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What Will Help Us Defeat Evil

224Question: Galina writes to us: “In every video you talk about merging with nature. It is monotonous and depressing. Everyone understands that you need to be friends with nature and protect it. This is like from a course in biology and zoology. Are there any other ways or methods to defeat evil?”

Answer: Dear Galina! I do not mean the kind of nature where there are birds, grass, and so on.

I mean the inner nature of a person. We need to reveal this nature, to reveal what it is, how mean and dirty it is! We need to wash it, clean it, of all egoistic relationships between us, and start using it in a different way. What I mean is that we need to be connected with the correct nature.

Merging with nature means revealing the feelings of love, mutuality, and support in the connection between us. In this way we will connect with the foundation of nature, with its internal force, which we call the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/8/21

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How Can Volcanoes Be Extinguished?

738Comment: In Italy, four craters of Mount Etna have awoken and also volcanoes on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, Mount Sinabung, and in the northern Kuril Islands, Mount Ebeko, and before that, the Kamchatka giant, Klyuchevskoi, woke up. Now four volcanoes are carrying ash into the atmosphere at once.

There is a danger of a volcanic eruption in the heart of Europe, in Germany, in the area of the volcanic fields of Eifel. This would stop almost all of Europe.

They say that if one volcano starts really becoming active, then immediately the chain joins. And there are 20 large, giant volcanoes in total.

We dream about something, we quarrel, we play war games, countries argue with each other. And suddenly the eruption of only one volcano or several volcanoes, and that’s it! That is, we are nothing on the surface of the Earth! And no one can predict when this volcano will explode!

If humanity felt this, would it change?

My Response: No! Why would it change?

Comment: You begin to feel that everything you do is such a small thing, and you need to somehow have time to do something good, to have time to love.

My Response: Why? If not this time, then the next time when the volcanoes erupt into the sky, everything will disappear. Between these two “puffs” in the atmosphere to have time for something? For what?! Sit, drink beer, calmly wait for what will happen to happen. And that’s it.

Comment: This is one of the positions. But even this position would end an active nuclear race, the active hatred of each other. Let them sit aloof. Maybe it would be even better.

My Response: Or we advance to the goal of creation, as Kabbalah says, in a serious way. And then, of course, every second is precious to us because we write ourselves in eternity! Or what difference does it make what happens and when it happens?

Therefore live quietly, drink beer, sit and watch TV shows, football. When one of these volcanoes or all of them together puff up their smoke, then that’s it, the shop will close. In the meantime, try to do what you can to raise your soul.

And what else is left?! There is nothing else! Only these two options.

Question: Does the fact that these volcanoes constantly remind us that there may be a catastrophe mean anything? Does nature speak to us?

Answer: This suggests that we find the reason for our behavior and the behavior of nature. We have to find the reason for all this. And then we will understand that everything depends on us, that we need to deal with ourselves in this way in order to calm the volcanoes.

It all depends on us! You can calm the volcanoes at once. But only together.

When we will be all squeezed into such a fiery circle, then maybe people will hear. Let’s think well of each other and of all nature. Let us restore order, balance between ourselves, and balance between ourselves and nature. Let’s decide how to do it. We’ll have time for everything, we can solve everything. Just let’s move in this direction so that everything between us and between us and nature is as smooth as water.

Question: So you are saying that this is how nature’s dialogue with man takes place?

Answer: Of course! But this is not yet a dialogue, but a monologue.

Question: So we have not yet entered into a dialogue with nature?

Answer: No. But it expects this.

Question: And so the volcanoes just puff up, and don’t immediately burn us?

Answer: Yes. It is very interesting how nature plays with us. There are so many such mysterious, unpredictable, and threatening phenomena of nature that it simply puts in front of itself.

Question: How do we enter into a dialogue with it?

Answer: Start balancing our relations.

We must realize, understand, and accept, even if we do not understand, then accept that we are at the highest stage of nature. If we create the right relationship between ourselves, without jerks, distortions, without hatred, without anything, so that we are just comfortable, pleasant, and calm, then all nature will calm down beneath us. And that’s it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/29/2021

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The Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife”

962.3The Tenth Commandment says: “And you shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.” This means that you must reach a state where you change the initially egoistic desire into an altruistic one, fully achieve the property of bestowal called “receiving for the sake of bestowal,” and all of this huge infinite desire becomes “your wife.”

To desire “your neighbor’s wife” means to receive for your own sake. If you are directed at the Creator, then any desires that are not directed at Him are forbidden for you.

This commandment corresponds to the act of creation: “It is not good for a man to be alone.” If you want to reach the Creator, you cannot be alone. You must connect all the great desire, which is called feminine, to yourself, to the property of “Adam.” And only by combining the screen with the desire do you fully become like the Creator.

This is what it says: “Husband and wife, and the Creator between them.” This is the state when these two opposite qualities are combined and the Creator fills the vessel of the soul.

As for our world, we must abandon any hope that something right will happen in it if we do not start to change spiritually. Then other signals will come down to our world from above and make it better. But only as a result of spiritual correction! No other way!

We see how for thousands of years we have tried to do something good here but in the end we only destroy the world. Humanity is so lost, confused, and exhausted that it does not know what to do.

I look at the leaders of the world. They want to achieve something, they constantly plot behind the scenes, but in fact they are confused like small children who are lost and are about to cry. That’s how we are in this world today. Therefore, the science of Kabbalah is now spreading. If we reveal the Ten Commandments for ourselves, we will find ourselves eternal, perfect, and equal to the Creator, and then we will see that everything we have gone through was for our benefit.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #11

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How To Get Out Of Apathy

565.01Question: Recently, I see how people close to me seem to have turned over. They were full of feelings, the meaning of life, joy, hatred, and love. And suddenly indifference to the goal, to others, to the troubles of others, to the happiness of others. There is not even envy.

Suddenly such a state came after all this crises, all these blows. Suddenly the person hid in this niche and it is good for him to live in it. What is it?

Answer: First, it is the awareness of a person. That is, a person must realize and say that he is in such a state. “I was struck by this state. I am in it, and I do not see how I can get out of it.”

Comment: But if so, this is already a prayer. He already wants to get out of this state.

My Response: No, he doesn’t want to. The fact of the matter is that he sees that he does not want anything, he is absolutely apathetic to what is happening, and has an unwillingness to change anything because he sees that nothing can be changed! And no matter what he does, it will, perhaps, only get worse.

“Therefore, we do not need to change anything! So we will live as long as we need, we will live, when necessary, we will die. Everything will be fine. Why twitch? We see that from all our interventions in what is happening things can only be worse. Let’s not do anything, let’s leave it all. Like in a boat, we see that we can’t get anywhere and do nothing. Let’s throw away the oars, we’ll sit quietly.”

Question: And he even sort of feels good?

Answer: Of course he feels good. You understand that you surrender yourself to the will of the waves.

Question: You made an accurate diagnosis. Now, how can we get a person out of this or not?

Answer: Who can one withdraw? Who has the ability and understanding of where to withdraw?

Comment: Sit down and talk to him.

My Response: About what? What can I tell him?! I can tell him the other way around: “You have come to the correct conclusion. Sit down and don’t fuss.”

Exactly. Because he has no solution, he does not know or understand anything. He is not in connection with the forces of nature that attract us to somewhere. And therefore, the best thing about it is to surrender to the will of the waves.

When Rabbi Akiva was asked how he escaped from the sinking ship, he said: “I grabbed the board, bridled it, sat on it, and for all the waves that passed, I bent my head, and they passed over me. And so these waves pushed me to the shore. Why? Because I did not resist them.”

Question: That is, you propose, as a recipe for a person in this state, first of all, not to interfere. Secondly, that he be in this state of floating at the behest of the waves?

Answer: Yes. And this is the most true when you surrender to the will of nature. Because you still have no other choice. And in nature you know that there are great forces, there is a great mind, and there is something that is above us, some laws, unknown to us, eternal, and so on. And there is something in it that still controls us. So why should I resist? I will only drain my strength, fall to the bottom of my boat, and that’s it.

Comment: So your advice is to wait? Time will take its toll.

My Response: It’s not just waiting. This is a type of prayer, this is agreement with the higher nature: “I am ready to obey you.”

Comment: Do what you want with me.

My Response: Yes. And in fact, you always do what you want with me. But now I finally begin to feel that I don’t need more. This is already a stage of comprehension, a stage of communication.

Question: That is, if a person comes to this thought, this is already a great advance toward the Creator, one might say, toward the law of nature, which governs everything?

Answer: Of course. He does not climb with his limited thoughts when he wants to spoil nature even more and more. Enough! Do not get involved, do not interfere with the flow of nature and what it does to us! So it is said in the Torah too: “Sit and do nothing—it is preferable.”

Question: Is that how you feel about a person who has entered the spirit of indifference?

Answer: And he has nothing else. Where will it come from? Therefore, he is right. This is the surest way out in his condition.

Question: And what is your advice to me, as his friend?

Answer: It depends on how this friend can understand where he exists, in what forces of nature and if he can use these forces correctly. That is, add yourself to the same direction in which nature wants to lead him. That is, in this case, I do not resist the will of the waves. I am ready to go along with the waves in the same direction, also including my forces in this.

So everything is very peaceful, calm, and good.

Comment: So you have sung such a hymn to the indifferent now.

My Response: This is not indifferent, but reasonable.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/22/21

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Will The End Of The World Come?

629.4Comment:  Igor wrote a comment about one of your videos about the last generation: “You have come up with a terrible name, the last generation. But I like this name. Yes, we are the last generation because the end of the world is approaching. And I am glad about it.”

My Response: I do not know what he imagines as the end of the world. I do depict the end of our world.

The last generation is the last generation of egoism, the last that exists in this egoism, in this terrible relationship between people, etc. And then the next generation will come. It is not the last; it is the first generation of the new world.

We are still the last generation. We must recognize the evil of all of our past states and simply swear that we will never use it again.

Question: This generation should realize the evil of egoism?

Answer: Yes. So much so that it will never return to it so that this impression from the recognition of evil will remain in it and serve as the correct support, the soil for germination of a new generation.

Question: What is your job? To make people understand and accept this?

Answer: To inform them that we are egoists, that we must rise above it, that we must take the positive force of nature as the basis of our existence and not the evil, not the negative force of nature. And thus move forward.

Question: When such people ask questions, it is clear where they are leading to, that there will be an apocalypse, the end of the world, it is written in many holy books. What does it mean? What is the end of the world?

Answer: The end of the world means the end of our egoistic existence.

Nature is eternal, nothing ends, we will not disappear. We will still grow over and over again. So, nothing threatens us. On the contrary, we will be forced to return to these states again and again in order to draw the right conclusion and live correctly.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/15/21

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How To Beat Drugs?

273.01Comment: An article “America decriminalizes heroin: the war on drugs is lost” in EADaily.com contends that the 1971 war on drugs declared by Nixon seems to be completely lost.

In America, marijuana is legal almost everywhere. And in the state of Oregon, a law partially allowing the use of hard drugs has been passed. They claim the advantages of this are huge.  “In FY2020, marijuana tax revenues to the Oregon treasury increased 30% from the previous year to $ 133 million, up 545% from the 2016 cannabis tax collection.

Interestingly, opinions are divided. Opponents claim that the health threat to young Americans cannot be justified by any commercial gain.

“But in response to all the arguments presented, the advocates of legalization say that they regret the stupid choice that compatriots can make in favor of drugs, but free will and the goals of profitability should prevail in this matter.”

My Response: Humanity has had a craving for drugs throughout its history. Humanity needs to invent something that would make its existence easier. Otherwise, it is hard to live.

With our brains today we have developed to the extent that everyone begins to ask themselves: “Why is all of this? And what is all this for? Do I need it?”

This is called the last generation. The time has come when such questions begin to be raised, they are our inner desires and people demand an answer to them.

Question: And when there is no answer, then a person wants to forget himself?

Answer: Then you have to do something. Drunkenness and, of course, drug abuse will rise.

Question: Is there any way out of this? Will prohibition help?

Answer: No bans will help. If it comes from man’s needs, he will drink, smoke, sniff, and swallow anything anyway.

Question: Even if there are laws to imprison, to execute?

Answer: They will bypass these laws. As a result, these laws will be canceled because you cannot jail everyone. Everyone you put in jail costs the state a lot of money.

Question: So where are we going and where should we end up? What would you say about this?

Answer: I would say that people should be educated and given the opportunity to reveal the meaning of life, the meaning of existence. Then a person will not have to run away anywhere. He will, on the contrary, strive to replace running away from life with striving for a different life.

Question: That is, then he will even be afraid to escape into something that will divert him or put him to sleep?

Answer: Of course, because he is losing eternity.

We are moving toward the fact that people are starting to ask themselves about this and they will eventually move from such questions to reality.

A person will fully reveal this question: “What do I live for?” And one will be able to find the answer to it in this life, in this world.

Proceeding from this life, from this world, he will find the answer. He will reveal the real, true world that stands behind our world, that controls it and fills it. And then he will somehow connect with the system that controls our world. He will begin to understand that everything that he is experiencing now leads him to a truly high goal. He will then understand why he was led in this way, what he was led to, and he will justify it.

Question: What will fill a person? How will he feel it?

Answer: His desire is to find meaning in his existence. And he will discover this meaning. And then he will understand why this desire has been ripening in him for so long, for so many years, maybe hundreds of years, gradually, step by step in the cycles of life, and he will justify all this.

Question: Will he feel that he is standing in front of absolute warmth, love, and kindness?

Answer: Yes. And truth. There is something we receive in the mind and something we receive in the heart. Therefore, there must be a filling in both of them.

We live in a time when we can approach this.

Question: But do you have the acute feeling that we are approaching this?

Answer: Absolutely! But I would like it to happen as soon as possible.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/22/21

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Smart Generation

289The coronavirus pandemic has made such drastic changes in the world that it has thrown it in disarray. And we will see how governments, leaders, and all kinds of organizations cannot find ways to work with people. The need for the science of Kabbalah, for the method of connection between us and the Creator, will be revealed more and more.

Divinity is only those souls, those desires, directed to the Creator. The souls who have awakened to the Creator are called Divinity, and the Creator begins to reveal Himself in them according to their efforts to awaken themselves to connection with Him.

In the end, everyone must join the common soul, each according to his own level. Do not think that souls that awaken later are smaller. On the contrary, souls awaken starting from the lightest to increasingly heavier ones. The light corrections are done first, which then help us make larger and more complex corrections.

Therefore, those souls who must rise after us are heavier and more important. And the souls that are awakening now, which are called Israel, i.e., those who strive “straight to the Creator” are not so difficult to correct compared to those who will come after them.

Generation after generation the desire grows, and the ability to be smarter and more inventive, grows accordingly. We will see how after the pandemic, the Creator will perform other exercises with us to awaken the understanding of how to get closer to the spiritual. He will act on our entire generation so that everyone feels the need to approach Him and connect with Him.

The whole world will feel that the main thing in life is not the coronavirus, not material success, and not the illusory values with which we filled our lives. The Creator will begin to shine a little deeper into the thickness of our material and will illuminate our inner darkness. We will discover such desires in ourselves that we did not even know about.

Blow by blow, people will gradually begin to discover how much they lack the meaning of life.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/2/21, “Chasing the Shechina

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To Correct Your Inner Nature

708Question: What does it mean to correct your inner nature?

Answer: All our problems rest only upon the fact that we behaved incorrectly throughout all our life cycles.

Our human evolution was vicious and was driven by egoism, the desire to use our environment and nature for momentary pleasure and ignoring any restrictions.

Now we begin to recognize this as evil. Gradually, we will see what we really should be from the point of view of nature. And looking at our mistakes, we will begin to correct ourselves. As a result, we will have something to correct—all our past mistakes. We had to walk this path to the full realization of evil. Therefore, the science of Kabbalah has been hidden all these millennia.

It was waiting for us to finally realize that we were at an impasse. We must do something. But we don’t know how. That is when it opens up and offers itself. And now, by correcting our past—everything egoism has done to us and to nature—we will learn the algorithm of nature, its upper force, the Creator. We will know His desires, His thoughts, what nature wants from us, and we will begin to connect with this level, develop the “Man” in us.

Man is something that will grow in us above our egoistic level. In Hebrew, man is called Adam, from the word “Domeh”—like the Creator. Thus, the part that we will juxtapose to nature, grow inside us, correct from past mistakes, will be called the human in us. As for today, we are not yet human. Therefore it is said: “That is, the “man” power within him is very weak and he is like all other animals.

Question: Why then do animals suffer?

Answer: Inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature suffers only because of man.

Man, being the most complex, composite level of creation includes everything else. And when he falls, all falls with him, and when he rises, all rise.

By starting to correct ourselves, we will suddenly see how the surrounding nature is restored, is revived.

Every year, a large number of different species of animals and plants disappear. In the depths of the sea, the same thing happens. And not because we burn forests or drain water reservoirs. All this is only because of our inner egoistic state. As soon as we begin to change it, the world will again become harmonious on all levels.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/19/09

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What Will You Choose: Life Or Death?

75.01We are all fragments from the shattering of the common soul. Do not look at the bodies; look at the desires that are inside. Inside each of us is a part of the desire of Adam HaRishon, of the single complete vessel. In order to restore this vessel, we need to connect our desires: mine, yours, his, of all of us, of all of humanity.

Do we want this? Of course not. However, it is important to understand that without this, we will not get out of trouble. The pandemic will not end, humanity will face very big problems that will not leave us until we understand that we need to correct the connection between us.

Problems will strike in such a direction that we will understand that only our good connection can correct everything. But we will not want this connection, and then the war of Gog and Magog will break out between our egoism, which does not want any connection, and the fact is that we must connect or we will have nothing good, no success in anything, not even in simply surviving.

Then people will realize what an abyss of egoism they are in because I would rather die than connect with the other. I hate this man so much that I cannot take the life-saving medicine from him. He gives me medicine, but he is my enemy. So I turn my back to him without taking the cure and I die.

Yet, I have a choice: to overcome my hatred and approach him with love and the recognition that he wants to help me, I take his medicine and get well. When we are connected, we can go together with him to a third person, then to the fourth, and thus convince everyone to receive this potion of life.

However, this will be extremely difficult to do. The pride that rises in every person kills him and he cannot cope with it. Only after falling to the ground, as Rabbi Hiya pleaded in The Book of Zohar: “Dust, dust, how obstinate you are,” and annulling yourself to a complete zero, can you gradually get out of trouble. There is no other way. We need corrections!

All this is opposite to our nature, and therefore, it is impossible to do it alone but only by working in the ten. Then each of us is under the influence of the friends, and this allows us to rise above personal calculations and establish a common attitude.

It will be easy to make this choice if you constantly come back to it and not remember it only once a week. If I keep thinking that I should do it no matter how disgusting and hateful it is, I get used to this idea, to these conversations. Habit becomes a second nature; it all depends on how we try to bring ourselves back to the right thought.

Even if this thought is unpleasant and undesirable to me, there is no choice I try again and again. Then suddenly I notice that by constantly returning to the state that I did not want to hear about, I begin to perceive it in the opposite way. How can this be? I used to hate him terribly, I completely rejected him, and now I do not.

The enemy becomes a part of my life. I hated him, I pushed him away, I did not want to see or hear him, he just infuriated me. And suddenly, he becomes an integral part of the picture. He is still against me, but without him, the picture will be incomplete.

Then I discover that I really need this part. This is how we learn to work with both hatred and love, with opposite forces, and we see that there is a place for everything.

This is opposite to the ways in our world where every country tries to defeat and destroy its neighbor. They do not understand that they will never succeed because our development is not going in this direction but rather in ensuring that everyone has a place.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/2/21, “Chasing the Shechina” 

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We Will Destroy The Whole World Of Violence

962.1Comment: Oleg writes: “After watching your clip about the way to relate to evil, I do not know what to think. What does it mean to destroy evil? In this case, could you please comment on the words of a famous song [translated from Russian]: ‘We will destroy the whole world of violence to the ground and then we will build our new world, who was nobody —he will become everything!'”

Answer: This is wrong. We do not need to destroy anything; we need to add, to build, over the past: love will cover all crimes. Over all problems and deformities of the past world, we just need to cover them with a kind attitude and love.

If we destroy, we make it twice as bad. This is exactly what we have now.

Question: How do you do that? How do you cover with love?

Answer: We must never touch evil! We must not try to increase or decrease it. We must only build goodness over it. Connect with each other in goodness. And evil, it exists to lead us to this. That is, we will suddenly begin to discover that evil forces us to do good.

Question: So, the world of violence will remain?

Answer: No, it will not remain. After all, we are already engaged with something else. We are already building goodness! But over the former evil. We will create the world of goodness above the world of violence. Otherwise, we will be just destroying.

Remark: What about the next phrase: “Who was nobody —he will become everything!”

Answer: The one who was nothing really becomes seemingly everything. But inside, he remains nothing. This is first.

And second, what kind of world will you build if you do not take into account the past egoistic world that you destroyed? You need to take it and build a new world out of it, over it, in spite of it.

Question: What about the one who was nothing and that is how he felt, that he was nothing, so depressed and desperate, who does he become if he can really rise above this state of his? Can he become everything?

Answer: He can become everything. This depends only on his evaluation of his actions.

Question: How should he evaluate them?

Answer: That he builds, he makes, he creates. This does not mean that he becomes the head of state and begins to destroy everyone and everything. This suggests that serious, intelligent people such as Professor Preobrazhensky from the “Heart of a Dog” should understand what they are doing and realize what kind of world they are building.

Comment: If a person feels like nothing, how can he become everything?

My Response: By his attitude to the world, his attitude to his deeds. If he builds, then he becomes everything. It does not depend on how many people he kills, dispossesses, and deports along the way. The new world is not built by preparing execution lists. You cannot build anything by this.

As a result, you build a system that will be a curse for centuries to come. You break people, you break the system, you break the country, half the world, you plant your egoistic values everywhere. You think they are unshakable.

Question: Does everything have to start from education?

Answer: Of course.

Question: What should this education include? That a person understands what he is like?

Answer: A person understands that nothing needs to be destroyed but to be built. The new is always built upon the old. This new thing created from the old grows out of the old. It already manifests itself as an addition to the old. Or even if the old is denied but the new grows out of it correctly, it does not destroy anything.

Question: Many called the great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam a communist. What did he mean by communism?

Answer: Connection of all without any distinction. This was the first sign of communism for him. Then, of course, taking care of everyone without exception: providing work, housing, everything that a person needs.

The most important thing is the correct, fair connection of people with each other on equal terms.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/18/21

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