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Nothing Will Work Without Annulment

530Question: How can we annul ourselves before the ten if we are part of it?

Answer: So, annul, each one in relation to the others; without this, nothing will happen. You can, of course, continue to be a part of our large international group, but nothing will happen.

All in all, you must realize that there is no spiritual correction except by replacing our animal egoism with a spiritual property, which is the property of bestowal, connection, and love.

Question: Should every desire that appears in us be reduced to zero?

Answer: There is no need to bring anything to zero. We cannot do anything with desires, they are our essence. We just need to understand that desires lead us to correction, to similarity with the Creator, to merging with Him, to revealing Him, and we must use them in that manner.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/7/22, “Annulling before the Friends,” Lesson 2

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The Point Of Spiritual Ascent

530Question: If everyone in the ten is a zero and each annuls their desire, then there will be no desire at all, then what do I annul to?

Answer: Then you will no longer have to annul yourself before anything because you will be completely annulled. This is the first point from which you will begin your spiritual ascent.

Annulling ourselves before the others is the task of each of us at the starting point of the spiritual path. That’s where we will start our ascent. This is the task we are facing now.

And then the whole ascent will be based on the principle of faith above reason, when the quality of bestowal will prevail in us over the quality of reception.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/7/22, “Annulling before the Friends,” Lesson 2

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Do Not Wait! Act!

943Question: Is it correct to wait for everything in the ten to turn into good, so that all friction disappears?

Answer: I don’t think it’s right to wait. It will not work. You can wait an infinite number of years until the upper force starts to force you to move forward with a stick from above so that you understand that your condition needs to be corrected. In no case can we wait for something that has to happen some day. This is the worst attitude to life.

We must act. If you help each other in your group, then it is no longer scary and not difficult. By doing this you are excited by others, and you act on them yourself and thus move forward. If the right relationships are built between friends in the group and you start pushing them so that they begin to work, then automatically everyone helps each other, inspires each other, and everybody moves forward.

And waiting is the most dangerous feeling. There is nothing to wait for.

Question: If I am in a group, I should not accept quarrels, frictions, and interferences within the ten. Is that right?

Answer: No. All this needs to be corrected, not just rejected. I’m talking about being active. In this regard, everyone should understand each other; if I do not inspire others, then they will not inspire me and we will not advance.
From the International Convention “Rising  Above Ourselves” 1/6/22, “Approaching the Creator Through the Network of Connections Between Us,” Lesson 1

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To Be A Complete Zero

232.031The importance of the work is precisely when one comes to a state of zero, when one sees that he annuls his whole existence and being, for then the will to receive has no power. Only then does one enter the Kedusha. (Baal HaSulam, Shamati,  19. “What Is ‘The Creator Hates the Bodies,’ in the Work?”)

However, before annulment a person has a big job when he does not want anything for himself. He wants only one thing: to be at the state of zero as if he absolutely does not exist and egoism has no control. Only after that he begins to enter the spiritual world, the feeling of the Creator.

In the wisdom of Kabbalah, we call this Tzimtzum, restriction. At the same time the desire does not disappear, it is just restricted, and then we enter into other qualities. On the other side of working with our will to receive, we already operate with it as if for the sake of bestowal.

Question: How can I annul my existence at this moment?

Answer: Try to do it physically. This is why we are created in the corporeal world. It does not matter if we are in egoism or in altruism. We are taking the first steps in our world where we can exist physically, i.e., be in contact with each other, regardless of our internal qualities.

We must try to do what Kabbalists advise. Begin with annulling ourselves in practice before the friends in the ten. Whatever the ten decides within the framework of our common advancement I must accept unconditionally with joy, understanding that it pulls me to the goal. And move forward with this.

Question: Right now, I am sitting at the lesson. I have a million different desires and thoughts. How can I annul them before my friends?

Answer: This is why we have preparation for the lesson. We must be prepared for the fact that we are going to annul ourselves before our friends. All I want to do now is to be inside my heart, to focus within it only my desire for connection with the Creator, with the purpose of creation. For the sake of this, I annul myself and get integrated with the friends. That is, I need to completely annul myself before my group.

I want to be inside them. I want to be together with them specifically in this boat, which we all form from our desires and yearnings.
From the International Convention ““Rising Above Ourselves” 1/7/22, “Annulling before the Friends,” Lesson 2

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The Rational Condition Of Connection With The Creator

528.01The smallest group is the ten. The large group is all of humanity.

All my pleas must go through the ten. Only through my small group can I turn to the Creator and not otherwise. The group is my switchboard, my unit through which I connect to Him.

To the extent that I want to establish connection with my friends, I turn to the Creator. And I cannot address the Creator directly at all, the Creator will not hear me. If at least two friends do not unite in bestowing to each other, then they cannot connect to the Creator. This is the minimum condition.

And the optimal condition is all of humanity. The rational condition is the ten. When I annul myself in front of others, I enter the connection with the Creator.
From the International Convention ““Rising Above Ourselves”  1/7/22, “Annulling before the Friends,” Lesson 2

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It Is Not By Chance That We Are Gathered In A Group

942We all are different and each has his own qualities and feelings, but if we do the same action of annulling ourselves, then we become closer, similar to each other. The Creator shines upon us and starts creating completely new forms of connection between us.

Then we begin to understand that it is not by chance that we are so diverse in this group. We are gathered in a group by the upper light that separated, shattered, and broke us, and now it begins to connect us. We feel how He gathers us.

The closer He brings us to each other, the more we resist. We feel how different we are, but He gathers us. This is where we should be His helpers in faith above reason and begin together with Him, with the upper light, to connect into one common, harmonious system called the soul.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/7/22, “Annulling before the Friends,” Lesson 2

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Ten Images Inside A Person

934Question: Can a person replace real relationships with fictional ones?

Answer: I do not think this is necessary. After all, by developing further, a person will not strive for a huge number of connections. He does not need these connections at all. Why should I keep some hundred and fifty images in my soul, in my mind, and in my feelings? What will it give me?

Kabbalah says that I need to keep ten images inside me and in these ten images I should feel myself building correct interaction with all of nature! Absolutely with all of it. No more.

We are created in such a way that if I have the correct connection with the ten, then within this correct connection I can feel all phenomena, all metamorphoses, everything that only exists in nature. I do not need anything else.

Through the image of the ten, with which I am connected, that is, myself and nine other people, I can reach such a state where through our connections I feel the entire universe at all its levels and the entire upper world at all its levels. It only depends on the quality of our connections.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/6/21

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Light Guides Us To Recovery

938.03The feeling of your insignificance is a great and honorable feeling because a person bows his head before a higher power. And of course it is important for what purpose and by what means he does it.

On the other hand, it is written: “And his heart was high in the ways of the Lord.” That is, it seems one should be proud, increase one’s desires, opportunities, and the means to advance. How do these two directions fit together?

In fact, both of them guide us toward the same goal. There is not a single property in a person that would contradict the achievement of the goal. After all, we proceed from a perfect state, from merging with the Creator, where we were at the very first point of creation.

The Creator gave birth to us as a black point immersed in the infinite upper light. And from this point we began to develop due to the fact that the light entered this dark point opposite to the light, “created from nothing.”

All the properties inherent in us were formed from the collision between light and egoistic desire. And therefore, in all reality there is nothing but this opposition between egoism and bestowal, light and darkness, the properties of the Creator and the properties of creation.

Therefore we only need to correct our attitude to this and return to the previous state. And for this we figure out our fragmentation, the opposite of light, and feel distant and confused. But at the same time, we have all the data to collect this, like a child’s game of assembling a Lego set, and to put each part in its place.

And in addition, we have an upper force that influences us and all the Kabbalists of the past around us who help us, with what else we will reveal. And inside this circle is our world group Bnei Baruch, and inside it are our little tens. And all this is inside a system that works, heals, and restores itself.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/21Shamati #230 “The Lord Is High and the Low Will See – 2”

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In The Zero Point Of Reality

934The friends should see that I am working on lowering my egoism. Everyone tries to be in the center of the ten and at the same time feels that the others are making space for him there. This way we will feel that we are all in one place, and there is enough space for everyone. It is very important to come to such a feeling by making efforts both in thought and in action.

I try to become included into the point of connection in order to pull all my friends to it for all of us to be there. There is no place in spirituality; we can all fit into one point. This means that ten points are arranged into one Partzuf from Keter to Malchut and stand on one point, which is called the center of reality.

As described in the poem of the ARI, before the emanations were emanated and the creatures were created, there was only a simple, infinite light filling all of reality. Then a central black point appeared inside this reality, in which the light restricted itself and started the entire creation with it.

I try to see my ten inside this black point where we all stand. The upper light influences us from the outside through the Sefirot of circles, and from this inner point we want to influence the upper light.

We cannot freely influence it in all directions. We have only one possibility: to the extent that we restrict ourselves, we can then open ourselves to bestowal. The restriction occurs in all directions around us, in 360 degrees, and the opening for contact with the upper light can be only 1% or one degree of sector of the circle.

There is no place in spirituality. We need to connect with each other in such a way that no one takes up space and we all come to the zero point, meaning we are at the point that the Creator created, in the point of darkness in the middle of the light. This is our center, from which we then develop to the extent of our equivalence to the light, and then the light fills the entire Kli that we develop within this circle.

How did we all manage to fit into one point? None of us take up any space. I want there to be no space for my own importance, my egoism, my pride, and my opinion. Otherwise I will be corporeal and not spiritual.

If I do not perform any action in my egoism, then I am in the center of the circle, in the center of the ten. I do not want to receive anything for my will to receive except the necessary existence in order to build a relationship with the Creator through my relationship with others. Others are those who fill these circles, and the Creator influences us and fills us.

The one who annuls himself before the friends is in the center of the ten. If we all annul ourselves, then we are all in one place. In the spiritual world, place is called a desire. If we annul all our desires, then we find ourselves in the zero desire, in the place of zero—this is the center of the ten, the center of the circle.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/21, Shamati #230 “The Lord Is High and the Low Will See – 2”

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Through The Ten To More People

947Question: The number of social connections each of us needs is 10 to 20 people, i.e., the nearest circle. And then to the degree of distance, it increases to 150. So as man develops, will there even be such physiological changes?

Answer: Yes. It can happen because we are social beings and must feel  as a part of society. Otherwise we will completely slide down to the level of animals.

Existence in society, in a city, surrounded by others similar to us, in interaction with them shapes a person, although not above the level of the corporeal world, which in general degrades, that is, does not allow him to develop as needed. It turns out that while developing we limit ourselves, and this we see in our lives.

Therefore, we must try to rise to a higher level. But all this is determined by our correct interaction with each other. Therefore, regardless of whether I have 150 friends on social networks or somewhere else, more or less, I need first of all to perform my duties in the 10, and then through it connect to an ever wider circle of people, society, forces of nature, and so on. But all this is inside those 10 spiritual partners of mine with whom I develop.

Question: That is, this is a new level of communication through the 10 to an increasing number of people?

Answer: Yes. This is how everything works in nature.
From KabTV’s “ Kabbalah Express” 12/6/21

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