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565.01Question: How can I imagine bestowal as a good force if the beginning of this action happens in the quality of reception and my egoism does not perceive bestowal as good?

Answer: You play at it. As Rabash writes: He must believe above reason and imagine that he has already been rewarded with faith in the Creator that is felt in his organs, and he sees and feels that the Creator leads the entire world as the good who does good (Rabash, Article No. 28 (1987), “What Is Do Not Add and Do Not Take Away in the Work?”).

You need to attune yourself to it, and you will see that this is what happens. The fact that you used to see it in a completely different way was only because egoism painted a completely different picture of the world for you.

You must pull yourself by force to the correct picture of the world and create it in connection with your friends. You have to play at it all the time in the group. All the time!

Really, what is the problem? Did you not play games as a child? My whole life has been a game. Today, as a matter of fact, it is also a game. So stop pretending to be understanding, serious, and far from games. I advise you to start playing.

Question: Is playing in a higher degree and working in faith above reason the same thing?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Now, within reason, I try to see my friends higher all the time. And if I will come to constantly work in faith above reason, then what is the difference?

Answer: That you would not have to imagine to yourself that they are like that because you will actually see that they are higher than you.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/8/22, “Going with Faith above Reason” Lesson 5

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