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The Goal Provided By Nature

255Question: Was the entire development of humanity only to come to an understanding of the collapse of egoistic development?

Answer: This goal is foreseen by nature. It is described in The Book of the Zohar to the smallest consequences up to our time and even further.

Question: Why did humanity need the path of suffering?

Answer: We need to be aware of our state of impasse, our wrong behavior, and all the bumps we have felt so that then we have something to fix.

It is from the realization of evil and its gradual, consistent correction that we will begin to understand the program of nature. We must definitely see that in this I was wrong, in this I went wrong. We will remember the entire history of mankind—how we gnawed, killed each other, fought, divorced, got together, died, lived, and corrected it because it was egotistically wrong.

Correcting it now, in ourselves, we should not go back thousands of years. Everything will happen very quickly, within months. But it is by feeling, realizing, and correcting our various past problems and mistakes, which we have accumulated throughout the entire development of civilization, that we come to know the upper layer of nature, the upper governance.

Why did it negatively affect us? It is according to our negative behavior. And if I change this behavior to a positive one, how will it affect me? In practice, I follow the same program, only I correct it.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/19/09

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“Criticism – A Progeny Of The Ego” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Criticism – a Progeny of the Ego

To an extent, we’re all critical of others. In fact, criticizing others is a treat few can pass up. Regrettably, criticism is actually our own ego adoring itself. Self-righteousness and righteous indignation give us such a sense of superiority that most of us cannot resist.

We always compare ourselves to others. Whether we’re aware of it or not, this is how we develop self-esteem. Therefore, the lower I view others, the higher I view myself. And if I can’t elevate myself, I will engage solely in lowering others. This is the reason for our tendency to patronize and belittle other people. Just as people once believed that the Earth is at the center of the universe, we, too, feel that we are the center of Creation this way, even if we don’t admit it to ourselves.

Currently, our egos have grown to a point where they wish to destroy others. It is evident primarily in international relations, but if you consider the rising social tensions between ethnic groups, cultures, religions, and political views, it is clear that we are heading for a clash. The only way to prevent it is to realize that we are dependent on each other. Without the existence of the opposite view, my own view will become null and void.

However, like all other inherently negative traits, we can turn criticism into a constructive force that brings a lot of good. Envy is a potent and tormenting emotion. When we see others succeed, it arouses in us both envy and fear for our position. Naturally, we will criticize them passionately. However, had it not been for envy, we would not have created civilization. Envy creates competition, and competition creates progress. If we understand this, we will realize that our own development depends on the development of others. The trick is to keep the envy and the competition balanced, and not go overboard, as is happening today.

Currently, our egos have grown to a point where they wish to destroy others. It is evident primarily in international relations, but if you consider the rising social tensions between ethnic groups, cultures, religions, and political views, it is clear that we are heading for a clash. The only way to prevent it is to realize that we are dependent on each other. Without the existence of the opposite view, my own view will become null and void. Moreover, we wouldn’t even think in the direction we are thinking now, since our view is a reaction to the opposite view.

Take Socialism, for example. Without Capitalism, the whole idea of Socialism would not have emerged, and the noble ideas about society it has contributed would never have appeared.

We therefore see that criticism, the progeny of the ego, is ruinous unless we realize that precisely thanks to the matter or the person being criticized, there is merit to our criticism and our own ideas. If we keep this in mind, criticism will lead to growth and prosperity. Otherwise, we’d better keep it to ourselves, for our own good.

Egoism Breaks The Boundaries

508.2Comment: A few decades ago, the human factor was emphasized in the relationship between men and women.

My Response: Today, this factor does not exist at all. Even then, a man was very small, ostentatious. Men and women played flirting games with each other. It was a superficial, external culture.

But inside, it wasn’t like that. People had a little selfishness, less demand on each other. They were more dependent on society: I can’t get a divorce, I’m held back by some social framework, laws, and conventions.

None of this is happening now. I calmly talk about everything: who I am, what I am, what my sexual inclinations are, what I have on the side. And nothing. I’m free, I’m an adult, and that’s it.

It turns out that the family in this form cannot exist for a long time. We are leading ourselves to its final disintegration. This is only hindered by the fact that there are still various societies in the world, for example, Catholic and Muslim, which are against divorce.

China and India have not yet outgrown their traditional framework. Wait a couple more years, and we’ll see the world in a perfect farce. Then people will finally understand that they have broken all the boundaries with their egoism and made themselves unmanageable. And without control, we go into such chaos that a person just has to close their eyes to not see anything. This is the only way he can be saved.

It is then that people will come to understand that they need to know the source of nature, why this happens, how to correct themselves and their attitude to nature. And then they will need Kabbalah.

Question: What does it mean to correct yourself?

Answer: To correct means, without limiting yourself, to properly manage your egoistic nature. Egoism is good because it moves us forward. But it moves us incorrectly, because we are under it, we indulge it.

And if we can manage it properly to move toward the goal set by nature, if we see our future, which in principle is already prepared for us, then we will achieve universal harmony.

The problem is that a person does not know what is ahead of him, what will happen today in a minute, and even more so tomorrow. And Kabbalah reveals this perspective, and it becomes clear to us where to go. And then immediately there is a correct analysis of good and evil, what needs to be eliminated and what does not.

But today, everyone judges the world by himself, everyone believes that he is right. And so the world is what it is.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/11/09

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Under The Power Of The Environment

423.03Question: You say that we should not consume more than our body requires. Until a certain point, humanity followed this path. What happened next?

Answer: Then man began to develop incorrectly due to incorrect social development. The fact is that if a person existed on his own, regardless of society, then he would only do things in order to maintain his body, provide himself with the necessary nutrition, and ensure his procreation.

That is, all our bodily needs are reduced to food, sex, and family. We have natural internal needs for them, and within this framework they have to be realized.

But man is also under the control of the environment. In animals, the relationship between them and the environment is clearly regulated by their instincts. And we, people, develop huge social desires for wealth, power, fame, and knowledge that go beyond our instincts.

These four kinds of desires can only be satisfied at the expense of society. Self-provision is not called wealth. Wealth is measured in relation to others, as are power and fame. And knowledge is in relation to all of nature.

In other words, when my egoistic desires go beyond what is necessary for my body and exceed the normal fulfillment required to exist for a certain number of years, I begin to subjugate the surrounding nature and society. It is then that egoism manifests itself, which ultimately destroys us.

Question: On what basis does a Kabbalist claim that the essence of man is the desire to enjoy?

Answer: This question should not be addressed to a Kabbalist. Everyone knows this: biologists, zoologists, physiologists, and psychologists. Man only desires pleasure. We see the world only from the perspective of where can you receive the maximum pleasure or what should you run away from, so that it does not hurt.

Only toward pleasures and only far away from suffering, this is how we are directed, this is how we act, willing or not.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/19/09

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Break The Vicious Circle

220Humanity in its development has advanced to the current level and now begins to understand that everything that society imposes on us, in principle, is to our detriment. We litter the environment, kill our life, disconnect from the family, from our children.

Instead of working a few hours a day and getting only the necessities of life, a person works twelve hours a day. For what? Only to produce what is considered valuable by society, otherwise, he will not respect himself, how he will look at his neighbors, and how his children will look at him.

It turns out that it is a vicious cycle created by us, which makes us much more unhappy than animals.

Question: A person is a desire to enjoy, he is drawn to what, as it seems to him, makes sense. He runs after some wrappings and thinks that in this he will find something, but in the end he finds nothing. What, in principle, is he to blame? And what is it all for?

Answer: So that we are disappointed in our natural, thoughtless, selfish development, and see how all this leads us to complete destruction. Look what families, children, and homes are now! All the most ordinary, natural, healthy, and normal suddenly disappears somewhere, distorts, and breaks. We cannot enjoy even such simple things.

We have invented all sorts of values and standards for ourselves, and we chase them. And as a result, we get depressed, which today is the first problem in the world, and we use drugs, otherwise we will not be able to keep up with this pace or this life in which I hate everyone, including myself.

Everyone needs a personal psychologist. Children at the age of twelve or thirteen leave home, break away from their parents. Where are they, what’s wrong with them?

Now a generation is growing that cannot get anything from us. We have nothing to give them. Baby animals are always raised by their parents. In this respect, we are the same animals. Who will bring up our children? What skills will they be able to acquire on their own? Imagine what kind of suffering they will have to go through in life before they find the correct algorithm of behavior.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/19/09

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Understand Your Essence

28.02Question: What is a person, according to Kabbalah? What is his essence?

Answer: The nature of our world is divided into inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels. According to our current state, we belong to the animate level, because like any animal, we are engaged in the maintenance of our body, our earthly life.

Except animals serve themselves with the help of instincts within the framework that commands them and pushes them to ensure their existence, and we are commanded not only by personal instincts, but mainly by those that are determined by society, the environment.

In principle, animals also have a family, a camp, leaders. But still, it is based on a clearly natural, instinctive control that comes from within. Their hierarchy and struggle are realized directly and simply, while in humans it is very difficult.

We do not understand by what algorithm we should act in connection with each other and in connection with the surrounding society. We are not aware of how society commands us and determines our development, our values, and how it guides us.

In this, man is simply confused and unhappy compared to animals. They know exactly what they want, they are in clear preservation of their offspring and their environment as far as ecology allows them. But a human is not.

It is constantly aimed at self-destruction. After all, what is given to us by nature is not directed to our earthly development. We should not develop only in the plane of serving our body, pushing unnecessary pleasures, food, sex, wealth, and so on into ourselves. We see that, in fact, it does not bring any happiness or fulfillment, no real profit, but only darkens our lives.

We are misdirecting all our actions. If we could correctly use our social desires—fame, power, wealth, knowledge—to direct us to attain a higher level, to the state of “human,” then we would really reach the level of “Human.”
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/19/09

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“What Does Amalek Mean In The Bible?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What does Amalek mean in the Bible?

Amalek is a quality that is very close to us. It appears to be absolutely evil, a disturbance that needs to be destroyed, and not only destroyed, but it is written that even its memory should be erased. However, nothing was created unnecessarily. Everything in existence was created solely to benefit our development.

Amalek is a quality that helps us develop optimally, and it constantly guards us. It is as if we walk along a path, and wherever we can fall or deviate from it, thorns appear and send us a “Keep away!” warning signal. That is how Amalek stands guard to guide us in the right direction.

The desire comes from Amalek and unwillingness also comes from him.

In Hebrew, Amalek is a shortened form of the words “Al Minat Lekabel,” which means “in order to receive.” It describes the egoistic intention over a desire—to receive for one’s own personal benefit. It is written about such an intention, “I have created the evil inclination; I have created the Torah, a spice.” The evil inclination (the egoistic use of desire) is positioned directly against the Torah, which means both spiritual light (Ohr) and also spiritual instruction (Hora’ah).

They both operate on us in order to guide us to a balanced state between the two.

We thus need to relate respectfully to Amalek, i.e., to the ego, since it is a necessary quality for us to establish our spiritual connection. The evil inclination—the ego—which resists and incites us against spirituality—the quality of love, bestowal and positive connection—helps us discover our spiritual connection by showing us how to find such a connection where we initially discover the qualities of Amalek, i.e., the egoistic intention.

Amalek is thus a very cunning quality that shows us the extent to which we are immersed in thoughts and desires for self-benefit, and when we see this egoistic intention operating on us, we can then identify how we need to act in an opposite direction.

Amalek, the ego, thus develops our spiritual skills, letting us attain more spiritual qualities of love, bestowal and connection by showing us the opposites of those spiritual qualities within us.

Based on the Daily Kabbalah Lesson with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on April 18, 2021.
Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

Transition To Different Levels Of Consciousness

738Question: At the level of inanimate nature, particles, for example, electrons, obey the laws of physics. Is this their sense of the higher information field?

Answer: Yes, they absolutely, completely, blindly follow the instructions of this field, the instructions of the Creator.

Question: And how does the transition to higher levels of consciousness take place, say, from vegetative to animate?

Answer: In this case, desire jumps to a completely new level. If the still level only cares about its constant state and does not want to change in any way, then the vegetative level, on the contrary, treats the environment creatively. According to its nature, it wants to receive as much beneficial things as possible and to expel everything that is harmful to it, and thus grow.

The next, animate level is even greater. In order to get something beneficial from the surrounding world and give back everything unnecessary or harmful to it, the animal develops movement, special properties for absorption, excretion, and so on.

And man is already working at the highest level, the spiritual level. The difference between a human and the previous animate level is that he must work consciously, with desire, with intention, but not physically.

Question: It turns out that the field increases egoism so much that it manifests itself as a change in the structure of a material object. That is: plants uniting form animate tissues, and they are already capable of realizing this desire?

Answer: Yes. Not only the number of elements in the atom increases, but the atoms themselves and the molecules themselves, their combinations, become completely different. Their combinations acquire a new essence. This is not only their collection and some new physicochemical properties, but they are really capable of memorizing, giving out information, and exchanging it among themselves. This is how active, radioactive elements, etc. appear.

We see how still, vegetative, and animate nature gradually develop. All transitions from level to level and intermediate states that appear during transitions between these properties are explained in Kabbalah.

Question: Is all this is unambiguously controlled by Reshimot (information records)? Are there no coincidences?

Answer: Everything is determined to such a tiny scale that we cannot observe it. But this is absolutely clearly legitimized in nature.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/22/19

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Find Out What Is Happening To Us

963.6All nature—still, vegetative, and animate —develops according to its own laws. We humans are also part of animate nature. But there is another part in us, which is called “human.”

It is interesting that the constantly growing egoism in us is the human component that drives us toward development. But we are misusing it.

That is, our body is an animal, and our spiritual component, the human in us (in this animal there is something else called a man), does not develop according to natural laws. It is given to us so that we ourselves develop it correctly, but we cannot manage it.

First of all, we must reach the realization of evil, that by natural egoistic development we cannot bring ourselves to a right life, to a good, kind state. When we put ourselves on the brink of disappearance, extermination, destruction, then humanity will come to its senses. This is stated in Kabbalah, and this should be decided in the coming years.

Question: What if people don’t listen?

Answer: They will listen, they will make you suffer. After all, our nature is the desire to enjoy. Therefore, if we experience suffering, we are ready to do everything to get rid of it. And now we are stuffing ourselves with bumps, we are introducing ourselves into suffering, which ultimately will unite in such huge, unbearable sensations that we will be ready to change everything.

Question: But what way out does a person have today?

Answer: Find out what is happening to us. This is revealed by the wisdom of Kabbalah. It tells about the history of our development, starting with the higher forces of nature, how the network of forces in the universe was created, and then gradually the universe and everything in it was formed, and where this should lead us.

The wisdom of Kabbalah has nothing to do with religion. All religions are only 2,000 years old. And Kabbalah originated in ancient Babylon. The first Kabbalistic books date from this period.

Today Kabbalah is becoming so popular and in demand because by studying it we begin to understand the origins of our nature, our life, and our development.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/11/09

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Consciousness In The Lower Levels Of Matter

707Question: You said that the feeling of the informational field within us can be called consciousness. What are the consciousness of the lower levels of matter: inanimate, vegetative, and animate?

Answer: These levels also perceive the surrounding informational field even much closer than we do. Being a part of this field, they do not disturb it with their nature or their distortions. Therefore, we say that they live instinctively.

All members of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature include fields that direct and control them. Thus, from the part of the object, there is no participation in the upper management, they simply instinctively comply with what it dictates.

Just like small children who are at first like animals, but when they grow up, something called egoism appears in them, i.e., a conscious intention to use their qualities for their own benefit and preferably to the detriment of others.

There is nothing you can do about it. It intentionally appears in a person so that we, having independently risen above our egoistic quality, would become at least equal to Him and in this regard reach the level of the Creator. The fact is that the egoistic quality is an addition to our animate nature, which comes from the opposite side of the Creator, and we must treat it with respect.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/22/19

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