from the Creator. And from these two states, he tries to build a middle line, each time connecting all of his states, negative and positive, and directing them to the Creator as coming from the same source.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/21, “Each Day They Will Be as New in Your Eyes”

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Reconnect Every Day

934It is said: “Each day they will be as new in your eyes.” After all, not even every day, but every moment, we get an awakening, a new opportunity to reveal new broken desires, sparks, and raise them from a broken, egoistic state to bestowal.

Broken Reshimot are revealed, and therefore it is impossible for me to strive for the truth. Everything will always turn in the direction of my egoism. Therefore, we need to awaken each other, guide each other, set an example to each other, and support each other internally with our thoughts and prayers. Otherwise, the time of preparation for spiritual work will stretch for us for many years.

After all, everyone must discover all the desires related to the root of his soul. But through our desire to connect with each other, we find out all the desires that exist in the world, in humanity. It is not just a friend standing in front of me. This friend brings to me a billion more people standing behind him and a much larger number of souls.

Therefore, when I connect with my ten, I connect with all the souls in the world, with all the creatures, and through them with the Creator. If I achieve full integration with my ten, then I will not need to do the same work with other people because they will all already be included in my friends.

So, let us try to unite as much as possible and understand that every day is like anew. This means to reveal a new work on our connection every day, a new separation that did not exist before, and so continue in all possible ways.

Egoism will always pull us aside, distract us with foreign thoughts and present to us spirituality not in its true Kli, that is, not in connection. The most important things that are required for spirituality—connection and love—are the opposite to our egoism and are farthest from us, and therefore we forget about them all the time.

Every day is like anew because each time we understand more and more that a new distance from the ten is revealed, an unwillingness to think about it. Egoism grows and increases the distance between us. Therefore, we need to help each other get closer because all our success depends on it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/21, “Each Day They Will Be as New in Your Eyes”

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We Demand Non-Stop

943We do not know how our spiritual progress is happening because the Creator controls this process. We just need to try to participate in it with all our might and ask to be properly advanced, to be brought closer together and closer to the Creator, to build our spiritual Kli, to connect more and more closely in one network in order to be presented to the Creator as one soul.

About this work it is said: “They helped every one his friend” in order to bring us back to the connection that existed in the system of Adam HaRishon. But we return to this connection with added egoism instilled in everyone, and therefore, it requires more difficult work to overcome the enormous resistance, heaviness, mutual rejection, and hatred.

However, all this is given to us from above in order to include this mutual rejection within our connection and to build our ties on top of all the resistance. This is how we increasingly understand the system of Adam HaRishon we are in.

The system begins to open up to us 620 times more than at the very beginning. “620” is a symbolic number, not an exact one, because it is actually a revelation billions of times greater than what was felt in the system of Adam HaRishon before the shattering.

This is how we build ourselves, but all this is due to the fact that we constantly demand to be returned to the same system, to the same connection, along with all the obstacles that we now have. We do not ask these obstacles to be removed, but we want to be connected together with all the obstacles that have been revealed. This is why it is called “love will cover all crimes.”

Sins are necessary or there will be no true connection (in the right form) between us for which mutual help and such a power of connection that only the Creator can provide is needed. Otherwise, we don’t need connection.

The main thing is to always look forward and strive for unity so that there is connection between us above all crimes and problems. And it is possible only if we unite among ourselves because the Creator is between us and fills all the gaps.

The contradictions between us grow more and more, become stronger and more insurmountable, and lead us to hatred, neglect, or at least indifference to each other. But this is exactly how it should be as the power of connection, the Creator, is revealed over such overcoming.

Therefore, there must be a continuous request to the Creator to connect us, like a whining child pestering his parents with requests without stopping until he gets what he wants. We should do the same in relation to the Creator. The true desire that we present to the Creator must work constantly without interruption, and then the Creator will help us and respond.

And so it is at every stage, in every state. Of course, the Creator does not need our prayers; we need them in order to grow a large, strong, constant, increasingly substantial desire that grows in both quantity and quality.

And when the given measure overflows at this stage, we will be rewarded with moving to the next, more advanced state.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/21, “Each Day They Will Be as New in Your Eyes”

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Connection Is The Main Law Of Nature

943Question: To reach the land of Israel do you have to accept the condition of mutual guarantee?

Answer: The term earth refers to the spiritual foundation. The land of Israel is not Palestine or the State of Israel, but a spiritual quality in which people are in a state of mutual love.

Comment: Kabbalah explains that earth, Eretz, is a desire, and Israel are those who strive for the Creator, for the quality of bestowal.

The Torah describes that when people came to Mount Sinai, when hatred arose between them, they were given a condition: either you must unite or here will be your burial place.

My Response: Unification is the main law of nature, and we must realize it. The thing is that after the Big Bang, there was a breakage of our desire into a huge number of desires, and we must unite them.

All nature is striving to its unification only very slowly, gradually, according to its laws. We are required to unite between ourselves on our level, on the human level, i.e., on the highest level of nature.

There the problem arises: we are not aware of it, do not understand it, and do not want to implement it. But we still must complete this task either by goodwill or, as they say, by the stick, to happiness.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/14/21

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Work Divided Into Parts

294.2Question: Your book Attaining the Worlds Beyond begins like this: “Generations come and go, yet every generation and every individual asks the same question about the meaning of life.” Why is there an exchange of generations?

Answer: When it is hard for us to do some big work, then we divide it into small parts.

Let’s say there is something huge in front of me, I cannot even think about it, it is too much pressure on me. Then I try not to imagine this huge block that I have to build—let’s say, a pyramid or a palace.

In the past, people built large structures for centuries. For example, it took three hundred years to build some cathedrals in Europe. And the ones who started building them knew that only their distant great-grandchildren would see their opening.

So are we. We are faced with a huge problem: we must rise to the level of the Creator from the initial state, completely opposite to Him—in absolute egoism. As it is said: “I have created the evil inclination; I have created the Torah as a spice.”

This correction is very slow. The first stage is the realization of the evilness of our nature. Only now, in this generation, we begin to gradually realize our nature as evil, leads us to hopelessness, emptiness, and self-destruction. There is still a lot of work ahead to correct egoism and to ascend.

But humanity, in principle, has passed the most difficult stage. However, it took a long time! If we consider this from the beginning of our world, then the inanimate nature developed for billions of years, the vegetative for billions of years, the animate for hundreds of millions of years, and man for several hundred thousand years.

And spiritual development is even more compressed in us. And therefore, we must achieve it very quickly, in the remaining two hundred and thirty years. After all, the process of correction takes 6,000 years, starting with the very first correction made 5,770 years ago by the first Kabbalist.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/24/09

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