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When The Ego Grows

568.01Question: When I feel great and have a desire for new knowledge and an interest in spirituality, I am suddenly thrown to a level of the lowest desires and I cannot understand why? Is it possible that this happens in order to awaken desires?

Answer: It is a good thing! It means that you already see that following sublime desires, dreams, and impulses, a yearning for the friends, for the group, and for the Creator, for the elation of the internal spirit that fills you; there is a sudden collapse. It is as if all the air has been taken out of your lungs and you feel that you have no desire to move forward, and that there is nothing to move forward to in any way. This is a sign that you have been given another portion of ego.

In spirituality we advance along two lines, the right line and the left line, and between them there is the middle line. The left line is the ego, the right line is bestowal, and the middle line is the Creator.

Suppose you are in phase 1, in which everything is good. Then you are given another portion of ego and you ascend to phase 2, but it is egoistic. The whole world suddenly becomes empty, dark, worthless, hopeless, stressful, and depressing. Now you need to begin to work in the group in order to ascend to a similar state on the level of the light.

The only way to do this is by your efforts to connect to the group: ∑, the summation sign.

The moment you attain a certain connection between you, you will immediately receive the light.

This is how you ascend to the state that is already your next spiritual level; you start with the left line, and then advance along the right line to the middle line. It is from this level that you will begin to receive another portion of ego, and from it you will move to a state of bestowal and once again ascend to the next spiritual level. This is how you ascend until you realize at a certain point that the Creator is revealed between you.

Then you will see that you have already taken off your shirt and thrown it into the laundry basket, which means that you have entered the spiritual level, and that your corporeal body is actually meaningless, that you are in this world for the time being in order to spread the method of Kabbalah to others, and you already feel the increasingly growing connection with the Creator on the middle line.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/20/19

What To Do With The Knowledge Kabbalah In Practice?

214Question: How can we practically use this awareness that all people are parts of my soul? Should I begin to feed them, to honor, indulge, and love them? I do not feel this way and only know it because I heard about it.

Answer: You do not need to do anything with them on the corporeal level. Nothing! You just need to spread the idea that if we are all connected correctly, everything will be good. Apart from that, nothing else is needed.

Later on, we will have to learn how to do it and what it means to be connected to each other correctly, learn to receive from nature its abundance, its filling, discover new senses, and see nature as the immense upper force that is ready to fill us and to take us inside it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/27/19

The Ten Commandments And The Act Of Creation

243.05Comment: The Book of Zohar says that the Ten Commandments correspond to the ten acts of creation.

My Response: The Ten Commandments are the ten main criteria by which we need to build a model of our inner image, which is called “Adam” from the word “Domeh” – “similar to the Creator.”

So we need to understand what the Ten Commandments are. Or is it “don’t steal” somewhere on the street? Or “thou shalt not kill” in a doorway? Or don’t flirt with your neighbor’s wife? Or are we talking about some special, internal changes of a person as a result of which he really becomes equal to the Creator?

A commandment is a corrected egoistic spiritual quality of a person. In other words, we must gradually discover in ourselves the opposite image of the Creator, which is called impure (Klipa), the opposite of Him, and change it to one similar to the Creator.

This change in our qualities is called the fulfillment of the commandment.

We have 613 such qualities. Therefore, we must make 613 corrections. But as long as you don’t see a single quality in the person of our world that is opposite to the Creator, there is simply nothing in him.

The 613 commandments are divided into ten. That is, they are grouped into ten groups.

As for the act of creation, it is tied to the commandment, since the Creator created man as a wax seal, imprinting Himself in the opposite form: What is convex in print has become concave.

So the Creator stamped Himself in the material of creation, making the opposite quality of Himself. There are 613 positive qualities in the Creator that are aimed at bestowal, love, and emanation. And in us, it all manifests itself in the opposite form: in receiving, satiating, despising everyone, using everyone and everything, in pride, competition, etc.

The Creator simply took all His qualities and imprinted them in us in the reverse form.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #10

How Do We Achieve Perfection?

546.02Comment: Scientists are sounding an alarm: an epidemic of perfectionism is spreading all over the world. According to psychologists, perfectionism is a belief that an ideal can be achieved. In pathological form, it is a belief that imperfection has no right to exist.

My Response: Then what remains?

Comment: What remains is to get rid of anything that is redundant and to straighten anything that may be deformed. Different studies have led to the conclusion that all this leads to stress, depression, anxiety, and suicide.

My Response: This means that high demands that cannot be attained actually kill us.

Question: What is this ideal in Kabbalah? What should we aspire for and never concede, never give up?

Answer: The attribute of love and bestowal by which we become like the Creator is ideal.

It can be achieved by a gradual, step-by-step method. But we cannot implement it with our existing senses and attributes inherent in us in our world. We need to acquire additional attributes, additional senses, and then we will be able to implement this idea in us.

The ideal is when we collect all the forces, all of nature’s attributes, together in the most explicit manner, connect them to the one single ideal system, and they complement each other to such an extent that there is nothing redundant that we need to get rid of, and there is nothing missing in it either.

This means that all the elements of nature enter this system, complement each other, and make a system that is one absolute round sphere, absolutely ideal.

Kabbalah actually teaches us how we can connect opposite attributes into what is called the middle line, and then everything begins to work perfectly.

Question: And what is imperfection? Imperfection in man and in society?

Answer: There are many different levels and sublevels of imperfection. The main imperfection is when a person considers himself whole.

Question: Does imperfection have a place in society?

Answer: Imperfection has a place in society. It is thanks to the feeling of imperfection that society can constantly improve itself. We cannot live without it. This is actually what makes humans different from animals—the fact that they constantly feel their imperfection, which forces them to develop all the time.

Question: Perfectionists want to cut it all off and smooth it out?

Answer: There is no need to cut off or throw away anything because nothing in this world was created without a reason.

Everything stems from the ideal picture of the world, which fell apart on purpose, and we must collect the pieces and put them together again like a jigsaw puzzle. So there is not a single redundant piece or particle.

Question: What is a spiritual perfectionist?

Answer: I don’t think that a spiritual perfectionist is a perfectionist. He is simply a person who truly aspires to put all the pieces of creation into one perfect picture. This state is called Adam, that is, a system that totally resembles the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/24/19

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An Amazing Adventure: Attaining The Purpose Of Creation

760.2Question: Why did the perfect Creator create place for the dense tales of simpletons in His design? If it were not in the design, it would not exist in our world either.

Answer: Initially, the Creator created the light, which contains everything formed by Him and is under it.

Each upper level includes all lower levels, so the upper light includes the whole plan of creation, its goal, the method of its implementation, and its ultimate state.

Everything in creation exists in this light in the form of a very precise original record. Just as in the human genome there is everything that can be said about men’s past, present, and future. If we took all the genomes from all the people and connected them correctly, we would know everything about humanity.

It is the same regarding the upper light; it contains everything.

Question: So it is the ultimate scenario that contains all records?

Answer: Yes. Now everything is revealed to us as if we are at a certain stage along the path (to give us the illusion of freewill), and we supposedly have to reach this goal by ourselves.

But when you move forward, your own path opens for you because you are given “obstacles,” which you seemingly overcome and thus acquire a new feeling and begin to understand the Creator, to justify Him, identify with Him, and this is already worth something.

As a result of going through this path, we become aware of who created us, what He has done for us, and we feel immense gratitude.

But everything is predetermined, of course. Everything initially exists in its ultimate form. But by discovering this, we perceive everything as a great adventure.

Even when we watch some movie again and already know the end and what leads to it, we still enjoy it. Moreover, the second time we watch it, we enjoy it even more than the first time.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/10/19

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All The Criminals Of The World—In One Person

002Question: What do the definitions “do not steal,” “do not commit adultery,” and “do not kill” mean? What or who are they talking about?

Answer: About each of us because we kill, steal, and commit adultery every second.

The fact is that we are in our egoistic, uncorrected states, and this means that I am performing these actions. If I have not corrected my “do not kill” or “do not steal” quality, then I am in it.

It does not matter if I implement it or not. The spiritual court evaluates a person according to his potential. So, if there is a quality in you that you can kill in a certain state, then now you are killing, which means you are not potentially a killer.

In the spiritual world, we do not need to specifically bring a person to this state. So, you are a murderer, a rapist, a thief, and everything else.

It does not really bother you right now. But the time will come when you will begin to feel all the potential, unrealized qualities as realized in you: now I kill, now I rape, now I rob, now I deceive. Then you get the feeling that you are responsible for all the suffering in the world. You cannot take it anymore.

In accordance with the way the light acts on a person, it shows who he really is and at the same time shows him from what source the light comes, then this difference between where the light comes from, the Creator, and the fact that he is potentially in all his terrible qualities, is felt in him by a terrible inner state of shame.

This shame that burns him is called hell. It is actually hell. Therefore, a person is ready to get rid of it. But getting rid of it is not so easy.

In hell there are eleven months—spiritual stages during which a person passes through the state of being opposite to the Creator, burning inside from the terrible sensations of his difference from the Creator so much that after these eleven months he corrects his state to equivalence of form to the Creator and comes to the state called paradise.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #9

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Interacting With The Information Field

276.05Question: Does the information field constantly transmit information to us and interact with us?

Answer: Yes, incessantly. We are in it all the time, but we do not feel it.

Comment: At the same time, according to the law of equivalence of form, there must be an area where we intersect with it, otherwise interaction would be impossible.

My Response: We interconnect according to the measure of similarity of properties. That is, to the extent that I am ready to realize the general properties of this field, I get closer to it, we come to equal or close to equal conditions, and this field affects me.

It excites certain processes in me because I am close to it. A kind of induction happens here, a leveling of my egoistic data due to changes from this field. Suppose I strive for certain changes and in accordance to it, I induce changes from this field. By wanting to approach it in properties, I create a certain vector of tension relative to it, and it accordingly acts on me in the opposite direction, opposite me.

Question: Can we say that this occurs in the desire through the right intention?

Answer: Of course. Absolutely correct.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/22/19

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The Way Is Through The Group

934One needs to make great efforts to convince oneself that the way to the Creator is through the group. After all, this path is not natural for us.

Everyone would want to come to the Creator for the sake of egoistic gain, with the hope of making their condition safe and secure. Otherwise, we exist in darkness and uncertainty and all hope is only in the support of the Creator.

However, on the way from me to the Creator there is the group, the ten, by which I can format myself in order to adhere to the Creator. The upper light comes from the Creator, but I cannot receive it unless it enters into ten desires. Therefore, I must collect these ten desires and connect the desires of my friends so that the Creator will clothe in these ten Sefirot.

The light passes through the Sefira Keter and spreads through all ten Sefirot, and then I begin to feel it below, in my Malchut. But I need to assemble this structure by agreeing that all these desires are mine and accepting all the conditions of the group.

The connection we are building will be arranged as described in The Study of the Ten Sefirot and will allow us through it to connect with the Creator and the Creator with us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/6/21,”Increasing the Importance of the Goal”

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The Parting Of The Red Sea

631.3Question: The parting of the Red Sea is one of the miracles, a supernatural phenomenon, that has been debated for more than 3,000 years: did it actually happen? How would you comment on this?

Answer: I would say that any phenomenon that can spiritually occur to any person during his special spiritual development must happen once in our corporeal world in its physical manifestation.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/2/21

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Between Esau And Ishmael

232.09“From the top of Snir and Hermon is Mount Sinai, to which they drew near and gathered at its foot, as it is written, “And they stood at the foot of the mountain.” “From the lions’ dens” are the sons of Seir, whom the Creator invited to receive the Torah but they did not wish to receive it. “From the mountains of the leopards” are the sons of Ishmael, as it is written, “The Lord came from Sinai, and rose from Seir into them; He shined forth from Mount Pharan, and He came from the ten thousand holy ones,” and Pharan are the sons of Ishmael.

What is, ”And He came from the ten thousand holy ones”? When the Creator wished to give the Torah to Israel, the camps of upper angels came and said, ”O Lord, our Lord, how glorious is Your name in all the earth, whose majesty is rehearsed above the heavens.” They asked for the Torah be given to them and not to Israel.” (The Book of Zohar)

The forces called “Esau” or “Seir” are offered the Torah—correction. But they do not want to correct themselves in a person because they are absolutely egoistic and cannot imagine how they can fill themselves without being egoistic: “Then why do I live? My whole desire is to live happily and comfortably.”

And they are absolutely right, because they do not feel any opportunities in themselves to exist in the form in which the Torah offers them—to rise above themselves. A person feels this in himself, in his properties: “What am I doing? I lose everything.”

The next state is “Ishmael” from the word “Ishma El,” “heard by the Creator.” What does Ishmael say? “I also cannot accept the Torah as a means of correction. After all, it offers using myself above my desire to be fulfilled. I am in no way capable of this.”

It turns out that above these two basic, fundamental properties in man, we are in no way capable of rising into the spiritual property in which the upper force, the Creator, is located. How can we still cope with this problem to raise a person to the level of the Creator?

For this, the Creator manifests the third property of these two properties. It gradually arises from within a person and is called “Israel,” directed directly to the Creator. This property, which manifests itself between the forces of Esau (Seir) and Ishmael, can rise above them with the help of the upper force and become equal to the Creator.

Israel is not the right property (Ishmael) and not the left (Seir), but the middle between them. When it rises and connects with the Creator, then it begins to pull and raise both the right and left forces out of their state.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #9

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