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One Nation as One Family

200.02In science, diversity of opinions and disputes are useful and help global advancement; but in politics disagreements, on the contrary, can lead to division in society and civil war. Is it possible to have different and even opposite opinions about what the character of the country and its purpose should be and at the same time feel like one nation and one family?

Everything is possible in this life only if we look at how to strengthen the connection between us despite all the differences of opinion. If the difference breaks our bond, then we should not reveal it until we have strengthened our connection.

Each step should begin with greater unity, and only then can we discuss where our opinions don’t match. And then, despite the fact that one thinks one way and the another thinks another way, we will decide how to unite, and from this unity we will see the answer.

In fact the answer is simple: the right decision is the revelation of the Creator. When the Creator reveals Himself in us, He gives us all the right decisions.

After all, society is not a laboratory where we can conduct experiments and verify an unambiguous result. It turns out that there are not those who are right and those who are wrong because the truth is above all our disputes. The truth is that “all transgressions will be covered by love.”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/3/23, “A Dispute For the Sake of The Creator”

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In the Fog of Our World

3We have given birth to all the past social, economic, political, and state institutions based on egoistic connections between us. We created an economy and trade based on the egoistic qualities in which we have existed since the day of our origin, since the Big Bang when our Universe came into being up to the present day.

The only way we understand nature is by exploring that part of it that we can egotistically comprehend, feel, and measure. And suddenly, the second half of this nature is revealed to us—the altruistic! It shows that we do not know it at all, that we cannot explore it, and that we cannot find ourselves. This world is beginning to slip away from our sensations and becoming something different.

We are still playing with old toys, it seems like we still interact with each other. But suddenly some other relationships, schemes, and different extraterrestrial forces interfere in our lives and create disruptions in the connection between us, businesses, banks, schools, teachers, and families, and so in everything.

It is as if some kind of cloud is descending on us, and we are working in a fog, not as explicitly egotistically as before: “I to you, you to me. Let us do it together,” and so on where everything is clear to everyone. But now, nothing is clear to anyone.

With each passing day, the fogginess between us continues to grow and will manifest itself more and more. Naturally, under such conditions, humanity will seek a scapegoat. And here, the Jews will come to the forefront, who are ahead of the entire planet as usual.

In general, this is the objective reality. This is the crisis of our old concepts, the crisis of our inability to see the new blueprint of the world.

I hope that people will understand that something new is being born here and that it is necessary to perceive it correctly, to try to adapt to it as quickly as possible so we can be born, so to speak, in the next world with as little pain as possible.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Internal work” 9/3/11

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Nature Will Force Us to Change

961.2What can we do to understand our world? We need to raise people to the next degree. But it cannot be done from afar where you are ignored.

They need to listen, to somehow participate in this, to want to develop themselves a little, to lower themselves, and to bend their heads. They say they cannot do everything by the power of money alone or just by force since there is still something not comprehended in nature.

Therefore it seems to them that the world is becoming unmanageable and that If they comprehend it, they will be able to manage. But it is with different qualities through which they will come to attainment. After all, from our time onward they will not enter the governance of nature if they do not become similar to it and at the same time do not acquire an altruistic force opposite to themselves.

Now we can already see how some strange statements are coming from billionaires like, “We are ready to share a little with you. We will meet you halfway.” And so on.

This has never happened before. They used to be ready to rob you to the last penny just to add another zero to their bank balance. But not today. Something seems to be radiating from the outside, through the masses, from somewhere in nature. They will suddenly start feeling that there is another movement and will begin to approach it.

The world is becoming such that it will force us to change. I look at this world with great hope. For me this is a birth!—a painful event, but at the same time joyful, as if you are expecting a baby that is about to be born.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Attraction … Rejection …” 9/3/11

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Artificial Intelligence Is Worse than the Atomic Bomb

273.01In the News (NBC News): “In making Oppenheimer, writer and director Christopher Nolan said it became apparent that the moral quandaries posed by artificial intelligence mirrors those faced by Robert Oppenheimer, whose story about developing the atomic bomb is told in the movie… .

“As Oppenheimer developed the weapon in the early 1940s, the theoretical physicist faced backlash and uncertainty from the U.S. military and Congress, much like the tech industry is facing today in its race to make artificial intelligence more powerful, Nolan said in a recent interview… .

“‘When I talk to the leading researchers in the field of AI right now, for example, they literally refer to this as their Oppenheimer moment,’ Nolan said. ‘They’re looking to his story to say “OK, what are the responsibilities for scientists developing new technologies that may have unintended consequences?”’”

Question: Please explain why our intentions never match the results?

Answer: Because we consider ourselves good and fail to understand that our nature is inherently bad!

We think that we can mediate between ourselves, that we can be in the middle between bad and good qualities, and so on. In other words, we think that we are, in principle, not bad people. But in reality, of course, there is no one worse and more stupid than us.

We want to obtain cheap energy, we create a bomb; we want to develop medicine, we create chemical weapons, and this is how everything happens.

Question: I have a question: Where and when does the turning point occur? At what moment?

Answer: It is when a person discovers that the result of his actions will be the destruction of the beautiful future that he was building for himself. But it’s already too late.

Question: And at what point does this happen? When he suddenly sees a bomb explode in New Mexico?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And a second before that, he didn’t feel that?

Answer: He could not.

Question: Even could not? Meaning that he is suddenly shown in actuality what he did?

Answer: Yes, nothing could be done.

Question: In general, it’s a pity, a pity for Oppenheimer too, to be honest.

Answer: Certainly! A huge number of people discover the end of their good impulses, plans, and so on.

Question: If we know this, can we turn it around?

Answer: No, we don’t feel. We will be deceived a thousand more times!

Question: Even if a person hears and says, “Oh, how right he is!”, he will still go…

Answer: Yes, we don’t feel it. It has to be in faith above reason! This should be only from the perspective of Kabbalistic views on human nature.

Question: Meaning that without knowledge of human nature, simply by my decision: “I will do this— kindly,” will it not work?

Answer: No. You understand it yourself that this is not how it works.

Question: What are the actions then? How can we adjust the world a little so that our intentions coincide at least a little?

Answer: Ban it! Just forbid everyone.

Question: So now you treat the world like children?

Answer: Even worse than children. Children do not have such capabilities.

Question: It’s clear. Here the hand is in the fire, and it is necessary to hit the hand?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Simply to forbid it?

Answer: How else could this be done?

Comment: Ban the development of artificial intelligence because it will harm.

My Response: This is horrible! It is worse than an atomic bomb.

Comment: I don’t even know how to continue.

My Response: And there is nothing to continue. It is better to just ban it and that’s it. “Collect all the books, and burn them.”

Question: Okay, banned. During this period, from prohibition on, perhaps a small permission, and another small permission, what should happen?

Answer: During this period, we are obliged to educate people in faith above reason.

Question: No one will understand this phrase “faith above reason.”

Answer: It does not matter. But there is such a condition that if you want to develop exactly in a good way, without causing any harm to anyone, you must go forward and reveal nature in faith above reason.

This phrase “faith above reason” is the main, decisive cornerstone here!

If we understand how to treat nature and ourselves correctly in faith above reason, then we will do everything only good for ourselves, others, and nature.

Question: You don’t even want to explain? You want this phrase to be imprinted in a person, and that’s it. And then we’ll figure it out?

Answer: Yes. Anyway, it is hard to discern it. It takes a person years and years and years.

Question: I know that your teacher kept repeating: “Faith above reason. Faith above reason.” Even among the great sages is this phrase relevant?

Answer: Of course! Before all of us there is no other task than to climb this step, on faith above reason.

Comment: Let’s say there is knowledge that a person can do good to people, knowledge that I will be able to, and you say: “It’s all necessary…”

My Response: Not to use.

Question: And what can we believe in?

Answer: First, the very thorough and proper mastering of the method of obtaining faith above reason, and after that, already develop your toys, Oppenheimer’s and all sorts of others.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/31/23

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Birth Pangs of the New World

281.01Today, new circumstances are being revealed to the world, which we must study. And we can’t because we’re made of the wrong stuff, the wrong system, and we don’t understand it. We look and don’t know what to do with it; we don’t understand the new forces and new connections.

We are shown like s a primitive man, some kind of electronic device. I can smell it, taste it on my teeth, and yet what the other is like inside, I don’t understand because here there is a completely different system, different connections, and different principles. They are not in me!

I am not adequate to the circumstance that arises in front of me today! It requires that I have the properties of bestowal, integral and global relationships, and mutual guarantee.

There is no such thing! It is all just being born. Just as I am gradually developing a method of explaining these circumstances, it is still far from the simplicity that I would like to see in it and from the kind and form when I can go out to everyone and say so, that everything becomes clear to everyone at once. I feel these birth pains in myself.

But that is how it is born! And if we go toward this mutually, each from his side, then in the end we will meet quickly.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. You Didn’t Say Something” 9/3/11

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From Instinctive to Conscious Changes

229Until now, a person has been undergoing internal transformations instinctively. Nature has been changing us, and we have been changing the world according to our needs. Today we are the ones who must change ourselves corresponding to the world that appears in front of us.

We have entered the direct line. Now, nature no longer changes us from the inside. It itself is beginning to change in front of us, which has never happened before. And we have to adapt to it and study it. This means we have to desire a revelation of the Creator (the Creator is nature) in order to become similar to Him or to nature, either one, it does not matter.

Comment: For me, this method makes sense. I understand that inner changes occur precisely because one studies the wisdom of Kabbalah. However, I hear that some of your students and people who are not involved in the study constantly ask “What should I do?”

You do not take the method of Kabbalah, but simply say that one has to change himself. People ask you “How can we change?” But it seems you try to divert attention from this.

My Response: No! You are the ones who do not hear what I say because your egoism does not want to hear that you have to change.

Comment: But the changes take place when one studies Kabbalah, they do not simply happen on their own.

My Response: It is not necessarily so. They occur in those who have a point in the heart. Those who do not have the point in the heart do not have to study Kabbalah at all.

In order to change, 99% of humanity has to do certain actions. They have to create an appropriate environment that will constantly tell them that they have to be mutually connected, to compromise, and to unite because this is the law of nature, that global law that today begins to manifest to a greater degree within human society.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. You Didn’t Say Something” 9/3/11

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Will Warren Buffett Be Loved?

627.2I know people who have a lot of money, and they get testimonial dinners and they get hospital wings named after them. But the truth is that nobody in the world loves them. If you get to my age in life and nobody thinks well of you, I don’t care how big your bank account is, your life is a disaster (Warren Buffet).

Question: Do you agree with this?

Answer: This is true, of course.

Question: Must one strive to be loved? Is this the right direction?

Answer: A man would like to be loved; at least to finish with such a result is good.

Comment: But we are very often forced to take some unpopular steps.

My Response: We are in a completely opposite world.

Comment: Where no one loves anyone.

My Response: Of course. How can we even express such ideas here as “in order to be loved.”

Question: And if I do everything for this? Here he is, a billionaire; he donates, he wants to be loved, and he comes to this thought. Is this the right thing for these people to do?

Answer: No, he will not correct the world in this way. All his actions will again turn into egoistic ones and they will not lead people anywhere.

Question: So when you say “to be loved,” you mean something different from what he does?

Answer: Of course.

Question: So what do you mean?

Answer: I cannot advise him on anything because it is useless.

Question: He no longer needs it, so advise us. What does it mean to live like this, to be remembered, and to be loved? What does a person need?

Answer: It is only necessary to engage in education. Only education! Otherwise, nothing will happen in the world.

Question: So you claim that the most respected job for a man is to be an educator?

Answer: Yes.

Question: How does he educate people then?

Answer: He must explain to them in every possible way what the purpose of creation is, that only in realization of the plan of creation can a person achieve happiness.

Question: What do you mean by the purpose of creation? Should he also attain this purpose of creation?

Answer: The educator himself must attain it and then convey to people that when a person himself does good to others, he fills and enjoys himself.

Question: Let us delve deeper then if possible. What do you mean by good?

Answer: By good I mean filling another person with what he desires.

Comment: But he has a lot of different desires.

My Response: No! This already depends on education, fill him with the right kind of education so that he would require a normal minimum filling.

Question: This needs to be clarified. A person needs to be clarified in such a way that he lives on such a normal filling and does not require something big, billions of dollars, and so on?

Answer: And feels that if other people can be led to this, then this will be the complete happiness.

Question: That is, in order that people live, rejoice in the necessities that they have, and do not demand anything more beyond that? Is this what you call a correct education?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do you not want to move on, to say something higher?

Answer: When I cut bread, I cut it into slices. So this is the first slice.

Comment: Then let us stop at the first slice
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/7/23

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With the Same Words

269Comment: Nowadays many people in the world speak practically with your words; they basically say the same thing.

My Response: Humanity is slowly coming to the same conclusions that were written in Kabbalah thousands of years ago, because such is evolution.

When Kabbalah tells people about this, they begin to move along with this wisdom: to change themselves, develop their sensitivity, and attain. Therefore, Kabbalists long before our time spoke of the upcoming crises as the last days of the correction of the world, i.e., about the correction of the last layers of egoism.

Today we must implement this. Thus, it is not surprising that people use the same words that I do. But the fact is that their words come from the small layer that they are beginning to attain today. We, however, speak to the extent that each of us attains what is happening, at a deeper level, since we are ahead of them along the axis of attainment and along the axis of development.

Usually, everyone is willing to listen to more developed people who look further than the rest. After all, they have already passed these states, so why “fill the bumps” at every step? But unfortunately, humanity does not hear us.

Therefore, we are left with the only solution: to disseminate Kabbalah in its normal form, in the form of science, in the form of information, and on the other hand, in the form of education where we explain to everyone how to approach this world today and how to participate in it.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Healing Energy” 10/1/11

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Turn Hatred into Love

962.3If your hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world (Nikola Tesla).

Question: In Tesla’s time there was not so much hatred, but today we would burn the world. He thinks like a scientist, he sees hatred as energy. What is your attitude to the fact that hatred is energy?

Answer: Of course. Our hatred is above all other kinds of energy in the world.

Question: Would there be enough electricity here?

Answer: Yes.

Question: How can this energy of huge hatred be converted into some kind of positive charge today? Can hatred be turned into love?

Answer: Yes. To do this, we need to change man, force a person to change, to move from hatred to love.

This is possible only with the help of what the science of Kabbalah explains about how we can turn hatred into love.

Question: How?

Answer: With the help of the upper light! There must be an even higher level that will affect and change us.

Question: And how can we draw it on us?

Answer: Only by our desire. That is, I must change.

Question: Then it turns out that hatred should fill everything?

Answer: This is what we are moving toward. But in principle, as we understand, we are already prepared for this.

Question: So, do you think man already understands that he is overwhelmed by this?

Answer: Yes. Otherwise, we may burn out. There simply would be nothing left to redo.

Question: Do you see that a person is already coming to the point that he understands what he is, what he hates?

Answer: Yes. Enclosed in himself, absolute egoism, I hate everyone else.

Question: And I will not be able to live with this after a while?

Answer: Not only will I not be able to live, I will not be able to die, and I will not be able to live. Then the decision will come that we must shift inversely to another level.

Question: So it is quite a science that you are talking about? There is bad energy inside me and I want to convert it into good energy.

Answer: Yes. Tesla talked about energy, and we too are talking about energy.

Comment: So, we proved that Kabbalah is a science.

My Response: There is no doubt about it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/20/23

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Hear Us, People!

283.01Comment: Throughout the entire history of humanity, a series of crises happened when it seemed that everything was about to collapse.

My Response: Were these true crises?! That was the usual dirty political struggle and nothing more!

But now, nature is forcing us to change. Nature! Where can you go if nature is causing the current crisis?! We did not cause this.

When I talked about this many years ago, everyone laughed. I met Nobel Prize winners in economics who were surprised: “What crisis? Everything is fine. There can be no crises at all, just progress. There are ups and downs, there is a smooth road, and then it gets a little bumpy because this is how humanity develops. But it is going in the same direction all the time. Everything will be fine.”

Then I answered them: “How can you say this ?! Look what is happening in the world!” “What is happening in the world? These are normal states. Sometimes it gets worse, sometimes it gets better, just like in ordinary life,” and that is all. It continued until the crisis ripened and exploded in their faces.

Therefore, humanity moves only through blows, by being pushed toward happiness with a stick because people hardly hear us.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Crisis as a Natural Process” 9/3/11

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