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How Can We Appeal To The Law Of Nature?

43Question: If the Creator is the unchanging law of nature, what does it mean to ask something of Him? How can you ask a law for something?

Answer: Very simply. You are referring to an absolute system that is in a state of complete equilibrium in which everyone is mutually and fully connected in their ultimate corrected state.

This means that everything that will happen to us at the end of correction is already there. You turn to this state and ask it to help you reach it gradually.

However, the system cannot immediately take you and place you in your ultimate state.

You must learn this as a result of your requests, as a result of the responses, and as a result of the mutual relations that you build with the right system that you work with on the basis of trial and error.

Eventually you include the whole upper system inside you, become part of it, understand it, and connect to it. This is how you become equal to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/4/18

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“Is God The Laws Of Nature?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Is God the laws of nature?

To start with, I would like you to read an excerpt by Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) from his article “The Peace”:

It is best for us to meet halfway and accept the words of the Kabbalists, that nature (הטבע – HaTeva) has the same numerical value (in Hebrew) as the word God (אלה-ים – Elohim) – eighty six. Then I’ll be able to call the laws of God the commandments of nature and vice-versa, for they are one and the same, and we need discuss it no further.

The problem with society today is that we follow laws opposite to the laws of nature. Human nature, which is egoistic, i.e., concerned solely with personal benefit, is a destructive force that opposes nature.

In other words, while the laws of nature are laws of love and bestowal, which harmoniously connect between all of nature’s parts and consider the benefit of the whole, the human ego divisively exploits other people and nature for its personal gain.

Therefore, instead of following the laws of nature, we have invented our own laws—ethics, civil and religious—and we have discovered over 200 physical laws.

It is as if we try to find our way in the dark, and slip over, hurt ourselves on sharp objects, bump into each other and knock down furniture by accident. That is, we enter into bigger and bigger crises the more we develop, with no awareness of nature’s laws.

What, then, does it mean to gain awareness of the laws of nature?

It means that we learn and exercise how to positively connect in society so that there will be an envelope of love and care in our relations. In other words, by connecting as a single whole in human society, we match nature’s wholeness, and we then experience newfound harmony, happiness, confidence and peace filling our lives.

Especially in our present times, as we experience tightening interdependence all around the world, we need the laws of nature, or God’s commandments—laws of love—to become revealed between everyone and everything. We need to see such an attitude as something outside our current reach, and which we need to learn and implement on ourselves if we want to experience better lives. Otherwise, we can expect more and more unfortunate pains and suffering in order to bring us to the inevitable same conclusion: that we need to learn and exercise love for one another.

That is why I and my organization, the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute, invest so much in spreading the message of connection to the world. We provide courses and an entire study and community framework for anyone who wants to study these laws of nature on a deeper level. However, even just encountering such messages as short articles, videos and other media online holds value in adding to humanity’s much-needed awareness about the laws of nature in our times.

It is my hope that such growing awareness will spare humanity from much future suffering, and that in its place, we will discover a world of love and positive connection, balanced with nature.

The Creator Is Everything

laitman_546.02Question: The concept of the Creator is very vague. Is the Creator the force of nature, is He the upper light, is He us, is all that the Creator?

Answer: The Creator is first and foremost the source of everything that happens. He is what we exist in.

The Creator is everything that fills me and that operates inside me except for the one point called freewill, which enables us to determine whether there is someone other than the Creator or whether there is none else besides Him.

Question: Is He a force or a law?

Answer: The Creator is both a force and a law and everything there is, which means that the revelation of the one force can be felt as unity. Unity means that there are many forces which are united. All this is revealed with regard to a person.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/24/19

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To See The Creator

laitman_583.02Question: I am ready to believe that there is none else besides Him. But how can I see the Creator? There is no opportunity.

Answer: What do you mean there is no opportunity? There is. You are studying Kabbalah in order to see the Creator.

To see does not necessarily mean to see with your eyes. There are many different things and phenomena in the world that we do not see but we feel. Therefore, we must develop a sense that is above our matter, and then we will feel the Creator.

The Creator is a field. Do you feel a magnetic field, for example? No. But if you had an instrument that could sense this field, you would feel it. The Creator is also a field, but it includes everything in it!

In order to feel Him, you need to develop a special sense, a special instrument that will perceive this field, and then you will see that the attribute that you call the Creator fills everything.

The wisdom of Kabbalah engages in it and allows every individual to reveal the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/24/19

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Ein Sof (Infinity)—The Attitude Of The Creator To The Created Beings

712.03Baal HaSulam, Shamati #3, “The Matter of Spiritual Attainment”: Ein Sof pertains to the thought of creation, which is “His desire to do good to His creations.” This is considered Ein Sof, and it is the connection existing between Atzmuto and the souls. We perceive this connection as a “desire to delight the creatures.”

Ein Sof is determined as the Creator’s attitude to the created beings. The Creator is infinite in His desire to bring His creatures contentment and to give them eternal, whole, and absolute pleasure.

The created being can understand this only to the extent that one has a desire to enjoy in quality and quantity. A person receives from the Creator and determines His attitude to him and his attitude to the Creator.

Thus, “By Your actions we know You,” which means that we cannot say anything about the Creator but only something about His actions inside us. It is from these actions that we establish our impression of Him.

People who are in the spiritual world feel the Creator as the good that does good, and so they call Him the source of everything that is good. We, on the other hand, who have not reached the right attainment yet do not know how to define Him. Each one defines Him differently each moment.

Question: You say that the Creator is good. Is this already the Creator’s name for those who attain Him?

Answer: For those who attain Him it is. “The good that does good” is the Creator’s real name. It is an impression of the Creator, and this is how we reveal Him by yearning for Him.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/8/19

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A Self-Negating Definition

laitman_610.1Question: Is the Creator a closed and therefore limited system?

Answer: Yes. The Creator or nature is a closed limited system that is felt as such in our egoism, in our desire.

Question: Does it mean that a person himself limits nature, the Creator?

Answer: Naturally. If I grow, then I will allow nature to grow and manifest itself more and more to some limits. And to what limits, we will see later. Practically, this is an infinite limit, but it feels like the one that has the boundaries of infinity. This is a definition that negates itself.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/10/20

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The Essence Of The Creator Is Unattainable

laitman_276.02Baal HaSulam, Shamati #3, “The Matter of Spiritual Attainment”:

Hence, with respect to spiritual attainment, reality in general is divided into three discernments:


  1. Atzmuto [His Self]
  2. Ein Sof [infinity]
  3. The Souls

1) We do not speak of Atzmuto at all since the root and the place of the creatures begin in the thought of creation, where they are incorporated in the manner, “The end of an act is in the preliminary thought.”

The essence of the Creator is the most unknown, the most elusive substance from us. We don’t speak about it because we cannot attain it.

To the extent that we change, we can speak about the Creator and about His impact on us, as a result of our changes. Therefore, we determine that the result of an action is inherent in its original plan: “By Your actions we know You.” We always call the Creator according to the action that He performs on us, and this relates to His essence.

But we do not comprehend His essence just as we don’t comprehend the force of gravity, for example. We all experience it, we can measure it, we are inside it, and we work with it, but we don’t understand the essence of the force of gravity. Why does a certain body draw other bodies toward it? What is the essence of this phenomenon?

In the same way, there is a Creator whom we can somehow feel but not comprehend. It is said that the essence of the Creator is absolutely hidden from us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/8/19

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The Light And Its Source

Laitman_177.13Question: Is there anything between the light and the source of the light?

Answer: No. We perceive only the upper light but not its source. We speak about the source of the light according to the light that we attain, but we cannot say anything else about it.

Question: Does this mean that the light is between us and its source?

Answer: Yes. But we cannot understand its source, feel it, or reveal it. We can only say that it radiates good because this is what we feel.

We give names to the Creator according to our perception of what comes from Him and not any other way. It is the same in our world where we give names to anything that we feel according to our feelings.  For example, if we are talking about a person you say he is good, someone else calls him evil, the third says he’s dumb, and the fourth that he is smart. Each one depicts him in a different way, which is also how we relate to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/8/19

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One Power: Nature/The Creator

Laitman_631.1Question: What is the point of calling for unification without mentioning the Creator if He is the only one who can connect people?

Answer: What is the point of talking about the Creator if no one believes in Him, doesn’t understand Him, and doesn’t know Him?

What does the Creator mean? All of our integral, interconnected nature in which we exist is the Creator. Or are you talking about nature with its integral, physical, exact mathematical laws? Or are you talking about the Creator as the highest power? Both concepts are identical.

The Creator isn’t some god who sits somewhere on a cloud, makes something up, and then creates it. The Creator is all of the enormous, eternal, perfect, and infinite nature, which includes all the worlds and all stages of the ascent of a man to these worlds.

Therefore, one doesn’t have to imagine Kabbalistic expressions in their earthly form. On the contrary, the nature or the Creator is one and the same all the time. Kabbalah doesn’t explain otherwise. Study Kabbalah and you will see how to relate to these forces.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/22/20

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The Coronavirus And The Creator

laitman_601.02Question: A letter from a doctor in Italy was posted on the Internet, who writes: “Never, even in the darkest nightmares, did I imagine that I could see and experience what was happening in our hospital for three weeks. The nightmare was growing.

At first there were several patients, then dozens, and then hundreds. And now we are no longer doctors, but sorters on the conveyor belt. And we decide who is to live and who is to be sent home to die.

No later than two weeks ago, my colleagues and I were atheists. This was normal because we are doctors and we know that science excludes the existence of God. Now we have to admit: we, as humans, have reached our limits, we cannot do more. And we are exhausted, two of our colleagues died, and others became infected.”

Answer: He was shown the road, that there is the upper force, the upper plan, the upper predestination, and this comes from the Creator. That is, another higher power, besides yourself, since you considered yourself a master. There is another master who shows and manifests Himself now in front of everyone in the world. And every person in the world somehow feels that he is “walking under God.”

And this is good. Everyone, however, has his own ideas. Basically, these are such crass, primitive ideas that it is better not to talk about them, better not to say who they consider God is, etc. But still, it is a step forward.

A person is no longer like a small child who repeats: “It fell by itself; it broke by itself.” But he already says: “No, there is an upper predestination here; there is some will, some power here. It did not happen by itself, it is not even me—I am governed.” That is, there is a step forward here.

Question: It is clear that this is the cry of a man who is at a dead end and does not know what to do. But how does one establish this connection with the Creator, with nature? How?

Answer: A person must want it. Seriously want it. And only in this way will he come to the Creator.

Question: How can he want without suffering, without being forced to?

Answer: It is impossible without suffering. Everything that we ultimately receive, absorb, and understand, no matter what we do, is reached by pain.

Comment: But there is no upper humaneness in this, there is no kindness in this.

My Response: This is according to your understanding. And I claim that it could not be otherwise, because otherwise you will not have the correct aspiration, there would be no desire, and there would be no basis for understanding. After all, everything you attain, you attain as something opposite from yourself, you attain the Creator.

Besides man, there is only the Creator. How can I discern Him, not just what He set around me here, but Himself? In order to do this, I really need to make an effort.

And you say: “No, let it come by itself.” It will not come by itself. You will not have a desire for it. You must have an intention, a desire, an aspiration, a pain. And when you feel that you are in exile from the Creator and suddenly begin to reveal Him, you will see that the Creator says: “Well, come here! I have been waiting for you for so long!”

And how do we act with children? Is it not the same? We want to arouse in them some desire, some aspiration, something. When it comes up, we immediately start moving to meet them.

Question: Why is it not possible to illuminate a little, to slightly open?

Answer: This is what the Creator is doing to people now. This is what the doctor who wrote this letter is telling us.

Comment: No, he is doing it out of pain.

My Response: Of course. And how else would you reveal it to a person?

Comment: It is as if suddenly it is revealed to a person that there is light and happiness ahead.

My Response: And he does not feel anything at the same time because he has no desire for this, no pain, no suffering.

All movie scenarios are also built on suffering. The screenwriter arouses suffering, aspirations, some kind of understanding in people. Lack, in short. And then, due to this deficiency, he fills them, and they really feel pleasure to the extent of the deficiency they felt.

Comment: Then give a person some advice on how to live now, at this moment of suffering taking place around him, or fear when he is at home! I keep asking about it all the time because basically this is what now preoccupies a person.

My Response: Stop sitting and crying. You must work hard to find out the Creator’s attitude toward you and the attitude that you should have toward Him. That is all.

Question: Can you, please tell us what the Creator is? What is He for me?

Answer: The Creator, it is very simple. The Creator is a force that contains absolutely everything that exists.

Question: This means that I have to feel that I am inside this force?

Answer: Of course. If you want to put it geographically or geometrically, then inside this force.

Question: And I should come into accord with it?

Answer: If you want to understand it and hope that you can affect it, then you must know it, study it. You must become aware and understand how it works with you. And you, as a small child, do not understand what it wants from you. You must learn what it wants from you. And then you will act in unison with your upper government.

Question: And what does it want from me?

Answer: It wants you to grow wiser, mature, begin to understand the Creator, interact correctly with Him.

Question: If I get to the point of starting to build good relations with other people around, is this a step?

Answer: Sure! This is a step forward.

The Creator is hidden so that you clearly understand how to tune in to Him. A huge number of opportunities have been created around you. Until you find the right contact with created beings on Earth, that is, treat inanimate, plant, animal, and human matter correctly, you will not be able to relate to the Creator correctly.

Question: And only suffering can push me to this? Only suffering and nothing else?

Answer: Suffering may be different. It may be small, big, sharp or dull. It all depends on you, to the extent that you yourself will tune yourself to establish a dialog with the Creator.

Question: What does compassion for a person mean for you?

Answer: It means to bring him to connection with the Creator. This is my purpose. I only regret that I cannot do this in full force. It is both that I am probably not capable of it, and people are not ready for it. And the Creator cannot reveal Himself more. This is the minimum level to which we must rise—today’s interaction with the Creator.

Comment: In some comments you are accused of welcoming the virus. The whole world is fighting the virus now, and suddenly you say: “No, let’s say thank you to it.”

My Response: If people want to get rid of the virus that causes them suffering, they must understand that they need to unite. That is all. Nothing else! Unite! And then the virus will just evaporate, fly away. Moreover, it will help our unity.

Question: The problem is that it is almost impossible for us, egoists, to unite; it is already a rhetorical question. How can we connect as we are?

Answer: We must ask the Creator for this. Of course, we have no strength. He purposely did not give us this strength! He says: “I have created evil! Do you want to turn it into good? Please, ask Me.”

Question: The last cry of the doctor who writes: “I realize my worthlessness on this earth, and I want to take my last breath helping others,” is this still some kind of a revelation for a man?

Answer: Of course. By this he is already redeeming a lot in himself.

Question: That is, if a person suddenly reveals a desire for his life to belong to others, is this a step toward the Creator?

Answer: Yes. It is precisely because he sees this suffering and wants to help people that such inclinations, such movements toward them, develop in him. This is a big correction.

It is for this purpose that we have been given suffering: so that we can correctly direct ourselves towards each other above them.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 3/23/20

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