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Who Will Have To Pay The Bills?

259.01Question: There is speculation that future generations will pay for the coronavirus. In addition to debt, we leave them two huge problems: looking after us when our pensions are left without funding and solving the problems of climate change, which we did not solve and passed on to them. On top of that, we have limited investments in their health and education. In short, the next generation will feel bad. We have robbed our children and grandchildren.

But in principle, I still keep thinking about my children and grandchildren. Why does a person suddenly become disconnected from this? They will live in some kind of environmentally dirty, broken world, with a supply of nuclear weapons, whatever you want. We do not even think about what kind of future we have arranged for them.

Answer: Nobody thinks that he leaves it to his descendants. Why should I think about it? This is natural for a person!

Question: To not think about future generations?

Answer: No. This is his real face, Homo Sapiens. “Knowing man”!

Question: Is this what intelligence is about, to think only of yourself?

Answer: Of course. To snatch for yourself as much as possible. I live while I am alive. That is it, nothing else! “After us the deluge.”

We can do nothing with our nature; it is higher than us. Nothing! There is no natural desire in us to do something with ourselves for the sake of our descendants. We know that we are putting them right under nuclear bombs, climate problems, whatever.

Question: How does one start a dialogue with nature so that it gives us a feeling of both guilt and responsibility that we must do something for future generations?

Answer: This can only be done through the realization of the evil of our nature and the way to get out of it; is there still a way out? But humanity is not suffering enough to seek this way out.

Question: But what is the solution?

Answer: Only dissemination of Kabbalah, which talks about how to correct human nature, reveals all the ignominy, all the improbability of this nature, its horror! It reveals the emptiness in a person, so that he realizes that he needs to fill it.

Question: What is this emptiness revealed in?

Answer: In hopelessness.

Question: Is there no future? Does my nature allow me no future?

Answer: It will not allow you anything. A man is the most terrible creature.

Question: Then why did the Creator create us in this way?

Answer: In order for us to realize our evil and correct it, to ask Him for correction. And then we will become participants in our new, spiritual development.

Question: If He simply did it without our request, then we would receive everything simply for free and would not appreciate it? And here we do have to appreciate it?

Answer: We should achieve it. And then we will feel that we received the opportunity to work with this new sensation, with these new forces.

People should know this. People should understand that they are faced with a very serious task to correct their own nature. We can do this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/7/20

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How To Build Equal Relations In Society?

962.2Question: People feel unequal and demand equality. But when they achieve formal equality, they immediately try to destroy it and to stand out in any way. Where is the line between wanting to be like everyone else and running away from it?

Answer: Where it is beneficial for a person, one fights for equality, and where it is not, one fights for individuality.

Comment: Indeed, we see that in countries where people are equal, everyone starts trying to stand out in some way.

My Response: It’s impossible. Until a person gets the right amount of education that will lead him to a correct understanding of communication between all, this will not be achieved.

It turns out that inequality is the basis of communication. The whole world is built on exchange. Receiving would not make sense if everyone were equal.

Question: If we are not equal from the side of nature, does this mean that we should build equal relations in society ourselves?

Answer: Of course. We can demand from nature an explanation of what we are created like and what we should be, by what force we should bring ourselves from the present state to the right one, and so on.

Question: People have always fought for equal rights, general equality before the law. Are we really supposed to be equal in this? This is like the first stage, and then everyone should invest depending on their qualities?

Answer: Even these conditions of equality must be approached through a general law of nature where we are all dependent on each other and are in correct communication with each other. We cannot just take one law and start abiding by it, and even punish those who fail to comply with it.

Question: Are you for everyone having equal opportunities?

Answer: Conditionally equal. There are laws of kings, laws of plebeians, laws for peasants, for slaves, for everyone! Each level has its own laws, because they can’t even understand each other.

A person should have conditionally equal opportunities with all others that allow him to realize himself correctly.

What does equality mean? Any dynamic deterministic system consists of a huge number of subsystems, each of which has its own rules, the so-called steps. And therefore the system itself is integral, but internally,  with each other, it works not on an integral basis, but on a differential basis.

As in our body there are more important and less important organs for the whole body. That is, the calculation is made with the general organism.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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Egoistic Partnership

273.01Question: I recently received an email from someone who started a business with a friend over 30 years ago. He writes: “When we opened the business, we decided that each would complement the other: my partner gives ideas and I implement them, solve all issues. We divide everything 50 by 50.

“We worked like this for over 10 years until we made a lot of money. Then he demanded 80% of the total revenue for himself and justified everything by the fact that the ideas were his. Then I could not resist and said that all these years I had been supporting him, paying him for empty days when he was in thought, on vacation, depressed, etc.

“On this day, the principle of equality was violated and we became enemies. We didn’t speak for a month. And then it turned out that he sued me. Once closest friends, today we are ardent enemies.”

If we consider this situation through the prism of the integrality of nature, what could be the distribution of income and what is the equality between these partners? Is it correct that they originally split everything in half? After all, one of them later broke the contract.

Answer: The fact is that their partnership was purely egoistic, and therefore I have no idea how to solve this issue. I have nothing to do with this.

My job is to study completely different systems that complement each other and work on completely different principles where by giving to another you win.

If they understood the purpose of nature, then each would take as much as one needs to live normally and give all the excess to society. This is how the real profit would be measured. That is, the solution lies in a completely different plane.

Question: The saddest thing is that the process of educating these two businessmen could take decades. And what should they do before they come to the revelation of higher management? How should they share the profits? Are there any steps here?

Answer: I think that everything is much easier than you think. Let’s say that their wealth disappeared and there is a minimum left to exist. Now let them build relationships with each other. That’s all.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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Is Polling People Effective For Decision Making?

552.03Question: Is it worth using public surveys to make certain decisions at the government level?

Answer: No. We will not reach any decisions in this way. The opinion of an ordinary crowd, not collected according to certain laws, will not give anything. Their general opinion cannot be greater than the opinion of each of them. We have been through all this.

If we really want to get to the upper opinion, we must rise above our egoism and connect so that our anti-egoistic desires become one. Then we can solve the problem at this new level which is higher than the human one.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/25/20

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Learn To Love Yourself

600.04Question: It is not a secret that people are tired. There is a new discovery almost every day: the virus lives up to 28 days on smartphones, credit cards, visas, and money; people can be re-infected by the coronavirus and that the re-infection is much stronger than the original one.

The virus has been discovered in water. Animals also can be infected. You can get infected even without having contact with the sick. Another virus is emerging, which is more “evil.”

I have listed only 1% of what is spread by the media, by anyone at all. In this situation, where can man go? What is he being driven to? Is this how one should live—within one square meter and not move?

Answer: There is nothing one can do.

Remark: In this case, the reaction of an ordinary person is the opposite. He says: “Since that is the case, I am leaving the house. Well, can’t I continue living?” And he goes out. We ourselves drive him to this decision.

My Comment: No. I think this is still wrong. We must understand that a person should not act in accordance with his nerves or beliefs. He must act in the way he has to act.

Question: What do you mean “must”? What is it?

Answer: We must, because this virus has come to educate us. Educate! And we kind of ignore it and say: “We will be doing this anyway!” Like a small child stomping his foot.

Remark: But man does not think about education. He thinks: “I have to clean my credit card all the time, I have to wipe the space around me all the time, and not let anyone near me. He does not think that the virus has come to educate us.

My Comment: And we have to explain this to him. This is our problem. It is our problem—the problem of those of us who understand where the virus came from and why.

Oddly enough, it came to bring us closer. But to bring us closer internally, not externally. So that we do not wipe off the space after each other but “wipe off” ourselves so that we do not infect each other, so that we worry: “Will I infect the other”—and not that I will get infected from the other. When we think of others instead of ourselves, everything will go away and the virus will disappear, melt away like smoke.

Question: Is the entire problem that I am as if locked in on myself, on the fact of what I should do, where I should go?

Answer: No, I must do both. But I have to do it not to protect myself from others, but as if I am the only sick person in the world, and I want to protect others from myself.

Question: So, not “what will happen to me” but “what will happen to others?”

Answer: “What will happen to all of us.” The virus brings us, at last, the recognition of our mutual connection, which is bad, egoistic, and harmful. This virus and the other viruses that are coming after it will bring us to a state where we will think about others and not about ourselves because that is the only way we can keep everyone safe.

We have entered a state where we have no other choice. In the end, we must understand that the world must come to its corrected state, and we must follow not the path of our egoism, but in spite of it, the path toward our connection.

Question: Based on your words, medical science will not be able to create a vaccine, or it will, but another virus will come?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: Is it better not to work in this direction?

Answer: No. We have entered the twenty-first century. This is a new age, this is a new state of humanity. These are new viruses, spiritual, or one might say psychological, viruses that indicate to us that our connection is a crucial factor. If it is good, it is good for all of us. If it is bad, it will be bad for all of us.

Question: What should the healing thoughts of a person be?

Answer: It is when I think about others: how not to infect them, how to make sure that they are alive and well. It is simple. That’s it. I think not about myself, but about others. And this is how I save myself and decontaminate myself. I do not push others away from me in order not to get infected, I push them away from me so that I do not infect them.

Remark: But I am not sick…

My Comment: We are all sick. We all have viruses in us. Egoistic, wild viruses, when we think only about ourselves and not about others. Nature now, in the twenty-first century, will be changing us. And this is very, very unpleasant, incomprehensible, and somewhat unexpected.

Question: Is there such an awareness of my being an evil virus?

Answer: Yes. It is the only one in the entire world looking for someone to hurt—and it is me.

Question: I am the virus that can infect others, and I do not want to do that. I need to be isolated from people. Should I be stopped from approaching them and so on?

Answer: Yes. All my thoughts, my plans, my various ideas, they are all egoistic. I have to do something about them. How do I lock them inside myself? How to hide them within me? This is called restriction.

Question: In practice, do I ask: “Restrict me, separate me from people because I kill them, I infect them”?

Answer: Yes. If I do not do this, then an external virus comes along and it restricts me with these side effects. But in fact, the virus is not Covid-19 or other viruses that we are fighting today. No, the virus is precisely our egoistic thoughts about others.

Question: Will a person accept this?

Answer: He will have no choice. Nature will gradually force us. It has created us this way, and it is leading us to change so that we would ask nature itself to change what it has created in us. It will be beautiful. In general, I expect an interesting transformation of humanity in the coming years.

Question: So, are you expecting this request: “Change us”?

Answer: Yes. And we need to write books, make movies, everything we can on this topic about how this can happen, how nature will be changing us.

Question: Nature will force us and we will change anyway, so is it better not to resist?

Answer: Of course. Who are you going to resist? How can you? You yourself are nature. Nature does within you all that needs to be done.

Question: Why did nature then inscribe in us: “the king of nature” with “power over nature”?

Answer: In order for you, at the degree of human, which exists within you, to realize that you can change your animalistic nature. That’s it.

Question: Is this what we call “the king of nature”? The fact that I can ask to change my nature?

Answer: Yes, to rise above your animalistic egoistic nature and climb to the peak of an altruistic nature. We must help each other in this, do everything we can. If not, we will still come to this but, of course, with great suffering, loss, over a long period of time and painfully. I hope that people will hear. And we must talk about this all the time.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/15/20

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Finish Line Or Penalty Circle?

750.03Evolution will certainly lead us to equivalence of form with the Creator, voluntarily or through suffering; there are only two ways. At first, the whole world develops unconsciously, only due to the forces of nature. But starting from a certain stage of development, a person breaks away from his animal existence and develops a person in himself, a spiritual form similar to the Creator.

Such people can attract an upper force to themselves and accelerate their development, and through themselves, as through an open channel, transmit this power of development to everyone else. As a result, all evil will turn into good, but we must contribute to this by becoming active participants in this process.

We are at the finish line of the process of development, and therefore it is worth taking an active part in it, so that we are not thrown back. Otherwise, there is a danger that it will turn out like in a child’s game when a player each time moves a few steps forward, but after the next roll of the dice suddenly is sent back almost to the very start of the game.

If we want to avoid such a return to the penalty circle of evolution, we should observe the laws of nature, the laws of the Creator, and try to unite more and more and connect with the upper force. And then more and more light will flow through us into the world.

The world is not to blame for anything, everything depends on the part of “Israel” who strive for the Creator, those who connect all the nations, this whole circle with the Creator through a line, a direct channel.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/18/20, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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Basic Income—To Each According To His Needs

592.04Question: Today, basic income has for the first time managed to penetrate the mainstream and it has even been tested in some places. It was a utopian idea until recently, but suddenly, times have changed. You are a supporter of this model. But don’t you consider it as equalization? After all, when we talk about basic income, we mean the same amount for everyone.

Answer: No, basic income should be given to everyone according to their needs. And the fact that today it is the same for everyone is only to help get rid of the problem.

Question: Who can determine a person’s needs? Our nature is that we will always cheat.

Answer: No, we are not talking about our nature when everyone receives like it is today, and everyone suffers from it. The true basic income is that everyone gets as much as they need and no more, according to their own choice.

Question: Can you imagine what kind of self-awareness a person must have for him to say: “I need just this much and no more”?

Answer: Self-awareness is very simple: man must believe in the highest reward, meaning, what he will be getting for trying to take only what he needs. He receives the highest reward for fulfilling this condition.

Comment: Here you introduce a new element; this is impossible without understanding the higher force.

My Response: Without the Creator, without God, without the higher force, without higher reward and punishment, without the higher state—call it a paradise or whatever—it is impossible.

Question: And how is this different from religion? Most people today are religious, but we see that they are not influenced in any way. What kind of faith are you talking about?

Answer: I am talking about the kind of faith when we sense the upper force, come into contact with it, exchange mutual reception and bestowal with it, and this is what we exist for.

Question: This is a very important point. It turns out that until a person feels the higher force, he will not be able to say: “I need exactly this much and I give the rest to you”?

Answer: No, he cannot. Otherwise, we will have socialism.

Faith means feeling the Creator, a sensation of the common force that holds the entire universe in itself.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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The Generation Of Correction

629.4There is a reliable remedy for the virus: connection. It is a lifesaver from all problems because we become similar to nature, which is absolutely global and integral. If we connect in this way, we become more connected to the common force of nature, which will correctly adjust all the systems of our life.

There is a general law in nature that controls all of us. In order to get closer to this law and enter into correct interaction with it, we must connect. Just as the inanimate matter, plants, and animals connect into one symbiosis, so people must connect as well.

Then why do we see that in nature one devours the other? It is because we, humans, treat each other egoistically, and our egoism affects all other levels of nature: inanimate, vegetative, and animate. If we correct our egoistic desire, the wolf would live peacefully next to the lamb, and no one in nature would attack the other.

It is obvious to everyone that we will benefit from being in harmony with nature. In our generation, this harmony must be achieved by all of humanity, and it is therefore called the generation of correction.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/15/20, “The Last Generation”

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Models Of Behavior In Society

628.1Remark: There are several models of behavior in society that were described thousands of years ago. For example, some societies live by the law of “what is mine is mine, what is yours is yours.” This is peculiar to the American dream.

My Comment: This is considered the worst trait—the Sodomite rule. There is nothing worse than this.

This path is vicious, and the Creator (nature) does not agree with it and destroys this movement. If Americans remain at the level of “what is mine is mine, what is yours is yours,” they will simply drive themselves to a dead end.

Even the state of “what is mine is mine and what is yours is mine,” which is considered the condition of a criminal, is much better than this because it does not cancel communication between people: I take from you, you take from me, we are still in some kind of connection.

There is also the state of “what is mine is yours and what is yours is yours,” which is the law of complete bestowal. This is the state of an absolute righteous who does everything for others. He is ready to be a member of a right society and sets a good example for others.

This is what human society should come to in the future.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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The Influence Of Negative Intentions On Nature

761.1Remark: According to Baal HaSulam, the specificity of the law of bestowal to society is such that, unlike the law of receiving, negative feedback not only does not come immediately, and does not affect us directly, but indirectly.

My Comment: In the material world, I see that the more I get, the better it is for me. But it is absolutely not clear if it will be better for me if I would give more. On the contrary, it seems to me that it will be worse. That is why, in our world, the law works only one way, toward receiving.

Remark: If I think about society, bestow to people, care about them, then I do not see any benefit from this for myself and, obviously, no encouragement from society. Therefore, as Baal HaSulam writes, as a result of the violation of these two laws, humanity is subject to destruction, both from the inside and outside: hunger, cataclysms, crises, viruses, etc.

My Comment: The thing is, we humans are above all other levels of nature and our negative intentions influence biological, physical, and other phenomena.

In such a way, we affect nature and it becomes aggressive in all its parts, elements, laws, and manifestations. This is what we see in our life, in our world.

But we do not understand our connection with nature, and thus prompt it to such rough, incorrect interactions. We break good ties in nature and instead force it to act incorrectly, not in integral correspondence between its parts, in wrong communication.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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