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Is The Coronavirus With Us Forever?

220In the News (bbc.com): “Coronavirus will be with us forever, Sage scientist warns

 “Sir Mark Walport said people would need to be vaccinated at regular intervals.

“His comments come after the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said he hoped the pandemic would be over within two years, as the Spanish flu had taken two years to overcome.

“Sir Mark said denser populations and travel meant the virus spread easily.

“He also said the world population was now much larger than in 1918.

“Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Sir Mark said that, in order to control the pandemic, ‘global vaccination’ would be required, but coronavirus would not be a disease like smallpox ‘which could be eradicated by vaccination’.

“‘This is a virus that is going to be with us forever in some form or another, and almost certainly will require repeated vaccinations,’ he said. …

“Sir Mark said: ‘We know that less than one in five people around the country have been infected, so 80% of the population are still susceptible to this virus.

“‘It is this terrible balance between trying to minimize the harm to people from the infection and protecting people, whilst keeping society going.'”

 My Response: There are still many mutations that should manifest themselves in humanity.

Question: Should we just accept it?

Answer: No. We have to accept this with a condition: this is happening because we are separated. If we were connected, the virus would not have penetrated us. This is how you need to understand what the connection between the two is.

Comment: Some experts have noted that humanity is too divided by national and political barriers to effectively combat the coronavirus.

My Response: That is regarding fighting the virus. And I am talking in general—before fighting the virus. The virus would not have appeared. Many, many negative qualities, sores, and diseases of humanity would not have manifested if we were interconnected.

If we approached the structure of Adamit would have healed us if we were coming close to this state. But we are only moving away from it.

Coming closer to the structure of Adam means the connection of humanity until reaching the condition “love your neighbor as yourself.” And then, humanity will be completely healthy and above all problems, including the matter of death.

Question: Does this mean that from above it is probably also understood that humanity cannot unite and we must be pushed toward this?

Answer: Nature teaches us this way. That is, if it is time for us to rise in our development to connection and reveal the new world in our unity, then the implementation of this unity is called “love your neighbor as yourself” every time, up to that state.

Now we are in a period when we must attain one of these states, these degrees, and realize it in a good connection with each other. But we do not realize it and fall into the opposite state. This pandemic, that war, something else—anything that we can only imagine.

Question: With this pressure, will we be guided to the upper intelligence?

Answer: Of course. We are being educated. We have stocked up lots of various good skills to make the world kind and comfortable for everyone: destroy barriers, make humanity more connected, be kind to each other, etc. There are means in technology, in science, in everything, but we do not implement them well.

Question: In other words, we have prepared good means to connect peacefully and without much difficulty, but we do not want to use these means?

Answer: Yes. And so, everything will happen the other way around.

Question: Therefore, all the means will not be needed at all?

Answer: The means will be needed to make war.

I see the future of humanity as dark and gloomy. People will believe in such nonsense, worship gods, gods that they have invented. People will only wish each other evil, and such evil is worse than death.

Question: Do you now want people to hear this and shudder?

Answer: Why would I be talking otherwise? So that it somehow influences people for the better. In general, the state of the world, of course, is very, very gloomy.

Question: Well, how can we convey this good, kind reality to humanity?

Answer: By shouting as much as possible at all crossroads and proclaiming at all corners the only possible salvation.

We should not fold our hands and sit, bang our heads against the wall or on the floor and say: “It will only be bad, only bad.” We have to work. And our work is very simple: it is in explaining, in educating. This is what we should be doing.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/24/21

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We Won’t Want To Live – We Won’t Have The Strength To Die…

761.1In the News (United Nations): “Humanity is ‘waging a war on nature’, threatening biodiversity loss, climate disruption and escalating pollution, the UN chief said on Friday.

“‘We will all be losers if we don’t achieve peace with the planet’, Secretary-General António Guterres told a webinar ahead of the International Day for Biological Diversity…

“He said one million species are at risk of extinction; ecosystems are disappearing “before our eyes”; deserts are spreading, and wetlands are being lost.

“Every year, 10 million hectares of forests are lost, oceans are overfished and ‘choking with plastic waste’ as the carbon dioxide they absorb is acidifying the seas, bleaching and killing coral reefs, he added. …

“‘We are depleting resources faster than nature can replenish them’, the UN chief continued. …

“’Three-quarters of new and emerging human infectious diseases are zoonotic’, jumping from animals to humans, and against this backdrop, the UN chief said that tackling the current COVID-19 crisis provides an opportunity to recover better.”

Question: What would you say? If we don’t make peace with the planet, then what?

Answer: The planet will spew us out, squeeze us out. It will make us defective, miserable, sickly, and pathogenic.

Question: Can there be an end to the earthly species?

Answer: No. Until we move to another dimension, nothing can happen.

Question: Will only a few of us remain, but we will nonetheless be compelled to conclude an agreement with nature?

Answer: I don’t even know if there will be a few left, but we will remain with such a life that death is better. No one will want to live and there will be no strength to die.

Question: What does it mean to “make an agreement with nature”?

Answer: It is to rise above our egoism. Because it is only our egoism that actually destroys nature. If we were like inanimate, animate, and vegetative nature, then everything would be fine. We would live in a normal ecosystem, we would not violate it.

Question: Because we could not violate it? Do we exist in this law?

Answer: Yes. And now we rise above it and destroy what must exist.

Question: His conclusion: since we are invading the habitats of wild animals, then there are all sorts of epidemics, is it wrong?

Answer: We are invading the habitats of not only wild animals, but also inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature. We have no right to interfere in it! We must be like it on our earthly level.

Question: How would we use it then?

Answer: Only to the extent it is necessary for our existence! Not one iota more!

Question: Does it exist for us to communicate with it this way? Would this raise us above egoism to the level of “man”?

Answer: Yes. We don’t need anything else.

Comment: And all infectious diseases, all troubles, and all illnesses…

My Response: This would never have happened!

Question: Is this a response to the violence?

Answer: Yes, because we trigger them.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/31/21

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When Connections Break Down

294.2Question: It is unbelievable what is going on in the world right now. All bonds are breaking down; a mother can sell her own child. Crazy things are happening. Are you saying that this is being revealed on purpose?

Answer: This is being revealed due to our oppositeness to the ideal system we actually exist in, but we do not correspond to it at all. At the same time, the wisdom of Kabbalah is being revealed: the methodology that explains how we can bring ourselves into conformity with this system in order to be in perfect comfort.

Up to this point, Kabbalists hid it and now are revealing it because only now there is a need for it. Through implementing it, it is possible to correct people so that they conform to the general law of bestowal and love. This is a law of nature. If you do not observe it, you feel bad. Observe it, and everything will be fine.

In principle, in our corporeal sciences, we study how to observe the laws of nature and at the same time how to get the most benefit for ourselves. It is the same here. Therefore, Kabbalah is called Hochmat Kabbalah, which means the wisdom of receiving. It is the correct reception of the upper energy, matter, consciousness, eternity, pleasure, and attainment.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up”

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When All Needs Lose Value

538Question: We live in times when most people have everything they need. Since our basic needs are initially covered, it is no longer necessary to monetize your life’s work, right?

Answer: After a certain historical period, perhaps in a couple of decades, we will come to such a state that robots will work instead of us, and people, in principle, will no longer need money, fame, or even knowledge, because all this will lose value due to the lack of meaning.

Gradually, we stop seeing the meaning of our corporeal development and we understand that everything is coming to a dead end, including science. What we reveal in nature is actually a path leading us to the dead-end of development, to a global crisis. Everything is much broader and on a different level.

Egoism develops according to certain degrees, and now it has come to the point that it has closed itself. It folds, becomes a small village, and eventually it will force us to connect even though we do not want it.

Here we can come to connection either urged by various sufferings, including wars and destruction, or through realizing that it is necessary because it is the implementation of the program of creation.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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Flood Of The Century

764.1Fierce flash floods are ravaging Germany. The death toll continues to grow every hour and more than a thousand people are missing. The water flooded roads, washed away foundations, and brought down bridges.

The destruction is similar to the aftermath of war. The flood zone is expanding and seizing new regions in Germany, Belgium, and Austria.

This is just a disaster. But we teach that there is only one reason for the negative attitude of nature toward us if we cross the permitted boundaries, it is the upper force, the Creator. Nature wants to see us in a perfect state, united like one man with one heart. And it is ready to tolerate if we deviate a little from this unity, but only within certain limits.

If we go beyond these boundaries, then nature is out of balance. This is what is happening and will continue to happen. We have entered into a confrontation with the upper force by disregarding our actions in relation to nature. Therefore, nature will continue to protest more strongly with floods, fires, pandemic, and in many others ways like the Egyptian plagues: blood, frogs, lice, etc.

There are many similar cataclysms ahead that we will have to endure over the next 10 to 20 years. But at the same time, we will begin to feel how it obliges us to bring ourselves into balance. The history of the Egyptian plagues repeats: all the “Egyptians” inside us, the egoistic forces, will receive ten blows until we raise our hands and say, “That’s enough, we can no longer stay in Egypt!”

Let it be comfortable and satisfying there, but we will have to escape from there. Where is “from there?” This escape is not from a geographical place, but from the relationships between us, from unfounded hatred to brotherly love.

But until we are ready for this escape, we will have to go through many blows, sufferings, problems, floods, fires, all kinds of pandemics, etc. This is the forecast for the next 10 to 20 years. By 2040, these disasters will spread around the globe, in each country and region in its own way.

We see that in the face of a common misfortune, people are beginning to help each other more, to show solidarity. But nature presents us with a much bigger bill, not just a little tweak to our lives and our relationships. We are talking about a radical correction of a person’s character, his nature, about revealing that we are all egoists and wanting to establish other relationships between us.

We are obliged to become kinder to each other, and this kind attitude between people will affect all other levels of nature: still, vegetative, and animate and will bring them to peace and harmony. These will be the consequences of the changes that occur in us, in our relations to each other.

I think it will take 20 years because such a change cannot happen overnight. After all, we begin with today’s absolutely opposite state, with complete unwillingness to take nature into account, with a lack of understanding that we are facing a system of upper forces that have come to change us.

We refuse to see the hand of the Creator in this and accept it as a help for our good for which we should be grateful. All problems are a consequence of the fact that we are in conflict with each other and therefore opposite to nature.

There is no shortcut here. After all, Egyptian slavery lasted for many years and ended with serious blows. See how Pharaoh, that is, our egoistic nature, a stubborn stony heart, protests and does not want to give in.

It seems that the Pharaoh already agrees to let us go so that we can go toward connection and love. And then he rescinds his permission and refuses to let us out, and we return to the same state again.

We will have to spend several years in this conflict. And besides, it should be noted that now this is happening on the scale of the whole world between all nations and states. Until governments and people begin to bow down, it will take time and a lot of suffering and blows. Such a typhoon may pass through Europe that nothing would remain there. Everything is done so people will humble themselves and accept the implementation of the principle of loving one’s neighbor as oneself.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 7/18/21

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Take Your Place In The General System

275We represent one unified system and are parts of one unified structure called  the “soul” or “Adam” or “Kli” (vessel). It doesn’t matter what you call it, now we must reconnect into this structure.

In other words, there is a single structure, but we do not occupy our places in it, we are not fulfilling our mission. Instead of being a normal part of the general organism and investing myself in maintaining its overall work, I think only of myself and, like a cancerous tumor, I try to absorb everything into myself and devour the rest. We are all like that.

It turns out that the huge universe exists according to its own law of ideal bestowal and love, the ideal interaction of the entire closed system. And we in this system, as its parts, its organs, which should ideally fit each other, harmonize, cooperate with each other, and become absolutely integral, fail to fulfill this; therefore, our life looks so miserable.

Today we feel that we are really in an integral world, we are going through a global crisis. That is, we are beginning to feel that we are in the world system, which is global, integral, interconnected, and we are opposite to it, opposite to the general law of bestowal and love. Therefore, we must change ourselves under this law.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Universal Law”

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Take Into Account The Interests Of Nature

294.1Question: In works on management, two points are not taken into account: the interests of nature in itself, and the very nature of man. Perhaps spiritual management built on principles of Kabbalah somehow prescribe this. How do we take into account the interests of nature so that we do not completely ruin it and do not follow the path of suffering?

Answer: We can no longer play with nature. Previously, we could do whatever we wanted with it, but only until humanity reached its maximum egoistic development.

And now we must transform ourselves into a semblance of nature. Otherwise we will not be able to work with it. We will not be able to make mistakes anymore because our mistakes will be immediately visible.

Today we see that we are not successful in anything—not the state, no one, and nothing since selfish decisions are no longer governing. They are just a disclosure of our mistakes.

Until we switch to altruistic control, we will not achieve anything. Therefore, you just need to create a ten and engage in it to unite people into one single whole.

In this case, a semblance of the general integral nature will appear in the ten. In it, we will study in a psychological, integral form how much we can or cannot approach each other, and how our egoistic nature, on the one hand, pushes us away from each other, and on the other hand, obliges us to overcome these distances between us.

Without studying these states, we will not be able to control objects, including large ones, because they will always and in everything selfishly move away from each other.

After all, what is the management problem? I give some signals and then there are people who are generally not connected with each other. As a result, we will have to create such a ten that would be able to implement this unification program and thus spell out all the decisions.

Such a team will be able to solve a huge number of management issues. In practice, this will be the next level of government, enterprise, and family management, everywhere, because the correct recommendations will be issued.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference About the Science Of Management”

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We Can Prevent Any Disaster

919Question: Tens of thousands of people in the world need saving from ecological catastrophes, from natural disasters, and many are engaged in the production of weapons of mass destruction, yet they do not feel that they bring grief, troubles, etc. to anyone.

At the same time, when we see a person suffering—for example, a boy being pulled out of the ruins after an earthquake or someone being rescued from a raging river—everyone grieves, everyone watches and worries about that person and what will happen to him.

What is this property in a person that he can worry so much about one person, but he is not touched by the suffering of many?

Answer: One does not imagine oneself in the form of people, in the form of a huge mass. But he immediately imagines himself in the form of a single person and empathizes purely selfishly.

Question: And how can we guide a person to empathize with the global situation, the world?

Answer: We do not have this feeling at all! Let’s say, animals die: there is flooding and forests burning, they run away across the river and drown. We look at it as a catastrophe, that is, purely through reason, philosophically, but we cannot empathize.

And when something happens to a small dog or a cat, then it is another matter, we are ready to kill for it because you put yourself in its place; you can imagine yourself in the place of the victim.

Question: How can we escape this version of events?

Answer: We cannot. Our egoism is set up that way.

Comment: Well, then the future is clear, this is how nations will be destroyed.

My Response: Such is the course of history.

Question: But there must be some way out of this. Has some sensory organ been cut off from us?

Answer: The collective one: the organ of collective perception. We cannot feel the integrality of a huge group or a nation. We sometimes conform to it but only if we feel included in them.

Question: And what about compassion for the world you keep talking about?

Answer: It depends on upbringing. And not only on upbringing but on the fact that with the help of upbringing, we induce the development of this sensation in us. After all, we were once in it. We all came from a group, a tribe, around a campfire, from a cave, and so on.

Question: Do we have a genetic record that we were once as one?

Answer: Our ego suppresses it.

Question: But can this memory be restored, that we were connected and are now connected?

Answer: Only by special influences on these elements of memory that are in us. But they are very deep, and they must be literally pulled out into light by force.

Question: As a Kabbalist, speaking about the unity of the world, the unity of mankind, are you trying to penetrate into this depth where we are connected?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: And at the same time you say that it is very difficult, almost impossible.

My Response: Of course.

Question: But you keep doing it all the same?

Answer: What else can we do? In practice, the good outcome of our story depends on this.

Question: Is such a point in a person, barely noticeable, called the unity of the world: “I am one with the world,” and this is where we need to break through?

Answer: Yes. Otherwise, there is simply darkness ahead.

Question: Do you have a feeling that this task is almost impossible?

Answer: It is absolutely impossible. But we must do it anyway.

Question: How can we convey this to an ordinary person today?

Answer: When there is absolutely no way out of a situation, a person does incredible things. And this shows us what should be done. Kabbalists speak about this. So, you move from your logic to someone else’s. You accept their methodology, their ideology, their advice. You just put their head in place of yours and work that way.

Question: When there is no other way out?

Answer: Yes. Otherwise your ego will not allow you to do it. Otherwise it will always look for a way out in the same plane. It will be over soon, I hope.

Comment: It seems as if there is no specific way out.

My Response: Yes, it has already been discussed calmly.

Comment: And calmly accepted, which is very interesting. And here again the same thing happens: “Perhaps this will not affect me, it will affect others.”

My Response: No, what does it mean “will not affect”? It is as if you are saying that after it rains on Thursday, a meteorite will fall on the Earth and turn the Earth into a pancake, and at the same time you say: “And we can prevent it with our reasonable, correct, general intervention, mental intervention.”

Question: It is getting nearer and there is only one way to stop it?

Answer: Yes. Like this: “Brothers, earthlings! A great trouble is approaching and our only opportunity is to mentally unite.”

If we mentally unite and with our common thought wish to change its trajectory and remain in our good position, united together in order to drive it away, we will begin to understand that this trouble is not a problem. It is in order to bring us to a better state, to unification. And in this state of unification, we must continue to exist. Let’s not just do it for a moment, but make it so that it does not go away.

Question: Is this a Kabbalistic idea?

Answer: It is the Creator’s idea. The war against egoism must be to the end, to its complete correction into bestowal and love.

On one hand, it will not give up. On the other hand, everything depends on us. We need to take the responsibility of our correction above our logic.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/8/20

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A Viral Pandemic Multiplied By The Pandemic Of Egoism

290Only good forces come to us from above, but if we are not ready to receive them, we feel them as blows. This is the case with the coronavirus. If we were ready to accept this force, which eventually came to us in the form of a pandemic, if we united to become internally closer to each other in the face of danger, it would not have manifested itself.

Look how animals unite against a common disaster. When they run together, fleeing from a flood or a forest fire, they no longer attack each other. They feel that they must save their lives, and their predatory instinct is suppressed by the instinct of self-preservation.

We are now in the same situation. The blows that we feel from nature or the Creator, the upper force, should push us to correct conclusions about how to get rid of them.

We need to see how animals behave, when fleeing from danger, they do not attack each other. The predator’s instinct disappears and only the instinct for the struggle for life remains. If we took an example from the animate level, we would have defeated the pandemic and correctly and successfully gotten out of this state.

But the problem is that we are not at the animal level. We are spoiled animals because we have human egoism, which poisons everything.

Therefore, we cannot even think in the direction of connection, unity, and closeness in order to escape from the pandemic. Even in the context of a global pandemic, governments and individuals are trying to make profits and cash-in on each other because they believe this will bring them wealth and success.

Thus, they make the trouble twice as bad, incur double the problems. Instead of being together with others and thus softening the force of Gevura, they multiply the power of evil. Therefore, we will have to learn through suffering.

The pandemic does not come to make people sick or kill them, but to teach us how to behave toward each other. But for now, we see that we are not learning, but we are going the opposite direction, that is, the path of suffering. Every country thinks that it can succeed and win at the expense of other countries and nations. And this is the mistake.

However, gradually, under these blows, we will descend to simple survival like on the animal level, and then we will begin to see that it is worth helping each other and not hurting others when you are running from a common disaster together.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/16/21, “The Ruin as an Opportunity for Correction”

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Everyone Is Obliged To Correct Themselves

962.2Question: If a person does not correct something himself and we do it for him, we rob him in a way. Why is that?

Answer: Because we are going against the general law of the universe.

Everyone is obliged to correct themselves. Everyone must go out into the infinite higher universe, achieve the quality of eternity and perfection. Absolutely everyone!

And therefore, if a person suffers, we must help him, and not quit, so that it would not be like in Sodom and Gomorrah. They had another philosophy: “Do not help. Since this descends on a person, then this is what God sent.” And that’s all.

We must help people, but help them in what they need. At the same time, we must help them begin to recover on their own so they do not sit without working just waiting until they receive something. Train them, give them a job.

The wisdom of Kabbalah says: make them sit and study. We don’t have a job for everyone. Today our world is slipping toward a state where everything superfluous will gradually leave. The person will lose.

We already see that young people somehow do not strive for luxury, for fashionable clothes. On the contrary, there is some kind of rag and that’s it, nothing else is needed. All these conventions, all excesses, except for what is necessary for normal human existence, will leave our lives.

When humanity gradually comes to this, then many people will be left without work. After all, ninety percent of the population today lives from creating and advertising unnecessary things, and reselling them. Humanity is busy with all the time consuming unnecessary things and throwing them away, consuming again and throwing them away again.

This vicious cycle is already coming to an end. A huge number of unemployed will remain. What to do with them? The wisdom of Kabbalah says: “Do nothing. It is very good. Let them sit and study.” The state will pay them. And ten percent of humanity that wants to work will work.

Or perhaps ten percent of our time will be spent on work and the rest of the time a person will be directed to develop internally and gradually enter the upper world, into the upper universe. The law of nature pushes us to this. Then everyone will be provided with an eternal sense of their life, and a material one.
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Global law”

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