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How To Draw The Upper Light

944Question: How can corporeal egoistic actions like studying, for example, extract the absolutely heavenly spiritual force of bestowal from the upper world?

Answer: Indeed, if our world is not connected to the upper world in any way, how can I do something through my physical actions, through my egoism?

The point is there is nothing I can do. However, we have been given the opportunity to gather in tens and try to unite between us despite our egoism, above it. And although I cannot do that at all, to the extent that I try to connect with the friends, I invoke the upper light unto me. That is, there is a so-called branch-to-root connection, and I can do it.

If I behave in a certain way with the friends in the group and we study Kabbalistic sources together, create connections between us, and imitate the images and actions Kabbalah writes about, then even if I am in my egoism, I still feel an internal inspiration to summon the impact of the upper surrounding light unto me.

This light surrounds the ego on purpose, and to the extent that the ego yearns for it and seemingly wants to resemble it, the light impacts the ego and changes it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/23/18

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The Group Is A Lab For Studying The Creator

938.05Spiritual work depends on how we create a group, how we manage ourselves in it, and how we change all kinds of connections and integrations in the group. To this extent we, like in a lab, begin to feel the influence of the Creator on us, sometimes more sometimes less, sometimes closer and sometimes further away, etc.

All our groups around the world can already arrange these conditions between them so that they can study the Creator. To the extent that they get closer, expand, or feel distant from each other, they begin to feel Him.

The Creator is simply the general force, and we are the ones who can feel Him and change internally. Internally means in the group, in the connection between us, which is where the Creator is attained.

This is the reason that we always aspire to create groups and to unite in them according to the advice of our teacher, the Kabbalist Rabash. If we work this way, we will begin to feel the revelation of the Creator inside us to the extent that we get closer to each other or further away from each other, even artificially. And then we attain experience of how we can work with Him.

This is a very interesting action called spiritual work. By performing this action, we can reach the attribute in which the Creator will fill us. Once we are filled by the Creator, we will feel the next levels of creation, above our world.

Today we are also filled with the Creator, but at the lowest, animal level. Therefore, this level does not give us the feeling of eternity, perfection, knowledge. Since we are all created by the Creator in the same way, as as people who are similar to each other and somehow connected to each other, but precisely because of the Creator, we do not feel this unity and the Creator in it.

But as soon as we ourselves become more united with each other, we will immediately begin to feel Him. Therefore, the next levels, which depend on our greater unification, will manifest in us as knowledge.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/22/19

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Am I Beneficial For the Group?

933Question: How do I know whether I am beneficial for the group?

Answer: Only when you detach yourself from your ego and lower yourself before the group will you be able to receive a real positive answer that you are beneficial for it. This means that you need to be able to totally dissolve in the group.

This happens after a great deal of scrutiny, for and against, agreeing and disagreeing, and so on. When you are aware of it, you annul yourself.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/9/18

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The Pulse Of Spiritual Life

530We should evaluate any state only from the point of view of the connection or disconnection between the friends in the ten and as internally as possible. This will help us advance faster toward our goal.

If we are constantly checking how close or how distanced we are from the friends, we will very quickly discover the attitude of the Creator toward us and the way He is teaching us the foundations of the connection that we have to acquire in order to return to the single soul of Adam HaRishon.

From there, we will understand that everything that happens in the world depends only on the connection between us and that only through the connection between us is it possible to correct the world. The more control we give to the Creator through our connection, the better the world will become. Then we will begin to connect between the tens: ten tens together, a hundred, a million… But they will be felt in us as a single ten.

We will discover that the Creator always exists between us, either with greater concealment or greater revelation. And this way we will feel this beating of the pulse of spiritual life, a constant contraction and expansion, advancing more and more toward unity between us and toward connection with the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/29/21, “Love Covers All Transgressions”

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There Is No Evil In The World—Only Correction

528.03All bitter feelings must be perceived purposefully, relative to the group and the Creator, in order to rise above them. Therefore, I do not see any evil in what is happening in the world, nothing harmful. All the troubles and misfortunes that exist in reality were created during the shattering of the desires and their fall.

And now, when it is their turn to correct themselves, they rise from the depths to which they have fallen and demand correction. Therefore, their revelation should cause us joy.

Of course, they burden the heart and cause pain, but they lead to the light of the day. Therefore, I should be glad that bad thoughts, states, qualities, and egoistic desires are revealed in me. If they have appeared in me, then I can correct them and rise above them.

They are all already prepared from the moment of the shattering of the common soul of Adam HaRishon, so any broken state that requires correction should bring us joy. It all depends on the connection between us, whether we are ready to pick up those broken desires that have appeared in us, attach them to ourselves, and correct them.

The Creator raises them to us; we only need to take them and, by connecting with Him, pray that He will help us to hold them together in the center of the ten and raise this broken Kli in prayer to the Creator. In response, the upper light will come and correct this part of the vessel and shine in it. Thus, we will rise to the spiritual level.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/29/21, “Love Covers All Transgressions”

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The Resistance Of The Ego

507.03Comment: I have been studying with you for many years, but something inside me resists fully entering the group.

Answer: It is not “something.” It is your ego, your pride. Try to set a goal for yourself and dissolve in the group at least once.

You will feel and know what it means when “I do not exist.” The moment you do not exist, you will begin to feel the upper world and the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/2/18

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We Are Pioneers

749.02Question: What is the difference between a corporeal group and a virtual group?

Answer: If the friends work correctly between them, there is probably no difference.

Why probably? In order to do that, we need to go through certain phases of development, to achieve something, to begin to understand and to perceive it, to process these phases, and then to advance. We are pioneers in this sense, because we are doing something that has never been fulfilled in history.

After all, the group that Abraham assembled in ancient Babylon and called Israel operated in different conditions. They were not shattered and they ascended to the level of the First Temple, which means one level below full correction.

Then they were partly shattered on the level of the First Temple, and fully shattered on the level of the Second Temple. They passed another 2,000 years of detachment from the spiritual state. This is the reason that today we are beginning to reconnect.

Since the Babylonians dispersed all over the globe at the time, and Abraham’s group also dispersed in the world and mixed with other nations, we now begin to gradually reassemble, not knowing from where and how. Yet, these are not our own independent actions, but the outcome of the Creator’s effect, the effect of the general light on us.

So when we reassemble, we don’t know how to act. There are general schemas, general rules of the correction of the broken Kli (shattered vessel) of the one soul. But no matter what you ask about, I will not tell you that that is the way it should be, even if I am absolutely sure of the answer, because in the spiritual world there is the rule of “there is none wiser than the experienced.”

A wise man is a person who undergoes everything and speaks about it only from his own experience, but who knows the levels that we are undergoing now? There are no such people in our generation.

It will be easier for the next generation though. We will leave them our teachers, our impressions, we will leave them the broken Kli (shattered vessel) that we have begun to reconstruct, and so, of course, it will be easier for them to do it.

I am not quite sure how the group will undergo the levels of attainment. We are advancing by making small steps, and although we are advancing quite fast, every small step is still new, so time will tell. We will intensively move forward and see for ourselves how it works.

On the whole, our movement is similar to the states Kabbalists underwent in earlier generations, but there may also be changes since group work is implemented for the first time. It is new, since throughout history the assembly of the broken Kelim (shattered vessels), the vessel of the general soul has never been fulfilled.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/11/19

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Do Not Break The Ties With The Creator

947Question: What is the difference between demanding to feel “There is none else besides Him” by myself and when I demand this with the friends?

Answer: I demand from the Creator to feel Him as my source, as “There is none else besides Him,” and I constantly bring myself back to this.

The moment I come into contact with the Creator and say that it is He who expresses His feeling and His thought inside of me, I receive the feeling and the thought as my own. But the moment I understand this and register it on my account inside me, the connection with the Creator is immediately broken and the next moment comes along.

This is the reason that I have to do the same thing every single moment, and thus, gradually, return to the Creator in order to re-attain the state in which He is always my source in every way.

If I do it through the group, my efforts are a little different. They are related to the creation of a common vessel in which we want to reveal the Creator so that He will be revealed to us and we will really be able to attain His greatness.

But we reveal His greatness above our differences. To the extent that we feel distant from each other and that we have different conflicts and problems between us, we feel the Creator’s height and His ascent above these problems in His revelation.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/11/19

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An Appeal To The Creator Through The Group

944Question: What is an appeal to the Creator through the group?

Answer: When I appeal to the Creator, I ask that He should be revealed to me as the source of my thoughts and my feelings.

Usually, a person appeals to the Creator when he feels bad, but when he feels good, he forgets about it, because we are egoists.

But if a person appeals to the Creator through the group, it means that he wants to systematically integrate into the spiritual work. This happens gradually through personal contacts with the Creator when he invites the Creator and the Creator disappears, he invites Him, and He disappears. By this kind of movement, a personal desire is gradually created in a person, which demands the integration in a group.

This is a totally different kind of communication with the Creator, which takes place through the common force, through common integration in the friends. Then a new sensor appears in the person, which he can aim at feeling the Creator because the Creator is revealed in the right integration of the whole ten. We are yet to feel all that.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/11/19

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The First Grasp Of Spirituality

530When many groups approach the transition from the corporeal to the spiritual world and every ten wants to unite and realize it within them, this is already a huge event, the birth of the soul.

We know from corporeal life that the main thing is the beginning of the pregnancy, its retention so that there is no miscarriage, and then childbirth. This is a very complex process in which all sorts of complications are possible. But when all this passes and a person is born, he begins to grow.

The most difficult thing in spiritual work is the first grasp of spirituality: connection around the spiritual point, which is one for the whole ten. If we all grasp it, we begin to develop, receive more and more fulfillment from it.

The process of spiritual growth consists of ups and downs, the alternating growth of the quality of reception and the quality of bestowal. After all, we cannot receive the power of bestowal without feeling the lack of it. And so we must first descend into egoism, feel all of its evil and the necessity to correct it into bestowal.

So we keep swaying back and forth like a beating pulse or the processes taking place in an embryo. But this is already the work of the force of bestowal on our natural force of reception in accordance to our desire to move under the authority of the force of bestowal.

This is where the birth in the spiritual world begins; it starts with the desire to annul oneself in the ten so that the upper force will act on us and do with us whatever it wants. We are ready to completely separate ourselves from our egoism in order to become like the Creator.

If a person tries to implement it himself, he will certainly end up with a miscarriage, because he is alone. But if he is included in the ten, in the friends, then he will not drop out. If we unite and strive for the same goal, for the same power of mutual bestowal and support each other, then we begin to develop correctly.

And as soon as I separate from the ten, I become dead, like an organ cut off from the body, and there will certainly be a miscarriage. After all, spirituality, unlike corporeality, is perfect, and there can be nothing partial. If someone goes out, it creates a problem for everyone.

Therefore, it is necessary to protect the connection between us and the connection with the Creator in every possible way. To the extent that everyone annuls himself before others and everyone annuls before the Creator, we give the Creator the opportunity to take care of us, like a drop of seed in the mother’s womb giving itself to the authority of the mother.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/11/21, “Ibur (Conception) and Preparation to Birth”

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