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New Life #1165 – Shaping Public Opinion

New Life #1165 – Shaping Public Opinion
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Shaping public opinion with egoistic baits is the most advanced weapon. Anti-Israeli opinion campaigns have been launched from abroad. We do not have a war against the left or the right, but we must abide by the law of development that requires overall connection. If Israelis build an environment according to the principle “love your neighbor as yourself,” the nations of the world will be unable to hurt them and the connection between us will make all of humanity connect. Hatred will become love. We need to teach others about nature, human egoism, the law of development, and how creating a connection protects everyone. If we learn how to attract the power of connection from nature, we will have the most powerful weapon for shaping public opinion. Our connection will turn all of human hatred into love.
From KabTV’s “New Life #1165 – Shaping Public Opinion,” 10/17/19

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Connection Is The Source Of Correct Decisions

laitman_528.03Question: Let’s say a group of people wants to find the right solution for problems they have. They already have basic knowledge of Kabbalah and they understand that the workshop is a preparation for solving the problem. There are certain rules in this work. Where did they come from?

Answer: We live in a world in which practically no problem can be solved. If it seems to us that today we seemingly found a solution, already tomorrow we understand that it is not a solution. We are constantly deflecting the solution, thinking that we are coming to its revelation.

The wisdom of Kabbalah says that until we connect, reach some common denominator, we will be unable to find this solution. It is within us.

All the problems that occur in a bigger or smaller part of humanity come only from the fact that this part of humanity is disconnected. Otherwise, there would be no problems. After all, they all come from our shattering, disconnection, and mutual distance from each other.

If we gather together in order to solve them, we must first connect into a common collective.

Question: Does it mean that Kabbalists do not solve any problems at all?

Answer: No, what for? What problems do we have besides the fact that we are not connected? If we connect, all problems disappear.

Question: So, does Kabbalah solve only one problem: how to connect?

Answer: There are no other problems in the world.

Question: Will other problems disappear as a result of it?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What about problems like health, family, etc.?

Answer: The fact is that problems occur on different levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. In order to come to the solution of any problem, we should gather together, connect, and in the connection between us, find the solution. We can then implement it to eliminate corporeal problems.

To find the solution itself, however, is only possible when people are mutually connected, understand, and complement each other. Only then does the solution become clear.

Accordingly, the solution will always be correct and beneficial for implementing any plans on the levels that are lower than their human level.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/25/18

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Europe: From Darkness To Light

254.02Baal HaSulam, The Nation, Therefore, it is a must for every nation to be strongly united within, so all the individuals within it are attached to one another by instinctive love. …

This does not mean that all the people in the nation, without exception, must be so. It means that the people of that nation, who sense that harmony, are the ones who make the nation, and the extent of happiness of the nation and sustainability are measured by their quality.

The force that supports the nation depends on the extent the nation is similar to the upper force, which is one, that is, able to unite. Such nation will be able to overcome all the difficulties because they are revealed as the breakage and shattering within it that require correction.

Therefore, on the path, we will have to encounter many problems in order to cover all the crimes with love by getting increasingly stronger and more united. Only in such a way is the perfection revealed.

Each time more and more sins are revealed, and it is necessary to build the reverse state above them, that is, love, without despair and without giving up. This is how the world is built, and in this way, it must come to correction.

The question is, how can European countries reach unity when they have such a large number of refugees? Yet, in fact, all these refugees only help European nations understand that connection must be above all the differences. It is necessary to see the wave of refugees as sent by the upper force and not as a destructive one. It is destruction, but for the purpose of correction.

Fifty years ago, it was impossible to imagine such a situation of refugees in Europe. Europeans very much protected themselves, cherished the individuality of each nation, the Germans, the French, the Italians. The borders between the nations were very clear and sharp.

Then suddenly everything began to change with great speed. According to the upper program, everyone must reveal the shattering they are in. How else is it possible to discover the need for correction if not by bringing the foreign forces inside? This is why several million people have entered Europe, people who are alien to it in their culture, education, religion, and behavior. There is no more flagrant contrast.

As a result, Europeans are slowly beginning to realize that there is no choice, the only thing they can do is to connect. They have yet to discover how this connection can be achieved. No matter how unreal it may seem because of religious differences, the most acute and irreconcilable, there is no other way.

Europeans understand that it is necessary to find the key to reaching unity and connection. And the key, first of all, is in the integral method of connection, which Kabbalah offers, in covering all crimes with love.

It is implemented with the help of the upper force. We cannot unite by ourselves; we only create conditions so that through us, through Israel, as through a connecting channel, the upper force will begin affecting all the masses of people.

This does not require their consent; they will suddenly begin to speak and behave differently. No matter that yesterday they were fundamentalists, no matter what religion they professed, how they thought, and to which of the seventy nations of the world they belonged. They all will become like one nation.

The main thing is that Europe is experiencing problems, and we must provide a solution. That is why it is so important to unite all Kabbalistic groups in Europe and around the world, especially now before the European Convention in Bulgaria. In this way, we can bring the light of connection and unity to Europe.

Europe is more and more gripped by darkness, a sense of helplessness, hopelessness, and absence of a way out. However, suddenly we will see how contradictions are softening, opinions, thoughts, and desires are changing. After all, everything is resolved in thought, and thoughts suddenly become new.

How is it possible that people who were such fundamentalists, nationalists, who did not even want to talk to anyone a little different from them, suddenly changed so much? Yet, the upper light can change everything. The way it now thickens the darkness, so it will correct it. The main thing for us is to become a conducting channel for it, this is our work.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/13/19 “Unification of the People”

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In The Grip Of The Integral Nature

75.01Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: … the benefit of each and every person within his collective is evaluated not according to his own goodness, but according to his service to the public. And vice-versa, we appreciate the attribute of evil of each and every individual only according to the harm one inflicts upon the public in general, and not by one’s own individual value.

These things are crystal clear both from the perspective of the truth in them, and from the perspective of the good in them. This is because what is found in the collective is only what is found in the individual. And the benefit of the collective is the benefit of each and every individual: who harms the collective takes his share in the harm, and who benefits the collective takes his share in the benefit, since individuals are part of the whole, and the whole is not worth in anyway more than the sum of its individuals.

Here is a constant calculation, absolutely complete and very real.

I see before me a vast integral system of the entire world, not our world, but all the worlds. I feel like I am locked in this system through the rest of humanity, an enormous amount of interconnected cogwheels. And I have absolutely no freedom to turn by a few degrees in one direction or another.

After all, a cogwheel is like a sphere: I can spin here and there, in different directions, at different angles.

Yet, wherever I turn, I am connected with other cogwheels. I affect their rotation, their state, and they affect me. This is the world.

This means that nature is absolutely whole and interconnected and we have no way to do anything against it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 7/21/19

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Who Are The Judges?

laitman_547.05In the News (The Guardian):  “Prisoners could be handed the keys to their cells to incentivize good behavior, as well as a series of other benefits, under government plans that call on governors to put more emphasis on rewards and less on punishments.

“Ministers want to give prison chiefs the power to begin allowing inmates who follow the rules more time out of their cells, the freedom to cook their own meals and more time to spend in the gym, as well as the freedom to choose when to shower and more time to meet visitors. …

“Officials cited evidence summarized by the government last month that positive reinforcement was more effective as a means by which to change behavior in the long term. And they stressed that those who did not abide by the rules could still lose privileges. …

“The policy also called for prison staff to ‘consistently use verbal reinforcement for good behavior and challenge poor behavior outside formal reviews’, and handed prison chiefs the ‘freedom to increase the amount of time out of cell for recreational activities or exercise alongside education and work programs’.”

Question: What do you think about this system of detention?

Answer: In principle, the Torah and especially Kabbalah feel that incarceration is not a correction. We see that it corrects nothing. On the contrary, people leave prison even more angry with huge malicious egoism that they again begin to use in everyday life among people.

Prison is not education. Education must be organized differently.

In the past, a few thousand years ago, there were cities of refuge where people were deported and looked after. They had to remain inside the city and had no right to leave it.

When the ones supervising them (educators, etc.) saw that a person was functioning normally, they could gradually take him beyond the boundaries of this system.

Remark: It is also said in the Torah that the guilty ones were sent there so that others could not take revenge on them.

My Comment: Yes. It was all organized very seriously for the mutual benefit of both these people and external society. Later they returned.

I would advise this. They should feel free and change gradually.

Remark: But still the idea of the accusers and those that endorse incarceration is different, “They must be humiliated, locked up.”

My Comment: That is natural because we do not have a system of education; we only have a system of coercion and punishment.

Question: Does the system of punishment not work?

Answer: We see that it does not work. Moreover, the rest of society becomes infected by these thoughts. We see proof of the insufficiency of the punishment system in the ones who return to the streets, destroy everything, break store windows, set up barricades, and so on.

Question: Do you think that even the most inveterate criminal can be re-educated?

Answer: I think that it is possible to re-educate them and give them an opportunity for self-control in these cities. They can establish such an order that all others will envy because there is a concept of honor among them. We must understand that they are serious people who can establish order.

Question: What should change in the way of thinking of law enforcement agencies and prosecutors?

Answer: I think they should be locked up instead of these criminals. Then their way of thinking would change. It is impossible to be on one side and think for the other side. Of course, I mean this as a joke, but there is some truth in it.

Remark: You always say that the system of judges used to be completely different. Judges were those who simply could not accept a bribe.

My Comment: Being a judge was the highest position. In principle, to this day it is considered that a judge should receive a good salary, should be protected and independent. But what kind of independence can there be today if all judges obey governments, all are in collusion with each other, “one hand rubs another,” etc.?

Remark: Previously judges did not need to be paid a lot.

My Comment: This is not the point. They really were independent.

Question: How was that possible? What is this ideal image of a judge?

Answer: A judge greatly valued his position. He cherished the public opinion that was constantly tuned in such a way that a judge was above everyone, even above a king. A judge was on the same level as the Creator. It is possible to see this in the Torah, in the Book of Judges. This is the highest position in the country.

Question: Is it possible to raise such people in our egoistic world?

Answer: For this, it is necessary to educate them. We need an education system, not a penal system and not this public one that is a mess. But it is possible.

Question: Do you think that what they want to do in Britain is a step toward education?

Answer: Let them try. But in order to build a correct system, the right people must build it. I do not hold out hope that they will succeed. People with a different way of thinking should create such a system.

Question: So, is this a dead end?

Answer: Yes. Until they turn to Kabbalists nothing will help them. Good luck, British ladies and gentlemen!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman”, 7/16/19

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Absolute Interconnection

Laitman_117Question: I came to Kabbalah with a clear internal understanding that everything a person thinks about comes to him from the Creator. I put that into practice when I have a thought about some other person, relative, or acquaintance; I make sure I realize this thought immediately.

What I mean is that I will call him and ask what is going on, and it turns out that at the very same moment this person was thinking about me or was having problems.

Do these thoughts come to us from our egoistic world or arise from the upper worlds?

Answer: Nothing appears by itself. We are all connected by our thoughts and desires. I am not saying that we have to call each other all the time and inquire about what is happening. But if any thoughts or desires surface, they depend on the global picture of souls with whom we are completely interconnected.

Nothing is independent in this world, not the slightest thought or desire. Everything is completely interconnected and mutually defined. We all determine each other’s destinies.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/21/19

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/13/19

laitman_566.02Question: How can the right environment help in building a stable and strong family bond? And how can the family bond strengthen the environment?

Answer: We need to learn this. We have had many conversations that deal with this subject: how to behave in a family, how to balance family relationships. It is possible to find and study everything in our archive.

Question: You say that the future will be unbearable. How should we understand this?

Answer: That is incorrect! I am saying that it could be unbearable, but it could also be normal, if we understand the dynamics of our development and in what manner we can correct it.

Question: Which professions and experts will be in demand in the coming year?

Answer: This year, almost all professions will be in demand as before, but over time, there will be a very serious revision of professions.

Question: Legalization of drugs, sports, and smartphones—these satisfy the masses. How do we escape these traps? What will change this year?

Answer: I don’t know. It is impossible to change something in society, to turn it around to a particular point, without educating it as a whole. It will not work.

Question: Isn’t humanity playing with the Internet and computer technology too much? How much more do they need to be developed?

Answer: It is very good that humanity “sits” on the Internet; it is beginning to comprehend the opportunity of communicating between each other. I very much hope that in the future this system will begin to serve the general connection between us.

Question: Most people are convinced that they are in an excellent connection with others and that everyone else is at fault. How is it possible to explain what the right connection is?

Answer: You cannot do anything, you have to explain. So many people, practically all of us, justify ourselves and believe that we are right. We must think about how to explain that there is a greater truth.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/13/19

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Do Wars Lead To Progress?

laitman_219.03Question: You say that mutual annihilation leads to regression in the development of society, but ultimately doesn’t war usually stimulate productive forces?

Answer: Yes, wars stimulate forces of production, but they fail to contribute to society’s and people’s inner development, which is what really matters. On the contrary, they usher men into the next double helix, and therefore, technical progress is the only progress they bring.

Of course, if it were not for wars and threats, humanity would have developed much slower on a technical level, and consequently, in science and in other areas, but not in the social sphere.

Wars bring about society’s regression, not progress. The wounds that remain after wars take a very long time to heal and are practically incurable. They lurk somewhere inside as we try not to deal with them, but in fact, they disallow the construction of normal relations.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/13/19

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Will The Family Institution Survive?

laitman_627.1Question: What awaits the family institution? How do we save, strengthen, and balance it? How can Kabbalah help with this?

Answer: I think this year the family institution, along with other social institutions, will face very serious challenges. We will continue to see problems in the family, separation between parents and children and between the parents themselves, divisions between different families and generations: parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren. People will feel no sense of belonging to one another: you gave birth to me, raised me, and now I am leaving.

Consequently, we will reach a state, where no one will owe anyone anything, no one can ask anything from the other: “Leave me alone. What do I care about all of you and why do you care about me?”

After that, along with general recognition of evil, supplied to us by our egoism, we will finally start to realize that there is nothing left to do but try to correct it. Life will become so unbearable (not only in the family but in all its aspects) that people will have no hope left for the future or the present.

One will truly begin to understand that to be alone among other people is worse than being alone in the jungle where you don’t know where to place your foot without being stung or attacked from above.

A person will feel threatened by the environment: one seems to be among people, but in an urban jungle where one cannot make it to the store and back even if he runs. One will feel that no one can or is even willing to help him.

I hope that will be enough for us to realize that we need to do something with our human nature. We will then listen and hear that there is a method that corrects our nature and it is ready. Everything depends only on the person himself. Maybe then that person will come to us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 1/13/19

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How To Make Life Good

laitman_259.01Question: How can we explain to the 99% of people what a good life is?

Answer: We consider life as good according to what is good for us.

In our time, however, having uncorrected connections between ourselves, we cannot feel good. We see that the world is falling apart because the upper light descending upon it wants to fill it and the world feels its oppositeness to this light.

The closer spiritual goodness is to our world, the worse we feel. The nearing of the upper light gives us a sense of darkness because we are uncorrected, opposite to it. Therefore, if we want to feel the blessings and all the goodness, we must change ourselves to be similar to the upper light so we do not plunge into problems and crises because the light is coming closer and closer to us. In other words, we have to unite on the level of this world. That is the problem.

For example, the news announces that an asteroid is on its course to Earth and that the planet is in danger, people should feel themselves in danger, the upper light is coming closer to us, the Creator wishes to be revealed to the creations. This is why we are called “the last generation.”

We have entered a path of increasingly escalating pressure on us. This is why the science of Kabbalah has become revealed; it explains that we have to start adapting ourselves to the upper light to become somewhat similar to it.

We are a Kli (vessel of the soul), the Creator is the light. We can become similar to Him only if we unite between ourselves. In other words, if we wish for a better future, we must unite.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/11/19

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