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Can You Call The Ten A Cave?

934Question: Is it possible to call the environment or for example, the ten a person is in, a cave?

Answer: Of course. In fact, a cave is a property of bestowal, a property of love, which can be created even in our world in some limited space.

Question: Let us say that a person has created such an environment around him, and suddenly he discovers the forefathers there. Or even Adam and Eve. How can this be understood?

Answer: When a person wants to see the whole world in union, in bestowal, in mutual connection, he reveals such properties in this world that were previously hidden from him. He feels that the property of bestowal, of love, unification, and rising above egoism really exists. For him there are no more barriers and restrictions, he lives in that space to that measure in that power that he created with his property of bestowal.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/23/21

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The Ten Is A Channel For The Light

934What turns the ten into a channel for the light? If the ten connects through understanding the sources, understanding the goal, and connects, on one hand, to the Creator and, on the other hand, to the external desires, then it turns into a channel for the light.

In the article “The Arvut” (Mutual Guarantee), it is written that the people of Israel serve as a channel for transmitting the upper light to all of humanity.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/21, “The Importance of Dissemination”

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The Transition From A Narrow Circle To The Wide World

214If I am not included in the ten, I cannot effectively impact the world and lead it to correction, because without the ten it is impossible to attract the light that reforms. Alone, I can only transmit theoretical knowledge to the world.

But in any case, it is worth starting to disseminate. If a person has a spiritual spark and is connected to the Bnei Baruch world group, then through it, he will receive the light and will be able to influence the outside world through himself.

Dissemination is when I turn into a channel through which the upper light can reach the uncorrected desires and influence them. If we speak in the ten about our desire to unite, then we connect with each other and through this unity, on one hand, we connect to the Creator, and on the other hand, we connect with the outside world, by wanting to connect one with the other.

This connection is not carried out by explaining the method of correction to people. We simply speak about connection, unity, the future of the world, the purpose of creation, and how it helps us in life and gives answers about the purpose of our existence.

The main thing is to understand that our goal is to correct the Kli of Adam HaRishon, to return it to its perfect state. And that is why the dissemination of Kabbalah is so important today. After all, we have come to what is  called the last generation, that is, the last, general correction. We are right at the transition point from the wisdom of Kabbalah being implemented within a small group, a ten, to the widespread distribution of Kabbalah in the masses, covering the whole world.

This is facilitated by the general state of the world due to the global coronavirus pandemic and other cataclysms in which the world will be drawn more and more. The world will have to go through a very difficult process and experience many unpleasant states. When the upper light approaches us according to the natural course of time and a predetermined program of development, and we are not ready for it, then its approach brings us troubles and problems.

If we are ready for it, then the light will advance us in a good and pleasant way. Therefore, the next decade can be good or bad depending on how much we unite together and connect with the upper light in order to spread the wisdom of Kabbalah through us, that is, to become a channel through which the upper light will affect the entire population of the earth.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/21, “The Importance of Disseminating Kabbalah”

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Perfection Of The World Is Perfection Of A Person

947The perfection of the world depends on the inner perfection of a person, that is, on the connection of people with each other. In the beginning, connection takes place in the tens that are consciously working on their correction, but eventually the entire world should join them.

We are talking about a general complete connection because to the extent of this connection above all the disturbances we come to a general correction, and only under this condition can we expect a good life for everyone.

To reach the final correction, we need to attract the reforming light to the entire world. That is why it is so important to disseminate Kabbalah. And dissemination is not just the publication of materials in the mass media, but influencing the world with a special light from above, which we want to bring through our Kli, through all the tens, in order to awaken the desire for spiritual advancement, for connection, for the attainment of the upper world, in the rest of people.

It does not matter what a person feels and what he does, but in the end, all the inhabitants of this world without exception will have to at least to some extent engage in general corrections, and thus correct their souls.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/21, “The Importance of Dissemination”

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A Single Common Thought In The Ten

945Question: There is an individual thought and there is a collective thought. How can we correctly form a single thought in the ten?

Answer: The single thought should be the result of the whole ten aiming at unity, aiming at everyone dissolving in one single whole called one, single, and unique.

So when the friends gather in such homogeneous unity, it is possible to speak about the right connection between them and about preparation for connection with the Creator who is revealed between them.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/3/19

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How To Remain In Spiritual Sensation?

934Question: When we attract the light, then we realize that we cannot do anything by ourselves and that only the Creator rules. It feels like an illumination in the group. How can we provide the group with at least a small constant illumination so that we always hold on to this level?

Answer: How to make you constantly feel close to the Creator?

You must connect together in such a way that everyone tries to maintain constant connection with the friends and with the Creator. But being only in connection with the Creator will not help because collective support from the ten is required. You should all try to think about the friends, and they will also think about it and about the Creator. Then you will hold on to it and will not fall.

You will not be able to reach a state that you feel some kind of spiritual attribute in you, a spiritual ascent, without falling from it. Only your friends can help you.

This is the reason we learn that a person cannot get himself out of prison by himself but only with the help of the friends. If you support each other all the time, you will be able to constantly be in spiritual sensation.

Question: So this constant illumination is us being in Arvut?

Answer: Yes, Arvut between you will bring you to constant illumination. Good luck!
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 4/9/19

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The Omer Count

032.01Day by day we study and clarify the path that we must go through from the exodus of Egypt to the very end of correction, that is, the revelation of the entire program of development.

When we manage to rise above our egoistic desire called Pharaoh and stop depending on it, by restricting our egoism, this will mean that we are exiting Egypt, reception for our own sake, and entering a new, spiritual state.

The spiritual world, which is absolutely unknown to us, will open before us, then how can we understand where we are? Therefore, the exodus from Egypt is followed by a period called the Omer Count—when we count the desires revealed in us in our connection with the group and tie them into a sheaf (Omer) like stalks of wheat.

We collect the desires that are revealed in us and attach them to this sheaf. Their correction is precisely in the fact that we bundle them together. When all the desires of the group are gathered into one, this structure becomes ready to receive the upper light. This means that we have been rewarded with the giving of the Torah and have come to the next station called Shavuot (end of the counting of seven weeks).

The upper light is revealed within our connection because we have become similar to the light: the Creator is revealed to the created beings in the state called “standing before Mount Sinai.”

Each ten connects within itself, then tens connect together into one single whole, and become similar to the light, and the light is revealed in us. This is the condition for receiving the Torah, receiving the upper light.

The entire work is in changing our intention in order not to think about ourselves, about our own benefit, but to think about the Creator, about His benefit. And we can think about the benefit of the Creator only under the condition that we are connected, because the Creator is revealed only within our connection. If we really want to give Him contentment, we must connect with our friends and thus allow the Creator to be revealed in us.

The whole pleasure of the Creator is to be revealed to the created beings and to feel how they enjoy His revelation. It is like a mother whose entire happiness is to see her children healthy and happy.

The only way to bring contentment to the Creator is to give Him the opportunity to fulfill and delight us. This is how we become equivalent: I delight the Creator by my delight in Him.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/13/21, “Counting of the Omer (Sefirat HaOmer)“

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A Microscope For Revealing The Creator

530It is written: “There is none else besides Him,” and with respect to the ten, this means that the entire ten connects with the single upper force that it must reveal. We establish a relationship between us so that this single upper force can be revealed within us.

The entire ten helps each other in this, each one supports the others and exists only in order to advance the ten.

After all, my entire spiritual life is only in the ten, and my duty is to connect all of them together to such an extent that according to this connection the Creator will be revealed within us. It is as if we have a microscope or a camera that needs to be focused by turning knob to adjust the objective lens. If we set it up correctly, then all our focuses are connected and we can see a clear, sharp picture.

This is what we need to do in the ten: to turn each one, each “lens” that is in the group so that we can see the Creator who is within us. Of course, as soon as we manage to catch Him in our focus, He immediately disappears, and we have to look for Him again and adjust the focus. And so over and over again, but each time we move forward by increasing the resolution and rising to a higher level of examination and implementation.

This is the work we must do every day and even every moment. The entire work is to bring the ten to a state where I see not ten people but ten qualities, and by connecting them more and more precisely, I feel the Creator on the higher and higher degree of the NRNHY.

Then we will begin to perceive The Study of the Ten Sefirot in our senses—as something happening in a person’s heart and the mind. We will understand what the screen and the Kli are in our feelings. We will begin to live in the spiritual world even if for the time being like infants who do not quite understand but already perceive and feel changes taking place in it.

This will be a real study of the wisdom of Kabbalah. We will begin to understand its language of branches, the language in which Kabbalists wrote in order to pass spiritual information from generation to generation using the words of this world.

The most important thing is to maintain the correct attitude toward spirituality, our connection within which the Creator is revealed as if through a properly focused lens. We adjust it by focusing our friends more and more accurately on one common point: all our intentions, feelings, and thoughts to be in order to become as one man with one heart. This means that we have found one common focus in which we reveal the Creator.

It is clear that each time our lens gets out of focus and we find ourselves further away from spirituality. But all this is in order for us to focus more on the ten despite all the disturbances and to attain the correct picture. The greater the difference between the descent, when we see nothing but this world, and the ascent, when we see ourselves as one and the Creator between us, the higher our spiritual degree is.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/10/21, “Reinforcing Ourselves with There Is None Else Besides Him”

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It is Easy To Nullify Before The Great

527.03Our path becomes more and more precise every day, the direction is clearer and the desired and actual states are more defined. I measure my progress by how much strength I receive from the group, how much longing I have to reveal the Creator, and how much of this desire I can give the group. These two forces are keeping me accurately on the path to my goal.

The main thing is to keep raising the importance of the goal, which constantly disappears. Because of this fact, we will move forward all the time. It is impossible to proceed without negative forces because the advantage of the light is revealed from darkness.

And therefore, if the importance of the goal suddenly disappears and gives way to the feeling of gloom and darkness, this is so that we feel this state as “evening,” after which “morning” can come. It turns out that we awaken the dawn and the dawn does not awaken us.

Pay attention to what a huge influence the environment has on our life: newspapers, television, public opinion, news. We feed on these sources. If it were not for all this external information, we would live like animals; everyone would bury themselves in their hole and not be interested in what is happening outside.

I would not know what is happening in the world, what everyone thinks about, and what they want. But since I feed on information from the whole vast world, it shapes me.

Given this feature, if we want to advance correctly, we need to rise above this world in order to be above it. Therefore, in the group, one should mainly talk about the greatness of the Creator so that it is above everything else, so that it sounds in every word and sentence.

You need to make the ten more important than the whole world so that it pulls you up and not on the corporeal level like the whole world pulls you toward its insignificant values. I must feel how a higher force is acting inside the ten. Therefore, we should talk about the greatness of the Creator because before the great, it is easy to nullify ourselves.

The striving for self-nullification brings us to faith above reason. The power of the Creator, called the power of faith, becomes higher than the power of reason, that is, egoistic reception. And having nullified myself in front of the group that inspires me with the greatness of the Creator, it will be easy for me to nullify myself before the Creator and direct all my efforts to Him.

In return, I will receive the power of faith, bestowal, from the Creator and then I will feel that all reality, except for my little egoistic world, lives according to the law of bestowal, and the Creator fills the entire universe.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/6/21, “Raising the Importance of the Goal”

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The Way Is Through The Group

934One needs to make great efforts to convince oneself that the way to the Creator is through the group. After all, this path is not natural for us.

Everyone would want to come to the Creator for the sake of egoistic gain, with the hope of making their condition safe and secure. Otherwise, we exist in darkness and uncertainty and all hope is only in the support of the Creator.

However, on the way from me to the Creator there is the group, the ten, by which I can format myself in order to adhere to the Creator. The upper light comes from the Creator, but I cannot receive it unless it enters into ten desires. Therefore, I must collect these ten desires and connect the desires of my friends so that the Creator will clothe in these ten Sefirot.

The light passes through the Sefira Keter and spreads through all ten Sefirot, and then I begin to feel it below, in my Malchut. But I need to assemble this structure by agreeing that all these desires are mine and accepting all the conditions of the group.

The connection we are building will be arranged as described in The Study of the Ten Sefirot and will allow us through it to connect with the Creator and the Creator with us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/6/21,”Increasing the Importance of the Goal”

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