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Jews Of America, Part 2

400The Failure of Religion to Unite the Jews

Question: In the middle of the 19th century, a large wave of emigration of Jews from Germany and Austria to America began. Their number in the country increased by several tens of thousands. They were divided here into “aborigines,” who were the Sephardim living in America for several hundred years, and “Germans,” who had just arrived.

The well-established Sephardic community did not accept German (Ashkenazi) immigrants. As the American writer Stephen Birmingham wrote: “The newer immigrants were poor, they needed baths, they worked as foot peddlers, they spoke with accents. They lacked the social status that the Jewish first families had achieved, the breeding, the education, yet they called themselves brethren. …They were an embarrassment. By the early 1800’s, they were threatening to fling the fabric of Jewish society in America apart, threatening the ‘tribal’ feeling that is at the heart of all feelings of Jewishness.”

How did it happen that one religion and common traditions could not unite people in one family?

Answer: Jews cannot unite through religion. This has never happened in history. On the contrary, their amazing religion separates them.

And this is natural, because the real religion is the science of Kabbalah, which says that one must rise above all differences, above one’s egoistic nature. Only in this case will you be what is called a Jew, that is, someone that unites all of humanity.

And if this beginning is not in a person, if he does not understand his true cosmic function of uniting everyone and everything, then he is separated from the rest. Therefore, there is a huge fragmentation and separation within one family of all against all. There is no nation more internally disunited than the Jews.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/18/19

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Repeatability Of Results—The Law Of Recording Spiritual Sensations

525Question: What are the main laws of recording of spiritual sensations according to the science of Kabbalah?

Answer: Repeatable results, just as in any science, the reproduction of a result by a person who is able to check it on himself.

Kabbalah, like any science, needs verification. Moreover, it welcomes such checks tests that are repeated by renowned and respected Kabbalists. They review the research and approve the publication of a relevant book. Later others can also use this book.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/11/18

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The Departure Of Jews From Religion

559Question: During the Enlightenment, many Jews moved to cities. 70 to 80% of them were engaged in trade, worked in factories, enrolled in universities, served in the army, and created their own parties. There was a departure from religion.

Jews participated everywhere, even in the most anti-Semitic organizations. Among them were Mensheviks, Socialist-Revolutionaries, Bolsheviks, and even Black Hundreds.

A new division appeared, a religious one, which became one block, and the part that left religion. Why, from the point of view of the purpose of creation is such a withdrawal from the spiritual roots of the majority of Jews?

Answer: Neither Hasidim nor the Litvaks [Lithuanian Jews] suited people who needed a clear methodology. What is religion for? Where does it lead? What is its purpose, its meaning? Why is it given to the Jewish people?

This is a natural set of questions that arise among Jews who have gone through such long exiles, who emerged from the Middle Ages surrounded by other peoples, who also began to catch up, develop science, open universities, etc.

In addition, a vision about the Jewish masses was created as being completely intimidated, ignorant, very far from the modern, constantly developing world. Therefore, there was a very serious difference between the progressive Jewish strata who went into science, art, and those who remained in the Jewish villages, in their yeshivas [Jewish educational institutions devoted to Talmudic study].

Question: But from the point of view of spiritual development is it good that people leave their history and forget everything?

Answer: This story has outlived its usefulness since it existed on the ruins of the destroyed Temple. It had no opportunity to continue further. There is a time to scatter stones and a time to collect them.

But to this day, echoes of that period are felt, although in our time not so much because the leaders of the religious part of the people realized that something had to be done, to somehow develop further.

Therefore, in recent years, they no longer alienate people from approaching science, from acquiring normal occupations.

Earlier, if a person wanted to live a religious life, he condemned himself to a beggarly existence without a normal profession. His family lived on a level lower than the rest of the Jews that were engaged in civilian practices.

Therefore, having received the rights, the Jews rushed to the cities, to factories. When the Bolsheviks came to power, Jews became the bulk of the leadership in all parties and organizations. Not only men, but also women. Paradoxically, most of the Soviet leaders had Jewish wives.

For more on this topic, read my book The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism, Historical facts on anti-Semitism as a reflection of Jewish social discord.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 12/28/19

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Development Of Hasidism

427.01Question: In the early 30s of the 18th century, a new movement appeared—Hasidism. What was it?

Answer: In the 16th century, since the appearance in Safed of the school of the great Kabbalist of the Middle Ages, Ari, the spiritual ascent of the Jews began in the Land of Israel, as well as in all the countries of the diaspora, since the ties between the Jews were quite close.

No one doubted that the Ari was a special person. He called the people to unification, spiritual ascent, the development of Kabbalah, the revelation of the Creator, and the fulfillment by the Jews of their spiritual destiny. As a result, groups of Jews appeared in many countries of the world who followed his idea.

This is what led to the emergence of Hasidism. The Ari’s direct follower was the Baal Shem Tov, who lived in Eastern Europe in the 18th century. He preached the teachings of the Ari in a practical way: how Jews in connection with each other can reveal the Creator.

This idea was warmly received by Jews who lived in the southern part of Eastern Europe in lands belonging to Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and the present territory of Belarus. The Jews who inhabited the northern lands, including Germany and the countries of the present Baltic states belonged to the opponents of the Baal Shem Tov. They did not agree that it was necessary to raise the spiritual part of the people.

Their opposition reached the point that they even reported on each other to the tsarist authorities. This is how great problems arose that still exist among the believing masses.

In addition, you need to understand that the resettlement of Jews in Europe, Asia, Russia, and in the world, in general, took place under the influence of higher forces, like the entire movement of man in this world. Therefore, those whose souls were more predisposed to spiritual development settled in Poland, southern Belarus, Ukraine and southern Russia. Opponents of spiritual development, who set as their goal only dry fulfillment of the laws of the Torah, settled in the Baltic States and northern Russia.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 12/9/19

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Fast Transition To Change

214Question: To introduce the method of connection, one needs to implement several practical tips. First, use the media. This is the instructive and educational stage.

We see how mass media today influences and shapes public opinion. Therefore, it is possible to change public perception by constantly advertising that everything depends on the unity of people. Then this value will be more important than any personal qualities of an individual.

Second, open—and this already exists today—research centers for studying the unification of humankind.

Third, the upbringing of children in schools. Indeed, only knowledge is given in them today but not upbringing.

It is also necessary to develop specific training programs for the unemployed, inmates, people living alone, and other segments of the population.

How long do you think it would take to implement all this? And how long will it take to learn new communication skills between people?

Answer: If people see this as an urgent, collective necessity for humanity, which is practically facing the threat of destruction, then this will be realized very quickly and accepted in the shortest period of time. It can be hours, days, or weeks. It all depends on how clear it becomes to people that a terrible fate is hanging over them.

Question: Will suffering be the catalyst for this process?

Answer: Undoubtedly! Only that! Man is an egoist. If he feels good, he will not lift a finger. And it takes energy to lift a finger.

Remark: But he wants to get better.

My Reply: Depending on where it is better: “Do I understand what is better? Am I sure of this? No, I will look at others for now.”

Unfortunately, this will not work in a positive way. We see that a person is used to lying on the sofa. And only if he is approached by someone with a stick does he jump up.

Question: Is it still possible to positively come to changes in human psychology regarding relations with other people?

Answer: I hope so. At least such an example should be given to humanity. I work in this direction as much as possible. True, I am not engaged in the dissemination of Kabbalah among the broad masses, but I teach Kabbalah as a method of correcting certain special individuals who have an internal predisposition for this. I hope that in this way it will be possible to educate true teachers of the generation. And that generation is already taking shape.

Question: I know that Kabbalists are not engaged in predicting the future. Still, could you specify a time frame for when will the people of Israel be able to become a conduit? How long can it take?

Answer: I think that this will happen within the next few years. This will require some pressure from above, but in principle, people can grasp this very quickly. All the conditions for it exist today.

Therefore, visit our website and try to master our materials. This science will definitely come in handy for you anywhere any time, and you will not get away from it. Correcting the world is the goal of all humanity. And first of all, our goal.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 12/9/19

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Agreeing With The Teacher

604.01Question: If I do not really understand what the teacher tells me or I do not agree with what he says, does it interfere with my receiving the light through him?

Answer: You need to accept everything the teacher says as the absolute truth, and at the same time scrutinize it, because if you don’t agree with something, you must understand it and agree, since this is the reason that you develop.

No one is forcing you to close your eyes and agree with the teacher in advance, but you are called upon to accept his perspective and reach the state in which you will attain it and agree with it. If you begin to see flaws in it in advance, you will not advance.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 9/16/18

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Mutual Guarantee—The Law Of Nature

275Mutual guarantee is a global law of nature, the most important and defining. There is nothing higher than it. The Creator wants the creatures to know this law. And the creation can only attain something through the contrast of opposites.

And so the Creator created us as opposed to mutual guarantee, that is, separated, unconnected, shattered, and full of all forms of egoism. We must rise above these egoistic forces of separation and begin to connect the creation anew.

There are four degrees in creation that allow you to fully reveal the Creator. In this way they were created by the force of unity, which came out of the Creator and created the four stages of direct light. Then they descended further, breaking apart and separating, creating degrees and worlds until they reached this world and turned into all kinds of substances. The substances broke down further: into molecules, atoms, subatomic and elementary particles.

But the main work of man is not to delve into physical or chemical research, into elementary particles, but to connect all the parts of creation on all levels: both physical matter and its spiritual embodiment, into one whole, and to return to the original state from which it was broken.

Creation, equivalent in form to the Creator, fully follows the law of mutual guarantee. By the same degrees that the worlds descended, shattered, and divided, creation now rises back up, binds, and connects, first transforming itself from physical material into spiritual. Spiritual matter is one where the law of unity, mutual guarantee, is fulfilled more and more.

The separation and descent of the worlds to the very bottom, down to physical matter, was done in order to enable us to bring the entire creation to unity through our own efforts because “One” is the name of the Creator. In other words, we need to recreate the law of mutual guarantee between all parts of creation.

If we do not do this in time, the process of breakage continues, and we experience more and more new problems and diseases in our lives, that is, separation at all levels: inanimate, vegetative, animal, and human. On the animal level, separation manifests as diseases of the body, on the inanimate and vegetative levels, as natural disasters.

The only thing we need is to comply with the law of mutual guarantee. We have only one task: to connect all the parts of creation into a single integrated system, into “One, Unique and Unified,” except for whom, there is nothing. This law binds all parts of nature by a simple formula called Mutual Guarantee, (Arvut) by which everything exists in perfect harmony. The feeling of this harmony is called the attainment of the Creator by the creation.

The Creator has deliberately shattered this law of mutual guarantee in order to give everyone a point of his “I”—the point of shattering from which he can feel himself existing and attaining unity, mutual guarantee. This is how we embody the name of the Creator, reveal Him, and put him as a king over creation.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam,The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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Managing Stress, Part 7

559Why do religious people suffer less from stress?

Question: It is a well-known fact that religious people suffer less from stress. What is the reason?

Answer: It is because they believe that there is a higher purpose and upper forgiveness. So they believe that everything will be fine in the end. It does not matter how they act or what happens, everything is predetermined from above the way it should be, and therefore, what will be, will be, and for the best.

Question: Does reading prayers and texts such as Psalms help to manage stress?

Answer: Of course. Take any text, start reading it, and you will see that you have a completely new sense of reality. I am not saying that you actually change yourself or your reality, but it is reassuring. This is the meaning of religion.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/25/20

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Why Has The Creator “Destroyed” The Ideal State?

75.01Question: Why should we correct something if we have not spoiled anything through our own will?

Answer: The plan of creation is predetermined and we are invited to correct it, just like when we buy a small child a puzzle or give him the parts of a construction toy and invite him to assemble it so that he will develop, so that he will understand the world better and develop.

We actually don’t correct anything. The Creator initially created an ideal state and then destroyed it on purpose so that by reconnecting each particle with the others, we will reach the state of the absolute whole. In other words, so that as a result of our work we will attain the wholeness that was determined in the initial state.

The difference between the initial state and the ultimate state is in our awareness, in our multiplying ourselves by ourselves and attaining all the combinations, all the combinatorics between us, and thus reach the whole state, the understanding of the internal essence, of what the Creator has actually done, the reason for it, what He has filled the desire with, and what the essence of the light is.

By attaining that, a person becomes equal to the Creator in his understanding, in the recognition of the whole process of creation, and ascends above the corporeal world to the world of forces, to the state of infinity, and eternity.

This is infinite attainment and recognition, which are independent of the parameters of time, space, and motion.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 9/16/18

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The Three States Of Creation

laitman_548.02There are three states according to the thought of creation: the initial state–Adam, the second state–our individual ego, and the third state, which we have to attain–the ascent above our ego despite the egoistic network that divides us and integrating in unity between us.

In order to reach the third state, we need to multiply the first state (the desire to receive) times the second state (our individual ego) so that we have a huge egoistic desire.

Then we have to turn this desire into a connection between us so that the egoistic networks that divide us will connect us. Thus, we will reach the third state in which we will be in complete bestowal. This is the Creator’s attribute and this is what we need to attain.

No one is asking us if this is necessary or not. Everything is programmed so that eventually we will reach one desire for one attribute, for bestowal. Then it will be revealed to us that we are connected between us and filled with the Creator.

If we spread these three states on a timeline, the first state is the beginning of the creation, the second state is the correction, and the third state is the end of creation.

The correction is gradual. If we count from zero to 6,000 years. Today we are actually in the last phase, in the year 5779, and there are about 221 years left until the end of correction.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 9/16/18

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