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What Can’t Be Repeated In The World?

610.2 Only the possibility to make a copy is the true criterion of originality. Only authentic truth can be the object of imitation or parody (attributed to Jacques Derrida).

Question: Is there anything in the world that cannot be repeated?

Answer: The only thing that cannot be repeated in the world is the creation of something from nothing. This is the prerogative of the Creator. Everything else can be repeated because you will already be making from what was created out of nothing.

Question: Is there an inner point from this in a person?

Answer: Each person has his own point that breaks away from his egoism and gives him the opportunity to create out of himself a likeness to the Creator. To the extent of this similarity, he will be called man – Adam. “Adam” – from the word “Domeh” (similar).
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/6/21

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The Mind—A Link To Universal Consciousness

624.04Question: Scientists that researched the human brain tried to find a mechanism that controls a person and utilizes all of the brain’s capabilities. But they didn’t find the answer. Perhaps they weren’t looking in the right place?

Answer: Of course, not. Our brain is a very serious transitional link both between ourselves and between each of us and the external universal world consciousness.

In fact, all souls are interconnected by a very complex network of mutual connection, not only people and not just on the level of our world to the extent of the scope of its information, but at the level of a much deeper and more capacious informational connection.

Therefore, to say that we could find the source of actions, thoughts, feelings, decisions, desires, or anything that happens to us inside a person is completely incorrect. All these invisible, imperceptible connections pass through us, through billions of other souls and bodies, and return back again. This is a huge common whole organism that we do not know and do not feel.

But Kabbalists do feel it. They perfectly attain how this organism works. It is called the radiance of the Shechina, the radiance of the entire universe, of the common desire and common thought where all humanity unites in thoughts and aspirations at the highest level in its corrected state with the Creator.

In the end, everyone will attain this. Then we will know what the scientists were trying to find out. Otherwise, we will never have complete information.

Question: Can we say that by researching the brain, scientists are looking for the root of our origin?

Answer: Yes. But, actually, there is nothing inside the brain. The brain is a very small receiver of information. In fact, the work of each cell of the body is determined by the organism, but in order for the cell to learn what the organism requires of it, there is a small device in it that adapts it to the whole organism. This is what our brain is.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Anamnesis” 2/19/10

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Attack On The Concealment Of The Creator

583.04I hope you had time to prepare for the congress and feel more independent. We will try to conduct it in such a way so that we really feel the Kli (vessel) that we must create together in order to reveal the Creator in it. This is the most important thing.

The name of the congress speaks for itself: “Rising Above Ourselves.” This, in principle, is what everyone and all of us should do together, in mutual assistance. And then we will feel the world we actually exist in constantly, not in our broken feelings and perceptions, but in the world of the Creator.

Nothing was broken in fact. Everything exists only in our sensations. If we correct them, we will feel the real, eternal, whole creation.

Inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human nature is all that we perceive today in our broken sensations. We cannot escape this. That is all there is in us, and that is us. Our feelings divide our world into: me and the rest.

But we know from Kabbalah that really nothing was broken. Everything exists in its entirety, and the shattering is only in us. This is the first, the main, point from which we must proceed; everything that exists exists in me.

And if I correct my perception of the world, then I will feel a different world. It is up to me. That is why our method is called the wisdom of Kabbalah—how to receive, perceive, and feel yourself and everything around you.

Kabbalists, those people who have mastered this special quality of perception and are not disturbed by egoistic properties, say that it is possible to perceive the world as it really is and not as it seems to us as reflected in our senses.

We can adjust our senses to feel the world in a different way and gradually improve our perception without involving egoistic obstacles in it. And then we will perceive the world as a single, benevolent upper force, which relative to ourselves, we call the Creator.

“World” (Olam) comes from the word “Alama” (concealment). It means that our world is concealment. Therefore, our task is to establish ourselves so that we perceive not the world that we feel now, but what is hidden behind it, the Creator Himself.

How can we do this? Calibrate yourself for this. How do I calibrate myself for this? Remove the obstacle. And there is only one obstacle—us.

Therefore, we must attack the concealment of the Creator or attack our egoism that divides us and fragments our entire perception into pieces, into separate parts, into levels that are closer, further, and so on.

We need to make sure that we perceive the world as a whole and not as torn apart by our egoistic organs of sensation.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/6/22, “Approaching the Creator Through the Network of Connections Between Us,” Lesson 1

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Life’s A Game, But Can We Win?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 1/6/22

When you look at people immersed in computer games, you get the feeling that they would readily jump into the computer and become the avatars that represent them in the game. Indeed, computer games answer all our questions. Some people even believe that in the future, we will live in a computer network and communicate with one another in a world that is completely virtual. But games have a purpose: to make us ask about reality and our place in it.

From a broader perspective, we can see that our “reality” is a game, as well. We buy, sell, win, and lose. If you tell a child what you do all day, he will tell you that you, too, play games.

For most people, today’s games are different from the ones their parents played. They no longer play ball or ride their bikes through the park. They play on their phones, alone or with other people online, or they watch others play.

There is a reason for this. We build reality according to our desires. As our desires have changed, our games have changed accordingly. As we have become more self-absorbed and narcissistic, our games have changed to reflect our self-centeredness.

Also, in many ways, children in today’s games feel like they are building their own world. This is far more satisfying than playing basketball, for example. If we, adults, felt like we were building an entire world to live in, much like kids do in Minecraft, for example, we would never come out of the game.

On the computer, on the playing field, or in life, we play to win. But thousands of years ago, the authors of the Midrash said (Kohelet Rabbah), “One does not leave the world with half one’s wishes in one’s hand, for one who has one hundred wants two
hundred; one who has two hundred wants four hundred.”

The only way to win the game is to ask about its purpose. When we ask, it is as if we stop the game and demand to know why we’re playing in the first place. In life, too, we should stop and ask why we do what we do, why there are stars, air, Earth, people, why everything exists and why we live. When we ask these questions, it is like going back to our childhood when we asked ourselves these questions. When we ask, the questions themselves bring us answers, and answers are the only victory we need.

Why Do Miracles Attract Us So Much?

568.01Question: Some researchers assert that the tendency of people to believe in miracles can be explained physiologically in that a certain part of our brain is responsible for irrational thoughts and another part is responsible for correcting them.

Throughout millions of years of existence we have narrated all kinds of myths and fairy tales to each other in order to connect all kinds of natural phenomena. Therefore, the belief in miracles and the attempts of science to explain them logically is probably inherent in us at the genetic level.

Do you also think that believing in miracles is a physiological tendency? Where does it come from?

Answer: A person wants to learn, to believe, and to feel what is beyond one’s comprehension. A person keenly listens, closely looks, and tries to go beyond the boundaries of his feelings. This is why miracles attract us so much.

Question: From your point of view is this good or bad?

Answer: It is good! This is a human attribute! One does not run away, but on the contrary, tries to get closer, to understand this “miracle” if, of course, it does not repel him.

Question: What if he just believes in miracles and does not even try to explain them? Let’s say he has a tendency to believe.

Answer: This already depends on his calculations, what he wants to achieve from such an attitude to miracles.

I would not say that we should be afraid of miracles, try to run away from them, limit them, or put them in some kind of religious framework. We just need to look for a scientific, real explanation for everything that seems to us to be a miracle.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/30/21

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The Signs Of The Zodiac And The Thought Of Creation

740.02Question: In the ancient book The Great Commentary (Midrash Rabbah), it is written that Abraham went out at night to look at the stars and asked himself the question: “Am I ruled by them or is there a higher power that is higher than them? If I am ruled by their power, I need to worship them, and if there is a power that is higher than the stars, I need to reveal it. ”

Are we under the rule of the stars, or is there a power that rules everything?

Answer: The stars are signs. They are called the signs of the zodiac. And signs, as a rule, accompany certain events.

Initially people understood this, but since these signs really accompany various events, then people gradually started to treat them as something that existed independently, that were determining and controlling. Just like in our life there are a huge number of various sources of influence around me, but all of them are controlled from the outside by some higher forces.

If I direct myself correctly in this world, then I pay attention not to how the world treats me, but to the attitude of that higher source, the upper force behind this whole picture through which I receive positive and negative influences. But, in principle, this is the only force that selectively affects me in accordance with a certain plan known only to it.

Therefore, I should not deal with confrontations with people, events, various incidents, natural disasters, or events that constantly arise in life and pass over us. Instead of engaging in these confrontations with society, with the world, and even with myself (meaning with desires and thoughts that arise in me), I must turn everything to the higher force that causes all kinds of processes in me and in my environment and ask the question: “What is it doing all this for? What does it want from me?”

Basically, I ask about the meaning of life: “Is there any goal? Is there a reasonable beginning and a process that is predetermined that leads me to a goal? Is this process controlled from above? Do I need to know this? And what will it give me?”

Believers often say: “There is God, He knows what He is doing. Leave it, let Him work.” So I close my eyes and perform my little actions. I was told that He wants me to do this and that, I will do it and let Him do the rest.

Is it enough that we are such small primitive creatures? Is this required of us by the upper force or does it want to develop us?

A need is born in me to find out why I live: “What is happening in general? Where is this control over me and the whole world? Is it the signs of the zodiac or is it the upper force?”

My whole life obliges me to get acquainted with this higher force and makes me reveal it. This force, the Creator, through its especially negative influence on me compels me to pay attention to Him.

Therefore, we need to rise above the signs of the zodiac, above all kinds of signs and events in our life. Everything that I perceive from inside and outside should not be taken seriously but only as a demonstration of the attitude of the higher force toward me. And why, what for—I do not know.

Maybe He does things that are not entirely pleasant to me, like parents who punish their children so that they eventually begin to behave correctly, and good things perhaps He does so that I treat Him differently. Maybe He is deliberately flirting with me in such a way that I refuse to understand Him and only get carried away by being fulfilled by some pleasure, etc.

That is, I need to understand the thought of creation, what does He want from me?

Question: So, even if I know what will happen in my life, I will still not be able to change anything?

Answer: Never. We see this in all the lessons our history gave us.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Fate and The Book of Zohar” 2/5/10

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Go Beyond The Boundaries Of Egoism

423.02Question: Why does a person feel someone other than himself?

Answer: In order to exit oneself.

If I did not feel myself, then I would not feel anyone outside of me. That is, the sensations of oneself and outside oneself are interconnected. This is called attainment of the border.

In our existence, attainment of the border is to comprehend the limits of our egoism. It is not easy to determine physically where I am relative to others, not mentally or emotionally, but how I relate to others and myself. When there is no difference between the attitude toward myself and toward others, it means that I exited myself.

Question: Who and how determines who is closer to the person and who is further? Why, in general, is there this gradation of separation of closer and more distant to a person?

Answer: Now this happens with regard to human egoism. When a person begins to try to master the altruistic space, he places himself and people according to other signs—signs of bestowal, the opposite of egoism.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/6/21

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Beyond The Usual Imagination

276.02Question: We usually picture a miracle as an event that can be explained by the mystical intervention of the upper force. How would you define a miracle?

Answer: A miracle is something that we can observe but cannot explain. And if we cannot see it, then it does not exist. Therefore, observation is the first condition.

The second condition is the inability to explain some phenomenon with our usual earthly ideas, what we have in our hands, which is based on science and experience.

Question: It is generally accepted that a miracle is something that can only happen to religious people who are inclined to see a divine manifestation in everything. However, new research suggests that miracles are more likely to happen to people whose existence is threatened.

Who do you think miracles happen to most often?

Answer: First you need to clearly understand what miracles are. If we take a little child or a common person and show them something that does not fit their perception of nature, then they will of course perceive it as something unusual, miraculous, beyond their usual imagination.

Many things that we cannot explain happen around us. Do I know exactly what I am expecting? No. But if it suddenly happens the next minute, I can say that it is a miracle.

There is no precise definition of a miracle. For me it is either a phenomenon of unknown origin, or an unexpected event, or it is improbable in terms of my perception, or it is improbable from the point of view of modern science, but it may become a common occurrence tomorrow.

That is, all this is subjective with respect to a person at the present moment of time.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/30/21

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Where Is Real Life Hiding?

712.03Question: What is life according to Kabbalah? What gives us the feeling of being alive?

Answer: According to Kabbalah, the volume of the universe we feel ourselves in today and call our world is a very small part of the entire universe.

We stay in it for a certain time, experience various events to accumulate some special information, and then exit this state to enter a higher one, and to start to feel the full volume of the universe in its true form, not our world, but the universal, what-is-called the higher world that includes ours.

Therefore, in Kabbalah, our existence in relation to this full volume is spoken of as a dream, as a small, not obvious sensation of real life. Real life is completely different from what we feel today.

In practice, we only experience our animalistic existence because everything we do is serving our animal body so that it feels good and comfortable. We try to give it all the pleasures that it wants to absorb and make everything as comfortable as possible for it.

Imagine that your beloved pet lives next to you and you take care of it all the time; this, in principle, is our life. Just like animals, we wish to have children, we want them to feel good, we strive to ensure their future. In animals, this is very clearly manifested at the instinctive level. Their concern for themselves and for the future generation is the main thing beside the essentials for existence such as food and shelter.

So, in this respect, we are animals in our world relative to the upper world where we are called “man.”
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Mystery of the Sphinx” 2/5/10

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Point Of Individuality

117Question: A perfume company launched a line called “Individuality” One of their advertising pitches was: “If you feel your uniqueness and individuality, if you are absolutely sure that you are unlike others, these perfumes are for you.”

Where does this sense of individuality and the desire for it come from in a person?

Answer: I will not argue with the French about perfumes, and about the way all of them, the individualists, rushed to buy them. Of course, it looks ridiculous. If I am an individualist, will I listen to what the ads tell me? How can this be? On the contrary, I am in the herd, and I am part of it. I run where I am beckoned.

True individualism is inherent in us by nature. Moreover, this is the uppermost quality of a person, since each of us has his own point in the Creator, one’s own root, from which we descended into this world.

We all exist within Him, and each of us has descended through his own thread to our world. This thread connects me to my root, which is in the Creator, and this point in Him is unique.

This is my personal, individual quality, unrelated to anyone or anything else. It is really just mine. The body can die and be born since it is only a garment on my individual point. I need to develop this point within myself.

Therefore Kabbalah gives a person the opportunity to become an absolute individual. After all the most important thing is to identify this point and be connected with it because these are my original qualities; this is me.

I do not depict myself relative to others, but I look at myself, at my point, which is in the Creator, and how I can make sure that I am completely connected with it. Then through it I will begin to feel the Creator, I will feel how I can be equal, similar, to Him, but in an individual way, specifically me.

It is said that when a person gives account for his life after death, he is asked only one thing: “Have you achieved the realization of your individuality?” Nothing else. You do not have to be like the saints, or the great ones, or the beau monde, or anyone or anything. You are standing as if naked, already without this world, and you are asked if you have realized yourself.

Question: It seems to a person that he looks at the world through the prism of his body, his five senses. It turns out that he looks at the world through his soul. Is that why each of us has an individual perception?

Answer: The perception of our world and the perception of the upper world are individual because each of us has his own spiritual root, his own source, his own point from which we are born. Although we exist in the same world and seemingly perceive it in the same way, still everyone perceives everything in their own way.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up: Individualist” 1/15/10

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