Man Is An Instrument For Perceiving Reality

537The instrument of perception of reality is the person himself. Therefore, as long as we are imprisoned in this device, in this person, we cannot do anything. We must always attribute the additional condition that everything is attained relative to us.

All the huge processes that we study by looking at the universe, micro or macrocosm, we explore relative to ourselves. And with respect to other creations, unearthly beings, they would unfold in a completely different way.

Does the anti-world exist? Yes, it exists! And in it, there are creations who in correspondence with it perceive everything in a completely different way. And there can be an infinite number of such anti-worlds.

That is why, I hope that with time science will come to the right conclusions. Scientists have accumulated enough data to come to the realization of limitations. We are people, we feel only in ourselves, relative to ourselves, and according to how we are created, we cannot feel otherwise. Let’s assume that in this place where we now exist, there are a huge number of other universes, states, dimensions, beings, and creations.

Meaning that place, space, and time is all conditional. Therefore, Kabbalah says: “Until we will not go beyond our limitations, let’s use ordinary science and not get confused.” This is because we assume that this is all there is. And what does “everything that is” mean? It means that what we perceive exists and there can’t be anything else.

We can advance further, but still, only based on the instrument that I myself am, and we limit ourselves by this.

Kabbalah is the science of receiving, the science of perceiving the universe, and not only ours, but in general everything that exists, regardless of our body. We have to get out of it. Such a possibility exists. We have to investigate it: its limitations, boundaries, nature, perception, and its method of attainment and awareness.

At the same time, we will begin to comprehend how we can perceive everything that exists in a different way. And then we will achieve a true view of the world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Will of the Universe” 28/11/10

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