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How To Draw The Upper Light

944Question: How can corporeal egoistic actions like studying, for example, extract the absolutely heavenly spiritual force of bestowal from the upper world?

Answer: Indeed, if our world is not connected to the upper world in any way, how can I do something through my physical actions, through my egoism?

The point is there is nothing I can do. However, we have been given the opportunity to gather in tens and try to unite between us despite our egoism, above it. And although I cannot do that at all, to the extent that I try to connect with the friends, I invoke the upper light unto me. That is, there is a so-called branch-to-root connection, and I can do it.

If I behave in a certain way with the friends in the group and we study Kabbalistic sources together, create connections between us, and imitate the images and actions Kabbalah writes about, then even if I am in my egoism, I still feel an internal inspiration to summon the impact of the upper surrounding light unto me.

This light surrounds the ego on purpose, and to the extent that the ego yearns for it and seemingly wants to resemble it, the light impacts the ego and changes it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/23/18

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Cleave To The Teacher

165Question: Can we cling to our friends when we work in the tens so much that we become infected with a reverent attitude toward the teacher from them? Or is it impossible?

Answer: It is possible. We can help each other on our spiritual path and move forward calmly. If a person who is in a descent bows before the group, then the group will show him how to start listening to the teacher. And then this student can receive the same thing as the rest.

Question: That is, it does not matter what you are as wise as you can be or if with a sensitive heart. If you are in the right mood, can you receive absolutely all conditions and stick to the teacher?

Answer: Yes. Mental development does not matter here.

Question: Suppose a person knows that he does not yet have any inner development, that he is lazy. But he really wants to achieve! Can he cling to the teacher with this desire and get everything?

Answer: Only through the group! The group is the connector to the teacher and through the teacher with the Creator. There are no other ways.

Question: This means that a person places himself in a group, and the group helps him  hear the teacher, cleave to him, and go to the Creator. It doesn’t matter who, what, and where you are now, even if you are a hermit. If you want to, you can?

Answer: We all came from one system, the ten, from a soul that was broken into many parts. Therefore, gathering in such tens, we again reveal the Creator and unite with Him.
From KabTV’s “Teacher – Student” 2/7/19

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How To Perceive The Ten?

528.02Question: I keep thinking about how can I find a more comfortable ten, a more charismatic one. I am not happy with what I have now. Such thoughts come when we have a workshop and my friends do not inspire me. What should I do at this moment?

Answer: I am sorry to hear such things, this is very sad. We should perceive the ten as a divine phenomenon of the structure of a complete, ideal universe. The fact that it seems to me that this one has crooked ears, that one has a crooked nose, this one is cross-eyed, that one is asleep, this one needs his IQ tested, and so on, means that this is not a ten, not if I see my friends in this way.

I mean, it might be a ten, but I am not in it. It would be better if I leave it.

Question: Does it depend on a person, on the root of one’s soul? Or does he just see everything in this way, as black?

Answer: He can see it in this way. But, on the other hand, he must gradually bend himself, even in a physical way.

Let us say that you are now among the nine friends, and you are the tenth one, then lower your head below your knees and sit like a horse that lowers its head. Now try to do it not physically, but internally. Try to accept that everything that is in you is terrible, ugly, and everything that is in them is perfect.
From KabTV’s “Teacher—Student” 2/7/19

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The Ten Is A Cell Of The Spiritual Body

962.6Each one’s primary responsibility is for his ten, for all the friends, for the common connection, in which the ten expresses our desire for the Creator, the demand to the Creator to correct and fill our common desire.

Each person in the ten has to do this work, this is his personal, individual mission in regard to the ten. When tens connect in such a way, each one within itself, and turn into healthy cells, then it will be possible to assemble a spiritual body from these cells. It will be a Man, “Adam.”

So far, however, every ten is just one basic cell and nothing more. In this way, we form a drop of semen from which we will begin to multiply and grow in spirituality. Unless there is such a drop of semen consisting of ten friends, we cannot begin to grow in the spiritual world.

This condition stands before us as a border barrier (Machsom), an obstacle that does not allow us to understand how necessary our connection is. Of course, we cannot do this work ourselves, but we must think, ask, and demand that the upper force will make this change within us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/21, “My Sons Defeated Me” (Preparation for the Convention 2021)

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Building In The Center Of Ten

528.02We are entering the spiritual world about which it is said: “I shall see an opposite world.” It is impossible now to imagine this upside-down world from our world because it is not a simple negative where black is instead of white.

Even if we try to bestow and love here in this world, we will not be able to properly reflect the spiritual world. We have nothing to relate to the spiritual world: no understanding, no feeling, no taste.

So we have to go with our eyes shut. And in fact, our eyes are closed, and we do not see anything because we look only inside our egoistic desire. Our gaze is directed inward and we are taking care only of our stomach.

And spirituality works in exactly the opposite direction. We are not able to imagine this opposite. If I do the opposite, it will not become spiritual. This is a very common misconception.

To walk by faith in the sages means to follow the instructions of the Kabbalists with your eyes closed so that we awaken the manifestation of the soul within us and reveal the image of the Creator, the attribute of bestowal, Bina, with the help of the Creator. One must at least begin to build a place for this, the condition for the revelation of the upper force so that this area becomes somewhat similar to the Creator.

So first of all, it is necessary to make a restriction to free up space from egoistic desires, and then to start building on it, floor by floor, the stages of bestowal: 0-1-2-3-4.

We clear the place from our desire to receive and get an empty platform on which we can build the building of bestowal, that is, to let the Creator reveal Himself and build it. I must remove my “I,” my egoism, and let the Creator appear in its place. The Creator appears only in the pure place that I have made available for Him.

And we really need the help of our friends for this. At the very center of our egoism, at the central point where we, egoists, unite, at the center of the ten, we must make room for the revelation of the Creator, for the manifestation of the quality of bestowal, so the soul begins to grow more and more from the lowest level, from birth: embryo, nursing, maturing.

The quality of bestowal develops within the quality of reception, one form within another like an embryo growing inside the mother’s body. And although the embryo is a foreign body for the mother, nature has arranged for the mother not to reject it, but, on the contrary, to support and raise it in every possible way, with care and love. The whole large body of the mother functions only to grow the embryo.

And with the same love as a caring mother expecting a child, we need to unite in the ten and carefully cultivate the quality of bestowal between us. None of us can grow it by ourselves but only together in the connection between us, can we imagine the quality of bestowal and grow it more and more on top of our quality of reception.

Our entire body, based on reception, will work to develop within it the desire for bestowal, the spiritual embryo that will be called man, Adam, because it will be like (Domeh) the Creator.

You can build your soul only through a complete spiritual organism: a group that annuls itself, freeing up a place in its center where the spiritual womb will be and the quality of bestowal will be revealed. As it is said: “You have made Me.”

By us freeing the space from the desire to receive and allowing the desire to bestow to grow within the receiving desire, the Creator can form one form within another.

Therefore, all our work is only group work. If I do not seek the Creator through my friends, then it is not the real Creator. The whole world wants to connect with the Creator, to turn to Him. But we can see how hopeless these attempts are. And it is all because people do not imagine the Creator correctly: as a connection between people.

The Creator is the quality of bestowal that we build between us in a place that we free from our egoism. We reveal the Creator through our receiving qualities, which take the form of bestowal.

It is impossible to reach the Creator without love for the creatures. So it is said: “From the love of man to the love of the Creator; from the love of the creatures to the love of the Creator.” These are not just beautiful words, but a necessary condition for achieving true revelation.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/21, “Faith in the Sages as the Means for Faith Above Reason”

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Envy Is The Engine To Achieve Attainment

938.05It is possible to grow in a natural way due to the growth of the egoistic desire inherent in us. Then we grow just like an animal. And it is possible to grow under the influence of the environment when we envy others and want to adopt their qualities and aspirations.

The difference is that then we grow inside the system by being included in the environment. In this way, we correct the system of Adam HaRishon, achieve universal connection, and bring everything into a single system.

It turns out that the development of a person due to envy is systematic and correct and leads to correction. We need to develop the right envy and be happy that our friends are superior to us because then we have something to learn from them, something to envy, and something to take an example from.

Therefore, everyone will want to be in a more important and powerful environment. One will want to see great people around him, not weak ones. If he considers himself small, he will be able to get more from the big ones and thus grow. Envy is a source of strength, motivation, and the qualities necessary to achieve the goal of creation.

We get everything from the environment, and therefore, the influence of the environment on a person who is ready to expose himself to this influence is the key to and guarantee of proper advancement.

Envy is the engine for the attainment of creation, for understanding the system of Adam HaRishon to which everyone is obliged to connect. Therefore, envy should be considered the basis of development. If you deprive a person of envy, then he will remain an animal. Envy allows him to reach the human level, the level of Adam, similar to the Creator.

As long as we use the ability to envy correctly and are in an environment that promotes the development of envy, to that extent we will be able to rise to a higher level. Everything depends on this quality, whether I will be just an animal or a person similar to the Creator who has attained good and evil and revealed the entire universe.

We must always search from where we want to get additional desires, who we want to envy, from whom to take an example, at the expense of which forces do we move toward the goal of creation, and where can we get them. And then I become more and more attached to my ten, without which I have no chance to advance and get closer to the right goal.

As I cling to the group, I begin to see the purpose of life, its essence, and ultimately, the Creator.

First of all, I have to see in the ten the system of Adam HaRishon because there is nothing else, and everything else are just minor details. And if I give more and more importance to our connection, I begin to see the complete system through it.

I no longer see my friends but a system that is designed in such a way that with the right attitude, it reveals the Creator to me. Instead of my ten, I reveal the spiritual system.

Envy of my friends binds me to them, makes us closer and more suitable for each other. We connect in one system because everyone learns from others. I look at a friend and want to acquire his qualities. It turns out that I build in myself a quality that a friend has, and something common appears between us that helps us to connect.

And another friend looks at me, envies my abilities that he does not have, and because of this envy, he forms the same qualities in himself. We also have something in common and we connect.

It turns out that due to envy we build connections between us, synapses that connect everyone to the rest. Everyone receives ten individual Sefirot through which we communicate with each other. In this way, a person builds a system and becomes involved in everyone, begins to feel everyone from within, and thus attains the spiritual, new world.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/21, “Envy”

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Different Prayers

562.02What is the characteristic of a Kabbalistic prayer that distinguishes it from the prayers of ordinary people? A prayer of an ordinary person emanates from his egoism without any intention to unite with others and ascend to the Creator.

Therefore, this prayer has a purely psychological effect, calming the person but not changing anything in reality. It has no effect on spiritual forces.

It is possible to influence the forces governing creation only by uniting. If the ten unites, then the whole ten acts as one in relation to the upper force.

And if we do not unite in the ten above our egoism, then we do not have any impact on the upper force. It can be influenced only to the extent of the equivalence of properties, and for a minimum equivalence we need to unite our attitudes in the ten.

Therefore, all the prayers of mankind to the Creator have no effect on Him. They are a natural reaction of the desire to receive pleasure, which the Creator Himself provided to each person. Therefore, it makes no sense for Him to listen to the requests of this desire to receive pleasure, which He Himself created.

But if we combine our desires in the ten and, despite our egoism, want to achieve something higher, that is, the power of bestowal instead of the power of reception awakened in us by the Creator, then we really turn to the Creator as the very source of bestowal. And then He gives us the power of bestowal with which we become like Him.

Our prayer is aimed at becoming like the Creator and gaining the power of bestowal, like Him. And this is possible only if we unite in corporeality.

All other prayers, no matter what religion they belong to, are requests for egoistic fulfillment. Therefore, they are of no use except to gradually lead a person to the need to ask for connection between all and adhesion with the Creator on the basis of the power of bestowal and not the power of reception.

Here lies the huge, cardinal difference from the prayer of a Kabbalist in which we ask to gain the power of bestowal, which is above us, outside of everyone’s personal interests, for the sake of other people, for the sake of humanity, and for the sake of the Creator. Everyone asks to have the power to give to everyone except himself because in this he resembles the Creator, who bestows to everyone except Himself. Therefore, such a prayer is significantly different from all other prayers.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/21, “My Sons Defeated Me” (Preparation for the Convention 2021)

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Not By Chance

528.02Nothing in the world happens by chance; everything happens only for the single purpose of advancing us toward the goal to be united as one man with one heart and to connect with the Creator.

This is the purpose of all of reality. And if we aspire for it, we perceive any problem as an opportunity to accelerate our progress and guide us in the shortest and best way.

The main thing is to detect the center of the ten, and from this center, to yearn for the Creator in order to ask and demand His help to advance, to thank Him for connecting us in the ten and giving us the mind and feelings to advance toward Him.

Prayer should consist of gratitude and request. Gratitude for the fact that the Creator did not leave us in an unconscious state like the other people in the world, but He gave us the understanding of where we are and how we should move toward the truth, to the world of truth, to the true state, and thus learn to control our destiny.

All this is in order to give the Creator contentment by the fact that we can come closer to Him and draw all the people of this world with us. The Creator wants to see all people united together in one ten, in the ten Sefirot of the soul of Adam HaRishon.

This is our duty with regard to the Creator and to all of humanity because we are in the middle between them and must connect the Creator with other people. And therefore, we are called the servants of the Creator. On one hand, we are in the corporeal world and are connected with all the people, and on the other hand, we are connected to the Creator and should serve as a passageway between Him and the created beings.

We have both of these parts, a part of the Creator and a part of the created beings, which we must connect within us as Galgalta ve Einaim and AHAP, and establish our soul.

The Creator has chosen us for this work: to serve as a connecting channel, a means of communication, a passageway, between Him and humanity, and we want to justify His trust. It is hard work because it requires us to care not only about our own destiny, but for the destiny of the world, to feel the pain of everyone, and to feel their desires. At the same time, it is a special honor to receive such a mission.

The center of the ten is the place where we connect all the time due to the fact that everyone nullifies himself before the ten, subjugates before it. In this way we reach the center of the ten from which we turn together to the Creator. If everyone nullifies himself before the others, then we have nothing left but one common point in the center from which we turn to the Creator. Otherwise, the Creator will not hear what we want to say to Him.

If I see that my friends are burning and my heart is deaf, then I should feel like a little one among the big ones and participate to the best of my ability. Even if I sit in class and I do not hear anything, do not see anything, do not understand anything, if my thoughts and feelings are numb, I am among my friends despite everything. This means that I become an embryo inside the ten like a child inside the mother.

The child in the mother’s belly lies curled up and does nothing, it only annuls itself, and the upper develops it. In the same way, I must nullify myself in the ten, become incorporated in it as much as possible, and wait for my friends to influence me. This is a very high state and such self-nullification allows us to grow.

By nullifying myself and wanting to incorporate in the ten, I am doing them a great favor, because I am performing the right action according to the conditions that the Creator now sets for me. We always represent the ten Sefirot in the ten, and we play a different role in these ten Sefirot each time. Therefore, the friends will not be able to advance if there is no one like me nullifying himself among them.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/5/21, “The Prayer of Many” (Preparation for the Convention 2021)

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The Greatness Of The Creator In The Ten

528.02To reach connection with the Creator and feel His greatness is possible only within the connection of people with each other. However, we do not have a natural desire for such a close connection; it is not given from birth. We see that the more the world advances, the more hostile and alien it becomes and everyone becomes more and more isolated and distant from others.

How can such a development bring us closer to the Creator? It is as if the whole progress of humanity leads in the opposite direction from our purpose. When you start talking to people about connection, unity, and love, it rouses laughter. Even if they agree that it would make life better, it seems like an unrealistic, impossible goal.

Therefore, we must work hard on the connection in the ten, really battle both for the importance of the goal and for the tool to achieve it. After all, we do not feel value in either of them.

How can it be that such an important goal and the means of achieving it, which would elevate us to the degree of eternity and perfection, are completely hidden from our feelings, understanding, and field of vision.

Both the spiritual Kli and the light are hidden. So, the Creator brings a person to the group, to the ten, and says: “Choose this for yourself!” There is no other choice but to choose it because there is darkness all around, and only here do you find the end of the thread, which if you grasp, you can discover the meaning of life, its essence, the reason for existence.

All our work is to appreciate the actions that the Creator performs with us, how He arranged the group for us, the means to reach Him. The method is given to us from above through the Kabbalists, and we must follow it with faith above reason, that is, perform actions against our own desire and logic and draw closer to each other in order to reveal the force of connection between us.

This force is hidden just like the point from which our universe once emerged. As a result of the Big Bang, this point began to expand and spread in all directions. We now as if want to hold on to this point of connection that once existed and come to an understanding of what is happening in this system.

When we feel and understand where we are and understand the importance of the Kli and the Light that fills it, the Creator, we will see an opposite world. This is not at all what we expected to see, but the opposite opposite, concealment within concealment.

We can achieve this goal only if day after day we yearn for connection above reason and logic. The further we go, the more irrational it will seem. We will be revealing ever stronger division to a greater depth of the Kli, alienation and hatred. Every day we will have to start working on connection at a new level in a new higher quality.

We must be aware of this. We have a great goal before us: to discover the source of creation from where the Big Bang occurred and the universe began to spread in all directions. When we reconnect all the parts of creation that have distanced from each other, gradually adding everything to one starting point, we reveal our source.

The main thing for all of us is to connect together around the single goal: to reveal the Creator. For this, we need to feel His greatness. But no one can do it alone because each is only one spark, a broken fragment. Therefore, we come together through strength and learn how to assemble the creation from opposite forces, above hatred, covering it with love. The Creator created one opposite the other.

At any awakening, we must immediately grasp both forces, the left and the right, and create our goal between them, covering all crimes with love. If I do not value the ten and the goal, then I reduce everything to the level of this world, to the bodily senses, that is, to the animate degree.

The human degree begins when I hold both ends of the rope in front of me. The negative attitude toward the Creator, toward the greatness of bestowal, toward the friends, the lack of importance is the left line, which corresponds to my nature.

However, I develop the right line against it in order to feel the greatness of the Creator and the friends. The greatness of the friends is a means to reveal the greatness of the Creator as a goal, and this is how I ascend from this world to the upper world. Otherwise, I will remain on the animate degree and finish my life in this way.

Life is given to us as a special means to discover all the qualities of creation, its meaning, and its power. We do not want connection, but it is within it that the goal is revealed. We need to roll back the entire universe to the point from which it exploded and began to expand in all directions after the Big Bang.

That is how we need to assemble ourselves first in tens all over the world. There will be no place on the map where we will not have friends who, due to the awakened desire in them, start to move toward connection. Gradually, all the tens will gather into one ten, and this will mean that we have come back to the point from which the Creator began the shattering.

The Creator caused the shattering, executed it, and now reveals it to us. For the last thousands of years, the Creator has been revealing the shattering to special people, to Kabbalists. But today, the Creator wants to reveal this to everyone so that all the people will start moving toward the central point from which the shattering began.

At that point, we will reveal the greatest deficiency, the greatest rejection, the force of the shattering, and the force of the greatest explosion. At the same time, we will put all our efforts so the Creator will help us build this vessel again and bring into it the whole of creation that resulted from the Big Bang, and assemble it into one vessel of ten Sefirot. By this action, we discover the greatness of the Creator in the original ten, to which we want to reach.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/3/21, “The Greatness of the Creator in the Ten” (Preparation for the Convention 2021

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Artificial Respiration

232.08The Creator expects us to unite each time more and more correctly  over the increasing darkness that grows day by day. We are not afraid of this darkness, and we can already support each other, as it is said: “They helped every one his friend.”

Alone, without my friends, I could not ascend. Sometimes we come to class completely empty, without any glimmer in our hearts or in our heads. But when we engage with others, we receive an awakening from them.

And this is correct. Do not be afraid or ashamed of it. This is what is called the center of creation, when I, empty, disillusioned and unable to do anything, receive strength from the connection with my friends and start to awaken as if by artificial respiration.

We must feel more and more dependent on the ten that gives us life. Without the ten there is no life but only animal existence that is doomed to death.

This time of life in the animal body is given in order for us to draw a pipeline from each of us to the center of his ten and between all the tens to their common center until everything is connected together with the generations of Kabbalists of the past. Gradually, we will all curl into a single point in the center of Adam HaRishon. It is as if we are rolling back the carpet that has been unfolded for us, and so we attain the greatness of the Creator.

From this we can understand our dependence on each other, because our salvation is only in the ten. Everyone who falls out of connection is thrown into animalistic life and who knows if he has a chance to return.

Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the ties in the ten as much as possible. And let us fall every day into more and more egoism, but yesterday’s connection will help us today. When I fall into a beastly state, I am left with a record (Reshimo) from yesterday’s connection with my friends, which revives me and builds the foundation for a new spiritual state.

Therefore, descents are no less important than ascents because the advantage of light is revealed from the darkness. The greater the darkness, the greater the light, and at the junction between the light and the darkness, the greatness and importance of the Creator is revealed to us, woven from both of them, like in: “I am the Lord and there is no other. Who forms light and creates darkness.”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/3/21, “The Greatness of the Creator in the Ten” (Preparation for the Convention 2021

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