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The Opposite World

239There is a spiritual reality above our world, which we do not feel and do not know, but we want to reach it. The difference is that in our world everything happens between egoistic desires, each of which pulls toward itself. But in the higher, spiritual world, the opposite is true and everyone tries to do something for the benefit of others. This is the opposite reality, the opposite world.

Try to feel what the light of faith is as if we are in its stream, it envelops us from all sides and transports us from state to state. In the light of faith, we begin to see other dimensions: not just top-bottom, right-left, front-back, that is, three-dimensional coordinates, but in an infinite number of dimensions, a round, integral world that has no end.

This is a world that exists above time and space. Even conventional science discovers that we do not exist simply in our galaxy but in a much more complex system. We need to develop our senses in order to experience the true reality.

In fact, we are eternal creatures! We just do not feel it now, trapped in a small, cramped cage called “this world.”
There is no place in the whole universe worse than this world where we live. So, let’s disagree with that, let’s wake up, look a little higher!

You just need to escape the ruling of the egoism, which seeks to snatch more and more for itself. By doing this, on the contrary, we steal the true life from ourselves.

It is said about this: “The dead are free.” If egoistic desire dies and I cease to demand for myself, then I become free. My eyes suddenly open, all sensations that were not there before because they were blocked open, and I feel the upper world. To do this, you just need to rise above your egoism through our unity, and from this unity ask the Creator to give us the power of bestowal so that we can unite with each other and merge with Him.

There is no need to try to overcome your desire. We can never go against it. You just need to ask the Creator, and everything will happen. We want the Creator to reveal the property of bestowal within us—this means that He will reveal Himself. Then a person will become like the Creator.

There is no need to be afraid that we are distant and detached from the Creator because even now we are in adhesion with Him, and we simply do not feel it. The embryo in the mother’s womb does not understand that it is inside the mother. In exactly the same way, a person is inside the Creator, but does not realize it. Studying Kabbalah and joining the ten brings us to an awareness of where we exist.

Even now, we are all inside the Creator, and we must, first of all, calm down. Whatever happens, we are inside Him. And from this state, let us continue to develop the feeling of closeness to the Creator, the desire to merge with Him, with our soul and heart, with all our thoughts. Nothing changes in reality except for the awareness of a person who gradually learns where he is.
From the Lesson for Women 10/24/20

Heart Or Money?

273.02If we treat each other well, and especially if we love each other, then there can be no needy, poor, or sick people among us.

This means that the problem is only in the fact that there is no love between us. We shift the care for people in need to the government. We are ready to donate some money, but we do not put our heart into this, we cannot worry about people who are strangers to us.

This is why we will never be able to get rid of poverty and diseases! Even if we spend billions of dollars all over the world and organize all kinds of organizations and ministries that will take care of the needy, provide them with money and everything they need, there will still be poor, sick, and unfortunate people.

It is because we want to be free from caring for them. We ask: how much do I have to pay to avoid being asked to love? I am willing to pay a hundred dollars a month to be left alone. However, this is not what the Torah requires of us, it requires a heartfelt attitude.

Therefore, even in the richest countries poverty, crime, and human suffering will remain. Look what is happening to our world with all its progress and abundance. If we treated each other with love, we would live in paradise. Yet, we are not ready to be integrated with the others with our feelings, but only to pay money in order to be left alone. This does not solve the problem because the Torah requires a human heart.

Nature requires us to love each other. This is not someone’s idea and invention, after all, we are inside nature and its laws. These laws act on us more and more harshly, are driving us into a corner and demanding more and more stringently that this condition be fulfilled: complete connection between us, all the way up to love.

We will have to fulfill this condition anyway, if not now, then later. We will die and be born again until we fulfill the requirements of nature while living here in this world.

In fact, the goal is to achieve adhesion with the Creator and become like Him. Yet, it can only be realized through practical actions that are available to us, which are expressed in love for one’s neighbor as for oneself.

To the extent we hate each other, we are distancing from the Creator and do not feel Him. As soon as we begin to come closer and connect with each other, we will feel each other and feel the Creator between us. After all, this is all one single nature and everything depends only on our distancing or rapprochement.

The Creator wants us to know Him, and therefore we must go through all the states from complete separation to connection, in all possible forms. This is how we learn our own entire nature. Our egoism is so multifaceted that it generates an infinite number of different types of hatred. Yet, as we begin to get closer to the Creator, we begin to feel and understand Him and connect with Him.

Attainment always consists of two parts: mutual hatred and mutual love. According to the difference between love and hate, we begin to feel the Creator. One cannot be attained without the other because we are created beings and we attain everything only in the contrast of opposites.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/12/20

Dialogue With Yourself

568.01Question: It is no secret that 95–99% of the time we spend in internal dialogue with ourselves. Scientists claim that, on the one hand, this is bad because a person spends a huge amount of energy on it. On the other hand, without such reflection, it is impossible to absorb the experience that a person gains throughout his life.

How can one stop this internal dialogue?

Answer: There is no need to stop it. On the contrary, it is this internal dialogue that promotes the growth of a man in a human being. The only thing we need to do is to check from where we get additional fueling, from what sources, books, television, etc.

I am in favor of a person always rechecking what affects him, what sources of scientific, sensory, technical, or other information can ultimately form him and affect him in the correct way.

And the most important thing is the environment: friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. One needs to check out well with whom one communicates so that he can develop under the right influence that shows him the way to good connection with others. Whatever it is, this is what wins.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 9/27/20

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The Future Of The World Depends On Women

961.2We are born in this world, the worst of all worlds. Nothing is worse than it. Therefore, you can calm down—it will not be worse anywhere else than here. All other states are much better than this. And so, it is worth thinking about how to get out of the sensation of this world. To do this, you don’t need to die, you just need to change the sensation, sometimes a state of despair suddenly gives way to happiness and joy.

Let’s try to rise to a better state. The Creator wants us to rejoice so that through connection we would reach the world of absolute good, the upper world full of light, where there is not even a memory of evil left. We should try to establish this spirit in the group.

Otherwise, the Creator will not come close to us. He comes only where they try to establish joy and happiness in the group and a good attitude toward each other.

The world is entering difficult times. It gradually is descending lower and lower, into bigger problems and conflicts between everyone. But despite this, we must try to establish a connection between us around the globe. This will protect us, give us confidence and joy and increase our immunity against the coronavirus and all other diseases.

Not a single bug will be able to approach us because everything depends on our relationship. If there is a Klipa between us, a selfish desire, then viruses will get there. And if there is a place for sanctity between us, a good attitude toward each other, then not a single harmful virus can get there. This is against the law of nature.

If there are good relations between women in the group, it will affect the whole world because a woman is the foundation of the world. For the sake of a good future, for the sake of your family, for the sake of your children, try to treat each other well. Be the way you teach your children when you persuade them not to quarrel, not to fight, but to play together. This will affect everyone, and men depend on you too.

We want every heart to feel everyone else like they feel themselves. Let everyone enter my heart, it can contain the whole world. And then, I will feel that I live in the world of infinity.

The world is facing a difficult period. The Creator wants to push us toward the goal, and He pushes us harder and harder. It seems to us that everything happens around us; but in fact, it is all inside us. Let’s try to keep the connection between us as strong as possible and this will certainly help us move quickly and easily to the goal. All the evil and the good that will be revealed to us, we can use for proper advancement.
From the Lesson for women 10/24/20

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When We Will Get Second Wind

567.04The main reason for the unrest is not that people are left without jobs and without means for living, but that they lost their future. This despair is spreading like an epidemic from family to family, from city to city, from country to country.

A sense of hopelessness, apathy, and loss of perspective for the future has already engulfed the entire globe, covering it from all sides. It is as if an engine has stopped because there is no need to spin, businesses are closing.

No one except us understands what is happening and how to deal with it. People should understand that it is impossible to work for their own fulfillment anymore; it is a deception because it does not provide fulfillment. Fulfillment disappears and I become disappointed in this work.

But here we find a new method of fulfilling ourselves from fulfilling others, and we get a second wind. We simply all together reconfigure ourselves and receive real infinite and limitless pleasure from being able to take care of each other. The purpose of creation is to give us pleasure, a true one, not temporary and disappearing.

We are now at this transition. It is difficult to say how long it will last, but apparently, it will last for an extended period of time, which humanity needs to understand this change and to implement it.

Today we live for the sake of fulfilling ourselves, and tomorrow we will live for the sake of fulfilling our friends and the ten. I will be devoted to the ten because only through it can I fulfill the Creator and humanity. Such internal transformation takes time.

Yet, it all depends on us. Maybe we can change that quickly. Look at the huge changes in human nature and its thoughts that the pandemic has made in a matter of months. I did not think it could happen so quickly.

Day by day there are changes in different places of the world as if waves are rolling across the ocean rising in one place, then in another. The upper light affects the entire depth of the desire of creation and changes it from the highest layers to the lowest ones, including the Klipot and desires that are not yet ripe for clarification and correction.

The process is very complex. However, the common despair and apathy and the unbearable feeling of emptiness that leads to an explosion show that the Creator is leading us to very serious steps.

The feeling of emptiness is the worst. A person is ready to do anything, even die, just not to feel empty. This is the structure of desire, Kli.

The Creator cannot do anything if we do not ask. The upper light is constantly approaching us like a meteorite approaching the Earth from the depths of the universe. It may take years for it to reach us and enter the layers of the atmosphere; however, already today scientists can say that in twenty years it will fall to Earth. For twenty years it will be approaching us, but what can we do?

This is how we need to understand that the Creator, the upper light, is approaching and wants to be revealed. He will be revealed either in the opposite form since He is opposite to the will to receive, and therefore will be accompanied by problems and troubles. Or He can be revealed according to the similarity of qualities, and then we will meet Him “face to face” and adhere to Him according to the good will of the receiver and the giver.

It all depends on us whether we can establish the correct connection between the vast desire of humanity and the Creator each time. We are responsible for this contact, and I hope we will be ready to do our work correctly. Otherwise, the contradiction between the Creator and the will to receive will become so great that it will lead to very serious consequences.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Study of the Ten Sefirot”

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Real Opportunity To Wake Up

276.02Humanity is represented as a tiny speck of sand in the depths of an infinite universe. This entire universe, in fact, has nothing to do with spirituality at all. There is not a single point in it that belongs to the spiritual world, and therefore it does not occupy any place in the real reality.

This world where we feel ourselves now and the vastness of the universe with stars and galaxies, none of this exists at all. This exists only in our imagination because we are in an unconscious state and see these hallucinations as if in delirium. It is said that when we wake up, we understand that “we were like in a dream.”

In this dream, we were imagining that we live on the planet Earth surrounded by galaxies and an infinite universe. All this is not real, like a dream caused by electrical processes in the brain, which during sleep is 99% switched off. We can say the same about this life of ours. We are disconnected from true life, as if in a dream.

There is nothing real in this life except the opportunity to wake up and rise upward from this perception, from this dream. That is what we need to do.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/19/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Inheritance of the Land”

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Responsible For The Whole World

929Question: It says that the whole world was created for man. So why doesn’t a person feel that?

Answer: We don’t feel that the whole world was created for us because we don’t want to feel it because it obligates us.

If a person constantly thinks about the fact that he or she is responsible for everything that happens in the world, they will feel very bad. So why would you need this headache? A person naturally looks for a quiet spot.

But gradually, as a result of one’s work, a person begins to feel that the whole world is a projection of your internal attributes. One sees it in front of him, like on a white screen, and thus accordingly begins to feel that he is responsible for the world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/4/18

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Before You Take Revenge…

632.3Confucius: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

Before taking revenge, I would dig one grave. Dig a grave for yourself, for your soul, because your egoism remains and will dance and have fun on this grave.

Question: That is, all arguments are always with myself?

Answer: Of course.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/27/20

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The Vector

527.03The point of an action is measured and evaluated only according to its intention. The intention to give more brings a person closer to the Creator, while the intention to receive more removes him from the Creator.

And in the middle between the intention to bestow and the intention to receive is a neutral, zero point from which a person decides where he is: in the spiritual or in the corporeal world.

The entire spiritual world operates in the intention to bestow, and as soon as we act egotistically, we immediately feel the corporeal world. How much to give and how much to receive is not so important anymore. The main thing that puts us on one or the other side of the border between spirituality and corporeality is our intention.

The main test is in what a person is yearning for, not how strong his desire is. A change of intention is like changing the car gear from forward to reverse depending on which I move forward, toward the Creator and the creatures, or backward.

The intention depends on where my heart is directed: outward toward others, toward the friends and through them to the Creator, or to myself. This determines where I go. Do I work for the Creator or for myself? Do I move toward my friends and through them toward the Creator or do I draw closer to myself? All this depends on the intention, and only after on the desire that obeys it.

To test the intention, one must distance himself from the action itself so that it becomes unimportant, and the main thing is: for whose sake am I doing this, and who will benefit from it. This determines whether I am in the Creator’s world or in my own world, in my shell.

The intention, directed outward or inward, divides my reality into two parts: a part that relates to me, meaning “I,” “mine,” and a part outside of me, meaning the friends and the Creator. If I want to exist in the Creator’s world and not in my small, animal world, then I must constantly check the direction of my thoughts.

The Book of Zohar says that people with an egoistic intention have their eyes looking inside themselves, they are completely blind and do not see the vast world around them. They cannot imagine anything but this world, and so they live in it and die.

This life is given in order to change the direction of one’s gaze from oneself outward and to reveal the world of the Creator called the upper world. And the lower world is the one that we see when we look inward at ourselves and care only for ourselves.

I must check where the vector of my thoughts and desires is directed—toward me, toward my benefit, or toward others and through them toward the Creator? That is, where is my heart reaching?
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Love of God and the Love of Man”

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Subtle Units Of Measuring Thought

294.2All viruses are the result of our bad thoughts. But there are no instruments capable of measuring this connection because it is higher than ordinary material perception.

There are many laboratories and studies trying to grasp the connection between the spiritual and the material, but this is impossible. Our good or evil thoughts belong to the human level since they are based on our egoism, the evil principle.

Tell me, what device can be used to measure a person’s egoism, and where should it be connected? Of course, not to the material body because it is only a biological machine that carries out orders. To the heart? But the heart is just a pump that can be replaced with an artificial one. Maybe to the brain? Also no.

Where can a person’s thoughts be extracted from in order to pass them through the device and see which thoughts are good and which are not and need to be corrected? Is it possible? You can build a cardiogram, measure frequencies, electrical processes in the body, but it is impossible to assess their essence. After all, it does not belong to matter. Therefore, science is not able to approach this.

As a student, we had classes at the Human Brain Institute in St. Petersburg. Then I heard from the head of the department, who was a famous scientist, that we do not know where the thoughts and desires of a person are.

Scientists try to trace this connection, but it leads out of the brain into a sphere that we are not able to perceive. There, outside of man, are all our thoughts and desires. The human brain is a modem that connects the spiritual space, where all our thoughts soar, with human sensations.

In our world, it is customary to identify a person with his animal body. But by studying Kabbalah, we build a spiritual Partzuf, ascend to faith above knowledge. It is no longer material. The science of Kabbalah connects a person with his true essence as if separating him from the material body and attaching him to the soul. Therefore, the physical world disappears from our sensations because it is imaginary.

When we reach such a connection between us that we begin to reveal spiritual phenomena, then we will open the book The Study of the Ten Sefirot and we will be able to feel everything that is written there and read it like a musician reads a musical score.
From KabTV’s “Writers Meeting” 10/15/20

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