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Management By The Brain

024Comment: New research suggests that the human brain responds more emotionally to negative actions that people perform and so it is easier for us to blame than to give them compliments. In order to compliment a person, we need to activate the part of the brain that is responsible for analytical thinking, whereas in order to insult and reprimand others, pure emotions and spontaneous feelings are sufficient. This means that the brain is to blame for everything. On the other hand, you say that the ego is to blame for everything.

My Response: The brain is merely a small machine. It does not produce anything. But in the end, when we read information, we see that it is harder to say something positive about another than to say something negative.

A negative reaction is purely emotional, and emotions are our direct ego, so we don’t need energy in order to use it. On the other hand, reaching positive conclusions about another person is great internal work, so of course a person is not inclined to do so.

Question: So does this mean that all the crazy unexplainable wars that are going on right now are a clash of emotions.

Answer: Of course!!! Isn’t this logical?

Comment: And you need to rise above your emotions, but you immediately claim that it is impossible.

My Response: It is impossible. How can we rise above our feelings if the feelings are who we are? We are not human beings without feelings, but computers, and we cannot operate this way.

Question: Does this mean that humanity will continuously clash in these wars?

Answer: Yes, unless it changes its feelings, it will not change its ego, and it will not correct it. So we are facing the era of the correction of the ego. It is not a simple matter, but it is clear and good. Here the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed as the method of the correction of the ego.

Question: Does this mean that all we need is to reach the recognition of evil; that is it?

Answer: Yes, that’s all. What else do we need? There is no evil in the world other than that. Everything will work out for the best.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/18/18

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A Look From Your Own Selfishness

565.01Remark: Each person sees in his partner only those qualities that are present in himself in an uncorrected form, according to the principle “each judges according to his own flaws.”

My Comment: The fact is that we can perceive nature only in our material senses. Perceiving others in our egoistic properties, we draw their images accordingly. Naturally, everyone who denounces others does it out of his own egoism.

Remark: Today many psychologists believe that a person’s properties do not change, and therefore one cannot demand changes from a partner.

My Comment: No, they can change. We can even change each other, but not by pressure, shouting, or beating, but only by a soft example.

Remark: But you said that character traits do not change, but their application changes. If a person uses them in order to keep a family, then any qualities, although unchanged, work in the right direction.

My Comment: Absolutely.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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See The World Through Others

423.02Question: How can a person realize that what he sees in the world is the result of his uncorrected worldview, his uncorrected qualities?

Answer: It’s not easy. If a person constantly controls himself, i.e., is engaged in self-analysis and self-examination, and tries to make something objective out of himself, then he understands what his reactions are.

By being in the right society and constantly showing an example of this attitude to everyone, he can tune in to the perception of reality in such a way that he will clearly distinguish: I feel this in my egoism, which needs to be raised and corrected all the time. And thus he will see the world differently.

Question: Can this be taught?

Answer: Yes, but everything is very difficult. In principle, nobody engages in this because this is not the usual work of a person on himself when acquiring skills or a trade, but it is a clear direction to get a new view of the world.

A new view of the world is a completely different state for a person, it is the quality of giving and loving others; it is when it is necessary to change oneself. This is a completely different method of change, not professional development, not changing yourself by being exposed to regular exercises and activities, but very special exercises and activities that can lead a person to see the world through others, i.e., as others see it.

Remark: So, this means that others are like a mirror of himself for himself. In principle, this would solve all our problems. Imagine if people had no complaints against anyone—neither spouses to spouses, nor country to country—then we would only be engaged in correcting ourselves and not others.

My Comment: Quite true.

Question: But this is only possible with a good environment that understands and cultivates it. Still, a person must have some inclination to do this?

Answer: Yes, but that would not be everybody. There are very few such people in every generation.

Question: Is this something innate? Or can anyone be taught this if there is an appropriate environment?

Answer: In principle, yes. Still, there are people who are born with a predisposition to change themselves and observe the world as if through others.

For this, a person must rise above his egoism and acquire the quality of love and connection with others. Moreover, with a certain positive environment, and not with some violators or others, only in this way will he be able to observe the world completely different, not through his egoistic “I.”
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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The Method Of Fulfilling Desires

712.03Comment: Recently, a survey was conducted: “Do you believe that if you only wish something very strongly, it will come true?” Many responded, “Of course not.” Those who believe in the infinite power of the mind and of our consciousness claim. “Of course.” They say there is a method that helps them fulfill their desires: to call out to the universe to help them. They call this manifesting desires through visualization. The principle of visualization is the link between the unlimited force of our thoughts and the universe, which is ready to offer gifts to anyone who asks correctly.

My Response: Connecting to the universe is very helpful. It is more helpful than connecting to people. Connecting to the universe is helpful if you believe that it is your reflection. If you wish to impose yourself on it and you want to express yourself in it, which is possible, by doing so you totally annul yourself and merge with it.

Then a real merging with the world, with the universe, takes place, and a person feels that everything around him is one system in which he exists and which seemingly sustains him, and he can reflect himself on it.

He begins to perceive the whole universe, the whole creation, the whole world, exactly like himself. He feels that everything is him, that his whole internal world is not expressed through the whole universe, through the stars, through space, through the planets, but that everything is the expression of his internal attributes, and so he wants to feel all of them as one united, integral, eternal, whole, as the expression of his corrected self.

If a person adapts himself, and unites with the universe, he begins to feel the spirit that fills space, the state of the thought that is the whole universe, because the whole universe, the planets, space, the stars, are but a thought. This is the proof or the expression of the thought of creation with regard to us. If I try to identify with it, to connect to it, to unite with the whole universe, I begin to perceive its internal meaning, and then I can connect to it.

Comment: A person is seemingly made of a wrapping of problems, thoughts that he is clothed in.

My Response: This is the reason that we say that we need to do it in a special state, gradually. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how we need to undress in front the universe and gradually take off our egoistic clothing. We can attain that by training in a group, where a person puts others in his place, and is thus ready to identify with the whole universe. It is possible. In order to do so we actually need to work seriously and to exert ourselves with the friends.

We can reach the level in which we can penetrate the universe through mutual connection with people. As strange as it may seem, it is actually the principle of “love thy friend as thyself” that is the key to the revelation of the universe.

It is hard work, but interesting and exciting, fascinating and special. This is man’s work!
From KabTV’s “The News with Michael Laitman” 12/2/18

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Feel The World Through Others

101Question: From your point of view, is there such a thing as an objective opinion? Or is it always subjective?

Answer: Yes, opinions are always subjective. But if we change ourselves, then in this way we will change our opinion and the world we are in.

Question: Do you know any techniques that allow you to read a person’s mind? Do you think this is possible?

Answer: This is possible only if I can really work on myself in such a way that, as it were, I become a different person. That is, when I contact him, I transfer myself to his state, or as if copying it onto myself, and thus I can determine his thoughts and desires.

But this is not an easy job. To do this, I must constantly annul myself before him and try to really put on him. In this case, I no longer read his mind, but my own. Putting on the other, accepting him as something better than myself, I begin to feel the world as if through him.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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In the News (Teen Vogue): In a now viral post, a BTS [K-Pop boyband] fan on Twitter used the seven member group to explain the components of an animal cell. …’I’m a biology major and I love the sciences so I thought it would be cool to incorporate my studies into it. … I thought about their respective personalities and roles in the group and tried my best to connect that to the roles of various organelles within the cell.'”

Question: Can we compare the way the cell functions as a model for building a group or a society?

Answer: Basically, yes. We know that every organism is made of contrasting parts, but they have to connect in a certain way for the sake of sustaining and creating a new complex integral organism.

The basis of this connection is that each of them bends itself in the direction of the common view, common role, and common goal. This means that to a certain extent each one subdues and lowers itself,  even destroys something about itself, and definitely limits itself in order to create one vital, multi-purpose, coordinated organism. It should be such an organism that can play with its different parts in any situation, and thus add totally different features from its internal attributes. What is more, these features should already be complex and of high standard.

For example, when different musical instruments connect into one gigantic musical instrument, an orchestra, their emotions, expressions, and sensations all connect, and thus produce a unique combination of sounds.

Question: When a nuclear cell is first created from non-nuclear cells, it is created as a result of an aggressive environment. How can a human organism be created without the impact of an aggressive environment but as a result of a positive impact?

Answer: It is impossible without an aggressive impact. There must be a common enemy of all the parts so they will begin to connect thanks to it. There cannot be a positive impact that will lead to connection because we are made solely of egoistic matter.

So there needs to be great external scares and threats in order to overcome our egoism. Perhaps then I will be able to subordinate myself to the rest, let’s say before a certain group, and enter it so they will feel that they benefit from me because I am ready to annul myself before them and enter them as an absolute integral part.

Question: Does this mean that now unity in society is simply impossible?

Answer: It is not possible in any way. Society needs to feel the threat of annihilation, and only then will it be able to think about uniting integrally, because the whole unity is based on my obedience to others.

Remark: In human society, in a collective, in a regiment, it is possible for a person who fulfills a certain function to say at a certain point: “That’s it, enough, I am tired, I cannot carry on any longer.”

My Comment: No. When people begin to connect to each other, they work in such a way that their unity positively affects them. They see progress and a positive outcome.

If at first we have to escape death, when we begin to connect, a new life spreads before us, a new level. This is a different matter. Here different positive components begin to emerge that draw us forward. Of course the initial state is merely the fear of death, which means escape from death.

Question: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, what is the name of the state that we acquire as we cooperate in the group?

Answer: Unity—when each one begins to see a part of himself in others and understands that without connecting to others he will not be able to feel the new life. The new life is felt on a new level. You cannot convey this to people who do not feel it because you have to actually annul yourself and enter others, connect to them, and in the mutual connection between you, you feel the totally new state, a new life.

Life is where you feel others instead of yourself. This is an incredible feeling, and it is beyond the framework of our life. Your personal, individual life, is the feeling of yourself, while here, we begin to feel others and actually accept them as our life. This means that everything that exists outside of me is called spiritual life, and everything that exists inside of me is called corporeal life.

Yet I cannot enter this state and annul myself, even if I can expect good things and unearthly feelings. I cannot overcome my ego, which is an obstacle on my way to connecting with others. There must be a real breakthrough here, and only a terribly great fear can provide that.

There is a way to overcome fear easily: if a person enters such a group in advance, wants to connect to others, joins them, cooperates with them, and so on. In any case, a real entrance to a group is accompanied by fear of being thrown out, which means actual spiritual death for a person. The motivation is great, because by doing so I begin to feel life outside myself.

When I feel myself, I feel my corporeal life has come to an end, if not today, then tomorrow, but when I exit myself, I begin to feel life outside myself, which is eternal and whole.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/2/18

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New Life 1170 – Interpreting Reality Correctly

New Life 1170 – Interpreting Reality Correctly
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, one’s worldview is a projection of one’s inner characteristics. It follows then that if a person changes one’s main characteristics or inner programming, one’s image of the world also changes. We each want to be king of the world and feel good at the expense of others according to our natural human egoism.

By changing our attitude to love of others and equivalence of form with the Creator, we find the remedy for all the bad situations in life and our perception of reality changes simultaneously. In the end, it will seem that the world is entirely good. Through love of others, we achieve love for the whole world and then the picture of the world stands in us correctly.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1170 – Interpreting Reality Correctly,” 10/24/19

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The Way To The Upper Level

laitman_594Question: If I am a slave to my emotions and am dominated by desires that were forced unto me, how can the wisdom of Kabbalah help me change my perspective if it is the direct outcome of my desires and my emotions?

Answer: All of your desires and emotions are determined by the level you are on, by your major attributes. Now they are egoistic.

But if you begin to study the wisdom of Kabbalah seriously, you will draw what is called the upper light unto you, and it will begin to change you gradually. Thus, accordingly you will begin to imagine a different world in your new attributes.

The world that is closest to us is the world in which you will begin to feel that everything is in a state of absolute unity, integrality, and complete mutual connection. This is the feeling on the lowest level, not in the depth of the attainment of each object and its layers.

This means that you attain the light of Nefesh of the world of Assiya, the first level of the 125 levels. This will give you some idea of something that is higher than your level.

Question: I perceive the corporeal world through my natural senses. When I begin to unite with other people, we begin to feel a new qualitative feeling, the upper world. Is this called the Creator?

Answer: This is the next level. You can call it the Creator because it is a level that is higher than you, but you ascend to it and become like Him.

We always call the level that is higher than us the Creator. It is revealed immediately and becomes higher.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 8/26/18

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A Black Hole Allows One To Live Several Lives

laitman_424.02Comment: Scientists have discovered a black hole that allows a person to live several lives.

My Response: Several black lives.

Comment: Such a black hole will not crush a person with gravity and the living creature will only be beyond time. All the past will be forgotten and ahead of him are multiple options of the events that develop in the future.

If a person could visit such hole and successfully leave it, he could live countless lives, each time starting all over again.

My Response: We are already starting all over again.

Comment: The only restriction is that the person cannot leave the black hole.

My Response: It is impossible to get out from a black hole because everything in general is one black hole. And we are in the black hole now also.

Question: What is a black hole from the point of view of Kabbalah?

Answer: It is our egoism. We are inside of it, inside of the black hole. There is no way out of it. Only if we correct this black hole to a white one, to the light one.

Comment: This is what scientists say: It is possible to get out of a black hole, only if there is a white hole that will let him pass though.

My Response: A black one will turn into white by itself. And for this, we need to attract forces that will change it to white.

The black hole devours all the time, you can’t get out of it. And the white will emanate all the time.

Question: What does it mean to live several lives? A person will enter a black hole, will exit?

Answer: Not to enter and not to exit! We don’t have to do anything! We just need to change ourselves and the environment we are in from black to white, change everything to the quality of bestowal instead of the quality of reception.

Question: And then he will forget the past and will see only the present?

Answer: He will have everything past, present and future in one whole. Time will disappear. He will not have such a concept of “past, present and future.” No! There is just one “is” and that is it. Nothing else.

And there is even no today, tomorrow, and after tomorrow. Because nothing changes. Time is in us, it is the changes we undergo.

Question: Meaning that the changes will be so fast that it will seem like everything is one moment?

Answer: They will seem an eternity to us.

Question: Why?

Answer: Because he will not have either “today” or “tomorrow.” This is not going to be!

Question: What does it mean “not going to?”

Answer: A person is a sensation. The sensation of myself yesterday, today, tomorrow. There will be no such sensations. Instead of that, one will sense eternity, perfection in which nothing changes.

We cannot talk about whether there is life, that there is something before, during, or after life. There is none of this. That’s it! We are in a white hole.

Question: A person now lives his normal life. He has many experiences, problems, joys, and sorrows. This creates a certain palette, a taste of life. What will be the taste of life when one will reveal this absolute state?

Answer: It is the Garden of Eden, paradise. What does the Garden of Eden mean if I don’t feel anything good or bad? I feel good in comparison with bad, bad in comparison with good.

And if nothing will change and everything would be only good? Maybe I will stop feeling? That is why we can’t talk about these states. It is a hole! Only the white one.

Question: So, is it worth it for humanity to get there?

Answer: Whether it is worth it or not is not up to us. We are already in it.

Question: And where should we get out of it?

Answer: You won’t go anywhere. We are just in it. The whole universe, the entire creation is in it. We have to stop and grasp where we are. It will come, do not worry.

Question: For whom is this desirable state?

Answer: For those who want to know the truth.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 12/24/19

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How We Evaluate The World

laitman_629.3Question: How is it possible to accept and love all people? After all, there are maniacs and murderers among them.

Answer: It all depends to what extent you look at the world correctly. Do not think that you are changing and the world is not.

As much as you change in your perception of the world, the world will also be changing in your perception. It turns out that in the end, you will be able to see the whole world as absolutely good, corrected, and perfect, because you have changed.

In other words, you evaluate the world either according to your correction or to your corruption.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/17/20

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