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Spiritual Growth Is Impossible Without Joy

243.04We are in the world of infinity, full of light, which fills the entire universe. But we feel this world as empty, that gives us nothing but a tiny spark of life so that we can somehow exist. Therefore, we do not value this world. Everything in it is hidden, but we need to reveal it.

Concealment and disclosure depend only on us and no one else. I just have to convince myself that I already exist in the world of infinity, in the ocean of infinite light, infinite fulfillment, and I have no shortage of anything. The only thing that I am lacking is my correct attitude. If I relate to the world this way, I will find that it is all there.

This means that I rise to faith above reason thanks to a sense of joy, unity, and mutual support. This is how we discover the world of absolute goodness and see that nothing has really changed except our perception.

Previously, I saw the whole world as black because I judged it according to my shortcomings. And when I correct my attitude to the world, rise to faith above reason, and want to see a good world full of the upper light, the Creator, I see that this is what it really is.

And this is not a psychological suggestion or self-deception but a true reality. I only need to raise myself from the degree of Malchut to the degree of Bina in order to see the world in the quality of bestowal and not receiving.

Then the world will be good, and I will see that everything is fine in it and there is no evil. It is simply that everyone judges to the extent of their own corruption: if there is evil inside me, then I see evil around me. And if I correct myself, I see the world corrected. It all depends on my inner view.

And the most correct attitude is to be in joy. And therefore, it is written: “Serve the Creator with joy.” If we relate to the Creator and the world created by Him with joy, with gratitude, without criticizing the Creator, we will feel that the world is really good. This means that we want to rise from the degree of Malchut to the degree of Bina, to faith (the degree of Bina) above reason (the degree of Malchut).

The Creator treats me well, but it seems to me that I receive blows because instead of being in faith, the power of bestowal, I am in reception. It is I who corrupts His attitude toward me. Therefore, I must make every effort to reveal the goodness of the Creator. After all, there can be no evil in the world if there is no other force than the Creator, who is good and does good.

If it seems to me that there is evil in the world, it is because I am corrupted inside. There is nothing else to fix except my attitude to reality. And then I will see that there is no evil—there is only good.
From the Lesson for Women 11/1/20

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 9/27/20

962.3Question: When are you happy in your soul?

Answer: When people understand that they are living in an eternal, perfect world and that it is only because of their limited vision that they cannot see it.

Question: Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation in which you meet yourself in a different reality. What would you ask yourself?

Answer: Generally speaking, this is what I am trying to do. There is nothing new there.

The fact is that when you meet yourself, there is nothing to ask since you coincide in desires, opinions, and everything else, otherwise you would not meet.

Question: How do you seek answers to your questions?

Answer: I try to be detached from myself and join the flow of the thought of creation that is above us. This is where I get the feeling, the information, and everything I need.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 9/27/20

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How Does Consciousness Emerge?

565.02Question: How does Kabbalah interpret consciousness? How is it related to intention and desire?

Answer: Consciousness is built from identifying an external source (informational field) and does not exist on its own. To the extent that we begin to feel the influence of an external force upon us, we can say that consciousness appears in us.

You can connect to the consciousness outside of a person by your inner development. We exist in this information field, and therefore, by tuning ourselves to it, we receive consciousness.

Question: What is subconsciousness?

Answer: This is all psychology that makes such distinctions. Kabbalah does not deal with it.

Comment: Nonetheless, there are some things that I do consciously and some I do subconsciously.

Answer: Naturally. Our actions and the impact of nature on us are practically the two sources of our existence. Using the term “consciousness,” I imply our perception of the influences of nature, their analysis, and decision-making how to act under their influence.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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Thought Is The Greatest Power

167Question: The intellect helps to process sensory information, that is, to understand the benefits of our feelings. And you say that feelings are primary and intellect is secondary. How can this be?

Answer: And where can the intellect manifest itself if not in the comparison of feelings? The intellect is meant to satisfy our desires. The more developed a person is, the more intelligent he is in filling them.

Question: They say that the greatest power in the world is the power of thought. Do you agree with this statement?

Answer: Yes, this is the greatest power.

Question: How can you use it?

Answer: It depends on society, which must guide us in the right direction toward the right goal and support us all the time.

We must think about being tied together into one single force, into one single thought, so that it turns into a design, and  coincides with the design of nature. Then we will become equal to it.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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How To Resist The Influence Of Time?

276.02Question: Once you said that time kills everything. How do we resist the influence of time?

Answer: We need to rise above it, because, in fact, we exist outside of time.

Time is a kind of illusory idea in which all the actions I find myself in consist of a beginning, a middle, and an end. But I must perceive reality as existing in which I am in eternal, perfect, endless motion. And how much I influence this eternity and perfection depends on me. And I must do it to the best of my ability.

Understand that the correct connection to the eternal, perfect movement of the entire system of the universe is the highest. When I connect to something higher, I swim with it.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 9/27/20

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Can Joy Be Eternal?

572.02Question: What state does a person mostly feel joy from: from the past, the present, or the future?

Answer: From the present, of course. This feeling is the most acute. As for the future, it is the anticipation of joy. It may last longer. And the joy from the past leaves a certain impression and turns into knowledge, into what we call a Reshimo (informational record).

Question: Joy is a consequence of fulfilling our desires. But the fulfillment of desires extinguishes them and it turns out that the joy disappears. How can the joy be made to last forever?

Answer: It is necessary to separate the feeling of joy itself and the object that caused it. For example, if you feel joy from the achievements of your child who is constantly developing, then this joy does not disappear. And if you are happy about some of your successes, then this feeling goes away very quickly.

In other words, when joy is felt from an external source, then it can be long lasting, almost endless.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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Hatred Detector

527.01The next stage of the pandemic is the revelation of evil that the coronavirus is leading us toward. We will understand that we must keep our distance from each other in accordance with our internal separation. Gradually, the connection between the material and spiritual world will begin to manifest.

Therefore, I don’t think the pandemic will end. Medicines will appear, but they will not help, and if they help for one virus, it will only be to reveal another, even more dangerous one.

The coronavirus shows us our internal relationship to each other in external parameters: I hate someone “by two meters,” and someone “by twenty.” The quarantine distance reflects the hatred that exists between us. I’m forbidden to approach someone if I don’t treat them well. Maybe they’ll even invent a detector that starts buzzing if you get too close to someone.

This is called the revelation of evil because I see how badly I treat people and that I must correct my attitude. This will be the cure for the coronavirus.

In spiritual space, our closeness is determined by the law of similarity of qualities. And that is why such events happen to us in this world. We gain a new perception of reality because I can get closer to you or further away depending on how I think about you: good or bad. If I really want what’s best for you, I can get closer and closer. But only up to a certain limit, no more than that! I feel the border between us.

We are like charged particles in a spiritual field that cannot arbitrarily approach or move away, but always maintain a balance between them. So we begin to feel ourselves floating relative to each other to the extent of equality of our qualities or their difference. The distance will change as the attitude changes, and everything will become so obvious that it will allow us to quickly correct ourselves and become like one man with one heart.

There will be no difference between us—only one common desire. There will be no diseases and viruses. The virus will turn out to be useful since it has brought us to this state, to a common embrace.

The main thing is to find out that we need the help of the upper force hidden in nature. This force is the source of life, and therefore, it created all the particles of creation and develops them until they reach the sense of life. Therefore, we need this force that can connect plus with minus at all levels, so that it can help us at our human level.

On the human level, this power will not come by itself without our call; it leaves us free choice. It only awakens us by appearing to us as a negative force so that we ask it to act positively between us, as it is said: “Husband and wife—Shechina between them.” This is what we must ask, demand, and pray for together.

We have only one way out: to correct ourselves, and then the good connection between us will not allow the virus to manifest itself. Until we understand this, the coronavirus will not disappear. It will be reborn in various modifications and poison our lives until we realize that only by improving our relations with each other will we neutralize the virus.

Otherwise, the virus will pass from humans to animals, and from animals to insects, to such tiny ones that it is impossible to fight at all. The virus will be everywhere! It will be carried by beetles, flies, and birds and force us to be afraid of every mosquito. And most importantly, products will be infected with it.

I can lock myself in a house and turn it into a fortress, but I need supplies inside this fortress. And all the products will be contagious, in any tomato, cucumber, or water bottle there may be viruses, everywhere. After all, everyone has egoism, which means we will all suffer. I may not leave the house, but I need to breathe, and I will inhale viruses along with the air.

How else can we be pushed to say: “Enough! We are ready to do anything for the sake of correction.”
From KabTV’s “Writer’s Meetings” 10/22/20

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See The Inner World Of The Other

198Question: It is said that the average person is able to grasp about 500 words per minute, and the average speed of oral speech is about 150 words per minute. It turns out that our brain fills everything else with all kinds of thoughts.

For example: during a lesson when I seem to be listening to something, my head is constantly swarming with thoughts that take me back to my childhood or to the future. What should I do in such situations? I try to hear something, I want to remember the information, but I cannot because of external thoughts.

Answer: The only thing you can do is to rise above your egoism. There is no other way. Applying the method of Kabbalah, you can rise above your ego, and then you will feel others.

Why don’t we see the upper world? Why don’t we see spiritual forces? It is because we are closed inside ourselves, and the spiritual world is everything that is going from us to others. But we do not feel it, we do not notice it.

Question: If I appreciate the person I listen to, will it help?

Answer: Yes. If you love him with corporeal love, you will listen carefully to him, absorb his words. However, this is not enough. There are still other means of communication: higher, spiritual ones, when you exit out of yourself and begin to feel the other regardless of your attitude toward him. By rising above yourself, above your egoism, you perceive him absolutely objectively.

This is a special technique that comes from the rule “love your neighbor as yourself .” If you treat your neighbor as you treat yourself, to this extent you will be able to hear him.

Moreover, you will see and hear what the person you love does not even expect—his inner world.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/14/20

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In The World Of Infinity

537We do not have any attainment in the world of Infinity because all our attainment is possible only in the place that has an end. The sensation comes only at the border where everything ends. Therefore, in the state of infinity, we cannot perceive or understand anything.

It is as if I were thrown into the open cosmos and there is nothing but darkness, not a single ray of light, and it is not clear where the top, bottom, right, or left are. I do not understand anything, I am spinning in zero gravity and I do not feel where I am or what is happening to me. This is called the world of infinity.

The central point in the world of infinity is the point where everything ends: both desire and light. It is like a black hole.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/20,  Baal HaSulam, “The Study of the Ten Sefirot”

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Will Nature Begin To Help Us?

720If we do not work to correct our thoughts, then viruses will become more harmful and destructive because the development continues. It cannot be stopped.

The purpose of the program of nature is to bring us to correction, and if we do not strive for it voluntarily, by the way of light, then we have to be pushed by the way of suffering. Kabbalists warn us that if we do not make a correction, we may end up with a nuclear world war.

But this will not end there. A few thousand more years will pass and humanity will revive after all these nuclear explosions and begin to develop again: sit around a fire and hunt for mammoths.

Let us hope that nature will not let us kill ourselves with nuclear bombs so easily. I believe that humanity will be able to stop and think about the correction. Everyone already can see that there is no other way out, and all that remains is to put up our hands. If we ask for help, it means that we are ready to receive help above our egoistic mind and start working with it as with the only medicine.

We will have to divide all into groups of ten and start teaching how to treat each other kindly. The whole world must undergo integral education, at all levels, starting from kindergarten. Then we will see how nature immediately begins to help us. Then, of course, all diseases will disappear because people will become so close that in the connection between them, they will begin to reveal a different level of existence, the future world.

The future world is a world built on mutual bestowal, within which we reveal the Creator reigning between us. Instead of living in a field of hatred, we will live in a field of love. This love is the Creator between us, and it is not the love as we understand it now. Humanity will begin to rise to different levels of existence.

This is the solution to all problems: both the coronavirus and the economic crisis. Everything will normalize, and everything will be fine.

We have to start by correcting our own attitude toward others so as not to wish anyone any harm. This is also not easy, because when our nature is revealed, we see that we are subconsciously looking for a way to harm each other. We are like bugs that crawl around and only search how to bite one another, kick, or even eat each other.

Kind thoughts can neutralize all viruses and calm typhoons because a thought lies at the very foundation of the force field. It is written: “everything is resolved in thought.” From thought, it already descends to still lower levels, until it comes to viruses that are carriers of information.

With our thoughts, we can influence the entire universe, all worlds. When our thoughts connect with each other, they reach the upper force, and we feel that by this we deploy the whole of nature endlessly and infinitely. We must come to this; we cannot hide from the purpose of creation.
From KabTV’s “Writers Meeting” 10/15/20

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