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At The Finish Line Of History

750.03The people of Israel were formed from those people who felt that it is their duty to connect in order to attain the meaning of life and its purpose, the correction of creation and the upper force. That is why they called themselves Israel (Yashar-kel), which means “straight to the Creator.”

Abraham chose these people from all the inhabitants of Babylon, that is, from all the nations of the world at that time, and taught them the main principle of connection: love your neighbor as yourself.

In this way, they rose above egoism, which is constantly growing and swelling by leaps and bounds in human society. This growth is purposeful in order to ensure a sufficient gap between the huge egoism of humanity and the power of connection above egoism, which society is obliged to achieve.

When we reach a certain degree of confrontation between egoism and connection, then within it we begin to reveal the upper force, the upper world, and us belonging to the spiritual world.

The growing egoism serves as an engine that lifts us from this world to the spiritual one, from reception to bestowal, from hatred to love. If we follow the principles that “love will cover all crimes” and “everyone judges according to his own flaws,”then individually and together as a whole group, we will be able to reach such a strong connection together that the Creator will be revealed within it.

Over thousands of years, the group assembled by Abraham in Babylon has changed a lot. Part of it has disappeared, dissolved, in the nations of the world, and is yet to be revealed. There were many in the people of Israel who attained the degree of the Creator to the extent of their ability to overcome egoism and connect.

Over the years, the conditions changed, but the principle remained the same because the laws of the world are constant and unchangeable. We just need to study them and fulfill them in order to reach the corrected state.

Therefore, we need to study the process that the group of Abraham went through in history, since ” the deeds of the fathers will become a sign for the sons.” From this we will understand in which direction we are moving, what is happening to us, and what signs of the deeds of the fathers can be seen today since the eternal principle of love your neighbor as yourself, the law of unity, is always in action.

From the Ari onward, all Kabbalists were saying that we have entered the era of the Mashiach, that is, the time of the end of correction. There is one last stage of our development left, which can be quite long. As always, the nations of the world are applying pressure on the people of Israel, and this pressure is designed to force us to unite, at least through suffering.

Jews must draw conclusions from their history and connect and take an example from the fathers. Through this connection, we will almost immediately feel the fading of external pressure because of our correct reaction to it and our efforts to connect.

Therefore, all the wars that are arising against us will immediately subside, because we will begin to advance by ourselves, without external pressure. If we ourselves reveal the forces for advancement and rush forward, then those who impeded us instead will begin to help.

This will be the correct tendency, in agreement with the single upper force, that wants to see the entire humanity in such unity.

If we do not make efforts to advance toward unity, then to the extent of the lack of these efforts, the nations of the world and negative forces within the people of Israel themselves will rise up and start fighting, confrontation from all sides, in order to awaken us and force us to make the right conclusion—to understand the reason for this pressure and what we should do.

Today we are in a very delicate, acute state. I spoke about this danger many years ago, but I did not expect it to happen so quickly and that already in our time such a special state would develop between all countries and nations all over the world.

We are living in the era of new technologies and global communication and have reached a certain inner understanding of things that are happening: the responsibility of man for the Earth and the entire Universe.

Nowadays, there are many highly educated people with a broad view, not as it was before. Almost everyone has the opportunity to travel around the world and see the life of other nations and connect with the entire world above distances and differences in languages.

Yet in the matter of anti-Semitism, we see that nothing helps: the law that advances humanity to connection acts harshly, one might even say cruelly. First of all, it puts pressure on those who should be the first to lead humanity as one nation that is obliged to do this work, to become pioneers on this path, and to lead the entire world.

There is no way to bypass this law. The upper light, the upper forces, are organized in such a way that as soon as the people of Israel, a group gathered during the time of Abraham from all nations, unite again, all paths open up before it. There are no obstacles; on the contrary, there are forces of nature ready to help them and lift them to spiritual degrees on their shoulders. After this all of humanity will be happy to unite.

This is how the upper governance is arranged and this is how it will be. Everything depends on Israel, as Baal HaSulam writes in the Introduction to The Book of Zohar, because only they have the freedom of choice.

Those who are aspiring to come closer to the Creator are called Israel. They feel obliged to bring themselves and all of humanity to a common connection and spiritual ascent. Any person in the world, of any nationality; black, white, red, or yellow; and all four layers in humanity; the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th; belong to one nation, which is obliged to reach unity and adhesion with the Creator.

Therefore, all over the world pressure on this corporeal group called Israel is growing, although they do not understand what is happening to them. After all, they have long ago left this work of leading themselves and the entire world to the adhesion with the Creator. Humanity, too, has not received the knowledge that the world is undergoing a purposeful development that leads it to complete correction and therefore does not understand the reasons for its hatred.

The Jews are confused and perplexed about what they want from them, and because of the great egoism, they only dream of peace and prosperity. The nations of the world feel that the Jews are concealing and hiding something from them, and not allowing them to come to a good life.

That is why these two groups feel lost in the dark, where the aggression coming from the nations of the world bumps into the hatred and fear that the Jews feel.

It is clear that this does not benefit either of them: great suffering awaits both those who commit violence and those who are stubborn and do not want to hear about correction. Therefore, it is our duty to explain the situation to both, and to push the correction process forward as much as possible.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/3/20, ”The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism,” Chapter 1

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Generation Z will Lead Us To The Creator

963.1Comment: Generation Z are those born after 1997.

Some say that they are brave and independent. Their heroes are not astronauts, scientists, but stars and bloggers. They were born with a phone in their hands, they learn about the world in a split second.

Their clip-thinking allows them to “read” a person from photos and videos in a couple of seconds and determine whether it is worth communicating with him further.

My Response: That is correct. What else is there to poke around in a person? It is only possible at this point in time to find out whether he is useful for me or not.

Comment: That is, they are total egoists.

My Response: Pragmatic, simple, and straightforward.

Question: Secondly there is an absence of barriers in communication. They easily get to know the stars, they can write to Elon Musk, whomever they want. The Internet gave them the opportunity not to be afraid of anyone at all, not to be ashamed. So, is such behavior good?

Answer: Of course it is good. Why should I grovel in front of anyone? How is he better than me? What is he? Are they some majestic people, some special stars, scientists?

Comment: But we have always had some element of respect for certain people. Some famous professor, Nobel laureate, or Olympic champion. And these individuals can easily communicate with anyone.

My Response: Everyone is equal. We have already gone through this. There is nothing special about any person.

Question: What do I value a person for, so that I still freeze a little with respect to them?

Answer: Only according to his benefit for society, his practical benefit for society. Nothing else.

Where will you find such people? That is a question. This is where such a clip-consciousness is needed, good perception and assessment, sorting and result.

Question: And then I will respect this person?

Answer: It will be absolutely clear to you why you respect him. And others will agree with you.

Comment: Another characteristic is the absence of complexes. They accept themselves as they are, erase blockages, settings, frameworks within themselves.

My Response: Of course. And what is in a person, what is there that did not come from nature? And what is there in others? Where are their personal traits? Therefore, there is no basis for justification, accusation, or shame.

Comment: That is, you support the notion that a person should have no complexes: “This is who I am! This is the way I am!”

My Response: Of course. If we do not have these complexes, we will be able to figure out what is in us and what we really need to fix.

Comment: You said: “Because it comes from nature,” so it is not mine, like anything else.

My Response: Of course! And they understand all that. This is the basis of the framework that is not me. “Go to the craftsman who made me” if you have any claims on me.

Comment: That is, if I have complaints against myself, I say: “The Creator did it to me,” and that’s it. And I am talking to Him.

My Response: Yes. But you see, this is calculated based on the fact that people think that way, that they will embrace each other and thus relate to each other. That is, then I will see in the other the result of the Creator’s work on him.

Question: Will I will always have the view through the Creator at another individual? And for myself too: through the Creator at me?

Answer: Yes, it is the Creator who does everything. This is the next stage of Generation Z.

Comment: But should I know something about the Creator?

My Response: No. I see the results of His actions.

Comment: One last thing: self-importance; there are no more self-confident young people than zoomers. It is difficult to influence them with ideologies, they are independent, and they feel their value.

My Response: In general, this is true. Why should I respect or despise someone for anything? I just have to appreciate people for their potential, for the fact that they can grow. Even if today I do not see it.

Question: And the fact that there is my self-importance, what good is there?

Answer: That I have the opportunity to grow, one that will be respected by society.

Question: But you are talking specifically about spiritual growth?

Answer: No, actually, not about the spiritual.

Question: So something that will be respected by society? If I grow up doing something for society, is that my growth?

Answer: That is enough!

Question: More and more?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/31/21

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How To Stop “Groundhog Day”

204Question: There was a movie Groundhog Day where a person wakes up and lives the same day, wakes up and lives the same day, over and over.

A viewer writes: “How can we deal with disappointments in life? Everything is bland; this was not the case before the coronavirus. Everything is the same, the same emotions, the same fears, like Groundhog Day every day. Nothing is new, nothing changes. I just want to go to bed as soon as possible. Sleep, sleep, and dream. What can I do?”

Answer: I understand him. If, for example, we establish a six-month quarantine, then it would be good to take a pill and wake up in six months. But we cannot do this!

Comment: A person gets up and it is the same day for him.

My Response: Yes. And he must understand that it is the same day and that he cannot change anything. And what should be done to change this? How do I get off this carousel?

To do this, he must change himself. And if he starts to change, the world will start to change and there will be no Groundhog Day.

And the cycles of life that we go through are all the same! It seems to us that every day is something new, that every second is new. There is nothing new.

Question: So if your goal is just to live an ordinary life, to have ordinary desires, then Groundhog Day will happen more often?

Answer: Yes. That is what we have been shown. We are becoming more developed but, as it is said: “He who adds knowledge, adds pain.”

Question: So, we live by this knowledge that we accumulate and now even that is insipid? We do not need it anymore?

Answer: Our knowledge only leads us to a dead end. It shows us how powerless we are against the most important thing: to change something in our lives.

And now we see that the world is entering such a loop again. There was a little bit of democracy, some freedoms, and now we are again entering into a noose that will crush us and tighten ominously around our throats.

Question: Give us some practical advice: How should a person get up in the morning? What should he tell himself, what steps should he take?

Answer: We are expecting positive changes to take place outside. There will be none! We must realize that there can be changes for the better only if we change from inside. That is when we will start depicting our world the way we want it to be! That is what we need to do!

Question: In the meantime, the world is depicted by our nature, our egoism?

Answer: Yes. Our ego has finished its development. It shows you the whole world you exist in. This is what it can give you. And as a result, it will now pressure you, pressure you so much that you will not be able to exist in this world. So you will feel bad, sick, afraid, rough, uncomfortable; in general, anything is possible.

And this is just so that you understand that there are no external changes any more. We have gone through all the stages of our egoistic development, we have reached a state where what can happen next is just to kill each other. That is all, nothing else.

We have driven ourselves into a dead end with our previous immense selfishness. And now we want nothing at all. The new generation doesn’t want anything. We thought that they would be more developed, more driven, but they, on the contrary, do not want anything. And this is true.

And we would be the same in their place. And in some ways, we understand them.

It is all good. And what is the use of demanding, squeezing something out of this world again and again. It cannot give you anything else; there is nothing else in it.

Question: What should I say to my egoism if I have already realized that it was my egoism that painted the whole picture for me?

Answer: That it is right, that it has done its job, it has led you to a state where you must understand, while you are completely disappointed, that you can no longer exist in such a paradigm. You cannot!

What to do? Correct yourself, and the world will be corrected. This is a completely different technique: correcting the world by changing yourself.

It is not easy, but this is a good moment in history when we really need to change the source of our development, the system, the methodology of our development. When our development depends not on how we break the surrounding nature, but on how we change ourselves. And as a result, the world will change.

Changing myself means changing my evil attitude toward everything around me, my consumerist, egoistic attitude into a kind, altruistic one. And then I will begin to see the world differently. I will begin to see another control system through it.

I will merge with this world, I will comprehend its eternity, infinity, and perfection, which is something that I do not see now because I look with my limited egoistic eyes.

This is what we must do.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/11/21

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“Europe Walling Up Is Too Little Too Late” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Europe Walling Up Is Too Little Too Late

All over Europe, walls and fences are springing up on the borders between countries. Between Greece and Bulgaria, Austria and Italy, Hungary and Serbia, Lithuania and Belarus, and between many more countries, walls and fences have emerged. Unlike before, countries are not trying to protect themselves from one another, but from Muslim immigrants invading their territories. Regrettably for Europe, neither walls nor any other barrier will do any good; it is too late to save The Old Continent.

While governments have opened the borders for immigration from Muslim countries, they did not prepare the newcomers for the new culture they were about to encounter, nor check if they were even willing to amalgamate in it. Even now, when the harm of unchecked immigration has become known, European politicians are not attempting to stop it.

The only country attempting to stop the Muslim invasion is Austria, but it is alone. Over time, the pressure from other European countries to open its borders will force it to comply, and it, too, will be lost.

There will not be any fanfare or long and violent clashes; Europe has already surrendered to Islam; the deal is done. It should have stopped it long ago, but once it chose not to, it sealed its fate.

But the Muslim invasion into Europe will not be the end of the story. Following Islam, China will come with its own aspirations, and the two will squabble over the carcass.

The two powers have very different goals. Islam wants to impose itself on the entire world. If people accept it willingly, very well. If not, they will be forced to accept it or they will be executed.

China, on the other hand, wants only to control. Their one and only aspiration is world domination; they do not care about religion. I think that after some time and perhaps some bickering, they will divide the world between them one way or the other.

And in the midst of it all will be the Jews, of course. They always have been, they always are, and they always will be involved in global transformations.

Nevertheless, I think that it’s better if things develop in this way since the other option is a nuclear world war. If the process is more gradual, there is a chance that people will understand in a more peaceful way that we have to change how we think and how we relate to one another.

If people realize that egoism is the sole ruler of the world, there is a chance they will agree to start working on themselves. As power struggles prove that there is no ideology but domination and compulsion, hopefully, people will realize that this is an unsustainable course for humanity. It is better to realize this through political processes than after nuclear and hydrogen bombs demonstrate the consequences of egoism.

When people realize that we have no other choice but to stop being so selfish, we will be able to start developing a new humanity. It will not be any ideology we currently know, but a simple acknowledgment that we invariably influence one another, and that one person’s misery makes all of humanity suffer, even if we do not know this person.

As a result, we will build systems that ensure everyone’s well-being.

The awareness that a narcissistic frame of mind is ultimately destructive to the narcissist will push people out of it. Then, when we become genuinely inclusive in our mindset, we will build a society that is caring and supportive of everyone, and we will relinquish domination in favor of cooperation.

However, it must happen willingly, or it will not work. We have to reach rock-bottom, to realize that we are hopelessly malign, and that only a complete rejection of our nature will lift us out of the quagmire of cruelty. When we finally choose connection over separation, we will lift ourselves from misery to bliss.

Searching For A Reference Point

592.04Comment: A strong politician will say that he always stands up for the weak, the less fortunate. All election campaigns are based on this. And when he comes to power, he quickly forgets about it.

My Response: This is natural. Where have you seen politicians who care about the masses? A politician is also an egoist, only bigger. Until he reaches the top of the pyramid of power, he must destroy and trample over hundreds of people, and only then does he become president or head of government.

Therefore, it is impossible to demand some kind of pity for the masses from them. They do not have a single thought about it. They think only in terms of government strength, power, and money. This is how they are; otherwise, they would not be at the top. It is naive to expect any benefits from them.

Of course, they will do something for the masses but as a populist method, nothing more. They use these techniques to improve their ratings. Politicians will give up everything for power. Neither spending money nor losing one’s good name will stop them, nothing. The main thing is to attain power. Someone wants to achieve some scientific discoveries and only that is important for him. For someone else neither politics nor a good opinion of oneself is important, only money. Everyone has their own goal. And everyone achieves what he wants as much as possible.

But the fact is that our constantly developing egoism leads us to a state where we do not receive fulfillment from our desires and achievements. I strive for money. Why? To feel confident, fulfilled. It does not happen! I strive for knowledge. And what do I need it for? I acquire it and I remain empty. I achieve power and suddenly I find that it does not give me anything but emptiness.

It is obvious today that no matter which desires I realize, I remain empty. What can we do?

And here lies the problem in the social pyramid: the top disappears. People used to strive for this top, but now this striving has disappeared. Today, the elite feels that they have nothing. Today, you do not see rulers who can say: “I know how to steer the future and I must show it to you, I must.” There is no such thing. There are no people or parties who would say: “There is such a party! Let’s go!”

Some key point is lost. Earlier, egoism developed from small to large, from large to even larger and larger, and this built some kind of a line, a reference point. And today, egoism has reached a dead end; it does not show us anything. On the contrary, we find that there is nowhere to go. And we do not find bigger desires than the ones have today. Desire for what? Consume something? And what will I consume, the whole world?

A person discovers the limitation of his egoism and then he begins to fuss: “What to do next?” He has nothing left but antidepressants and drugs.

And at this very last stage, in this feeling of emptiness, a desire arises for the next level of development, a higher one, the realm we have not yet existed in. We must reach the next level of development. And this is a new desire, not our egoistic past, but a new property with which we will live in a dimension above egoism.

This is now beginning to manifest itself in people, and they come to the science of Kabbalah that helps them reveal that part of the world that exists around us but is hidden.

Question: So, suffering is good?

Answer: It is not that suffering is good, but it gives us the opportunity to rise above egoism as the cause of suffering. It allows us to get out of trouble. If I see that something is causing me suffering, I begin to hate it and I try to push myself away from it.

We are at such a stage of development today when we will gradually begin to perceive our egoism as evil. Another state will come when people will realize: “If we do not unite, we will destroy each other.”
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hope for Peace”

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Destructive Force Of Our World

115.05Question: You talk a lot about egoism, which is the destructive force of our world. What is this and how can a person, who thinks that he is far from being an egoist and is a righteous man, understand that the roots of egoism are deeply embedded in him and must be worked with?

Answer: Egoism is the single central force of the world we exist in. Only egoism, that is, the desire to do everything in the best possible way for oneself, reigns at all levels: inanimate, vegetative, animal, and human.

This force governs all created beings, inanimate, vegetative, animal, and human essence, and is called “egoism.” At the same time, we practically do not reckon with anything, it is inherent in us. I am not interested in what will happen to another person unless it harms me. This is our nature.

On the other hand, it is in contradiction to all the details of the universe. If everyone is guided in this way in relation to others, then we will simply strangle, kill, and harm each other.

If we had some kind of balance, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” then we would come to a state in which we would not be afraid of each other and would wish each other what we wish for ourselves.

Therefore, the most important thing we need to achieve is balance with the surrounding nature and people. Otherwise, we, as today, will exist at the expense of each other, and therefore, our whole life will be devoted only to compensating for egoism.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 7/29/21

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Coronavirus

962.3In the News (factor.am): The pathogenic potential of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has not yet been realized, the next stage of the COVID-19 pandemic will be the infection of domestic and farm animals, said the director of the Gamalei National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology,  Alexander Ginzburg. ‘The coronavirus has not yet realized its pathogenic potential. The next stage is the infection of farm and domestic animals, ‘Ginzburg said in an interview published on Monday in the “Izvestia” newspaper.

“’And when we protect humanity with the help of good vaccines within a year, pets will be infected by that time, and no one is going to get rid of their beloved pets. Therefore, the sources of this pathogen will constantly be present around us, which will still evolve,’ he added.”

(OXFAM International):In a survey of 77 epidemiologists from 28 countries, carried out by The People’s Vaccine Alliance, two-thirds thought that we had a year or less before the virus mutates to the extent that the majority of first-generation vaccines are rendered ineffective and new or modified vaccines are required. Of those surveyed, almost a third gave a timeframe of nine months or less. Fewer than one in eight said they believed that mutations would never render the current vaccines ineffective.” 

(World Health Organization):At a time when COVID-19 has exploited our weaknesses and divisions, we must seize this opportunity and come together as a global community for peaceful cooperation that extends beyond this crisis. Building our capacities and systems to do this will take time and require a sustained political, financial and societal commitment over many years.

“Our solidarity in ensuring that the world is better prepared will be our legacy that protects our children and grandchildren and minimizes the impact of future pandemics on our economies and our societies.”

My Response: This is a call. And how can we do it?

We are in about the same state as the Jews were when they left Egypt when it was necessary to disconnect themselves from egoism. Egypt represents egoism.

They were led to the Red Sea, the so-called Final Sea (Yam Sof) because it represents the end of egoism, the end of the egoistic kingdom. And they were told: “Why do you cry out to Me? Speak to the children of Israel and let them travel” The main thing is to disconnect from this egoism and then you will pass this sea. And if you don’t go forward, that is, if you don’t want to disconnect from your egoism, then you are finished here.

This is how a condition will be set for us. Either you rise above egoism by drawing closer to others in “love your neighbor as yourself,” or this will be your end. We will be faced with just such a condition.

Question: Do you think we are getting close to being given an ultimatum? And does nature do it?

Answer: Of course. Where does the virus come from? It is nature. And no tricks will help us. Everything we invent is only to understand that the hand of the Creator is here. As it was said at the exodus from Egypt, in the last blow, the punishment: “It is the finger of God.”

So, everything is going very well and according to plan. We should be happy to find ourselves at a turning point in the history of the world. We are getting there. Either forward with songs into the stormy waves of this egoism of ours, which will drown us, or with songs about love and friendship toward each other and cross over dry.

Question: And the sea will part?

Answer: Of course! And we will reach the end together. I am happy!

Question: That you lived to see that moment?

Answer: Of course.

Comment: When a person is in fear, he is in fear like a bunny under a bush. And he is pushed now into this fear.

My Response: And this is the same with any person—big or small.

Question: How can this person who is under the bush in fear rise to what you said?

Answer: You need to crawl under the bush next to him, cuddle up next to him and say: “My friend, do you want to be saved? I have something. I am not suggesting you buy it, but just listen to how we can save ourselves. Only by connecting above all our problems, hatred, whatever, only by connecting. Don’t ask any questions. See the other as a means to survive.” That is all. Egoistically.

Question: My life, the lives of my closest and dearest depend on it. Will I be able to rise above my hatred and cling to the other?

Answer: Only by that. So go out in the street and look for anyone with whom you can connect in this way. And you must connect with everyone. With some faster, with some slower, and so on. Connect! That is all.

Question: Does the word “connect” have a very simple meaning behind it?

Answer: Nothing else, no other meanings, no other goals—just to feel each other closer. And you will see how all these viruses can no longer exist between us. The major virus is our egoism. It is the common unifying virus. And it will start to leave. As one Kabbalist said: “The virus is from the word ‘Averes, Averot,'” transgressions.

Question: So the virus comes upon the transgressions? To drag us out of them?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: It would be good for people to hear you.

My Response: It will all be good! We cannot run away from this! Only it will be either in our generation or in the next; it depends how lucky you are.

Comment: Better be in this generation.

My Response: I am always an optimist.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/1/21

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“Net Neutrality Doesn’t Exist Because Neutrality Doesn’t Exist” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Net Neutrality Doesn’t Exist because Neutrality Doesn’t Exist

Larry Sanger, Wikipedia co-founder, has recently blasted the online encyclopedia he helped create for its lack of neutrality. This isn’t the first time he has done this. On May 14, 2020, Sanger wrote in his personal blog, “Wikipedia no longer has an effective neutrality policy.” Instead, he stated, “Wikipedia now touts controversial points of view on politics, religion, and science.” Last month, Sanger reiterated his claims. A July 16 story published on Fox News quoted from an interview Sanger gave to LockdownTV two days prior. According to the story, “‘Wikipedia is known, now, by everyone to have a lot of influence in the world … so there is a very big, nasty, complex game being played behind the scenes to make the articles say what somebody wants them to say,’ Sanger said, adding the site has a liberal bias.” To summarize in a word what Wikipedia has become, its co-founder said, “The word for it is propaganda.”

Several years ago, net neutrality was a big issue. There is even an extensive entry about it on, you guessed it, Wikipedia. The principle of the neutrality of the net requires internet providers not to discriminate against individuals or organizations. According to Investopedia, “Net neutrality stipulates that service providers should not slow down nor [sic] block content from users.” Yet, Sanger says his own creation fails to meet these stipulations.

As I see it, the problem isn’t with Wikipedia, or with any other platform that fails to meet the terms of net neutrality. The problem is that we expect them to meet these terms in the first place. It is humanly impossible to be neutral. We formulate an opinion the minute we encounter anything: a person, an event, or an idea. We are anything but neutral, so how can we be asked to keep our actions on the internet impartial?

We are inherently egoistic. We may not like to admit it, but one look at the state of the world today testifies to the level of our self-centeredness. If this is the case, and we are so deeply biased that we are often unable to see our own partiality, how can we create anything neutral? In fact, who would even expect us to? What person in his right mind would think that people can write an entry on an encyclopedia without reflecting their views on the topic?

Luckily, I think people are beginning to understand that we are being fed crooked facts and false “truths.” We still want to consume media that reflects our views, that makes us feel that we are right, and that caters to our ego, but I think we are beginning to realize that being fed false narratives is not in our best interest. The question is how much longer will we be willing to tolerate it before we say “Enough! We can no longer turn our backs to the truth.”

Once we come to that decision, we will understand that there is no neutrality anywhere because we are inherently partial and self-centered, and therefore we are the reason that we cannot see the world for what it is. Although there is collective guilt, and we, as a species, are selfish, there is also personal responsibility—the realization that the fact that everyone is egotistical doesn’t excuse my being so. Regardless of everyone else, I have my own accountability to answer, especially since I am aware of my faults. Therefore, saying “Everyone else is like that, too,” doesn’t exempt me from assuming responsibility for what I could correct but didn’t.

Once enough people realize that our own egos prevent us from seeing the world correctly, and therefore make us build a twisted world, it will reflect on the rest of humanity and the shift will begin. I cannot say how many people it will take to set off the shift, but when we reach the critical mass, we will replace the currently prevailing sense of self-entitlement with a sense of mutual connection. Instead of deriving pleasure from claiming what we believe is ours, we will enjoy granting what we can. As the society becomes a society of givers, an atmosphere of mutual responsibility and concern for others will spread through communities and families, and the world around us will change for the better.

At that time, we will not pursue net neutrality, or any neutrality, since the only reason we are looking for it now is our disposition to exploit and abuse others. But when our goal is to embolden and support others, no one will be looking for neutrality.

“The Evolutionary Leap Humanity Needs” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Evolutionary Leap Humanity Needs

Humanity has evolved at the fastest pace ever in recent decades. Once we were happy with simply walking; when that wasn’t fast enough we started traveling by car. Now that is insufficient and we want to travel to space. Has any of this racing ahead really made our lives better? Probably not. Experience shows that technological developments are always exploited by investors to the detriment of man. On the next degree of human evolution as intelligent beings, we must come to understand that a genuinely satisfactory development will require a change in the code of communication between people.

There are no surprises in nature, nothing happens by chance; everything is governed by absolute laws. Even in the development of the human race, evolutionary laws and forces are at work, whether we recognize them or not. As a result of this evolution, our emotional and mental perceptions change over time.

In the 20th Century we have traveled a long road. We have experienced revolutions, wars, and breakthroughs in science and technology. Then came the Internet revolution, and social networks opened with a loud shout. Humanity has changed greatly. But within a few short years it has become clear that the new social relationships we have constructed have the potential for causing us great harm.

The phenomenon of fake news has invaded our everyday lives, and one can now instantly quarrel with people in any part of the world. Anyone can stir up trouble anywhere, whip up fury and incite others to burn the planet.

In the past, it was clear that if countries had nuclear capacities it was in everyone’s best interest to maintain the status quo and calm. Today, such factors as the spread of false information could lead to a nuclear war and destroy the world in a flash. Furthermore, it is no longer possible to make decisions that will impact only certain limited countries because the whole world is a network, connected online, linked.

This interconnection is also present on the personal level. Slander, bullying, spurning, canceling, and shaming make people miserable and push people to extremes. If our grandparents could witness and assess the stress we live under, they would sadly say that our lives are worse now than they were when we were less developed.

We have before us the task of coming to the recognition that our human egoistic development has maxed out, and in order to continue to exist it is imperative that we develop a new driving force to take us forward. We must embark together on a pan-social educational process that will include a reckoning of the situation we are in and the need for proper connection between human beings.

We will then identify a new paradigm which describes the development of humanity, society, and nature. We will receive new guidance on how to rise above narrow egoism—the selfish approach at the detriment of others—to discover a power that evokes a brand new desire in us, a desire to do good to others.

The next stop in our process of evolution will be to understand that the root of all our problems lies in our egoistic nature, which today has reached the height of its development. It is our egoism that does not allow us to get along with others, allows us to explode in an instant and to destroy everything we touch.

Only when we learn to transcend our egoism, will we begin to treat the entire human race as one body. Only then can we begin to understand how to build a good life for everyone while enjoying the benefits of our technological developments and innovations. In the end, our next level of human evolution must be based on the development and nurturing of complementary connections between each and every one of us.

Take, Give, Or Match

592.01Question: In his book Give and Take, psychologist and professor Adam Grant divides people into three groups: takers, givers, and matchers. “Givers like to give more than they get, paying attention to what others need. Takers like to get more than they give, seeing the world as a competitive place and primarily looking out for themselves. And matchers balance and give on a quid pro quo basis, willing to exchange favors but careful about not being exploited.”

What do you think about these three groups?

Answer: Most of all I like the matchers because they lead to contact, to mutual, good, kind contact. This is the most important thing. It is not about the fact that you can give away as much as you want. It will not do anything. It is the same with receiving if someone gives something to you.

Exchanging, however, causes mutuality, and by this you can correct a person, you can change both yourself and the other, and create communication between you; this is the most important thing. The goal is to create communication.

A giver will not do anything. On the contrary, he can cause hatred if he gives all the time. It does not mean anything.

Comment: So you are a realist. You give me something, I give you something? Exchange pleasantries.

My Response: Yes, but by this we teach each other that he can do the same thing that I do; by giving to him, I open myself in order to receive something from him. And so on. The most important thing is mutual exchange.

Question: Isn’t our world today built on this, “You scratch my back and I will scratch yours”?

Answer: The world is built on mutual exchange.

Question: Does it mean that you are satisfied with what is happening in the world today?

Answer: No. This does not satisfy me because the current exchange that exists in the world is only to take and not to give.

Question: What is the next stage after matching?

Answer: This is written in Kabbalah: mine is mine, yours is mine, and then yours is yours, and mine is yours.

Question: That is, you come to an almost impossible state. To something that is impossible to imagine: mine is yours and yours is yours, right?

Answer: Yes. Such relationships are the most correct ones that are justified by the upper nature, which is opposite to our nature. This is what we must come to. Together with this, a completely different space is revealed to us, an eternal world.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/24/21

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