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Why Does Humanity Have No Knowledge Of The Purpose Of Creation?

laitman_423.02Remark: If a person doesn’t read Rabash or Baal HaSulam, he would not know about the purpose of creation. It seems odd because humanity has made so many advancements and conducted a lot of research, but still has not come to this realization.

My Comment: This is because the human mind is not ready for it. People speak of nature being an interconnected single organism, but a person cannot adapt to this because he is different from it. He is not integrally connected to nature or society, and thus cannot achieve it on his own. He has no integral mind, no integral sensitivity or perception.

He is characterized by an egoistic perception, an egoistic connection with the rest of the world: take, grab, seize. Not being integrally connected with the world, he is separated from it, he remains inside himself. Therefore, it is very difficult to understand, perceive or feel nature as perfectly holistic and integral.

Kabbalah gradually begins to develop within us our integral perception of reality. Moreover, it says that you see the reality that you create yourself. Here you see a clash with modern psychology. You begin to perceive yourself as a projector of reality: you create the world, you depict it.

In the end, it turns out that there is no reality, it is all inside you. It follows that you have to, somehow, change yourself in order to investigate it. You get the opportunity to do this, by developing yourself, by becoming integral. You then begin to use yourself like a machine, like a laboratory. In other words, by changing your qualities you feel how the reality you feel changes.

You depict it, you create it, and you become the Creator of your reality, of your life. Also, you see how all the people, the animals, the vegetative, and the inanimate world, including all the cosmos, are a projection of your inner qualities: inanimate, vegetative, animate and human components—the first, second, third, and fourth stages of your egoism.

You can see whether this reality is corrected, meaning whether it is integrally connected with the other parts.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 12/8/18

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Why Do We Have To Break Through Into The Upper World?

laitman_962.5Question: Why do we have to break through to the upper world and we can’t enter calmly and quietly?

Answer: It is because the upper world functions according to a different coordinate system. There is no time (past, present, and future), space, and motion as in our world. There is nothing in the upper world that we can grasp and work with.

It is a completely different system of sensory and other coordinates. This is a breakthrough into another system, and therefore our laws do not apply there.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/24/18

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 5/13/18, Part 2

laitman_540Question: What is the order of actions that I must carry out to bring about the positive bestowal of the upper Light on me? Can this be done, for example, in a dream or when working or is it only during the time of study?

Answer: It is best during the study, but it is also possible at the time of carrying out other activities. This must be learned. The most certain correction is realized at the time of the study in a group.

Question: If I begin to study the wisdom of Kabbalah, will I be able to manage and determine the desires that will appear within me and those that will be shut down?

Answer: No. It depends on the root of your soul, and therefore, you cannot command it. And why would you? On the contrary, you will develop according to the appearance of the Light from above on your soul, on the sum of your desires.

Question: As a Kabbalist, do you manage yourself and summon the Ohr Makif (surrounding Light)? How do thoughts, desires, or people come to you?

Answer: I only express my readiness to advance and the Light does everything else.

Question: If the entire world is within me, who am I?

Answer: You are the repository of the entire world as you imagine it. After all, the created being is the entire world.

Question: If a person is approaching correction, is his general state positive, content, serene,  even elated?

Answer: Or the opposite. We are constantly moving in a start-stop motion, in very serious peaks: up and down, up and down. But in general, I am sure that we are all on the right track. You will soon discover this in practice. Everything will be okay.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/13/18

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Final Correction

935Question from My Blog: You once said in one of the videos that we have to complete our mission, that is, to come to final correction, and that this can be done regardless of time and space. What do you need to do for this?

Answer: Exit the framework of space and time, as you correctly noted. That is, we should not limit ourselves to any time frame, any place on earth.

We just need to get closer to each other as much as possible. In other words, rise above our egoism because our nature is absolute egoism and we already agree with it, understand it, and have researched it well.

The science of Kabbalah reveals the method of rising above our egoism where we can rise above ourselves and connect with others. In connection with each other above our animal egoism, above our original nature, we create a system called Adam, from the word “Domeh”—similar to the Creator, that is, a unified upper force.

We also make ourselves a unified system. Then the upper force fills it, and we feel ourselves existing in the property of bestowal, love, eternity, and infinity.

That is our final correction—filling ourselves completely with the upper Light.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/5/18

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 225

laitman_963.5Question: Can you explain what time is according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: Time is the order of cause and effect in activities. They generate in our sensation a process that we call “time.”

Question: Suffering is given to people in order to awaken them to develop the point in the heart, which is a part of the upper world. But why do animals suffer?

Answer: All of us who inhabit our world constitute the common created desire and by correcting it, a person also corrects the future of all the levels of nature

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When Is War Justified?

laitman_293Question: Nowadays, when concepts of self-defense and humanitarian intervention have changed their meaning, how can we tell the difference between a “holy war” and just a war?

Answer: I would make such a differentiation: a justified war is a war of people fighting for their existence and for their territory, for their land. If somebody comes to them and wants to kill them, then as it is written: “forestall by slaying him.” (Tractate Sanhedrin, 72:1, Gemarah)

On the other hand, a country shouldn’t be going to war when it is not on its own territory, even if it does so under certain “humanitarian” guises. It should only use help from international powers when seeking peace and some kind of dialog, but not for war and military operations.

Therefore, only one thing is justified: If someone from the outside rises against a person, or a group of people, or a whole country, then in response, you can fight him and kill him, or even start this war first. However, if nobody from the outside rose against you, you should not attack him and fight with him under any pretext, even the most incredible one.
The Round Table of Independent Opinions, Berlin 9/9/06

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Everything Descends From The Upper Program

laitman_235Question: Is the source of all renewals at the same time also the place of renewals?

Answer: The place of renewals is always determined from above and comes from one source. Everything that exists in the upper world gradually blurs, descends, and reaches us.

As they say, there is nothing new under the sun; everything descends from the upper program, which is set initially, from the beginning of creation to its end. We are fulfilling this program either involuntarily like all people or as Kabbalists who already understand it, adapt themselves to it, and then adapt it to themselves and thus advance.

Renewals are revealed in people and not in the world. Yet, in accordance with our inner changes, we see a different world every time. It’s as if there is a white screen in front of us and depending on the way we project our thoughts and desires, we can see any picture on it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 7/1/18

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See The True Picture Of The World

laitman_928Question: Are my desires also a test?

Answer: Your desires are the basis on which you build your spiritual Kli (vessel). There is nothing superfluous, nothing hostile in the world.

Try to see in everything the property of the Creator, His preparation, His help, meaning that which is referred to as help against you. You will then find that all of a person’s external and internal problems are needed only to recognize that it is all done by the Creator.

When you begin to agree that everything comes from the Creator, you will suddenly begin to feel your connection with Him through all these problems. I feel bad here, I feel bad there, but it is also different: the Creator does all this so that you direct yourself to Him.

It turns out that you already create the correct picture of our world and the spiritual world. So try to act this way at every moment, and you will see how everything will become manifested in you: how the picture of our world that obscures the truth will begin to dissolve. You will understand that it is all a sham, a theater that the Creator purposely portrays in front of you, and that you have to see Him through all these puppets, as He acts on you.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/3/2018

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Soul – One For All And Each Has Their Own

Laitman_177.13Question: What parts is a spiritual object called “a soul” comprised of? Is it permanent or subject to change?

Answer: The soul consists of ten Sefirot. It constantly changes depending on a person’s work on himself. But there are always ten parts connected in a single integral system, and it is everything.

The soul is one for all or each one has his own, just as our world is one for all and each one has his own. But what we perceive in our egoism is called “our world,” “this world,” and what we perceive in the property of bestowal, and maybe even love, exiting our egoism, is called “spiritual world” or “soul.”

Question: Is the soul and the upper world the same?

Answer: The feeling of the upper world is called the “soul” or the “ten Sefirot.” The ten Sefirot are the skeleton of the soul.

The word “Sefira” comes from the word “luminous” (Sapir). It is a point that was egoistic and became bestowing, altruistic. Therefore, it glows.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/10/18

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My World Is A Collection Of Desires

laitman_423.02Question: Kabbalists call everything desires. Even scientists have a hard time understanding when you explain that a table is also a desire and that everything we see around us are desires.

Answer: Of course, any object is a certain kind of desire, that is, a collection of atoms that exist in a corresponding connection with each other. But in what form does this table exist? In the form of desire. It is felt in my desires, and nothing exists except for this.

Question: What does “in me” mean? I can see the table outside of me.

Answer: It seems to you that you see it outside of yourself. In fact, you feel it in yourself. Even stars or other huge bodies you feel in yourself, not outside yourself.

Precisely because there are inanimate, vegetative, animal, and human desires in you, you feel them inside yourself in various combinations and call them “my world.” Outside yourself there is nothing except for the forces that affect and bring about such pictures in you. Everything that you now feel around you exists within you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 5/13/18

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