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A Different Kabbalah

laitman_570Question: I can understand some of the grievances that religious people have against you, but why are you also criticised by scholars who study Kabbalah in universities?

Answer: Scholars who study Kabbalah sit in universities and nobody has any issue with them, whereas with us Bnei Baruch, everybody attacks us and everyone is unhappy with us. So the issue is not that we are studying Kabbalah, but precisely how much this type of study of Kabbalah is not tolerated by religion and religious and secular people.

University scholars write about each other, of what each one thinks about Kabbalah. This came from ancient Greeks who studied Kabbalah from the prophets, but they understood it on a purely superficial level and this is how they began to write about it. Then, following generations wrote about the previous generations of philosophers and what they believed.

In other words, academic Kabbalah does not pursue the goal of attaining the Creator and the upper world and of making Kabbalists of their students, it merely aims to study previous university researchers.

Perhaps such people also come to us with a desire to study Kabbalah on the surface like in universities, and so they leave dissatisfied with us, for allegedly, we are studying the “wrong thing.” Likewise, scientists who study us in universities do not understand us and internally resent us for being different, not like them.

They cannot comprehend that our Kabbalah is DIFFERENT from theirs: We have attainment of the upper world from Kabbalists who perceive it in practice, while what they have is studying the opinions of their predecessors who have not attained the higher world.

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The Development Of Humankind: From Matter To Forces

laitman_220All the great philosophers, on the one hand, felt that humankind is not in harmony with nature. On the other hand, they thought that the proper organization of society would lead to this harmony and an individual would be able realize his creative potential.

All you need for this is to create the right laws, the right constitution. This caused all the revolutions.

Question: Why did humanity have to go through all this in order to come to despair? ..

Answer: This is how our egoism was formed; it had to go through all these stages, ripen, and discover its insignificance and finiteness. Such is its development. This is dialectic.

When Adam revealed the wisdom of Kabbalah, it became clear to him that the entire process was designed for 6,000 years, no less than that. Now it is the 5,777th year according to the Judaic calendar. There are 223 years left until the end of human development, and then there will be a transition to another area, to the field of forces, from matter to forces.

This is why it does not matter what the philosophers wrote, even though they could see the material future of humanity and all the possibilities for improving life. But this is not according to the laws of nature.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/15/17

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What Is The Source Of The Knowledge That Underlies The Wisdom Of Kabbalah?

Laitman_514.02Question: What kind of depth stands behind the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: There is nothing in the still, vegetative, animate, and human nature in all its forms and possibilities that is not explained by the wisdom of Kabbalah.

The explanation is scientific and precise, relying on one single criterion, which is that only two forces exist in nature, a positive force and a negative force, and between them they create all the elements, all the characteristics, and all the laws of creation. The use of the wisdom of Kabbalah gives us a hold on a universal and concrete system of knowledge through which we can approach everything.

Question: The science of physics has been studied and investigated for a few hundred years, while the wisdom of Kabbalah has existed for more than 5,000 years, but it is not taught anywhere. Why is this so?

Answer: The science of physics is included within the wisdom of Kabbalah, but it is a science that is relevant to the lowest level of matter, the inanimate level of our world, and there is nothing in it; there is no spirit; there is no management. It is only the inanimate result of higher forces.

Question: Is it possible to say that the wisdom of Kabbalah is the basis for all the mundane sciences?

Answer: The foundation for all the sciences is HaVaYaH; these are the four phases of the extension of the upper Light from the upper phase, Keter.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/5/17

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A Single Force In The Evolution Of Nature, Part 3

laitman_756_2The upper force created us with the ability to feel ourselves as separate from it in order to give us the opportunity to come to know it as bestowing and benevolent, as our source.

Question: What do we need this for?

Answer: We feel this need because we are dependent on this force. We find that our lives in this world are very limited, and we suffer. This suffering makes us look for the cause, and the cause is within it, within that same single force. We want to uncover this force in order to improve our condition.

There are people who explore this general force of nature and discover that this is a force of kindness, a force that wants to bring us to perfection. But in order for that to happen, we first need to become aware of our evil. It is impossible to attain kindness without knowing its opposite, that is, evil. It is possible only through our own experience of the contrast, of the fundamental difference between good and evil.

We want to experience comfortable, pleasant conditions. As soon as we experience hardship, we immediately try to protect ourselves, to distance ourselves from it. Then, in addition to our feelings, we need to engage our intellect with which we can begin to figure out how to avoid these hardships. In this way, we develop emotionally and intellectually.

Naturally, we try to distance ourselves from unpleasant experiences and approach pleasant ones. For the thousands of years of our development, beginning with the most primitive forms of life to this moment when we find ourselves in the 21st century, we are gradually building within ourselves a new mechanism, giving us the ability to better understand and sense how we need to behave.

Ultimately, out of all that’s available to us, we try to build a maximally comfortable form of existence for ourselves. We try to use this general force of nature in which we exist in order to be comfortable, according to our understanding. In essence, this is our entire work in this life.

With this specific goal, we develop the sciences, culture, education, psychology, philosophy, and history. Basically, we just want to know how to feel better because the pursuit of pleasure is a basic human need, our natural desire to receive.

Kabbalah is physics on a higher level, from a more advanced perspective, the “physics of the future.” In ordinary physics, there is no talk of the observer having to change his own qualities. In the theory of relativity, the observer’s experience changes relative to time, speed, and distance. Nevertheless, he himself does not change. His psychological state remains the same.

The correct combination of physics and psychology is when we focus not on the perception of reality, but rather on who is perceiving it and what kind of corrections it is possible to make within him in order for him to experience a new world. This is the next stage of development for the theory of relativity because time, speed, and location do not change outside the observer. Rather, it is the observer who changes in his approach by correcting his own inner qualities.

Then, we find that there is nothing eternal that remains in our world; everything becomes relative and temporary. A person changes all of his qualities and changes reality itself. Then, we rise still higher. Kabbalah says that reality does not have any form at all, that everything depends on the perception of the observer. So, we can draw a conclusion: The force of development in nature is constant and eternal; we exist within it, possessing various changing qualities, and we must figure out what is constant and what is variable within us and within the reality surrounding us, having learned to differentiate between constant and variable.

The constant is the force of nature or the upper force, Creator, and the variable force is the person observing it. The entire reality that the observer perceives is a direct consequence of his inner qualities. If we change the person, then we change the world he perceives.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/27/17

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A Single Force In The Evolution Of Nature, Part 1

Laitman_712_03.jpgQuestion: What is this force that compels the development of the entire world: all of nature and humanity?

Answer: We exist within a force field called nature, which includes within it a multitude of various forces. We divide this force into levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human, or according to the scientific approach used to study it: physics, chemistry, biology, etc. We define it, according to the trajectory of our development, as a cause and effect relationship.

Within this field there are areas that are completely unknown and incomprehensible to us. All of nature is a single force. The further we advance in our understanding of reality and the deeper we investigate nature, the more we are convinced that it is a single force.

Our perception becomes increasingly more integrated and global; we already understand that there is no separation between physics, chemistry, biology, and zoology; rather, each is an aspect of a single form. It is only due to the limitations of our perception that we are able to tune into a single reality that appears to us in the form of separate fragments. We are simply not able to see all of creation in the form of one picture, one force.

But gradually, according to the degree of our development, we begin to understand that this is actually a single picture, a single force, within which we exist. And this force develops us and gives us the possibility to get to know it. This force called nature, as if it itself, wants us to recognize it.

A person studies nature with his own abilities given to him from birth, and that is why, of course, he is limited by time, movement, space, and his own perceptions. He is not capable of clearing his brain and reprogramming it anew. This is because humanity is the result of a lengthy evolutionary process, which took place under the influences of various activities and forces extending over billions of years.

A person is a result of the development of nature. And that is why a question arises: being that man is an inseparable, integral part of nature, is he able to study it? Because in order to do this, it is necessary to rise above nature.

Only recently, on the cutting edge of science, we have begun to understand that time and space are relative, that instead of matter, there can be energy. But energy is something that disappears, which means that matter too can disappear.

It turns out that all the endless tons of matter that we see in the universe is not matter but energy, that is, something ephemeral and disappearing. In essence, our universe is empty!

Furthermore, cause and effect can change places, and that which seemed to us as being the cause, can be discovered to be the effect, and vice versa. It is possible that the event that needs to occur now, produces the cause for itself, and not the cause producing the event.

There is a phenomenon described in quantum physics where particles that are separated from each other by cosmic differences are observed to be connected to each other. And if one of the particles spins in a particular way, then the other particle, that is billions of miles away, spins the same way. And it’s not that one particle mimics the actions of the other, rather the two of them are bound together. Neither one of them is the cause nor the effect, but everything is a unified whole and is in such a form that we are unable to conceptualize it with our intellect because our intellect is so extraordinarily limited. It turns out that because of this, all of our investigation of nature is extremely limited.

Question: Do we have to admit that there is a great deal we don’t know?

Answer: We know almost nothing! Since our perception of mathematics and physics is also the result of the way we are made. And if we were made differently, we would have a different sort of mathematics and 1 + 1 would not equal two.

It is only an assumption that 1+1=2. If we replaced our sensory organs, then we would see a different reality. All of nature surrounding us would seem completely different.

But the force that develops nature can be accepted as absolute, existing outside of us. This force created nature and us in such a form that enables us to study part of nature, to a limited degree. And if we actually want to study nature, then we must rise to the level of this force, for which it is necessary to acquire new abilities.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/27/17

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Earth Can Be Heaven

Laitman_715Question: Stephen Hawking continues to popularize himself. Now, he proposes to build colonies on the Moon and Mars where we would need to resettle as a result of climate change on Earth or the fall of a meteorite.

What do you think about these statements? Are we going somewhere?

Answer: I did not expect such a stretch of imagination from such a serious scientist who is the head of Newton’s department.

Of course, it is good to build laboratories on the Moon or on Mars to “saddle” some kind of a comet or a meteorite. The fact that he calls for resettlement elsewhere is no good at all. People do not know how much they are connected with the Earth.

We are connected with the Earth with all of our properties! We change even when we move from place to place on Earth. Facial features, character… everything changes. Compare, for example, the Jews who lived in Russia in the European part and those who lived in Central Asia. This is the power of the Earth! It is said that changing place changes fate and luck.

I believe that scientists do that to get good funding, create laboratories, and learn more about the universe. It is good. In fact, I do not think that someone thinks about moving somewhere else seriously.

If there is no life on Earth, will it be in another place? Here, we have excellent conditions, but we have already polluted the Earth so badly that we do not want to live on it anymore. And what will happen in another place? Is this how we will deal with all celestial bodies?

Comment: Once, you said that the garbage orbiting in space will be the monument to humanity.

Answer: And it is already so. If someone watched us from outer space, they would understand that they shouldn’t do business with us just by looking at the rubbish. They would say, “Look what they did to the nearest space!”

Question: I want to ask you as a Kabbalist: how can we master the Earth so that there will be no desire to move anywhere else?

Answer: People who have polluted the Earth must correct themselves. After all, the Earth can be heaven.

Question: So, will there be enough space and the ecology will be better?

Answer: This is not about that. The fact is that according to the parameters of inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, the Earth is an ideal place for us because we grew and developed on it.

But when man on the Earth began to develop egoistically, he began to oppose himself to nature and the Earth, and as a result, systematically and consistently spoiled the environment. And here, we must correct ourselves.

Therefore, we need to take care of our own development along with financing scientific development.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/28/17

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Generations X, Y, and Z, Part 3

laitman_229Question: How does external influence affect the character of a generation and shape it?

Answer: Human egoism is like clay or dough from which a society can mold anything.

Question: Doesn’t the character of a generation depend on its egoism?

Answer: Egoism only determines how pliable this material is. Once, it is molded from clay, then sculpted from marble, and later, even more complex materials are used for construction. Today, mostly plastic is used.

The distinction is all in the material, and what to build and how is determined by the generation. But, the material itself, suitable for construction, comes from within, from the developing desire to enjoy.

Question: The older generation created all the innovations that had not existed before in the world, and the next generations enter a world in which everything is as it is. Is that perhaps why the younger generation is not very impressed with material values?

Answer: Young people are not impressed with material values, and they have nothing to add to the world of material things. It would seem, what will they do? But, this is just like after Newton’s physics where everything was already known. Einstein suddenly came and opened new dimensions.

The same is true here. We built all kinds of devices, but the next generation has the opportunity to create new programs for them, to get inside the matter, inside the genome, into the source of life, inside the brain and above it. They still have a lot of work.

As a student, I worked in the field of medical cybernetics at an institute engaged in the study of blood and the brain. But, this is nothing compared to modern instruments and research facilities. The research went far into the interior: inside the cell, inside the brain, the psychology of man, and beyond the boundaries of the mind. It breaks through and beyond the borders of human life.

These studies still refer to the material, but they are approaching the border of the spiritual world, and we are gradually losing touch with matter. This information is from the border zone and over the matter.

The egoism of modern man is more developed and complex. It is destined to perceive the deepest mysteries of life. And for him, they seem quite natural and ordinary. A person is no longer impressed with the tools that fall into his hands, but he is looking for what can be achieved with their help.

The baby boomer generation built a material base, the equipment. The next generation created a program for it. The youngest generation will now use all of this.

Question: And what will the new generation have to do? Where are we going?

Answer: I think that the next generation will enter the reality that we will reveal at the expense of all of our previous development, and they will live in it. They should reveal the spiritual world. The challenge of the next generation is to move from computers and the study of matter to its forces. Deeper inside the material, through it, we reach the forces that govern it, and there we will continue our research.

Question: What will young people be impressed with in a decade?

Answer: It seems to me, with nothing. The younger the generation, the more difficult it is to be touched by something. Their egoism is so subtle that it is not impressed by anything tangible in this world. They need to uncover higher sources of influence on themselves and, perhaps, they will impress them. The usual fulfillments—food, sex, family, money, honor, and knowledge—are no longer important to the modern generation.

It is clear that it is necessary to satisfy the essential needs of the body, but beyond the necessary, a young man will want to be in the world of the managing program, in the world of forces, above the material, where matter comes into play in the large computer of creation called the “spiritual world.”
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/18/17

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Instructions Of “The Last Generation”

laitman_533_01Question: When reading Baal HaSulam manuscript The Last Generation, we feel that there is a treasure in them—instructions how to build the future society. How can we understand it correctly to study and present it to other people?

Answer: The problem is that Baal HaSulam these manuscripts wrote for himself; they are not systematized enough and repeat themselves in many respects. He was making sketches from time to time, but didn’t bring them to any order.

Rabash said that Baal HaSulam considered his generation still not ready for correction, and therefore he stopped writing. After all, his newspaper was closed and it was forbidden to print his writings.

I understand your desire, but you should also understand me. It is based on Kabbalah; I can say that this is an absolutely practical science! Although it seems like mysticism where some Sefirot, Partzufim, and worlds are supposedly spinning, this is the most practical science! It completely depends on the inner state of the people studying it.

Therefore, I don’t know to what extent we can develop the topic of “The Last Generation.” Perhaps, we can do it in a very limited form since we need to reach this individually by ourselves. We’ll try to do this.

I understand your enthusiasm. Perhaps it can help us. But you need to understand that I get up every morning, which starts for me at midnight, and I begin to study. I come to the audience without knowing at what level the lesson, the discussion, or the questions will be; it doesn’t depend on me.

I can’t reveal more than how I feel the desire of the people, their needs, and their ability to at least partially absorb the material. If they can absorb at least ten percent of what I am saying among them, it means that I can already speak and I invest a hundred percent. Otherwise, I can’t.

Therefore, despite your strong desire to describe the instruction of “The Last Generation,” if the audience doesn’t have such a desire, I find it difficult to do so.

So far we haven’t reached this. But I am an optimist, I am always ready.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/15/17

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To The Dialog Between Kabbalah And Science

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: I believe that the development of a dialog between Kabbalah and science is a path that science, which is now in crisis, should follow. Kabbalah not only opens a second wind, but is the basis from which science originated and where, most likely, it will come.

Answer: I am sure that Kabbalah and science will come together.

We need to bring Kabbalah to the level of practical use. Then people will find complete interaction between science and Kabbalah so that mutual descriptions of both science and Kabbalah simultaneously and in the same language will become possible.

I would like for this to become possible so that one can describe classical physics, chemistry, biology, zoology, and other sciences in one language together with spiritual levels. All of this is possible, but we need to work for this.

Nature is one. We just need to find a language for its general description. This is still ahead of us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/25/16

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What Does The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Study?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does Kabbalah say about the mystery of dark energy and dark matter?

Answer: Kabbalah does not deal with the phenomena of our world and doesn’t say anything about them. One can draw some parallels between the upper world and ours, but these comparisons are relative and do not directly relate to each other.

Question: What does Kabbalah study? Can we say that it studies man’s consciousness and the connection between consciousnesses?

Answer: No. Kabbalah studies two properties of the desire: the property of bestowal and the property of reception. Both desires are at the core of our nature. The correspondence between these properties—which of them prevails, to what extent, and so on—constitutes all parts and all levels of creation.

Question: What does it mean “Kabbalah does not study our world”?

Answer: Sciences of our world do that. And the wisdom of Kabbalah studies the next, so-called higher level. But to do this you have to be at the level at which you want to study it.
From KabTV’s lesson in Russian, 12/25/16

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