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A Staff that Does Not Let You Fall on the Way

934The staff that we rely upon in our spiritual work in the ten is the connection of Malchut with Bina; it is the force that we hold on to that does not allow us to make mistakes and fall. When we connect with each other in the ten, we thereby build such a staff, i.e., connection between us. Through our connection with each other, we connect with Bina.

Each one annuls his egoistic desire in something and joins the tiny will to bestow that shines before him. In this way, together we can grasp this force, this concept called the staff (Mate). This means that the will to receive becomes of lower (Mata) importance for us.

Each of us tries to set an example to our friends of how we can hold on to the staff together.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/12/23Writings of Baal HaSulam “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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First Exercise According to The Book of Zohar

528.03Imagine that you are standing at a crossroads: If you go left, it is for your own sake, and if you go right, it is for the sake of the Creator. How can you choose the correct intention in order to go in the direction of bestowal?

We must yearn for bestowal and try to reach it by all means. Then the Creator will always correct us and teach us how to do it. The main thing is to act together with the friends and look for forms of connection between us that will give us a feeling of coming closer to the Creator.

Let’s create such a unity in which our inner connection will be able to reveal the form of the Creator, His quality, and His character to us. The more we move in this direction day by day, the better we will begin to understand who the Creator is and who we are, what distance separates us, and what we need to do in order to come a little closer to Him.

Every day, every moment when we yearn to connect, we must check whether the form of our connection is becoming more and more true, in mutual bestowal to each other. This is the very first exercise that The Zohar gives us: to connect in a ten and reach such mutual bestowal and mutual connection that approaches the form of the Shechinah.

This does not mean physical distance, but rather a feeling of inner, spiritual closeness.

But we are not required to reach this correct intention ourselves; the main thing is to search for it. The most important thing is the search, the questions, the inner regret that we are not able to come to it. From this, a prayer will be born that will help us reach the desired goal.

The Creator must arrange the desire for us, and He also arranges its fulfillment, the answer to it. We just need to be searching.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/11/23, “Zohar for All. Introduction of The Book of Zohar

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Turn Judgments into Mercy

934Can a strong, connected Kabbalistic ten overcome all the problems we encounter in life? Overcoming problems means accepting them as sent by the Creator since there is no other force in the world, and then trying to convert these difficulties from problems into mercy through your connection in the ten, which is growing stronger and stronger.

That is, we need to see that these problems come only to help us connect and advance even more. In this way, the Creator gives us the opportunity to connect and come closer to Him.

The strong ten is connecting so as to become one powerful force capable of canceling all judgments, and even more to turn these judgments into mercy. Due to this, we connect with each other even more and rise up.

If the Creator gives a person a serious illness, the most correct thing is to adhere to the Creator as much as possible together with all the friends, with the entire ten. To pray all the time and ask to adhere to the friends even more tightly until you completely dissolve into them, as if you do not exist at all, as if you are fully dissolved inside the group. Through this, all diseases and all problems go away and disappear.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/4/23, Love – Selected Excerpts from Zohar for All

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Mutual Guarantee: A Guiding Beacon

936Mutual guarantee is the interconnection of everyone in everyone to the point where it is impossible to make even the slightest movement independently of others. Any movement is transmitted to everyone else, depends on everyone, and is implemented by everyone together.

Thus, due to separate, discrete actions, we come to an integral, indissoluble movement of the entire system. This is mutual guarantee.

Mutual guarantee is our cherished goal, a guiding beacon, to which we are constantly moving with the help of actions to unite in the ten and actions to annul ourselves in front of our friends. The goal of all these actions is to eventually lead us to a unity in which everyone does not exist separately. We dissolve into each other to such an extent that we turn into a homogeneous liquid in which not a single drop differs from another, but all merge into one big drop.

Mutual guarantee means that we have reached such a power of connection that I no longer separate myself from others because we are turning into one person again. Moreover, one person after this correction is no longer the Adam who was before the shattering.

That original Adam consisted of different parts: head, body, legs (Rosh – Toch – Sof), male and female parts. And after correction, it is Adam, like (Domeh) the Creator, because there is no division into Rosh – Toch – Sof, no division into any parts, but rather he is as one whole.

When we want to achieve such a connection between friends, we find out that it is impossible to realize a mutual guarantee between us without the Creator. And then we turn to Him and oblige Him to become the guarantor of our mutual guarantee.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/11/22, “Arvut on the Way to Lishma

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There Is No Light Without Friends

938.02We do not yet fully understand how important it is to open your heart to love for the friends. After all, through it we come to love for the Creator, and this is not possible in any other way. It repels us and seems very strange and unfamiliar, but in essence this is the manifestation of the evil inclination created by the Creator in order to help us come closer to His qualities.

It turns out that when I force my way into the heart of a friend, I break through to the Creator. The heart of a friend is that temple, the place where I meet the Creator. So far we do not feel it, and it takes a long time to reach this awareness. Actually, all the egoism contained in me protests against my connection with a friend because this is the place of my connection with the Creator.

The heart of a friend turns into the house of the Creator for me. If I manage to penetrate the heart of a friend, it means that I am entering the temple where the Creator is located. It was I who built this holy building and thus came closer to the Creator.

Therefore, the most important thing is to break your egoism and force your way into the hearts of the friends. I really hope that we will feel this more and more until this inner feeling settles in the very depths of our heart, and in this way we will all be worthy to connect into one person with one heart.
From a Conversation at a Meal, 10/28/22

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Reincarnations—Live Not in Memories of People, But in Their Qualities

530Question: Can practicing Kabbalah reduce the number of future reincarnations of a person? Or is their number predetermined?

Answer: It does not matter if it is predetermined or not, but we can change and influence them.

Question: I have heard that if a person who studies Kabbalah is in a ten and passes away, he continues to be a member of the ten. What does this mean?

Answer: It depends on the ten. It has the ability to feel this person and contact him. He lives in them because they were mutually connected with each other as Sefirot in one Partzuf. Therefore, the connection remains.

But he does not continue living in the way we understand, in the memory of these people but in their qualities. In this case he makes decisions, changes, and so on with them.

All this should become clear to us from the revelation of the soul to a person. It is hard to talk about things we cannot imagine and feel.

Comment: But you tell us many things about Kabbalah that we do not feel.

My Response: But you can imagine this somehow, and if you yearn for this, then you are approaching the purpose of creation.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/9/22

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Prayer from the Entire Universe

935If I transfer my inner yearning, my cry, into an appeal through the friends to the Creator, then it turns into a prayer. The prayer should come from a few people together, from at least two people but preferably from the ten (from the Minyan). Then the Creator will surely hear it and answer it.

The prayer from the ten means that we all feel this demand, but of course each in his own way. We want to connect because in this connection we reach the quality of Lishma, we reveal the Creator, and through our connection we connect with the Creator. Then into this connection He can give us the necessary force of unity, the feeling of unity and connection with the Creator.

All this is attained within our connection; therefore, this word should be like a guiding beacon for us.

Each of us has his own prayer from his own state because none of us is similar to the other. But all of our prayers are connected in the Creator. He is the source for all of us, and therefore He understands us, connects us, and fills us. Everything is done by the Creator; this is His work. This is why whatever we are engaging in is called the work of the Creator.

We connect our prayers because we understand that none of us will achieve anything without a common connection with the help of the Creator. Therefore we turn to Him and ask Him to connect us and raise us to a higher degree in order to become bestowing like He is. When everyone becomes included in this, we reach complete bestowal, which is then passed on to the Creator.

We begin with a common prayer with our ten; we feel how far away from each other we are, then we come closer, again we move away, and again we come closer, as if waves are passing over us.

The ten is our foundation, but around it we begin to feel many other such systems that want to connect with each other like star systems that connect into one galaxy. The galaxies connect into a metagalaxy, and so we connect more and more, and each time reveal details deeper into each individual and broader into the general connection.

This is how we discover the work of the Creator; we delve into the particular and into His essence and greatness inside the collective, and we feel how He fills and controls everything.

We are searching for connection by depicting it in all possible forms and by asking the Creator for it. I want to embrace and include everyone, to understand and feel everyone, and to connect with everyone. Through that I begin to feel like I am filling the entire universe. This means that little by little I am beginning to attain the general Malchut.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/22, “On the Verge of Lishma

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The Common Sukkah in the Common Heart

947A Sukkah is a structure consisting of four walls and a special cover (Shach). Even three walls are enough because if there are the first three phases in the Kli, then the fourth phase Dalet is already being built inside them. The main thing is that there are three walls and a cover.

A Sukkah reflects the structure of the spiritual Kli, which is called Neshama, the soul. We need to build this soul out of our common desires in the group, and then we will reveal the inner light, the Creator, inside our correct connection.

A person builds a Sukkah on the ground, that is, on the basis of ready-made material because the ground is always under his feet. On it he already builds a Sukkah: four walls and a cover from the waste of barn and winery, that is, from the remains of the production of bread and wine, which is food for a person.

The structure of the Sukkah is similar to the way in which the qualities of a person are arranged if he wants to connect them and direct them to the Creator. Then he sees how his qualities are connected within him: Hochma, Bina, Daat, Hessed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod in order to form a structure within which he will begin to feel the Creator.

We do not attain the upper light itself or the Creator Himself, but only the impression in our desires from their fulfillment.

When these qualities combine in different forms, we begin to feel what is inside them, and thus reveal the Creator. Each Sefira begins to shine.

If we try to bring the desires between the friends in the ten closer in order to connect them with each other, then inside their connection we begin to see that this is not just our egoism, but desires capable of bestowal, unity, and love.  These desires can be influenced by the upper force, that will create such forms and types of connections and qualities from them that were previously unknown to us.

We see what connection exists between our unity and the qualities that we can reveal between us in order to feel and attain the force that is above us, according to the equivalence of form.

The walls and the cover of the Sukkah are different desires connected with each other in every possible way. If we manage to build the walls of the Sukkah out of our desires, and everyone is ready to make of themselves a column or a foundation for a common structure, that is, our connection, then it is already possible to build a roof over them.

To be a column means to be a support for this structure, to support it with all your strength so that it stands and serves everyone. We are building our common home together so that not even one movement goes to someone’s personal benefit, but only for all of us together.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/9/22, “Sukkot

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Ten Is a Locator for a Signal from Above

942If I annul myself before the friends, it already indicates that I have faith in the Creator. Therefore, by annulling ourselves before the friends, we can come closer to the Creator. After all, the Creator does not exist without created beings. If we connect, then our connection is called the Creator. We create Him ourselves and work with Him.

The united group is like a radio telescope that captures influence from the higher degree. An ordinary person cannot feel it, but a united ten receives this special, unattainable force from above. This force is revealed inside the ten, which acts like a radar, a satellite dish, that detects this upper quality.

Without such a group, we will not be able to reach the revelation of the Creator. Only by connecting with each other in a certain way do we create, rotate and adjust this radar dish, our common desire, so as to catch inside it what is called the Creator, that is, “come and see” (Bo-Reh).

The Creator Himself is above our attainment and the only way to reveal Him is to connect with each other and tune ourselves to Him, similar to the way any radio receiver can only receive the incoming wave but not the transmitter itself. Therefore, there is nothing more important than our connection because it leads us to connection with the Creator.

No matter how much I try to adjust my desires alone, in the end I realize that I will not be able to reach connection with the Creator and I need a connection with the friends. After all, only through them will I be able to come to connection with the Creator. I myself am the last Sefira, Malchut, and my friends are the first nine Sefirot, which through this address, the Creator reaches me.

A necessary condition for prayer is to become so integrated into the friends that we feel that within our connection we can receive a message from the Creator. When I catch this message, I want to answer it together with my friends. Through it we can rise and reach real contact with the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/3/22, “Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)”

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944The anti-egoistic screen is first of all the force of connection between the friends in the ten and then between us and the Creator. It is built upon the fact that we want to rise above our egoism and unite. If we invest efforts in connection, then in this way, we begin to build a screen.

This connection is not just in thoughts but in the hearts, the cordial connection of one with another. We want to connect our hearts because the Creator is one for all, and He reveals Himself within the connection between all of us.

I make an effort in my heart that I want to direct it to a certain quality and begin to approach it. The main thing is the effort in the heart as there is nothing spiritual in the physical action. After all, I strive with my heart to the one I love, I want to be closer to him so that he feels this heartfelt closeness. This is called connection of hearts.

We want to give to each other. And of course, giving can be in an external form, in the form of a material gift, but by this I express my heartfelt feelings.

How can you direct your heart in the right direction? With the help of a thought. The heart is a desire, and I direct this desire with the help of a thought. Through the thought, it is possible to control the desire like a steering wheel if I rise in my thoughts to a prayer in which my desire is combined with my thought and with my goal. So, I find myself as if driving a car.

The thought comes to us from the Creator, but I can influence and change my thoughts with the help of actions of connection. We connect with our hearts but under the influence of thoughts.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/22/22, Baal HaSulam, Shamati 42

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