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Rise Above the Influence of Society

423.02Question: Is it true that babies have a much greater perception of the world than an adult even  though it seems to us that they do not perceive anything at all?

Answer: The fact is that children’s perception is not constrained, not limited by the framework imposed by society, the environment, conventions, so-called “education,” and so on. It is not yet narrowed to a frame, like with the aperture of a lens, by the requirements of the environment.

Therefore, we can say that it is undoubtedly more open than in adults. We do not see very much. We see everything that society directs us to and restricts us by. Every time we hear or see something from the outside, we constantly include it in ourselves, and as a result, our field of perception narrows and distorts under the influence of the environment.

The perception of a baby is like clean photographic film on which it can record everything directly. Our perception however, can be compared with something worn-out because society with its stupidities coarsens us so much that as a result we perceive only some scanty information from the environment.

Therefore it is of course wonderful to rise above the influence of society, which means to throw away culture and all external conventions, that is to say, external egoism, to drop the inner egoism that was introduced into you, and to begin to perceive the world from your point, which you pull out of there. Then you discover yourself, not what was done to you.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The World Through the Eyes of a Baby?” 2/10/13

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According to the Principle of Teleportation

537In the News (DNA Teleportation. Really?”): “French virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier, who was awarded a share of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology, passed away on February 8. The Prize, awarded for his 1983 discovery of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), was richly deserved but was not without controversy. …

“In 2009, the year after he won the Nobel prize, Dr. Montagnier published a paper that smacked of the widely discredited experiment described by immunologist Jacques Benveniste in a 1988 paper in Nature. Benveniste suggested that water has some sort of memory, retaining a ghostly profile of a substance that had been dissolved in it even after that substance was no longer present. …

“In step with Benveniste, Montagnier in his curious paper, published in a journal of which he himself was Editor in Chief, claimed that he had detected electromagnetic signals in water that had previously held viral DNA even after the DNA had been filtered and the water repeatedly diluted. The signals were recorded by a microphone coil and sent by email to a group in Italy where it was transmitted to a sample of distilled water in a sealed metal tube. When placed in a PCR machine, this water, which contained nothing, was able to direct the synthesis of DNA that turned out to be identical to Montagnier’s original. Basically, this was a claim that DNA could be teleported. “Beam me up, Scottie!” The scientific establishment was stunned. Here was a Nobel Prize winner making a totally implausible claim. Needless to say, nobody has been able to duplicate the experiment.”

My Response: The same exists in physics, when microparticles located billions of light-years away instantly connect between themselves and communicate with each other.

Comment: Some scientists—in particular academician Peter Garyaev—stated that cells in the human body are also arranged according to the principle of teleportation, which means that any cell instantly knows what is happening in another.

As a researcher, he was posing the questions: “How is this information being transmitted? On what medium?”

My Response: It is not transmitted anywhere, but exists constantly and everywhere in its entirety. A time of transmission does not exist; after all, time practically does not exist. This is the paradox. That is why science has reached a dead end and cannot advance further.

Wherein do we have the crisis in science? We have come to a state where our research depends on our qualities. And here is where the problem arises, we have to change our qualities in order to start breaking into new areas.

The universe and everything around us is arranged, as physicists or biologists say, according to a holographic principle. There is a holographic picture in which everything is interconnected. If we see two parts separated from each other, we are looking at the same object from different angles (from one side, then from the other side) and therefore it seems to us that these are two objects. In fact, everything is one object. Consequently there is no transmission—there is no one to transmit.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Human Genome” 7/17/11

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Rising Above Your “Beast”

560Comment: If I look at myself on the basis of my feelings, I begin to understand that some unpleasant transformations are taking place inside me. But if I look from some additional point, if earlier my “beast” was suffering, and I was ready to save it, now…

My Response: Now you understand that maybe this beast should be patient for a little while, and you will ride it. You are already beginning to study yourself from the outside!

Comment: But at the same time, there still is the association of myself with this beast and the attempt to find the strength to overcome this.

My Response: Yes, you still associate yourself with it and this state does not go away until the final correction.

The animate level that exists in us should be the basis for the spiritual degree. On it, I make my spiritual elevation. Until I have completely finished it, this level is underneath me.

Therefore, I must exist in the sensation of this body and this world until I fully come into contact with all people on the internal level to such an extent that I no longer need the level of today’s animalistic communication with them. Then this level will disappear.

It is depicted only in our feelings. The world is matter given to us in feelings. Therefore, this degree will disappear. We remain to exist only in the spiritual state and the corporeal states will catch up and enter spirituality as its components.

Literally from the very first degree of our spiritual ascent above corporeality, we will begin to understand that this world is imaginary. It does not exist, it is within us. It does not exist outside of our feelings.

I hope that humanity will quickly realize this. Science, philosophy, sociology, and psychology are already ready for this. I think that everyone will soon begin to understand this, and this will also help. The main thing is to start looking at yourself and at the world in this way, and this will come.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Secrets of Kabbalah” 2/11/13

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Nature Is a Single Organism

752.2Question: Academician Garyaev found two types of unusual kinds of memory of DNA molecules. He put forth that the thought of nature or the general thought of development contained in DNA is indestructible. He discovered and wrote about the DNA phantom effect that confirms that a person does not die completely. He contends that nothing alive disappears without a trace, something remains in the form of information, and perhaps it is actually immortal. What is this “general thought”?

Answer: It is the immense general system of nature that actually exists but of which we perceive only a small part through our egoistic filter. Therefore, it seems to us that everything is born, lives, and dies. This is how we, being small, limited researchers, perceive everything through the prism of our egoism.

In fact, nature is one single organism, a vast, integral, analog system within which everything acts instantly and instantly connects with each other.

There is no time, no distances, and no movements because every particle includes in itself everything like in a hologram, and therefore everything exists in an ideal form, motionless, because any movement means a transition from imperfection to perfection. But in fact, this does not exist in nature.

Time, movement, and space are the coordinates of our flawed perceptions.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Human Genome” 7/17/11

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Phantom Pain

549.01Comment: In humans there is a phenomenon called phantom pain. For example, after a person losses a limb, it hurts as if it’s still there or someone may have had a tooth removed many years ago, but the pain does not go away.

Much like phantom pain or phantom death, something similar can occur after the removal of the embryo from the mother’s womb. There are cases in which the time came for the birth of an already non-existent child and women still felt contractions.

My Response: This happens because nothing is lost in nature. Therefore, even if some changes are observed in the external appearance, meaning, in our egoistic perceptions, nothing happens inside. The same constant properties, constant phenomena, and constant objects, remain connected together in an integral network. Nothing escapes, nothing moves.

And if some changes occur in relation to our external perception, for example, the absence of a leg or arm, this does not mean that in fact they do not exist. We just can’t use them in an egoistic way. In our egoistic world, we cannot use these desires that at the lowest level of perception turn into some apparent biological object, ie., an arm or a leg.

This desire goes to another, more hidden area, but it exists; therefore, such pains are quite natural.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Human Genome” 7/17/11

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Toward Sensory Understanding

237Question: What is the meaning of: “Don’t take up space and then I’ll be in everyone”?

Answer: The concept of not taking up space actually means not taking up space with your ego. Then I exist everywhere, in all space, in the whole universe. I reach a level when physical space does not exist because I annul myself egoistically, I annul its influence on me.

Comment: You often say that we must reach a state of feeling others, rather than ourselves, as much as possible.

My Response: This is written in all Kabbalistic books. If we do this, we will achieve the state of first restriction (Tzimtzum Aleph) where I no longer feel myself in me.

It is impossible to convey in words, but this state is real. You are everywhere at the same time, feel everyone, are in adhesion with everyone, exist in everyone, and do not feel yourself as an independent subjective unit. You only feel that you don’t exist as a unit.

Question: How does this happen with respect to you?

Answer: I can’t describe it. I have no words for this.

Kabbalah describes actions one must do within himself regarding his own forces: bestowal, reception, screen, thickness of egoism, attraction of light (specified one), and interaction with this or that. That is, Kabbalah operates with clear material dimensions and physical phenomena—sensations.

That is why Kabbalists invented such a language so that one could somehow convey these feelings from one world to another. But it is a poor language, it still can’t explain anything.

The fact is this language is suitable for those who are already in the perception of the upper world. They understand the language of Kabbalists. But for those not in it, it remains incomprehensible. Therefore, when we read the Torah or other books written by Kabbalists, we perceive what is said in corporeal terms.

It is very difficult for us to switch to what is being said about qualities, properties, forces, feelings of rapprochement or distance, and about forces that are called all kinds of inanimate, vegetative, animate and human names. And although Kabbalists try very hard, it doesn’t help much.

How many years have you read and heard Rabash’s articles and my explanations? And you see how much time passes until some kind of inner click occurs and a new understanding of past materials emerges and corrects old mistakes.

This is no longer a verbal but a sensory understanding.

Comment: At one time, you also tried to figure it out as mathematics and come to the conclusion that you don’t understand anything. And only after some time you felt it internally and began to understand this language.

My Response: I tried to perceive everything at the level of forces, processes. But suddenly a sensory image emerged that obliged one to work on oneself.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Most Powerful Computer in the World” 10/8/09

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What Determines Human Health?

703.04Question: Some scientists say that if reality is just a holographic illusion, then it cannot be argued that consciousness is a function of the brain. What really is consciousness?

Answer: Consciousness is not a function of our brain. Consciousness is part of energy, matter, information, and properties I receive when I connect to the general information volume. That is, this is what is formed in me when I am connected to the general volume.

Comment: Scientists believe that this transformational change of our views of biological structures allowed researchers to learn that medicine and healing processes can change under the influence of the holographic paradigm.

My Response: Absolutely. After all, our body is programmed. It is controlled by the very forces that we receive from outside. These forces carry all the information about the body as well as about its health. If we correctly connect to the external information, then our body is healed. Conversely, incorrect connection causes all the diseases.

Comment: Some scientists also say that the apparent physical structure of the body is but a holographic projection of consciousness, it becomes clear that each of us is much more responsible for our health than current medical wisdom allows. Similarly, controversial new healing techniques such as visualization may work  well because, in the holographic domain of thought, images are ultimately as real as reality.

My Response: Of course. Unfortunately, modern medicine exists inside this consumer. In fact, we should think not about what we receive inside, but how we connect to the general information field. The quality of our connection with the external field is, in principle, responsible for the state of our health. We must be aligned with it!

This field is built only on the property of bestowal and love, like all of nature around us.

If we wish to create the same properties in us, then we will connect to it and begin to perceive its information completely unhindered. Thus, we will become absolutely healthy and will understand and feel the whole of creation, the whole of the universe. We will become as eternal and perfect as all nature.

And our desire to constantly separate, dismember, and compartmentalize everything only moves us away from health, eternity, and perfection, and does not allow us to see the true picture of the universe.

The result is all the crises we are experiencing. They are needed in order to push us to change our paradigm, to ensure that we correctly connect to this general field.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hologram” 7/28/11

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Network of Positive and Negative Forces

264.01Question: A gene is a unit of heredity in a living organism and a genome is the total collection of DNA that carries all the information about a living organism. What is the genome of the soul?

Answer: Our world consists of all kinds of physical forces working in such a way that each wants to dominate the other. The network of these forces, intertwined at the level of inanimate, vegetative, animate, and even human nature, these thoughts and feelings, are egoistic in that each wants to subjugate the others.

And there are forces that act in the opposite order, only we do not notice them and do not see nor feel them. They act in the opposite direction and do not want to compete with each other, but instead want to observe certain interactions to help each other. We usually call these forces spiritual because we do not observe such forces in the material world.

We see plus and minus, but these are material forces. The relationship between people can also be positive and negative.

Our world is a collection of negative forces because we perceive it that way. If we wanted to feel its second, positive half, meaning, the positive relationship of forces and thoughts in relation to each other, then we would have to change ourselves.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how we can change in order to begin to feel positive forces, the forces of goodness, the right attitude toward each other, and connection with each other; how we do it, study it, arrive at it, and develop in it is the purpose of the study of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/12/22

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Ask, Shout, Demand!

239Question: It is very difficult for us to break through all the actions and external forms to the feeling of one inner heart, one soul. Physically, this is much more difficult to do than virtually. How can we enter into the feeling of one soul, one heart, and raise a prayer from it despite all external actions?

Answer: Only if everyone makes more and more efforts and asks the Creator to remove all the distances and barriers between us. This, in principle, is the prayer – the biggest, most correct, most clear, when we ask the Creator to return us to our original state after we fell into egoism. He purposely created the ego. That’s why He says: “I created egoism and gave you a method of correcting it.”

We need Him to teach us how to use the method of correction correctly so that we remove the egoism that He created on purpose and will be able to fully reveal the Creator between us! We will try.

Question: We should all ask for the same thing. We must have a general picture of this condition. What exactly should we ask for?

Answer: What each one depicts for himself, do not be afraid, ask, shout, demand, and pray. The Creator accepts everything. Because, as you will later feel, it is He who gives you the opportunity to turn this request to Him. The Creator puts the prayer in our mouths.
From the “Arava” Convention in Europe – Lithuania 2022, Lesson 1, 7/22/22

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In a Closed Integrated System

264.01Comment: Scientists wonder how the instantaneous transmission of information is carried out. The concept of time in communication between cells disappears; therefore, researchers say that the paradigm of transmission by the nervous system is incorrect since the impulse rate of the nervous system is very small. Here everything happens instantly.

They face a problem that, in principle, they cannot explain, and tend to consider it a wave transmission of information.

My Response: There are many theories on this topic. But none of them will give an explanation anyway, even with the help of waves because waves are time, length, and frequency. We will not be able to get out of this problem.

But, as scientists guess, it looks like a holographic picture of the world when it is all in one volume. The system is absolutely closed, integral, and analog in which absolutely everything is connected to each other out of time, that is, time is zero.

There is practically no space between all the objects. And we feel them as existing at some distance from each other, as interacting in some kind of wave, time process. In fact, there is none of this. Distance, time, movement, interaction, all this is superimposed on one single integral picture of nature by our egoistic perception.

When I look at an object, I begin to divide it into parts with my egoism, to see the distance between these parts, to paint the connection between objects. That’s how I perceive it because that’s how I’m built.

And if I were arranged in the same way as this object, integral, global, and located outside of my egoism that divides everything and treats everything from the position of how much closer or further away from me the object is, and how much more useful or harmful this or that phenomenon is to me, then I would not share anything.

I would perceive these objects as one whole, and I would have no distance between them, no time, no movement, no transmission of information, and everything would be instantaneous, in one place.

That is, it all depends on the person. And until he corrects himself to an integral system, he will not be able to correctly perceive the system of nature, because it is integral.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Human Genome” 7/17/11

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