Coronavirus Is Changing Reality, Part 5

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Question: To date, is isolation the only remedy for coronavirus?

Answer: We were in such relations with each other even previously, although it was not so obvious. We just did not have anything to hold onto. If I had some kind of device to point at everyone and choose to communicate with this one and not with that one, then I would do so. In principle, even without the virus, we look at each other all our lives: whether to communicate with this one or not and at what distance.

Question: What questions should a person who is currently sitting in isolation at home ask himself? There are already hundreds of thousands or even millions.

Answer: This virus shows how badly we treat each other. We must necessarily change our relations and then immediately everything good and kind in the world will be restored.

Question: Are you sure that a person can ask himself such questions and come to the conclusion that we treat each other badly? Can a virus cause such thoughts?

Answer: In Kabbalah, in particular in the book “Prophets,” it is described that humanity can come to terrible states when people will literally eat each other. So we need to think about that as well. Today, we are still in a beautiful, generous state where we can change ourselves and not allow this to happen.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus is Changing Reality, Part 5,” 3/12/20

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