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From Discrete Comprehension To Analog

281.01Question: Can we say that individual consciousness functions at a discrete level? Is this more or less our world?

Answer: By changing myself at a discrete level, I receive additional discrete portions of information to this extent. As a result, this portioned information gives me a feeling of a field, not discrete, but analogous. The discrete level is like the steps of comprehension, and the comprehension itself is analogous when I feel this field by more and more, larger circles.

Therefore, if we talk about a person, then he enters this step by step, and if we talk about the very structure of the field—if it is possible at all to talk about what exists outside of us—then it is not discrete, but analogous.

Question: That is, my capabilities are discrete. Due to the fact that this field, as it were, enters me, then merging with it, I feel it as analog. Does it turn out that the light and the Kli (the vessel of the soul) are already together?

Answer: Yes because you open this field to the extent of your similarity to it. Therefore, there are no barriers between you and it.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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What Is The Expression Of True Freedom?

744Question: What is the true freedom of a person expressed in?

Answer: In rising above one’s egoistic nature.

When you rise above egoism, you begin to feel everything that is beyond the ego, meaning, beyond you, beyond what you are feeling now—after all, both you and your current universe are imprinted in your egoism—all this completely disappears and is replaced with an entirely different picture of the world.
From KabTV’s “Challenges of the XXI century. Introduction” 4/24/19

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Attainment: From A Discrete To An Analog Picture

962.3Question: Reality is not what appears to us outside of us but what is inside us. It turns out that reality is a fraction of our consciousness?

Answer: Yes. Everything that is inside us, in our consciousness, in our comprehension—this is reality.

Gradually, we begin to feel what can be outside of this reality: the upper, absolutely amorphous light.

But we do not attain it because it is not calibrated in any way. After all, we are not moving in an analog system but in a discrete one, and we must understand everything upon the difference between this and that, this and that.

This means, we are obliged to graduate everything, integrate it within us, and then make an analog picture from an abstract one. But it should still be composed of pixels.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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The Ideal Reception Of Information

276.02Question: What is the most ideal reception of information for man? What is closest to us? What language?

Answer: The ideal reception of information is without language. What language could it be? I just receive information that is in the air, around me, right here, now. I am floating in this information, it passes through me and changes me all the time.

In practice, I am a device through which waves of information pass, constantly deforming, changing, and pulling me toward more perfect states.

Unfortunately, we go through all these metamorphoses not by our own freewill, not from awareness, but reluctantly, dealing with something completely different and worthless. We are not going along with this current of energy passing through us. Therefore, it must forcefully change us all the time toward next states, breaking and deforming us.

We see how humanity is changing, but through such torments: wars, absurdities, misunderstandings. But all this is good, and we have already gone through this development.

Since the end of the 20th century, we have had a completely different opportunity, to finally understand the volume of information in which we exist and pass through it in a good, easy way.

I begin to feel a sea of information movement around me and vibrate with it. This is called the law of similarity, of equivalence between me and the external nature or the Creator.

Fluctuating with this sea of information, I become its receiver according to the principle of resonance. I begin to perceive what is inside me. And then I enter harmony. And although I have not yet reached my perfect state and I am only experiencing changes under the influence of this external field, they are like a blessing for me. I already want them and even now feel perfection on my path.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #12

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Highest Attainment Is Always Individual

528.01Question: Will the highest consciousness be felt in a particular individual?

Answer: The highest consciousness is felt only by a particular individual. There is also a group highest consciousness and possibly even global one, but in principle, it is always perceived by everyone individually. Even if it is a group one, I nonetheless perceive it in myself. And how do we perceive in our world? Also only in myself.

Question: We study that when the members of a Kabbalistic group unite and mutually interconnect, the higher-order essence is born. It is not clear, a cell also has consciousness, but this consciousness does not coincide with my consciousness as a result of the cells’ interconnection. How does it happen?

Answer: No, the attainment is always individual. Even if I unite with others and we create among ourselves a new generalizing sense organ that includes all our individual characteristics, I still feel it in my individual form. It all depends on my original qualities.

Question: In my perception, rising on higher levels, I, as if, become a cell of this high being, which is Adam – Man. Isn’t my individual perception and the result of the combined one the same thing? How does this being feel reality and how—I?

Answer: Here is a possibility of a group perception. As, let’s say, I look through a telescope, but at the same time perceive, this is I and not others. Although I am connected at the same with others, this mutual perception, even if it is mutual, is perceived in me. I don’t run away from myself anywhere, do not dissolve, and do not disappear.

Although we use such expressions as “annul myself,” it is nothing more than a metaphor. After all, even in this annulment, I still feel myself. And where else can I feel? In my desire. It does not matter what transformation it goes through, I am all the same in it.

Comment: But you say to feel through the ten, think about the ten.

My Response: This is also my desire. When I unite with the ten, it represents my desire. And each of the friends connected to the ten will feel the same inclusion in it, and this inclusion will be individual for each of them. And although each of us will feel others as part of ourselves, in the end, I will feel it through myself.

The inclusion of each comes from the root of his soul and will be individual. Here, we cannot be equal. As, let’s say, we are both drinking water now, but what you and I feel is impossible to compare.

Question: That is, there is no absolute intermixing as I imagined before?

Answer: No. On the contrary, thanks to our inability to fully unite with each other but are connected only as if by bridges above us —egoism is below and above it, there is a bridge—we get a much greater impression, multiplied by each overcoming of egoism.

Otherwise, we would dissolve into each other and would represent some common whole, leveling all nature, all creation.

Here, multiplication of our perception happens, as it is said in Kabbalah, by 620 times. But in general, it is infinite. Therefore, collective perception is one thing, and individual is still another.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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“I”—The Original Point In The System Of Adam

264.01Comment: We are unable to perceive whole phenomena; therefore, we do not understand what the universe, life, consciousness, or reason are. We try with our mind to break them down into some acceptable pieces and study each one separately. Thus it is difficult for science to explain a lot of things.

My Response: Science cannot have anything to do with consciousness. It uses consciousness as a given, but it cannot explore it. To do this, you need to be on a level higher than consciousness. We always use the top-down method. And how can we rise above our consciousness while in it?

Consciousness is the ability of a person to connect to the higher information layer.

Question: You said that “I” is what I feel in the semblance of an information field. That is, it seems to coincide with the definition of consciousness. What is the difference between them? What is the “I” that has consciousness? Is it a collection of my thoughts, a feeling, a sensation?

Answer: No. “I” is some kind of basis that does not disappear anywhere even with death. It goes through all the metamorphoses of our life and death cycles.

“I” is our original point in the system called Adam. Each of us has such a point, which represents our initial data, our coordinates. And we can’t get away from them, that’s how we were created.

Every person in our world has a place in the system of Adam, which exists so that we can change ourselves so that each point can connect to this higher system, to the field in which it is located, and fully comprehend it.

Question: How can we explain to a person who does not know that there is a system of Adam and in it one’s point, what is this “I”?

Answer: “I” is a part of the Creator from above.

Question: So it cannot be explained without the Creator?

Answer: The Creator is an upper force, the same field. We don’t attribute this power to some grandfather sitting somewhere. We’re talking about nature. The Creator and nature are one and the same. This is the highest consciousness, the highest thought.
From KabTV’s “Meeting with Kabbalah” 03/29/19

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Adhesion With Infinity

712.03Question: Is there a difference between the concepts of “I” and “my consciousness”?

Answer: It depends on you: with what you identify.

Do you identify yourself with a part of the higher consciousness or just with how you feel in your mortal body? Do you identify yourself as existing in some kind of “organism,” for example, in a group? It all depends on your definition of yourself.

How else? Who will give you such a universal definition? Even if Kabbalah speaks about it, it still means nothing. The main thing is how you define yourself.

In fact, you are the highest consciousness. Moreover, you are not just a part of this consciousness because by revealing it, through it, you achieve merging with the whole consciousness, call it the Creator. This is your highest attainment, merging with it, but proceeding from an individual point, which is your “I.”

Question: And what is the individuality?

Answer: In the fact that in this case you represent what is called “Adam.” On the one hand, you comprehend the peak of possible revelation, which is no longer in nature at all. On the other hand, only you comprehend this, proceeding from your individual point.

Question: It turns out that “I” is something that includes absolutely everything, and at the same time something very individual, which no one else has?

Answer: Your individuality does not disappear anywhere. This is your primordial data from the general system.

But due to the fact that you connect with the entire system on the property of bestowal, you want to enter it, you seem to acquire the whole system. It becomes yours in individual receipt relative to your point. And it turns out that your very point, narrow, rough individuality, in fact a point, adheres with the entire system, which is infinity.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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There Is No Empty Place In Nature

746.01The whole difference in how much we feel or do not feel the Creator is determined by how much we appreciate Him. Unlike the corporeal world, in the spiritual world there are no distances. The more important the Creator is to me, the closer He is to me. If I disrespect Him and do not want to come closer to Him in my qualities, then I do not see Him.

It turns out that to bring the most high closer or to come closer to Him, I need to change my qualities according to His qualities and begin to appreciate Him.

Yet how can I appreciate the greatness of the Creator if I cannot see Him? In nature, there are many concealed forces that we do not perceive with simple senses, but only through various devices. All modern science works in this way, by revealing phenomena that are invisible to the naked eye. They can be revealed only with the help of special devices or complex calculations.

If we discovered the world only through our natural senses—sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch—we would have remained animals. The human degree is special because we are able to discover phenomena in nature that cannot be revealed with our five senses.

This is why we discover radio waves, gravitational forces, magnetic attraction, and celestial phenomena in the universe. All this is above our sense organs.

The Creator is a force that includes all phenomena, the entire world is located inside Him. We are also inside of Him. When we say that the Creator is far away and we are coming closer to Him, these distances are only relative to attaining Him and not in the sense of distance. The Creator may feel far away or close in our attainment, but we all are inside of Him.

The Creator is the place of the world, the entire world exists inside of Him. Therefore, we only need to develop our senses in order to feel that this space; this reality in which we exist is all the Creator.

Then we will discover that there is no empty place in the world. This air around us and the cosmic vacuum beyond the Earth between the stars is not really emptiness but one continuous field of desire that fills all space, operates in everything, and fills everything. All this is the Creator.

We, who are physically weak and limited, can awaken the Creator and ask Him to reveal such senses in us that will make us equal to Him so that by adhering to Him, we also will fill all reality with our desire. After all, we want to come closer to the desire of the Creator—the desire to bestow. Then our work will end in filling the entire universe with ourselves and will be in adhesion with reality itself, which is the Creator.

This is an amazing prospect, and is worth remembering when we are overwhelmed by small, egoistic calculations.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson5/2/21, “Chasing the Shechina” 

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Connect To The” Common Computer ” Of The Universe

763.1Question: At the subconscious level, we process large amounts of information with our conceptual mathematical apparatus. If we consider the individual and collective levels, then the question arises, is there such a mathematical apparatus for describing the spiritual structures that are the roots of our consciousness?

Answer: Naturally. If one is in egoism, why can’t one be the opposite of it? Exactly the same but a mirror image.

That is, if I use the spiritual properties of bestowal, then I clearly act, know why, how, for what purpose, and with which forces. In general, in the development of spiritual space, I use everything that works in our world, but in the opposite form.

Question: Shouldn’t this mathematical apparatus be more extended?

Answer: Indeed, its power is greater because it is not associated with personal data, problems, goals, or limitations, but only with my ability to rise above myself. When, with the help of the higher energy, the upper light, I can pretend to be something that gives, then I join the “common computer.”

In our world, I have to create something. In the spiritual world, I don’t have to create anything. I only need to adjust myself so that I am like the spiritual space in which we exist, only for as long as it is hidden from us. Then, as they say, the entire “computer” will be in front of me.

Depending on which qualities I choose from within myself, above my egoism, to that extent and in that style, I enter this spiritual computer, this spiritual field. On the one hand, it behaves discretely and digitally and, on the other hand, with analog signals. So, here, we are faced with both.
From KabTv’s “Meeting With Kabbalah” 3/29/2019

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The Creator And Consciousness

610.2Question: When we call the upper force the Creator, we are as if personifying it. If the spiritual space is a field of consciousness, can we talk about the subject to whom this consciousness belongs?

Answer: No. There is no subject.

Question: How can consciousness be without a subject, without an “I”?

Answer: Spiritual space spreads everywhere, fills and includes everything. There is nothing else besides it. And we are inside of it. The concept of “subject,” however, implies that you must limit it by some qualities.

The quality of bestowal, on the contrary, means that everything is outside and nothing is limited. Only bestowal. Everything that exists besides Him, is created by Him in order for His creation to attain Him.

Question: How does the process of cognition take place in the spiritual? Or is there no such thing?

Answer: For the Creator?! No. There is nothing there but the quality of bestowal. Therefore, consciousness at this level does not exist. Consciousness always comes from the fact that something is missing.

Comment: If we are talking about the field of information, then this seems clearer to us.

My Response: But this is in regard to us! We feel this field relative to us, and we cannot say anything about it in itself—who, what, and how—only how we perceive Him in our sensations, how He is revealed in relation to us.

Comment: In religion, of course, everything is mixed up. However, Kabbalistic sources also kind of personify the Creator.

My Response: We need to define this concept in some kind of words: He feels, He thinks, He is angry, He rejoices. Everything we say is only in relation to a person in order to tie him to the Creator. Just as you can talk about some machine, device, or equipment, and project your feelings on this object.

Question: Does this personification disappear when we rise spiritually?

Answer: Absolutely. There is nothing left but the field of bestowal. It is infinite, has no gradation! And only we perform spiritual actions in it.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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