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The Result Of Humanity’s Development

742.03Question: If historians are to be believed, then man, as homo sapiens (wise man), has existed for about 70,000 years. Kabbalists claim that man is the one who revealed the Creator. Have there been such people for the past 6,000 years?

Answer: We can say that they were only some individuals. The first person who attained the Creator was called Adam, from the word “Domeh – similar to the Creator.” In the entire history of such people, there have been no more than tens of thousands.

But Kabbalah says that according to the plan of creation, all humanity must reach the revelation of the Creator. Ultimately, every person constantly manifesting on the Earth in a physical body must attain Him.
From KabTV’s “The Essence of the Science of Kabbalah, Part 6” 11/12/18

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The Means To Attain The Creator

laitman_933Question: Kabbalists say that the sensation of the Creator is nothing more than the sensation of our connection with each other. Does this mean the Creator is revealed not inside of me, but in the connection between me and other people?

Answer: It is just an auxiliary tool for the Creator’s revelation. The fact is that the Creator is a bestowing, fulfilling, and developing force. He acts out of himself.

In order to feel Him, we need to develop a similar, adequate force that will bestow and fulfill. There is no such force in us. We only have the force to receive.

Therefore, the most important thing for attaining the Creator is creating the power of bestowal in ourselves, in addition to the power of receiving. At the same time, we do not change anything in ourselves, we remain as we are, we only supplement ourselves with other forces.

By developing the power of bestowal, we begin to feel everything according to the law of similarity to the Creator. As according to the law of similarity we feel what exists around us in our properties of receiving, in the same way we can feel the Creator in the properties of bestowal that we develop.

It is possible to form these properties only under certain conditions of connection between us when we gather together in groups and study Kabbalah, which explains to us how we can be interconnected. It is in this connection that we begin to build a system called the property of bestowal. Only it can catch the Creator’s property, and in it, as our new organ of sensation, we begin to feel Him.
From KabTV’s “The Essence of the Science of Kabbalah, Part 4” 11/12/18

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I Will Come And I Will Teach

laitman_961.2Question: How can “blind” students work without a sighted teacher if they do not have time to attain spiritual vision during their lifetime?

Answer: It does not matter. The Ari writes about it in a very interesting way. As he was dying, one of his students asked him: “What will happen to us?” The Ari replied: “You must continue to learn, and then I will come and teach you.”

“How will you teach us if you die now?”

“It is none of your business, you don’t understand anything about it.” And he died.

So, I can say that it is none of your business. Do not worry. I will come and teach.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/2/18

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What To Ask The Creator

laitman_625.02Baal HaSulam, Letter No. 27: But I do pray to the Creator to lead you on the path of truth, that you will be saved from all the obstacles along the way, and that the Creator will succeed for you all that you do.

As for you, you should meticulously follow the ways that I have set out for you regarding mind and heart, longing and prayers, and then the Creator will certainly make us succeed and we will soon unite in body and soul, in this and in the next.

Each teacher prepares his students for what Baal HaSulam writes about. From our side, there should be a request. A request is a prayer.

I constantly ask to be connected with the Creator, to feel His actions within me, and that we all feel Him and His actions with respect to the ten, with respect to the group.

I ask Him to show me a place in this ten, in this group, and to let me feel my inclusion in them so that He will reveal Himself between us as filling all the distances between us.

The ultimate goal of my request is for Him to fully connect and fill us. This is of primary importance. Thus, gradually, a person establishes a connection with the group and with the Creator until he comes to the state: “I, the group, and the Creator are one.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/11/19

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“Turning On” Mutual Guarantee

laitman_943Question: Should we constantly cultivate the importance of the principle “There is none else besides Him”?

Answer: If the friends in the group think about how none of them should forget to identify the Creator as a root cause of their states, then you will really help each other.

This stage is called mutual guarantee; it begins from the fact that we simply mechanically want to help each other keep ourselves in the thought that “There is none else besides Him.” At the same time, each of us thinks about the other.

When we all think this way about each other together, we “turn on” the mutual guarantee and it works. In this case, each member of the group remembers more often that the Creator is the source of his or her thoughts and feelings, and they begin to form, to connect with each other into one network.

By constantly helping the friends remember that we are mutually included into each other and connected to the Creator, we try to identify the Creator as our common source. Each of us then becomes connected with others in such a way that the signal from the Creator passes through each one to everyone else. This is another level of connection.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/11/19

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Turn To The Creator

232.1Question: What does it mean to turn to the Creator if sluggish thoughts arise in me?

Answer: When a thought appears in you or you are covered with some feeling: bad or good, pleasant or unpleasant, disturbing or vice versano matter what, try to realize that it is a tip from the Creator, that He stimulates it in you.

If not in every minute, not constantly, then at least when you feel it shakes you up, you start becoming scared of something, or something bothers or puzzles you, try to realize it.

At least in such states try to find the Creator and hold Him as the cause, the source of all your thoughts and feelings.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/11/19

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Everything Depends On The Root Of The Soul

laitman_958Question: Everywhere and always I separate my “I.” The feeling of isolation from other people disallows me from connecting with them. I push them away. What should I do?

Answer: I understand you perfectly. But you are not the only one. It is practically in everyone.

There are people who establish contact with other people easily. For others it is difficult, and there are those who do not feel other people at all. They live by themselves as if there are plants, not people, around them. This is how the Creator created us.

Therefore, you should not compare yourself with others and be offended. It depends on the root of your soul. Developing Kabbalistically, you will discover that everything emerges from this root. The soul has its Reshimo (spiritual gene) that determines absolutely everything in you.

Each of us has his own specific spiritual gene, which is nothing like the others. That is our place in the general system Adam in the common soul. It is only mine, only yours, his, and so on.

This place defines all our properties: physical, biological, genetic, spiritual, whichever. The same place defines our destiny.

If we knew our spiritual gene, its place, and its coordinates in the common soul, we could calculate everything that relates to us. There would then be nothing incomprehensible either in us or in our lives, not in what has happened, is happening, or will happen.

But it is closed for us for the time being. You will attain everything when this revelation will not hinder you in your spiritual development, but will only help.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/9/18

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How Does A Kabbalist Escape Bad Thoughts?

Laitman_407.01Question: How does a Kabbalist escape bad thoughts? What methods do we have to work with them?

Answer: A Kabbalist never runs away from anything. He must use everything for balance and benefit. Everything that comes from above is given for a reason; therefore, nothing should be dismissed out of hand. We just need to know how to balance it. This is the common sense of life.

Question: What are my actions if I get a bad thought?

Answer: It is not a bad thought, but rather a thought that you need to treat correctly. It can be disgusting, unpleasant, or low. Yet, in any case, it comes from the same source—from the Creator, from which both our egoism and our altruism emanate. We must understand that our goal is only balance between them.

Therefore, never push away any thought or any of the most sinful desires, which make you cringe. In the first moment, you will instinctively want to be rid of it, but in the next moment you will say to yourself, “No, it came from the Creator.” If I throw away this desire, I will not rise above it. I must take it, even though I am disgusted, and by rising above it, I must balance it correctly.

Everything comes from the root of my soul, which is absolute evil since we all are the result of the shattering of common soul. Therefore, all the shattering is revealed in us gradually. The reason that the wildest desires and the dirtiest thoughts and inclinations appear in me now is in the root of my soul as a result of the shattering.

If I do not correct this desire, then later, after a few degrees, it will come back to me in a different form. Thus, we should not run away from anything; rather, we should accept everything consciously and act upon it.

Therefore, a Kabbalist gradually learns not to relate personally to everything that passes over him. This is not me. This comes from the opposite qualities in my root. Initially, I was in a state of adhesion with the Creator. Then it became inverse, completely opposite to the Creator. This is what I am experiencing now.

Why should I reject this? The Creator specifically awakens the next level of my corruption in me so that I will correct it and rise one more degree.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 12/16/18

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 11/4/18

laitman_281.02Question: Is there a time interval between turning to the system and receiving an answer from it or does a Kabbalist receive an answer immediately?

Answer: You receive the answer immediately. The question is whether you understand the answer.

Question: Would you say that convincing yourself and understanding is the same thing?

Answer: Convincing yourself is not enough; understanding is a big problem. But these are all parts of your approach to the Creator, the higher system. The supreme management system is called the Creator.

Question: Is my correct request reflected in the world and then I see that the world is corrected?

Answer: To the same degree that you begin to be corrected, you will begin to see the world as corrected.

Question: What is the difference between turning to the center of the group with a request to the Creator and then the group bringing my request upward, and my turning directly to the Creator?

Answer: If your request and the request of each member of the group and all of them together are compatible, then the combined request directly influences your relationship with the Creator.

Question: How can one not forget to ask to resemble the Creator during good situations?

Answer: To do this, you must have a group that will remind you about it and you will remind them. Then, in good situations you will remember to turn to the Creator. However, in bad situations, there is no need for a reminder because then your ego will push you.

Question: Why are people who still do not have broad knowledge of the wisdom of Kabbalah and how to ask the Creator correctly able to turn with a request and get a result, while other people cannot understand why the Creator does not hear them?

Answer: That is completely incorrect. Let them ask, let them address as the wisdom of Kabbalah suggests, and then we shall talk.

Question: Is the imaginary control over others anything like controlling oneself? By controlling yourself, is it possible to help others?

Answer: That is basically correct.

Question: Should a desire to ask the Creator be awakened first or should one ask in any case even if one does not want to?

Answer: Even if you don’t want to, you should ask anyway. This will gradually awaken the right connection in you with the Creator. You can start in any situation, any way you wish, but a true and effective request that you will get an answer for must move through the group.

Question: Does the Creator hear us only if we pray about the problems of the members of our group?

Answer: You are asking to acquire the property of bestowal, love of others, being like the Creator; therefore, He will hear this.

Question: How can everyone be equal to the Creator if everyone is different even according to the root of the soul?

Answer: In an absolutely closed integral system, there is no small or great, there is no close or far, everyone is absolutely identical.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/4/18

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The Concept Of Faith In Kabbalah

laitman_608.02Question: When we talk about faith above reason in Kabbalah does it mean the same as the word “faith”does as is generally accepted in our world?

Answer: No, faith in the wisdom of Kabbalah has nothing to do with the earthly understanding of this word. The category of faith is not in philosophy, psychology, or everyday life.

Faith is the property of bestowal, which is formed in us under the influence of the upper force. When I say that I believe in something, it means that I simply have a certain connection with some phenomenon. But this is in no way connected with the faith that Kabbalah implies.

In Kabbalah, the concept of faith is a special property that arises in a person under the influence of the upper force, upper light. Only then can one make absolutely altruistic actions that are completely unrelated to himself. It is as if he has an additional body—a spiritual one, and with its help it works.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 12/23/18

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