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Who Is A Good Mayor?

568.01Question: Mayors of several Mexican cities, New York, Europe, and Africa gathered on Zoom to discuss how to restore their cities after the virus, i.e., build bike paths, green lawns, parks, work for people, to integrate nature into cities.

The fact that mayors of many cities, quite egoistic individuals, are connecting together to seek mutual assistance, is this progress?

Answer: On the one hand, they are egoistic individuals, but on the other hand, they are the closest to the people because they are engaged in providing their citizens with normal living conditions. They are the closest and also are responsible for everything. So mayors of cities are not a government that sits and invents some new laws.

Question: Do you think a good mayor is more concerned about being reelected or about delivering what he promised to those who elected him?

Answer: I believe that for a good mayor it’s all the same: to be reelected, to love your constituents and do everything to benefit them, and try to make sure that everyone who goes to vote would vote for him.

Question: Do you think that all municipal governments will start working for the benefit of people or will this stop after the tension subsides?

Answer: This is a problem because humanity has not yet realized that through people such as city mayors can nature be corrected. Perhaps they should be given more authority.

The mayor of a city makes sure that there is water, clean air, kindergartens, and schools. This is the house manager, in short. And this is most vital for us.

Question: Should mayors of cities be given maximum power, money?

Answer: Yes. Not to be confused with anything else. He has to make sure that we are comfortable in our home. This job requires the right person. The mayor must be a local overseer.

Question: What should the mayor of the future be like in your understanding?

Answer: I’m not talking about any mental, psychological, or spiritual criteria. I am saying that all this should be seen in our example, in our life.

So that everything is clean, ready, open, provided for different levels of citizens, and so on, that’s all. This is what the mayor should do and have this sense. There are people who have this sense. We need just such a person and the appropriate team.

Question: And then, if he has such an inclination toward people, he will be given both strength, ability, and power?

Answer: Sure. He will gain support from below, he will receive support from above. From above means from nature.

Question: What would you add to this? Let’s say there is such a desire now. What could be added to keep this whole thing going?

Answer: A crystal clear understanding of the fact that we exist in an integral world, in complete dependence of humanity on each other and the dependence of all mankind on inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature.

Therefore, we must be concerned about all levels and do everything possible to ensure that nature is harmonious and integral at all its levels. Then we would not be terrified that Antarctica suddenly is beginning to melt or something else is happening, some excesses in the earth’s crust, and so on. We would not worry. We would think that all these phenomena may be happening because nature is dynamically balancing itself in this way.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/4/20

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Who Can Become A Leader Today?

laitman_271Question: In the past, a leader was chosen based on how truthful his promises came across, his charisma, courage, determination in decision-making, and only then on how he leads state affairs, how he deals with unemployment, people’s incomes, and so on.

Business psychologists raised the question: what will happen in the post-coronavirus period? Will our vision of leadership talent mature to be based on concern for people’s well-being? What do you think future leaders will be like?

Answer: The leader of the future is a person who understands how to bring people together. That is all. Nothing else. But we need a small note here: this is not like Mao, Lenin, or Trotsky who would get up on an armored truck and inspire people. There were such great inspirational personalities.

The fact is that you need a person who sets a goal not to defeat someone at another’s expense, but to unite absolutely everyone. This is a problem because we are always competing against someone.

This cannot happen here. We are all together against our nature, our essence, our beloved egoism. A leader must know the genuine nature of the world, and how we can deal with this nature. Or rather, how not to deal with it. Otherwise, how can he be a leader if he does not understand what he is dealing with?

He must fully grasp and feel nature, its altruism, its self-enclosed finite nature, and its value. He should understand that man must come to achieve a complete similarity with nature through unity with each other, what is called adhesion with it, how to achieve this, what kind of forces, his connection with nature should help him in this.

Our nature is egoistic, but the environment is altruistic. So, I have to change myself from an egoist to an altruist in connection with other people. So, when we all remake ourselves in this way, we will become like the general nature of the world—altruistic. This is what we must achieve.

This is not a high hurdle; this is nature setting this bar for us. It will definitely happen! You will see within a few months how the world will begin to move toward this.

The leader will have to offer the world a method of uniting all of humanity. He must strive for this. There can be no other way.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/13/20

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New Life 1280 – The Return To The Educational Institutions In The Corona Era

New Life 1280 – The Return To The Educational Institutions In The Corona Era
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Sending children back to school in the midst of the coronavirus demonstrates the disregard, lack of heart, serious confusion, and complete irresponsibility of parents. Mothers will no longer think about their children in the coming days; it is even written that, “merciful mothers will cook their children.”

The coronavirus is only the beginning. More blows will come including that all of Israel will become chronically infected with the coronavirus including children and pets. This will happen in front of all of mankind so that everyone will understand that the virus comes through Israel. The curse is that Israelis have unfounded hatred between them and the blessing is to live according to the principle “love your neighbor as yourself.” Parents need to get at the root of the problem, which is the lack of correct connection between them.

Healing depends on Israelis being more friendly toward one another and coming closer to each other so that they will care for all children as their own, as one nation, and as one man in one heart. If they succeed in implementing this technology between them, as brothers and sisters in one family, there will be no infections of the virus in Israel and all the other nations of the world will follow their example.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1280 – The Return To The Educational Institutions In The Corona Era,” 9/4/20

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Self Love

565.01Question: The quotation attributed to Buddha, “If you truly love yourself, you would never harm another,” seems to be a simple wisdom. What can you say about it?

Answer: If you really love yourself and understand what kind of world you live in, the integral world, how much it is all interconnected, then you will not harm others because in this way you indirectly harm yourself.

Question: Why did you just connect “love yourself” with “the integral world”? After all, to love oneself is an egoistic desire.

Answer: But if the world is integral and you influence the world negatively, then it comes back to you.

Question: That is, I feel that it comes back to me? So if I love myself, then I will not do evil to another person because it will return to me?

Answer: Yes. If the world is integral, then harming oneself or others are one and the same thing.

Question: And in loving myself I still do evil to another person?

Answer: I also harm myself this way.

Question: Does this mean that everything comes back? Does the boomerang effect exist?

Answer: Because the world is closed. It is round.

Question:  What do you have to say about another quotation attributed to Buddha: “Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.”

Answer: In principle, this is also true.

Question: So I should be grateful no matter what I have. Even if I am in the worst condition, I should still rise to the level of gratitude?

Answer: Gratitude is a prerequisite for receiving the feeling of happiness, the feeling of the light.

Question: How can I be grateful if I feel so bad? It is just impossible!

Answer: It depends on your perception of the world. Why is it so bad? Try to raise yourself anyway.

Question: Even in this state, I am obliged to reach gratitude?

Answer: Gratitude must be present in any state. Even a second before death.

Question: Do all prayers begin with gratitude?

Answer: Of course. And if there is no such attitude, then to whom do you pray?

Question: The state is high, of course! So whatever my condition is, I first give thanks?

Answer: Yes. But this is because you divide yourself into two parts: dark and light, suffering and thanksgiving.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/15/20

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Rich And Poor

273.02Question: After reading your books, I realized that you are not a socialist and you are not going to take property from the rich. But why would the rich start to pay scholarships for 80% of the population for their studies?

Answer: Naturally, such a gesture on the part of the rich cannot be voluntary at first. But, like during the revolution, these things are dictated by necessity. One person cannot have a billion while another does not have enough money until the end of the week to feed his family. This is a clear imbalance. Therefore, it will be necessary to balance these relations.

At first, it is necessary to force our relationship to a completely different structure—what is “money – commodity – money”?

As a result, a law must be adopted according to which everyone will receive a certain quantity of funds necessary for him, sufficient for a dignified existence. This will be accompanied by a commitment to work for the community in accordance with the capabilities of the individual and at the same time receive training in proper parenting.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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“In The Sweat Of Thy Face Shalt Thou Eat Bread”

600.02Question: How would you explain the expression from the Torah, “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread”?

Answer: The Torah refers not to the corporeal, but to the spiritual component of the work. In order to correct our egoism and make a person into a social element, which considers the connection of society and the similarity with integral nature as one of the highest values, we will have to work very seriously and deeply on ourselves.

The work here is not limited by anything, and we must do it. Its implementation will determine the state of humanity in the new era.

Question: Does “In the sweat of thy face” mean the inner work of a person with his egoism? Not to use other people for one’s own benefit?

Answer: Yes. And not only that.

Question: What is “shalt thou eat bread?”

Answer: Bread symbolizes the quality of bestowal, something we must procure. However, it is very difficult to procure this quality.

Question: Do I, at the same time, receive pleasure from bestowing to others?

Answer: From the fact that you are bestowing, because you feel that society needs you, you take care of society. All this is our task and our work.

Question: Does it mean that we need to work hard on our egoism in order to receive pleasure from bestowing to people?

Answer: Yes, but not for the sake of receiving pleasure.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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All Together In The Home Stretch

961.1The Creator obliges us to follow the program of creation, and therefore shows us that it is bad to remain separated from each other. But how can He show us that it is bad?

Only at the expense of suffering, otherwise we will not understand that separation is evil. Therefore, the Creator is forced to attach some unpleasant event to our separation so we can start feeling it.

We need to feel through the coronavirus pandemic that we are in trouble because of our separation. We need to link our physical and mental states together. The fact that we are so far from each other mentally and do not feel how beautiful the connection is, is the cause of all the misfortunes that have happened to us. The virus itself is not so terrible, but because it covers the whole world, it paralyzes all our lives. If it had hit a single country, it would not have attracted such attention.

But since it comes from a completely different level, from the global spiritual force around the entire globe, from the spiritual state, from the program of the end of the global correction, it awakens a very special attitude toward itself and plunges everyone into confusion and perplexity.

Scientists can’t come up with a solution, and there’s no hope of a vaccine coming soon. This epidemic is unlike any previous ones, which were more local, not aimed at correcting the last generation, and did not come from a common force called Mashiach that acts on all of humanity. This is the first time we have encountered it.

This is why such measures are being taken. After all, why does it seem necessary to stop all industry around the world, destroy the economies of all the countries, and radically change the entire lives of people just because of some virus? And if there was a war that would have killed millions, it would not have stopped, people would have continued to fight. Why are we stopping our lives because of the coronavirus?

It is because this power comes from the upper level—from where we are already connected together. And this power comes to show us that we have to connect here in this world.

Therefore, we don’t understand it and are perplexed. Gradually, we will start listening to the way the Creator is teaching us, and begin to understand how He treats us and what He wants from us.

Through this, we will hear the voice of the Creator, feel His actions, and be able to respond to them. We will get closer to each other and immediately see the epidemic abating. And then we will fall back into our egoism, and the epidemic will return.

In this way, we will get closer and drift apart, like a child who climbs into his father’s arms, then runs away from him, then gets scared of a dog and asks to be picked up again. In the same way, the Creator teaches us how to always strive to connect with Him.

The only difference between this world and the spiritual world is in who rules: me or the Creator. It is to this change of power that the pandemic should push us.

The Creator takes into account the global correction of the entire world: He thinks about the future of humanity, connecting all in one Kli and filling it with the upper light. We have already reached the home stretch of correction—the Creator is not very hidden.

It is us who cannot reveal Him, and He does not hide, influencing us from our connection. And so we feel a global blow to everyone, not somewhere more, somewhere less, but everywhere. After all, we are already on the home stretch and we only need to reach the finish line: the global connection.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/13/20, “Work With Faith Above Reason”

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How Will Fashion Change?

565.01Remark: The coronavirus and the pandemic associated with it are changing the habits, guidelines, and priorities of society. As a result, this has an impact on all spheres of business, including fashion. At Paris fashion week, one of the brands presented its collection on a barge that went down the Seine. It could have been observed from the Eiffel Tower and from different sides.

Dior has released a collection for dolls, and if customers want to buy something, then it will be reproduced in full size.

Another luxury brand has created a collection that matches the current conditions. Its couturier says that it is most likely a house dress or nightgown that now corresponds to the current time.

My Comment: Very good This is the most needed.

Question: What does a person convey through clothing from the point of view of Kabbalah?

Answer: His inner world, his inner attitude to the meaning of the world, to the meaning of life.

Question: What values should we pass on to each other so that we do not depend on clothing, its cost, labels, and so on?

Answer: With the help of the clothing, we have to convey our aspiration for unity, for a beautiful, simple connection between people above our egoism, for all people around to feel that I relate to them well, kindly, and they could see it in my clothes.

That is, the clothes should not be provocative, but endearing, drawing something compassionate to me. It is possible to check how children relate to it, whether they want to stroke it, press their cheek to it.

Question: What kind of fashion should be introduced for this to appear and develop between people?

Answer: Fashion for a smile. No outfits, no epaulets, or anything else can replace this. There should be a friendly smile. Not a leer.

Question: What information should the clothes convey to other people?

Answer: They should convey the good message of a person.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/27/20

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Business According To The Laws Of Nature

962.5Question: In business, income is built on the fact that everyone is trying to use others to make the most for their own super-profits. Therefore, there is practically no place for an honest person in a business.
What should a business be like to confirm with the laws of nature?

Answer: A business should be absolutely reciprocal when both partners understand that they cannot do without each other. Therefore, the material business should not be built on the fact that they come together, begin to deceive and steal from each other, and then quickly scatter.

And spiritual business is based on the fact that we unite and eventually form something more. And this is something larger. And this is something from which society can get the maximum benefit, and we want to offer it to society.

Question: What advice would you give to people who want to comply with the laws of nature?

Answer: To invest as much as possible in new education or in nurturing a new society.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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The Impossibility To Exist In The Same Framework

562.02Question: We see that every next generation strives more for freedom, breaks the limits of life’s restrictions, severs them. Where does this desire come from?

Answer: Each next generation does not break the previous framework, but simply cannot exist in it because the generation itself is different. It has different desires, different egoism, different priorities. Therefore, it cannot fulfill the conditions and restrictions that the previous generations performed with pleasure or with minimal energy.

Question: We see that the world is striving for greater interconnection. Integration is manifesting very strongly today. People move from place to place, privileges change, nations’ borders become more open. In nature, there are trends toward greater freedom and fewer limits. Is there any contradiction in this?

Answer: No. It is just that humanity is beginning to feel the next level of its development. Therefore, the previous framework no longer seems necessary.

We believe that the new generation does not want our conditions, our laws. It is simply created with such desires that can not comply with these conditions and feel them as necessary.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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