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Images And Sensations

595.06Comment: During a good performance in the theater, the script itself and the scenes become secondary, while something internal begins to be transmitted that is difficult to explain in words—the soul of the performance. It evokes some kind of inspiration, excitement of something greater beyond what you see. Art, in my opinion, exists only for the purpose of having a breakthrough moment, of drinking from some fountain.

My Response: Art shows us that it is possible to rise above the purely psychological, every-day considerations and enter a field that is connected not with what is happening on stage, but with a certain force that controls the movement of some phenomena that exist above us, beyond time and space.

We must begin to feel it within us. This is the theater that is inside of us. And instead of the big green crocodile that is mentioned in The Book of Zohar, I feel a quality called “crocodile.”

This is not a theatrical image that certain people evoke in me. Through allegorical images I begin to feel the spiritual forces that define them and are called a particular word.

For me, this crocodile no longer has an image of a green monster. It can be positive, pleasant, kind, intelligent, controlling, albeit necessary and targeted, etc…

It turns out that when you read The Book of Zohar, you absolutely do not connect words with their images in this world! Once you snap out of it, you start wondering about how others perceive this text or listen to it. And it seriously brings you to some other reality, I would say, to unreality.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #1

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Kabbalah—Delving Into Nature

219.01Question: The views of Kabbalah are close to Buddhism and in many respects to yoga, Catholicism, and European alchemy, apparently, according to the methods of achieving a brighter future. But, as far as I understand, the brightest future can be achieved only through unity in Kabbalah. Why is that? If other schools offer this, why don’t they count?

Answer: Kabbalists do not reject anyone. But, apparently, there are several ways to unite mankind. Today we understand that without unity we will simply perish, we will destroy each other. From everything that happens to us, we see that this is the only way to salvation. Neither the development of technology nor anything else will help us. We need to develop a person for communication, for a greater good connection with others.

Kabbalah explains how to do this. It relies on a good force hidden in nature that can unite us. Man does not have this power. No matter how many meditations we do or how we  employ various methods with all kinds of exercises, this will not help us, because egoism permeates us literally from top to bottom.

The Kabbalistic methodology is built on uniting humanity with the help of a good force that exists in nature but is hidden from us. Therefore, Kabbalah is called a secret science because it reveals this power, and then by using it, we can unite. This is what makes Kabbalah different from other teachings.

But this is not meditation, not a physical exercise. This is truly delving into nature. But it is different. You just need to understand what it is.

In principle, Kabbalah does not deny anything, in fact, neither do all the other methods. Nor do they deny each other, but each has a different approach.

In humanity there are different groups of people with different inclinations and psychological preparations from nature. And so a different approach is needed. By the way, in Kabbalah it is said that there are many ways to achieve unity.

But the fact that unification between all is the goal and the truly correct way of existence cannot be denied today. A person should check for himself whether the method of Kabbalah suits him. And if not, then he can choose something else.

But all the same, you need to strive to unite people. I believe that this is everyone’s task and responsibility.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 3/20/19

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The Book Of Zohar – A System Of Communication With The Upper World

963.1The Book of Zohar is a system. The ten Kabbalists who wrote it, through their merging with each other, closed the world of infinity with our world in such a way that when we start reading The Book of Zohar, we kind of push the buttons and actually start this system.

That is, we do not just read what is printed. The Book is arranged in such a way that what is printed on paper directly affects our souls, our inner part that is hidden from us.

When a person starts to read, one does not feel anything, but launches this system on oneself, integrates with it, and causes the influence of a higher force, which manifests in the person in their inner part, the soul, which begins to come out.

And then there is contact between the human soul and the upper light and a person begins to feel in this the upper world, the highest state. This is one’s exit into the eternal, perfect dimension. This is what we must achieve while being in this world, in this life, to rise to the next level of existence.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #2

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The Picture Opened By The Book Of Zohar

249.01Question: Is our task to reveal the world that The Book of Zohar gives us?

Answer: We must reveal the higher world of forces, properties, and their relationship with each other. The Book of Zohar gives us such an opportunity.

Everything that we perceive as existing outside is drawn inside us. All kinds of electrochemical parameters, forces, interactions, and reactions paint a picture of the material world in our brain, and we see such a hodgepodge of force. In fact, all this is not the real picture. This is how our brain depicts what it feels inside us.

When we begin to feel the upper world through The Book of Zohar, it shows us exactly those forces that stand before the earthly image and even higher, not all kinds of electrochemical reactions in the brain, but higher ones that control and determine them. This is called the upper world, the highest degree.

What does it give us? The ability to rise above the illusion of our world, above the illusion of the existence of our bodies, above the whole picture, which is drawn as if on the screen. In fact, it does not exist. Like in a cinema, if it were not for the projector, into which the reel is inserted and the film is spinning, there would be no picture.

This is how we live. Some picture is being scrolled for us, and we play in it as if it is real. We interact with it and with each other, so we see each other and we feel all this really exists. And suddenly, through The Book of Zohar, you begin to see that this is all a holographic picture. It doesn’t exist.

There are only forces that painted these pictures for you. You go back to their root, you begin to understand what it was all for, why, for what reason. And as if from this external picture, you begin to rise to its sources: where is it from and why. You ascend to higher realms.

In this case, you do not lose anything. On the contrary, you begin to feel everything that happens more vividly.

This is similar to how people come to me and show me an advertisement they want to make, for example, about Kabbalah. I look: “This is not right, something isn’t working.” And they tell me that there is a picture with eighteen million colors in the computer. But I only catch seven colors of the rainbow and some other shades. Where did eighteen million come from?

In fact, when we rise to the sources that these pictures give in our world, we begin to enrich ourselves billions of times more in all sensations. Vision, hearing, smell, taste, and tactile sensations develop, and each of them becomes a whole world! Therefore, it becomes so rich, and most importantly, eternal, perfect, and determines everything.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” # 1

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Striving To Attain The Creator

527.03When a person asks about the meaning of life, this question leads him to a search. Where did I come from? What am I for? Why do I exist? In principle, this question involuntarily directs us toward the revelation of the source of our existence, the Creator.

The Creator is not a god sitting somewhere on a cloud. It is nature that surrounds us and rules us. Unconsciously, we are constantly within His power and fulfill His desires, instructions, and laws.

The Creator, or the highest form of nature, its highest stage, is the property of goodness, bestowal, and love; an absolute property which includes all of creation. We do not yet feel it, but we are trying to reveal it.

The question regarding the meaning of life brings each of us to a search for the Creator, for the source, and for the reason for our existence. If I do not answer this question, then my whole life will become aimless, meaningless, and hateful. What should I do? Therefore, I start to look for the way to reveal the Creator.

This takes millennia; people engage in all kinds of systems of study including philosophy as well as other spiritual practices. Humanity has become lost in this because there are about 2,800 types of religions, beliefs, and teachings. None of them are based on anything; they are intended for a person to convince himself of their alleged truth and thus be able to exist.

However, there is a very interesting science called, “the science of revealing the Creator, ”that aims to reveal the Creator to a man in our world. Neither other sciences, nor religions, nor other beliefs or methods, set such a goal for themselves. This is known as the science of Kabbalah.

People who come to it are already prepared or partially prepared for this. But, they are also inside the process. As they begin to study Kabbalah, they go through many different stages that sift them as if through a sieve. Only a few really reach the revelation of the Creator. But, in our time, this, in principle, has been prepared for everyone. Therefore, everyone is invited.
From the TV program “Kabbalah – Science of Life” 3/1/18

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How To Find Way Into The Book Of Zohar

65Question: What will help us “get into” The Book of Zohar and understand it?

Answer: It is not so easy to get into this book. It is really secret, concealed. For thousands of years, no one could open it. As it happens, something exists, but hands do not reach it. But in our time, we are beginning to uncover it.

To uncover does not mean to understand the language in which it is written. To uncover The Book of Zohar means to bring yourself into its narrative, inside it.

Let’s say in childhood you pick up a book, for example, In Search of the Castaways, and when you read about their adventures, you enter them, sail with them on a ship, travel around the world: Patagonia, the tribes, and you are there with them.

But mom tells you “It’s time for bed.” You are forced to close the book, and you are already back at home, in your bed, falling asleep and breaking away from this fairy-tale world that was invented by somebody.

As children, we very often continue to live with the book’s characters, in some way we as if play these roles, talk like them. But then it passes. Life takes its toll. We develop more serious desires, more serious relationships. We are more connected with life than with books. Thus, the period when we live in books passes.

But not here. On the contrary, it turns out that you enter into The Book of Zohar and you live in it, and as if you lead a double life. On one hand, you live in our normal world. It is normal because that is how we are used to treating it, as perfectly normal, like all people do.

And at the same time, you exist in another dimension to which this book is gradually introducing you, to a world that does exist, not in your imagination. It is even brighter, more vivid, more powerful, more defining than the world you live in.

Moreover, you begin to understand, realize, feel, and see that the world you are now revealing actually controls this small world that you previously thought was the only one that exists.

When you close The Book of Zohar, the world that you entered does not disappear. After all, every time you open it, you perceive this world even more deeply, you open this world in yourself even deeper, you begin to feel that you already exist in it.

That is, the world that is revealed to you through The Book of Zohar exists here, along with this world. You feel it, see it, and interact with it. Every time it becomes clearer and richer. And you live in it.

It turns out that this is not a double, conditionally divided life, but both worlds mutually complement each other. However, the world that is now revealed to you is more majestic, strong, defining, and higher. All the powers come from it and control your little previous life.

Question: As a result, do I begin to identify more with this serious, big world?

Answer: This happens gradually because you see that everything is determined at the upper level, in the upper world. Our world is inside it. It follows as a consequence of the upper world, and you can already see how people and all sorts of events are determined precisely from it. It seems that a person is standing, then he moves, then he does or says something. And you see how they move him, do things through him, and talk through him.
From KabTVs “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #1

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How To Make Creation Perfect?

610.2The Creator has a big problem—He is perfect. How can He create something outside of Himself that is also perfect? Moreover, if He is perfect, then how can there be anything other than Him? And if there is something and it must necessarily be like the Creator, then what about His perfection? This raises a dilemma.

From our point of view, the Creator seems to be in a state of incomprehension, what is happening in general? What should He do with creation?

It turns out that in order for creation to be perfect, it must be created opposite to the Creator so that this opposite is realized in the likeness of Him. And although initially creation is the opposite, meaning absolutely imperfect, as a result of its transformation, it will become similar to the Creator.

Creation must take over from the Creator His perfection and clothe itself in it. Then both of them will be equal in external expression, and this will lead them to complete adhesion, similarity to each other, to complete love and reciprocity.

But inside creation there will still remain a point that is absolutely opposite to the Creator, meaning the desire to enjoy, think, and take care only of oneself. And in this way creation will be different from the Creator.

Therefore, the perfection of the Creator is in His nature of full bestowal and love. And the perfection of creation will manifest itself when it becomes similar to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah – Science of Life” 3/1/18

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Endless Pleasure

226The Creator is the absolute. He wants to express Himself. He has no other means but to show His love and express Himself in bestowal and love. Therefore, He created the creature to which He can give everything.

But the desire that arises in the created beings is limited; it cannot receive everything and enjoy the love of the Creator. That is the problem. Ultimately, as soon as the creation begins to accept the attitude of the Creator and fill itself with pleasure, the desire gradually dries up.

This usually happens during meals: the more I eat, the less appetite and feeling of pleasure I have from eating. My desire decreases to the point that I no longer want to eat, I push the food away and even feel repulsion toward it.

How can the Creator make the pleasure in His creation endless? This is His task.

And here comes the solution: it needs to be done in a way that the reception in the created being is not for its own sake. That it would enjoy not what it receives from the Creator but the fact that it delights the Creator.

Like a child, for example, when he eats just to satisfy himself, it is one thing, but when he eats for the sake of his mother, it is a completely different kind of pleasure. Then he rises, understands his mother’s attitude toward him, and they both enjoy each other, both are filled with pleasure. This is the purpose of creation.

Therefore, the creation is created in a special way. It goes through a special series of transformations until it is ready to enjoy for the sake of the Creator, just as the Creator enjoys fulfilling the creation. And by this, they become similar, united, and love one another.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah—the Science of Life” 3/1/18

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What To Worship?

582.02Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: Ethics cannot rely solely on education and public opinion, because public opinion necessitates only what is in the public’s favor. Hence, if one comes and proves that morality is harmful to the public and vulgarity is more beneficial, they will immediately discard morality and choose vulgarity, as Hitler testifies.

Question: It turns out that Baal HaSulam denies any education in the material plane and says that this will inevitably lead to Nazism. Hence, there must be some kind of higher ideal. But we see in religions that God, as the highest ideal, has not worked. So what can work?

Answer: Nature! They put God in an incomprehensible place, associating Him with some kind of priest. In general, they made of Him some kind of figure with all the attributes in all kinds of guises. For different people, for each group, it is different.

And if you destroy all these gods, idols, what will remain? Nothing! Only complete emptiness in which only the power of love is at work. Its disclosure to humanity is the manifestation of the Creator. This is what we should worship.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/10/20

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Tools Of The Spiritual Teacher

588.03Question: Which tools does a spiritual teacher use in order to focus and fine tune my internal attributes?

Answer: First it takes place only during the lesson in which we discuss different topics together, when students ask and the teacher explains. When the students interact with the teacher and try to understand him in depth, they seemingly enter him, and try to connect with him emotionally and not mentally.

Emotionally means in their desires, as it says: “make your desire like his desire.” This connection is very important. You don’t need to be physically close to the teacher in order to do that. You don’t need to be in direct contact with him and to sit in the same building with him.

I, for example, have a very good connection with the group in Santiago. I feel how close they are to me despite the physical distance.

There are groups that I have known for a long time, but which I don’t feel so closely, since it depends on the internal yearning for connection with each other.

Generally speaking, you need to understand that the teacher aspires for that and is ready for it, although he can also be blunt and tough. After all, it is an absolutely precise act with regard to the student. Everything is determined only by the need to be in mutual contact so that you will receive spiritual energy from me, the feeling, the understanding, the connection between what we study and our internal world, our actions.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/2/18

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