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Actions Of The Fathers—Sign For The Sons

laitman_292Question: What is the right way for someone to relate to everything that has happened to them in life?

Answer: From the experiences we live through, we must learn how to make fewer mistakes and from this moment onward to aim ourselves toward the most elevated goal in life.

Question: And what if a person lives in the past? For some people, it is very difficult to let go of the past.

Answer: Maybe in that case they need the help of a psychologist. I can tell you about myself. I am only directed toward the future, not toward the past. I draw conclusions from the past to guide me in the future, and after doing that, the past no longer exists for me. For someone to be immersed in past memories is a big problem. I do not allow myself to go digging in the past if there are no constructive reasons for it.

Question: How can someone tolerate and prevail against the negative experiences from their past?

Answer: I don’t fight the past. Instead, I exchange it for the future. We need to occupy ourselves with our future achievements, not bury ourselves in the past. Battling the past is not the right approach.

I erase my entire past, and if it doesn’t happen easily, then I forcefully strike it out. When the moment is past, it is already in the past. It is not possible to return to it. Then, why should we attempt to return to it? It’s already dead. Why do we need to raise the dead?

Question: Then, why did it occur?

Answer: The past occurred in order for me to draw conclusions from it, to learn something from it, and to continue on a corrected course. The past occurred only for the future.

The elderly enjoy reminiscing about how good it was in their youth or what suffering they had to go through. But, it doesn’t go anywhere. Unfortunately, for many in their senior years, there is nothing left for them in life other than their memories.

I think that while the individual is alive, he has things to do in order to move toward his goal in life. I live in order to use each day, to always add more and more toward the goal of revealing the Creator within me. Personally, this is my goal by the end of the day to reach an ever greater revelation of the upper Force.

Each individual has their own goal and needs to check that it actually utilizes his abilities maximally, or even a little more.
From KabTV’s “New Life #942 – How To Treat The Past,” 1/7/18

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Change Rather Than Coercion

Laitman_120Question from Facebook: How can you talk about unity? In the days of Stalin, the government and society seemed too united. Hitler also united and educated people. You didn’t clarify exactly what slogans and ideology the government should adopt in order to unite and educate us, society.

Answer: Society must be educated. The problem is that in the past, nobody was taught how to be a member of society. A person can be manipulated by any education system with any doctrines, but a person must change, not be coerced. This has never been done before. A person has to become a social being.

By nature, a person is an egoist. Throughout human history, all attempts to change humanity and build a correct, good society managed by the people themselves have failed. People (even socialists) appoint representatives who with slogans of unity, nationalism, etc. still take everything for themselves and ultimately become capitalists. Therefore, the people always suffer.

An ideal and correct society can be built only by changing human nature. The method of Kabbalah exists for this purpose. It attracts a unique energy that is concealed in nature and is able to give form to a collective being. It enables a person to think about the whole society and not just about himself. Then we will truly be able to build a society in which people act willingly, thinking about the common good of the entire society.

I am sure this is possible because I know these hidden forces are waiting for us to use them and realize this idea.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/9/17

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Upbringing By The Surrounding Light

laitman_940Question: Baal HaSulam writes that people need to undergo upbringing to develop the desire for spirituality. He goes on to explain that a person who considers the life of society more important than his own life is called a spiritual person.
But how can an egoist be brought up so that he will suddenly start treating others this way?

Answer: The fact is that we are all being brought up in the field of the upper Light. Therefore, if people gather together, then by influencing one another, they create a field that sustains them.

Similar to how a magnet holds a piece of metal above a surface, this field created by society can hold an egoistic individual from falling back into his egoism so he exists above it. This is the mutual guarantee.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/24/17

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Loving Yourself

laitman_571.03Remark: People have a popular view that loving themselves isn’t simple; there are complexes, low self-esteem, etc. Some say, “To love yourself is to love the whole world.”

My Comment: It is truly so. After all, who am I indeed? A person should understand that what he now believes himself to be is not him, but is a small, selfish animal that exists for a certain number of years and that is it.

In fact, the substance of “I” is deeply hidden in him and it must be developed, pulled out, raised, and straightened so that a person gets up, raises his head, and begins to grow.

It is about the point in the heart of a person that can develop.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/23/17

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Humor Is A Brilliance Of Mind

laitman_285.06Question: Humor is a gift that is impossible to develop. Is it inherent only to developed people?

Answer: Naturally. For example, animals have no sense of humor. They have a desire to play, or perhaps to imitate someone, but not a sense of humor.

Humor is inherent only in humans, but in a developed human. Humor is a conjugation of opposites that aren’t connected. But a person finds a special way to tie them together in the most unexpected way. And in this he sees a special charm, a brilliance of mind.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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Integrated In Nature

Laitman_715Question: What can you do if you see that people in this world are completely not connected?

Answer: Unfortunately, this is so. But all of nature—inanimate, vegetative, and animate—is already beginning to close. It is revealed to us as more and more integral. Everything without exception enters into one system.

And nature has always been like this, but now it is approaching man, wanting to include him within nature and cannot. We oppose all of it degrees and are unable to be integrated in it because we are not integrated within ourselves and between us.

It is possible to disagree with this and say, “Is it true that the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature is integrated? We see how the animals prey on each other.” But for them it is a means of existence. They have no intention of causing harm to each other, only to co-exist correctly.

But we do not see it because we look at them through our egoistic point of view. If we could look at nature correctly, we would understand that they do not destroy each other, but only act in symbiosis.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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Lie And Truth, Part 4

laitman_283.01Question: Are love and truth always inseparable?

Answer: Love exists in the heart and truth in the head. Love must come from the heart; that is, I need to change all its qualities, all my desires, in order to direct them to the benefit of the loved one. This is called “an open heart.”

I measure the truth relative to the level of a person’s development: how much is beneficial for him to hear, how much can he feel and understand, and I treat him accordingly. Perhaps I will have to hide something from him or maybe even to lie if from my loving heart I see that it will be better for him this way.

A person who seeks the truth constantly checks himself for what lie he is in.

Question: Why is a person attracted to the truth? Why does it acquire value for him?

Answer: An informational gene from the upper degree begins manifesting in him. The upper force is called truth. The word “truth” consists of letters “Alef-Mem-Tav,” that is, it covers the entire alphabet from the beginning to the end; it is the general name of the Creator, who is good and does good, absolute love and bestowal outside of Himself. We need to think how to become similar to Him, even just a little. This is what is taught by the wisdom of Kabbalah.

There are people in whom such informational genes are awakening. Apparently, in their basis, they were closer to the Creator and therefore the corresponding records have remained in them. Now these genes begin to manifest in them and pull them to reveal the qualities of the Creator.

This gene is called a point in the heart, a desire to reveal the truth. No matter what it turns out, the main thing is that it is the truth. Even if I do not like it, I nevertheless aspire to it, as it is written: “Buy the truth and do not sell it.”

Question: I know many people who absolutely do not believe in God, but nevertheless are very much drawn to the truth . Why is it so?

Answer: The aspiration to truth is completely unrelated to faith. Everyone who seeks the truth is invited to come and reveal it. The wisdom of Kabbalah has nothing to do with religion, but striving for the truth is a necessary condition.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/16/17

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Lie And Truth, Part 3

laitman_622.02Question: I agree that human nature is arranged so that a person constantly lies. But let’s imagine that we live in a world where there are no lies and each one tells others everything he thinks about them. This would be just awful and we would cruelly hurt each other! Does it mean that lies are exactly what allow us to coexist?

Answer: We would teach our children how to reach the degree of truth. Instead of lying to each other; we would build a real connection between us, that is; we would change our qualities from deceptive to true ones, and we would begin to treat each other genuinely.

After all, we see that our entire life is deceitful from beginning to end. We are developing in the direction of ever increasing lies—around us is complete deception: education, culture, relationships between spouses, parents, and children, all our occupations, industry, and armament.

Question: If spouses told each other everything they really think about each other, they would divorce immediately. Does it mean that a lie is useful because life would be impossible without it?

Answer: Lying is the basis of our life. It is a lie and not the truth. However, the lie is given so we can correct it, that is, correct ourselves. It is clear that if we do not correct ourselves, we cannot exist side by side without lying. Yet, if we begin correcting ourselves, we will see that the need to lie gradually disappears.

Question: What is this correction?

Answer: This is the correction to love one’s neighbor as yourself. If I love someone else, I do not need to lie to him. How can I deceive the one I love? I can open my whole heart to him and there will be nothing that can hurt him. When I really love another, I like everything in him. Otherwise, it is not love.

Even if I see something wrong in him, I can say it and he will understand. After all, he knows that I speak out of love for him and not from a desire to offend him.

Question: If we ourselves constantly lie, why do we hate it so much when someone lies to us?

Answer: It is because we do not get out of lies and do not know where the truth is and what true love is. Truth and love are hidden from us.

We hate others’ lies because we want everybody to love us and to tell us good things sincerely. However, we ourselves do not want to treat others with such love.

If another one lies to me, then it humiliates me because he does not accept me as an equal. This is why others’ lies hurt us so much. If they lie to me, then they do not love me. If they loved me, then even a lie would come from love. Love would cover all the lies because it is above everything.

We lie to children, but we do it out of love, and therefore, this lie does not harm them. This is called a lie in the name of truth because we know the truth, but we understand that it will be better for a person to hear something different.

Everything should come from love; it must lie in the very foundation. Then it will oblige me to treat the other well and to do everything for his and not for my benefit. I rise above myself and do everything for him, and then, if necessary, I can even tell him lies. Education is impossible without some concealment of the truth.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/16/17

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Lie And Truth, Part 2

laitman_600.04Question: It turns out that lies have a very important role: to gradually develop us, to push us closer to the revelation of truth. What level of development does a child reach when he starts lying at the age of three?

Answer: A child just discovers his nature. The shattering is in our basis, the sin of the Tree of Knowledge, as a result of which the lie has completely penetrated into our nature and reigns deeply within us. This is why we are unable to recognize a lie. On the contrary, we regard the truth as a lie and the lie as truth.

Truth and lie are so intertwined with each other that we do not even realize how deceitful we are. How can I measure what percentage of what I said is true? Relative to what can I evaluate this?

Question: According to statistics, a three to four-year-old child lies every two hours, a six-year-old already lies once in an hour and a half, and an adult at least three times every ten minutes. Does it mean that as we get older we become bigger liars?

Answer: Of course, we constantly lie and never say a drop of truth. The only question is whether the lie is conscious lie or not? But it is a lie—100%.

Question: Does the property of deception arise in us under the influence of society or from nature?

Answer: Deception lies in our nature and the environment just helps us use this property and grow it. All our relationships in society have a purpose to multiply lies and to succeed through it.

We educate children with stories that are complete lies from the beginning to end, all kinds of fairy tales about animals, cars, and trains that talk with each other, etc. This does not happen in life! This is an absolutely wrong education. All these deceitful pictures are imprinted in the child and when he grows up he as if expects them to be manifested in life.

It is not enough that we are naturally prone to lies and fantasies, we also educate children so that they become accustomed to lying. Eventually, they get used to living in the world of lies. These are not fantasies that just expand the truth a little; they are completely false.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/16/17

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Lie And Truth, Part 1

laitman_207Question: The truth is that we lie almost constantly and every day, starting from the small tricks and covering up small flaws to the biggest deception and slander. Lying is part of our life.

A child begins to lie from the early childhood, even without understanding what he is doing. We are touched when a child with his face smeared with chocolate confidently answers, “It wasn’t me!” to the question, “Who ate the candy?” So, what is the meaning of a lie and how does it develop a person?

Answer: Lies lie in the foundation of creation as the opposite of truth. Truth and lie are of equal importance because they cannot exist without each other. We must evaluate one relative to the other; otherwise, we will feel nothing. There is no evil without good; there is no good without misfortune; there is no darkness without light and so on.

Therefore, there is always a lie inside the truth and vice versa. If we delve deeper inside the basics of creation, then there is the Light, which is truth. After all, the Light is the only thing that exists; there are only bestowal and the common connection of all the parts of creation. A lie, the darkness comes every time wishing to separate, disunite and even break the entire creation.

This is precisely what happened during the sin of the Tree of Knowledge. It is written that a lie can only exist if it grows out of some kind of truth. Therefore, Adam and Eve (Havah) tried the apple first, because they were sure that it was possible to eat it and enjoy it for the sake of bestowal and there can be no prohibition. This indeed was the truth.

However, when they continued to eat, they already could not avoid the temptation and found themselves in a lie. That is, the lie grows out of the truth, and we are a result of the lie, of that tremendous shattering that happened to our souls in their very basis.

Therefore, if we want to come to truth, we must go through lies, tearing through it as if through a dark, dense forest, and then possibly we will gradually reach the truth.

It is “possible” because it is really extremely difficult to do. Besides, this opportunity depends on our development, which is provided by the wisdom of Kabbalah through the Light that returns to the source. After all, otherwise we do not see at all where the truth is and where the lie is, exactly like the child who assures that he did not eat the candy despite obvious evidence. We do not understand and do not realize our lie, because the lie is our primordial quality.

Therefore, we must forgive lies, treat each other with understanding, and we should learn to rise above all these lies, perceiving them as cute children’s mischief. After all, this is our nature.

The world cannot exist without lie, and it is only in the presence of lies that truth can exist. It is good if they exist in equal amounts, because so far we live in the world of complete deception. And those bits of truth that exist in it are meant only to make a lie look like truth.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/16/17

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