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Fix Things, Relationships, and Life

565.01Question: People get together and separate, get together and separate. They do not have the strength to mend their relationships and their connection. It is easier for them to start over.

We know from Kabbalah that the whole of nature, generally speaking, is breakage. We are living in it and we need to correct it. What should people do anyway: try to glue their relationships together or should start over?

Answer: People have to understand that nothing is perfect. On one hand everything in nature consists of revealing contradictions, harmful properties, and so forth. On the other hand, our attitude to that should be very patient and consciously correct.

In any state, we have to see some opportunities for correction. And not only corrections but improvements in our life. However, this will be possible if we relate to this in the correct way.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah in the modern turbulent world” 8/3/23

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Why Do People Prefer Loneliness?

963.4Question: According to statistics, the level of cardiovascular diseases in single people is much higher than in those who are connected by some kind of good ties with others. The same goes for stress. There are a lot of psychosomatic diseases that are associated with loneliness. Why do people choose to live alone anyway?

Answer: Because it seems to them that such a life can be calmer. In the morning I get up, take a shower, make myself a coffee, go to work, come home from work—everything is normal, fine. I can have lunch at work, watch TV after work, or go to the cinema.

But the fact is that we are not created to be alone. After all, we were created to live in a family. And a family is at least one more person. And here, we cannot escape from ourselves.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah in the modern turbulent world” 8/3/23

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My Own Boss

555Question: Throughout the world today, especially in Western Europe, more and more apartments are being built that are designed for one person. People are less willing to burden themselves with a relationship with someone, and instead are planning their lives alone. Why is this happening?

Answer: First, it is because we can afford to provide ourselves with food, groceries, services, laundry, etc., and be our own bosses.

When living with someone else and constantly feeling that next to you is someone who limits you is not for everyone. Only if a person has some special relationship with another person, can he endure him, sacrifice himself, and limit himself in order to give him room.

But today, people are not entirely ready for this. Why should I squeeze myself into the corner of my own apartment in order to make room for another? I must clearly imagine what I can get from this and why it is more convenient for me, and so on.

When people had problems buying food, cooking, cooling, or heating, especially if they had a child, they made compromises. A modern person, however, can provide himself with everything necessary.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah in the Modern Turbulent World” 8/3/23

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What Pear Would You Give?

112Question: A little boy plucked two pears from a tree and brought them home. Mom asked, “May I try one pear?” The boy thought about it, then took a bite from both. Mom thought that her son was greedy and she needed to have a conversation with him about greed. But the boy suddenly handed her a pear and said: “Both are delicious, but this pear is much sweeter.”

How can one learn to give the better thing to the other?

Answer: In general, this is the correct state in children. Because for them to take a bite, try, and then give it to the other is natural. Just like small children pull a pacifier out of their mouth and hold it out to you as a sign that they love you.

Question: Yes, exactly so! But here the emphasis is precisely on the fact that he gave his mother the better pear. The sweeter one. Is that what you mean?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Why do we, once we grow up, give the others the less sweet pear?

Answer: We are getting smarter. This is a child; he does not have much egoism yet, and therefore he does it wholeheartedly.

Question: What is our cleverness and our growing up? I mean, our growing up is that we do not give the best to others, but we keep the best for ourselves. Is this growing up?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Why does this happen?

Answer: Because our egoism always turns everything to the opposite.

Question: Are we aware of this?

Answer: We are aware of this. I remember it even on myself, that about two years ago I also did this; I gave the best to the other. But then I had to mess it up. They gave me two postcards, and they said to give one of them to my cousin. I did not know which one to give, because they were both beautiful, so bright, colorful, and nice. I had to do something with it, so I bent the corner of one postcard, rubbed it a little and then gave it away. I was already smarter.

Question: But did you realize that it was wrong of you to damage it specifically to give it away without a worry?

Answer: So that I know which one to give, otherwise I could not choose between the two.

Question: And the further the scarier?

Answer: Of course!

Question: When do we receive this feeling: “What am I doing?! How is that possible?!”

Answer: We need to learn a lot through examples. This is not easy.

Question: But does it always come to a person or may it never come?

Answer: It depends on the person.

Comment: That is, it may come, and then he is horrified that he wants to give the worst to the other all the time.

My Response: Yes. You see, I still remember this example.

Question: Apparently it does go into the heart.

When a person understands this, feels that he is like this, and he does not want to live like this, in such a nature, what should his actions be? Let’s say, I felt completely how I am giving the worst to the other

Answer: If this is already changing in a person and he begins to recognize this, then this is already the road to correction, to self-examination, and so on. This is already a cool thing.

Question: So can I internally tell myself that I am already going down some wrong path?

Answer: Probably, yes. Somewhere you are already getting close to self-examination.

Question: I remember you told me how you were sitting with your teacher, sorting coffee beans. This sorting them bean by bean was really annoying. Suddenly your teacher said to you: “Imagine that you are sorting these beans for your teacher, and the teacher will drink coffee made from these beans.” And let’s say, these others are for the friends.

Tell me, did that thought give you strength at that moment? You, in principle, perceived your teacher practically as a father. Does an exercise in thought give strength to a person?

Answer: Frankly speaking, at that moment, I do not think I understood it yet. But in general, of course, this is a great example.

Question: Did your teacher RABASH live like this himself?

Answer: He lived like this. I remember when he told me this, I realized how much I was not on topic.

Question: When a person finally understands that he is on topic, does it mean that he has reached some kind of straight line, has reached the path?

Answer: Yes, it is good for a person to reach this state.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/8/23

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Injection from the Creator

212Question: If the Creator completely governs everything and a person supposedly has freewill, then why does He lead us through violence and suffering?

Answer: The Creator governs us by the laws of nature. The Creator is the general force of nature in which two forces emanating from Him are opposed: bestowal and reception. A person is between them, and both properties affect him.

The question arises: how does a person develop under their influence? What is he doing? What is his freewill? How does he accumulate these two forces in himself? How does he correlate them in himself? How does he build himself out of them?

This is the entire wisdom of Kabbalah: how to receive these two forces in the right form and with their help shape yourself so as to become similar to the Creator, rise up, reach Him, and adhere to Him. The fact that He gave us the opportunity to control with the help of these two forces is our freewill!

How can we act if we do not have it? Who will we be then? Just the ones who are controlled?

Until now, we have been just the controlled ones. What does it mean? The Creator adds a little bit of egoism as if He gives you a drop of injection and releases the egoism in you a little more, and you take something upon yourself, do this and that, twist and turn. So does everyone else. He squeezes the syringe a little bit more and so on all the time until He squeezes the whole injection into you.

Right now you are filled to the limit with egoism. No more. This is why you have nowhere to escape. Where to go? What to do?

Moreover, egoism has closed and become global and integral. In the beginning we felt good because we reached egoistic global connections in the world and thought that everything would be fine. But when these connections began to depend on everyone, we turned out to be the opposite of nature. And here we have a problem: what to do about it?
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Is the Creator a pervert?” 8/2/11

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Envy The Good

962.6Comment: Usually people envy each other with standard egoistic envy.

My Response: What do you want from people?! They need to be educated. Today, in the 21st century, they are at the same level of development as 10,000 years ago. At absolutely the same level! Their inner potential, their inner attitude to “I and the world” did not change, but only became worse, more egoistic.

Who do you consider to be human? A creature that can press buttons on a phone, work with text messages, or something else like that? What has changed in him? His attitude to the world? No! Only the toys he uses have changed.

But he himself is a consumer-egoist, an all-hater. His attitude to everything and the world around him became much worse.

We need to transform evil egoism into good. Good egoism is based on the fact that I envy the positive qualities of others and want to be like them.

I thank them for giving me a good example and helping me with this. I will beg them, and they will help me pull myself up.

I do not envy the fact that someone has become rich, smart, and knowledgeable. To the contrary! I want to be like them, and with the help of this, I advance.

I understand egoists who want everyone to be worse than them. But, in principle, this is the smallest, most undeveloped egoism.

Big, fruitful, and correctly implemented egoism is when you envy the good. And as much as possible!

As we say in the group: we must envy our friends. I have to think that they are the biggest, and I am nobody and nothing. Then everything starts to burn in me! Not because I want to bring them all down, criticize and erase them, but because then I can pull myself up to them.

They may be very small, as in the example of Rabbi Yossi Ben Kisma, but I can advance. This is what is important to me. Because no one knows who he is. In fact, his height is from here to the world of infinity. Each and everyone’s!
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Protection from the Evil Eye” 7/9/11

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Stagnant Thinking

115.05Man has existed for many millennia, but his apparent spiritual transformation began when he began to comprehend his existence above the animal. This is not due to the formation of human society, which was created about 50,000 years ago, but precisely due to the fact that man began to rise above his social condition to the spiritual.

It was Adam 5,783 years ago who was the first to reveal the system of the upper world that manifested itself in him and who was first to begin to describe and teach it. From Adam, spiritual methods began to develop. And then Abraham continued it.

Question: Why then did egoistic development prevail?

Answer: If we had followed a different path of development, then we would have made our nature, technique, and technology completely different. We can’t even imagine what miracles both the Mayans and Egyptians had in the ancient world. But in fact, these were not miracles, but the correct physical use of the laws of nature.

There are huge opportunities and many variations of the use of the properties of nature; we go purely mechanistically, according to the principle of by force. We don’t know anything else. Look at what we are creating.

In addition, our ego stops us because if someone invents something, he immediately occupies it and wants only this to be used, and wants to destroy everything else. We put sticks in each other’s wheels, we don’t use anything at all.

They write that Tesla invented an electric car by connecting a small box to an electric motor in the car, and drove it at a speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour. What kind of battery was it? Imagine, we would love to have this today!

Meaning, we use everything incorrectly. And humanity had such opportunities associated with electronics, with radio, with means of communication. In fact, everything is much simpler than we think both in reception and transmission. But our brains only work in a frozen mode.

I’m talking about a completely different line of thinking, a different perception of the universe, where you begin to see that there is a different philosophy of life, a different approach to forces, to energies. And we got into the current mechanics and electronics and believe that nothing can be done differently. Why should we necessarily work only with electrons and nothing else? A computer is just a plus or minus, it is not the transfer of information in a sensory form from person to person.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Consumer Society” 6/27/11

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A Journey inside Yourself

79.01Question: Previously, people traveled from place to place and the journey took a week, a month, and so on. Now they can be in another place in two hours. If everything in me consists of desires, then what is this desire inside of me called a journey?

Answer: The fact is that our desires have become bigger, more egoistic, and more dynamic. Therefore, I have such desires in me when I imagine airplanes, ships, and all kinds of means of transportation including rockets. In general, this is all an expression of my new egoistic desires.

I create these models and mechanisms within myself. All this is in my desires, there is nothing else. I see the whole world inside my desire, including all artificial or natural things.

What does natural mean? Natural is something that was created without my participation.

There is physical, biological, and social nature. Physical nature, obviously, goes on by itself. Biological nature, i.e., vegetative, animate, and human nature does too.

Social nature, however, is what we do in human society, what we create ourselves and add to nature in order to exist more comfortably. We invent all kinds of toys, devices, that help us live comfortably, to see further, hear further, work less, be more lazy, fulfill ourselves with all sorts of videos, sounds, and so on.

Our ego invents all these devices for its enjoyment. But it is possible to be fulfilled without any hardware, devices, and nano-technologies. If I cannot provide myself with pure fulfillment, the light, then my ego creates egoistic pleasures, and they require huge efforts from me.

Kabbalah offers pure fulfillment. Why should we invent some huge devices in order to be fulfilled? It is possible to be filled with joy without any physical means.

Question: How exactly does the replacement of corporeal fulfillments with spiritual ones happen?

Answer: It depends on how I work. If I work in the direction “for my own sake,” then of course I have to invent all sorts of mechanisms and search for how I can fulfill myself with something else at least a little, and so on until I reach a state where I cannot be fulfilled by anything.

But if I am being fulfilled “for the sake of bestowal,” then I have a completely different kind of fulfillment and everything depends only on me.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. A Journey Inside a Person” 6/2/11

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The Purpose of Evolution

600.04Question: Let’s say a simple rural guy comes to the city. Suddenly due to circumstances, he unexpectedly becomes a star. In a matter of seconds the whole nation finds out about him.

He begins to look at people differently and behave differently so that he can be seen from a different side. What is this game of egoism? How do these transformations occur in a person?

Answer: The fact is that you are talking about some small animal interests. Go to an ordinary psychologist; he will tell you everything.

Comment: But surely this has some spiritual background.

My Response: What background?! To bring all egoists to the realization that they are insignificant and that life is worthless, that everything ends without any right interest, so that they finally ask: “What is the meaning of my life?” That is all. Evolution is going exactly to this.

Now humanity will be given a couple more “final chord” blows on the head, so that everyone will ask “What for?” and begin to listen.

Comment: But human egoism goes through certain stages of development: honor, power, fame, knowledge.

My Response: Yes, everyone develops in their own direction.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to Become a Star?” 5/14/11

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Alternative History of Mankind

115.07Question: You say that people have to go through several lifetimes to start thinking about its meaning. Are they gradually accumulating this knowledge or are they beginning to feel that it is necessary?

Answer: Along with the growth of egoism, people accumulate the ability to understand the world more. That is, the mind develops next to egoism, but it is an egoistic mind. At the same time, it begins to form a person: “Don’t be too nervous. We’re not that smart. We’re not that strong. There are more forces in nature, and so on.”

Question: After people left Babylon, they followed the path of the development of egoism. Could there have been another way if they had become constantly engaged in spirituality?

Answer: It is impossible. The human development program was supposed to bring us to today. Everything that was meant to happen had to come true.

Only from this moment onward does freewill appear. Everything that has happened to the Kabbalistic group called the Jews up to today was necessary for them to reach their last fourth redemption and correction. The world has evolved to a global state. Now this group must pass on to the world the methodology of global connection.

Therefore, everything had to be as it was. I cannot imagine how it could have been any different in ancient Babylon.

At every stage we need to desire complete correction. And whether it will happen or not is no longer our concern. After all, even today we face obstacles unknown to us, and we have to think about the final correction. We must strive for it in the form in which we imagine it. Everything is very simple.

Therefore, do not invent and try to reveal what will happen. We must participate in this movement in full force.

I act as if today or tomorrow we will definitely achieve global correction, and suddenly we will break through and everything will work out. Why should I think that there will be problems, suffering, and only after that will humanity start pulling its head, come to its senses, and adopt a method of correction? Maybe it will happen now. And that is why I am acting.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Alternative History of Mankind” 5/7/11

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