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In A Common Spiritual Field

laitman_938.04Question: If a person who studies the wisdom of Kabbalah integrates with ordinary people does this help his or her point in the heart to awaken?

Answer: Yes it awakens them, but they do not know it. What is more, he does not need to integrate with them.

He can integrate only with friends who share his views around whom a special spiritual field is created which ordinary people are attracted to, not really knowing why. They suddenly find something. Their point in the heart suddenly awakens.

This field spreads in waves from people who study the wisdom of Kabbalah and others already get closer to them.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/9/20

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Appeal To Ordinary People

laitman_245.09I do not appeal to those people who handle power and money. I turn to ordinary people, to ordinary citizens, explaining to them what form of relations our society should come to, what connections between us we should have so that there will be no viruses.

This does not require intervention of governments and financiers, police, courts, etc. It is only necessary for ordinary citizens to understand what will benefit them.

The world is revealed to us as an integral one, and if we relate to this integral world according to its true form, then we will benefit from it.

If there is a system in front of me that I cannot work with, of course, I will not be able to use it correctly. If I am familiar with this system, with the forces that work in it, then I can control it. Otherwise, we invade the system of nature and destroy it all.

When I try to look at the world as an integral system where everyone is connected together, I suddenly find that my perception of reality is changing: I will see how all of the connections are locked, and I join them. This will allow me to get involved in the system and feel the force acting within.

Everything is connected in one system: inanimate nature, plants, animals, and people. If we want to live well, we must take this into an account.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/20, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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A Kabbalist’s Attitude To The Coronavirus

laitman_961.2Question: You have relatives who live abroad. Do you discuss the coronavirus with them? You must be worried about them.

Answer: My son, his wife, and three children have been living in Canada for more than 30 years. Of course, I worry about them.

Question: As a Kabbalist, do you give them any advice?

Answer: As a Kabbalist, I do not give any advice to anyone. All the advice of a Kabbalist is in the form of suggestions: you can either do it or not.

Whatever I say, I say for everyone. My son listens to our lessons, participates in all our events, distributes books—he has a publishing company. He knows what needs to be done. Why would I tell him anything?

Question: What would you advise a person who has COVID-19?

Answer: As a human being, I cannot even say. As far as I know, this virus cannot withstand high temperatures.

As a Kabbalist, I advise you to think and act so that all the people on Earth will become closer to each other because this virus that is separating us shows exactly where we are sick: in the connection between us. And so it divides us.

Question: What measures do you personally take to protect yourself from the coronavirus? For example: quarantine, vitamins, exercise, washing hands frequently, and so on.

Answer: I wash my hands, even with a special disinfectant. I do not come in contact with other people if not necessary, as prescribed by the Ministry of Health. Everything that needs to be done, I do as an ordinary citizen.

Whether I believe it or not, whether I feel bad or good about it, does not matter. A Kabbalist always does what the government or experts tell the people to do according to the rule “Be with your nation.”

Question: Let’s imagine that you were in isolation due to the quarantine.and some mysterious computer virus hits the Internet, and you, like everyone else, were left unable to communicate with anyone over the Internet. You were left by yourself for 14 days. What would you do? What would you think about?

Answer: As long as I have books, I do not care if it is two weeks or 20 years. However, then I would not be able to convey to people the method of correcting themselves and the world, that is, the method of getting rid of all viruses in order to achieve a good, higher state of humanity. That would be a problem. But with regard to myself, I am self-sufficient.

Question: If there were no books, what would you do?

Answer: I have this all in my head. I am in a state of connection with other people, and it does not depend on connection through Internet networks. I feel humanity, I feel souls, I feel other people. I am connected with my teacher and with other Kabbalists of past centuries. I do not have any problems here. No viruses limit me.

It would only be a pity that in the absence of conventional means of information, I would not be able to convey to all people through the customary methods of communication what needs to be done to get rid of all viruses and to reach correction.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Changes Reality,” 3/26/20

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Dissemination Is The Key To Unlocking The Point In The Heart

laitman_527.06Question: How can I determine if the point in the heart exists in someone among people in my environment? What are the signs?

Answer: According to his state, according to his search in life.

Personally, I would always take a book with me to work, open it, and read it. They would ask me: “What are you reading?” I would show it to them. People would begin to read it, and if they would show interest, I would leave them the book. Then they would return it to me. So, this is how I began to spread Kabbalah. That was in the early ’80s.

Today you have enormous means to disseminate with and tell everyone about this science. So try it. This is very noble work because a great light will penetrate them through you, and you will absolutely clearly feel the result of your actions.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/2/20

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The Time Has Come For The Creator To Draw Near

laitman_251Question: The interest in the wisdom of Kabbalah is growing. Does this mean that the Creator is getting closer to us?

Answer: Of course. The time has come for the Creator to draw near.

On one hand, it is an unpleasant feeling because attributes that are in contrast to our ego emerge in us. But on the other hand, it motivates us to search for the right contact with the new attributes that emerge.

Nature is revealed at a new level, and we must gradually enter into contact with it. This, of course, is no simple matter. Therefore, it is actually now that the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed and it explains what is happening to us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/26/20

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Mass Awakening

laitman_963.8Question: You said that the point in the heart was rarely revealed in people in the past, but now it happens more often. Is the massive awakening of points in the heart in a large number of people connected with the establishment of the state of Israel?

Answer: It depends on the general development of egoism.

It grew within Jewish people a long time ago already in ancient Babylon and so; they discovered the science of Kabbalah. Jewish people—are a group made up of representatives from all the small nations that inhabited Babylon. These were people with a special kind of egoism who wanted to attain the upper world. They responded to Abraham’s call for such a development.

Abraham, a Babylonian priest, was one of them. Following him, people yearned for their spiritual development. Why did they respond to Abraham’s call? It was because their egoism was much bigger than that of the rest of the Babylonians.

Since then, over several millennia, egoism has increased in many people; therefore, so many come to Kabbalah. Look at our friends around the world, how they respond to it.

Nowadays, a huge number of people, already millions, are interested in Kabbalah. Traveling around the world, I constantly meet people who know, watch, and listen to me.

Just a month ago, I was in Greece. I have been recognized many times in different places. The landlady from whom I rented a house for several days said: “I know you. You are ‘from there.'” The same thing happened in a hotel in Chisinau, the owner of which, seeing me, exclaimed: “Oh, I did not expect at all that you would come to our hotel!” And it has happened in many countries.

This suggests that many people are already yearning for and are interested in the development of their soul. And therefore, we must disseminate this method through the Internet each in our own language.

You will see how much easier it will become for you because every person you bring will work together with you on a common problem.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/9/20

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How To Help A Person With An Awakening Point in the Heart?

laitman_565.01Question: If I suddenly find people around me with a prominent awakening point in the heart, what is the most correct thing to do?

Answer: If the point in the heart awakens in you, it means that you are drawn to attain the system that controls everything. You must reveal what fate is, why you exist, how to understand the system that governs the world. You need to engage in your spiritual development.

And if you meet people with the same craving for spirituality, invite them to an introductory lecture or to our webinar. You must help them. This will attract you to Kabbalah even more because they will receive spiritual energy through you.

Even if you do not see them anymore, but you restore their contact with the higher source, then their connection with it will go through you, and thanks to them, you will advance. So, it is worth doing it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/2/20

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Time Of The Revelation Of Kabbalah

226Question: Why did the widespread revelation of Kabbalah only begin in 1995?

Answer: Kabbalah was revealed gradually because this is exactly how the ego develops in humanity. It started out as very small and then Kabbalah began to emerge and develop with the arrival of the great Kabbalist the Ari. This is one point.

Secondly, Kabbalah is not a new science. The first Kabbalah book was written 5,780 years ago. There are more books from about 2,000 to 3,000 years ago. There is a huge body of Kabbalistic work, including contemporary books.

Question: Why has Kabbalah been on hold and not revealed until precisely our time?

Answer: Kabbalah has not been on hold. It is being revealed to humanity only to the extent of humanity’s ability to implement it correctly. Look what happens with the knowledge that is revealed to humanity before it is ready to realize it correctly: we invent atomic bombs and other harmful things.

Whereas Kabbalah is being revealed only to the degree to which humanity can use it without harming others. But the most important difference between Kabbalah and all religious beliefs, views, or anything else, is that it aspires for universal love that we don’t see anywhere else.

We see that religions hate one another, and nations are in a state of mutual hatred, because all other methods and theories are based on egoism. Kabbalah stands apart from them. It encourages love and sees universal love as the result of the corrections made by it. That needs to be studied. We can, of course, dismiss it. However, it is the method of Kabbalah that explains how to rise above egoism, letting us reach love.

Question: What does it mean as Baal HaSulam writes: “Until the world becomes one family”?

Answer: Yes, to a point where all humanity would once again feel as a single nation. Eventually, Kabbalah will bring us to it. The events that have happened in our world in the past 100 to 200 years, and those in our nearest future will show that with absolute certainty. This is the time of the revelation of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/2/20

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Teach Kabbalah

laitman_963.8Question: If we say that the point in the heart is hidden in every single person, then what do we need to do in order for it to be revealed in as many people as possible? Is it even necessary or is the existing small percentage already enough?

Answer: It is, of course, preferable to bring as many people as possible to work on themselves, to rise above their egoism, and to unite around the entire globe.

Thus, we would attract the divine upper light, which would purify, fulfill, and unite us so that we would perceive the meaning of this life and rise above our animal existence into an eternal state.

Therefore it is necessary, of course, to teach and disseminate Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/2/20

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Completing The General Correction

laitman_963.6Question: If only one person were left in the world who understands nothing while the rest have already understood everything, would you explain the method to him?

Answer: First of all, this could not happen. As more and more people in the world correct themselves, the field created by them will envelop the rest, and they will understand and value spirituality—the attribute of bestowal—more, and they will also aspire to it more.

That is why a hypothetical situation, where all but one person is corrected, is virtually impossible.

However, even if we assume that this could happen, I, obviously, would gladly come to that person and try to convince him to complete the general correction of the entire world, of all times. It is possible that I would succeed.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/5/20

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