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The Four States Of An Egoistic Society

631.1Comment: The Torah examines four relationships between people. One of them: “What is mine is mine and what is yours is yours” is regarded as the worst and is called “Sodom.” And in our world it is considered normal.

My Response: No. This is an abnormal state because it cuts off all connections between people. I have no right either to give something to you or to receive something from you. So everyone in the society is absolutely isolated from each other. In addition, they even spy upon each other to comply with this condition.

Question: It is against unity, against the tendency of nature to bring us to one common whole?

Answer: This is completely against nature because nature is built on interconnection between atoms, particles, cells, and people at least in something, at least in some way. And here, everything is based on isolation.

The second state: “What is mine is yours, and what is yours is mine.” This is the essence of the nature of a primitive society where everything is common property: wives, children, dwellings, and animals. This state is characteristic of undeveloped egoism, in particular, of a primitive communal system.

The third state: “What is mine is yours, and what is yours is yours.” In the Torah, it is called Hesed.

This is a good but incomplete state in which I am practically locked on giving to another person and thinking about others.

This is good for small groups of people, for children, for weak societies, for the sick, and old people, when I give away and transfer everything to them. But this is a flawed state in which there is no flow of information and forces, no exchange. Everything goes in one direction, and nature is not built that way.

Nature is based on the fact that all of its parts are integrally locked in one common system, and  between them there is an exchange of energy, information, and vital forces to support the entire system together in its integral, correct interaction.

The fourth state: “What is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine” is called “criminal”—when I get from society more than I should.

Basically, all these four types of interaction between people exist in egoism. None is perfect. Kabbalah raises us above them.

A perfect state is when we are in complete interaction with each other, in inclusion in each other. This is not the case in any of the four states.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/13/19

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Freedom Is Restriction

273.02Question: Free trade, free market, is this good or bad?

Answer: But we see that it is not free. As long as our world is governed by rigid egoistic laws, nothing can be free.

We must regulate these laws so that we do not kill each other around the corner. Therefore, we must forcefully drive ourselves into some kind of network of mutual relations, restrictions, contracts.

The fact is that all contractual conditions that exist in society today come to us from the time of Ancient Rome and even from earlier times. We rely on them. Our laws are based on Roman law, Greek law, slogans of the French Revolution, etc. This all exists to this day and carries a limiting factor.

Freedom means restriction. But within the framework of these restrictions, a person feels free. From what? From the fact that no one will attack him, nothing bad will happen to him. That is, freedom is practically a set of laws that help us not kill each other and to coexist peacefully within these laws.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/29/19

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Connection And Symbols—Brands

263Question: There is such a thing as branding. Scientists say that this reflects the state of humanity.

Six thousand years ago, our ancestors, while trying to unite people, began to develop concise symbols, a kind of branding to represent their beliefs, to define belonging to groups.

Today, there are distinctive symbols, brands, of corporations seeking to sell things to people. There is also branding that comes from society. They bring people together to encourage them to do good deeds.

Why do people need to express their union using various symbols?

Answer: How else can one create coordination between people for some purpose, in accordance with a certain direction, movement, teaching, methodology, theory, or practice? It all needs to be described somehow. After all, one needs to communicate with other people, teach them, develop them, gather communities, and create directions. Only then can you move toward a goal.

Humanity has always set some goals for itself, but, in general, they were unreasonable. Now, everything is moving toward ensuring that we understand the meaning of life, we present it in a more or less correct form, and we strive for it.

This is impossible to do here without brainstorming, learning, and connecting between us. Therefore, we need all kinds of social institutions, blocks assembled in accordance with different types of people and other parameters so that we strive for this goal.

I think that humanity will still have a lot to create and work in this direction. After all, in fact, it is an integral part of human development.

Question: Is there connection power in the brand symbols themselves?

Answer: No. It can only be in a person. But he needs to describe his aspirations, give them a complete form so that he can be in the right communication with people, languages, states, etc., until this results in the correct implementation.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 1/12/21

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Elon Musk’s Mars Program

746.01Comment: Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, Tesla, and now the richest person in the world, announces plans to build an autonomous city on Mars, which can survive independently of the Earth.

He does not intend to abide the Earth’s laws outside of Earth, but instead wants to rely on the principles of self-administration “established on the basis of good will.” By 2050, he wants to send about a million people to Mars and build a city there.

My Response: What for? Even if people live well there, in peace and friendship with each other, they still will be dying, because this is the nature of biological organisms. And then what? So they will live on Mars.

What is the goal? Is it to demonstrate that people in spacesuits can live or bury themselves somewhere underground and live in their own artificial conditions?

Comment: I understand his hope is to build such a city of the future or a country of the future on Mars.

My Response: For this, you need to change people.

Comment: Maybe he thinks that we are going to make a complete mess of the Earth by 2050.

My Response: That’s for sure!

Comment: We will have such wars here…

My Response: This will happen much earlier.

Comment: Everyone will dream of escaping this planet somewhere to somewhere else because they will understand that it is impossible to survive on this planet, that is, when it will be just hell here.

My Response: If there is hell here, then we will build the same hell elsewhere.

Question: So we are not going anywhere from this planet?

Answer: Nowhere. We will have to make the right, good life on this planet. There is no place for us other than Earth. We may with great difficulties reach other planets, but we won’t be able to live there. They are not, according to thousands of parameters, adapted for people. People also will not be able to adapt to them. This is the first thing.

And the second thing is: This is not the mission of man to preserve his animalistic essence. He must rise above it, so that he would be able to fly in his spirit from star to star.

Question: Does it mean that right now I can move to another star?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Can I be on Mars right now?

Answer: You do not need spacesuits, you do not need an atmosphere, you do not need anything. You only need the correct desires, when you do not interfere with any systems, but you can be included in them in such a way that you do not bring any interference into them.

Question: What is interference? My destructive thoughts?

Answer: Of course, they are egoistic.

Question: Is this why this place won’t let me in? Because I have destructive thoughts?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What does it mean that we are so connected to the Earth?

Answer: Such conditions are created here that we can exist in this world, on this planet, in our egoism, which sets us these bodily conditions.

However, this is created artificially so that we could quickly change ourselves and prepare for a state above the earth’s conditions. Then we can move as we please, anywhere.

When we exit the boundaries of egoism, we begin to see a different universe. These planetary and stellar conditions no longer exist there. There are forces there. Matter does not matter at all. We do not see the matter, we just see a field of egoistic and altruistic forces. And it already depends on how much we begin to interact between them.

We then build our universe, the one called spiritual, because it is already built above egoism, on altruism, and we begin to build it ourselves.

Question: What does an ordinary person feel if he is in these forces?

Answer: He feels that he is already living in a system of spiritual, altruistic forces, not egoistic ones. That is, he has a completely different direction of mind, thoughts, feelings, and relationships—toward another, toward one’s neighbor.

Based on this, he already sees completely different states of matter. All this will come.

Why do we want to relocate egoists somewhere to another planet? What are they going to do there? They will make a mess of Mars. All this has neither the possibility nor the right to exist.

Question: Do you think it is better to invest all this money in education, in re-educating people, in correcting them?

Answer: Undoubtedly! This is our goal, it should be our goal—the re-education of humanity and the creation of a completely new, spiritual humanity from it. Humanity the way it is today has no future. We see this more and more clearly from day to day.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/11/21

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When Unity Leads To Chauvinism

566.02Question: What is the principle of brotherhood?

Answer: Compliance with this principle provides us with the most comfortable state. If we think about each other, support each other, and everyone cares about each other, then none of us can feel bad.

Comment: It is said that excessive unity leads to racism, chauvinism, fundamentalism, and religious fanaticism.

My Response: No. This happens if I take a group of people and start treating them with increased care because we have a certain goal directed against others. Against others!

We begin to feel like special individuals. It’s an egoistic feeling that gives us strength. And here, of course, we go beyond the scope. But this is no longer simple egoism, but chauvinism.

Question: So it is not contrary to our egoistic nature to unite against someone?

Answer: Yes. In that case, I just need partners. I find them, we take care of each other, we are a strong, close-knit team, and we just overpower everyone else.

Question: Maybe we can come up with something so that all earthlings will rally against someone, for example, against aliens? As if we are in some kind of danger. And then all the earthlings would be united.

Answer: Every country comes up with some kind of opponent. And this really unites the people. This is used by politicians. Why are all developed countries often at opposition? This helps them to be united, mobilizes people, resources, and shows additional strength in the masses.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/13/19

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The Rules Of The Great Sages

290Comment: The past year has not been easy. Everyone has different predictions for what lays ahead—from the most difficult to optimistic ones like, for example, Gates.

Great leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Roosevelt, and  Churchill reacted to the threats of their time, of course, but they always looked beyond the horizon, whatever it may be, and turned everyone on with their vision.

Their rules were: “Take time to reflect on the future.” “Develop a strategy for moving from an imagined future back here, to this day.” “And get ready to learn, do not be afraid to change course and so unite the team.”

My Response: Not a single leader of today can implement his egoistic, personal program as those leaders of the past could. Today’s course is aimed at all of humanity at the same time! Those were leaders of nations. It was easier for them.

Question: Should today’s leader look at all of humanity?

Answer: Otherwise, he will not be able to understand where this is all going. Therefore, none of them is able to do anything.

Question: That is, if we say: “Take time to understand the future,” we are talking about the future of the whole world?

Answer: Yes. Because we have already entered the integral system.

Question: So a leader of such worldwide thinking can only be, by and large, a sage who views the world as a single organ, a single organism?

Answer: Yes. It is a person who was pre-created by nature in integral thinking. Otherwise, he will not be able to understand what is happening.

Question: And how do you come from this vision of the future to today? What do you say we need to do today?

Answer: I am trying to consider today knowing that the world is moving toward integral relationships, in a good way, bad way, whatever. It does not matter how many stops and what they will be, but the next state of the world is an integral humanity, interconnected and consciously aware that it should be together.

If we perceive the picture of the world in this way, then, we will naturally imagine how good it would be for us to move toward it. And for this we need an educational system, a system of upbringing, and a dissemination system. In general, there are many, many such subsystems.

Question: Is that why you are talking about the most important thing now—education? Is it in upbringing seeing this future?

Answer: Yes, everything depends on it. If we somehow get closer to this, we will be fine. If not, then nature will keep squeezing us until we realize it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/31/20

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Our Secret Intentions

294.2Our intentions actually rule the world, they define the world. But these are intentions that we ourselves are not aware of.

Intentions are my thoughts about what I would like to see, how I would like to see the world, myself in it, others, and so on.

Today, if our intentions were manifested into the word, there would be no world anymore.

Question: So do we have the intention to destroy now?

Answer: Absolutely! The destruction of others, everyone, and everything.

Question: Is that why they do not manifest?

Answer: Yes. We are not given strength precisely because it would go to destruction.

Question: At what point will we be given the strength? What will we see then?

Answer: When we will have the right intentions in accordance with the plan of nature, then we will begin to receive the strength to implement it. The right intentions are for rapprochement, unity, connection, attainment of the highest level of nature, the revelation of mutual connection, and love.

Question: If this intention were revealed, what would we see?

Answer: That we are originally in a single system, and all our attempts to exist until now have been only in the opposite direction—to break this system.

Question: What should we do to reveal our intentions?

Answer: We should try with all our strength to break through the wall of this egoism that does not allow us to realize, to make any movement, to connect somehow, or to ask. The main thing is to ask.

Question: At what point will I ask?

Answer: When you see that you really want to, but you cannot.

Question: What prevents the Creator from simply giving us all this and that is it? Why does He need our work?

Answer: If you do not want it, how can I give it to you? This is coercion. It does not exist in spirituality.

Question: Should He bring us to the state that we will ask: “Give us the opportunity to break out of our egoism”?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Does He have to show us that our egoism is destructive, murderous?

Answer: But if He would show us, then we would simply not be able to exist. We need to strive for this ourselves, and then, to the extent of our striving, we will realize that we are in the opposite state and we will ask.

Question: Is our whole task to strive for connection, for unity, for good thoughts? Then we will see that we cannot do it and we will ask: “Give us the opportunity.” Is that the plan?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/31/20

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Bankers Will Disappear

629.4Question: Would bankers allow the banking system to be shut down even though it brings them profit?

Answer: Soon you will see how it will collapse. It is not about the bankers, it is only about us. If we strive for correction, for the purpose of creation, to rise above this small, greedy world, then the bankers will simply disappear.
From KabTV’s “Ask the Kabbalist” 12/31/18

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The Future Is Interconnected

275Question: A person has to be ready to face the solution of any problem and see what the solution consists of.

Answer: A person should not run away from the problem, he has to study and solve it at all costs. But if all people would want to solve something together, they would be able to do that, since the problem, in general, boils down to just their correct interconnection. Then, from within themselves, they will find a solution to any problem.

This should be approached gradually, by educating oneself to understand how to interact with each other, what to aspire for, how to find the correct state of the future in connection with each other. And it is only one—in global interconnection. In it, we will provide everyone with everything and everyone will be happy.

This should be the intention in thoughts, in feelings, in education, in views, and in calculations.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 1/12/21

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The Algorithm We Must Learn

269Question: Why is there such an imbalance in what comes down to people from corporations and government is perceived as negative and what originates in people is perceived as positive?

Answer: The fact is that we have already gone through previous growth when everything descended to people from masters, officials, corporations, no matter from whom and what.

And now we have reached a state where only by agreement among us can we arrive at a new social contract. But not in the form that has been laid down throughout the history of mankind. Today this agreement should be created on mutual agreement and understanding between people of the general law of their development.

This is a spiritual law that is higher than people. They must study it, see that it is applied in our lives, understand and accept it. There can be no other way out than uniting people and connecting them through the special algorithm of this law.

It is described in The Study of the Ten Sefirot and in the articles of my teacher Rabash. But all this must continue to develop, and the main thing is to teach and to explain verbally what is written there so that everyone can understand.

Question: Which brand is the most relevant today? What would be best for a person?

Answer: Revelation of the higher managing system, this is what we need. This is the algorithm that must be learned.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 1/12/21

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