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The Dualism Of Nature

laitman_562_02Question: There are many examples in physics that verify the fact that our nature is dual. It is the division of matter into material and energy particles, or in other words, into fermions and bosons.

All the objects and phenomena in our world are either binary or dual, and two forces are observed in every phenomenon.

All of the systems that physicists study are either absolutely balanced or aspire for balance. The two forces in the system must complement and balance each other in order to reach a balanced state.

Answer: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the world is also basically divided into two opposite forces—the force that bestows and the force that receives—and everything that happens is only the expression of the different variations of the relationship between them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/25/16

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It Is Impossible To Survive Alone

laitman_543_01In the News (MedPulse): “A person, by evolution itself, is not programmed to survive alone. Therefore, we tend to imitate the most, and our health and well-being are directly affected by the presence or absence of social ties. …

“Employees of the University of Texas found that sick people who support friends or relatives recover faster and spend less time in the hospital after admission.

“Experts studied data of more than 119 thousand patients who were in rehab after injury, stroke, and various operations.

“It was found that those patients who were surrounded by the attention of family and friends needed less time to recover. Apparently, the positive emotion from communication has beneficial effects on health.

“Tolerance of pain is associated with the number of friends.

“In the journal Scientific Reports, the results of scientific studies were published [showing] people with many social ties seem to tolerate pain, more so than less ‘socialized’ individuals.”

My Comment: The science of Kabbalah spoke many years ago about the influence of the environment, mutual connection, and unity as the foundation of nature. Now in the 21st century scientists are finally coming to this. It is difficult for scientists to feel Kabbalah as a science. Only a person with a “point in the heart” is capable of that, someone with a special longing, which depends upon the structure of his soul.

I remember giving a lecture at the University of Miami to 2,000 students, after which I talked with 70 or 80 professors. I explained the main laws of Kabbalah to them. They nodded in agreement and said: “Yes, that is very interesting, so it is here with us too,” and we parted as friends.

I don’t blame them at all, because a person is given a longing for something, like a longing for music. Either he has this desire or he doesn’t.

For example, I have perfect pitch, but I never had a desire to study music seriously for ten hours a day. So the fact that I have perfect pitch doesn’t mean anything.

So it is in Kabbalah. If people have a point in the heart, they will come to study because they feel that there is something interesting here. After that, many of them see the abyss of work that they must do on themselves, and leave.

Question: What does this mean? After all, they have a point in the heart.

Answer: There is a Reshimo de Hitlabshut (information about the Light) and a Reshimo de Aviut (information about the desire). A Reshimo (reminiscence), which shines to a person, pulls him forward, and what he needs to sacrifice for this need is no longer in him.

Therefore, we are waiting for people who are oppressed by the meaninglessness of life. I’m waiting for such a person.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/10/16

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Consciousness: Beyond Time And Space

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: One of the main laws of nature is the law of conservation of energy. If nothing disappears, then presumably we also do not disappear. What happens to our consciousness when we die?

Answer: In nature, nothing disappears but passes from one state to another. There is no such concept as “disappear.” Therefore, consciousness passes from one form to another, from one carrier to another—if it exists within us at all!

It can be said that consciousness doesn’t exist within a person, that it is around him, or maybe even in a completely different dimension, in another space. Our brain is kind of a modem that picks up the general consciousness to the extent that it needs to realize itself at the moment.

Question: There is a collective consciousness, and there is an individual consciousness of each person, that which I pick up from the collective consciousness. It turns out that individual consciousness continues to live on?

Answer: Yes. Nothing disappears. It only changes its structure, design, just as our body decomposes into basic elements.

Remark: I would really like to remember my own self.

Answer: Your “I” exists in the consciousness, not in the physical body. Consciousness per se is information. Informational connection exists beyond time and field. It permeates the entire universe.

Information does not disappear, it can only change its medium. And we can not say for sure in what form and where it exists. This is the way wisdom of Kabbalah views it.

Remark: I support the idea that consciousness is a global phenomenon. Therefore, the individual consciousness is like a small holographic copy that picks up certain things from the collective consciousness. In this case they are truly connected. However, physics does not yet discuss what happens after death.

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches that nothing else exists. Our bodies and the whole corporeal world are only an illusion. This world is called “an illusory world” and is considered nonexistent. Everything else exists in the consciousness.
From KabTv’s Lesson in Russian 12/25/2016

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The Basic Law Of The Spiritual World

laitman_232_06Question: What is the mechanism for discovering the law of equivalence of form (similarity of properties) in nature?

Answer: The law of equivalence of form operates on all levels, but we don’t recognize that it is operating everywhere. If you and I have the same characteristics, we are close to each other, we understand each other. It is possible to describe this with physical bodies and also chemical elements.

However, the law of equivalence of form does not describe nature in our world because as a general rule, such objects (plus plus) reject each other, but it describes nature in spiritual space, what happens according to the degree of similarity of internal characteristics, not the physical.

In spirituality, there is only the getting closer and the distancing of objects according to the degree of similarity or difference of characteristics. This is the basic law of behavior in spiritual space.

Due to the power of this law, in our world we cannot discern characteristics that are not found in us. A person can see only what is in him. For example, a cruel person will not see kindness and mercy in others because to do this there must be a similarity of characteristics.

This is the reason that we don’t perceive the Creator as good that does good unless we are like that ourselves. The Creator is revealed only as a bounty of good and warmth, which are absent in us.

Question: Should this be accepted as an axiom or must one believe in the law?

Answer: At present, you should accept this as an axiom so that it will be used as the basis for what we do.

Through the Kabbalistic method, we gradually create a new sense. This sense will be somewhat similar to the characteristics of the Creator, and then we begin to discover Him within us to the degree of our similarity and equivalence with Him, until we attain Him fully.

Question: Is this the reason that it is so difficult for people to understand a Kabbalist?

Answer: In fact, it is impossible to understand a Kabbalist. Even a Kabbalist cannot understand another Kabbalist who is on a higher level because he is always limited only by the set of spiritual characteristics that are already created within him and he is ready to feel.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/25/16

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The Fractality Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In science, there is a concept of “fractality.” If, for example, we take a large crystal and break it into pieces, we get fractals, that is, small crystals of exactly the same shape as the big crystal.

In technology, the term “fractality” is characteristic of a hologram, each part of which contains its full image. How is this phenomenon described in the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: The fact is that all of nature represents a single system, consisting of ten Sefirot or of five parts, the so-called name of YaHaVaH. Each part of the system, in turn, consists of subsystems that are similar to a general system.

This goes on practically until eternity. There is no way to perform a numerical analysis in order to determine to what extent the general system is divided into subsystems, and those system are divided further still.

Each part of the subsystems, wherever it is, affects the entire system through an infinite number of all possible intermediate links. And it turns out that if a person “grabbed” onto just one small part of this system, then he finds in it a complete micro picture of the whole system, and based on this, gets a certain idea about it.

Thus, one attains not only a single element of the system, but the entire structure of YaHaVaH completely. Whether it is small or large, it is always fully attainable. It’s similar to how a person in our world has five senses, regardless of his age: whether it is a small child, an adult, or an old man.

Question: In corporeal nature, there is a limit to fractality because from the point of view of quantum physics, our world can be divided into blocks, pixels, and there cannot be anything less than an elementary block. What about spirituality?

Answer: In the spiritual world a pixel is still only a pixel. It must consist of its ten micro parts, but we cannot perceive it because our senses perceive only quanta of light.

Such a state also exists in the upper Light. Any Light is divided into five parts that are further divided into five, and another five. We cannot perceive less than 1/125 part of the total light because we lack the resolution in our desires. Suppose we guess what is in the contrast between black and white, however, when it’s less than a certain quantum, less than a certain resolution, then we no longer have it in us.
From KabTv’s Lesson in Russian 12/25/17

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Why People Lie

laitman_559Question: Scientists say that people lie to preserve their value in the eyes of others. According to psychologists, the so-called “white lie” is used in this case. What is a lie from your point of view?

Answer: A lie is a natural defensive reaction of an organism that doesn’t want to see itself damaged and humiliated. What difference does it make to me whether it’s a lie or the truth? The main thing is to keep myself at a certain level. If I need to lie, I’ll lie, and if I need to tell the truth, I’ll tell the truth. I don’t take into account either one or the other, I consider only my inner state.

Therefore, people don’t have any understanding of what is a lie or the truth. Everything is determined only in relation to a person. You can’t say to someone, “Why are you lying?” He’ll say, “I’m not lying, for me this is the truth.” Why is it the truth? Because in this way, I support myself in the best possible condition. That’s the only truth!

Objective truth doesn’t exist because our nature is only the desire to receive pleasure and to keep ourselves in the state of maximum possible comfort at any moment in time. Therefore, what supports this state is the truth for me, and what doesn’t support it is a lie.

Question: What is a lie in the Kabbalistic sense?

Answer: In the Kabbalistic sense, everything is evaluated only with respect to the purpose of creation. Everything that is in agreement with the purpose of creation is the truth, and whatever isn’t in agreement is a lie. What leads to bestowal, love, adhesion with the upper force, and ascent to the next level is the truth. All the opposite is a lie.

Question: What if this isn’t related to the purpose of creation and exists as we do in this world? Is it the truth or a lie?

Answer: Nothing can be said. We see in different eras and in different cultures completely different criteria for truth or a lie.

Question: Does it mean that we live in the world without coordinates?

Answer: Of course. Coordinates indicate how my egoistic heart twists me. One minute I can say, “Yes, this is the truth” and the next minute I say, “No, this is a lie.”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/1/17

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The Secret Of The Hebrew Alphabet Revealed

Laitman_151In the News (ScienceNews): “The world’s earliest alphabet, inscribed on stone slabs at several Egyptian sites, was an early form of Hebrew, a controversial new analysis concludes.

“Israelites living in Egypt transformed that civilization’s hieroglyphics into Hebrew 1.0 more than 3,800 years ago, at a time when the Old Testament describes Jews living in Egypt, says archaeologist and epigrapher Douglas Petrovich of Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada. Hebrew speakers seeking a way to communicate in writing with other Egyptian Jews simplified the pharaohs’ complex hieroglyphic writing system into 22 alphabetic letters, Petrovich proposed on November 17 at the annual meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research.”

My Comment: A mistake is concealed here.

The Jews didn’t borrow anything from anyone because the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet are derived from the spiritual structure of three levels (Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut) of the upper world that influence us. So humanity began to realize them subconsciously. The Hebrew alphabet comes from Adam, who discovered them 5,777 years ago and used them himself. So in any case, humanity will have to reconsider archaeology, paleontology, and everything else, and will then agree that everything comes from there.

If there were any records before then, as far as it seems, these were notes and symbols, but an alphabet by which we connect a collection of images into a meaningful word and create a sentence from the words, meaning a completed thought on a particular subject that even after generations can be transmitted, something like this didn’t exist anywhere. This is only because the Jews had a connection with the upper world and specifically took the terms and the method from there.

In other words, there are three levels between us and the upper world that are filled with a particular collection of forces that become the letters in our world.

Each spiritual force is a letter. We get a word by connecting them together and by connecting words, we get a thought.

Question: Did all signs and hieroglyphs appear after these letters?

Answer: Certainly. The Hebrew letters are the foundation of written languages, including Chinese and Japanese.

Question: Why do we have no way of proving this?

Answer: Why should we prove it? Humanity is searching in its own way based on excavations, motivations, opinions, and theories. But this was written in our books thousands of years ago. Nobody wants to pay attention to this because it contradicts the Christian and Muslim approach. So it is preferable that we remain quietly on the side.

The different languages, the alphabet, and everything else came from ancient Babylon and this reached ancient Babylon from Adam.

Horizontal and vertical lines and other elements of the letters are derived from those forces that we try to symbolize, because each letter is a symbol of a particular spiritual expression, of a particular spiritual form, of a force, and so forth. They are like a seal. So there are 22 such seals, which are absolutely sufficient for conveying the higher spiritual characteristics of Bina and the lower spiritual characteristics of Malchut.

Nothing more or less is required. That is how the letters must be conveyed. However, there have been permutations, their replacement. In general, this is a deep, complex system, because everything is found in the letters.

So in this way, the secret of the letters, their combinations, their formation, and their development is still waiting to be discovered. There are laws according to which it is impossible to modify anything in the Hebrew alphabet. It is impossible to change even one letter, even one line, font, or embellishment. Everything about the calligraphy must be preserved.

In computer programs, we find twenty thousand different fonts. This has no connection to truth. There exists only one font called “Ktav sofer – scribal writing” through which everything is presented in the Torah, because there the precise graphic form expresses the inner content of the force in the letter.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/14/16

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Life In A Hologram

laitman_739In the News (Phys.org): “A UK, Canadian and Italian study has provided what researchers believe is the first observational evidence that our universe could be a vast and complex hologram. …

“The researchers, from the University of Southampton (UK), University of Waterloo (Canada), Perimeter Institute (Canada), INFN, Lecce (Italy) and the University of Salento (Italy), have published findings in the journal Physical Review Letters.

“A holographic universe, an idea first suggested in the 1990s, is one where all the information that makes up our 3-D ‘reality’ (plus time) is contained in a 2-D surface on its boundaries. …

“Professor Skenderis comments: “Holography is a huge leap forward in the way we think about the structure and creation of the universe. Einstein’s theory of general relativity explains almost everything large scale in the universe very well, but starts to unravel when examining its origins and mechanisms at quantum level. Scientists have been working for decades to combine Einstein’s theory of gravity and quantum theory. Some believe the concept of a holographic universe has the potential to reconcile the two. I hope our research takes us another step towards this.”

“The scientists now hope their study will open the door to further our understanding of the early universe and explain how space and time emerged.”

My Comment: The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks a lot about this, but it suggests that one should be involved with the study of man, not the study of nature, to expand the possibilities of our perception, our inner characteristics, so then we will see that the picture of the world that appears before us depends completely on our inner characteristics.

As we shape the world ourselves, we limit it, and as such we also see the world. If we expand this picture by changing our characteristics, we will see the world differently, in other dimensions.

Question: Which is to say, to do this, people must change? And scientists believe it is necessary to explore nature.

Answer: The examination of nature is a very limited approach to the subject. It doesn’t yield anything. We have no benefit from this except satisfying our curiosity.

A person needs to develop and change himself. He can and must expand his internal sensory perception, emotions, desires, and thoughts so much so that he will see worlds that exist outside of him, but he will discover them when he discovers himself.

For example, a little child differs from an adult in that he perceives a small, narrow part of the world, even though he basically sees exactly what the adult sees. The question is what does it mean to “see”? The entire difference lies in this. We don’t see the inner connections of nature, we don’t see the true world but only our lowest level.

It is only when person opens the next levels of absorption, knowledge, emotion, and impressions within himself that the next level of creation that exists around us will be revealed to him.

At present, we are in a period and state in which we can understand that our movement in the direction proposed by scientists is erroneous.

We must turn inward, into ourselves, and expand our senses. But because this is connected to the ego, against our nature, we don’t want this. We sell our perceptive abilities in exchange for petty egoism.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/1/17

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Politics, Economics, And Kabbalah

laitman_265Question from Facebook: You talk a lot about politics and economics, how is this relevant to the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: Kabbalah doesn’t investigate or teach politics or economics. It studies the inner essence of man—his egoism. And all that is derived from it, everything that we do with the help of egoism, that is, our entire world, is its consequence.

Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah has something to say about it. It understands the origin of human development in economics, politics, his mutual relationships, in the family, in the nation, in society, and in every situation because they are based on egoism.

If you want to know the truth about economics and politics, study Kabbalah!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/15/17

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Spiritual Attainment And The Insight Of Scientists

laitman_222_0Question: What distinguishes spiritual attainment from all other disclosures, insights, revelations, and discoveries of scientists and philosophers?

Answer: Spiritual attainment happens through the characteristics of bestowal and love, through exiting yourself, transcending yourself. This doesn’t happen in a person in our world, no matter how inspired one might be.

Spirituality is the characteristic of bestowal without any connection to yourself, regardless of any consequences for yourself. This is a characteristic that comes from above, and a person must acquire it. It is not found in any person except for those who are engaged with the clear Kabbalistic method that comes from Adam.

Question: In the history of the world, have there been many such people?

Answer: From Adam until our day there have been millions. After all, while in Babylon, tens of thousands of people followed Abraham. After that, thanks to practical spiritual work, they became what were known as the people of Israel and later spread throughout the world.

What this means is that at the time of the existence of the Batei HaMikdash (Temples), hundreds of thousands were in spiritual attainment. At that time, this was a great people who felt the upper world for many generations.

After the destruction of the Temples, the decline of the generations began. In the first millennium of the current era, a few thousand people remained in spiritual attainment, in the second millennium of the current era, far fewer remained, and in our day this there are individuals, and it is not known where they are and who they are.

But we are renewing the way upward; it is already a global movement. In principle, it always was global because according to genetic origin, the Jews are not a people but a group of Babylonians who united thanks to a spiritual ideology.

Therefore, there was nothing in it that was contrary to any people. It should be noted that throughout our history, from Babylon on, very large numbers of people joined the people of Israel to enter the perception of the upper world.

Among them were a multitude of ancient Kabbalists and masters of the Talmud who came from Greece, Rome, and other nations surrounding ancient Israel: Onkelos, Rabbi Akiva, and other prominent luminaries, and others as well.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/20/16

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