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How To Feel Free

760.4Question: Does a person have any freedom of choice?

Answer: No. The freedom of choice is only in moving toward the purpose that is designated for you, by your own efforts or in spite of them.

Question: How can a person feel free, even if there is no freedom of choice? How can I feel like that?

Answer: A person can feel free when he is in harmony with nature, swims along this current. If he feels this harmony, then there is no life and death for him but just one eternal movement.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 9/1/20

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Kindness And Genetics

559Question: I read that goodwill  toward people depends 45% on genetics. It turns out that there are people for whom it is naturally easier to build relationships and connections. And there are those who are doomed to fail. Why has nature designed it that way?

Answer: This is done specifically to create the illusion of freewill in us, freedom of choice (as if I decide everything), freedom of perception and actions, to show us a world in which there seems to be complete freedom.

Question: What is the scale of values upon which you define good or bad connections between people?

Answer: This is very difficult to determine because it depends on the person’s intentions. And we do not see one’s intentions; they are concealed from us.

This is why Kabbalah is called the hidden wisdom; it deals with intentions and not forces like physics, not properties like psychology, but intentions that are higher than forces and properties.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 7/30/20

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How To Become The Master Of Your Own Destiny?

760.2Question: In recent decades, personal growth training has been very popular in the world. People are taught to achieve new goals, get out of their comfort zones, and literally change their lives. But it is interesting that these trainings do not work, and frustration from them is growing. People cannot change anything, despite the fact that they invest huge resources in it.

How do you really become the master of your own destiny?

Answer: To do this, you need to know what life is, who controls you, and what goal nature leads you to. And then you will be able, in accordance with this, at least understand what is happening to you. And then take an additional course of correct interaction with nature in order to achieve the goal of life.

Question: How do you achieve success in any endeavors, in any desires, in any goals?

Answer: Do not go against nature but go with it, that is, know where it is leading you to, what your personal goal is (from the side of nature), and do everything in order to realize it.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 9/1/20

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When Will A Person Bear Responsibility For His Actions?

627.2Remark: Jonathan Swift wrote in Thoughts on Various Subjects: “All fits of pleasure are balanced by an equal degree of pain and languor; it’s like spending this year part of next year’s revenue.”

My Comment: From Kabbalah’s point of view, this is not entirely true. Because if a person is born not of his own freewill, unable to choose the family he is born into, and receives an excellent upbringing, without denying himself anything, since such is his family and so on, then you cannot ask anything from him. So, he was made according to the higher design.

Question: Does he have no freedom?

Answer: Of course not. So, he should not be responsible for this. But when he has a clear, definite opportunity to start remaking himself, then he will be held responsible for it. But also, only to the extent that he was actually given this opportunity.

All people who exist in our world, from rich to poor, from healthy to sick, whatever they want, the way
they exist, this is how they exist. There can be no complaints about them.

Question: But don’t we still make claims? How do we judge people?

Answer: So you judge by your courts. You invented the courts and you judge. How can you judge people? For what?! For what is in me from the Creator who created me this way, and from my parents whom the Creator created so that they would have such an effect on me?

So, who am I? Where do I have my point, the point, of freedom, which I can use and grow myself from? How do I know the right way to do it? Why would I?

What does a person have that is not given to him by nature? How can he then change himself? If I need to change myself, then I must have a lever.

What kind of freewill does a person have? What is it? There is no freewill. You cannot point to some free movement of his, a free desire, a free thought, that he did not receive from someone or something, but so that would appear from nowhere. There is no such thing! Therefore, man is not free.

Question: So, was I created by nature and nature leads me from the beginning to the grave?

Answer: Absolutely in everything! On top of that, there is an illusion of freedom!

Question: Here nature is playing with me. What gives me the illusion of freedom?

Answer: It is done specially to make you feel like a human!

Freedom appears only when another force arises in a person, a higher force, which begins to oppose his earthly power. Only in the difference between them, in the interval between them, can a person gain independence from both forces and obtain his free choice. Only if there is a need for meaning in life.

The meaning of life is comprehended only in the search for independence. It is not about becoming like others, depending on the way they are, some are richer for example. Do not take any example from others! I need—me. My own self.

Question: Which is completely different from that of the rich or the poor?

Answer: It is true even if one is on a desert island. My only goal is to find myself.

Question: Does the search for a person begin with this?

Answer: Yes. From the fact that he understands that he is not free he begins to seek what freedom is. He begins to understand that freedom consists, first of all, in rising above his egoism, which completely fills him, subjugates him. Although a person cannot get rid of this selfishness, he would like to!

When he cannot, but wants to, then he finds an opportunity to attract an outside force to himself, which, even despite his efforts to remain in egoism, will pull him out of it. I do not want to get out of egoism, but I do it so that this higher power pulls me out anyway. There is such an interesting twist! But it is great.

Question: So, do I reach the state that I do not want to get out of egoism?

Answer: Of course, I do not want to. Nobody wants to! On all spiritual levels, nobody wants to do it.

Question: A man has been striving for this for so long, why does he not want to?

Answer: How did he strive? He was not aware of anything. Now, when it is revealed that he is all selfish, he cannot. How can he part with this?

Question: So, is this egoism very dear to him?

Answer: Yes. This is all the agony of leaving Egypt, crossing the Red Sea.

Question: How does this happen?

Answer: This happens because you are doing such completely unreasonable actions, and these actions pull you out. And then: “I do not want, I do not want!”—but it is too late.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/18/20

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Steve Jobs—Philosophy Of Life

235Comment: If today you meet a simple man on the street and talk to him, he, in principle, does not know the names of the sages, or even, perhaps, King Solomon. But the name “Steve Jobs” is familiar to him. He is the founder of Apple, a man who has contributed a lot to our world.

There are some of his quotes that I would like you to explain from the point of view of a Kabbalist. ”I used to be way over on the nurture side, but I’ve swung way over to the nature side.”

My Response: Heredity is the starting point. Yet, in principle, everything is determined by the environment.

Question: Does it mean that the environment can change my heredity?

Answer: I do not see anything negative about heredity, even if it is bad. The environment shapes a person. It as if puts a person in a vice and processes him as it wants, like on a lathe. The result is a completely new product.

Question: Do I have no freedom here at all?

Answer: No. Not at all! There are initial qualities, but the environment knows how to work with them and makes from a person what is required.

Question: Do I look for an environment or does the environment find me?

Answer: In principle, neither you nor the environment, but this is already from above, the upper purpose.

Quotation: Steve Jobs, “Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.”

My Response: In principle, our whole life consists only of mistakes. It is when we recognize these mistakes at every step of the way that we are going the right way.

Question: Do we always make some adjustments after each step, and still make mistakes?

Answer: Of course. We only make mistakes! However, initially, in every step we reveal our evil nature, and in every step we try to correct it.

Question: Is it due to the fact that our nature is egoism that every step we take is a mistake?

Answer: Our every step is in advance a mistake, but it depends on us how to make it a proper mistake. That is, to make mistakes in order to learn.

Quotation: Steve Jobs, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

My Response: This is right. To find one’s own thing, own line, oneself and move only in this, and never give in to other people’s opinions, philosophies, and ideas, this is a very important task for a person. I think that this certainly is only for a few. One needs to experience a lot in order not to be receptive to other people’s ideas and follow them.

To experience means to analyze, process within yourself, decide, be afraid, get up, rise, and fall. In other words, it must be a person who always demands an inner meaning from life.

Quotation: This purportedly was Steve Jobs’ guidance in everything: “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”

My Response: Yes. That’s for sure. Only when you find it will you really understand what you were looking for. If we knew in advance what to look for, we would not have to look for it. That would be clear to me.

Question: Is a Kabbalist searching? Does a Kabbalist have such a search?

Answer: The Kabbalist is searching for only one thing—a leap to the Creator. It does not matter what will happen at that. The main thing is to be closer. And this is his only task.

Comment: When it happens, does it turn out that he understood everything in a completely different way?

My Response: Of course! It does not matter, he does not ask this question at all! He does not order the future for himself —what he wants to be and how to feel. No! Only to be closer.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/25/20

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The Impossibility To Exist In The Same Framework

562.02Question: We see that every next generation strives more for freedom, breaks the limits of life’s restrictions, severs them. Where does this desire come from?

Answer: Each next generation does not break the previous framework, but simply cannot exist in it because the generation itself is different. It has different desires, different egoism, different priorities. Therefore, it cannot fulfill the conditions and restrictions that the previous generations performed with pleasure or with minimal energy.

Question: We see that the world is striving for greater interconnection. Integration is manifesting very strongly today. People move from place to place, privileges change, nations’ borders become more open. In nature, there are trends toward greater freedom and fewer limits. Is there any contradiction in this?

Answer: No. It is just that humanity is beginning to feel the next level of its development. Therefore, the previous framework no longer seems necessary.

We believe that the new generation does not want our conditions, our laws. It is simply created with such desires that can not comply with these conditions and feel them as necessary.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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A Framework And Absolute Freedom

Q712.03uestion: There are people who cannot live within a restrictive framework. And there are people who cannot live without the framework of our world. What is the correct approach to this phenomenon?

Answer: There is such an expression: freedom is a conscious necessity. If I feel the need for submission, then within this framework I am already free. But this is incorrect because nonetheless this is still a necessity.

If I investigate the nature I am in, then I begin to understand that this is not a necessity, but a conscious desire to obey all the laws of nature, all the forces affecting me, and to rise to the level of absolute bestowal. This is absolute freedom.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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Freedom Within The Boundaries Of Non-Freedom

448.3Question: The very life of a person is a boundary for his I. It has natural limitations, i.e., the circumstances in which we find ourselves, for example, the pandemic that gripped the world today or the beginning of the financial crisis. Also, there are obligations that we as human society pose for ourselves. Kindergarten, school, army, sports, work, family, all these impose certain limits on us. A person is constantly in some kind of life limitations.

Where does the root of a person’s lack of freedom come from?

Answer: How can he be free? How do you imagine a person, and in general, anyone in nature who is free, if nature is an association of forces and laws that work only together based on one single goal from one point?

There is nothing free in nature, starting from the universe to everything existing on Earth.

What does freedom mean? To do what I want? What do I want? Who defines this?

In general, the concept of freedom is very relative. Let’s say I want to achieve freedom. It means that I think about how to do that. I always exist within some boundaries, circumstances, changes that affect me. Of course, in this, I am not free.

If I agree with what affects me and absolutely justify these influences and my reaction to them, then I will not feel their limitations, their pressure on me, and I will feel free.

Remark: It is an interesting approach. It turns out that some circumstances are constantly pressuring me.

My Comment: Billions of various factors! But I agree with them and happily join in their actions, not resisting at all, but on the contrary, each time gladly accepting their influence on me, and therefore I do not feel any resistance on my part. This is called freedom.

Meanwhile, I do not feel any pressure! I am free! But only on the condition that I understand what is happening to me, comprehend, feel, perceive, and absolutely agree with it.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 6/25/20

278.03Question: What is the best way to start personal growth? What will help us start improving?

Answer: It is necessary to identify what I am really drawn to and not what is a consequence of being in a certain environment that instilled its values in me. I must find out what I am personally yearning for.

Question: Are there concepts of “early” or “late” in self-development?

Answer: Of course. Preferably sooner rather than later. But in any case, I will have to realize myself.

Question: What is self-realization for you?

Answer: Knowledge of your soul and its full realization.

Question: What is the difference between self-realization and the satisfaction of needs?

Answer: Satisfaction of needs is an animalistic existence, and self-realization is attaining equivalence to the Creator.

Question: At what age did you begin to seriously engage in self-realization and self-development?

Answer: I think it was only after I found my teacher, Rabash, when I was already 33 years old.

Question: How should one decide who to be, how to earn one’s living?

Answer: It does not matter what your occupation is. We come to this world not to somehow earn our living and realize ourselves within its framework, but to realize ourselves in relation to the Creator.

Question: Where can we find motivation for change and personal growth?

Answer: The environment. It is said that envy, jealousy, and desire for honor pull a person out of all states.

Question: What is more effective for personal growth: forcing yourself to leave your comfort zone or, to the contrary, listening to yourself and doing what you want?

Answer: Neither. It is imperative to enter the environment that will take you to the next level of development.

Question: How important is positive thinking for personal development?

Answer: In general, it is important. But at the same time, one must understand that there is also a critical view of this.

Question: If your close environment has chosen the path absent of self-development, is it worth running away from them so as not to become the same as they are?

Answer: You should always look for an environment that would push you forward.

Question: Why am I not applying what I know? Why are we made this way? What is stopping us?

Answer: It is the egoistic desire to hide so that I would not be in any way humiliated or defeated. We are hindered by the fear of losing some small egoistic obstacles if we engage in a higher purpose.

Question: How do we make sure that doubt and uncertainty do not hinder but help us grow and develop?

Answer: You must be very confident of yourself and, undoubtedly, aware of your strengths and capabilities to achieve the highest goal.

Question: How do you react to obstacles preventing you from reaching your goal?

Answer: I am sure that I can somehow get around them if I correctly check my goal and myself.

Question: What life achievements are related to self-realization?

Answer: Arrange the entire pyramid of needs correctly, and you will see how much simpler everything becomes.

Question: Is there a difference in self-realization of a man and a woman?

Answer: Yes. But it is the same with every man and every woman.

Question: A person has all his potential from the very beginning. You just need to start studying and discovering it. And this can only be done through the environment. Is this the technique of personal growth?

Answer: It all depends on the environment. Therefore, we must try with all our might to create the right society around us.

Question: Do you think that all psychological methods, when a person works on himself in order to improve his qualities, do not relate to realizing himself as human? Only in the right environment he can become human?

Answer: The psychological method is good until the level of similarity to the Creator is reached. And in our time, it will no longer work.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/25/20

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Accelerating Personal Growth

283.01Question: Can a person consciously move from a lower level of needs to a higher one?

Answer: This depends on the people around him and the environment in which he prefers to be.

In principle, starting from the moment when a person begins to stand out from the horde of animals, he can choose his environment. Gradually, by changing his environment, he can move up the degrees of the pyramid of desires, regardless of how the normal, natural ascent on it takes place.

Question: Do you think that personal growth can only happen consciously, or do we simply reveal our inherent potential?

Answer: Naturally, this is all determined by the fate of a person. However, at the same time, a person is given the opportunity to accelerate their development.

On the one hand, personal growth is determined in advance. On the other hand, it depends on the individual. In other words, the speed of the potential unfolding depends on the environment in which he exists.

Baal HaSulam, in the article “The Freedom,” explains how this can be changed and how to use this.

Question: What is more important for personal growth: potential, genes, or environment?

Answer: The fundamental thing is genes. They, in the end, push the person to realize himself. Then comes the influence of the environment.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/25/20

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