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What Is Our Freedom Of Choice?

Laitman_041.01Question: If the point of freewill is in approaching the Creator, then how can I bring someone closer to the Creator because by doing this wouldn’t I deprive him of his choice?

Answer: No. Freewill is not in moving toward the Creator. To this, you are awakened from above.

Do you want to say that you, yourself choose this path? Why? Somebody somehow influenced you. From where? How? You yourself do not know and do not remember. This doesn’t matter. The fact is that today you feel that you want it. But it is not your choice.

Your choice is not in selecting the vector of direction of where to go but in displaying even greater strengthening of the goal at every stage of your path. When your arms weaken, your legs give way, when you fall and have to get up to go forward again, this is when your freewill is manifested.

The Creator organizes a descent for you; you must understand why He organized it for you, and thus implement it correctly and go forward.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 8/18/19

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 5/12/19

laitman_281.02Question: You have been on the path of correction for so many years. Can you say that you are a free person?

Answer: I don’t know if there is a free person in our world in the sense that you are asking the question. In fact, freedom as we understand it doesn’t exist. It is possible only when you know what the truth is and can act for the sake of it.

Question: To the degree that I become like the Creator, do I become free?

Answer: Without a doubt, because the influence of the Creator on us is the characteristic of bestowal. If you acquire it, then you understand the Creator and the Creator understands you. To this degree you become free from both your egoism and the influence of the environment.

Question: Does a degree of freedom exists as a state of freedom against the violence and coercion by the desires of another person or group of people?

Answer: No, we almost always are affected by other people. The whole question is which society I should situate myself in. If I put myself in a society that is advancing toward the right goal, submit to it, and obey it, then this is how I attain that goal. That is how we must realize our freedom.

Question: What is the difference between freedom of choice and freewill?

Answer: Freewill consists of choosing how to behave. Freedom of choice is the choice itself.

Question: From the point of view of Kabbalah, how accurate is Hegel’s postulate that “freedom is a conscious necessity”?

Answer: This is purely a small materialistic misconception.

Question: Are all the thoughts, desires and actions I perform generated by the Creator?

Answer: Right now, yes,  but when you begin to acquire a Masach (Screen), then the Creator will not do what He wants within you; instead, you will do what you want with the Creator.

Question: Everyone has his own personality. What is it?

Answer: The personality doesn’t bother us. All the same, you are carrying out your egoistic demands. So it doesn’t matter what your personality is. One person loves to eat, the second one likes to dance, a third wants to sleep. What difference does that make? In every case you are carrying out your desires.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/12/19

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Is Reality Predetermined?

laitman_600.04Question: How much of reality is predetermined? What is within our freewill?

Answer: Absolutely everything is within our freewill and absolutely everything is predetermined. That is, the program is initially given from the simplest, elementary partition to the increasingly complex. This comes from the basic law of nature. The speed of connection depends on us.

We should not get into the correction. It is not our business. I must make an effort to connect wherever possible, but in no case should I give orders and determine in advance what the degrees of connection should be like. Just push forward.

I should welcome whatever will be shown to me as a corrected state.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 2/12/19

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Slave Of The Creator

laitman_278.03Question: There is such a concept, being a “slave of the Creator.” But the quality of the Creator is a quality of bestowal and love. If you are in it, is it a free state or not?

Answer: Free, of course.

Question: Why then is it called “slave”?

Answer: Because you chose this state for yourself. You, yourself have chosen it.
From Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 5/12/19

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What To Do With A Dream If Everything Is Predetermined

laitman_527.03Question: If everything is predetermined, what should we do with dreams? Should we not dream?

Answer: Dream of quickly reaching the most perfect state in the world.

The fact is that all nature is predetermined. It drags us forward either via a good, bad, or middle path. The wisdom of Kabbalah discusses this. Read Baal HaSulam’s articles, everything is explained there.

The only problem is to accelerate this development and make it more comfortable. Do not just speed up and ride through the bumps on a bad road, but turn the road into a freeway so that you pass it quickly and comfortably.

The future goal has already been set. We are inside it; we only have to reveal it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/28/19

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In The Cage Of Your Egoism

Laitman_115.05Question: A man, unlike an animal, can see some kind of pleasure in the future, calculate the steps and get to it, giving up on enjoyment at the intermediate stages.

Why, with such a huge intellect, can’t he rationally calculate the state of equilibrium with nature? Why do all his rational attempts to build a balanced society constantly fail?

Answer: Because he is inside his egoistic nature. He cannot calculate anything.

Comparing one egoism relative to another, in what he wins or loses more, he still finds himself inside his egoism. He is not free. He does not have the second degree of freedom. What he considers freedom is the illusion of staying under the influence of an external coercive force.

Question: Can’t he calculate: “If I use my egoism, I will feel bad?”

Answer: This is how we always try to get away from troubles. But this does not mean that we are free. I am constantly running away from egoistic blows: a stick from here, a stick from there, and this is how I tumble around from morning to evening.

Look what is happening on the streets, in buses, in the subway, in offices, everywhere. Look at all this human anthill! Where can we talk about freedom?

There is no freedom. It is possible to choose, at any given moment, at the most, as it seems to me, comfortable state of all possibilities. That is all.

I choose from what is given to me, but I am always limited. The Creator shines upon me through the corrected state, but I am not yet corrected. Naturally, I do not understand His influence on me at all. Where is he driving me? What does He want from me at every moment? If I do not know this, then what kind of freedom of will can there be?
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/12/19

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Evolution Of Desires, Part 10

laitman_423.03What Determines Intentions?

Question: Society controls our desires. It determines with what they will be filled. Can only the upper force change intentions?

Answer: Intentions are also determined by society. But if a person wishes to change his or her intentions contrary to the society in which one is located, meaning that the person does not want to remain in it, but wants to rise above it, then one has practically no opportunity.

Therefore, either one must go beyond the boundaries of this society, physically remove oneself from its influence, or attract the influence of another, upper power upon oneself. Then one can change oneself. Otherwise a person will fail.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/3/18

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laitman_423.03Society Dictates Desires

Question: Our desires are controlled by society. Why is it set up this way?

Answer: Our desires are defined by the desires of the society because we exist in interaction with it, in constant interconnection with all the desires within the society: personal, private, global, no matter what. Therefore, my desire is defined by the society surrounding me.

Question: Does it mean that the society controls our desires?

Answer: It does not merely control them, it defines them! It points me: this one—yes, this one— no, to what degree, etc. Everything depends on the environment in which I exist.

A desire at the human level can change its location and fall under various social influences. According to this, it will also change the desires.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah” 12/3/18

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Can A Person Control His Destiny?

Laitman_709Question: What does it mean to control one’s destiny, and is it really possible to control it?

Answer: A person controls his destiny in different fields: personal, public, state, economic, political, etc.

If we understand that everything is moved only by the upper light, the upper force, and only in order to develop us so that we can sense it, reveal it in ourselves, resemble it, then to the extent that we ourselves begin to make efforts to become like the upper force, we will follow a good path toward it.

Then all its effects on us will not be perceived as negative, painful, and forcing us to change, but as positive, desirable, and good. Everything depends on our attitude toward the forces of development.

Question: Does a Kabbalist know what he can change in his life and what he cannot?

Answer: Partially, yes.

Question: Does that mean a Kabbalist does not go where he or she cannot change anything?

Answer: On the contrary, he involves himself in absolutely everything. The fact is that he needs to participate in absolutely all actions, in every manifestation of nature’s forces.

At the same time, he knows in advance what he can change. What he cannot change is also an active deed because he restrains himself. But based on the whole gamut, on all the possibilities of his intervention in himself, in nature, in society, in the family, etc., he knows how to act, how to properly recruit all the forces of nature at the moment, assemble them and activate this combination.

But again, despite this, we live in a world that needs serious correction; each of us goes through very serious forms of breakage and is subjected to great pressure. We must experience all the mistakes on ourselves because, as it is written, ” There is no righteous man on earth who has done good and did not sin first.” Only after passing through all sinful states, can we reach the state of the righteous.

A righteous person is the one who has sinned a lot, but today understands the causes and consequences of everything that happened to him or her, and to the extent that one learns from one’s mistakes, can already be a righteous person.

It is impossible for a person to be kind, good, right, and wise, if one has not passed the states opposite to these. Only to the extent one was mistaken, can one be right today.
From KabTV’s “The Basics of Kabbalah”, 11/20/18

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Change The Map Of Your Destiny

760.4Question: Can Kabbalah help change the map of your destiny, even if it is decreed in the stars?

Answer: The fate of each of us is very clearly defined. If we take the starting and ending points of our path, then, whatever you say, each soul must go through all these stages and reach its final destination, its full realization.

It depends on how you will tread your path: quickly or slowly, falling and crawling or climbing, or, conversely, flying from one point to another. It makes a big difference whether you will undergo serious suffering, being in the negative, or if you will be in the positive.

Nevertheless, the end point for each of us has already been established. So everything that the science of Kabbalah offers is for the purpose of not slowing you down.

Let’s say that a soul comes out of point “A” to point “B.” You can stop at point “n” and move to point “m” over several lifetimes, in terrible suffering or you can get there fast, as if in flight. Therefore, we determine the pace of our advancement, its magnitude, and its quality. It depends on us.

This is what the science of Kabbalah offers. The science of Kabbalah lets us see the whole perspective, to approximate the ultimate goal we must reach.

Practically, each segment of the path is the achievement of the ultimate goal, only on a larger and larger scale: Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Haya, Yechida, or the 125 steps of the gradual development of the soul.

As we develop our soul, we begin to feel how we attain and open nature, to become included in it, begin to see and understand it. It is like a grand symphony that involves us and lets us be its integral participant. Attaining such great harmony, when each part in billions of states connects with all others in perfect interaction, is the greatest pleasure.

Question: Do we advance in a straight path or is there always a sine wave?

Answer: A sinusoid exists, as it is said: “There is no righteous in the world who would not stumble.” But the point is that when you stumble, immediately get up, advance quickly, so that even our mistakes will serve to push us toward the search, meaning, inspire us toward further advancement.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 12/30/18

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