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Is It Better to Be Kind or Evil?

962.6Question: Looking at modern bloggers, you see how they earn millions of likes, millions of views. Quite a lot of people watch them. There is a constant criticism with piercing hatred and lowering of others. And the more you do it, whether you belong to the right or the left, it does not matter, the more people listen and hear you.

And those who say: “Let’s live peacefully, let’s build good connections and love each other” are not heard.

Tell me, where are we heading today?

Answer: These are such times.

Before, times were not so ideologically clear. One did not have to choose to be this or that. Everything was more common.

Comment: Yes, it was possible to talk about peace and friendship. No one was chasing views or likes back then.

My Response: Because there was no money behind it. They are not chasing those today either; they are chasing money. Either money or fame. One of those must be behind it.

Question: If this is how we develop and keep advancing, what kind of humanity will we come to?

Answer: No, this is all going to change. This is a transitional period. Besides, there are such wars going on now and these wars will continue to develop.

Humanity needs a clear, defined goal. There is no such goal today. Therefore, there is nothing to call upon, nothing to pursue, to strive for, etc.

So, the problem of humanity is that it has lost its absolute reference points. Before, at least there was communism, capitalism, fascism, and so on. There were people involved, speakers, ideologists.

But today? There is practically nothing. This is why humanity is in such a phase that it is not pulled anywhere or moved by anything. Everything is rather vague.

Question: What will this vagueness lead to?

Answer: Egoism is constantly growing. So, we need to wait for it to demand new goals, new states from us. Our focus has to be on: “Where are we headed? Why?” None of this is here today. It should be defined.

Comment: But egoism will require real, significant pleasures.

Answer: Egoism will require to be filled.

Question: What will fill it? What do you think will fill it in the future? It is clear what kind of fillings we had in the past.

Answer: Today we are also talking about fulfilling egoism: either conquering, or doing something to another, some nasty trick, etc. Or to harshly criticize—this also fulfills the egoism of both you and the viewer. These are all fillings.

But these fillings will be increasingly acute, explicit, egoistic, antagonistic: it is good for me, bad for you, and so on. Today, all this is getting relatively smoothed out somehow as we are in an intermediate phase of development.

Question: Will this flow of criticism and hatred lead to hearing those who talk about good connections and love?

Answer: I am afraid that it will not come to good connections, love, or conversations about it. People will start devouring each other. There will be such an egoistic explosion.

Question: And will this lead to some kind of a change?

Answer: I do not believe one will instantly lead to the other.

Comment: You used to be more optimistic.

Answer: Yes. Today, it is spreading more and more. So I do not think we are in a state where there will be sudden changes in society or people.

Question: So you do not have an optimistic forecast?

Answer: No.

Comment: No? This is not a good ending.

My Response: This is a realistic conclusion. It is realistic. I do not think the world is about to embrace the recognition of evil.

This is what we must come to. And then bounce back from it to good. It is not there yet. To do so, society must accumulate vast experience and understanding of what is happening today. This has not happened yet.

The world does not understand that it needs to get rid of egoism, of this petty, bourgeois fuss: who buys cheaper, better, more, etc. Just look what countries or people are busy with? After all, they must change their values to more exalted ones. But it is not what we are coming to.

Question: What values characterize the next step of humanity?

Answer: The answer to the question: “What do I live for?” The fact that I exist is clear; the fact that I need to exist, I understand. But what for? This question does not live in people yet, it does not manifest itself.

Comment: So, you say that at least this question is a question of overturning…

Answer: Oh, if such a question were formed, humanity would have already been wailing: “What do we live for?”
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/27/22

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What Gives Us the Possibility to Live

549.02Question: Why did the Creator make such a gap between Himself and the creation and cause the creation to feel so distant?

Answer: The Creator did to us what we do with our children. We let them first move forward by helping them from behind and we want them to continue walking. This is all reflected in our nature.

The Creator did this out of absolute love. Despite our inclination to be engaged only in using and eating one another in our egoistic world, the force of mutuality, participation, empathy, and love at the various levels of nature suddenly appears. This is why the possibility of life exists here.

The egoistic force alone would not be able to exist independently. When it has the egoism of two kinds, then the possibility of existence at the minimal level comes. With this approach you can do some kind of approximations, imagining what it would be like if I selflessly loved or wished something for another. In other words, there is a place here for the expression of moral conceptions for imagination. Although it is also egoistic, it still exists.

Some interesting combinations between the egoism and the property of bestowal occurred as a result of the shattering of desires in the upper world and their descent down to our world. Everyone wants only to receive, but still a small property of bestowal appears in them. This property is under a person’s control and one feels a special egoistic pleasure in it.

For example, when people give to each other, they enjoy it. Love between them is an egoistic pleasure, but with it a person gives something to the other one and thus fulfills himself with receiving pleasure. Ultimately, it is the same egoism, but egoism already mediated through movement away from oneself.

This is a very interesting system on its own. Scientists have not researched it in a deep way. They cannot figure it out yet, and I think in general they will not have time and will not be able to get to it. After all, we will begin to reveal the upper world and through it we will begin to know our world rather than from our poking on Earth. This is a very intense and unneeded process. Only through the upper world is it possible to get to know the lower one. This is how it is done— fast, specific, and in a complete way.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Does the Creator Wants” 11/3/09

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You Cannot Buy Pleasure

551Question: I’ve heard that we have to pay twice for the things we buy. The first price is paid when we purchase whatever we want, be it a book, a bicycle, cabbage, and the second payment is an effort to get the benefit from this item. And the second payment can be much higher than the first. For example, if I buy a book for $20, it takes 10 – 12 hours to read it, to get some pleasure, etc. Only then do we see the return on the first payment.

Today, in the pursuit of pleasure, we often pay only the first price and do not have time to pay the second. We immediately run for a new pleasure, buy again, and so on. Cars, bicycles, sneakers…

How do you feel about this?

Answer: It is correct. We do not want to put in the effort after that. We make enough effort in the buying.

Question: And where is it, the pleasure? I bought it, why can’t I master this thing?

Answer: You cannot buy pleasure; you buy it in some kind of wrapper.

Question: Let’s say I bought pleasure in the wrapper of a car. Why don’t I master it, but after some time I run for another pleasure?

Answer: Enough is enough. You bought it, that is it. Nothing more is expected of you. Why did you get the desire to buy it? In order to buy. That is it. And it is getting smaller every day.

Comment: There was no such thing before.

My Response: Egoism becomes more vivid and plays with us this way.

Question: What will this chasing lead to?

Answer: To fatigue. The next stage, which will come after the society of fulfillment that the West lives in today (the rest of the world is still far away), will be a society of disappointment.

Question: Do you see another formation that will suddenly arise? There were changes of some formations all the time, slavery, capitalism, etc.

Answer: No, it is the same egoism growing. And here we reach a state where we fill it and find that there is nothing further to do. Then there will be howling all over the world: “What can we make ourselves busy with? What can we fill up with? Where is the pleasure? What is the point of living?!”

Question: That is, the pleasure will wash out, go away from us?

Answer: Yes, it will disappear.

Comment: And I will not get it from anything?

Answer: No, not from wealth, sex, knowledge, power—nothing!

Question: And what is next in this pyramid?

Answer: Nothing. Above this is the attainment of truth, the Creator.

Question: So Maslow’s pyramid of these desires has stopped somewhere, and it is not known what will happen next? Is that where the attainment of the Creator is?

Answer: Yes, of course. Growth is leading to this.

Question: There was no other way to bring us to this idea that we need a Creator?

Answer: No, we have to go through these states. We have to build this pyramid within ourselves. Each subsequent stage is based on the previous one. That is all.

Question: Will this happen to every person?

Answer: Yes, but with each person it is not that he will really go through everything. He will perceive the experience of others and absorb the qualities and impressions of everyone.

Question: And he will not have to go through the same path?

Answer: No. He will understand that he does not need it.

Question: And then what? They will ask the Creator to reveal Himself?

Answer: The Creator is the most perfect pleasure. Look at how sex is viewed today. Once it was the greatest pleasure. Now they refuse it, they renounce it, and so on. And what remains? What will they be left with? What can one fill oneself with?

Question: You see this process as positive?

Answer: Of course, it is positive. Humanity is developing and going through all these stages.

Question: Is it possible to speed up this process?

Answer: No. It grows together with humanity, together with our egoism, together with the developing society. It all happens at the same time on different levels but together. It is a single whole.

Question: Can I have your cautious forecast? After what time will we come to the state that we will finally ask the Creator?

Answer: At the pace at which it is now going, it should be very fast. Of course, not yet in our time. But fast. I think it is in a couple of decades, 30 to 40 years.

I do not think there will be many. Even if now we return to poverty, to limitations, it will not be the same. We will already have impressions: why do we need this? We will no longer gnaw our teeth for earnings, for some material pleasures, and so on.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/9/22

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The System of Our World: Altruism Within Egoism

232.08The altruistic-egoistic system of our world is built in a very interesting way: altruism within egoism. The ego dominates everything, but there is a small altruistic system inside it; thanks to which, egoism is constantly developing. Otherwise, it would remain at the same level.

Were it not for the quality of bestowal within egoism, we would be the tiniest primitive particles of inanimate matter. Actually, egoism would not have existed either. That is, the force of giving must exist side by side with the force of receiving.

The force of bestowal develops nature from inanimate to vegetative, to animate, and to human. It contributes to growing and developing systems built on mutual inclusion, contribution, and sharing of information. Were it not for the quantum of light that fell into matter, into desire, then matter, being inanimate, would not have developed by itself.

And if we take this quantum of light, akin to a spark that exists in us, and attract the surrounding light by properly studying and interacting together with the help of the science of Kabbalah, then this would stimulate and develop our system.

The outer light descends on our system, giving it a sense of itself and shaping it in its likeness. As we are working together to unite, the light literally sculpts it before our eyes. If we strive for similitude with the light, even while we realize that we don’t know how to succeed in this through our aspiration, the light then brings its form into the system.

Through our efforts, by trying to do something like children, we evoke the corresponding influence of the upper world. This is how it works.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What does the Creator wants” 11/3/09

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Through the Egoistic Filter

 202For success in our attempts to treat various medical problems and to sharply slow down the processes of human aging, it is clearly necessary to understand the languages by which cells communicate with each other. We have managed to accomplish this, to some extent. It appears that the languages we were looking for, are, in fact, hidden in the 98%, “junk” DNA contained in our own genetic apparatus (P.P. Gariaev et al).

Question: It is hard to imagine that the main informational structure of a human, his genome, is almost 100% “selfish junk” whose concern is only its preservation in our chromosomes and it is not doing anything useful. What indeed is our genome?

Answer: In essence, this is the way we perceive our genome because we are egoists ourselves and in reality we are in fact this “junk.” Meaning, “garbage” senses “garbage.”

The problem is that we are unable to read it in a different way since we research a person in the direct, egoistic approach. This is our concept apparatus, the form of our research, and how we are built inside.

A person represents a desire to receive pleasure and exists in this desire. Everything he senses and looks at he senses within himself, in his egoistic shapes, forms, desires, thoughts, and feelings.

According to this, everything that he researches passes through this sort of filter. It means I perceive everything through my egoistic filter and it does not matter whether I study the genome or certain macro objects. The only thing I perceive is whether or not something is a yes or no, beneficial or harmful, for my egoism.

There are a multitude of various components and many forms of the researched matter in the surrounding space: macro or micro, inanimate, vegetative, animate, biological, or even the internal, moral, sensory, or spiritual. Whatever I research, I look at it only through my egoistic filter and I do not see all the rest.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Human Genome” 7/17/11

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The Agony of Egoism

273.01In the News (BBC): Some have called it ‘gender madness’, but the Egalia pre-school in Stockholm says its goal is to free children from social expectations based on their sex.

“On the surface, the school in Sodermalm – a well-to-do district of the Swedish capital – seems like any other. But listen carefully and you’ll notice a big difference.

“The teachers avoid using the pronouns ‘him’ and ‘her’ when talking to the children.

“Instead they refer to them as ‘friends’, by their first names, or as ‘hen’ – a genderless pronoun borrowed from Finnish.”

Question: Why does it come to such an absurdity?!

Answer: Because people have lost their bearings, they do not know where to go. It seems to them that equality should be where nature specifically made a distinction between the sexes and put us in an unequal state.

If there were no male and female parts in nature, how could we give birth and procreate?! Destroy the difference between the sexes, destroy the influence, the attraction between them, and we will not have the next generation, we will end life on Earth. This is such a distortion of nature, above which there is nothing!

It will lead to the degradation of society. They will not give birth at all! Under the influence of such public opinion, people will lose interest in each other, there will be no family, no next generation.

Why today is there such an internal imbalance between the inner “I” of a person and his external manifestation? This was not the case before. Before, a woman was a woman and a man was a man. And now various egoistic mutations are taking place, that is, in the end, the most incredible, unreal, unreasonable egoistic forms manifest themselves in the world.

They must show their complete failure. Egoism must reveal itself as the only evil: We are such unreasonable creatures that we go against nature in its most basic part. This is the agony of egoism, it buries itself.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Future of Humanity” 7/17/11

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The War of Gog and Magog Is a War with Egoism

288.2Comment: You said that now we are approaching the war of Gog and Magog.

My Response: This war is already underway. In different sources it is called differently, but in principle, it is a war of the sons of light with the sons of darkness.

The war of Gog and Magog is the last battle for the correction of egoism by the upper light. It is very difficult for a person to separate himself from his ego despite the fact that he is disappointed in his condition, is ready to break away from this world, and sees only continuous losses in it: “Why to be born, suffer and die if our life is worth nothing, there is no sense in it?”

We used to live like animals: you were born, and you live. And now we have reached a level where we realize: “Do we really need this? No. Who benefits from this? Nobody.” Worthlessness, aimlessness…

But when we talk about rising to the next degree, we have to act against egoism. And although it—in principle—manifests itself as an absolute evil, we still cannot break away from it.

This is where the so-called war of Gog and Magog arises: when we all need to unite against our egoism and not against each other. Will the method of bringing people closer to a common good Babylon be correctly perceived straightaway, and will the corrections of our nature be made with the help of the upper light to the degree of “love your neighbor as yourself” and us merging with the upper force, with the Creator?

Will this be done in a good way, or will humanity still succumb to its dark, low instincts, fascism, Nazism, and will protectionism prevail for a while? Then we will go through a certain period of suffering, which will eventually convince us that there is no other way out.

But it will lead to a very bitter, terrible experience, which humanity has not yet had when a small fraction of people will remain, and all the rest will be destroyed. This small handful of people, will have gathered all the suffering of humanity into themselves and will be able to correct their egoism and achieve the final, predetermined upper goal.

This is the plan of nature, the plan of our evolutionary development, and there is no getting away from it. Its active part began to be implemented at the end of the last century with all kinds of problems of humanity, with individual crises here and there, which gradually merged into one general crisis, into a state of universal interaction, universal dependence of all countries, nations, and civilizations. This is the beginning of the war of Gog and Magog.

Either this war will be realized on a spiritual level where humanity will struggle with its basic egoistic motives realizing that they were given only to overcome them, or it will close its eyes and follow the path of dark instincts, and then it will experience all this, as it is said, in the flesh, that is, on itself, on its own skin. Then a very difficult time will come. Kabbalists warn about it.

They even write: “I would not like to live at this time” the state of the world will be so terrible. Mothers will devour their children out of hunger, people will hunt each other like barbarians, like cannibals, mutilated by all kinds of radiation effects.

The international system of communication will fall and people will find that they have absolutely nothing to eat, clothe themselves, or provide themselves with electricity, fuel, and so on without it. It will be a collapse that will turn people into savages.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The near future of humanity” 11/3/09

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Energy Vampire

738Question: Why is man the disturbing factor of water?

Answer: Humans are the most egoistic element of the universe. That is why it is such a disturbing factor. Everything depends on him and he depends on everything. On one hand, he is the most sensitive to external influences, and on the other hand, he is an energy vampire, absorbing and imposing everything bad.

All elements of nature act instinctively, except for man. The inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels are governed by absolutely clear laws. They have no freewill, no desire to harm anyone on purpose. Each one maintains its existence within the framework, in the laws in which it exists.

Therefore, water between them is something neutral. It connects them together both in the form of an ocean of air and in the form of water as a substance.

Thus, animals are in complete equilibrium with nature. Their number and settlement depends on the surrounding nature. They are in balance.

But when the human enters into this balance and begins to change it, not because he just wants to exist, but above his existence he wants to absorb, fill himself, change, and destroy the surrounding nature, he brings his negative energy, first of all, into the water.

After all, a person consists of water. We cannot live surrounded by dry air. We live in water, breathe air with water, and constantly depend on it. Therefore, in case of imbalance, this carrier of energy and information becomes negative and causes all kinds of negative phenomena between us.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Secret of Life” 7/13/11

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The End of the Development of Egoistic Nature

115.06Today we are at the last stage of development when human society moves from an animal, egoistic society, which developed like all previous forms (still, vegetative, and animate), to the development of the next degree, I would even say, dimension, as it is opposed to all previous forms of nature.

The previous forms of nature began their development from the Big Bang. This is how the Solar System and everything on Earth appeared. And then, in exactly the same way, humanity evolved from monkeys. Moreover, man is no different from animals, except for even greater egoism. This develops him to the point that he is constantly improving technology, society, the environment, and his capabilities until his egoism begins to deteriorate, like at any previous stage.

For example, when egoism exhausted itself at the still stage, another stage began to appear, the vegetative one. This is the law of “negation of negation,” when the previous stage is no longer able to express itself further or be filled, and grows into another.

So plants evolved from still matter, animal organisms from plant matter, and so on. And now a person, developing as an animal organism, gradually comes to a state when he exhausts his egoism at the animal level and eventually discovers his incongruity: “And what next?”

This is a characteristic feature of our era when we ask: “What are we living for? There is no point in existing like animals. And if not like animals, then how else?”

In everything we have created, we find that technology is to our detriment, society is to our detriment, and we find no satisfaction in anything. That means, we have exhausted this stage. Practically, this is a very good state, the state of birth, the transition to the next degree.

But the next degree is radically different from the previous ones, it is no longer egoistic. Therefore, the entire multibillion-dollar process of the development of egoistic nature from the Big Bang to our state has ended. And now we are living in such a wonderful time, the birth of a new world.

This means the birth of a new person because the world does not exist outside of us, we perceive it within ourselves. Thus, if a person changes, he will suddenly discover that he exists in a completely different world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Future of Humanity” 7/17/11

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There, Where Egoism Rules

115.06Question: The German philosopher, Johann Gottfried von Herder wrote that the moral upbringing of people in a spirit of justice, humanism, and aversion to war is necessary to achieve eternal peace.

Overall, throughout the ages, it has been recognized that it is necessary to re-educate people in a way so it would be possible to establish peace. Why have they still not become re-educated?

Answer: Because it is impossible. Don’t history and experience speak of it? Egoism, contradictions between people, mutual hatred, rejection, and thirst for power all is incurable, and we are unable to do anything about it! We must accept it and look for another way for how we can work with this correctly and how we can transform despicable and abhorrent qualities into beneficial ones.

Here one needs to add the outer force that can correct egoism into altruism. Then we will receive the altruistic force that does not exist in our world. We only suspect that it might, but it does not. However, egoism does exist.

The only thing that exists in our world is the egoistic force and there is no opposite to it. We kind of wish it existed, but in truth, we don’t desire it. We simply think that yes, it would be good. However, we see that it cannot happen.

What can we do to find the kind and unifying force, which is opposite to egoism, in our world? There is nothing else we need besides this force.

Until that happens, do not force people, do not try to do something kind and good with them. Nothing will work! In the end, every time they will bump into their egoism, which develops more and more, and it will be destroying everything that they will try to do.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 3/4/22

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