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Balancing Relations With The Light

laitman_939.02Balancing our relations with the Light means that we have to constantly relate to it the same way it relates to us. The attributes of the light are bestowal, love, and mutual connection.

So, we have to feel how we can constantly create balance with it. If we want to advance correctly in the Creator’s world, this has to be our mission.

We can gradually get closer to keeping this condition only if we are in a group. Then we will begin to create and acquire the right attitude to the light in the connection between us and understand which attributes there should be between us and what the mutual connection between these attributes is.

We need to learn how the mutual relations in different parameters, different attributes, yearnings, and desires will complement one another and will eventually all resemble the light that shines on us all the time.

The light of each ten, each Kabbalistic group, shines differently, because each one is seemingly a small part of the one big body of Adam, the one general soul.

So, when we are together in a small group, we can begin to resemble the light as a result of the relations between us. Mutual cooperation will determine our attitude to the light.

Then we will begin to feel the light and to cooperate with it in mutuality, and our relations with it will be the most important thing for us, whereas all the other things in our world will be totally unimportant to us.

We still seemingly detach ourselves from our world and use it only in order to exist, while everything else, including our energy, our study, and our feelings will be dedicated only to the connection between us, to resembling the upper light more and more each time. Then the upper light will fill us, warm us, and give us a feeling of eternity and wholeness.

We will begin to feel how the Creator, the light, is revealed in us, and then we will feel that we are in the upper world while living in our world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/18/19

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Transcending To Another Dimension

laitman_934Question: What is the center of the ten? Each time we touch this concept, but then we lose it. Does it happen when we connect with our points in the heart and annul ourselves?

Answer: The center of the ten is the point from which each of us annuls himself with regard to the other friends. When the whole ten annul themselves with regard to each other, we attain the center. Then the revelation of a wonderful attribute takes place, the attribute of spirituality, and the entrance to the upper world opens up before us.

This is actually a wonder, a miracle, the transition to another dimension that is between us. If each of us fully annuls oneself for the sake of togetherness, the point of togetherness suddenly becomes the gate, the passageway, to the upper world. This is what we have to do, and then everything will be revealed before us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/1/19

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Billions Of People In One Ten

laitman_934Question: Can work in one ten affect all of humanity?

Answer: There is no difference between a small ten and all of humanity. If we awaken a higher power through our actions in the ten, then through it we influence the whole world. Such is the peculiarity of the integral system that even a ten contains all parts of reality within itself.

If we pump the ten with higher light, then it expands and so does the size of all of humanity. Imagine that there are a billion people in each friend. There are eight billion people in the world and all of them, except the point of the Creator (Keter) and the point of Malchut, are within this ten.

As we move forward, we begin to reveal all of reality within this ten, all of humanity, all the worlds, everything is inside it, you just have to penetrate deeper into it.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/20/20, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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Symphony For Zeir Anpin And Malchut

laitman_942It is not possible, yet, to explain where Zeir Anpin, Malchut, and the other Sefirot are in the ten. A ten still does not feel this, does not have such abilities. To work with spiritual concepts, one must already incorporate the properties of bestowal and engage in the love of friends above one’s desire to enjoy, above love for oneself. Thereby, we will acquire the properties of Zeir Anpin and will be able to grow Malchut, otherwise it is impossible.

Therefore, all our work is to attract the upper light that will affect us. We must ask the Creator to shine the returning light on us, which will give us the quality of bestowal. To the extent that the upper light affects us, we will want to love our neighbor and to bestow to him. We only need to attract the light and for this we need a common prayer.

If together, as a ten, we demand and ask for the light to come, it will come and unite us into one body called Zeir Anpin or Malchut. Then we will understand connection and what Baal HaSulam writes about in his article the “Study of the Ten Sefirot.” Right now, we do not understand this; we only read: Zeir Anpin and Malchut, but we do not have such workings in us and, therefore the text remains dead. These are simply lifeless letters to us.

But after the correction, we will be able to read and perform these actions inside, in our feelings. This text will become for us like notes for a musician who can play them or even sing a melody by ear. After all, he feels these notes.

If a person is not familiar with the notes, he does not understand how to sing and play them. He looks at musical notes and does not know what each note means. So we do not know what the structure of the upper worlds means. Until we acquire the qualities of bestowal, we will not be able to perform any of the actions described in the Kabbalistic book.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/30/20

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An Instrument For The Revelation Of The Creator

laitman_934Question: If I try to see the Creator behind everything, does that mean that I am in contact with Him and that I am influenced by the upper force?

Answer: It means that you are striving toward the Creator but not that you feel Him. Your views may be wrong. The only way to see the Creator is through a certain instrument, which you have to assemble together with the friends. It is the ten, ten people with whom you connect as a single whole in your desires, your intentions, and your thoughts in order to attain the Creator.

At the same time, all ten people must totally annul their egoism in order to be one whole. Then, you will begin to feel the Creator in the central point of this connection. It is as if you create a lens that brings together all ten rays, concentrates them in its center, and then you see the Creator through the collective focus that you have created, and not any other way.

So, if you want to pray to the Creator, you must do it in the ten. If you want to feel the Creator, you must be aimed at Him and yearn for Him in the ten. Everything is in and through the ten. The Creator does not feel anything less than a ten. Ten people who are connected between them by their yearning for the Creator is an instrument through which you can begin to reveal the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/1/19

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What Gives The Effect Of Spiritual Glue?

Laitman_524.01Question: The essence of the wisdom of Kabbalah is the unity of desires, intentions, thoughts, and souls. What is the main tool that gives the effect of spiritual glue between them? What connects them?

Answer: They are connected by our desire, when we in the ten want to be together so much that we feel a mutual yearning, interaction, and mutual thoughts, that is, the manifestation of a completely new feeling of reciprocity that no one had before.

It is also not yet spiritual, but it is already the manifestation of a single field that the Creator blesses. And then we will connect more and more closely until in mind, in heart, and in intention, we begin to feel how we want to help each other, to manifest within each other, and to connect with each other.

Then, by establishing this network of connection, we will feel that the Creator is there, as if we caught Him in this network like a huge dolphin.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/1/20

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Love One Or Ten?

laitman_938.02Question: Is it enough to love your neighbor and satisfy his desires in order to achieve the goal?

Answer: It’s enough if I love the ten. To love one’s neighbor is a kind of selfish concept. But if I join the ten, try to connect with my friends, and cancel myself before them, if I completely set myself up so that I try to get closer to them all the time, then I am doing my job.

I begin to feel the Creator’s conversation with me, what He does in me: increases hatred, removes it, constantly goes through my properties, and in this way I feel it.

Question: We are arranged in such a way where we feel confident only when everything around us is logical and explainable, when the presumed is confirmed by the real, when the desired coincides with the possible. How does one work in the ten if this doesn’t happen?

Answer: We must set a clear goal for ourselves, watch how we can connect with it, and have many discussions in the ten about it and how to unite in the progression toward the goal. Everyone turns into one person, into one image in the goal toward which you progress.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/29/19

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Do Not Adapt Yourself To A Common Standard

laitman_942Question: In forming a relationship with friends, is it imperative that they feel, understand, and sense the same as I do?

Answer: No, it is not at all necessary. In a group, you can be on completely different levels. But this still means nothing. Do not strive to fit yourself under some common measure.

Each person should, as much as possible, positively influence others, unite them, fill them through himself, and most importantly, raise MAN to the Creator from all the friends in the group. In this case, we advance.

We should not compare who is more, who is less. After we come a little closer, we will begin to feel ourselves in a single system—in the ten— where the mutual combination of forces takes place. Therefore, it has everything in common: a common revelation of the Creator, a common light, and a common tension.

And although each of us is different from the rest, one has a higher sensitivity to sensations, the other has a sensitivity to knowledge, etc., but since all kinds of additions and calculations are taking place here, both sensory and physical, these are eliminated in the upper ten, for everyone, everything goes the same way, and for everyone, one Creator is revealed.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/1/20

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What Can We Give To The Creator?

laitman_938.01Question: What can a man give to the Creator through his friends?

Answer: First, all friends must agree with him on this action of surrendering themselves to the Creator.

It consists of the fact that they connect with each other and turn into one vessel where they feel Creator, where He can be clothed.

We turn into Nukva, the female property, relative to the Creator, who is the masculine property, and we want the Creator to cloth in us, fill us, and rule over us. We are ready to surrender ourselves to the power of bestowal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/18/20, Writings of Rabash, “The Agenda of the Assembly – 2,”

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The Transformation Of The Point Into A Spiritual Partzuf

laitman_934Question: Is unity in the ten an addition of attributes in each member to the ten?

Answer: In unity, you aspire that the whole ten should be felt as one whole and that all your yearnings for the Creator, not for your own corporeal attributes, should connect at the center into one point. It is at this point that you will reveal the Creator.

Question: Will there be ten attributes at this point?

Answer: Yes, then this point will create the spiritual Partzuf.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/12/20

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