The EU Is Dyng, And It Should

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/9/20

The European Union was born in sin and will die in agony. It was forged in order to give Europe a competitive edge against the US and the strengthening China and Russia. It focused almost exclusively on creating a common market and a common currency, but it gave no thought to the social implications of a union of peoples that have been on and off at war with one another for centuries.

The monetary union created a powerful currency but impoverished many of its member states and left them dependent, despondent, and denigrated. It did not create union; it created even more hatred. Monetary union without solidarity, a sense of national pan-European patriotism, is unsustainable. The migrant crisis almost took it apart as it pushed the UK out of the EU but it managed to persist. The coronavirus crisis, however, seems to be a blow that the EU will not survive. In my view, it is for the best.

Globalization – a Great Idea Done Wrong

In principle, union is a great idea. It’s the right way to go because all of reality is evolving toward greater unity and collaboration. Evolution went from the simplest particles to compositions of particles that created atoms, which created molecules, which created organisms, and so forth. Likewise, human society evolved from clans to settlements that grew into cities, counties, countries, and empires.

However, there is a fundamental difference between the way nature evolves and the way human society evolves. As nature evolves, it maintains balance and harmony. A concept of overconsumption doesn’t exist in nature because every animal takes only what it needs for its survival. With humans, where the ego rules, overconsumption is the kernel of our existence. The more we have compared to others, the more we value ourselves. Therefore, any alliance has, by default, an ulterior motive to hurt someone else—an enemy of the alliance, one of the members of the alliance, or both. This is human nature, but it contradicts nature’s core principle of evolution that it must be based on balance and harmony.

In order to create lasting monetary globalization, the people in the participating member states must first choose to do so. This is a profound and extended process that requires adopting a pan-national identity that is stronger than the national identity. Only when people sympathize with the multinational entity more than with their own nation state will they agree to such a transformation.

No such preparation was done in Europe. As a result, the stronger countries, following their inherent nature to exploit, plundered the smaller, weaker economies and left them destitute and dishonored. Now that the coronavirus has struck, the enmity and distrust among them is surfacing and proves that they cannot rely on one another. They need to put the EU to rest and start over. And the first step in that direction is to return to nurturing their local economies.

It is not that countries should not forge unions. On the contrary, I believe that in the end, when we have overcome our selfishness, we will not need borders and the notion of the nation state will evaporate. But we are nowhere near there yet. Instead, we must be sensible, acknowledge our self-centeredness, and try to agree on rules and boundaries that will keep our savageness in check and allow all of us to live in relative peace and stability.

Subsequently, we should begin to teach ourselves about the unity that exists in nature, where every part contributes its skills and receives from the collective everything it needs in order to thrive. When we gradually come to see that a collective existence is not only safer than individualistic competition, but also much more rewarding, we will be able to cautiously, slowly, and wisely build a common entity. But this will not be a European, American, Russian or Chinese entity, but a global human race.

Until then, we must accept and respect our differences.

(Image: European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen holds a news conference detailing EU efforts to limit economic impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Brussels, Belgium April 2, 2020. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir/Pool)

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A Cup For Elijah The Prophet

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/8/20

Every Passover night, during the ceremonial meal, there is a custom to pour one extra cup of wine and keep it for Elijah the Prophet as a welcoming gesture. Passover symbolizes passing over from egoism to altruism, and Elijah symbolizes the force that changes us from love of ourselves to loving our neighbors. Egypt symbolizes our egoism, and we begin to feel Egypt as an exile when we begin to want to emerge from our egoism. The more we want to pass over to love of others, the more we suffer from our ego and the darker Egypt becomes for us.

Finally, Egypt becomes so dark that we cannot see anything good about it. It is a state of intense recognition of my selfishness, and a request from the bottom of the heart that the Creator will change me so I will no longer harm or harbor bad thoughts about others. When the request is so intense that no prize or booty can tempt me to even want to enjoy it egoistically, the transition from bad to good occurs. That transition is called “the coming of Prophet Elijah.”

Happy passing over!

The Crowned Virus

laitman_961.2What must governments do to help us get through this difficult period? All governments should understand that they have a special role and turn their thoughts a little. They should know that the future of the world lies in global integration among all people, and the government must strive for this.

It is necessary to organize such forms of training for children and adults, to establish an educational system so that everyone understands that a human being is the most destructive force in nature. And we must become the force connecting all parts of nature.

After all, we are smart and well developed, but we turn our entire development into evil, we direct it to destruction. Therefore, governments are obligated to change; people will have to explain this to them.

It is no accident that the new virus received the name “coronavirus”; it really does royal work, it dominates the whole world and organizes our lives as a king would. I hope that we will still see many consequences of its reign, meaning changes in our lives.

Coronavirus quarantined each and every one of us. But I think this will benefit us. We need to overcome this isolation by uniting together, and above all, virtually, from afar. And to the extent that we learn how to tolerate each other, to connect and get together internally, mentally, we will be able to leave each of our homes and connect with others.

This condition, which obliges us to stay at a distance, will work to our advantage, helping our rapprochement in a selective manner. As far as I am able to relate well to my neighbor, I will be able to get closer to him—not in order to make money off him, but in order to establish good relations.

Everyone needs to be taught this in order to build a new humanity together. And then really a good, eternal, and perfect world worth living in will open up before us.

They ask me how I see the world in a year, what will happen to it? As usual, we have two alternatives: either the world does not listen to what the wisdom of Kabbalah is talking about, the need to achieve unification, and we will lead the world to destruction, or changes will nevertheless occur.

If you look at the world through the wisdom of Kabbalah, you can see how the world is approaching correction.

However, you look abstractly from it , you can see how the world is not able to change. But we will try to work together; otherwise, it will be very bad. I hope that we will nevertheless be able to convey the correct unification methodology to all of humanity.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with David Blumenfeld” 3/25/20

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Selfishness Is The Virus

115.06Question: At the very beginning of the epidemic, people were allowed to gather up to 5,000 individuals, then up to 2,000 people, then 500, 100, to 10. And today you cannot get together with 10 people. That is, nature forcibly separates us, but for what purpose? What will happen next?

Answer: Kabbalah says: The assembly of sinners is bad for them and bad for the world. And the separation of sinners is good for them and good for the world.

Question: What is our sin?

Answer: It is that we were originally born in sin. And these are not religious phrases. Human nature is sinful in that we are egoists and think only about ourselves, how to make things better for ourselves and worse for others. Everything is relative. We live by constantly comparing our personal condition with others.

Therefore, the separation of people from each other, in principle, weakens their envy and jealousy and thus calms the state of society. After all, if society is comprised of people who are friendly to each other, to the extent of their friendliness, they can get closer. And if it is selfish, then to this extent they should move away from each other.

Question: That is, nature created us as selfish, so it is as though there are no claims against us?

Answer: Yes, it is said in the Torah: I (the Creator) created egoism. Exploring nature, we see that the attraction and rejection of all its parts, all the laws of nature, are based on the egoistic properties of matter.

Question: So, if we do not use our egoism correctly, then nature generates all kinds of viruses and other cataclysms so that we recognize the need to correct the ego. Is selfishness the same virus?

Answer: At any moment in time, we wish to receive maximum pleasure, and even better, if it happens at the expense of others. Our whole selfish nature is a virus. Inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature and humans are in His power and manifest themselves only in this way.
From Kab TV’s “Coronavirus changes reality,” 3/19/19

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“Ma Nishtana? A Passover Unlike Any Other” (Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “Ma Nishtana? A Passover Unlike Any Other

The Passover holiday this year is expected to be the most unique in modern history. For the first time, the Jewish people, regardless of their location, will celebrate not only around the table but inside the Web. It is a special occurrence as physical restrictions have been imposed to celebrate with extended family—particularly to protect the most vulnerable, the elderly, from potentially contracting the COVID-19. This new situation is also an opportunity to zoom out and look at the bigger picture: the connection between the exit from Egypt and the exit from this pandemic.

On Passover night, everyone sits with their loved ones at a festive table to read about freedom and the sufferings of slavery and plagues, and the desire for liberation. We ask ourselves, Ma nishtana? (what has changed), which is an inner reflection on what makes this night different from all other nights. This year, that traditional question adopts a deeper dimension, demanding from us a meaningful and thorough scrutiny.

Passing Over All Calamities

Passover (Pesach) means “passage” or “transition” from the egoistic state of self-love to love for the neighbor, where you think of others, even if just a little. This transformation is similar to completely replacing a computer’s operating program. Likewise, we have to replace our current inner program of a selfish and egoistic approach with one of mutual consideration.

The coronavirus pandemic surged throughout the world precisely to serve that purpose: to make us realize that the whole of humanity is a single unit, where any element in nature, even as minuscule as a virus, can affect the whole system in the blink of an eye. The pandemic is telling us: “Stay home; you will be locked-down until you begin to realize how internally locked-down you are inside your ego.” Our current circumstances indicate that nature is interconnected and humans are the ones who are isolated, an internal isolation from each other.

The phrase, “we were slaves,” that we recite as part of the Seder tradition, refers to the great ego that rules everything, that we are slaves of Pharaoh, of our egoism—our lack of consideration for others. In the modern world, we seem to have raised Pharaoh’s power to such an elevated height that it batters us with its immensity. Unrestrained egoism pits us against the others, provoking rejection, quarrels, and struggles.

COVID-19, Not a Plague but an Opportunity

All human beings and all parts of nature are linked within one closed system, and if one individual thinks only of himself, he is harmful to everyone else. Furthermore, such harm reproduces and spreads widely and rapidly like an epidemic. Just like a healthy body requires complete integration between all its organs and systems, integration is also the only formula for a healthy society that will ensure that no damage is done to either mankind or the rest of nature. Through the coronavirus, nature is trying to bring us to the awareness that mutual guarantee, becoming as one man with one heart, is a necessity for our survival.

Therefore, COVID-19 cannot be considered a malevolent plague that has appeared for no reason or purpose, just like the plagues in the Haggadah we traditionally read about during the Passover Seder (ceremonial meal). The virus is actually an opportunity for humanity, this year like no other, to break free from the clutches of self-destruction and slavery. These challenging times are placing a mirror before us, raising awareness of what we need to correct in order to be in balance with nature, which is our intention to consider the well-being of others. If the purpose behind our connection with the world is to exploit everything around us only for personal gain, the time comes when these bad connections become so unbearable that nature breaks them apart by manifesting itself as a calamity.

When we fix our disruptive and destructive human relations and unite above our differences, we are saved from our enemies and come out from exile to freedom. The exit from egoistic thoughts and actions to those of bestowal is the deeper meaning of coming out of Egypt.

Each unification of our hearts and good intentions with another is a realization of the principle “love thy friend as thyself,” the great rule of the Torah.

All of the commandments, meaning the actions toward these corrections, are included within that one great rule until we finally reach the complete correct connection and enter the Land (Eretz, from the word Ratzon [desire]) of Israel (Yashar-El, meaning straight to the Creator). In other words, our desire becomes similar to and unites with the force of nature that controls everything—the Upper Force that brings about freedom, health, and all goodness in life. Happy Passover!

At The Meeting Point Between The Right Line And The Left Line

laitman_224Baal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”: Thus, it has been made clear that the revelation of the Creator is not a one-time disclosure, but an ongoing matter that is revealed over a period of time, sufficient for the disclosure of all the great degrees that appear from Above downwards and from below upwards. On top of them, and at the end of them, appears the Creator.

It is like a person proficient in all the countries and people in the world, who cannot say that the whole world has been revealed to him before he has completed his examination of the last person and the last country. Until one has achieved that, one has not attained the whole world.

Similarly, the attainment of the Creator unfolds in preordained ways. The seeker must attain all those ways in both the Upper and the lower.

The goal of our development is the attainment of the Creator. If He could be revealed at once, swallowed at once…. But it is forbidden. It is in the gradual understanding of His true and inverse properties, and again, true and inverse, in the transition from the left to the right line, and at this meeting point between them that the attainment of the Creator begins.

It is difficult to explain, but it comes to a person from his practical sensation. Just like in our world we can talk a lot about what we learn, what we comprehend, but when we actually comprehend something, this feeling cannot be conveyed. It was as if born in you because you comprehend it. And one who does not comprehend does not feel anything. In other words, this is not just knowledge but a derivative of the effort.

Therefore, the revelation of the Creator is built precisely on not being afraid of the friction between “I understand—I do not understand,” between “true—false.” The main thing is the effort. When you constantly make efforts and try to literally beat your head against the wall, then they gradually create properties in you where the Creator is revealed.

But the revelation of the Creator does not happen directly. Baal HaSulam writes: “This is not a one-time action but rather a gradual revelation of all the huge levels during a certain length of time.” This means that the important thing is not to retreat, and then, eventually, you will have internal prerequisites for the revelation of the Creator.

Question: What are the right efforts? What should I attach them to?

Answer: The goal of all your efforts is to try together with your friends to find the common ground between you, which is called the center of the circle, the center of the ten.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/12/20

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Flattening The Negativity Curve About The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/9/20

Flattening the Negativity Curve about the Future

One thing we have certainly learned from the coronavirus quarantine is that nature could live peacefully without our interference. As countries begin to consider lifting the lockdowns imposed to avoid further contagion, we see unequivocal signs of the planet’s ecological recovery. Nature is a master teacher, now it is our turn to become exemplary students, pass the difficult test handed to us, and advance a grade by improving the relationship between us and the environment.

“As people stopped commuting and traveling, the Earth’s surface vibrated less,” reads a recent National Geographic article which explains how the coronavirus has “quieted” the world with the measures to curb the pandemic, thus reducing seismic noise. It puts in perspective the tremendous impact of humans on nature for better or worse.

Since COVID-19 pushed the world’s pause button, satellite images released by NASA show a significant reduction in toxic emissions and pollution in America. The air is dramatically cleaner in big cities across the globe, the chirping of birds has replaced the unbearable metropolis noise, and animals reclaim their habitats penetrating the big cities. One obvious conclusion is that instead of man’s hectic race to manipulate the world, it is much better when we sit quietly and allow nature to breathe, recover itself, and bloom.

Our attempts to control others out of pride, and particularly, our predatory behaviors toward each other, have brought despair and affliction upon us. However, humankind has the ability to consciously make a change. The first step toward change is awareness. Otherwise, it is impossible to fix something that we just assume works well.

Back to “Normal?”

If we stop producing, acquiring, and accumulating the unnecessary stuff that is choking the planet, if we discuss and internalize what really matters in life and invest more time in nurturing good and healthy relationships, we will stop feeling that life is a dead-end road and our future will seem brighter and clearer.

Like never before, we are on the verge of a historic breakthrough. As humanity impatiently awaits the reopening of society and businesses, we should not become nostalgic about the past. Returning to what we call “normal” would be returning to the abnormal state that constantly left us unfulfilled, chasing unrealistic goals, and immersed in exhausting competition to succeed at all cost. However, since the old, egoistic patterns have proven themselves unworkable, it is worthwhile to look forward to welcome change, instead of backward. Ultimately, the current crisis has come to raise us and all of creation to a higher level of existence, so we would be wise to flow with the harmonious power of nature and allow it to heal us.

How do we ensure that we do not derail our trajectory toward a renewed and rehabilitated world? We will stay on the right track if we realize that nature is whole and round, where all its elements must be connected in one integral system in which they support and complement each other.

Humanity needs to replicate this pattern and move in sync with nature by gradually refraining from treating one another badly. We must understand that we constitute a delicate system in which each person depends on the other and we need to constantly strengthen social cohesion. This is the formula of nature for a wonderful and balanced existence, one that is complete and eternal. Thus, it is precisely from this enormous coronavirus crisis that we can flatten pessimism about the future and raise the curve of the positive new life.

[People stand and cheer healthcare workers outside Mount Sinai West Hospital at 7pm during outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in New York]