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The Right To Choose Where To Live

Laitman_419Question: Should we have the right to choose where we live?

Answer: A person’s main goal in life is to realize himself in such a way as to do the maximum for society with maximum efficiency.

Therefore, if after studying and examining himself a person feels that he can realize himself in a certain place for the benefit of humanity, then he certainly needs freedom of choice and the opportunity to leave his place and go where he can bring the most benefit to all humanity.

However, he should do so only after he truly saw and verified that humanity needs him in this particular place. This should not simply be his desire, not that it “seems” so to him. No, he knows the general law and, as Baal HaSulam writes, then he may receive special permission from people who understand where he is able to realize himself best. Then, of course he must go and act there.

Also, if a person has nothing to do and in a simple egoistic, material form drags himself from place to place for the sake of greater egoistic fulfillment in another place where he can use what others have prepared for him—this certainly does not make him useful to society. I do not think that this is justified.

That is why emigration today, for example from Asia to Europe, does not benefit either Europe or Asia.
The Round Table of Independent Opinions, Berlin 9/9/06

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What Is Freedom?

742.03Question: What is freedom? Does it depend on where a person is in the world?

Answer: Freedom does not depend at all on which era or place in the world a person lives. The environment in which he lives is given to a person from above, from outside.

He does not choose the environment, which society to be born in, what kind of education to receive, or what values to adopt to live in accordance with.

Freedom can be interpreted according to one and only one condition: freedom from my egoistic nature. I cannot be free of anything else.

Freedom from my egoistic nature means that I do not live according to the laws of my egoism that my nature pushes me from within, but only in accordance with the human society, only for humanity’s benefit. In other words, freedom means that I rise above my egoistic nature for the good of all humanity.

I acquire my free life above my egoistic nature. Rising from the egoistic level of life to the altruistic one, I live and also feel the flow of the eternal nature. I also feel perfect, eternal, and free.

Of course, the implementation of these laws depend not our place of residence, nationality, or gender. It depends on a person himself and on the confrontation with his original nature.
The Round Table of Independent Opinions, Berlin 9/9/06

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When Will All People Feel A Spiritual Awakening?

laitman_963.8Question: We know that it takes many years before a person engaged in spiritual work begins to feel an internal response to the rule “love your neighbor as yourself.” Will those people outside the group also require the same amount of time to come to this feeling?

Answer: If these people do not have an inner urge and the upper providence does not bring them to the group in order to realize it, they will not be able to do anything.

There are two necessary conditions: the point in the heart, and the condition of the Creator placing a person’s hand on the good fortune and beginning to help him in this. Otherwise, nothing will work out.

Many people in the world have a point in the heart, but for some reason they are not brought into our ranks. Perhaps it is still early or there are some other circumstances we do not know about.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 4/18/18

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 5/13/18, Part 1

laitman_963.4Question: Is the appearance of a desire for spirituality in a person a matter of luck? Does the Creator decide when the person will awaken?

Answer: Yes, it depends on the Creator. Certainly, for a person, it is a matter of luck, a lottery. The upper Light that influences a person is what determines within him the appearance of this desire.

Question: If my desires are on a higher level, on the level of the speaking, will I begin to see spiritual phenomena in the world?

Answer: You will not only see spiritual phenomena, you will also feel the system, the network of forces that influence you and our world. You will begin to see the results of the influence of the network; and when you are in mutual contact with this network of forces, you will be able to determine the future.

Question: Do you suppose that every person who begins to learn the wisdom of Kabbalah must prepare himself to become a teacher?

Answer: If the Creator begins to develop the person, this is inevitable. As said in the article “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot”: “The Creator puts one’s hand on the good fate,” meaning that he brings him to a society where that person can develop, and says to him: “This take for you.”

Question: Is approaching the Creator pleasant, or dangerous, or both?

Answer: Approaching the Creator cannot be dangerous because there are very precise laws. You approach the Creator only according to the degree of your correction. Your personal correction determines the approach to Him.

Question: What is reality called in the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: In the wisdom of Kabbalah, reality is called the desire that is presently working within me, and the Light which determines it. There are only these two elements in a creature and we can adjust the quality and intensity of the connection between them.

Question: How can the desire to bestow exist within the desire to receive?

Answer: There is no such thing. The desire to receive appears as something from nothing. This is the only thing that was created. Everything else is derived from it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/13/18

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Is There Anything Better Than Democracy?

laitman_220Question: Is there anything better than democracy?

Answer: We do not know what democracy is. Democracy for us means that we can somehow get along with each other without the power of the fist and coercion in the most brutal form, according to certain laws. By observing them, we are more or less able to not harm each other directly—and this is what we call “democracy.”

None of us knows what freedom is. We are not free. Each of us is born with qualities that we did not choose. Each of us has received education that we did not choose. We grow up and by the age of 20 we become adults; everything in us we received from our society, from factors that are not connected to us, nor depend on us.

In essence, I am a person who came out of the “oven” ready. However, the “I” is not me. “I” is what I was given. Accordingly, I advance in life.

So, do I know what freedom is? I am not free, I am just realizing what I received earlier. Therefore, it is not a democracy, it is not freedom, and it is not free choice. After all that I have received from everyone, have received since childhood, have received from teachers, if I learn how to work with all this, how to use it to achieve freedom, then perhaps I can truly realize myself.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the laws of nature, the laws of society as they should be in reality, in an objective form, independent of us.

We reveal the laws of nature, the social laws in ants, in groups of animals, and the same laws work in human society. If we open them up, if we establish them in our society, if we implement these laws in our society, then thanks to the effective use of the laws of nature we will reach true democracy.

In other words, everyone will have their own balanced place in the world, every nation, every community, every country, and all of humanity as a whole, will have an excellent balanced place in accordance with the common nature.

Today, everyone still imagines democracy and laws in their own way. Therefore, we naturally plunge into the global crisis of human society and do not yet see how we should exist.

Today’s democracy is coming to an end, and the next regime humanity will befall humanity is Nazism. Nazism will come and replace the current regime of all progressive democratic countries, and then we will see that we really do not understand the true laws of nature.

Let us hope that we will understand them before we bring ourselves to Nazism and that we will come to a beautiful, corrected form of the existence of humanity—to altruism.
The Round Table of Independent Opinions, Berlin 9/9/06

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Everything Descends From The Upper Program

laitman_235Question: Is the source of all renewals at the same time also the place of renewals?

Answer: The place of renewals is always determined from above and comes from one source. Everything that exists in the upper world gradually blurs, descends, and reaches us.

As they say, there is nothing new under the sun; everything descends from the upper program, which is set initially, from the beginning of creation to its end. We are fulfilling this program either involuntarily like all people or as Kabbalists who already understand it, adapt themselves to it, and then adapt it to themselves and thus advance.

Renewals are revealed in people and not in the world. Yet, in accordance with our inner changes, we see a different world every time. It’s as if there is a white screen in front of us and depending on the way we project our thoughts and desires, we can see any picture on it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 7/1/18

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What Is People’s Freedom Of Choice?

laitman_546.02Question: What is free choice for ordinary people? How, having neither knowledge, power, or awareness, can they choose? On what basis are they able to make a free choice? The corporeal eye sees everything in reverse: the strongest of the dogs lead the flock of sheep.

Answer: That’s right. But the fact is that sheep, after all, can gather into a group and eventually teach the dogs how to control them.

It is very interesting how the dogs guarding flocks of sheep behave. They sit at the side for hours and just watch to make sure that everything is alright. They do not rush anywhere and seemingly do not act. Only once they receive a signal from the shepherd do they run and restore order.

There is an absolutely clear connection between sheep and dogs. Sheep are completely safe under the supervision of dogs and they feel clear and positive control. They have no contradictions with dogs, it is just that the force that is absent in a sheep is present in a dog. Thus, they need each other.

Let’s hope that our shepherd will guide us correctly and we will correctly begin to group together.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/3/18

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Managing Desires

laitman_213Question: Is the role of the created being to develop the desires given to him by the Creator? What free actions does the created being have in relation to the desires that we reveal during our lifetime?

Answer: We can control all our desires but only if we begin directing them for the benefit of everyone else, outside of us. Otherwise, we will be like ordinary people.

In principle, the method of Kabbalah is very simple, but it is hard to master it because we have to act contrary to our current qualities, which means applying all our desires for bestowal, for good, and for connection with others, then we will be able to control them with the help of the upper Light. Otherwise, they will control us the way it is now.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/13/18

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The Human Prerogative

laitman_278.01Question: What does the upper providence manage? What remains in the person’s power and freedom, which is not subject to management from above?

Answer: Everything except our freedom of will is the Creator’s prerogative.

Freewill means to determine at every minute what else I can add to get closer to other people.

Our task is to connect all the elements of the spiritual scheme together into a single system. I thus have to determine whether I can do this with greater success at every given moment. In essence, this is my job, and I cannot escape it. However, the question is, did I put my efforts into it or will the upper world, the Creator, force me to do it?

It is between these two possibilities that my freedom of will lies: either I myself rush forward to connect with everyone, or I will be forced from above. Therefore, freedom of will, as Baal HaSulam writes in the article of the same name, is to get involved in the environment, to receive the corresponding desires, aspirations, and goals from it, and to realize them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/22/18

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Can Betrayal Be Justified?

Laitman_002Question from Facebook: I cannot forgive betrayal. In my mind I understand that a person was put into a difficult situation, but we grew up together, went through thick and thin, and he betrayed me. My stomach turned inside out. What can I do about it?

Answer: It says not to judge until you are in a person’s particular state. You have to move into him, transfer into him with all his internal qualities, into the state he was in. Then you will see whether or not he could have acted differently.

You would see that if you were in an identical situation, being exactly like him, you would have acted the same way. And what would have been the difference between the two of you if you assumed all of it, his qualities and his circumstance? Clearly there would be no difference. Therefore we cannot reproach or despise anyone for anything. I would even say, or love.

Question: Then, it is not clear what “betrayal” means? Is there such a concept?

Answer: No. It only seems to us that a person is betraying—in my egoism I expected a different behavior from him.

Question: Then everything depends only on whether I can truly assume the situation he was faced with?

Answer: Of course. We are biological elements, and everything inside us dictates our actions.

Question: So, is a person that weak?

Answer: A person is not weak, he simply does not exist. He does not exist! He is nobody. He has no ability to control himself. It is only an illusion that constantly “spins” us and seemingly grants us freewill.

Question: Let’s say there is a person who is close to you. How do you relate to him? Can you forgive him for anything?

Answer: I take it as it is. Regarding anyone, close or distant. I am not impressed, annoyed, nor surprised by any relationships people have. I do not fixate on anyone, do not expect anything from anyone other than the Creator. Then I can orient myself somehow toward a certain communication from Him, toward bestowal.

Question: From a person?

Answer: From the Creator through a person. There is no other way. That is, discussing a person doing anything by himself or acting a certain way is wrong, it is incorrect, and we should not attribute or impose some conscious form of behavior on a person. It is not him!

Question: Do you work with the Creator through a person all the time?

Answer: Is there any other way? Of course. The way the Creator controls him, the way He leads him is the way I perceive this person. And such is the relationship of the Creator toward me.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 6/5/18

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