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How Do We Break Out of Prison?

222In the News (SciTechDaily): “University of Chicago data and social scientists have developed a new algorithm that forecasts crime by learning patterns in time and geographic locations from public data on violent and property crimes. It has demonstrated success at predicting future crimes one week in advance with approximately 90% accuracy. 

“‘We created a digital twin of urban environments. If you feed it data from happened in the past, it will tell you what’s going to happen in future. It’s not magical, there are limitations, but we validated it and it works really well,’ Chattopadhyay said. ‘Now you can use this as a simulation tool to see what happens if crime goes up in one area of the city, or there is increased enforcement in another area. If you apply all these different variables, you can see how the systems evolves in response.’”

Question: What do you think about this algorithm?

Answer: It is very good!

Comment: It scans everything and says: “Here there will be a theft and here there will be murder.”

Answer: Yes, according to some data.

Question: You talk all the time about the development of egoism and how it developed historically within time. Knowing this, can we foresee the future of mankind?

Answer: I hope that egoism will not develop the same way. But if this continues, it will develop even more, exponentially, and we will not try to limit it in any way, or correct it, and so on, then, of course, there would be a world war.

Question: So you are saying that our egoism is a criminal and its actions are more or less comprehensible?

Answer: That is absolutely correct.

Question: Does it work for a complete breakdown of the system so that everything is directed at me?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And it only leads to one?

Answer: And if everyone is like you?

Comment: If someone is like me, maybe we will be afraid to get close to each other? We’ll build fences since we understand our nature.

Answer: That has happened already, and then you fail anyway.

Question: So the ending with this criminal is inevitable?

Answer: It is inevitable.

Question: So what is the task? To understand that egoism is a criminal?

Answer: Of course. Everyone is a criminal! All are egoists.

Question: In principle, if this crime gene develops in us, which is embedded in everyone, then basically there is no future?

Answer: Yes, nothing. But the future of the world is known, and it is revealed gradually. That is, we are taught.

It is like we are in a performance that shows us the development of humanity with its egoism on the one hand, and with the methodology of development of coming closer to the right state on the other hand. And at the junction, in some correlation of these two forces on the one hand, and the development of egoism, the need to unite, to connect egoists, on the other hand, that is where we will be shown how all this will happen.

Comment: In this teaching, it is amazing that it does not handcuff the criminal; it somehow works with him in a different way. It does not put him in prison.

My Response: We are already in jail, and we are all criminals.

Question: It comes from the fact that we are already in prison. And the task is not to be put in prison, but to get out of prison. The reverse problem is how to get the criminal out of prison. Right?

Answer: The task is to show the criminal that he is in prison, so that he would want to get out of it, would understand how to do it, and would free himself and everyone else.

Question: Is this what Kabbalah deals with?

Answer: Yes. Until our time, only a few could escape from this dungeon. But in our time, it is no longer like that; it should already be the way out for everyone, for the masses.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/4/22

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Convention Like The Beating Of One Heart

944First of all, we must reveal who we are, that is, that we belong not just to the inanimate, vegetative, and animate world, but to the global system of nature, which is all integral, connected, and interdependent. We exist under the control of one force that acts on us from above without asking us because it has a predetermined program.

Even before we appeared on the degree of this world according to its decision, it was already planned that we would depend on each other as one man with one heart in order to reveal these connections. Precisely because we are so different, disconnected, distant, and opposite, but we yearn to connect above all our differences, we assemble from these opposites a mechanism that will be called “Come and See” (Bo-Reh), the Creator.

Since we are created beings, we advance by revealing everything from the contrast of opposites, like black on a white background; otherwise, we would not be able to examine, study, and perceive different qualities.

Therefore, the further humanity develops, the greater separation we feel, and eventually we start to hate and repel each other. Development always takes place along two lines: left and right. First, the left line is revealed: dislike, hatred, and enmity. Then we realize the essence of creation, its correction, and that the Creator alone controls the two lines, both left and right.

Then we begin to come closer to each other and connect to such an extent that we become like one man with one heart.

All corrections take place in two stages: the left line and the right line. This is how the heart beats; it operates in two directions: pumping blood and pushing it out. If we act in this way without interrupting the stream flowing in both directions, in and out, inside the heart and inside our life, then only in this form do we feel our reality and the reality of the Creator, and in this movement we feel ourselves and our life.

Therefore, we have to work on connecting into one ten. Although each of us is able to perform only one partial action, we still work together like parts in an engine that perform different functions but for the sake of one goal, one action, and a common result.

This is exactly how we need to see the world Kabbalistic group, as one body where everyone is focused on the purpose of creation and everyone is ready to do everything to reach it to the extent of their understanding of their role, feelings, and the abilities given to them from the general system of creation.

Therefore, the main thing is to connect for common action. In this connection, no one is similar to the other, but everyone is working to reach a common goal. We are very different in this work, and the differences will only increase. This is how the disciples of Rabbi Shimon at first did not feel the differences between them, and when they advanced, they sometimes wanted to kill each other.

So, as we develop, we discover our confrontation and opposition, the distance between us. But when we reach connection, we reveal in it all the qualities of the Creator and all of His nature from the side of creation by becoming like Him and merging with His nature.

Therefore, the path of correction is connection in one ten, a correct union. By completing each other in the ten, everyone reaches perfection. The Creator builds out of us the structure of a man, Adam, similar to Him. This system becomes such that the Creator dresses into it and is revealed to all parts of creation, to all souls. This is His purpose in relation to all created beings.

After the connection we reached at the congress, no matter which parts of the world we go to, we should feel like parts of the same body that are completing each other. We need to be connected with each other like a mother who feels her children and what is happening to them even if they are far away, and she thinks about them all the time. Our connection must be even stronger because we belong to a spiritual body.

If we yearn for such a connection, we will reveal the upper reality that exists in an eternal and perfect form above this corporeal reality that is revealed within us now.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/23, “Preparing for the opening of the heart at the Congress”

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Everything Will Be Fine if We Have a Correct Connection

504How hard a person perceives his state depends on his understanding of what goal he is moving toward. Then he will have no problem going through any state as long as it leads to a good result.

I think we understand what is happening to us and what should happen. The difference between a bad and a good state is in fact only in the quality of the connection between us.

If the connection is good and correct, then everything goes smoothly like a stream flowing freely through unclogged pipes. The main thing is that there should be no blockages in them and that no one blocks the access for the others, but on the contrary, wants to tie them together and connect them.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/23, “Preparing for the opening of the heart at the Congress”

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Directed Straight to the Creator

935We just need to direct our hearts correctly. This does not depend on the person himself but on the environment, whether it is directed at the goal he has chosen. When a person enters such an environment and wants to join his friends, he directs his heart more and more precisely to the goal chosen by everyone else.

That is why we are going to the convention, it is in order to be imbued with the same spirit that is in it. Our correction depends on how well we manage to do it.

The heart is all the desires of a person. I want my heart to be together with all the desires of the friends striving for the same goal. Maybe we do not quite accurately depict it now, but we are always trying to figure it out, like in a sight that is more and more accurately aimed at the target, making it clearer, closer, and more desirable.

If our thoughts, desires, and heartfelt aspirations are much more connected, as if in one person with one heart, we thereby influence the general upper force, the Creator, even more. The more we combine our efforts and focus on Him as the only force that determines everything, we build His image in us more precisely; as it is written, “You have made Me.”

The more correctly we depict the Creator, the closer we will come to Him, connect with Him, and begin to feel Him. This is the purpose of our work—to correct our hearts. A person is not able to correct his thoughts, but he can direct his heart directly to the Creator, and then all his thoughts will be only about how to bring contentment to the Creator. When the heart is completely directed away from myself toward bestowal, the upper light will reign in it.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/23, “Preparing for the opening of the heart at the Congress”

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How to Find Your Spiritual Form

243.05Imagine that there is a stone wall in front of you with one empty hole where you need to put one missing stone. That stone is you, and you need to make the shape match the empty hole in the wall from all sides.

A correction must be made on yourself by connecting yourself to the friends surrounding you from six sides. You need to get your spiritual form from them. You have no spiritual form at present; it appears only to the extent that you adapt yourself to your friends and connect with them as one Sefira among the ten Sefirot.

They determine how you should look, how you should bestow, and how you should behave with them. In this way you enter into your spiritual work and you begin to understand that this is the work of the Creator. The Creator changes your friends all the time; they polish you, and thanks to them, you acquire your correct and real spiritual form.

The spiritual form of each one depends on everyone, and this is how we all build the image of the Creator together. He Himself has no form; it is we who create it. As it is written: “You have made Me.” By the fact that everyone brings themselves to be in correspondence with others, we create the Creator who did not exist before. Only the law of correspondence of the qualities of each to all the others works here.

It is impossible to reach a connection with the Creator if you have not established connection with all your friends. The stronger your heart is, that is, the more ready you are for spiritual work, the more difficult it is for you to feel others and to begin to relate correctly to the fact that it is in connection with them that you must form a place for the revelation of the Creator.

Everyone should try to minimally cut off his qualities and to adjust himself as much as possible to the place provided by others. Through the qualities obtained in this way, we build a spiritual vessel, a wall, and a house.

The pieces that I cut off from myself are my stony heart, which has resisted connection with my friends. By cutting off these pieces, I am able to connect with my friends and thus build a large Kli, a temple. It turns out that I only cut off what was not necessary, something that prevented me from moving toward a higher purpose.

I see that it is worth cutting off these properties and desires from myself in order to bring myself into conformity with the highest level together with my friends, to build a higher Kli.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/21/23, “Preparation for Opening the Heart at the Congress”

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Be Together as One Wall

767.3I am trying to insert my stone into a stone wall, and all the stones around this opening are my friends who determine the shape that I should eventually take.

Let’s say I am the Sefira of Hod of the spiritual Kli in ten Sefirot. I do not know what the Sefira Hod should be in the spiritual Kli: Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, and Hod. But if I adapt myself to the previous Sefira Netzach and to the next Sefira Yesod, then I understand what it takes to fill the space between them.

And when we build the ten Sefirot Kli in this way, we get the main building block of the entire creation in which we reveal the inner life, the Creator. And then we expand this building by connecting new blocks, and begin to see the perfect reality unfolding before us in all its forms, above time and space.

We need to become wise and persistent participants in this construction together, and then it will be easy and joyful. And if it is hard, it means that we are working incorrectly.

Theoretically, if I could get rid of all my egoism, I would turn into soft clay, which enters like butter between all the stones and concrete blocks in the wall. This is an ideal form when there is no desire to receive in me, but only a desire to bestow, a desire to suit everyone.

This happens when a person enters a group that is new for him and he wants to establish relations with everyone so that he is accepted. However, when we work with our desire to receive, we reveal our egoism, and we feel pressure from everyone until we relent. But if I adjust myself to the ten, then I can be sure that I have found the right place and am moving forward correctly: from love for the creations to love for the Creator.

The main thing is the willingness to connect. The basic principle is to be together as one wall, one building. And if no one wants to change for the sake of connecting with others, then this is not spiritual. Spirituality is when I adapt myself to everyone, and so I find my true place in the structure of Adam HaRishon, in the common soul.

It is very important to understand that I am annulling myself not just in front of a friend, but in front of our mutual connection, before the form of our common border that divides us. It turns out that due to such work, I annul myself before the Creator.

We just need to know how to correct ourselves in the most external form and adapt ourselves to our friends so as not to interfere with them, and by combining our forces, we can take a step forward together. Taking this step forward, we feel that we are acting for the sake of one goal, for the sake of a common connection, and one Creator will be able to clothe in us. And then we take another step and another, and so we build a temple.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/21/23, “Preparation for Opening the Heart at the Congress”

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What Is the Rubbing of Hearts?

What Is the Rubbing of Hearts?

245.10What is the rubbing of hearts—a feeling of closeness to another? After all, I am in an egoistic desire and even perceive closeness from the point of view of my own benefit. I cannot do it any other way—I do not have another nature yet.

So, what can we do? How can we try by force to bring our heart closer to the heart of a friend to such an extent that we feel the heat between our hearts, the resistance?

We want to connect, we realize that it is necessary. And at the same time we understand that we are not able to do it, that it is impossible to come to one heart. And as we try to connect again and again and each time we are pushed away from each other, we begin to feel the friction of our hearts. And the stronger this friction and inability to penetrate into the heart of another, it just means that the heart is already ready for a genuine connection.

We know from the experience of spiritual life that if you try to get closer to someone to whom you do not feel inner rejection, it is quite easy to do. It is nice to be together, but such people usually do not get very far.

Those who advance are those who have a hard heart, are very stubborn and selfish, and do not feel or understanding others.Therefore, we are given the mind to realize this spiritual principle and understand that we are obligated, by overcoming, to grasp the end of the thread connecting us.

And since we do not allow ourselves and the other to lose this connection, and out of hopelessness we remain connected in order to feel and recreate the system of Adam HaRishon, we continue until drop by drop everything is added to the large score, and the mind begins little by little to connect to the feeling. Then we see that they can really go together and unite according to desire and feeling. This is how we achieve the rubbing of hearts.

The more space I free up in my heart for the heart of a friend, the stronger we can connect.

Rabash writes in Letter No. 40: Through the friction of the hearts, that is, when each one prepares his heart for the connection with others, even of the strongest ones, each will bring out warmth from the walls of his heart, and the warmth will ignite the sparks of love until a clothing of love will form. Then, both of them will be covered under one blanket, that is, nothing separates them anymore and vice versa, that which separated them now becomes their common blanket, one shell, meaning a single love will surround and envelop the two of them, as it is known that Dvekut [adhesion] unites two into one. And then they seem to have one heart because they are covered with one blanket that holds them together, turning them into one body.

In every human body there are billions of different, alien cells that perform different functions each with its own purpose. But all are connected into one body, surrounded by one skin, and therefore are considered one organism, one structure.

We and the entire universe are built according to this principle within which we come to the concept of a structure called the Creator beside whom there is nothing.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/21/23, “Preparation for Opening the Heart at the Congress”

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Nonstandard Hearts

243.03What does it mean that everyone has to prepare their heart for connection? In the old days, houses were built not from smooth bricks but from stones of arbitrary shape. They were only trimmed a little so that they could be put together, and this is how the walls of the house were laid.

This is how we rub our hearts to polish them and make them suitable for reaching one goal: connection and advancement on the spiritual path. Everyone adjusts himself to the friend in order to build a common house, a common spiritual vessel.

Therefore, we need to trim our hearts. Everyone checks how much he is able to connect himself with the others: what stands in his way, what is superfluous, and what is missing. Through this personal work on ourselves, we can reach rubbing even between the stony hearts themselves. Everyone warms up their hearts.

If we understand that we are obliged to do this according to the purpose of creation, then everyone is trimming his own stone in order to adapt it to others. He no longer looks only at himself but evaluates himself in terms of readiness to connect. Where and how much I need to trim myself is checked only with respect to connecting with others in order to make contact with them.

Therefore, there is no need to try to make everyone completely rectangular. We just need to match each other. Let each one have a curved shape, but if the other has the suitable curvature, then we match each other.

That is why we can start working together from the first second. The main thing is not to check how straight a friend is (like a standard brick), but how much he matches me and I him. If we can adjust ourselves to each other, then we have the opportunity to build together a system inside us for the revelation of the Creator, a temple, a house of holiness, for the revelation of the quality of bestowal between us.

I do not know in advance what my qualities should be. I am not able to choose my qualities and form; rather, it is the environment that determines what form I must take in order to become integrated with the friends.

It is like in ancient masonry where you need to fit one stone under another to lay down a wall, this is how we need to work on our hearts. Not a single heart wants to be trimmed to a flat rectangular shape, removing everything that does not match the other.

In order to make standard blocks that are used in construction today, it is necessary to completely crush the natural material in order to mold the desired shape from these crumbs. But in spirituality, it is impossible. We would like to do this to others according to our egoism, but it does not work.

In true spiritual development, it is necessary to let everyone develop in his own way, and then he will develop into his optimal form. The other will remain in a way that is suitable for him. It is only necessary to eliminate the force of resistance between us, and then we will reveal the form of connection that the Creator wished to have between us. It is the form of connection revealed between us that is called the Creator.

Otherwise, we will not reveal anything except fabrications of our mind with which it is impossible to build any building. This is why we see that everything built by people is being destroyed: both the structure of the family and the spiritual society.

Therefore, we just need to know how to connect hearts.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/21/23, “Preparation for Opening the Heart at the Congress”

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International Kabbalistic Convention “Gathering In Our Home” – 2/25/23

International Kabbalistic Convention, “Discovering the Landlord,” Lesson 3

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International Kabbalistic Convention, “A House of Prayer for the Whole World,” Lesson 4

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Everything Starts From the Connection of the Hearts

938.02The main thing at the congress is to open our hearts. After all, the congress is a gathering of hearts in order to correct the broken heart of Adam HaRishon, the common world soul we all are a part of. Therefore we need to try to feel how far we are from each other in our hearts.

The heart is everything that is in a person—all his desires and thoughts. Exactly these desires for fulfillment are what we must connect with each other, and try to feel the other, which will mean that we are connected.

To the extent that we love others as ourselves, we will begin to feel the force that disappeared from us during the shattering of the soul, the sin of Adam HaRishon. We will connect our hearts above our egoistic desires to correct this system and begin to feel the Creator again. In our common heart will reign one single and special upper force—the Creator, besides which there is nothing.

This is the purpose of our life and existence, the purpose of creating all worlds and all nature. The progress in this direction, feelings and thoughts related to the process of revealing the system of the Creator and the Creator Himself inside it altogether is called the opening of the heart.

When the heart opens, we begin to feel how spiritual organs are born and grow within us, as in any developing living body: brain, heart, liver, arms, legs, and so on. We will feel how we act with all parts of the heart to the extent that we want to connect them into one system. As from a drop of semen developing in the mother’s womb, so from our tiny inner desire for unity, connection, and mutuality, a special being will begin to develop within the upper force of the Creator.

To the extent that we can unite with each other and connect with the Creator, we will feel ourselves existing in one body, in one Creator, as parts of this common body, which are called friends. We will grow like cells of a living body, and feel our connection with each other and interdependence. As far as one can bestow to another, and the other to the third one, spreading further and further, we will build our one common body.

Imagine billions of tiny desires, each of which develops not by itself but due to connection with other desires, and so it grows, feeling its purpose and purpose of development.

By building ourselves in this way, we build the attainment of the Creator; we begin to understand who He is, how He dresses in us, and how to come closer to Him. From here it becomes clear how important each friend is, which enhances our power of resolve in attaining the Creator. Each friend brings me closer to the Creator, adds more and more attainment as if increasing the zoom and adding another hundred, a thousand, tens of thousands of new details that combine into one picture.

Then I clearly see the picture of the upper world and my attitude toward everyone. I see all the movements of everyone, their thoughts and intentions and all the changes taking place in them. I recognize in them one force, one upper root, which by awakening everyone in this way, speaks to me.

Thus, from the love for the created beings, we attain love for the Creator and begin to get acquainted with one single reality. It all starts with the connection of hearts.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/21/23, Lesson on the Topic “Preparation for Opening the Heart at the Congress”

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