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Is It Possible To Accurately Predict The Future?

laitman_222Question: To what extent does perception and comprehension of spiritual timeless roots allow us to see the future within the framework of the material world?

Answer: I cannot say that there is an exact correspondence between the spiritual and the material and that one could foresee the future. The future depends on many parameters that are beyond your desire; in particular, from many specific people and factors.

Therefore, it is impossible to accurately predict the future. You can tell which way it flows, but what state it will take at each moment in time, you do not know.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/20/19

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Through 22 Stencils

laitman_232.03Question: The world that I see in front of me, is it a letter or a collection of letters? Do we write this world or read it?

Answer: We see this world as if through a stencil through which light passes to us. Of course, this is not the upper light that affects us today, but still some aspect of it. It passes through 22 stencils and is thus reflected in us.

I do not see these stencils, I do not see the light passing through them. Everything happens inside of me, and I see the result of what is happening in me as my egoism, my senses, my desire that is influenced by light through these 22 stencils.

Question: Does this mean that a particularly sensitive person might suddenly speak Hebrew or start writing in Hebrew?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: Is there some kind of spiritual action in studying Hebrew like working in a group? After all, knowing that it is right, I still can’t force myself to study it.

Answer: Our conversation is not a lesson in the study of Hebrew. It is intended to tell you what code Kabbalah uses to describe the actions of the upper world. If we had not studied their impact on us and the consequences of them, then we absolutely would not know or be interested in this language. It would be really dead.

But it is becoming more and more alive because more and more people in our world want to know how the upper light controls them. Talking to the upper force on the principle of “He is for me, I am for Him” is possible only through letter stencils, through 22 established images.

As we used to beat letters on paper on typewriters, this system works the same way.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 1/ 6/19

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And The Planets Appeared In The Sky

laitman_746.02Question: If the ten Sefirot correspond to the ten planets, why have we discovered only nine? Does this have a root?

Answer: The fact is that in reality there are a lot more planets in the universe. Kabbalah predicted them long ago.

In particular, The Book of Zohar writes a lot about it in different places. I was not interested in it. Although, as a child, I studied astronomy, as soon as I got close to Kabbalah, the spiritual consequences of our world stopped being of interest to me.

Question: The Torah writes: “And the planets appeared in the sky… .” What is it talking about?

Answer: The Torah does not write about the physical planets but about spiritual forces. The Earth, the Sun, and the Moon are all spiritual forces and not what we can see and observe. Although we do compile the earthly calendar, one must clearly understand where it refers to the spiritual roots and where about their consequences.
From the lesson in Russian, 12/30/18

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Like On A Cinema Screen

laitman_928Question: Does the Creator influence me differently depending on the changes in me? Or does His influence stay the same, but my perception of it changes? Who changes: me or Him?

Answer: In our world, we talk about what a person feels: a change in the weather, the environment, the surrounding society, and everything else.

While Kabbalah explains that everything is inside me: society, humanity, the weather, and everything that happens. But I see it only on the outside, external from me, as different levels of nature.

Therefore, by changing myself inside, I change the world outside. Conversely, to me, the world seems to be outside, so that I, by changing myself, would see the result of my changes.

Just imagine that there is a 360 degree “screen” around me, and on it I see the changes that occur in me at all four levels: speaking, animate, vegetative, and still. These are the four stages of desire that project themselves onto an external “screen,” like in a cinema.

There are two approaches here. Either I, by changing myself, change the world around me for the better. Or I remain the same and the world around me changes in order to force me to change. That is, either the Creator pulls me forward with a positive force or He pushes me from behind with a negative force. I see all this on the “screen” around me.

Question: Then what can be said about the four seasons of the year, which are constantly replace each other?

Answer: These are the four foundations, the four stages of the light, which are reflected in me in the form of the four seasons. Everything is divided into four, five, or ten parts. This is my inner world that is projected outward in this way.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 12/16/18

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Jewish Calendar: Leap Year

737.01Question: What is a leap year?

Answer: There are several amendments based on astronomy that have been introduced into the Jewish calendar. They repeat once every four years, once every seven years, and once every 50 years. We need them in order to balance the right and left lines in the middle.

In the leap year, which happens every four years, one more month is added. Once in seven years, Shemittah, the sabbatical year, comes when it is forbidden to plant crops: “Do not worry, you will not starve if you observe everything you need for six years. Do not plant anything in the seventh year.” This is an absolute ban.

Question: So, a person doesn’t question: “How so? If I haven’t planted anything, what will I eat?”

Answer: No, if one is under spiritual forces, then one functions in full accordance with astronomy, with the laws of nature, and with cosmic laws. So do not worry, you will have a harvest for this year, you do not need to plant or clean it. That is, there are special laws on how not to interfere with inanimate and vegetative nature in the seventh year.

There is also the 50th year (Yovel), when all debts are released. If someone bought or sold land to someone, then in the 50th year everything will be back to square one. In other words, the land must return to its original owner.

And who is the original owner? As stated in the Torah, when the Jews came to the land of Israel, they distributed it to everyone and wrote down every piece of land that they gave to every person to use. All this was documented, and therefore, the one who lived on this land had to return it every 50th year to the owner. And for 50 years he could rent it, cultivate it, and so on. These are very serious laws that were enacted 3,000 years ago. There are documents about how these laws were drafted, passed, and legally certified. Since many people participated in this, everything had to be formalized accordingly.

The implementation of the laws assumed that people receive from this a very serious supplement to their harvest, to their life forces. But these laws are valid only in Israel, there is no need for them abroad.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 12/30/18

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Astronomical Parameters And The Jewish Calendar

laitman_427.02Question: How are days divided according to the Jewish calendar?

Answer: There are 24 hours in a day, four seasons, and  four Jewish New Years on a shifting schedule. The same schedule exists between day and night: days are longer and nights shorter in the summer, and the reverse during the winter.

According to the Jewish calendar, an hour is not 60 minutes, each of which is 60 seconds, but a conventional unit. This unit is not constant but is time dependent.

According to the usual calendar, it is considered that there are 12 hours from sunset till sunrise and from sunrise till the next sunset is also 12 hours. But by light hours, 20 hours could lapse from sunrise until sunset, and night (darkness) would last only four hours.

In this case, the day hour and the night hour are absolutely different. It is a bit like the sundial, which does not have a uniform dial, but is on a logarithmic scale.

Since the length of the day and night changes every day, it means that the length of the night and day hours changes every day. They depend only on Partzuf Zeir Anpin in the world of Atzilut, which actuality manages these actions, because the upper light passing through it onto Malchut (and Malchut is us), defines everything.

If we could only know exactly how it operates, we would feel this system, a gigantic astronomical machine that surrounds us and thus affects us. We would then start getting closer to its internal parameters: what does it mean more light – less light, warmer – colder? If we would live and work according to such hours, it would have been a completely different life.

On the other hand, how is it possible to exist in these mechanics? Why do we need it? Why should it affect us in this way? If we would restructure and live in accordance with it, how would we feel nature and ourselves? It is interesting! This means that we would start to feel it in accordance with its influence on us. The surrounding world, space, stars, everything would shine differently.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 12/30/18

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Map Of Fate

laitman_448In the Jewish calendar, there are special correlations between dates. This is because the spiritual system has an instrument called Zeir Anpin (ZA), which is clothed by Malchut, and the light of Bina enters it from above.

Zeir Anpin has particular openings or holes, through which it shines to Malchut. When some hole corresponds to the receiver, Malchut, the soul, then the light enters it, and this is called “Mazal” — a person’s destiny.

There are special correlations between days and nights and between various times. For example, something that can be done on a particular day and time of night, can also be done on a different day at a different time, and the results will be practically the same.

We see to what extent we are affected by the light of Bina. According to Zeir Anpin and Malchut, each time, we place ourselves in a new fate.

In Judaism, the astronomical tables were put together a very long time ago. Columbus, Newton, and other famous scientists as well as voyagers used them. Abraham himself was a great astronomer and astrologist.

During Abraham’s times, astrology was not like it is today. It was based on a clear connection between the placement of stars, the Moon, the Earth, and the Sun in regard to every person, relative to their soul, taking into consideration when he or she was conceived, born, and so on.

If we knew all that, we would know what will happen to every person and how they will act—their fate would be known. There was no need for fortune telling—this is the map of our destiny.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/30/18

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The Creator And Atzmuto

laitman_292Question: If we build a network of correct relationships, then does such communication bring us to a state similar to the system called “the Creator”?

Answer: In the corporeal world, our eyesight or hearing only capture a certain range of waves. There are waves above and below our eyesight and sound waves greater than 20 kHz and below 20 Hz, but we do not sense them. However, we know they exist and we invent in instruments that let us expand the range of our sensations.

Here we do not just expand, but create a radically new organ of sensation in us that works not for reception, but for bestowal.

The force that we feel in our new sense organ, the similarity to which we build ourselves, is called Boreh, from the words “Bo” (come) and “Reh” (see).

There is something else above it that we do not perceive, called Atzmuto (the self of the Creator). There is a definite border to which we perceive something, but not above. We clearly feel this border.

Question: Is there any information about Atzmuto?

Answer: For many generations, for 6,000 years already, we have been only in the attainment of the Creator. But when all of humanity comes to His full attainment and enters into the sensory organ outside of itself, that is, in addition to the five corporeal sensory organs, and when it feels the five spiritual sensory organs built on bestowal, then we will pass onto a higher dimension called Atzmuto.
From KabTV’s “The Essence of the Science of Kabbalah,Part 5” 11/12/218

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The Source Of All The Forces Of Nature

laitman_753Question: Who is the Creator?

Answer: The Creator is the upper force that includes in itself all the other forces of the world.

Question: It is written in the original sources: “It is impossible to understand the Creator without having experienced Him.” Is this right?

Answer: Yes, because everything we understand, we learn from sensations—like a child who puts everything in his mouth in order to touch, to feel. For him, taste is the most important receptor, the most important organ of sensation. In the same way, we should experience everything in our five senses including sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

When we feel something in them, it all assembles into a precise system and all our sciences originate from it. In addition, we complement our senses with tools that expand the range of our natural sensory organs: binoculars, microscopes, telescopes, etc.

However, there are forces in the universe that our senses do not perceive. The science of Kabbalah lets us develop an additional organ of sensation that includes the same five senses, but on a different level.

Exploring their nature, we reveal their common source, called “the Creator,” and begin to attain how they affect us, how they determine all conditions, forces, and circumstances in which we exist. Then, we already study the system of forces that determines our life.

So begins the conscious existence of man, when we already know what has been, what will be, why it has been and why it will be, whether we can change something in the future, etc. That is, life becomes not only conscious, but also manageable. This is the subject and the purpose of the science of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “The Essence of the Science of Kabbalah, Part 3” 11/12/18

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Understand The Hidden Forces Of Nature

712.03Question: What is the “revelation of the Creator to the created beings in this world”? Is it possible to compare the revelation of the Creator with the revelation of the laws of magnetism or electricity? Do we simply learn how to use those laws of nature that were previously hidden from us?

Answer: To reveal the Creator means to reveal the hidden forces of nature, their dependencies, laws, formulas, and graphs, meaning, to understand what we exist inside of, to understand not the picture that we see now, but rather the forces behind it.

Nature is controlled by certain forces. Their relations with each other, their impact on us, our reverse impact on them—we need the whole picture in order to continue our existence at least more or less comfortably and confidently. The sciences of our world only lead us to the awareness that we do not control nature and its forces—we can somewhat hide from their negative impact and nothing more.

At the same time, there is an increasing feeling that science is in crisis, at a dead end, and the next breakthrough should be beyond the limits of our world, to those forces that stand outside the sphere of our present existence, outside the sphere of our universe.

These are the hidden forces of nature that are higher than us and define our entire life.

Question: Can we say that they are the cause of the events that happen to us in the corporeal world?

Answer: Naturally. Absolutely.

Question: It turns out that if I attain this hidden force while in this world, that is, if I feel it with my five senses, is this the revelation of the Creator?

Answer: Yes, you can say so.

Question: Is it a sensory attainment?

Answer: It is attained not only in the feelings, but also in the mind.

We reveal how the forces affecting us are interconnected, their causal development and their consistent impact on us. In general, we see a complete picture of our world under the influence of the upper governing forces: “upper” meaning still hidden from us.

In addition, we begin to see and understand the possibility of our influence on these forces through a reverse connection, in order to bring them to a state in which they desirably and positively influence us.
From KabTV’s “The Essence of the Science of Kabbalah, Part 2” 11/12/18

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