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World—Reality Or Illusion? Part 15

laitman_963.8Playing Equivalence With The Creator

Question: How can those of us studying Kabbalah feel the Creator if we simply play the role of those who feel Him in front of the friends, but really don’t know anything about Him except His qualities? How will we know that we are approaching Him and it is not an illusion or just our imagination, but it will become real?

Answer: Try to play as if you are similar to the Creator with respect to your friend. And you will see how much this begins to develop you and your friend.

The friend in his turn will also begin to react to you in the same way. Thus, you will be developing each other together, and the Creator will be helping you both.

The main thing is to try to do everything in a way in which you would manifest yourself like the Creator.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 9/15/19

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Companions On The Spiritual Path

laitman_749.03Question: What conditions are necessary to receive a response to MAN? Maybe we need to create a special service for this?

Answer: I do not know what service you can create and for whom. There is no need to build any channels other than proper communication with each other.

The common desire rising from the group will create that service, that channel through which all your private desires, connected together, form a huge desire called “MAN.” You will definitely get an answer to it. It all depends on how much you try to unite among yourselves for the sake of attaining the Creator.

You have a very clear goal: to attain the Creator. Therefore, it does not matter to you who is sitting nearby. If a person wants to be with you in achieving your goal, then he is your companion, and you can progress. That is how you should look at each other, purely as consumers.

Do not look at the appearance of a friend, at his character and habits. It does not matter to you what and who he is. What matters is that he strives for the same goal. Therefore, he can be your companion, an assistant without whom you will not achieve your goal.
From KabTV’s “Fundamenatals of Kabbalah,” 8/18/19

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On A Small Raft

laitman_290If I am constantly in the friends, I will not fall, I can balance my states. It is like we are standing on a raft buffeted by the waves, all ten of us. All of our work is in balancing the raft in the stormy sea; everyone makes efforts only for this.

There is a level in the middle of the raft showing the horizontal level and we all focus on it, on the middle line. We do this together or we cannot balance the level. We must feel one another, understand what each one is doing, and what we need for balance. We do not work in turns, one after another, we must be connected internally even before performing actions in order to align the level to zero.

By balancing the level, I perform an action opposite of the Creator: He raises the waves and I want to compensate for the disturbance, to make up for His work, and thus, I call Him. I work with the screen and the reflected light against the Creator, leading to a collision due to the oppositeness of our actions, and at the same time, to adhesion because we work together. It is as if we are dancing a tango, like a bride and groom.

This requires connection of the hearts. The mind will not help here; it works too slowly. Only the heart can react instantly. If one heart feels the other, they will immediately get along even before the comprehension reaches the mind and it begins to think.

Therefore, we want to be in one heart. When we feel that it is possible, we suddenly understand how in fact the spiritual world is arranged: “up to the reason.” The mind will begin to react in half a minute and not before; therefore, the main thing is the feeling, which responds immediately.

One heart means that there is no difference in our attitude; there is no delay from heart to heart; we are simply all together. Therefore, we do not need to wait for each other or ask one another what the other is doing to balance the level. We balance it together; we ask nothing because we know, we feel, what will be. We rise above time because I do not need to wait for the actions of the friends; I live with them in a single heart. Therefore, time disappears since there is no past, present, and future.

Past, present, and future exist between us only because of the transfer from one to another. If we all act from one point, then there is no time. It turns out we already are in eternity because time has disappeared.

However, if we do not work from the center of the group, all our work will be in a very long, roundabout way. Eventually, we will reach the goal someday, but we will stretch the time very much.

The level is the central point of the group, a single desire, single intention, single heart. In this place we can reveal the Creator: one against the other.

The level is not an air bubble in a liquid, like in a physical device, but the common heart of the group that belongs to everyone. Imagine that we are on a raft swaying on the waves. In the middle of the raft there is a level that we need to keep in balance. If we are able to align it, then in the central point that maintains balance despite the waves, our contact with the Creator occurs, His revelation.

On the next degree, it will become even more difficult to maintain balance: the waves will swell higher, the raft will become taller, two floors. However, this will make us unite even more tightly in one heart, and only in this way will we discover more and more opportunities to reveal the Creator and bring Him contentment.

The level is the common point for all of us, which came from the Creator. It is the Creator within us! The level will be in balance if we are all directed toward each other, each one wanting nothing for himself and being ready to give all of himself to the friends.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/19, Simchat Torah

1 Minute 51:30

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New Life #293 – An Integral Group, Part 2

New Life #293 – An Integral Group, Part 2
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Every part of nature includes all of nature within it so it is possible to understand everything in an integral connection. A group is a dynamic system of communication between at least two people. First, group members learn general rules regarding how to connect in a new manner and why this is important. Then, they work through four stages including how to become like an embryo in the group, how to be like a mother’s womb for the others in the group, how to see all group members as equals, and, finally, how to create a sense of “we” and “one” in the center of the group. This type of group, with a quality connection between the members, can solve any problem and manage all aspects of life intelligently and sensitively.
From KabTV’s “New Life #293 – An Integral Group, Part 2,” 1/21/14

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The Sign Of Spiritual Connection

laitman_232.06Question: When we watch some programs, we become involved with them and feel the stream of thoughts and feelings. This is already a level of connection.

Why, if I feel the thoughts and desires of others within me, is this a sign of spiritual connection?

Answer: A sign of spiritual connection can only be when I feel rejection from my friends and at the same time I pray for connection between us. Only these two opposing tendencies in me indicate spiritual elevation.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 8/18/19

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Cancel Self-Love

laitman_938.02Rabash, Article No 6, 1984, “Love of Friends (2)” Everyone should think that he has come to the group to cancel his self love, that is, he should not think about how he can fulfill his desire, but as much as possible think only about love for his friends—because only through it he can acquire the desire and need for the new property—the desire to give.

And from love of friends, one can come to love of the Creator, to desire to give contentment to the Creator.

We must not forget that precisely this is what we should think about all the time and aim all our aspirations toward. No matter how much it is opposite to our nature, we still have to position ourselves this way.

I am aimed at rising above my self love for the love of friends because through such an attitude toward them I begin to perceive the Creator, the upper world, the property of bestowal, I rise above my nature. It is the exact condition, that lever, which can lift me.

At first, these are, in general, selfish desires: I want to rise, I want to find, I want. If I need to love another for this, then I am ready. Good. There is nothing to be done if it is necessary.

Then, when we work with this, I suddenly begin to feel that I do not need anything else. I do not even need myself. If there is such a property as bestowal, if there is such a state called the Creator, that is all, that is enough for me, I do not even need to exist.

A person feels the influence of the upper light so much that he does not even ask for himself; on the contrary, he is ready to completely annul himself, to not exist. This is how the next stage of our development begins.

To the extent of the similarity to the Creator—to give Him pleasure just as the Creator wants to give us pleasure—we gain the Creator’s quality, merge with Him, and rise to His level.

There are two stages here. We can acquire a new property, a desire to give, only by working with friends. And only then do we we gain the desire to give pleasure to the Creator, and thus rise to similarity with Him.
From the Convention In Moldova “Day One” 9/6/19, “Dissolving in the Friends,” Lesson 1

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How Not To Be An Idol Worshiper

laitman_938.07Question: There is a certain duality: on one hand, uniting with the Creator, on the other hand, connecting with friends.

I can’t manage to put an equal sign between these concepts. I have the feeling I am either with my friends or I am with the Creator. Is this some kind of idolatry and at the same time it carries you there?

Answer: This is true. Indeed, if your egoism draws you to the Creator, it is idol worshiping. It seems to the ego that it can be filled there. It wants you to relate to the Creator in this way: I want the Creator, I love the Creator, I will be filled with Him, unite, I will do everything for Him, we will succeed with Him.

Remark: Yes, but the Creator is in my friends, He is behind them, He is in this connection. But I only understand this, and very rarely feel it.

My Comment: That is your problem.

Question: Can we solve this together?

Answer: No, you will solve this problem with your ten and with the Creator. There is no other way.

Question: What do I personally need to add to my ten so that I can finally stop focusing on this “mythical figure”?

Answer: Explain to them that the Creator is attained only within the ten itself. Otherwise, you will not find Him, otherwise it will be idol worshiping. This is called “creating an idol,” some statue.

Only within the ten, only in their right relations does the general image of bestowal between friends, called the Creator, manifest itself. Therefore, the Creator says: “You have created Me.” Indeed, with the help of the correct mutual relationship with each other, we create an image of the Creator. And before that, He does not exist. Therefore, the Creator is called Boreh: Bo u-Reh (Come and See).
From the Convention In Moldova “Day One” 9/6/19, “How Can I Affect the Society,” Lesson 3

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A Special Illumination Through The Group

laitman_962.1The group is the face of the Creator, His image. He has no other image but “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.” Therefore, there is: “Me, the group, and the Creator”—three components that connect into one. Or we can say that behind each friend is the Creator. The same Creator that I wish to see, I must build in my relations with my friends.

To advance to the Creator, I need to perform a completely different action to build His image, as I imagine it, in my relations with my friends. Let’s check if I identify the image of the Creator in the group or not? Do I organize the group according to the image of the Creator that I imagine? Do we connect to each other to build the image of the Creator in our relations?

It is said: “You have made Me.” It is as if I take clay or play dough and form the image of the Creator in the relationship with friends. From above downward, the Creator creates a person, and from below upward, a person creates the Creator.1

The light that leads to the connection with the Creator is primary. It is small, weak, but close. And the light that gives connection to the group is strong, multifaceted, powerful. They differ like an audio signal transmitting only voice in comparison with a video signal transmitting a complete picture with a lot of data.

First, the Creator awakens me with a thin ray in which there is nothing but this brief awakening. But through the group, a window through which I can reveal all of reality until the end of correction opens for me because the group represents the image of the Creator.

Final correction means that we expand our Kli of perception so that it contains the entire manifestation of the Creator, all His infinite bestowal. That is, I must discover a limitless connection in the ten, and this will be the final correction.

If I aspire to the Creator without a ten, then this is still an egoistic awakening due to the fact that the Creator excites me. Still, I already see that one should not drown in one’s egoism, but I supposedly want to find a desire belonging to the Creator. This is still an egoistic attitude but already a step forward.

If I want to connect with the Creator through the group, it means that a special illumination comes to me through it. Maybe I still do not understand this, but subconsciously I feel and begin to reach for the group. Therefore, the group becomes important to me.

The desire for the group suggests that a person receives illumination through it. I want to cling to the Creator so I cling to the group, which for me acquires the importance of the Creator.

To the extent that I imagine the Creator within the group and the group brings itself to be in equivalence of form with the Creator, to that extent I am in adhesion with both of them and really find the Creator in the group. This means that the vessel and the light become equal and the light begins to clothe itself inside the desire.2
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/19, Preparation to the Europe Convention

1 Minute 20:00
2 Minute 43:25

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Connection Based On Concessions

laitman_939.01Question: What is a connection based on concessions?

Answer: This is when I am ready to give way to my friends in everything in order to unite with them because without it I would have no opportunity to influence my fate, to influence the Creator, who is the master of my destiny.
From the Convention In Moldova “Day One” 9/6/19, “Dissolving in the Friends,” Lesson 1

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Descents As Means Of Advancement

Laitman_125Question: Do you say that we need to try to feel the descents together?

Answer: There are descents and ascents that we feel together and there are individual ones.

Question: What does it mean to feel a state of descent as a whole group?

Answer: It depends on who interprets the descent.

I interpret it as disconnection from the Creator, from the group, that is, from moving forward. For example, I can feel a certain heaviness, but I still cannot determine that it was given to me for my advancement; I am just immersed in it.

When I begin to perceive this heaviness as an instrument of moving forward, then it becomes my instrument of advancement. Now I work with it with joy, realizing that thanks to it I will advance.

When we have a common goal, common actions, and common life, then in some things we have common ascents and descents, and in some things individual ones. We must use the fact that we can work together and thus achieve common results.

Here I more or less understand the state of my friends and I must help them, take part in it. For example, it is very important for us to be inspired before a congress, talk about the importance of the goal, the importance of our gatherings, the importance of the congress, the importance of the lessons. We must collect all this among ourselves and inspire each other.

Thus, a common field will arise: the Creator will not manifest itself in any personal sensation, but in the general field. This is very important because His manifestation can only happen when we are already connected in the ten, in some form of a common Kli (vessel).
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/13/19

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