The Tower Of Babel As The Essence Of Relationships Between People

Laitman_115.05Remark: The book of Genesis describes how people built the tower of Babel: They built it high. Those who raised bricks rose from the east side of the tower, and those who went down came down from the west side of the tower.

And if someone fell and died, they did not pay attention to him. But if a brick fell, they sat and cried, “When will another rise instead.”

My Response: Here allegorically it speaks about the Babylonians’ egoism having increased to such an extent that they did not respect human lives, but only valued a person’s work.

If a person could not bring benefit and his productivity fell, it was better that he simply die, disappear, such people were not needed. That is, they were purely pragmatic toward each other.
From Kab TV’s “Systematic Analysis of Israeli People Development,” 6/24/19

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