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Corona Mutual Responsibility

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/6/20

The coronavirus imposes on us social behaviors we aren’t used to and don’t welcome; it imposes mutual responsibility. In fact, the virus initiated a new phase in our development, and every new phase is better and more evolved than its predecessor; it is another step in the advancement of humanity toward unity and cohesion.

For the most part, we inherently object to changes and prefer to stay in the complacent known. This dissonance we feel between where we want to stay and where reality is pulling us feels painful and intimidating, but the biggest mistake we make as individuals, societies, and governments is to deny the arrival of the new phase and try to force reality to stay where it was. It won’t. Today, if we want to be happy, secure, and even healthy, we must embrace unity and mutual responsibility among all factions of society. The sooner we begin, the easier it will be for us to shift our mindsets from “me” to “we,” and ultimately to “one.”

(Image: NY: Thank You To Health Care Workers Set Up In Elmhurst)

My Thoughts On Twitter 4/6/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The single integral nature is becoming more and more revealed to us, and hence we feel that we are in descent, in greater disparity with the single nature. Its reaction to the disparity is cataclysms, viruses.
But this isn’t punishment—rather it is an aspiration to bring us to balance with nature!

How do we come out of #egoism? We come out of ourselves, out of our desire for self-gratification, into our connections with each other, where each one no longer pays attention to himself—but only to what is between us. Between us is the spiritual space!
This is what the #coronavirus is pointing at!

The #coronavirus is showing us the disparity between our egoism and the integral nature (altruism). Start to gradually be cured! #Egoism is turning us into one humanity, and revelation of evil in it, in the form of nature’s blows (on the animate level – viruses) will bring us to the correction of egoism.

The unified integral nature is becoming more and more revealed to us and we therefore feel that we are in descent, more out of balance with the single nature. Its reaction to the imbalance is cataclysms, viruses. But this isn’t #punishment; rather, it is the aspiration to balance us with nature!

For now we are developing by the path of suffering (Beito), natural development. But there is a path with acceleration of time (Achishena), when we carry out Kabbalah’s instructions and understand what we have to do—and we build good connections with each other learning how to become one unified humanity.
From Twitter, 4/6/20

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Coronavirus Is Changing Reality, Part 7

arava-convention_931.01Can People Who Keep Up with Nature’s Plan Contract the Coronavirus?

Question: Thousands of people united at the recent Kabbalah convention in Israel. Immediately afterward, the global outbreak began. We connected and look at what happened. Did we cause this?

Answer: No, we did not cause this. First of all, the outbreak started before the convention; it just was not that obvious.

We were sure that nothing would happen to the convention participants. Since tens of thousands of people all over the world were connecting with each other physically and virtually through good efforts, there was no danger here.

I am sure that none of our friends, wherever they were, wherever they went to participate in the mirror congress, fell ill. There were no problems with anyone.

And how could there be if we were gathering in order to connect with even better connections between us. We move together with nature’s plan; therefore, we cannot be affected by the virus that affects egoistic connections between people, societies, and countries.

Question: Is it possible to deduce the following formula: people who will learn to connect with each other correctly won’t be affected by this virus?

Answer: Yes. I can give you my word for that. We just need to understand that this is not 100% because there are individual cases that we can analyze and see why this happened in our ranks. However, I do not think that we will hear about a huge number of Kabbalists being affected by the virus. It is impossible. We will just wait and see.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus is Changing Reality, Part 7,” 3/12/20

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Coronavirus Epidemic Forecast

laitman_220What forecast can be given for the development of the coronavirus epidemic, will it spread further around the world or can it be stopped? There are several levels of protection here.

First of all, it depends on the dissemination of the science of Kabbalah, on the fact that people will at least hear about balance and harmony of the world, about positive connections in human society, which nature obliges us to, and that our mismatch to the laws of nature gives rise to all these viruses. This must be explained and disseminated through all social networks. Everything is in our hands.

Do not be afraid that you are small and think that nothing depends on you. It is our responsibility to do our job, to explain that nature directs us toward our goal, and we need to start acting accordingly. We cannot get rid of the coronavirus—if not this virus, then others will appear. The era of the end of correction is the time of intensified blows.

Kabbalah teaches that the best cure for the virus is unity between people. But humanity has found a different, opposite remedy against the epidemic: isolation, so as not to infect each other. It seems that there is a contradiction here, but actually there is none: Under such conditions unification is expressed in isolation.

Caring for others in such an epidemic is expressed in separation, isolation. My love for my neighbor is manifested in how far away physically I am from others. Because of this, I become closer to them internally, mentally; after all, I am caring for them, and therefore, I move away physically. My alienation action is in fact a connection.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/5/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”

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“What Are The Positive Impacts Of The COVID-19 Crisis?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What are the positive impacts of the COVID-19 crisis?

Aside from the ecological benefits that the stay-at-home orders spanning the world’s continents have brought about, such as significant drops in pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, another major positive impact is that the COVID-19 crisis put spokes in the wheels of our over-inflating egoistic, exploitative and manipulative interactions, heated social division and tense international relations, which were leading to a world war.

Also, while ordered to stay at home, we are now given time to calm down from our usual rat race, reconsider what is most important in life, and learn a deeper perspective of how nature works in order to exit this crisis into a better state.

Essentially, if we use this period we are now in to upgrade our awareness of ourselves as parts of a single interconnected and interdependent system of nature, it would result in an immense positive impact, both for ourselves and for nature in general.

The COVID-19 crisis is a prime example of how nature’s interconnectedness and interdependence is becoming increasingly revealed among us humans, as it forces us all into a common global problem.

We would thus be wise to learn from nature, to adapt our human thoughts, attitudes and relationships to the integral way in which nature operates.

If we fail to use this period in order to upgrade the quality of our connections, then we can expect nature to respond with further blows, whether an intensification of the current pandemic, or other natural disasters.

The principle is that according to nature’s interconnected and interdependent form, we, as the human level within nature, have to assume the same form in our attitudes and relationships to each other, in order to experience a harmonious and peaceful existence.

We have the free choice to make this leap, since our egoistic human nature that involuntarily prioritizes personal benefit over benefiting others sets us up in opposition to nature’s consideration of the whole.

Our selfish makeup is what led us to create a society functioning by each one trying to profit off of everyone else. However, as we see with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and other crises in our world, such egoistic development has reached a limit.

Nature is now trying to wake us up to our need to make a further step in our development: to exercise positive, supportive, encouraging and considerate relationships in a place where we by default relate negatively to each other.

Yet, as much as nature leads the horse to water by giving us this global shock, it still cannot make the horse drink. We will still have to make that leap from negative-egoistic relations to positive and mutually considerate ones by applying our own free choice.

This becomes possible if we study how nature functions as a complete integral system, and how each of us together need to act similarly in order to reach and maintain balance in the system.

Essentially, we need to reach a state where we care about others to the same extent as we care about ourselves.

If we thus use the time when we are bound to our homes in order to upgrade our awareness of nature’s unifying principle, and implement it in our relationships, we will then see far-reaching positive impacts of the COVID-19 crisis—a shift into a completely new and harmonious state among humanity the likes of which we have never experienced before.

Universal Vaccination Against All Viruses

laitman_571.08Now the whole world is trying to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus. But there is a spiritual vaccine against this epidemic, and there is no doubt that it will be the only genuine protection against the disease.

I fear that after this coronavirus, many more of its mutations will appear and we will be unable to get out of this vicious circle. Blows will follow with great frequency, one after another: if not this virus, then something else. We are already in such a period and cannot escape from it.

Yet, the solution is simple: to implement the method of connection that the science of Kabbalah offers to us, which explains how to properly and kindly connect with each other. As we replace our destructive, egoistic relationships with friendly ones, the coronavirus will disappear.

We see that this virus works very selectively: it separates us, destroys all industrial and business relations, banking systems, and companies.

It seems to explain to us in its own language that the whole world we have built is wrong, egoistic, and based on exploiting each other. It contradicts the integral form of nature and mutuality, which nature requires also from the human stage.

At all other levels of nature, the inanimate, vegetative, and animate, there is complete symbiosis. And there is a constant war only at the human level. Nature requires that by using our human mind and feelings, our understanding, we build the right connection. And the virus helps us with this.
From KabTV’s:” Conversation with David Blumenfeld,” 3/25/20

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The Virus Does Not Distinguish Between Nationality And Skin Color

laitman_565.01The coronavirus operates without recognizing boundaries and social differences. It does not distinguish nationality or skin color: black, white, yellow, red. The human system in relation to nature is like different children in relation to one mother. The mother loves everyone.

We do not see this with our egoistic eyes, and we must correct our view. The correction lies in completely changing the nature of connection between people into integral mutual help. If this does not happen, a series of continuous blows of nature awaits us, which nevertheless will force us to draw the right conclusions.
From the conversation with David Blumenfeld, 3/25/20

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Coronavirus—Occasion To Unite Around One Problem

935We should always remember—everything that happens to us is sent by the Creator and works for our own good. But in recent events with coronavirus, the action of the Creator’s hand is especially pronounced. Connection with the Creator is possible only on the condition that the creations ask Him for something or thank Him for what He did to them, one of two things: either request or gratitude. Otherwise, there will be no connection of creation with a higher power. We receive only the minimum illumination, which gives us the opportunity to exist in a state of waiting. But such a state is not desirable either to the creatures or to the Creator.

Therefore, we must understand that by awakening us with the help of the coronavirus, the Creator helps us organize and turn to Him. Now all of humanity is turning to the Creator consciously or unconsciously.

This is how connection between the creation’s desire to receive and the Creator’s desire to bestow strengthens. We are required to maximize this connection, expand it, deepen it, and most importantly, do it together, turning it into a common prayer. Such a prayer breaks all barriers and opens the correct and true connection with the Creator.

We reveal the connection that already existed before, but was not felt, like a baby, who rests in its mother’s arms and is not aware of it. This is an unconscious natural connection. But when the child grows up, he begins to strengthen this connection, realizing that it can be interrupted. This is how a child grows.

All our development and ascent along the spiritual steps, rapprochement with each other, lies in the fact that we are increasingly organizing ourselves for prayer, appeal, and gratitude to the Creator. This is how we strengthen our connection, which becomes the most important thing to us.

My whole life is determined only by the degree of my connection with the Creator, more or less, how strongly I hold on to Him. I keep spinning around this one parameter as the most precious in my life.

It has been said by Kabbalists of all generations that everything is achieved only by the power of prayer and it would be good if a person prayed all day. After all, they revealed how important it is that we turn to the Creator consciously, with understanding from our connection. All our actions must be weighed with respect to the extent, to which this helps us turn to the Creator. This is the only consequence of our work.

There are only two forces: the Creator and creations. Creations should reach out to the Creator all the time and with all their strength, turn to Him, ask, and give thanks. Now the Creator is awakening the coronavirus, sending the rulers of the world thoughts and a desire to lock us up, stop us, make us sit quietly at home, so that we could concentrate more and more on our appeal to the Creator.

This appeal is the most central point of creation, which we need to expand more and more, until all reality, all worlds, fit into this point of pleading as one person to one Creator. Only then we can say that we have reached connection and adhesion between us. The main thing the Creator expects is our united appeal. If a billion people cry out to the Creator individually, or if this billion unites with each other and appeals to the Creator, then the difference between these two appeals is like this world and the future world of final correction. The main thing is the common prayer.

Therefore, we are given an occasion from above to unite around one problem in order to turn to the Creator with it. This already allows us to connect with each other and with the Creator thanks to awakening from above. Although this connection did not arise at the expense of the creations themselves, it is also taken into account and included in the general correction.
From the 1st and 2nd parts of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/29/20, Writings of Rabash

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Why Is The Coronavirus Sparing Children?

Laitman_511.01Why is the coronavirus spreading without any limits, crossing all the borders but sparing children? Most seriously ill people are the elderly, while children carry the virus, but don’t get sick themselves. This is rightfully so because the children are not to blame, they are not the ones who built this life. Why would the virus strike them? It is the generation of the older people who built this terrible life, and the virus makes them feel what they did. This is why it first of all strikes the elderly.
From a Conversation with David Blumenfeld, 3/25/20

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