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Seeing The World With The Inner Eyesight

294.3Question: In our world, humanity invented glasses that allow one to see better. What are the glasses in spirituality?

Answer: There is such a term “Sagi Nahor,” which means that a blind person can see even more. What does it mean to really see? This is when a person sees not with his eyes, but with his inner sight.

Question: What instrument helps to focus your sight on the Creator, on the upper force?

Answer: Desire! Only desire. If all our desires from each of the five different degrees, together are directed to the Creator, then we will see Him.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 9/10/21

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Seeing The Two Worlds

See The World Through Other People

423.02Question: How can we understand the expression “Look at the world not through the prism of your egoism, but through other people?”

Answer: In principle, this is how it turns out. If a person lived alone after birth or, like in a fairy tale, was fed and raised by a she-wolf, he would remain so forever. Our development takes place only in the society we find ourselves in.

Society is a lens through which I tune in to the Creator. The Creator is the property of bestowal, and if I give to other people as He does, then I seem to be in similarity of properties with Him.

There is no other method of manifesting bestowal here. “From love for creatures, to love for the Creator,” this is the only way connection is revealed.

Question: Can we say that society, all eight billion people, is a tool through which I can connect with the Creator?

Answer: Whether I like it or not, I am always connected with them and through them I go to the Creator. The Creator acts on me both through them and directly. He affects us in every way. And we can influence Him only as we unite with other people.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 9/10/21

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Thought—The All-Penetrating Force of The World

182.02Question: Why is such a paradox being revealed today that on one hand the world has become global and on the other hand, even though everyone is shouting about global problems in the field of economics, ecology, and so on, people are not interested in them. People are only interested in themselves and what will happen to them.

Answer: Can a small person grasp the entire global world? How can he feel it? This, once again, proves the correctness of the assumption that comes from Kabbalah that only the revelation of the system of global connection between us will give us the opportunity to treat each other correctly.

This little person does not clearly see that apparently he, his family, work, health, everything that surrounds him depends on the whole world. If he constantly thinks about the whole world, he still will not be able to grasp it completely. If he thinks that everyone will feel good and then he will feel good, that is enough. Our thoughts and desires act in the world. This is our most important strength.

Therefore, as soon as a person begins to understand that he depends on others and everyone depends on him, and this global, mutual dependence is directly related to his thoughts, he suddenly sees that his thought is the most penetrating force in the world, which acts regardless of distances.

Before that, he just does not feel how his thoughts are coming back to him. But if he saw the forces emanating from the thought, he would be afraid to think badly of others because he felt how much he was turning them back on himself and creating a negative cocoon around himself. So, this is our life.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up”

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Changing The Perception Of The World

197.01Question: In our world, we do not see with our eyes but with our brain. The eyes receive light and transmit it through the optic nerves to the brain, and it draws all the images. That is at least what scientists believe. And how does it work in spirituality?

Answer: In spirituality, it works not in the brain but in our desires. Desires are practically dispersed throughout the physical body and are controlled by our senses (hearing, sight, taste, smell, and touch).

In addition, desires can develop, they depend on the person, and they can be controlled. In this way we can influence ourselves and other people.

In our world, we receive information through our eyes, it passes into the brain behind which there is an egocentric perception of the world. Therefore, we see only those images that our egoistic desires leave.

And the spiritual world is a world of inverse, altruistic desires. We get a completely different picture—in the reflected light, as it is called—to the extent that we can be in connection opposite to our egoism. This completely changes perception.

Question: But as long as a person lives in a biological body, even if he acquires an altruistic vision of the world, does he still continue to see everything through the five corporeal senses?

Answer: Yes, the spiritual sense is an addition to corporeal senses.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 9/10/21

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Our World Is A Point Of Spiritual Ascent

712.03The world where we live was formed by the successive descent of the upper world, which, gradually reduced itself and reached the very last point called “our world.” And this is the best state for spiritual ascent.

As we rise, we do not forget this state, but we begin to comprehend it in a new way, to feel it, to approve it, to justify it. We see that it is thanks to this very lowest world, remote from perfection, that we can appreciate the perfection we are ascending to.

At the same time, we expand and open the spiritual world more and more and begin to understand that our state was forced, specially created for us, not as a punishment, but absolutely opposite to perfection. And on the difference between the two worlds, we can realize how perfect the upper world is.

Therefore, if a person begins to treat our world correctly as a point of ascent, he no longer curses Him, knows how to use it, appreciates and values ​​it. This world is a really good start for us.

Question: Does this happen only at the level of perception, not sensation?

Answer: It depends on how you understand it. For example, if I get sick, the doctor gives me an injection. It hurts me, it’s unpleasant, but I take it with gratitude and pay him for the service because I know that it will give a good result. Therefore, the doctor, as a mediator, is justified, desirable in my eyes.

So, you just need to open your eyes to see the final result. This is what Kabbalah gives us. And then this whole world becomes necessary, desired, and correct; you know how to use it to achieve perfection based on the opposite state.

Question: In this regard, do we want to somehow improve our world?

Answer: No. We only need to raise ourselves. There is nothing to transform the world. We are constantly trying to improve it, but it only gets worse because we have to change ourselves, not the world.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #20

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“Living In A False Reality” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Living in a False Reality

Our default state of mind is that everyone is out to get us, a dog-eat-dog reality. We’re living in constant fear that everyone wants to take advantage of us, abuse and humiliate us, and that if we don’t stand guard, we will be hurt every step of the way. Worse yet, we feel that this is how all of reality works. But if that were the case with all of reality, would cells ever create colonies and form organisms? Would molecules ever join to create organs, would atoms ever join to create molecules? If this were the case, there wouldn’t be life; there wouldn’t even be the universe. There would only be discrete particles existing separately, never creating anything more complex than themselves.

The reality we experience is therefore not the real reality—the one that has created us, sustains us, and allows us to read these lines. In the true reality, everything exists in harmony with everything else, and together, all parts of it create a perfect whole. In the real world, nothing and no one takes more than is needed to sustain oneself, and the system is perfectly harmonious.

As our cells function automatically and form the harmonious organism that is us, so does everything else in nature. The “mindset” of reality is not exploitation, but harmony, and everything and everyone follows it but us, humans.

We are the only element in reality that wants to take for itself more than it needs, that wants to consume and destroy, humiliate and conquer, abuse and patronize, and takes pleasure in hurting others. Because we think and act this way, we think that everyone thinks and acts that way, as well. And because we live by that premise, we have created a foul world after our own foul image.

But there is a good reason why we were created so malicious. Striving to emerge from this distressing state will lead us to understand how all of reality truly operates. We have been denied the natural instincts that drive all creations to harmony precisely so as to develop this harmony of our own volition and through our own consciousness. We are made ugly precisely in order to be able to choose beauty.

The difference between operating in harmony with all of creation instinctively or consciously is as the difference between being a part of an organism and being the mind that governs the organism and directs its actions. The destiny of humanity is to become that mind, that consciousness.

To get there, we need to start practicing harmonious relationships instead of following our inherent, exploitative nature. To achieve this, it is imperative that we realize that we are living in a false reality, that the true reality is harmonious and complete, and that it is only our flawed perception of it that prevents us from seeing the truth, and living in that perfect world.

In Search Of The Truth

292Question: You say that our world is an illusion. Which signs along the way indicate that we are advancing toward spirituality and that we are not moving from one illusion to another illusion?

Answer: I am searching for the truth. At the moment I don’t know and I don’t understand the upper worlds. I am simply looking for the force that manages our world. I am looking for the most sublime state I can be in, and this will happen only if I ascend above my egoistic nature.

I yearn for the lever that will raise us above the ego so we can be united, since there is no other way. There are two forces in the world, the force of connection and the dividing force, plus and minus, and we need to acquire both of them and control both of them, and I need to try to do that.

Question: Will I feel the same reality when that happens?

Answer: Of course you will immediately feel where you are. Systems of coordinates will begin to change in you. Everything will change because you will be on the level of the forces that manage our world and not below them like everyone else, and then you will have no more questions.

Question: So does this mean that at the moment I am moving in the dark?

Answer: Of course, but we are in a world in which physical laws operate and you need to obey them whether you like it or not since you are inside them. If you create new forces in you, you will find yourself under the influence of the spiritual forces.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 7/14/19

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How To Defeat Your Main Enemy?

709Native American wisdom: Make me strong, not to rise above my brother, but to defeat my greatest enemy—myself.

That is correct. These are people who were brought up with the ideology of nature.

I have met real Native Americans who live in the mountains. They feel related to each other, they feel a part of nature, and each one as a part of others. They do not have such huge egoism like Europeans, especially like us. If one has something, he offers it all to the rest. Without any thoughts. Just like that, because it is us. This is us.

Question: Tell me, please, do we need decades or centuries to come to this idea?

Answer: I think millennia.

Question: But, in principle, if we come to this idea, will we make some kind of revolution?

Answer: We will make a revolution in ourselves when we start thinking about us and not about me. Just replace I with us on a worldwide scale and that is it. Nothing else is needed. By this, you change everything. Everything! Your sensation and perception of the world.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/15/21

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Should One Believe In Fortune Tellers?

760.4Question: “How should one relate to fortune tellers? I have been told things that it is better not to repeat. Should I believe them or not? And if yes, how can I avoid what they predict for me? I believe you. I do not want to believe them.” Sergei.

Answer: You understand that a lot of people have the ability to sense the future. I have met such people. I talked about this with my teacher. And he had several such students in his lifetime who came, studied a little, and acquired this sensation of the future.

But I personally did not feel an immediate attraction to them.

Question: What about curiosity? To know what will happen to you, how fate will turn out?

Answer: No. I will tell you frankly, what will happen to me in a week, a month, a year, ten, twenty years—well, so what? I think it is much more interesting to live when you do not know anything. You just do not know anything! It is much more interesting, it is exciting.

And when you know everything, it is like you came to a movie, as we used to do to cinemas, sat down in your chair, and suddenly you find out that you remember this movie perfectly, you have already seen it. All the sharpness is gone.

Question: In other words, it is desirable to live as you say: tomorrow is tomorrow, what will be will be. Everything is in the hands of the upper. And you move along with this current?

Answer: Yes. The best thing is to know nothing and be the master of your life.

To what extent you are the master or not, you will start to understand that this is also pointless. I go forward according to the rules that the Creator has set in order to come to Him. I am getting closer to Him precisely according to the conditions that He has set out for me. And I want nothing else. I do not want to see another iota more! I do not want anything else! I want to be only this: a devoted follower of the Creator.

This is the most beautiful thing that can be! This is a great reward for a person when he can behave like this!

And at the same time, listening to how your future is being slandered, no way! We must come to bestowal from inside-out.

Question: And if around a corner during this journey of, as you call it, surrendering to the Creator terrible things suddenly happen?

Answer: There is nothing terrible or not terrible. It all depends on how you feel about it. If you give yourself to it openly, just like that, you open your soul: whatever is there is there and it is from the Creator; there is nothing terrible.

It is just that everything instantly becomes simple, clear, and soft. What your attitude to the Creator is, that is how you make Him—the Creator. And that is all. And there is the right connection between you.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/22/21

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To Return To The State Of “Adam”

929Comment: Due to the fact that I have internal and external Kelim (vessels), I feel the world divided into an external part (people, society) and desires within me. Naturally, I am always ready to fill my desires, and I use those that seem external to me, for my own sake.

My Response: Such a picture of the world is manifested due to the shattering. When the common desire was shattered, it revealed all sorts of divisions in us into yours and mine.

At first a person felt everything only within himself. Such was Adam HaRishon who felt that it was all his. Then there was a shattering, and proceeding from the fact that everything was divided into mine and not mine, the external, egoism, and the desire to receive, appeared.

Thus, what is outside me, I see as something alien. Therefore I cannot understand why I should do something for the sake of others. And if I can somehow contact them, it is only in order to use them.

But by changing my attitude to external desires (Kelim), I, as it were, acquire the opportunity to return again to the state of Adam. Then I can feel the whole world as somewhat mine, and myself as the whole world. I will no longer feel the division into mine and yours, myself and strangers. I will feel an absolute connection with the entire universe.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/23/21

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