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Build Your Own Future!

743Question: Why does nature hide information about the future from us?

Answer: One should build his own future and not draw it from various sources and wait. You have to make sure that even the present you are living in now, you build yourself.

There is nothing real in our current existence. Reality is not in the fact that this is the present tense, but in the fact that there is no truth in it at all. Rather, everything is determined only in relation to you.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/21/21

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What Can Change An Individual?

284.03Question: Why does one individual feel others more while another only feels himself?

Answer: It depends on the root of the soul. There is nothing we can do here, since it was set initially.

I do not see that humanity can correct itself. Day after day we slide off the former framework; it is getting worse and worse and that is taken for granted even though a couple of years ago it seemed terrible to us.

But if a person begins to engage in his perfection with the help of Kabbalah, that is, if he invokes a certain force of nature that created him, then it also changes him.

During life we ​​can somehow limit ourselves and be afraid of something, but in principle we do not change. And Kabbalah proposes to develop a person so that he feels free in his changes. You need to bring a person to a state where you give him complete freedom—do what you want—but at the same time he becomes an absolutely useful, perfect element of society.

Kabbalah is set with this goal. That’s why it exists.

To bring a person to love for his neighbor—all issues are resolved by this. If he treats others as himself and at the same time rises to the level of the Creator, the most perfect force of nature, then he does not need any judges; he is his own judge, his own guard.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Presumption of innocence” 3/10/10

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How To Become A Good Father?


I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection (Sigmund Freud).

Question: Do you think this statement is correct?

Answer: It is correct. For a child the father is everything! For a boy, yes. It is biological, it is natural. This is an example!

Question: How can this be connected with the fact that we do not feel our father? Humanity does not feel the Creator, the upper governance, and this is why humanity is like it is. Can I say that?

Answer: Of course! If we felt the Creator as the upper force that generates and defines us at every moment, then naturally we would be different. But that is not possible. Otherwise, we would have no freewill.

Question: So if we felt the Creator, would we feel all this love and goodness and be overwhelmed by them? And that is why we were given freewill?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Were children who either did not have fathers or their fathers were rough given freewill?

Answer: No a child cannot be blamed for anything. He gets into a certain situation and that’s it.

Comment: That is, you adhere to the hard line that for example: if there is a divorce and there are children, especially if they are boys and the father leaves the family, then.

My Response: That is even worse. It is a lifelong trauma.

Question: And we receive questions, mostly from women, who write to us all the time: “What, is it better to have such a cruel father?”

Answer: Not if there is such an atrocity, of course. But a normal, demanding father, even if he goes a little too far is still better than being fatherless.

Question: And how can someone become a good father?

Answer: One must be educated.

Question: Fathers?

Answer: Fathers, from childhood. It is necessary to take people, I would say young men, and try to explain to them what fatherhood is, what taking care of another means, and make good fathers out of them.

Question: And also explain to them that the future of children depends on it?

Answer: Explain everything! Of course! Otherwise it will not work without defining the goal.

Question: So you think it is necessary to create such a school for fathers?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary.

Question: And then, we can correct the future of humanity?

Answer: Of course! We will determine the whole future generation by this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/7/21

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What Is In A Person’s Control?

760.2Question: Does a person determine whom to meet, whom to marry or divorce, and to be successful in his life?

Answer: A person determines absolutely nothing, except for one thing—to quickly realize his state as evil, choose the next correct state as good, quickly gather all the possible forces, and move forward.

To put everything together correctly, to take the right step forward in accordance with the desire of mother nature and to walk hand in hand with it, this is our only freedom of will.

Nothing else can a person change. Based on what he could make decisions? He does not have any data. How do we know our next state: which is better, which is worse, for what purpose?

What do I choose between? Where are two defined circumstances in front of me and the freedom of will between them? In what? A person never has this.

We perceive the lack of information, misinterpreting the situation as freedom: “I am free!” In a minute something will fall on your head, why are you shouting?!

The little man is in such an illusion all the time. But now we are gradually coming out of it and beginning to understand that nature is self-contained, global. After all, all the latest scientific discoveries only talk about this.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Fire Island” 1/1/10

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Governed By Nature

707In our world, people are animals in the sense that like animals they do not have freewill.

The upper force (nature) controls us the same way as the entire animal world so we are no different from them. Now we are discovering it more, examining our genes, hormones, and psychology.

For example, we see how similar the fates of twins who grew up far from each other are—their habitat, children, and family—although they are not close by. That is, a person is determined from within, and even external conditions do not particularly change him. Everything is in us. Nature rules us and guides us through life.

It seems to us, like little children, that we are free. But children are constantly under the care of adults, we follow them all the time, but to them it seems like they are free. It is the same with us, we think that we are free because we are blind.

Question: Then, where does a person’s striving for music, poetry, or something sublime come from?

Answer: In the same way, animals sing, dance, and play with each other. It is just in a human it is more developed.

I am not saying that a person is not different from the animal level. He is different. He has fantasy and many additional properties. But it does not correspond to the concept of human in the sense that Kabbalah presupposes.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Centaurs” 1/15/10

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Is This My Life? Or Did I Dream It?

423.01Question: If a person did not use the opportunity to reveal the meaning of life and lived it the way everyone lives, what remains as a result of all his efforts, passions, aspirations, and hopes?

Answer: Nothing. The animate body dies and its informational part continues to exist in a new body and develops further. And so it happens again and again. Each generation is born anew, that is, naturally; it is not bodies that are born but information that passes into new parts again and again.

It seems to us that we give birth to children by giving a woman our seed, she gets impregnated, and a new person is born. No. It just seems that way because it is just the animate part.

The fact is that at the same time we transfer to each other a huge amount of information that exists, as it were, around this seed that is fertilized and begins to develop in the mother. This information is all around us. It is our most important essence; it determines generations and their gradual change and growth.

We live in a generation where we begin to seriously ask why we exist because the accumulation of information forces us to learn about the meaning of life. Ultimately, this is a question about the meaning of suffering.

It is expressed in the fact that a person begins to feel the state he is in: this life is like a dream, it is not real, it is some kind of a game. I get up in the morning, run to work, do something—what for, why? Everyone around me does the same thing running back and forth. It is like a kindergarten. Something incomprehensible. I participate in the general game.

I watch TV, they constantly show me the way I should be, what I should purchase, how I should behave, and tell me I should take an example from the rich and famous. There is a game going on all around.

Some pictures are constantly being played out in front of me, and I repeat them all the time. I see this artist, and I am already acting like him. I read something, saw something, heard something, and according to it, like a monkey, I began to behave the same. That is how we live.

I even catch myself  the moment I see myself imitating the image, the example I saw somewhere, this is how I am going to approach, this is how I am going to turn out, this is how I am going to act, like a wound-up mannequin participating in some kind of a common game. And so is everyone else.

When you look at it from above, a picture emerges that is stunning in its primitiveness, amazing in its pre-conceived flat emptiness! And when we understand this, while at the level of this emptiness, then, of course, we come to this feeling that we are in a dream.

It is said in Kabbalah that we are all asleep—the whole world is asleep—we are in an unconscious state relative to spirituality. I do not see that I am being controlled, I do not see my next state, the next moment.

Of course, I can assume something. But in fact, we see that we cannot plan anything in advance to make it come true. It turns out that we need the revelation of the Creator, i.e., the revelation of global nature. And this happens through self-knowledge.

Question: And there are no boundaries in this desire?

Answer: There is a boundary; when you reach the absolute revelation of your own and the external nature, you will come to overall harmony.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Individualist” 1/15/10

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How To Feel Freedom?

612Question: To control fate means to rise above your egoism. In order to do this, you need a group of like-minded people in which a person unites with others. This is the best way to exit egoism. Why do we get freedom of choice precisely after exiting egoism?

Answer: Because you are already free from your ego! Freedom is not just freedom. Where am I? In an airless space?

Freedom is when, on one hand, you feel that your egoism is holding your legs and does not let you get off the ground. On the other hand, you have the force that tears you away from it. And you are in between and you constantly control them.

This is freedom. Otherwise, if you break away from your egoism, you will not feel freedom. You need it to feel that you are torn away from it.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/26/21

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Understand Nature’s Program

294.4Nature is one and all its parts are in complete integration except for man who is purposefully given freewill, so that by using it he will come to integration himself. And to the extent that he is late, he will be propelled by suffering until he himself will want to take independent steps and, ahead of the stick falling on him, begins to strive for integration with nature. We are in this state today.

That’s why we get depressed and not family or this world are satisfying to us. We distract ourselves with drugs, we don’t want to have children, etc. Why? Because nature by deliberately devastating us causes us to feel the necessity to look for a special purpose that would be worthwhile to exist for. This is how nature prepares us for a new state.

We see this in all cases of life. People lose motivation and do not want anything, so a demographic crisis occurs and the world is going downhill in everything. This is purposefully laid down in the program of nature to raise a special motivation in us.

We exist in order to understand the intention of nature, its idea, what kind of provocation is presented to us and how can we come to the most beautiful state. We can become the most successful in love, family, and friendship, and in the implementation of any program, and succeed in everything.

Then we will see the world as big and global and will feel how it works and how to rebuild it and society.
From KabTV’s “Through Time”

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The Deception Of Freewill

424.02Question: Most physicists agree that we do not have free choice, freewill. The whole process of development is predetermined, but Kabbalists say that this development has a goal and physicists believe that everything happens by accident.

Why do we have a hundred percent illusion that we are making choices?

Answer: That is how we feel. Man is a feeling element of nature as, in fact, are all other elements. But he has the ability to realize this and control it. Therefore, despite the assurances of physicists, philosophers, or anyone else, a person intrinsically does not agree that someone else is controlling him.

As a result, all kinds of wars for freedom have been waged throughout history. A person wants to feel free, otherwise, he does not feel like a human being. This is the basis of our indomitable view of the world.

Comment: From the standpoint of physics, everything that a person thinks and does was encoded in the process of the Big Bang.

My Response: But this does not mean that you should sit still and do nothing.

Physicists say that everything is predetermined. While Kabbalah says no, on the one hand, everything is predetermined, meaning, there is a complete will of nature for everything, but on the other hand, man is given the ability to have control of his fate.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/26/21

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The Picture Of The World Is A Consequence Of The Attitude Toward It

423.02Question: Baal HaSulam writes in his articles that egoism is not the same for everyone. There is gross egoism when a person uses it without hesitation and there is a veiled, more developed one, when a person realizes that it is bad and sort of acts secretly. What is the difference, in principle?

Answer: If a person realizes his egoism, then this is good, you can talk to him, discuss that; he can come to some kind of decision: is it right or not, should he be in this property or not?

He can determine that it is evil and try to get rid of it in some way. He sees how this property harms him and makes him rise above others. And this is his whole life.

He begins to understand what he spends precious seconds of existence in this world on. And what if he treated others differently, in a completely opposite manner? Perhaps in doing so he would find such a form of sensation of life which in our world is not perceived by us at all. After all, we are constantly tuned in order to influence, control, rule, and absorb.

And if I set myself up differently, I might be free. Free! First I would not be pressed from behind by this terrible force that guides me like this. I would feel myself in a free space, independent, not connected to anything.

I would begin to see everything around me in a different way – not from the point of view of what threatens my power, self-preservation, security: what should I take possession of, what should I suppress, absorb, crush under myself, and so on, where is everything around in the world? A person only looks like this, initially. Look at young children, how cruel they are, how they treat each other. This is our nature.

And if I began to relate to the world in a different way, I would see a completely different picture of the world around us, which is a consequence of my attitude to it. Now I selectively see only what is good or bad for me. Bad, I have to do something about it; good, I can enjoy it.

But if I had a different attitude to the environment around me, I would see circumstances, objects, and actions of a different type, a completely different world that is called the upper world in Kabbalah.

That is, the perception of the world and what happens to us depends on our focus; the way we look at the world is how the world appears to us. Therefore we need to change ourselves.
FFrom KabTV’s “Close-Up. Fire Island” 1/1/10

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