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World—Reality Or Illusion? Part 12

Laitman_096The Creator Is the Only Reality

Question: Are we an integral reality together with the Creator?

Answer: No, by no means are we one single reality with the Creator. The only reality is the Creator Himself. We as if exist outside of Him.

This is some kind of phantom, some kind of “spirit” that supposedly exists outside of the Creator in order to begin to feel itself, position itself correctly with the Creator, and to get closer to Him.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 9/15/19

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Creating The Creator

laitman_939.02Question: How can we say that we are creating the Creator?

Answer: Of course, we create the Creator. There is an upper force around us called Atzmuto, (in Himself). This is not even the Creator but simply an upper force under whose influence the creation appears in the universe, a Kli (vessel), the desire to receive.

We do not deal with the Atzmuto itself because this is an abstract force called “the root cause,” which created a second force. The second force is the Creator, the light, the desire to bestow.

We, the creation, are currently totally broken into 600,000 main components, which in turn is fragmented even further into billions of particles.

If we unite among ourselves, then gradually, to the measure of our connection, we begin to feel the Creator within us. Meaning, we “create the Creator,” we manifest Him within us. And outside of us, we do not even know whether He exists or not.

Therefore, it is all about creating such a system between us that allows the Creator to manifest Himself.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabalah,” 7/28/19

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 2/12/19

laitman_571.03Question: There are situations in which a tsunami of emotions and feelings overwhelms you, and you sit and don’t understand what is going on with you! You certainly understand that everything is coming from the Creator. What should one do in situations like these? Should I continue to sit, go out, or try to extinguish this within me? Or should I simply surrender to the emotions and go with the flow?

Answer: I cannot say what to do; you must choose. But each time you to try to act so you will be in maximum connection to the Creator as the source on which your current situation depends.

Question: Do I or we in a ten have some kind of influence on the process of ascents and descents in other tens or groups?

Answer: We are all in a single system, and therefore, to some degree, you naturally influence everyone. If one real ten will emerge in our world group that will constantly work with the Creator, then we will all feel it. I hope that this will be soon.

Question: Is there a difference between a thought, a prayer, and physically coming to a convention and supporting a friend? Or are both necessary?

Answer: I cannot say because each circumstance needs to be considered individually, but in every case it is advisable to take advantage of all the possibilities.

Question: Is a ten a state of readiness to approach each other?

Answer: A ten is a skeleton, a framework of everything that the Creator created.

Question: How can you work with thoughts in which you want to do something bad to someone and you cannot get rid of them, even if you understand that they are from the Creator?

Answer: What this means is that you don’t understand that this is intentionally coming from the Creator precisely so that you will be connected with Him and you will determine that, “There is none else beside Him,” (Deuteronomy 4:35) and that the Creator cannot give you bad thoughts like these about others.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/12/19

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 3/10/19

laitman_962.3Question: You talk about the education of a single European, a single person. What will be the basis for the upbringing of a new individual? Is Kabbalah the method that you propose? Where is the basis, the concept of your proposed path?

Answer: You just need to open the books of the wisdom of Kabbalah where everything is written, and read them.

Question: Who is the Creator? Something not from this world? So how can one induce Him for anything?

Answer: The Creator is not from this world, that is correct and accurate. He is the highest power of bestowal and love. He can bestow to you only to the degree that you want to instill the properties of bestowal and love in you. If you want to acquire the attitude of love and bestowal toward others, then you must turn to the Creator.

Question: What does the fulfillment of a desire mean?

Answer: The fulfillment of a desire means getting what I want. In our state, all of our desires are egoistic, and therefore, we do not receive their fulfillment. Even if we do get fulfillment, we discover later that we have become even emptier. This teaches us not to want to be fulfilled egotistically.

Question: Could the Jews have awakened without anti-Semitism?

Answer: Certainly not! That is why the Creator urges us to fulfill our destiny by inciting hatred toward Israel.

Question: What should little children of two or three years of age be taught first and foremost?

Answer: At the age of two or three, it is certainly too early to teach them anything. But you can try to teach them to be connected well with others.

Question: How does the Creator respond to your teaching us? Do you feel His response?

Answer: The Creator fully approves of me, He responds very well, and I feel this perfectly. I am not joking! You can do the same and discover it.

Question: I am an artist. Please tell me, why are visual arts necessary and will they be important in the future?

Answer: No, they are not very important and will not be important in the future. This is because people will discover an inner spiritual vision that cannot be expressed in any way but solely and only through our soul.

Question: Why should you care for others if you yourself need love? What I mean is, should I not care about myself first and foremost?

Answer: In this case you will never be able to satisfy yourself and you will never feel love. If you are in need of love, you must love others. Then you will begin to feel love for you.
From KabTV’s “Answers to Questions from Facebook” 3/10/19

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Kabbalah And Beliefs, Part 2

laitman_214.01The Creator Is a Never-Changing Constant

Remark: Most spiritual practices state that the Creator changes His attitude toward a person depending on the person’s behavior. Based on this, a lot of various practices have been established that discuss how to interact with the Creator.

Kabbalah tells us that the Creator is a substance or law of nature that has no change of attitude toward a person.

My Comment: The Creator is an unchanging constant. We are the ones who change, and it seems to us that the world is changing in relation to us. In reality, the world is my reflection and I am the only one that changes.

Question: But we see that sometimes the upper force has a positive effect on us and sometimes it is negative. What does it depend on?

Answer: This is because I am changing and the force called the Creator is constant. The absolute cannot change because He is perfect. It is the property of utter goodness, ultimate connection, absolute love.

I am changing, and depending on my changes in relation to the Creator, it seems to me that He is the one who changes; thus, I see Him sometimes as good and sometimes as evil.

For example, a mother always loves her child equally. But if you ask the child, he would tell you: “Mom is bad today and yesterday she was good.” That is, he is interpreting his mother’s behavior according to his own conduct.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah” 12/17/18

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laitman_744What is Perception of Reality Made of?

Question: The purpose of nature is to develop all its parts to the state of polar opposites and then combine them. Why is this so? What is the meaning of such development?

Answer: Only in this way do we reveal everything. Our attainment consists of differentiation and integration of all parts of what we observe.

Remark: We see that our nature, our desire to receive, is constantly evolving, becoming more powerful, more egoistic.

My Comment: In the same way, the ability to integrate this, to capture the interconnection between all parts, is developing in us. This is what our perception of reality consists of.

But the next Kabbalistic awareness of reality is that there is no reality as such. We only project our inner properties onto the upper light, and we feel and consider this picture, which we ourselves create with our feelings, as the world in which we exist.

Question: “Upper Light” is a new term. Why do Kabbalists in their sources use it instead of the concept of “Creator”?

Answer: The Creator/Upper Light is a property of bestowal and love, and therefore, we associate it with the light of the sun, the light of the mind, with something higher.

Against the background of the upper light, the properties of bestowal and love, all our egoistic desires paint a three-dimensional, living picture of this world. But actually it doesn’t exist. I only observe my internal properties.

Therefore, to the extent that I am moving closer and closer to the properties of the upper light, this world dissolves and becomes more and more elusive, until I find myself in absolute light.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah” 12/10/18

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laitman_938.05Attainment Is in Mutual Connection

Question: In our world there is a spectrum of all sorts of feelings, for example, friendship or love. But in order to feel them, there must be someone else. I cannot feel love or friendship if there is no one besides myself. The same is true about the Creator. Is it the force that is felt in the right connection between other people?

Answer: Of course, it is felt on some material. I need interaction with other people, with a group.

Question: Is the Creator an abstract form that is impossible to be felt if it is not dressed in some material?

Answer: Yes. The Creator appears to me as a group of people who are connected by mutual love and mutual support. Then, the force that exists among them, not in each of them, but among them, can be called “the Creator.”

Question: Does it mean that the power of love does not exist outside the connection of several people?

Answer: Right. It does not exist.

Question: Kabbalah says that the essence of the Creator is unattainable as is the essence of all objects and phenomena in our world. What does “His essence is unattainable” mean?

Answer: It is connected with the method of attainment. In fact, we do not attain anything as the “thing in itself,” but we can only attain something from our attitude to it.

The gradual accumulation of positive or negative impressions that deter me or bring me closer to different objects that are supposedly outside of me, by integrating into me, enable me to feel how I build my organ of perception.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/10/18

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Integrate In The Ten—Make Space For The Thought Of Creation

laitman_619The thought of creation includes everything, even me, but I myself aspire to attain it. The Creator has given me this opportunity, as if He had created a white spot in me called “the deficiency for the Creator.” I develop this deficiency and direct it to the upper one.

I confirm that indeed there is none else beside the Creator, and I myself am included in this concept. On my part, I do not want to change anything in the entire reality; I only want to attain the Creator, to connect with the thought of creation. This means adhesion with the Creator.

The more efforts we put into this, the more we develop, change forms, advance along the axis of time. All kinds of changes will take place in us, and we will feel that we are beginning to take His form. This is like in our world: by getting closer to a person, we gradually adopt his habits and tastes. This is how we begin to take the form of the Creator, to adopt His thought, and it becomes ours. This is how we reach adhesion with Him.

The Creator created the thought and we are part of it, included in it. Besides, He gave us the opportunity to reformat ourselves in likeness to this thought and thus be included in the Creator. This thought enters us as if a program is loaded into the computer but according to our own desire and request.

Then it reformats and organizes us so that in everything there is in us, in all the 620 elements and desires, we begin to feel the upper force that is operating within us. Gradually, this force fills us as if a progress bar is running on the computer indicating the percentage of the download and reaches one hundred percent. Similarly, the thought of creation operates on us according to our efforts, and then it enters us. It means that we are getting filled with the Creator and adhere to Him.1

Are the efforts to adhere to the Creator personal work or work in the ten? The fact is that all personal work consists of integrating in the ten. Although, it might take an entire lifetime or sometimes more than one lifetime. Look at how much humanity has been wandering until it finally understood that there is no choice and that it is necessary to work on connection. Indeed, otherwise we are incompatible with the nature of the Earth and it will erase us from the planet. How much time, suffering, and work did it take to realize this?

All the work before integrating into the group is just preparation for the real work. When I begin to integrate into it, the progress bar as if begins to move, which indicates the percentage of the program uploaded. To the extent that I integrate in the group, I make space for the thought of creation to enter and fill me.

To the extent that I free space from myself and integrate in the ten, the thought of creation can fill my connection with the group, that is, the corrected Kli. This is how I get filled and come to similarity and adhesion with the Creator. This adhesion becomes increasingly stronger all the time.

The work on adhesion with the Creator is possible only in the ten. In the past, that is, in the past degrees of humanity’s development, this was not the case, and there were other ways to reach adhesion with the Creator. However, in our time, it is the only way.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/22/19, “There is None Else Besides Him”
1 Minute8:45
2 Minute 13:15

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Everything From One Thought—And Back Again

629.4There is nothing but one thought—the thought of creation, which includes everything. Only we, the created beings, still do not understand and feel it. But we exist within this thought and are governed by it. All our work takes place inside of it. This thought is the whole creation, its plan, and there is nothing other than it.

Everything is resolved in thought, and everything is created by thought. There is no matter; all of reality is included in the thought. It is interesting that modern scientists, being absolute materialists, say that the universe is a thought. Researchers of the human brain claim that all our thoughts, desires, and decisions are outside of a person and that the brain is only a device that captures this thought and transfers it to us.

Thus, science is gradually approaching this fact that Kabbalists discovered a long time ago: There is nothing in the universe except for the thought of creation and we exist inside of it. Although we divide reality into forces, matter, feelings, and reason, in essence, only the Creator’s thought, within which we exist, operates.

We need to attain this thought of the Creator in relation to the created being and then we will attain Him—not Him Himself, but His attitude toward the created being. It is only this very thought that exists. All the various opposite properties that we feel are meant to reveal the depth and the uniqueness of this thought.

There is none else besides Him, but we attain this fact from the opposite, from the numerous actions and manifestations of the Creator in relation to us, which are very diverse and contradictory. It is precisely all these paradoxes and discrepancies, which are preventing us from realizing what is happening and from agreeing with it, that push us to such a development that by combining all the contradictions above reason, we attain the Creator. It is impossible to attain Him other than from the two opposites that combine together and complete each other.1

From the Creator’s side, the potential action, called the thought, is enough. For the Creator, the end of the action is in the initial thought, that is, the uncorrected and corrected state of the created being exist together, creating a black dot called the created being. The rest is the development of this dot and its self-awareness, and from its self-awareness to the awareness of the Creator in order to understand where it came from, who created it, and who is developing it.

It is like a movie rolling inside this dot. All of us, the whole universe, all the worlds are in it. The attitude of the Creator, the upper light, is called “the thought of creation.”

Therefore, there is only one thought from which the entire universe emerged—the thought of creation. It already defines all our rewards, our efforts, and everything we experienced on the way.

From the side of the Creator, there is nothing bigger than this thought. But we, the created beings, are able to attain it only when we separate from Him and begin to act independently. Inside this thought, other additional thoughts appear: the four Behinot (phases), the Partzufim, the worlds. We study what in practice comes out of the black dot, which potentially includes the entire thought of the Creator, the entire process that was initially invested there.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/20/19, “There is None Else Besides Him”
1 Minute 3:39
2 Minute 12:40

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Discover That Reality Is Perfect

laitman_251The topic of “There is none else besides Him” is the most important in the wisdom of Kabbalah and each time it is perceived in anew. It seems to us that we repeat the same words, but it is never a repetition because we ourselves constantly change. Therefore, we perceive this concept in a new way every time. If a person does not feel changes, he should be concerned about it.

The concept “There is none else besides Him” always changes because we are talking about the Creator Himself, about His uniqueness, about the upper governance that operates on us.1

The Creator, the Emanator, the upper force, is a constant concept. All of reality was created by one thought. However, the question arises: did it ever happen or has it always existed? It is us, the created beings, who live in the framework of time, and it seems to us that reality is changing. In fact, we are in a constant reality where everything, both upper and lower, exists in the completely corrected state. We need to reveal all this reality.

Reality in itself is already perfect, there is no development in it, and nothing new arises. Changes occur only with respect to a person. We need to discover this reality by figuring out who we are. Are there really so many of us or is it just one person who has so many different thoughts, desires, and actions?

On the Creator’s behalf, reality is constant—the way He created it. But a person has an opportunity to participate in the revelation of this reality, determining the speed and the nature of its revelation. The most important thing is: who do we make efforts for, trying to discover this.

Initially, there was a single thought—the thought of creation. “That single thought performs and  is the essence of all the operations, the purpose and the essence of the labor. It is by itself the entire perfection and the sought-after reward.” That is, this thought includes everything in itself; we just need to try and connect to it, to want to be included in it. All our work and efforts are directed at this.

The Creator revealed to us the purpose of creation, that is, His attitude toward us. On His part, everything is completed. However, if we aspire to identify ourselves with the thought of creation, then we attain the Creator. By trying to reveal the thought of the Creator, we get to know Him, feel Him, become included in Him, and connect with Him.

He wants us to discover this thought. If from our place below we rise to its height, to the root of the thought of creation, to this point in which this thought was formed in the Creator, then in this way, we get closer to Him (not to the thought but to the Creator Himself) and reveal Him.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/22/19, “There Is None Else Besides Him”
1 Minute 0:30
2 Minute 3:07

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