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Bring The World To Balance

laitman_929Question: What practical significance does talking about balancing all of nature have if I can’t even influence myself, let alone all of humanity?

Answer: We must learn to influence ourselves, to evoke the right influences of the upper light, the positive forces of nature, and thus compensate for all its negative states. Even one person can compensate for absolutely all states, including you and everyone else. So in no case can you say that you can’t do it. Each and every one of us can.

Of course, you can say: “There are billions of people in the world. Even if I do something, it will be a billionth part that will give nothing.” This is wrong! Man is able to bring all of humanity to balance. And that’s how he should act. The wisdom of Kabbalah says this in many sources.

In particular, in the article “The Love of God and the Love of Man,” Baal HaSulam writes: Thus, each and every Mitzva that an individual performs affects the whole world… each Mitzva that the individual performs before the whole earth is full of knowledge develops the world so it will come to this.

It is said, “And one sinner destroys much good,” since through the sin he commits, he reduces the weight on the scale,… By this, he turns the world backward.

It turns out that any person by one action violates the harmony of the world or corrects it. Therefore, in no case should we neglect the positive contribution that everyone can make to the balance of the world.

Now we are in a special state when we have thrown the huge global system out of balance so much that it begins to emit viruses. That is, from its non-equilibrium state, it can no longer compensate itself in any way, except by releasing harmful biological microsystems. Therefore, we need to understand that there is nothing left for us but to seriously take up our responsibility to bring the system to balance.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/15/20

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Discovering The Field Of The Creator

laitman_577Question: The word “Creator” confuses me very much. Is He some elderly man or something else?

Answer: Why should He be elderly? Maybe He is young and handsome?

Seriously though, let’s agree here that there is a higher force in the universe, which includes absolutely all of nature and everything that happens beneath it. This higher force is called the Creator.

It has nothing to do with our world, with our bodies, and with our image. It is only a force. Imagine an electric or magnetic force or a field. The same thing happens here.

A field that includes absolutely everything within it is called the Creator because it creates, makes, and acts. We need to open this field. We are in it, but do not feel its effect on us. Therefore, I must somehow change myself so that I can feel it.

What needs to be done? It is said that if you create a group in which you become closer to your friends, then in this action of bestowal you will begin to feel closer to this field or further away from it. This is very similar to the interaction of electric charges in a magnetic field. This is the principle of its unraveling.

Conclusion: we need a group so with its help we can discover the field of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/16/20

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The Relevance Of The Science Of Kabbalah

laitman_214Baal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”: “This wisdom is no more and no less than a sequence of roots, which hang down by way of cause and consequence, by fixed, determined rules, interweaving to a single, exalted goal described as ‘the revelation of His Godliness to His creatures in this world.’”

The wisdom of Kabbalah is intended for the created beings in this world in order to guide them to the attainment of the Creator according to absolute, fixed laws, which gradually lead people to His attainment, feeling, perception, and eventually to adhesion with Him, which means to the complete revelation of the Creator.

And who is the Creator? He is the highest, general, integral force of nature, which includes all of creation.

This is the reason why understanding this state enables us to understand what is actually going on and to respond correctly to what the Creator, nature, is doing with us and what we can do with it.

By implementing the wisdom of Kabbalah, we can see our participation in creation, in nature. After all, Kabbalah is the science of nature, of everything that was created, including the root, that is, the Creator.

This means that studying this science, especially in our times, is indeed essential. This is what our evolution pushes us toward, and it happens through a constant increase of suffering and lack of understanding in order to force us to know the Creator, to reveal Him, to understand how crucial it is for us to be in contact with Him.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/26/20

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 238

laitman_962.7Question: What is the state of the Creator since He is in bestowal—bestowal for the sake of what?

Answer: To raise you to Himself.

Question: With regard to the study of Kabbalistic sources, which takes place face to face (a teacher or one of the students addresses the group and passes on their knowledge and experience to everyone at once), should it not be supplemented with dialogues between each and every one?

Answer: I follow the example of my teacher Rabash.

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The Essence And The Root Of Unity, Part 4

laitman_567.01Why Should We Unite?

Question: “Nature” and “Creator” in Gematria have the same numeric meaning. You can call it a “nature,” you can call it “Creator,” you can call it “laws of nature” or “laws or commandments of the Creator.” All of these are the same. What is the purpose of nature?

Answer: Nature has a single purpose: to bring creations, which it specially created as if having been repulsed from it, not in the same coordination, and integral system with nature, so that in this way they can gradually determine through their development that their union with each other and with nature is in the best state.

Question: It turns out, there are kind of two tendencies or two forces that develop us. The first force emanates and integrates, the second one receives and absorbs. And so forth on all levels.

On the inanimate level, atoms unite into molecules, and these molecules combine into more complex organisms. The same integration takes place on the human level where people from small tribal formations integrate into megacities.

On the other hand, we see that there is a constant growth of egoism. That is, matter constantly becomes increasingly complex, diverse, divided, and improved. Why is it important to understand these two trends? Why should we unite?

Answer: We should unite because we must become like the general nature. It is integral and global in all of its manifestations. We see that although galaxies fly apart, stars explode, planets form, all this happens in a general tendency.

First, it is all interconnected. Therefore, if somewhere in the universe something happens even with the smallest particle, then almost the entire universe feels it. After all, everything comes from one root and under the influence of one force called the “Big Bang.”

No matter what happens, everything has its root emanating from the Big Bang. Everything scatters from the Big Bang outwardly. Thus, all parts of matter that are known and unknown to us, at all levels, all events, all laws, are interconnected.

In cosmology, this process that occurred after the Big Bang is called the process of large unification when all the elements began to connect, integrate, and form all kinds of matter.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 3/24/19

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laitman_944To Absolute Connection

Question: When people consciously draw closer to each other rising above their egoism, then, as a result, they begin to feel the single law of nature. What is this law?

Answer: We exist in a single system called “Nature” or “The Creator.” To the extent that we, in spite of our egoism, are similar to this system, we feel communication between us and this system and can exist in a sensible and good way.

This is the whole of Kabbalah. We must reach the correct interaction between us in order to begin feeling this vast system, that is, this upper world in which we exist, and gradually become more and more similar to the laws, principles, and rules of this world. In other words, we must interact with each other so that we will bring ourselves to the state of absolute connection.

When we begin to unite, we feel the manifestation of this single law, the single force, between us. However, if we do not do this, the second, completely opposite law is activated—the negative force that pushes us toward unity. This is the opposite side of the Creator.
FFrom KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 7/8/19

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“As An Atheist, What Do You Think About Kabbalah?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: As an atheist, what do you think about Kabbalah?

Kabbalah differs from atheism and religions in general in that it facilitates a clear attainment of the Creator, so that you will feel Him like you feel a friend of yours, and even more. There is thus no room in Kabbalah for belief in something others have told to you. Instead, you have to attain yourself, the entire world, and all the souls, and inside them – the Creator in His entirety.

Atheism is a belief that the Creator does not exist, whereas religion is a belief that the Creator does exist. In contrast, Kabbalah is the revelation of the Creator, through researching Nature inside yourself or inside your perceptions.

In this regard, Kabbalah is similar to other sciences. However, the other sciences reveal the world within the senses that we already have, whereas Kabbalah does it in an additional sense – the soul, which you first have to develop inside you. In any case, just like any other science Kabbalah speaks only about the things that are present in one’s senses! It is not interested in anything that’s imperceptible and that cannot be researched, repeated, and tested, and considers these things unreal. This approach makes it a science by definition. See the definition of Kabbalah in Baal HaSulam’s article “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah” – “Kabbalah is the method of revealing the Creator to a person in our world” – to every person and to everyone together.

Like all sciences, Kabbalah uses the scientific method or instrument (even though scientists find it difficult to agree with this because they are used to researching the world only through the animate body). The scientific method assumes that:

  • Every scientific statement must be proven by experiment.
  • Every scientific statement can be proven wrong.
  • It is pointless to discuss an idea that cannot be verified in practice. For example, here is a scientific opinion about G-d’s existence: Immanuel Kant showed that it cannot be proven that G-d exists as well as that He does not. The very notion of an unattainable and almighty G-d is not subject to experiment, because if G-d is almighty, then he’s able to control the outcome of the experiment. People don’t accept G-d through evidence, but through faith. Hence, the idea of G-d is beyond science. Any question that asks “Why is so and so this way?” can be answered, “Because it’s G-d’s will.” (This is how religion compelled people to answer all questions, and therefore it slowed down scientific progress.) Kabbalah allows one to reveal the Creator and His actions in practice. However, it is just as indifferent to the things that cannot be verified in practice as the earthly sciences.
  • Every scientific statement must be logical and not contradict the laws that are already known. Usually, the old laws become particular cases of the new laws.
  • Every scientific statement must indicate its “weak spots”; it should mention which of it constituents are subject to doubt and objection.

“Who Is The God Of Kabbalah?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Who is the God of Kabbalah?

God in Kabbalah means the general force of nature, where other than this force, nothing exists.

In and of itself, we consider God as an abstract concept and cannot discuss something existing outside our perception. No one has ever felt it. This state of God, also called “the Creator,” in no way can be perceived by us, and therefore, this force is called “Atzmuto,” i.e., “His essence.”

Everything that we attain and what is possible for us to attain are the actions of the upper force in relation to us. The wisdom of Kabbalah deals with revealing these actions in relation to a person.

We call this upper force “the Creator” because He created the human being and all of our qualities, within which we feel our world and can explore the Creator through our senses. We can explore why He created us with such qualities, limitations and abilities, and what He wants from us.

By making progress in such an exploration, we begin to attain the Creator. We do not attain the essence or “self” of the Creator (Atzmuto), but the Creator in relation to us. It is written about this, “We will know You by your actions.” We explore the Creator’s actions, how He created our world and all other worlds, as a system of connections between Him and us. This system of connections in degrees that cascade down to us is called “worlds,” and this system influences us at every moment of our lives.

By studying this system, these worlds, we study the Creator and ourselves, both our nature and the nature of the Creator, and we progress to the understand of what states we connect to Him with. We can change our behavior and our actions in accordance with this in order to raise ourselves to higher connections, to be connected directly with the Creator.

In other words, we can see what kind of reactions our actions produce in Him and, conversely, what reactions His actions produce in us. We can reach an absolutely complete, open and two-way connection.

When we begin to attain this opportunity, to reveal and achieve it gradually, we naturally change our behavior in accordance with what we reveal, and we enter a completely different stage of our development where we begin to undergo changes in becoming more and more similar to the Creator.

At the same time, our world and we ourselves radically transform, and our state becomes increasingly reliable, convenient and true.

Everything Is Within Us

281.01Question: Everything is attained from the opposite. There is a wonderful tool—closer – further—and the Creator uses it very well in relation to us. Can we use the same tool in relation to the upper force?

Answer: Of course, we can distance the Creator from us or bring Him closer.

Question: Is this how He will feel that?

Answer: There is no “He.” The Creator is a special construction within us.

Question: Do we move away and experience it ourselves?

Answer: Yes. There is nothing outside of us, everything is only within us.

Even what you now feel and experience— the world around you with all your friends and everything that you can imagine—exists in you, in your consciousness, and nothing more.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/15/19

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World—Reality Or Illusion? Part 12

Laitman_096The Creator Is the Only Reality

Question: Are we an integral reality together with the Creator?

Answer: No, by no means are we one single reality with the Creator. The only reality is the Creator Himself. We as if exist outside of Him.

This is some kind of phantom, some kind of “spirit” that supposedly exists outside of the Creator in order to begin to feel itself, position itself correctly with the Creator, and to get closer to Him.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 9/15/19

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