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See The True Picture Of The World

laitman_928Question: Are my desires also a test?

Answer: Your desires are the basis on which you build your spiritual Kli (vessel). There is nothing superfluous, nothing hostile in the world.

Try to see in everything the property of the Creator, His preparation, His help, meaning that which is referred to as help against you. You will then find that all of a person’s external and internal problems are needed only to recognize that it is all done by the Creator.

When you begin to agree that everything comes from the Creator, you will suddenly begin to feel your connection with Him through all these problems. I feel bad here, I feel bad there, but it is also different: the Creator does all this so that you direct yourself to Him.

It turns out that you already create the correct picture of our world and the spiritual world. So try to act this way at every moment, and you will see how everything will become manifested in you: how the picture of our world that obscures the truth will begin to dissolve. You will understand that it is all a sham, a theater that the Creator purposely portrays in front of you, and that you have to see Him through all these puppets, as He acts on you.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/3/2018

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Soul – One For All And Each Has Their Own

Laitman_177.13Question: What parts is a spiritual object called “a soul” comprised of? Is it permanent or subject to change?

Answer: The soul consists of ten Sefirot. It constantly changes depending on a person’s work on himself. But there are always ten parts connected in a single integral system, and it is everything.

The soul is one for all or each one has his own, just as our world is one for all and each one has his own. But what we perceive in our egoism is called “our world,” “this world,” and what we perceive in the property of bestowal, and maybe even love, exiting our egoism, is called “spiritual world” or “soul.”

Question: Is the soul and the upper world the same?

Answer: The feeling of the upper world is called the “soul” or the “ten Sefirot.” The ten Sefirot are the skeleton of the soul.

The word “Sefira” comes from the word “luminous” (Sapir). It is a point that was egoistic and became bestowing, altruistic. Therefore, it glows.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/10/18

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My World Is A Collection Of Desires

laitman_423.02Question: Kabbalists call everything desires. Even scientists have a hard time understanding when you explain that a table is also a desire and that everything we see around us are desires.

Answer: Of course, any object is a certain kind of desire, that is, a collection of atoms that exist in a corresponding connection with each other. But in what form does this table exist? In the form of desire. It is felt in my desires, and nothing exists except for this.

Question: What does “in me” mean? I can see the table outside of me.

Answer: It seems to you that you see it outside of yourself. In fact, you feel it in yourself. Even stars or other huge bodies you feel in yourself, not outside yourself.

Precisely because there are inanimate, vegetative, animal, and human desires in you, you feel them inside yourself in various combinations and call them “my world.” Outside yourself there is nothing except for the forces that affect and bring about such pictures in you. Everything that you now feel around you exists within you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 5/13/18

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Outside Of Us Is Only The Creator

laitman_423.02Question: Why should I love my neighbor if, as you say, others do not exist and everything outside of me is only an illusion of my feelings?

Answer: All that is outside of you is the Creator, who appears to you in different, opposite properties to yours. They are specifically manifested as repulsive because on them one has to build his new anti-egoistic vessel (Kli) capable of absorbing all information, not only what seems pleasant to you.

Imagine how much you perceive from what you are feeling right now. You automatically reject all that you do not like, which is unpleasant for you. One turns away from what is unpleasant both externally and internally.

And so much more is hidden from us because our egoism initially does not want it. Therefore, we do not perceive what really exists.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/8/18

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In Unity And Connection

laitman_232.08Concepts that are opposite in our perception exist in the world of Infinity in simple unity and connection. (Baal HaSulam, Talmud Eser Sefirot, Part 1 “Histaklut Pnimit”)

Question: What does it mean that opposite things are unified? Can you give an example from nature?

Answer: Einstein gave examples of dimensions emerging above time and space. For example, a grandfather and his distant descendant meet hundreds of years later. They both exist simultaneously, but with respect to our attainment it is experienced as past, present, and future.

Question: Does this mean that dinosaurs might be wandering around us and we just don’t see them?

Answer: Dinosaurs are not wandering somewhere; they are wandering within you (in the same way as before, by the way). There is nothing outside of us. We project everything that we perceive so that it seems outside of us and call it “our world.” We feel it only within ourselves. We do not perceive what is outside of us. It is as if some electrodes are connected to us and we imagine that we are somewhere talking with each other and seeing others as if on a screen.

The question thus arises: does this all just seem to exist or does it really exist? We cannot say, because we do not feel anything outside ourselves. Therefore, a person cannot claim objectively that something exists—he always perceives subjectively.

Everything that we reveal and study is purely subjective, including Kabbalah. We never attain the absolute picture. It will be revealed only after the general correction, when all of us unite and our small private sensors (Reshimot) will be united into one common sensor, our small private desires into one common desire that will result in absolute perception, eternal white Light. Then we will be able to talk about what really exists. This state is called Gmar Tikkun—Final Correction.

This is all in relation to us; there are no problems regarding the Creator since His properties include everything. We will be able to achieve this same state when our desire becomes fully integrated, including all the opposites in itself. This is considered loving your neighbor as yourself.

In other words, when I accept everything that exists in another person—all his unpleasant properties, states, thoughts—as my own, as the most precious, with love, then I will include the desires of all the people in the world and will be able to be objective, as all the opposites inside me will be united.

Question: Is it possible to say that both love and hatred will exist in me at the same time?

Answer: Of course. One will not annihilate the other because they will only support each other, so that between them I can feel the acuity of attainment. This is how it works.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/8/18

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Understanding Each Other At A Distance

laitman_959Question: When we are on a spiritual level will we be able to understand each other without words?

Answer: In general, yes. Of course, it is possible to work with a shared screen without verbal communication. But not just yet.

Such communication can be not only between two people who are near each other, but also between those who are in different parts of the world and even in two different worlds—it doesn’t matter. What hinders our understanding of each other are the mechanical, minor limitations of our world.

Question: Why is it that when you suddenly experience some kind of sensation, it is usually impossible to express it with words even to oneself?

Answer: It means that you are not yet able to experience the spiritual impact within your reasoning mind and your heart equally.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 4/1/18

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The Action Is The Reward

laitman_231.04Question: If the whole world is inside me, then time is also inside me. Can you explain how to manage time inside oneself?

Answer: Imagine that there is no time. There is no next moment, as it is said: “Freeze the moment, it is magnificent!”

That is how you should act: there is no time, only a moment of my utmost adhesion with the Creator. Time is a psychological phenomenon. In Kabbalah, time is the frequency of change of spiritual states, not the ticking of the clock. The faster the states change, the faster time passes.

Question: So, if I do something and expect that a month or a year later I will get paid, is the expectation itself called time? But if I receive the payment right away, at the time of the action, then time seems to disappear?

Answer: When the reward occurs at the time of the action, meaning that the action is the reward, then there is no time. That is the magnificent moment.

Question: It follows that this moment is the best one in the life of the Kabbalist? He never thinks of the future?

Answer: The Kabbalist lives in both states simultaneously: in his personal state as well as in the collective one. He has to be concerned about the general correction of the world. For him, an action directed at the correction of the world is the reward. If the Creator gives him this opportunity, by doing so He is rewarding him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/4/18

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I Want Truth, Not Games

laitman_241.01Question from Facebook: You always talk about playing a game. I hate this word. I want truth in a relationship, not games. What should I do?

Answer: Fate plays with a person. We should understand that we must play in order to draw the upper force that will change and correct us.

The game is not just playing, but checking one’s present state and orienting toward the future at every moment. Since the future is unknown and the present, in general, is not particularly evident, we are always in a fog, in a confused state: How should we proceed?

The correct behavior of a person in relation to the future is called “play” because we ourselves do not determine our future, just our attitude toward it.

Setting ourselves up for the correct attitude toward a good future will bring us good in the present. This is how we will advance.

It is very serious work, but since our next state is unclear to us, our movement toward each other, our attitude to the world, to life, even to the Creator, is like acting on a stage, when we are acting out our best future state, imagining what it can be. When we aspire to it, then accordingly, we receive it from above.

In principle, it is based only on the fact that the future is unknown, and I can determine it and its relationship to me, my inclusion in it, with the help of actions called “playing.”

Question: Is depression also a game?

Answer: Depression is also a game because we build a picture of the future as completely dark, foggy, unknown, and frightening in front of us.

In principle, Kabbalah discusses only about how we can achieve a real, true, and correct future. We need to create it. When I create this future, I build it from blocks. This is the game.

I am playing all the time, building it. If we correctly understand how to play and create our future from the blocks, it should be to connect these building blocks, what we should imagine. What’s most important is the relationship between us in a world that we can make beautiful. We cannot create it. So, we must learn to play.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 6/5/18

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Everyone Has Their Own Reality

Laitman_043Question: Is there any upper reality that exists regardless of our sensation?

Answer: There is an upper reality. If someone comprehends it, then it exists relative to him. If one doesn’t comprehend it, then it doesn’t exist for him.

Now we all feel the earthly reality in the same way because we are on the same egoistic level.

Question: On an altruistic level, will we also feel one reality or each will feel his own?

Answer: Together we will feel each other and one reality. Moreover, everyone will have their own reality, but they will all be similar.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 3/18/18

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Everything Is Relative To The Observer

laitman_276.02Question: What does it mean to rise to the level of the governance of our world? Does Kabbalah rule our world? What is it about?

Answer: Kabbalah does not rule our world.

The fact is that everything we perceive is what we call our world. This is my world. I do not know what the world really is and what it consists of. I only know what I feel and perceive. This is a very important point with which we have to start talking about a person and about where he is.

We have to understand that our world is one that we build within. Therefore, this concept cannot be objective. Everything is relative to the observer. For example, today one might comprehend some things a certain way, and tomorrow interpret them differently. There are, of course, general laws, rules, and methods, but in the end, we are only speaking of a person’s individual comprehension.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/11/18

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