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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 7/28/19

laitman_962.8Question: Humanity is evolving all the time; does this mean that it is becoming more compassionate, kind, and just?

Answer: No way! In the process of the development of egoism, we become more callus, rude, and have stopped being sensitive to each other. Of course, you can ask: “How can this be? After all, humans used to be barbaric!” Yes, but they were better able to understand each other. The more sensitive we become, the more sophisticated we are.

Question: Are our studies and dissemination advancing quickly enough or are we not advancing fast enough?

Answer: The speed depends on you.

Question: How will my egoism desire the truth if it depends on society and also negates this society by transcending it?

Answer: First you must learn all of this in your ten and only after that think about something else. It could be that this will take you a few years. Therefore, it is impossible in the meantime to talk about any other society. Do not build any illusions. All of this must be properly organized in the ten.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah.” 7/28/19

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Dissolve Our Egoism

laitman_963.8Question: How can I not be afraid of the feeling that I am dissolving?

Answer: If a person feels very ill, he is ready to dissolve without fear. Everyone has such moments when he is ready to disappear, not to hear anything, not to exist.

If we increase the importance of spirituality, we reach such a state where it is worth dissolving our egoism for the sake of attaining spirituality.
From the Convention In Moldova “Day One” 9/6/19, Lesson 2, “To Become Ready to Be Influenced by the Society”

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Racing Against Growing Egoism

Laitman_115.05Question: Is the attainment of the future state in the present possible because the future already exists in spirituality and I just reveal it?

Answer: There is no present, past and future. It is all determined in our egoism. Therefore, we feel these parameters in us, in our qualities, and in our desires.

To the extent that our desires are corrected, we will begin to feel the corrected world and as if climb it. If not, we will feel the world falling more and more because our egoism is constantly growing.
It all depends on the extent to which we race against growing egoism.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 7/14/19

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laitman_959Remark: There are people in Japan called Hikikomori. These are people who withdraw into themselves, isolate themselves, confine themselves to their homes; they do not go anywhere. Some never leave their homes and earn money by freelancing on the internet. Japan has more and more of these people.

My Comment: Very well. They live and have acquired a virtual identity for themselves. They should be given an opportunity to develop in various ways through this virtual identity. Each person will decide, according to their own egoism, what is best and more convenient for them.

They do not cost the government anything, they do not harm anyone, they do not kill or steal—nothing like that. That is all good. They do not sneak out at night to do something bad.

I would put all people on this “diet,” this lifestyle.

But, in order to achieve a higher life, a higher purpose, to acquire the ability to sense it, to come out of ourselves, to rise above this meager collection of still, vegetative, animate, and human bodies, our world, for this ascension, a person must exit one’s cell and begin to unite. But unite in the right way!

Question: Will they be able to break through and grow after some time? What will they achieve by sitting in solitude and not stepping outside? What will happen to them?

Answer: The question about the meaning of life will come to them. It will occur to each of them.

I am certain that people will begin to distance themselves from this hectic, raging mass, from this “Manhattan” that has spread all over the world. Thanks to emerging technologies, all the commuting from office to office, to and from work, will be reduced. Humanity will engage in inner work with the help of computers, producing a more internal intellectual product.

Therefore, many people will be confined to their homes, not just the Japanese. It is ecologically sound, cleaner, easier, more agreeable to people. Even the Torah says: “Happy is the one who earns a living not having to leave his home.”

Question: What what will it lead to?

Answer: People keep developing, their desire keeps growing, as is intended by nature, from above; they will start to feel: “What is it all for?”

Right now, humanity is preoccupied with their “games,” not realizing what kind of question is hanging over them. They will come to the meaning of life. The truth.

Question: A breakthrough toward it? From what, an outcry?

Answer: From a growing, expanding inner need. Actually, this is sweet suffering because it tells you about the search, that you are a human!

Question: Does this mean there is a great joy somewhere out there, but I have yet to discover it?

Answer: Yes. I have not discovered it yet, but it is shining at me from afar. That is, I am already connected to it but now I have to move toward it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/2/19

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New Life #275 – The Ego And I, Part 2

New Life #275 – The Ego and I, Part 2
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

As of today, we are recognizing the evil inherent to egoistic development and are moving into a new approach in which we are all concerned about social connection, equality, and reciprocity. A new vision is rising that will also bring us into balance with the ecological environment we live in. The true self is one that enjoys life in all its fullness. The power to make a change like this is latent in nature and integral education is the method for locating it. This requires a higher power that is revealed when everyone is connected as in one heart.
From KabTV’s “New Life #275 – The Ego and I, Part 2”

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New Life #274 – The Ego And I, Part 1

New Life #274 – The Ego and I, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

The ego is self-love. Without it nothing could exist, including both pain and pleasure. The ego develops via four stages in nature: the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking or human levels. People are unique in their desire to exploit others for their own pleasure. We want what others have. We enjoy harming and humiliating others in order to feel superior. When people want to connect with others, they reveal resistance (the evil inclination). We have reached the peak of the ego’s development and are evolving into a new form of development based on mutual connection and harmony with others and with nature as a whole.

From KabTV’s “New Life #274 – The Ego and I, Part 1,” 12/29/13

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In The Cage Of Your Egoism

Laitman_115.05Question: A man, unlike an animal, can see some kind of pleasure in the future, calculate the steps and get to it, giving up on enjoyment at the intermediate stages.

Why, with such a huge intellect, can’t he rationally calculate the state of equilibrium with nature? Why do all his rational attempts to build a balanced society constantly fail?

Answer: Because he is inside his egoistic nature. He cannot calculate anything.

Comparing one egoism relative to another, in what he wins or loses more, he still finds himself inside his egoism. He is not free. He does not have the second degree of freedom. What he considers freedom is the illusion of staying under the influence of an external coercive force.

Question: Can’t he calculate: “If I use my egoism, I will feel bad?”

Answer: This is how we always try to get away from troubles. But this does not mean that we are free. I am constantly running away from egoistic blows: a stick from here, a stick from there, and this is how I tumble around from morning to evening.

Look what is happening on the streets, in buses, in the subway, in offices, everywhere. Look at all this human anthill! Where can we talk about freedom?

There is no freedom. It is possible to choose, at any given moment, at the most, as it seems to me, comfortable state of all possibilities. That is all.

I choose from what is given to me, but I am always limited. The Creator shines upon me through the corrected state, but I am not yet corrected. Naturally, I do not understand His influence on me at all. Where is he driving me? What does He want from me at every moment? If I do not know this, then what kind of freedom of will can there be?
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/12/19

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Evolution Of Desires, Part 12

laitman_546.02What does Kabbalah lead us to?

Bluntly speaking, everyone’s nature is to use the life of all creatures in the world for his own benefit. Everything that the person gives to his neighbor is only done forcedly, under compulsion. (Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”)

Question: Baal HaSulam writes that each uses the other in different ways. Only about 10% of people have an altruistic orientation. But still, as the Baal HaSulam emphasizes, they are altruistic selfishly, for their own sake.

What does Kabbalah want to lead us to?

Answer: First of all, Kabbalah teaches us what our nature is: we are absolute egoists at all levels. But we do not need to correct ourselves at the inanimate, animate, and vegetative levels because we are unable to do this.

We need to correct ourselves only at the human level, that is, in society. We must create a society in which we will be harmoniously connected with each other, replace each other, support each other.

Only in a network of connection between each other, in the right communication between us, can we rise above egoism. And then all other levels of egoism—inanimate, vegetative, animal—will also join the human level.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/3/18

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laitman_627.1Obstacle to Unity

Baal HaSulam, “Matan Torah” (The Giving of the Torah) Item 12: “A wild ass shall be turned into man” (Job 11:12), because when one emerges out of the bosom of Creation, one is in utter filth and lowliness, meaning a multitude of self-love that is imprinted in him, whose every movement revolves solely around himself, without a shred of bestowal upon others.”

Question: The person is originally born an egoist. As I understand it, in Kabbalah, it is the egocentric perception that needs to be corrected?

Answer: This is a specific egoism. It requires correction.

This is not about animal egoism when everyone instinctively wants to take a certain posture, to do some kind of calculation so that he is well. This is a natural egoism, there is no need to fight it.

Our natural desires (food, sex, family, etc.) are not considered egoistic at all. People just think that it is egoism and you should fight it. No, that is wrong. We need to fight only with the egoism that disallows our unity, to be together with others in a state of friendship, connection, and love.

Therefore, the forces of opposition that arise when a person attempts to somehow interact with other people are the real egoism.

Question: To enjoy at the expense of other, to use someone—is this also egoism?

Answer: Naturally, because these are also the forces that prevent us from uniting with others.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/3/18

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laitman_263The Egocentric Orientation of Desires

Question: Do all desires have an egocentric orientation?

Answer: Absolutely! I do everything just for the sake of my beloved self. Even if I do something as if for the sake of someone else, it is only because he or she is dear and important to me.

Question: So our desires have a certain intention, which is aimed at filling these desires in a person? The program of our desires, as the Kabbalists say, is maximal pleasure with minimal effort.

Answer: This is a law of nature. In other words, optimization is when I want to enjoy as much as possible with a minimal cost, and so on at every level.

See how we sit, how we do something. Any movement, mental or physical, no matter what we think or do, is carried out in such a way that brings us maximum benefit, enjoyment, and fulfillment. Maybe, at the same time, we spend a huge amount of energy, for example, as when playing football, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that I always try to optimize my efforts for my benefit.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/3/18

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