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Does Kabbalah Give A Person Freedom Of Choice?

567.04Question: Why do we actively disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah because it affects a person and, as it were, takes away his freewill?

Answer: A person in our world has absolutely no freedom of will. It is because freewill assumes that one has at least two opposite forces and exists between them. Or there can be many forces in the center of which he exists, as if independently of them, and chooses under the influence of which force he is at each moment of time.

Therefore, since our world exists under the control of only one force, the egoistic one, it is the wisdom of Kabbalah that gives a person freewill because it reveals to him a second force, the altruistic one, the opposite of the one that exists in a person initially. Then, between these two forces, a person begins to really feel and attain his freedom of will.

This is an amazing feeling! When you feel that you are independent of either good or evil forces and you are between them, here you choose! Here you become above these two forces and feel how this upper force that created our world, feels its actions and leads us to the same state it is in.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/4/21

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What Is The Expression Of True Freedom?

744Question: What is the true freedom of a person expressed in?

Answer: In rising above one’s egoistic nature.

When you rise above egoism, you begin to feel everything that is beyond the ego, meaning, beyond you, beyond what you are feeling now—after all, both you and your current universe are imprinted in your egoism—all this completely disappears and is replaced with an entirely different picture of the world.
From KabTV’s “Challenges of the XXI century. Introduction” 4/24/19

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The Mystery Of The Unification Of The Masculine And Feminine, Part 2

425The Two Forces of Nature, Male and Female

Our whole world, the still, vegetative, animate, and mainly the human levels are one big ego.

All the elements of nature and their unification into living organisms, whether on the levels of the still, vegetative, or the animal level, operate according to one principle only: to swallow as much of what is beneficial for them and to extract as much of what is not necessary for them, what is not right or good for them. This is the pure ego, the plan of creation, of nature, which is inside us and manages us.

Can we manage it? Actually, we cannot. In our state we are puppets on a string and we are operated on. In each of us the egoistic program by which we operate is seemingly imprinted. We think that we operate independently, but in fact it is the force of nature that manages us. It turns us from left to right and from right to left, wherever it feels like and whichever way it feels like, according to different vectors, and we execute this plan without even imagining that we are controlled by it. It is actually in this egoistic nature that we exist as elements that are totally managed by it.

When the question of “what am I living for” emerges in a person, it is seemingly an error in the program of nature, some malfunction. How can it be that a person who is absolutely managed suddenly asks: “What am I? What am I living for and how?”

But it is nature itself that awakens us and summons this question in us, and which gives us some kind of freewill so that we will begin to ask ourselves about our fate.

It is not a simple matter. Such questions emerge in very few people, but in the process of our egoistic development more and more people ask this question.

Basically, this is the only question that nature awakens in us so that we will be interested in the plan of our actions and of our development, of our life: “What for? Why? What are we doing?

Do we do everything instinctively or can we somehow change our actions or at least assess them in a critical manner as to where such thoughts stem from?”

From that moment onward a person becomes a human being. Later he advances toward understanding that he is managed, that he doesn’t want that, and that the guidance that nature has designated for him is bad and harmful and that he needs to do something about it. Generally speaking, a person’s spiritual development actually begins from the question: “What is the meaning of my life? What am I living for?”

It seems like a depressing question, but it is in fact crucial, since it is actually from this state that a person begins to explore: “What manages me? For what purpose? Do I agree with it or not? I want to understand the source of my control. I don’t agree with it and I want to act differently, to live differently. I want to ascend above the source of my control, above that force. I don’t agree with being enslaved to it.”

When a person begins to explore himself, he reaches the right books. Generally speaking, it is the wisdom of Kabbalah. Sometimes he may find psychology books first, but if he continues to dig he certainly arrives at the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Then it becomes clear to him that he is controlled by a higher force, nature or the Creator, which is actually the same thing. He wants to find out where the Creator is leading him, what he lives for, and how this force manages him.

A person begins to understand that he is managed seemingly by two forces, the positive force and the negative force, while he is actually neutral. Even his typical egoism, the desire to enjoy, is not his, but guidance from above.

This means that he is a totally neutral body, which is influenced by an egoistic force, on the one hand, which forces him to act in a certain way, and on the other hand, there can also be an altruistic force that is constantly in contrast to it.

In general, a person begins to explore himself.

The negative egoistic force that exists in every object in nature, including man, the force that absorbs, sucks  everything into itself, consumes, and receives, we call the female force. While the positive force that bestows, gives, and fills is called the male force, the Creator. So it turns out that nature divides us into two parts.

But this has nothing to do with men and women in our world. Here we are totally identical in the egoistic sense. In fact, only the negative force operates in us and the positive force is necessary only in order to develop the negative force in us even more.

Question: Is the question about the meaning of life which we arrive at, the female question in us?

Answer: No. when the emptiness a person feels reaches a certain point and he understands that his whole life is totally useless, that it has no value and is merely different mechanical actions on his part, he already begins to ask: “Why and what for?” Although this action stems from the negative force, it already belongs to the positive force.

A particle of the Creator begins to speak in a person, a particle of the attribute of bestowal, and in it there is already the resistance between the two forces.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/3/19

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The Correct Algorithm Of Behavior

707The correct algorithm of behavior is harmony with nature from which we will understand what the “human” level means. We see and study the animal level. And what does the “human” level mean? We do not know how nature created it.

Inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature exist instinctively, they are subject to strict laws that are implemented unquestioningly. And man was created with freewill in order to learn from nature how he should act, agree with, and perform these actions. Then he will be happy.

The law of equilibrium is the basic law of all nature. If there is no balance, then problems immediately arise. As in our body, the pressure goes up, the temperature rises, some other parameters change, and a person immediately falls ill, since his internal systems are not balanced.

We are the same with regard to nature. Heat, cold, change in atmospheric pressure, natural disasters, all these are changes between different systems of nature.

Nature created us so that we ourselves can discover the formula for our balance with it. And then we will become as absolute, harmonious, perfect, and even eternal, as nature itself. But we must get to this by ourselves.

Question: Is the “human” level the level of balance with nature?

Answer: Absolutely! Moreover, it is according to man’s choice, man’s effort, unlike all other parts of nature that are in natural, instinctive balance with it.

Having reached balance with nature, a man will receive complete pleasure. All his desires will be fulfilled.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/19/09

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Who Governs Us?

424.01Question: By striving for pleasure and running away from suffering, is it possible to predict your next step?

Answer: You cannot predict the next step because you do not know exactly what desires will awaken in you and what will be needed to realize them. But you will always reflect based on the desires that arise in you how to best realize them: give as little as possible and receive as much as possible in all your actions.

See how you sit, as comfortably as possible in the present condition, how you talk, how you behave, subconsciously or consciously, no matter how.

Question: What is wrong with this behavior? What doesn’t work in it?

Answer: In principle, this model itself could be correct. It is aimed at ensuring that we realize ourselves with maximum profit, and at every moment of time maintain greater confidence, security, fulfillment, and advancement.

But the fact is that I am commanded by the values ​​that I receive from society. And it imposes on me things that I do not at all need.

Each of us brings our aspirations for wealth, fame, power to society. And it turns out that I want to use society to make money, to impose on it absolutely not the values ​​that it needs, but what I need to get from it. I invent all sorts of things in order to sell and thus gain knowledge, power, fame, and money.

As a result, I impose my values ​​on others, and since this already becomes a legacy of the whole society, it imposes on everyone else in the form of advertising and everything else. It turns out that we advertise to each other absolutely unnecessary things, on which each of us wants to earn something, either fame, or power, or money. Thus, we sell each other completely unnecessary stuff.

Question: But why are we sure that we need it?

Answer: Because society makes us believe it. If society says that this is good, then striving to win recognition and respect in its eyes, I do what it imposes on me.

For example, now I am sitting in a suit. It would be more comfortable for me to sit in my pajamas. Why am I not doing this? Because society forces me to dress like this, and I want to get approval in its eyes so that they will listen to me, respect me. Therefore, we behave this way, whether we understand it or not.

Thus, society forces us to actions that, in principle, are opposite to my natural impulses and desires. In fact, I would not want this, I would just like to exist in peace. Society is constantly developing in its desires and it forces me to desire what I absolutely do not need. But this is how we go.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/19/09

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A Generator Or A Receiver Of Thoughts?

143Question: Am I a generator or a receiver of thoughts? What is my freedom in terms of thoughts?

Answer: No one is a generator of thoughts. Good and evil thoughts come only from above.

We are merely small consumers at the end of the chain, but our reaction to them depends on how we reflect the evil or the good signals that we receive. This is our mission.

Question: Can thoughts intersect, reinforce, or interrupt each other?

Answer: Yes if they are not for the sake of unity. But if they are thoughts for unity, they are swallowed in the center of the group and the group grows.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/3/19

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An Amazing Adventure: Attaining The Purpose Of Creation

760.2Question: Why did the perfect Creator create place for the dense tales of simpletons in His design? If it were not in the design, it would not exist in our world either.

Answer: Initially, the Creator created the light, which contains everything formed by Him and is under it.

Each upper level includes all lower levels, so the upper light includes the whole plan of creation, its goal, the method of its implementation, and its ultimate state.

Everything in creation exists in this light in the form of a very precise original record. Just as in the human genome there is everything that can be said about men’s past, present, and future. If we took all the genomes from all the people and connected them correctly, we would know everything about humanity.

It is the same regarding the upper light; it contains everything.

Question: So it is the ultimate scenario that contains all records?

Answer: Yes. Now everything is revealed to us as if we are at a certain stage along the path (to give us the illusion of freewill), and we supposedly have to reach this goal by ourselves.

But when you move forward, your own path opens for you because you are given “obstacles,” which you seemingly overcome and thus acquire a new feeling and begin to understand the Creator, to justify Him, identify with Him, and this is already worth something.

As a result of going through this path, we become aware of who created us, what He has done for us, and we feel immense gratitude.

But everything is predetermined, of course. Everything initially exists in its ultimate form. But by discovering this, we perceive everything as a great adventure.

Even when we watch some movie again and already know the end and what leads to it, we still enjoy it. Moreover, the second time we watch it, we enjoy it even more than the first time.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/10/19

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What Is Freedom Of Choice Connected To?

528.01Question: What is a person’s freedom of choice?

Answer: The fact is there is freedom of choice at the everyday level, which concerns each person. And how they manipulate it is their business.

And there is freedom of choice that concerns people who want to use it to ascend to another system of attainment. This is a completely different area. We call it spiritual because it is built not on the quality of reception but on the quality of bestowal.

Freedom of choice lies in the fact that a person enters into such an environment, puts himself under such influences that will help him create a quality in himself that is above his egoistic qualities. And in spite of his egoism, he can act anti-egoistically.

And how is this possible if egoism is his whole nature, it is all of him? Here, we begin to work in a team, in a group, and a special quality of bestowal arises (exiting ourselves above our egoism), which we acquire during the process of proper development through the study of Kabbalah.

Then we begin to feel that we can really rise above our usual, logical, egoistic qualities, desires, calculations, and actions to a completely different area where we act above our egoism. This is connected with the freedom of choice and the sensation of the upper world’s governing system.

That is, all this depends on the environment with which a person communicates and thanks to which he exposes himself to the special influence of this right environment. In a sense, he wants to disconnect from our world, not to obey it.

As a result, he gets the opportunity to understand, reason, and feel the quality that we call faith above reason. And then, as he develops, he begins to feel the second control system built not on egoistic influences but on bestowal and love.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with the Integrated Course Project Participants” 3/19/21

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Manifestation Of Freewill

546.02Question: Does the manifestation of freewill in a person increase with his spiritual development and integral skills?

Answer: I think that it is the wisdom of Kabbalah that enables a person to achieve absolute freedom of will when, in addition to his original nature, which is an egoistic desire to receive and be filled, he acquires the altruistic desire to bestow.

Between these two directions, called lines, he forms his personal vision of the world and consists of both sides—reception and bestowal.

Therefore, his freewill is realized in full measure precisely by understanding that he is a combination of both properties of nature: minus and plus.

Therefore, by achieving general freedom, general knowledge, penetration into the depths of nature—which is unlimited—and into oneself, into the general force of nature, is called the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Integral Course” 3/19/21

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Harmonious Combination Of Good And Evil

562.02Question: Thomas Mann’s novel Doctor Faustus raises the main problem of the 20th century, an agreement with the devil. The protagonist of the novel says that this treaty defined the entire culture of the 20th century.

Do you think this is real? Or does the devil do everything so that he is not considered to exist?

Answer: No! I believe that the “devil” exists! Moreover, it exists in a contract with the higher force as its reverse side, opposite to the integral side.

These two forces, positive and negative, as if God and the devil, mutually complementing each other, lead a person to the realization of freewill and the ability to change oneself even independently of each of them. This is how they interact with each other.

Question: The devil is always spiritual? We are talking about overcoming selfishness, but we must not forget that evil has a colossal charm. Does this charm also come from the light, from the spirit?

Answer: Of course. There can be no absolute evil and absolute good, they mutually complement and support each other only so that we find ourselves between them. Between them! We would take from one force and from another everything that we need. Such a correct, harmonious combination of two forces will make a human out of us.
From the TV program “Together About Important Things” 7/18/18

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