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How To Calm The Nature That Has Turned Against Us

200.01Spiritual work can bring inspiration and pleasure even before a person comes to the revelation of the Creator if we inspire each other with the greatness of the goal and the importance of the group on the background of the crisis that we see in the world and the despair and confusion that has fallen over humanity.

If previously there were periods of relative calm and prosperous life when people could travel and have fun, today everyone is in fear for their present and future, and have already gotten used to living under such pressure from nature. Volcanic eruptions, extreme heat and cold, floods, earthquakes, wars, epidemics—it seems that all of nature has turned against us.

I do not remember when during the seventy-five years of my life people have been so worried about their existence as in the last decade.

Previously people were afraid of a world war. However there has never been such a threat from natural disasters, which are much worse than war. After all, we are not able to prevent them through our usual means, but only by correcting the relationship between us. And humanity does not understand this yet.

All the problems that we hear about today and that will soon reach us—hurricanes, heat and cold waves, and earthquakes—are reactions of nature.

Today when humanity has become global and affects the world on a global scale, we have to connect, and we do not do this. By this lack of connection, which should be between us, we influence nature and the Earth, which react accordingly.

Therefore it is time to finally understand that only through our ever more powerful and perfect connection can we calm nature and achieve a beautiful, magnificent life. If not, then nature will teach us by the blows that have already begun.

Therefore we want to help humanity by disseminating the method of correction and explaining what the true cure for all catastrophes, including pandemics and other natural disasters, is. After all, everything comes from nature; the Creator is nature, and everything comes from Him.

And our job is to convey this to people.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/16/21, Baal HaSulam. Shamati, 20 “Lishma [for Her sake]”

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Recognize The Power of Nature Over Us

712.03The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks of a system of interconnections between all parts of the universe. Today the world has exhausted its straightforward selfish development where we wanted to study and work in order to achieve wealth, power, and other material values.

Now all these systems are gradually being depleted. And it turns out that we need to look for what nature offers instead of them. We have always worked within the framework of our nature and cannot get away from it. Therefore, we need to understand what its form is now that is manifesting in the world.

Humanity is beginning to comprehend the integral closed whole form of the world. Today, not only Kabbalah, but all other sciences support this attitude toward the world. The only problem is human egoism, which does not agree with this, wants to crush everything under itself, and does not understand that the unfolding integral system is in contradiction with it. Now it must comply with this system according to the law of similarity of properties.

Humanity will be obliged to obey this law. Nature will bend us all, as they say, to oblige. But the whole point is, in what way? Either by realizing its integrity or by suffering.

We need to realize that nature is global and integral, and therefore cannot be broken. We will not break it anyway, but will only destroy the natural environment closest to us, and this will cause us irreparable damage, even harm.

We must recognize the power of nature over us, study it, and act in its likeness, as today, looking at it we invent various devices. Look at what robotics we are creating! Whatever we do, we learn from nature, rather than pushing our understanding of the world. We do not understand it; we ourselves are derivatives of this world.

Egoism is an inert disagreement with the perfection of nature, which is above us, and we ourselves do not understand what forces, connections, laws it controls us with.
From KabTV’s “The Science o fManagement” 6/23/21

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A Key To The Ascent To The Upper World

75.01Comment: Baal HaSulam says that all of humanity and all of nature that we are a part of is one mechanism in which every cogwheel impacts another. The goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah is to bring all the cogwheels to a certain balance so not to harm others but to bring them pleasure.

My Response: Imagine billions of cogwheels that do not turn separately but turn as one man in one direction or another at the same time. At the same time! By that a force that raises them is formed. They do not turn separately, but each one turns together with the others and by doing so they begin to feel the Creator who is external to them.

Question: The nations of the world reach a state of bestowing in order to receive, while the nation of Israel, which means people with the points in the heart, i.e., with the question about the meaning of life, work with an intention in addition to that.

Does this mean that by doing so they constantly change their intention and by that dictate the general direction to all the nations of the world? Is there some kind of click? If so, when does it happen? When does the nation of Israel begin to turn everyone in one direction?

Answer: This is not happening yet, but we hope that soon we will be able to do it. This means that all the people who aim at the Creator will attain a state in which they will begin to feel each other and search for the Creator by mutually cooperating between themselves. Then we will succeed in everything. The whole world will feel our mutual harmonious motion and will cling to us and thus turn.

What is more, humanity will begin to gradually exit the mechanical turning and reach the next level, the feeling of the force that is external to the cogwheels, i.e., the level of the Creator. This is called an ascent to the upper world. This is the reason that the key to this level is in keeping the rule of love thy friend as thyself.

This process begins with a personal, individual yearning for this state. If we begin to do it, we will soon reach mutual cooperation between us. We will feel the contact we are in, and how this cooperation raises us, how the Creator stands behind us, and how we already begin to enter His feeling.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 7/21/19

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What You Need To Learn From The Example Of The Japanese

733Question: In Japan, the number of suicides has turned out to be greater than the victims of the coronavirus for the whole of 2020. The reason for this is clear: economic difficulties, layoffs from work. The Japanese are very responsible, they have a painful state of responsibility.

Please tell me, what is it? We always talk about the “crown,” [coronavirus] and here there are more suicides in a month than in the entire period of corona.

Answer: The fact is that this is the character of a people who must be tied to some common cultural, historical, national values, and cannot feel free.

There is no freedom for them. They live on a small island to this day. To this day they are cut off from the world at heart.

They can travel, take photos of everything everywhere. But they have not left the mental and psychological development of being isolated on their small islands, in the small archipelago of Japan, plus the defeat in the Second World War with the atomic bomb and so on.

That is, they have a very huge pressure. Working for them is like forgetting. In this they simply find themselves. And now, when no one needs this work, everyone is being fired there.

And they cannot live without it because it is like an umbilical cord to the mother; they are so attached to their work. After all, they have everything at work, and therefore for them if there is no work, then there is nothing to exist for.

Work. When you have to get up, you have to go to work, you come after it, and you have a drink, maybe some glass of your own sake and go to bed. In general, this is your life. There is still a family, but all this is still within the same framework.

I cannot imagine Japan existing in a different rhythm. I cannot imagine why the government doesn’t organize fake jobs for both men and women in order to organize them in this way. After all, a free Japanese is nonsense! That is impossible! You see how they walk, how they drive.

They can’t do it any other way! For them, all these clear lines of conduct are necessary.

Question: This is what we are talking about, the Japanese. But there are a million suicides every year in the world. People commit suicide. Do you think this phenomenon will continue to grow?

Answer: This exists even among animals. Therefore, I believe that when egoism loses the meaning of existence, at any level-animal or higher, it makes a calculation: Is it worth living or not?

Question: But in principle is this a loss of the meaning of life by and large? Is that the whole point?

Answer: Of course, life does not pay for itself.

Question: So in order for a person not to commit suicide, he must have such a meaning of life that is eternal?

Answer: No, not eternal. But at least the pleasure, the fulfillment, I get eventually exceeds the costs. That is, I am left with some kind of positive balance. Otherwise, what is the point of living? Just because I’m afraid of dying? So I’m not afraid.

Question: How do you feel about the fact that there is a suicide gene? They say that American scientists have found 22 suicide genes. If we remember Hemingway, then his father, sister, brother and granddaughter all committed suicide; there were five deaths for three generations.

Does this suicide gene exist?

Answer: Gene I do not know; I am not strong in this matter, but there is a predisposition to this, of course. And the Japanese have it, and there are such peoples, such tribes, such times, and so on.

Question: And how to get out, how to defeat, either this predisposition or the gene?

Answer: Meaning.

Question: Only the search for meaning?

Answer: Only. And how else? Because the meaning of life and its correct implementation are already leading you to a new life. You don’t have to die or imagine anything. You will now see your future world in this life. Please, everything is in front of you. It only depends on the correct implementation.

Question: What is the meaning of life?

Answer: The meaning of life is to change your nature from receiving to giving, from hatred to love, from rejection to drawing closer to others.

And then you will feel a completely different existence in these properties. And it will be the reverse world. You will find fulfillment in filling others. And there will be no disappointment in this. We will come to this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/7/20

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The Taliban Cannot Be Bribed

547.05Question: Americans have estimated the value of Afghanistan’s undeveloped mineral resources at three thousand billion dollars. There are iron ore, copper, gold, oil, marble, and precious stones there. Lithium and cobalt are metals that are the basis of “green” technologies such as batteries, solar panels, and wind turbines. The world needs them very much.

The Taliban, if they wanted, could become new copper barons, lithium kings, and oil sheikhs. Do you think Afghanistan can turn into such a country?

Answer: I think that one does not interfere with the other. What difference does it make today being the head of a serious international mafia, being a politician, managing production? It is money, and money is everywhere.

And the rest is what? Ideology? They do not allow anyone near their ideology.

Question: Can they be bought with worldly rewards and turned into barons or aristocrats?

Answer: No, because the most important thing for them is their ideological task: for the green banner of Islam to fly over the whole world. They cannot change it. This is the most important thing for them.

Question: Why can’t they be moved from this? Why can’t you buy them?

Answer: Because it is faith. This is this world and that is that world, it is eternity, it is the upper force.

Comment: We always say that we exist in a truly corrupt world.

My Response: Not everything is for sale. They will remain themselves, and they will reformat everyone else for themselves.

Question: Do you think that the rest will format themselves to match them? Because they are weak before them?

Answer: Involuntarily. Of course. Moreover there are small but very serious Islamic groups in almost all countries of the world. That is, they have something to rely on.

Question: Is this a kind of plotted scenario?

Answer: Of course. It is said in the Torah that at the end of the world Islam will spread throughout the world and will reach the state when it will be replaced by the Mashiach (Messiah).

Mashiach is the same Allah, the upper one, who will give humanity connection with the Creator. It is a force that will raise our world from its egoistic existence in the lowest, most disgusting form to unification with the Creator, to similarity to the Creator.

Question: Are we already in this disgusting, low form today? Are we on the edge already?

Answer: No, because we do not feel it. It should be felt by people. A terrible state should manifest itself, but after that comes redemption and ascent.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/2/21

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Will Europe Be Destroyed By Migrants?

431.05Question: In 1989, the walls between East and West Berlin collapsed in Germany. We thought that freedom was coming—Europe without borders!

Today wall after wall is being built. In Europe, Greece and Bulgaria are building a forty kilometer fence on the border with Turkey. Austria has built a wall on the border with Italy, France—a wall in the port of Calais where migrants gather to get to Britain, and 175 kilometers of barbed wire installed on the Hungarian-Serbian border. A five meter stone wall is being built inside the city in Munich to separate the locals from the migrant quarter. Lithuania is putting up a wall on the border with Belarus. This is Europe today.

Do you think it is possible to stop migration?

Answer: We are witnessing the burial of Europe. This continent is as if sinking under water. The proud, free banner of Islam is wavering above it. It is because Islam has this religious banner: “We must take over the world. If not today, then in 100 years, in 200 years, but we have to do it. We are doing this in the name of Allah.”

Then China will come, which will do this for the sake of ruling the world. Therefore, there will be big problems between Islam and China. But I think they will somehow come to an agreement because China has no other ideology than just to govern.

I think that such a development of events is better than an atomic war. Gradually people will understand that it is necessary to live differently somehow. Then Kabbalah will tell us how to do it, how to balance all this diversity, variety, and hatred in the world.

Kabbalah will be able to explain this and bring a common denominator.

Question: Are you saying that in any case the direction will be to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: You have no other way to make it so that egoistic people, initially created with a great egoism, could live with each other and at the same time could get along with the upper, positive force. It will be clearly revealed as an urgent need for connection between people, between countries, between everyone.

Question: Do you think that we need to come to the critical point so that it will really be revealed?

Answer: We are studying that this is how it should be. Humanity must reach the point of recognizing its own insignificance, egoistic character, hopelessness, desperation, and utter futility. In principle, it recognizes this, but for now it can somehow obscure it.

However, when it sees this with its own eyes, so that in front of it or around it there will be the ego will be standing—humanity surrounded by this huge egoistic beast, then they will understand. From the opposite. Egoism itself will show them that they need to move toward the connection.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/26/21

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Four Scenarios For Ending The Pandemic

220In the News (JAMA): Potential COVID-19 Endgame Scenarios Eradication, Elimination, Cohabitation, or Conflagration?”

“Differential vaccine access, persistent vaccine hesitancy, emerging viral variants, and deadly global disease waves may well stand in the way. In that volatility has heretofore been the invariant attribute of SARS-CoV-2, envisioning a future steady state can be inherently problematic. This Viewpoint describes 4 potential scenarios—eradication, elimination, cohabitation, and conflagration—comprising a spectrum of ‘endgames’ that may constitute the resolution of the COVID-19 pandemic; however, other scenarios also may be possible. …

“What would it take to eradicate SARS-CoV-2? By definition, eradication would require the permanent global reduction of the prevalence of SARS-CoV-2–mediated disease to zero. To realize such an outcome, sufficient herd immunity would have to be achieved through vaccination and prior infection. …

“Given these relatively astringent requirements, eradication may prove to be too aspirational a goal even as a thought experiment, let alone as a public health strategy. However, smallpox, yet another highly contagious respiratory infection, was irreversibly eradicated, an outcome once considered unimaginable. …

“Other vaccine-preventable airborne diseases such as measles and rubella have been the subject of elimination, that is, the regional, rather than global reduction of disease prevalence to zero. … Elimination may be close-at-hand in Israel, a model of vaccination efficiency wherein incident SARS-CoV-2 cases are presently at 0.7% of their all-time high. …

“absent indefinite future vaccination efforts against SARS-CoV-2, durable elimination, let alone eradication, may prove infeasible.

“Alternatively, might a more civil cohabitation be achieved with SARS-CoV-2, an outcome short of all-out eradication or substantial elimination? In this scenario, vaccine-mediated protection would go so far as to prevent the most severe manifestations of COVID-19, interrupt the chain of viral transmission, and counter the majority of emergent viral variants. …

“Absent a cohabitation option, the endgame may well come to resemble a conflagration, that is, a steady state characterized by moderate-level endemicity of SARS-CoV-2. With large segments of the population undervaccinated due to access constraints, hesitancy, or immunocompromised states, the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 is bound to remain robust. This would afford the virus with continuous opportunities to replicate and adapt so as to evade host-mediated and vaccine-derived immune responses. Among vaccinated populations, infections could still arise periodically due to incomplete vaccine-derived immunity, the waning of vaccine efficacy, evasion by new viral variants, or transmission from the unvaccinated. …

“The degree of conflagration may come to depend substantially on the efficacy and acceptance of vaccines by geography. …

“Only a year ago, much of the world was united in lockdown in the midst of the first outbreak of COVID-19. Today, the global experience is widely divergent. Israel, New Zealand, Vietnam, and Brunei may well be approaching elimination. The United Kingdom, the United States, and China, for their part, appear to exist in a state of cohabitation. In contrast, India, other parts of Southeast Asia, and much of South America appear to be weighed down by a conflagration-like state. …Ultimately, where on the endgame spectrum individual countries end up will depend on both the collective choices and realities of the global community and the oft-inscrutable and perhaps unpredictable dynamics of SARS-CoV-2.”

Question: No one seems to know when the pandemic will end. Do you know?

Answer: No. It depends only on people.

Question: What should people do to end the pandemic?

Answer: They must do everything together. Let’s all of us together, but all together and in the same manner, stop observing any precautions. And the pandemic will end.

No germs, no infections at all. We destroy all of them with our connection. It is said that a city of the wicked that are all together is impossible to overtake by storm or by anything.

Question: Ok, let’s fantasize. If all of humanity decided not t0 observe any precautions, what would happen?

Answer: Do whatever you want! Just do so that everyone is, as they say, soul to soul. No harm will come to you. “Only together” is the miracle.

Comment: We might as well decide together that we are taking precautions or decide that we are not taking them. But we do it together.

My Response: Yes, the main thing is together. We can rebel against the Creator. If we are all together, “My sons defeated me” is what the Creator will say in this case.

Thus, there is another solution instead of these four.

Only together, no matter what. This is the cure for everything.

Question: Is this a language that nature understands?

Answer: Of course! It is the only one.

Comment: And when we are separated, when we are against each other.

My Response: You can fabricate anything but every day more and more new viruses and all sorts of things will be revealed and will be crawling out to you.

Question: Do you think that this is what nature is pushing us all to, and it leads us only to this?

Answer: Of course! So that we would raise our hands and say: “That’s it! We give up, God, just help us make a common decision.”

Question: Will we come to this? It looks so unrealistic, especially today. Will we be able to take this step toward unity? Will we be able to or not?

Answer: The Creator wants us to come to this by ourselves. We will come at some point.

Gradually, more and more people in the world understand hopelessness, but they simply do not see a solution. On the other hand, our group is growing, it understands this solution and gradually wants to reach it. Of course they will come together.

I do not have a request to the Creator because He has a program, and according to this program, terrible suffering lies ahead! It will eventually bring us to a normal state and make human beings out of us.

This means that we will understand clearly what is happening to us, who we are, what we should do, how we should think about each other, and so on. It will make humans out of us! However, this is certainly a very long path.

Yet, there is a short way. It is the path of light when we, by our coming closer to each other, cause the manifestation of the upper light upon us, which is the quality of bestowal, love, and connection. Then we will get rid of any pandemic very quickly and easily.

Question: Is this your fifth scenario?

Answer: Yes, in addition to those four.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/9/21

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Happiness Pill

962.2Comment: Natalia Volskaya writes to you: “Why are we arranged in such a way? If someone fills his apartment to the ceiling with newspapers, we call him crazy. If a woman lives in a trailer full of cats, we call her ridiculous. Yet, when people pathologically accumulate such sums of money that they throw an entire nation into poverty, we put them on the cover of a magazine and pretend that this is a role model.”

My Response: Because this is the way it is. Should I imitate the cat owner? A person should see some kind of example in front of him. But what examples can I give humanity in order for it to learn from them?

Question: Is this why I give examples of these billionaires and rich people?

Answer: Of course, to make it clear to everyone. A book called “How I earned my first billion” should be in demand. I am sure it exists out there somewhere.

Comment: There are many such books. Is this the face of humanity?

My Response: After all, this is a desire. We cannot get away from our desire, from the desire to be fulfilled, to satisfy our beloved egoism. This poor thing suffers all the time.

Question: Is this the most natural fulfillment? You are free if you have money, you are actually happy if you have money and so on, right? Does this mantra work?

Answer: This is how we are arranged. Yes.

Question: What could it be replaced with? Or does it not need to be replaced with anything? Will humanity continue to move toward the search for this fulfillment?

Answer: If you invent a happiness pill, then you will replace it.

Question: What is your happiness pill like?

Answer: It must make me feel happy. What difference does it make to me what color it will be or whether it will be square or in drops?

Comment: Then for me it would be nice not to pay attention to anything, to be indifferent to all annoyances.

My Response: But this is different for everyone! It does not matter. Someone, on the contrary, wants to be in search, to envy everyone, to aspire for something, and so on.

Question: Do we need an individual “pill” for everyone if it were be possible to invent it?

Answer: Yes. To satisfy this desire for happiness, for fulfillment, for knowledge, for power, for what my egoism wants.

Question: If we sum it up, what will fulfill a person after all? What will he come to?

Answer: He will not be fulfilled. Never and in no way! Egoism is a spiritual force, you cannot satisfy and fill it with any corporeal fulfillments.

Question: Then what can fulfill it?

Answer: Love. This is a universal thing. You do not need to name anything else.

A person should feel that he needs to love someone and feel this feeling that fulfills him, feel that he fulfills his beloved—the Creator, humanity, it does not matter what and how. We do not need anything else.

Question: Will humanity come to this in one way or another?

Answer: It will begin to come closer to it ultimately. It will see by trial and error that nothing fulfills it. There is really nothing to be fulfilled with. There will be a huge abyss of unfolding emptiness! Then awareness will gradually appear in humanity: “So what should we do? What is the purpose?”

Question: Will this state called love then come gradually?

Answer: Yes. Everything is already written, everything is prepared. What is left is just to reach it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/23/21

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What The Continuous Takeover Has Led Us To

115.06Question: Why, with the changing socio-economic formations, does a person increasingly discover that he is already interconnected with everyone else—first within the family, then within the city, then the country, and finally between countries?

Answer: Selfishness is growing. My village is not enough for me, I need a large city, I do not need a large city, I need a state, I do not need a state, I need the whole world.

And all this because I feel that I can be connected with the whole world, feel, understand, receive from it, and give something in return, but only when necessary. From this, in principle, all our current means of communication arose, the need for them and the connection between all.

The fact is that egoism is built on continuous expansion, absorption, acquisition, and inclusion in oneself. It is a natural physical force of nature.

The development of capitalist and socialist countries was built on selfishness: to swallow everything around you, to not give up the once-conquered territories. Look how England and France did not want to part with their colonies, or Russia did not want to let go of other republics. This is a natural absorption process.

And today when these countries discovered that the process was going against them and they still had to provide for their colonies, they decided: “Why do we need to provide for them? We will take cheap labor from there, manufacture products and sell them, and profit from them.”

In fact, this is a different type of exploitation, only more modern and more hidden. Therefore, they liberated the colonies: “Live as you want. All the same, you will need our goods. And for this we will exploit you, pump out everything that is possible.” The same is happening today with the whole world.

But the world is becoming more and more interconnected, and therefore, a problem arises. There is nowhere to go further, as we have absorbed everything, divided the whole world. Now, if there is a new division of the world, it will be not for territories, but for sources of information, meaning an information war. All this is an expansion that naturally breaks out of our egoism. And there is no getting away from this until we discover that this is a dead-end path. Now it is gradually starting to open up.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up”

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Rediscover The Property Of Love

294.4Question: Is the rejection that is being revealed in families now in order to make us understand that marriage and relationships are possible only on a spiritual component?

Answer: Only! In the same state as before our division, before the division into male and female parts.

At the beginning of creation, there was one construction of a common soul, consisting of a male and a female part in absolute unity with each other, in mutual concessions, mutual fusion, mutual love, and mutual giving to each other.

And then this property of reciprocity disappeared and completely equal constructions appeared, opposite to each other according to their desire, according to mutual animal cravings and other discrepancies. And now we are tuned in to each other only to be satisfied at the expense of others.

This happened because the quality of bestowal and love disappeared from us. Now no one perceives love as a great feeling. Today’s love means that I am pleased at the expense of some other object, I fill myself with pleasure at the expense of it, so I say that I love him as I love a fish.

Question: Then why did the breaking take place and the property of love disappear?

Answer: So that we realize that we need this property and it would appear in us again. Then we will rise to its level, we will begin to create it in ourselves, move on our own to catch up to it, and explore how we can become equal and worthy of it. That is, we will raise ourselves to the level of the Creator.

We will do this from our own desire, out of our own comprehension, we will become equal to Him in understanding, in knowledge, in management, in all parameters. We will acquire the status of the Creator. We must come to this.

It is the right combination between a man and a woman that can give us this opportunity. Both husband and wife should be with points in their hearts that strive to merge with each other in order to attain the Creator.

And Kabbalah will help them in this ascent because it tells about all the steps that must be realized on the spiritual path. Kabbalah is an instruction on how to act, an instruction for a happy spiritual family life.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Emancipation”

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