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The Game Is The Constant Work Of The Group

laitman_947Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: Just as we expect actors in the theater to do their best to make our imagination think that their acting is real, we expect our interpreters of religion to be able to touch our hearts so deeply that we will perceive the faith of religion as the actual reality.

We have to play a game, until “faith in this methodology will gain strength in our hearts.” Playing a game is the constant work in the group. If this is not the case, it is unlikely the group has a chance to advance.

Question: Is the agreement to act out a contract between us or is each of our contract’s in relation to the Creator? Is there a difference in these definitions?

Answer: There is no difference. The cause and the consequence change all the time: I work with the Creator for the sake of the group, or I work with the group for the Creator.

Question: So the concepts of “contract with the Creator” and “contract with the group” are the same?

Answer: Yes and no. It depends on what is the cause and what is the consequence.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 2/8/18

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In The Field Of The Creator

laitman_944Rabash, “The Agenda of the Assembly 2”: To the extent that the society regards the greatness of the Creator with their thoughts during the assembly, each according to his degree originates the importance of the Creator in him. Thus, he can walk all day in the world of gladness and joy, meaning he enjoys every little thing that he does concerning the work of the Creator. This is so because if he remembers that he should contemplate spirituality for even a minute, he immediately says, “I am already grateful and praising and glorifying the Creator,” since he believes that now the Creator has called him and wishes to speak with him.

We need to work not in our field, but in the field of the Creator. Then, there will be no problems. You are constantly concerned about making Him happy, like a mother who does not think about herself but about her child. If something happens to the baby, she is completely within it, not within herself.

Blessing the Creator is the work in His field.

Rabash, “The Agenda of the Assembly 2”: And when a person imagines that the King is calling him and tells him that he wants to play with him, what joy would he experience then, and what high spirits would he have? Certainly, in that uplifted state, he would not think any trifle thoughts. He would only be a little embarrassed at not knowing the King’s laws and manners—how to behave when the King speaks to him.

But he considers what he does know how to do for the King as a great fortune…

At every moment I should try to think about how I influence the Creator through my present state: What do I bring Him in the given moment?
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 2/8/18

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How To Maintain A Positive Mood

laitman_938.04Question: What is the meaning of a “positive mood” in a Kabbalistic group?

Answer: In a Kabbalistic group a person’s mood is under the influence of the surrounding environment and only that. This is because one who advances, correcting himself, is practically never in control of himself.

He exists either in an uplifted state, when the Light pulls him upward, or in a descent into the worst possible dark state, when the upper Light releases him. That is why he is constantly in states that he cannot regulate nor create something above himself.

We are not talking about an ordinary person in our world who exists under the influence of two opposing forces that constantly, like on a swing, toss him up or throw him down.

That is why he needs to be connected to a society that buffers his states, transferring them to itself and passing them back to him. In other words, while in an ascent, the individual passes to the group his confidence, knowledge, understanding, and desire to progress; and when he is in a descent, the group returns this all back to him. Then again, in a positive state, he passes all of that to the group, and in a negative state, the group elevates him.

It turns out that if he passes these states through the group, then there is always a closed ever-changing contour, and he is constantly moving forward. But without a correct society that helps him advance with the help of a certain agreement called “mutual guarantee(Arvut), he cannot progress. The upper force will constantly be throwing him into an opposite state.

Question: What is meant by positive mood—to be happy, joyous?

Answer: For a Kabbalist, it is the confidence that in each moment he is in a correct relationship with the Creator. The descents and ascents bring him out of this relationship. Moreover, while in ascents he feels that he is the master of himself and the entire world.

Question: What kind of actions can an individual make in order to raise the mood of those around him?

Answer: He must do the same for them as he expects from them.

Question: How do we correctly elevate the mood of an individual who is engaged in inner work and not interfere with his focus?

Answer: Only through example. Demonstrate to him, without words, that you are in the correct, positive, creative ascent. Help him only through your inner intention and desire, and externally, by an unobtrusive example.

Question: How can I see that my friend is in a state of descent? Does he need to tell me about it?

Answer: If he really cannot do anything, then he must speak about it to his friends and ask for them to take him into their hands. Moreover, the individual understands that by this, he helps others and the group. He can not only ask for help for himself, but also give the ability to the group to unite around him. In this case the group, undoubtedly, rises.

The individual must understand that the friends work together as one soul. There is nothing shameful in this. But on the contrary, if he really has no strength, then it is a sign that he must turn to them because they are all placed into this state by the upper force.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 2/8/18

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The Uniqueness Of The Method Of Kabbalah

laitman_528.02Question: Are members of a Kabbalistic group comprised of people who have a lot of abilities?

Answer: A Kabbalistic group is complicated in the sense that those who enter it have a big ego directed toward attaining the Creator. Their egoism crosses the boundaries of our world, which indicates how big their ego is.

They have to work on their ego without killing, lowering, or erasing it, but instead construct the opposite property through a unique ascent above the ego. The ego grows all the time, but a person builds the property of bestowal and love above it: the ego grows, one builds the property of love; the ego grows more, and more of the property of love is added. This is how a person constantly pulls himself up.

Therefore, the Kabbalistic method is complex. First, it works within a person who exists in two states: one state is egoistic and the other one pulls him to the altruistic part. The person is torn between these two states not knowing exactly which one he should attach to. Big descents, big ascents, and a huge tension between them.

The method explains to him what he should do, while he constantly works on discerning his freedom of choice. This is not easy.

Question: Where in this work can one give a good spirit to the other person?

Answer: In all the states, but only through the correct environment.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 2/8/18

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According To The Highest Plan

laitman_942Rabash, The Social Writings, “Concerning Love of Friends”: What is the reason I chose specifically these friends, and why have the friends chosen me?

On one hand, we came together accidentally because we were looking for the meaning of life, the possibility of understanding existence, and we are guided by our common goal.

On the other hand, everything happens from above. As we later understand, it was the higher plan that led us to come together. It unites and brings us closer to each other despite the fact that we are egoists, especially those who come to study Kabbalah. These are people who have never really been drawn to each other or to others, everyone felt themselves as individuals.

Therefore, when they come together, they have a special job: to show love to each other, to organize meals and various activities together, and so on. Generally, this is not for them because such behavior is contrary to their nature. But they have to do this in order to become closer to each other.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 1/18/18

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A Zero From Ten Sefirot

laitman_292The Creator is revealed inside the connection of ten people, each of which has annulled himself to zero. But how does this connection become equal if each one makes his own annulment toward the group that he views in his personal way? Everyone has his own desire, which is different from all others, so all our zeroes turn out to be different. How do they then become a single zero?

Every one of us is different and unique. There is not a single form where we would be equal. But since we all annul ourselves, we are reduced to a single zero that contains ten zeroes within it that differ from each other like ten Sefirot.

Thus, a Partzuf is created, which has ten completely annulled parts in it connected with each other like ten Sefirot. After all, they are different, but they have annulled themselves to zero, and through this they have connected into single point. This point, however, is complex, consisting of ten points connected through their annulment toward one principle.

Each of us annuls himself and no one is similar to the other in his annulment because each one perceives this principle in his own way. Yet these ten turn into a single system because a single Creator becomes revealed in them and fills them. The Creator summarizes all these ten desires into a single whole.

Each of the ten desires is filled with Light in its individual form in proportion to its self-annulment. They very much differ in their character and strength, but they are considered to be one point: a drop of spiritual semen that begins to develop.

It is a point, but a very complex one. There is no difference between this drop and the entire immense system of the world of Ein Sof (infinity).

The very first self-annulment is not yet enough to reveal the Creator, which requires more advanced forms. With each self-annulment, they absorb the desire to enjoy inside the Klipot above which they annul themselves for the sake of the general principle of unity, and in the contrast between the Light and the darkness, they reveal the Creator.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/13/18, Lesson on the Topic: “Revealing the Necessity for the Ten” (Preparation for the Convention “All As One” in New Jersey 2018)
1. Minute 1:52:55

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The Group As A Mini-Model Of Humanity

935Kabbalists advise us to unite in groups that will become a model of mini-humanity, mini-Adam, because then the laws of communication will work between people like it used to be before Adam HaRishon’s sin. And in this way, we will attract the upper Light, which will influence us even more and unite us.

We seem to want to leap forward in time. By the natural course of evolution, the upper Light will pressure us and unite us together in only a few hundred years from now. And we want it to happen right now!

That is why we perform all the actions that are required of us, like little children who play and develop by playing the game. And in a similar way, we want to build a group in which the laws of the end of correction are realized.

The Light influences the group in response to our efforts, we compel it. According to the laws of nature, we awaken the upper Light to influence us more and move forward to the extent of our efforts and the strength of our desire. So, we speed up the time of our development. This is the essence of the method of Kabbalah.

The desire to love your neighbor as yourself, which is the law of the end of correction, becomes our daily goal.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/6/18, Lesson on the Topic: “Preparation for the Pesach,” Part 2

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The Group In Egypt

laitman_275Only the “sons of Jacob” enter Egypt, in other words, the qualities that are already in some form of contact with the Creator. But with respect to the general process of correction, it is practically nothing—only the acknowledgement of evil.

They are not yet ready to receive the Torah for the correction of their own evil inclination, since they have not yet escaped Pharaoh. But they are in need of the Light that reforms in order to reveal that they are slaves to Pharaoh.

Egypt is the discovery of the original desire to receive pleasure, which until this point did not manifest in the sons of Israel. That’s why the forefather Abraham asked the Creator: “How will I know that my descendants will inherit this land?” And the Creator reassured him that they would reveal a great desire for pleasure, which is called “help made against him,” in their effort to achieve the goal of creation.

An individual cannot work without fulfillment. Our material, the desire to receive pleasure, does not disappear and does not become extinguished; we only change the content of desire. We need to work on acquiring a desire that will correspond exactly to what the Creator wants to give. This type of desire does not appear on its own by natural means.

In other words, it is necessary to connect to the Giver and feel how He is fulfilled by His act of giving to me. And then I feel and understand all the ways He relates to me; His pleasure is in my receiving and feeling the pleasure of Him giving.

The Creator receives pleasure from my comprehension of His intention toward me and my experience of pleasure from the knowledge that it pleases Him to give to me, and that I am prepared to respond to Him with the same attitude. You need to go through many stages of attainment of the Creator in order to begin to actually give Him fulfillment.

“The Sons of Israel in Egypt” means the Kabbalistic group. It is impossible to ask for oneself— only for the group since in it we actualize the correction of the desire in order to bestow to the Creator. As it is written: “From the love of friends, to the love of the Creator.”

I ask for the others, for the group, for unity, and not for myself. It turns out that the correct, true prayer is a prayer for the Creator, since we are doing all this only in order to bring Him pleasure.

The blows that bring us out of Egypt—these are just what separates us from the group, from the ten. Other problems are not blows, they are merely passing inconveniences. When an individual is not working in a group for unity and correction, he receives other problems.

If you don’t want to join the group, then you will be pushed to it indirectly: problems at work, at home, with the police, so that you will gradually come to correction within the group through all these indirect ways. But such work takes a long time and has very low efficiency.

If, however, from the very beginning we think only of how to strengthen the ten and build in it a unified and strong framework of connection between us, then we begin to discover the plagues of Egypt and quickly exit Egypt, significantly accelerating time.

The main thing to understand is that all of Egypt, and in general the entire work, is only in the group. Everything is revealed only within it, outside of it nothing exists.

Within the ten, we have only one goal, one direction above the egoistic nature and intentions of each. In the center of the ten, in the center of our unity, we want to reveal the Creator according to equivalence of form.

As soon as we are able to unite with the intention to reveal the Creator, He is immediately revealed because we enter the same range of frequency, the same quality as Him. This is called the spiritual embryo.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/9/18, Writings of Rabash

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The Secret Of Happiness

laitman_939.02Question: The secret of happiness is the internal connection of the hearts into one whole, but what is the internal connection? How can you describe it? What should I yearn for?

Answer: Internal connection is possible only through the group. In a friends’ meeting, for example, you should imagine that you are in a corrected spiritual state. For this purpose meetings with friends are held to create this state inside you, to sculpt it, and to remain in it for a whole week until your next gathering.

The whole Kabbalistic method is aimed at recreating the proper structure of man, which means that everyone should connect wisely, emotionally, consciously, consistently, by trial and error, in an attempt to resemble the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/19/16

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Demonstration Of Love

laitman_942Question: Is playing at demonstrating love an effective method only in a group of Kabbalists or can it be used in any group that works together, or in a family, or anywhere else?

Answer: I don’t know what is a done in any work groups. In a group of Kabbalists, it is necessary to play at demonstrating love in order for us to draw the surrounding Light. We use the method of induction here because we are actually working with very powerful forces of nature.

When I intentionally force myself to behave lovingly toward friends and they do the same toward me, we draw the upper force of nature to ourselves, and then this force begins to build this kind of attitude and interactions in us.

If we want to be kind to each other, then we must act as if we are kind, even when we understand perfectly well that in reality we are not like that at all. But we also know that as we are doing this, the upper Light is correcting us.

Question: Is that why, for example, when you give a gift to a friend, you have to tell everyone about it and not hide it?

Answer: Of course. Everyone must be told. You are demonstrating a positive example and advertising love to the world.

You must give gifts and do the rest also. That is why when I give something, I must tell everyone about it! And no false modesty is necessary! All those are lies anyway! It doesn’t get you anywhere. Let it be the opposite. Let people talk about what kind of gifts they want to give to each other.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/11/2017

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