Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are two approaches to life. The first approach is to devote most of our attention to this world, getting as much pleasure out of it as possible. This is why humanity conquers space and explores the depths of an atom. All this is work with the matter.

But the wisdom of Kabbalah says that instead of flying to distant stars we need to delve into the depth of a human being. The world is uncovered within us, we see the world within ourselves. A person perceives the reality with his consciousness and therefore, by changing it he changes the reality.

Reality is a reflection of our inner qualities. By correcting our inner qualities, we begin to see the spiritual world. And by returning to our original egoistic characteristics, we see this world.

That is why even in relation to the Torah there are two approaches. There are those who observe the commandments of the Torah only in their actions, thinking that the Torah describes external observance. And that is why such Torah is called external, because it is observed only through physical actions and words. But there are people called Kabbalists who believe that following the Torah is an internal action, carried out by changing human nature.

By working in the group according to the method of Kabbalah and attracting the Light that Reforms, a person begins to fulfill the Torah and the commandments not only with hands, legs, and words, but through the desire that is corrected with the help of the Light and divided into 613 parts. And this why it is said, “the opinion of the Torah is opposite to the opinion of the masses.”

The external approach is also associated with the study of nature by regular sciences, the aspiration to explore the depths of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels, and to transform the world by changing nature and governments externally. 

In contrast, the wisdom of Kabbalah says that if the world is the result of our perception, then it is necessary to correct only our perception, our inner qualities. Only in this manner can we change the world, humanity, man, and all of reality to such an extent that we will begin to experience the world as eternal, perfect, and limitless.

For this reason the opinion of the masses differs from that of the Torah, and there is nothing that can be done about this, it is not possible to bring them together. Little by little the upper Light operates on humanity, advancing it toward the need to acknowledge the truth and realize that all of reality exists within. There is nothing outside of us, everything is perceived within our awareness.

The passage from the general world-view, accepted by all humanity that perceives the world as external to them, to the world as a product of perception within human awareness, is called liberation. The eyes of the masses will open and they will begin to approach the truth.

Then the wisdom of Kabbalah will be revealed not only to specific individuals, but to all, and it will explain to all of humanity its mission and the purpose of man in this reality.

Everyone will realize that our world is not this planet Earth, where we are destined to be born and die, but that it is a small stop-over station, a starting point, from which we have to begin to develop further.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/30/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Daat Baalei Baitam Hafuha Midaat Torah (The Mind of the Landlords Is Opposed to the Reason of the Torah)”

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