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Egoism Is The Basis Of Matter

260.01Question: There are people whose egoism constantly grows.There are those who don’t need anything at all and are quite satisfied lying on the sofa watching TV all day. What is the egoism that grows and where is it?

Answer: The ego is the desire to fill yourself. The ego is not only in each of us, but also in the matter that the still, vegetative, and animate levels are made of. If it weren’t for egoism, matter would not exist.

Matter feels itself only to the extent that it feels its egoism, to the extent that it feels the desire to enjoy, to sustain itself, and to keep its existence.

Where is egoism? The ego is inside matter itself, and it is also its spiritual component. If the ego changes, matter also changes. Egoism is the internal force that sustains matter and forces it to exist, that forces its electrons and its atoms to revolve.

We have all studied in school about chemical reactions and we know what the valence of an elements is, how they combine with each other according to the free electrons in the outer orbit of the atoms. These states are indicative of our egoism.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/15/19

Two Systems: Abraham And Nimrod

232.05Kabbalah says that there are two systems inside a person. They exist within us and must exist in society. But society cannot properly adapt to these systems. Therefore, in the days of ancient Babylon, Nimrod’s system developed—capitalistic, and the group system of Abraham—Kabbalistic.

In our time, they are beginning to gradually find each other and connect with each other. The fact is that the system of Abraham must be realized in all people, in the general system, according to the principle Love your neighbor as yourself. Nimrod’s system is decaying, as we find that egoism, if not balanced, is the greatest evil.

Therefore, only now, after 3,500 years, they are beginning to converge as we begin to understand that it is necessary to balance both systems. They are balanced in the form of receiving for the sake of bestowal.  Receiving is a property of Nimrod, bestowal is a property of Abraham. This is how they should be realized in society today.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/13/19

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The Four States Of An Egoistic Society

631.1Comment: The Torah examines four relationships between people. One of them: “What is mine is mine and what is yours is yours” is regarded as the worst and is called “Sodom.” And in our world it is considered normal.

My Response: No. This is an abnormal state because it cuts off all connections between people. I have no right either to give something to you or to receive something from you. So everyone in the society is absolutely isolated from each other. In addition, they even spy upon each other to comply with this condition.

Question: It is against unity, against the tendency of nature to bring us to one common whole?

Answer: This is completely against nature because nature is built on interconnection between atoms, particles, cells, and people at least in something, at least in some way. And here, everything is based on isolation.

The second state: “What is mine is yours, and what is yours is mine.” This is the essence of the nature of a primitive society where everything is common property: wives, children, dwellings, and animals. This state is characteristic of undeveloped egoism, in particular, of a primitive communal system.

The third state: “What is mine is yours, and what is yours is yours.” In the Torah, it is called Hesed.

This is a good but incomplete state in which I am practically locked on giving to another person and thinking about others.

This is good for small groups of people, for children, for weak societies, for the sick, and old people, when I give away and transfer everything to them. But this is a flawed state in which there is no flow of information and forces, no exchange. Everything goes in one direction, and nature is not built that way.

Nature is based on the fact that all of its parts are integrally locked in one common system, and  between them there is an exchange of energy, information, and vital forces to support the entire system together in its integral, correct interaction.

The fourth state: “What is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine” is called “criminal”—when I get from society more than I should.

Basically, all these four types of interaction between people exist in egoism. None is perfect. Kabbalah raises us above them.

A perfect state is when we are in complete interaction with each other, in inclusion in each other. This is not the case in any of the four states.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/13/19

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“The Cold Spell – Nature’s Cold Shoulder” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Cold Spell – Nature’s Cold Shoulder

The extreme cold spell that the US is currently experiencing is truly historic. But then, so is everything these days. The American society has never been so divided, at least not since The Civil War, gaps between the haves and the have-nots have never been so wide, the Covid pandemic has forced historic closures on America that have not been implemented at least since the Spanish flu, and the level of violence, substance abuse, food insufficiency, and depression are all skyrocketing. In light of all that’s happening, and keeping in mind the historic fires that burned for months throughout the West and Mid-West all summer and fall, the cold spell, as bitter as it is, seems more like a natural continuation of the trend of extremism overtaking the US than an unexpected disaster. From the human level to the inanimate nature, everything is breaking records of intensity, and it is to no one’s favor.

If America wants to survive, it must reverse course. Just as it indoctrinated its people to overconsume, enshrine self-indulgence, become fanatic over privacy, individuality, and entitlement, now it must do the opposite. Now it must teach its people how to see each other—with their hearts, not with their eyes. It must teach its people that they are all dependent on each other, and that their fate is sealed unless they all work shoulder to shoulder to pull the nation out of the swamp.

The math is straightforward, the more extreme the egoism, the more extreme the climate—both social and environmental. America has put egoism on a pedestal, called it “individualism,” and enshrined it in its constitution. No country has put itself more at odds with nature than the US, and turned this approach into its core ideology.

Since America has turned itself into a role model of individualism, of going against the mutuality in nature, the harmony in it, the coexistence, nature, in turn, has made America an example of the consequences of inconsideration with nature’s most basic law of harmony, achieved through mutuality and balance. What you give to nature is what you get in return. When you give nature a cold shoulder, it gives one right back.

If America wants to survive, it must reverse course. Just as it indoctrinated its people to overconsume, enshrine self-indulgence, become fanatic over privacy, individuality, and entitlement, now it must do the opposite. Now it must teach its people how to see each other—with their hearts, not with their eyes. It must teach its people that they are all dependent on each other, and that their fate is sealed unless they all work shoulder to shoulder to pull the nation out of the swamp.

The menace that is Covid-19 is just the harbinger; many other perils will follow in its wake, and they will be far worse than their “little brother.” The only way America can “dodge the bullets” is if it unites as one nation fighting for its life.

But nature isn’t punishing America; it is merely balancing the extreme egoism America imposed on it. If America reverses course, so will nature, and all the storms will calm. Nature speaks the language of balance and harmony. The more we are like it, the more we understand it, and the better it relates to us. If America stops fighting and starts reciprocating with it, it will discover that it doesn’t need to conquer nature in order to build a good life for its people; nature itself will do it for them.

“What Do Egoistic People Have Behind Their Ego? What Do They Do If Someone Breaks Their Ego And Get Into Them?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What do egoistic people have behind their ego? What do they do if someone breaks their ego and get into them?

All people are egoistic. Egoism is part and parcel of human nature. That is, human nature is a desire to enjoy, and the ego is the intention to enjoy at the expense of others and nature.

Our desire to enjoy divides into individual desires for food, sex and family, in which our desire operates in order to preserve ourselves and the human species; and social desires for money, honor, control and knowledge, which is activated by our egoistic desires, where we want what others have. Our social desires bring about all kinds of individual, social and national developments. We also have a nucleus of a spiritual desire, which questions life’s meaning and purpose, and gives us the feeling that individual and social desires can no longer fulfill us. The appearance of each successive level of desire depends on the extent of our development.

It is common to think that the ego is the cause of our problems and crises, and that without the ego, our lives would be much more peaceful. However, there is a very good reason for the ego’s existence.

The ego is what separates us from the animal kingdom. It is the motor running behind everything we do. While it indeed brings about much harm, the ego has made us the most powerful and influential beings in the world. The problem with the ego is when we apply it incorrectly. On the contrary, when we use the ego positively, correctly and beneficially, then our lives become harmonious, balanced and peaceful.

What does it mean to use the ego positively, correctly and beneficially?

It depends first on discovering how we exist in an interconnected and interdependent nature, which is a single system of which we are its parts. When we feel ourselves as existing in a single system, then we feel ourselves as small parts of a much greater system. Feeling the magnitude of the greater system of nature outside of ourselves, we would then feel the need to think and act in ways that benefit this system. Then, similarly to how cells and organs take what they need in order to serve the whole organism of which they are parts, we would naturally start enjoying life via the calculation that we wish to benefit other people and nature through our existence here.

Our inborn sensation of life is to prioritize our personal benefit over others. We thus require a new kind of education—integral education—which guides our understanding and feeling of the interconnectedness and interdependence of nature. That is the key to creating a harmonious world of happy and confident individuals, a world free from all the problems caused by letting our egos unabatedly exploit, abuse and manipulate each other and nature.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

A Life Devoid Of Real Pleasure

507.04Question: If we speak about the awareness of the evil of the egoistic nature of man, do we proceed from the postulate that our nature is evil?

Evil relates to some kind of standard. The standard is the Creator or the upper force, the property of which is bestowal. We, as a creature, are the opposite of this force, so our nature is evil in relation to it. Can you say that?

Answer: Usually, this is not how we arrive at it. In principle, we do not consider our nature to be either evil or good. We just see that throughout life, from generation to generation, people waste their time. They try to fill themselves with some small pleasures, but neither we nor our children or our grandchildren have real pleasure from life.

Life is short. Moreover, it is flawed, unhappy, and empty. Therefore, an empty, short life is not of any kind of value.

From generation to generation, it begins to be felt by us more and more not as a gift, but as a misfortune, like something pressing on us, some kind of evil fate that has imposed this existence on us. No wonder it is said that the happy are those who were not born compared to those who were born.

But all this comes from the fact that we do not see the world as we actually could arrange it. Based on that, various theories appear that tell us what to do with ourselves and with our lives.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/13/19

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How Will It All End?

232.05Question: The wisdom of Kabbalah destroys the balance of our egoistic nature. It would be interesting to know, how this can end for human nature?

Answer: This may end up in quite a predictable way, and I hope a solution is close.

It all will end with the fact that egoism, as the negative part of nature, will be balanced by altruism, the positive part of nature, and both parts will work in harmony with each other. And we will be between them.

We should use both egoism and altruism. Everything should be in moderation and in balance. And a person will have both of these forces.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 3/20/19

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How Do You Explain Loneliness?

961.2Question: How does one explain loneliness, when a person cannot even find mutual sympathy? Now there are a lot of people like this. Does this mean that they have no soul mates and are alone in life, forever?

Answer: Egoism is constantly developing in us, from the beginning of creation to our day, and will continue to develop further and further.

As personal egoism develops, each person will feel more and more distant from other people. It will be increasingly difficult for him to find his soul mate, and generally to get together with friends.

If humanity does not begin to correct itself, then its future, of course, is very unfortunate. People will live in their pencil cases, and this will be their lot.

Comment: But this is great suffering.

My Response: They will get used to it, they will take drugs or something else. And what can you do against selfishness? Either fix it, or leave it as it is, and quietly muffle it.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 3/20/19

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Hell, Purgatory, And Paradise Await Us

294.1Question: Psychologists believe that a person always looks back, agonizes over his past, and cannot break free of this. People dwell on their mistakes and what they should have done differently. They feel the pain of it over and over again and are unable to break free from this vicious cycle.

We have a letter from a lonely, elderly woman who writes about how frightening and lonely it is to live particularly in this pandemic. She is home alone unable to escape the thoughts of her past: her divorce and two abortions, one because of her career and the other when she decided she was too old to give birth. She writes, “And here I am alone; it is cold outside my window, cold inside, and I feel terribly cold in my heart, and the thoughts of my sins and mistakes, there’s no escaping them.”

What can we say to her, after all she is constantly looking back to the past and lives in this past? Why are we given all this suffering?

Answer: The fact that a person agonizes over the past, this too is a correction. Don’t worry, there was nothing personal about it.

Question: How can a person understand this?

Answer: It is impossible. Here you need to work on yourself. It is practically impossible for an ordinary person to agree with the Creator.

Comment: But it will make my life easier if I understand that this was not done by me, that I was led this way.

My Response: You cannot just do it, turn on some kind of switch.

Comment: True, you cannot.

My Response: This is given to her on purpose. These are not her thoughts, not her feelings. All these sensations must pass through her system, through her body. And in this is her redemption, in a way.

Question: Is this given to a person for correction? One must go through it, relive one’s life again, come back, and realize that he’s made many mistakes. Although it wasn’t him who made them.

Answer: It was not him who made them, and neither is it him who is now trying to condemn or justify all this with his consciousness. None of it is him! Never mind. But it all goes through him, so let it happen.

Question: Why is it considered prohibited to look back to the past?

Answer: Because there is no sense in it.

Question: Can people convince themselves that there is no sense in looking back to their past and stop doing it?

Answer: You will still look back until you correct yourself. Until when? Until one fully agrees with the Creator! And this is complete adhesion with the Creator, for everything: for the past, for the good and bad, for absolutely everything. When one justifies the Creator absolutely in everything, this is the final correction of a person.

Question: You mean a person must come to this truth? To fully justify?

Answer: Yes. To completely agree.

Question: With what has happened and what is happening now?

Answer: Yes. This is called the “complete correction of one’s egoism.”

A person should not look back. He should not agonize or reproach himself for something he did, and at the same time, not praise himself for anything. In other words, one should not keep account of when he did something well or of times when he did not do so well.

Question: So my life was either of a hero or of a sinner?

Answer: My life is not mine. And now, finally, I can say that what I have lived was not lived by me. It went through me. But it wasn’t me. That’s how I was led. My life, this is how I saw it in my dreams. It wasn’t me, it all passed like a dream. Therefore, we have to agree with it; nothing else is required. Only to agree.

And this too doesn’t matter either. Whatever is done to a person is done. And what he feels during it is what he feels. It is not him who feels it, but what is felt for him, in a way.

Question: Then tell me, please, in conclusion: what is our life?

Answer: Our life is a form of existence of protein matter. 🙂

Question: Really?

Answer: We still take from this life its Reshimot — memories, impressions. And we keep going. A great number of small grains of egoism, that is, corrupted desire that the Creator created, gradually go through purification, correction, and unification.

Question: So these little egoisms, the 7 to 8 billion that are out there, they live their lives precisely in order to come to this?

Answer: Hell, purgatory, and paradise, like Dante’s.

Hell is a feeling, a recognition of one’s egoism, its insignificance. And everything else that we can add here.

Purgatory is when a person tries to correct it, to purify it. And paradise is when one turns one’s egoism to work in the service of others.

These are the three stages we have to go through.

Question: So with all our lifetimes we are approaching this last, third stage?

Answer: Yes. Therefore, if people understand what these three stages are: hell, purgatory and paradise, that is, the comprehension of egoism, its correction, and its proper usage, then everything is fine. We will keep trying.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/14/20

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With A Machine Gun in Every Window

541Question: Sociologist Igor Eydman wrote on his Facebook page: “All mass murders in world history were fighting for the sake of ‘high ideals’: religion, ‘national interests,’ ideology. Terror and violence will cease only when the highest value for people will become not gods, leaders, ideologies and other artificially created entities, but their own individual ones: life, health, freedom, creativity, security, life comfort. And not only in Muslim, but also in Christian, Jewish, Chinese and other societies.

“An individual who acts in his own rational interests will not risk himself and destroy others for collective misconceptions. War and terror would not be possible in the world of rational individualism.
Only moving towards this goal, unfortunately, unattainable in the foreseeable future, can reduce mass violence and conflicts. This is banal, but I see no other way out of the current permanent massacre.” [in translation]

How do you like such a simple, trivial idea that if a person only cares about himself, he will not get involved in all these conflicts?

Answer: Yes, it is good, of course, to speak, but egoism will wear us out, wither us, squeeze all the juices out of us, and will not let go until we wish only one thing: to rise above it. And to exist in it in some comfortable, warm corner will not work.

Question: Will it still lead us out of this corner?

Answer: Yes. It is specially created to be constantly evolving. All the time its evil, green, poisonous juices wander around. It will not let us live in peace.

Egoism is growing in us all the time. Our natural desire is to somehow get along with it because we seem to have no other way.

And so we invent all sorts of theories of appeasement for ourselves with it, between us, and so on. “Well, can’t we? We are all human. There are republicans, there are leftists, all kinds of socialists. It doesn’t matter, we must somehow live together.” It will not work! We will arm ourselves and everyone will sit at home with machine guns in every window.

We will have to understand that only adopting the middle line of our joint coexistence will give us access to the next human level when it is neither you, nor me, but precisely because we use our mutual hatred, rejection. We are using it! We do not suppress it, we do not extinguish it, but on the contrary, we use both the left and right lines correctly in order to raise the middle line above them. And then we can build ourselves.

But this is a very serious design. A person will understand what he is building, what he is building it for, what he is doing. All in serious internal stress. And by this, he will rise above his nature. Because the two lines that exist in nature—the right and the left—are being animated in us more and more in order for us to call the middle line. The Creator is the source from which these two lines, right and left, arise in us.

We must contrapose them in such a way that we understand how to connect them together so that a middle line appears. And we will learn and see where we come from, where it all descended from in us.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/9/20

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