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How Can We Protect Children From The Cruel World?

627.2Question: How do we protect children from the cruel world?

Answer: Only by providing them with the basics of Kabbalistic knowledge. There’s nothing else!

Believe me that any other knowledge and instruction have no power. Only if you familiarize a person with the wisdom of Kabbalah and they begin to understand why and for what purpose everything revolves in the world, what the world is going through, and how it comes to an end, only by this you provide them with the best life insurance.

In our community there are a lot of children who were born here and are now parents themselves. I’m happy to see the second generation born.

I remember the birth of the kids who are fathers now, and I see that all this is not in vain. Our children do not move away from us. It happens that they disconnect from us for some time, but they come back to our community nonetheless. They understand us and approve of us.

You will not see any other society in the world in which parents, children, and grandchildren would be so interconnected, and this happens because we have common goals, a common method, a common life, a common group, a common Creator, a community. Therefore, take my advice: Try to organize all this, and you will become unique anywhere in the world, a good example for all.

Question: Do you mean to say that there can be true friendship between fathers and sons?

Answer: I cannot say anything about true friendship, but the wisdom of Kabbalah connects people to each other. This occupation, which is common for a father and son, is above our world. Therefore, it is necessary to try all means possible to educate a child, and set an example.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/11/16

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Society Of The Future: Glory Of Bestowal

laitman_939.02Question: It is written that the last generation will have many methodical books of wisdom and morals that prove the glory and sublimity of excellence in bestowing upon others, to a point where the entire nation, from small to great, engage in them wholeheartedly.”(Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation). What is this proof?

Answer: Only those who acquire qualities of bestowal and love have the proof.

An inversion of perception of reality takes place in a person who receives the upper qualities. He begins to feel everyone closer than himself, more important than himself, and above himself. Their knowledge, feelings, thoughts, approach, principles, and decisions become more important to him than his own behavioral bases.

Through others, he begins seeing the world outside of himself and eventually realizes that there is a common, single, and kind force in the world that keeps everyone on itself and pervades the entire universe. It fills the world with kindness, love, interrelation, and the feeling of eternity and perfection.

This is what is revealed to a person who acquires qualities of feeling his neighbor.

He gradually expands his circle that starts from the ten consisting of people who are close to him in spirit, methodology, and purpose. Then to this ten he attracts external tens who are studying within the framework of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah, then he moves to the people of Israel because these people were in the state of mutual love 2,000 years ago before destruction of the Temple, that is, before the disruption of good relationships between people.

And only after this he moves to the rest of the nations of the world, as it is written: “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.”
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/26/17

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Education In The Society Of The Future

laitman_265Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: They have many methodical books of wisdom and morals that prove the glory and sublimity of excellence in bestowing upon others, to a point where the entire nation, from small to great, engage in them wholeheartedly.

We are not speaking here of the general ethics, which is a part of psychology or philosophy. These are not beautiful words and all kinds of behavioral principles that humanity has raised to extreme heights and demands that we be on their level, but it is what we must achieve under the influence of the hidden force of nature.

First of all, behavioral practices must be a result of our correctly organized efforts by which we awaken the surrounding Light, a particularly force of nature, that forms, unites, and leads us to mutual inclusion into each other where our individualities disappear. Then we begin to feel others more than ourselves, above ourselves, as more important.

Like a mother treats a baby as more important to her than herself, that is how a person should come to the upper force that forms the relationship between the mother and her child so it would do the same to us. That is what we should ask of it, demand of it, call for upon it.

That is why we need to exert a certain effort so that the upper force would start changing us in regard to absolute strangers that are removed and opposite to us and later to the whole world. And so we start from a small circle that is closer to us in spirit, in understanding, by awakening the same force to the most outer circles that are not in contact with us.

Baal HaSulam emphasized that everyone should study the methodological texts “from small to great,” i.e., at all levels. We are not speaking here of the actual age of a person for it is impossible to coerce a baby, a small child, or a teenager to grasp the greatness of the highest goal and the ways of achieving it.

For that we need to work amongst ourselves and prepare the next generation through day care centers and schools so that in the teenage years they will begin to understand the virtue of their behavior in the society.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/26/17

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The Basis Of The Future Society, Part 2

laitman_933.jpgLiving Laboratory

Human society does not realize how much we are interdependent and what harm we do to ourselves by trying to separate and distance ourselves from each other.

And the true reality is one system with all elements of it completely interconnected at all levels. And we have an opportunity to see this inside human society.

The group is a laboratory where we study nature as a single organism. This means that people gather and start learning how to be together. If they can get closer to each other despite their egoism and awaken the force of unity, love, participation, and sympathy within themselves, then a special bond will arise between them.

It is desirable that the group is not mixed so as not to confuse us with the relationship of the sexes. It is better to have only men or only women in it of about the same age, status, and education so that it would be easier for them to understand each other.

The smaller the differences will be, the easier it will be for us to work and continue to approach each other more closely in this experiment that we want to perform on ourselves.

As we approach each other, we feel a joint desire for unity between us, a common force that can influence us. We will find that apart from a personal and egoistic desire that everyone came with initially, another common desire is born, which is called the “group.”

Before that, we were a simple gathering of people. But we become a group when we create and build something that relates not to everyone individually, but to all of us. Without this new power, which we reveal in each other, there would be no group. It is not possible to remove any member of the group and retain this force.

That is, we all depend on each other and we want to unite in such a way as to achieve this power of unity, which already works outside of us, above our level. This force does not belong to either of us—it is common. So we create an additional force that did not exist before.

A group in which we all are united and everybody annuls his egoism for the sake of others, wishing only good to one another, produces one new common force, which is called the strength of the group.

We feel related to this power. We no longer perceive ourselves individually and egoistically as we did before. This perception disappears and we do not want to remember it, but we try to learn only this common force. After all, this way everyone includes everyone else.

For example if there are ten of us, then each gets ten times more power than we formerly had. And then in the ten, the force is multiplied, 10 x 10, that is, 100 times more.

And this is only the beginning because by working on our connection, we multiply this common force more and more. It is interesting that this common force is no longer egoistic but altruistic, which is the force of mutual bestowal. After all, everyone has come out of his egoism toward others, and that’s how we give birth to the power of bestowal, the power of love and unity that is outside man.

This force exists in nature beyond our egoism. We suddenly give birth to a new creation—called Adam, Man, and not every one of us, as he was in his animal existence before.

Adam is a spiritual body, a force, not matter. We all feel that we exist within it, within this desire. With the help of this new force, created by us, we can explore a new reality, that is, can find out what we feel in it and how we can live in it.

We find ourselves in a completely different world, because we felt the world within our egoistic desire. And having risen above individual egoism and creating one common great altruistic force, we see a different reality in it, which is called the upper spiritual world. We acquire a new common mind, new sense organs and properties, and feel ourselves in a new dimension—not egoistic, as now, but in a world of love and bestowal.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/4/17

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The Basis Of The Future Society, Part 1

laitman_934Question: Kabbalah says that there is one force in nature that can change our whole life for the better and make us happy, but it is possible to attract this force only by working together in a special group. What is a group from Kabbalah’s perspective?

Answer: The concept of group for our world is something irrational and non-existent. Although we do hear the word “group” everywhere, Kabbalah puts a completely different meaning in this concept.

The whole reality is one integral system bound by all its parts and properties into one whole. It is just like all organs in our body are connected into one system, and so our body lives. And if this system breaks down and the body becomes ill, then the problem is not with some separate organ, but mainly because the communication between organs is broken.

Traditional medicine operates on the principle of allopathy; that is, it concentrates on the treatment of a particular organ or a small part of the body and does not take into account the rest of the body. The eye doctor does not treat ears, and the otolaryngologist specializes in ears but knows nothing about the kidneys, etc. This is the problem; we do not treat our body as a single system.

The further we advance, the more we are convinced of the incorrectness of this approach. The world becomes round and closed, and we find out that everyone is connected with each other. This is a result of our high level of development. We discover that we exist in one system and in complete interrelation with each other even when we develop in an egoistic form.

We have no choice but to look at the world from a different perspective and to begin to perceive humanity as one. If we continue to see ourselves as separate individuals, it will lead to our having very bad lives, even into breakdown and catastrophe, the signs of which are already felt today.

They say that you can reach anyone through a chain of five people. And generally we live in a world where trade, travel, communications, and industries have become transcontinental. But people are not ready for this. Each of us remains by himself, as a huge individualist who is not ready to connect with others as all systems in the modern world unite.

We also see that all objects are interrelated when we observe the universe. Advanced methods of scientific research show that the universe holds many secrets that we cannot comprehend because we do not use a common, integral approach in our study.

We cannot even imagine the quality of communication that exists between all parts of reality. By its nature, we cannot associate sound with light, health with nature. Only now are we discovering that we are dependent on what is happening on the sun and other stars and that our state and mood depend on phenomena in the universe. Gradually we will reveal this universal relationship.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/4/17

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Sex, Love, Test Tubes And Nature

laitman_546.03In the News (Quartz): “It doesn’t take long for seemingly outlandish ideas to become normalized. Today, Stanford University professor Hank Greely’s assertion that Americans will stop having sex to procreate sounds absurd. But in a couple of decades, he predicts, that will be the accepted reality.

“Greely, director of Stanford Law School’s Center for Law and the Biosciences, believes that we’re 20 to 30 years away from a time when most American procreation will begin by selecting from a range of embryos created with the parents’ DNA in a lab. This already happens on a limited basis for disease prevention and occasionally sex selection, but he argues it will become far cheaper and widely available thanks to stem cell technology that will allow couples to make eggs and sperm out of stem cells from their skin.”

My Comment: We should welcome this option if a person suffers from an incurable disease so as not to pass it on to his offspring. In addition, the condition of the father or mother can be tested and necessary changes can be made. We can do it. We already have such “tweezers” that enable us to raise a good and healthy generation. Humanity has always aspired for that.

Basically, if every person were allowed to have healthy, beautiful, strong, and successful children, he would want that. So it is quite possible that we are advancing toward that.

Question: So what is the meaning of conceiving with love?

Answer: What does love have to do with it?! When it comes to conceiving, we are like animals; we only confuse the two things! Is there love between animals? They smell each other and the smell alone is enough in order to tell them whether they can reproduce. It isn’t sex but the culture. For cats, for example, it is spring time, and during the rest of the year they just lie tranquilly in the sun. That’s the way it is with animals. 

And we confuse pleasure with reproduction. Sex is a pleasure just like good food. Why should it be connected to having children? Today we see how much one has nothing to do with the other. We hardly want to conceive one child! Why should we have sex for 50 years?

Comment: Humanity sees things in a totally different manner…

Answer: No, it doesn’t see things differently. Humanity simply doesn’t understand where it already is. Love doesn’t go along with sex, and reproduction has nothing to do with love or even with sex.

Question: What is a corrected family in your opinion?

Answer: It is very hard for me to describe a corrected family since in such a family there are first and foremost good relations between its members above all the problems.

We have to change our attitude to people and this will change our whole life. Then we will see how to maintain a good family life. But without changing our attitude, of course, it will certainly be awful.

Question: With such kind, ideal relationships in the corrected family, what will be the attitude to having children? Let’s say we are a couple living by the rule of love of others…

Answer: I think that if we truly relate to each other that way, then nature itself will begin to regulate humanity and our mutual relations. We will not connect beastliness with being human, and we will see life in a totally different way.

We cannot understand that today. Today we are locked on the beastly life and the beastly family, on the need to be together in order to exist, to survive, to raise children. In the corrected family, on the other hand, there will be a totally different atmosphere.

So it is hard for me to say, but there will be completely different relationships between sex, family, love, and reproduction according to the law of nature. According to the rule of “love thy friend as thyself,” we will see exactly what is best for us.

Question: Will there be a need for pills or any other contraceptives?

Answer: No. Everything will be regulated by nature alone. We only have to regulate the good relations between us.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/6/17

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The Work Of The Correction Of The World, Part 4

Laitman_712_03.jpgThe correction of the world consists of the correction of a person in resembling the upper force and approximating its qualities. The more we resemble the general force of nature in character and behavior, the better our lives will be.

The ultimate goal of creation is to become completely similar to the upper force, due to which we will begin to live in the world of absolute goodness.

Question: But why do you think that this will satisfy everyone and make them happy? After all, there are a multitude of other suggestions on how to improve our lives.

Answer: We are all a result of the upper force that created and purposely corrupted us so that we, ourselves, would come to resemble it. The science of Kabbalah doesn’t make anything up. It only studies the system of nature and presents us the results of its research. And the result is as follows: if we really want to live in a good world, we must correct ourselves to resemble the upper force of nature.

This conclusion was determined by the Kabbalists as a result of their study that has been going on for nearly 6,000 years. They tried to realize this correction at all times in all different kinds of societies and private individuals, and even on the scale of the entire nation, and based on this they made conclusions and left us this science.

Question: Many people think that all the troubles come specifically because of the upper force, which every religion perceives differently, and which happens to be the cause of many conflicts and even wars. So how can the correction depend on the upper force?

Answer: There are many fantasies and beliefs on the topic of the upper force that keep on changing. That’s why the only thing that is important is to study the upper force and through experience to determine what the good life should really be like and how to achieve it.

Question: And what if I don’t believe in the upper force?

Answer: You don’t need to believe in anything, only explore. Faith is only related to religion and research to science. As it is written, “The judge can only act based on what his eyes see,” that is the only thing we have to rely on.

Question: What is this upper force that we have to resemble and what does the person feel during this?

Answer: The upper force is the general force that includes the entire reality in it. If a person starts being similar to it, he begins to feel the entire world, just like it does. The upper force is the cause and reason for everything that exists in the world. That is why we need to learn about it as much as possible, to know it, and as a result of this knowledge we will understand how to build our lives in a better way.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/13/17

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They Don’t Want To Have Children

Question from Facebook: Women today don’t want to have children. Things were different in my time. Today my daughter doesn’t want to hear what I have to say about the motherly instinct and that it is the greatest thing there is. What is happening to women today?

Answer: Our egoism keeps growing and determines how humanity advances and how it evolves. People don’t want to have families anymore, to see their relatives, or to have children.

They think more about the fact that it will be too costly, and they care only about loving themselves. Therefore, as far as they are concerned, there is no point having children and bringing them up so that at the age of 20 they will leave home without even saying goodbye.

Question: How can a woman feel happy about being a mother again?

Answer: If a woman can be certain that what she is doing is for some good. And today there is no benefit for her, the child, or society—no one.

Society does not need people because robots are replacing them today. A child has no benefit from being born into this world. What is he born for? In order to do drugs later on in life or to be unemployed? His mother has no benefit from that because she serves him and takes care of him for 20 years and then he disappears.

Therefore, looking at this reality, she prefers to dedicate this time to herself, to friends, to spending time in clubs, traveling, and various other engagements. We see that women today manage very well with this.

Question: When would women feel the benefit of having children?

Answer: Only if they discover that they have a new goal in life that cannot be attained without a family and children. This goal is to discover together with her husband and children the next level of their development, which means the upper world.

There should be a certain connection in the family between the parents and the children where they can discover the Creator between them, and the woman, like the Creator, gives birth to a human being and in this action feels that she is like the Creator. Without this goal, she feels unfulfilled. We should return to this state.

This will only happen after humanity begins to acquire a new nature, the attribute of love and bestowal.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/8/17

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Compromising Is The Best Remedy For Divorce

laitman_627_1Question: In our time, when divorces have become so frequent, what is the recipe for a happy marriage?

Answer: My teacher Rabash used to say that compromising is the key to a happy family life. Everybody should give way to the other—in everything! And then it will become possible to live together, and without it, not. Concessions and patience make a huge difference.

Question: What exactly does one need to concede?

Answer: We have to step on our own egoism and annul ourselves before our partner: to disregard our pride and to concede. This is the only way we can coexist in the family.

After all, everyone has enormous egoism and cannot tolerate one another, and as a result, the family falls apart after a year or two. We see that young people change partners not even every month, but almost every week and every day.

Therefore, if we want to be able to live together, we have to learn how to compromise. Our nature is just egoism. Everyone wants to establish himself and be above others. In the beginning, we are still ready to give up something, but then we get used to each other and do not want to give in. And this is the whole secret.

If we are not ready to compromise, then we should not start a family. That’s why divorces happen everywhere. People cannot live together for a long time. I understand this problem, because I also saw a lot of couples getting divorced. And yet I think that none of them eventually found a better partner than the former one. We just need to find some form of co-existence, especially if there are children, and to compromise to each other in some way.

Question: Is there such a thing as two halves of a soul, when the pair is already appointed from above?

Answer: It happens only in beautiful novels.

Question: Do you think that it is possible to connect any man and woman and they will be able to create a good family?

Answer: If we start good courses to educate boys and girls on family relationships and properly prepare them, erasing all negative habits and examples obtained at home and teach them correct habits, then practically any pair can create a family that will live happily together for many years.
From the Webinar 6/20/17

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Alone In A Crowd Of A Billion, Part 7

laitman_947One For The Sake Of Together And Together For The Sake Of One

Question: Do you like to be alone or surrounded by other people?

Answer: I like to be alone. But I have a goal that is very important to me, and for its sake, I leave my room and come to people. As a result, it turns out that throughout a year, I fly around the globe.

Question: What is the use of being alone?

Answer: Alone I can develop individually: read books and articles. I absorb the sources, work on the material, and analyze the phenomena personally, so that no one interferes.

But beyond that, I have to go outside to communicate with other people because there is a goal that obliges me. The more I give them and help them, the more I can absorb from them. It is written: “I learned from all my students.” In fact, to the extent that I want to convey my knowledge and all the good to them, through the same channel, I get their impressions that teach me.

It turns out that mutual communication begins between us: I teach my students and I learn from them; that is, I become a student. This approach is possible with respect to any area of human life. The time has come when we must communicate with each other in such form; this is called the era of the Messiah, the last generation.

Question: What is the correct relationship between being alone and interconnected with other people?

Answer: Everyone should feel the right relationship individually, as the saying goes: “The soul of man will teach him.” He will feel that he is obliged to go outside, spread his knowledge, help others, and also receive from them. A person realizes that he needs a new kind of connection.

Question: Where will mankind of the 21st century go: to solitude or to be together?

Answer: In the 21st century, there will be both. Above all individuals there must be another layer that covers everything, where we are together. That is, there will be complete harmony: loneliness for the sake of unity and unification for the sake of individuality, one for the sake of together and together for the sake of one. Between these concepts there will be no contradiction, only mutual support.

Now we see that these concepts are in contradiction—a man secludes himself and does not want communication. That is, the one principle still collides with the principle of together. But when we get to the critical state in this matter, humanity will start looking for a way out, a method for uniting people, which nature requires of us.

Otherwise, nature is out of balance and we await climatic catastrophes and wars. People will be unable to build families and live together. The face of the generation will become very cruel because it will be incapable of uniting the two principles together: individuality and unity. And then, people will want to learn the methods of unification that Kabbalah offers.

Question: How can a person check what is at the point of equilibrium?

Answer: Balance is a harmony between these two areas in which a person will feel how nature is revealed before him. He will open his eyes to a new dimension. Inside the combination of these two layers: individuality and complete unification, a new world is revealed to him where all opposites unite and replenish each other.

Question: Will a man of the future be an individualist?

Answer: The whole individuality of the future man will be designed to support one man, that is, a common system united as one man. The individuality of each will be expressed in that it will include everyone.

Question: That is, he will not care about personal benefits, but about the benefits of society?

Answer: The personal benefits of each will be inseparable from the benefits of society. We will all feel like one man, as the supreme power that unfolds within all of us, filling us with mutual bestowal and love and revealing the higher reality to us.

I wish for us to achieve this kind of life as quickly as possible!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/4/17

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