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The Beginning Of Serious Spiritual Work

laitman_942It is said by Kabbalists, “There is none else besides Him.” We must reveal this in order to attain in the connection with each other one single source—the one Creator.

To the extent that we connect, by being very different and very far away from each other, we begin to create a new quality, a sense of unity within ourselves, attained by a combination of opposites. Without destroying our egoistic desires (it is impossible to destroy them), without abolishing them, we try to create one single whole from everything within us.

Usually, before coming to a convention, we think that we will gather together and begin investing all our strengths in connection, in annulling ourselves. Yet, when we arrive at the place, it suddenly turns out that our thoughts and desires are not the same as before, and we already want something else.

This is the beginning of our serious work on ourselves. We begin to receive all kinds of disturbances, and it is these that should alert us to create a connection above them.

But we do not try to reveal disturbances, we are simply trying to connect, and as we do so, we reveal more and more disturbances. This gives us an opportunity to rise above them and create a single desire, a single system.
From the World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/5/19, Lesson 0

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One Common Reality Called The Kli

laitman_259.02Why should our work be in concealment and darkness? It is because initially we feel nothing spiritual. We are created opposite to the spiritual quality of bestowal and love in order to build spiritual, real people. The human (Adam) is called “similar” (Domeh) to the Creator, and we need to create this from ourselves.

How do we do this? The Creator has broken us into pieces and He is between us. In order to reveal Him, we need to connect among each other. To the extent of such connection—tension, intensity, sensory perception of our connection, unification, and aspiration to each other—we will begin to feel the Creator.

This work is being hidden because we do not feel and are not interested in what is between us at all. We are only interested in what is inside of us, and what is outside of us as if does not exist. Externality exists only to the extent that we feel its benefit for ourselves and no more.

How can I transform myself to a sensor that feels externality more than internality? To stop feeling what is inside of me means restriction (Tzimtzum). I begin to feel that outside of me is the reflected light (Ohr Hozer), and what I will feel in this reflected Light, that is, in the feelings emanating from me outwardly, will be called the Creator.

Therefore, the work is being done in concealment, in the dark, at night.

The Creator invented a trick to let us perceive a reality that we should not perceive. This trick is called darkness. When it seems to us that we are lost, lacking understanding, knowledge and sensation, when we are confused, lost, falling into an unknown state, and losing our orientation in the world, this means that we are at the beginning of a new spiritual stage of comprehension and have a reliable basis for revealing the light. As the saying goes: “the advantage of the light is from within the darkness.”

Therefore, the feeling that I understand even less than before actually creates very good prerequisites for moving forward. Any new spiritual step begins with loss, disorientation, and a feeling of hopelessness, that is, darkness. To the extent that we feel darkness, we continue to make efforts and search for the light. The light is outside of us and the darkness is revealed within us.

This is where the whole method comes from: you must exit yourself toward your friends, and on the way toward them, you will find the light. They come to you and you go to them: this is how we mutually help each other even with selfish goals. This is already some kind of movement, like a baby that may make some movements unconsciously. But these chaotic and unconscious movements propel us forward.

The upper force gives us hints and plays with us. This Creator creates everything around us. We will later see how He works in us. There is nothing around us—the reality we feel is in each of us. Then we will understand that there is not each of us individually but only the one common reality called the Kli, HaVaYaH.

If I feel lost, this is a template from the Creator of my new state. I have to close my eyes and just connect to my friends. The Creator will resist this, assuring that there is nothing to look for because they are the same as me, and perhaps even worse. While in egoism, I see them in even greater egoism and greater darkness.

But I try to navigate in this chaotic state by exiting myself and trying to understand how to connect with others outside myself, right up to the feeling of a new reality there.1
From Lesson 4, World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/7/19, Rejoice in What We Lack/Work in Concealment

1 Minute 0:10

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The Best Time For Building The Kli

laitman_283.02We must understand that after such a large, strong gathering and the ascent we had during the world convention in Moldova, there can be big descents, increased darkness, frustration, and a sense of helplessness. Ascents and descents must be balanced. Therefore, the more substantial the ascent was, the more severe the descent must be after it as a preparation for an even greater ascent.

It is necessary to take this into account and treat the descent purposefully, understanding that it is part of our work. Therefore, we should return again to the main topic of “There is none else besides the Creator.”1

By myself, I can get some initial feeling of being inside the Creator. But I am incapable of any action and attitude toward Him. The Creator is something that exists within the tens. Otherwise, it will be not the Creator but an idol I created.

I can express my attitude to the Creator only through my attitude to the friends. By working on the connection in the ten, I build my attitude to the Creator.

We feel darkness in the friends because we are different from one another. However, this is not darkness but the reverse side of the Light, directing us toward the Creator. There is no more loyal ally than darkness. Hold on to it, because only it will lead you to the truth.

Darkness helps us not lose our heads from what we received in our feelings and our minds. The mind and the heart do not act, only darkness works, and this is a tremendous help. Therefore, darkness is a new creation; the Creator created darkness. Darkness aims us in the right direction and connects us with the Creator.2

The ten is ten people, each of whom is willing to annul himself, to sacrifice himself, in order to enter among the others only to support them. He does not demand anything for himself, but only looks for a place of work. He then turns into a sewing thread that stitches everyone together. He asks only for such work because by sewing everyone together, he brings contentment to the Creator.

Therefore, the ten I sit in and the names of the people in the ten do not matter to me. What matters is for them to have desires that they are ready to give to me so that I will stitch them together, investing my efforts into this work.

If we feel darkness and emptiness now, then this is the best time for building the Kli. We must love the states of darkness. I then have no one to rely on besides the Creator, and I cling to Him. At first, it is just an egoistic desire to protect myself: “It is good that there is the Creator who controls everything and does everything, and I will adhere to Him, there is no other choice.”

Afterward, however, even without any self-interest, without any reward, I will be ready to adhere to this single point. The vessel of bestowal will begin to develop from it. Everything that comes above this point of self-annulment will turn into Hassadim (mercy), into bestowal. I want nothing other than that. This is how we build the vessel of bestowal, and the moment it appears, I will be able to feel the light of Hochma for the sake of bestowal in it.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/10/19, “There Is None Else Besides Him”

1 Minute 0:25
2 Minute 24:25
3 Minute2:18:35

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Kabbalah Conference In The City Of Bologna, In Northern Italy

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 9/26/19

A small, yet powerful, conference. A local, yet global, conference. A brief, yet impressive, conference.

This past weekend we had a Kabbalah conference in the city of Bologna, in northern Italy. Dozens of students from Italy and neighboring European countries attended the conference.
The theme of the conference was “The Joy of Connection”—and indeed, joy was felt in the air from the warm bond created between the hearts that came together as one.

The goal of the conference was to organize the Italian group for a huge European conference to be held in Bulgaria in a month and a half.

The socio-cultural crisis, the loss of European identity in the face of waves of mass immigration and the EU’s instability require the unification of the continent into one, and us starting to build our internal connection.

The Creator Depicts Your Picture Of The World

laitman_617My influence on the environment determines what I receive from it, what the group will be, what my world will be, and what I will be. We need to understand that the environment is what the Creator depicts for me and is not something fixed. Each of us has one’s own picture, and we cannot combine, add, assemble, compare, and match these pictures because they are completely individual. Therefore, by influencing the environment, I influence myself.

Each person should say “The whole world was created only for me,” which means I must understand and constantly care about the correction of the world, satisfy its requirements, and pray for the world. The whole world is my desire in which I see specifically my own state, and that is my world. If I change my desires, my qualities, then the world that I imagine will also change.

However, in order to change my desires correctly, selectively, through my own choice, I must be in a group that will help me change my desires to ever higher ones. Then I will feel myself lower and lower, and therefore I will yearn to become higher and higher in order to rise and see higher and higher worlds. Each image I see is called a world.

The ability to see constant ascension,, that is, the upper worlds, is achieved by inclusion in the group and by receiving desires higher than my individual, egoistic desires from it. All my work for the environment is, in fact, work for myself. In this way, I raise myself and grow.

So when a person says “The whole world is created only for me,” it is really so. Yet, it is not in order for one to receive the whole world, but to correct oneself and to elevate the world that he or she senses to the highest level, to the world in which there is only the Creator. One will feel this world in the group, in the ten, thereby coming to an absolutely clear perception of the world as HaVaYaH—the ten, ten Sefirot in which the Creator is revealed in all His power.1

One who wishes to achieve equivalence of form with the Creator must not think whether he is in control. There should be no such questions on the horizon; after all, the Creator does not think about it. There is no greater disparity of form than when a person worries about his influence on the world, on the group. He should detach himself from such concerns and give all this to the Creator. Therefore, anyone who thinks about his own control over himself and the group is without doubt separated from the Creator and will never achieve equivalence of form with Him.

All the actions of a person should be directed to the adhesion with the Creator, meaning to bestowal and benefit to others, which is the condition for complete adhesion with the Creator. One should try to disconnect his own “I” from any interference in himself and in the world and shift himself only to bestowal in order to help, to give, to influence in a good way, to bring positive force, and nothing more. Then we will get closer to the Creator, feeling Him more and more as our partner.2
From the Convention In Moldova “Day One” 9/6/19, “How Can I Affect the Society,” Lesson 31 Minute 00:00

Minute 0
2 Minute 4:45

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Invitation To Spiritual Birth

laitman_619When a person can go with his eyes shut to the end, one is called a spiritual embryo. Embryo, by definition, is the smallest degree of Malchut, limited in its capabilities, and this means anger and judgment because a person has to go with his eyes shut above reason in spite of one’s knowledge and feelings, overcoming anger, wrath, and trouble. It is hard to annul before the upper one so that the upper one can do with you whatever He wants. This is called conception (Ibur), the smallest and most restricted state.

It means that everything starts from zero, with complete annulment of those desires and qualities in which we exist. Then the Creator adds more and more egoistic qualities, and we successfully nullify to His authority so that He would make of us what He wants, and not what we want. These states are called the birth of the soul.

I nullify myself in what I consider egoistic within me—my “I,” and accept from the Creator what He does within me altruistically—His “I.” There is a double breaking here: first, when I completely annul myself, and second, when instead of my qualities, I accept the qualities of the Creator. How can we imagine this in the group? I invite you to the spiritual impregnation!1
From the Convention In Moldova “Day One” 9/6/19, “To Become Ready to Be Influenced by the Society,” Lesson 2

1 Minute 1:23:33

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Convention In Italy “Day Two” – 9/21/19

Convention in Italy 2019, “The Ten As A Spiritual Vessel,” Lesson 2

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Convention in Italy 2019, “Love Covers All Transgressions,” Lesson 3

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Convention in Italy 2019, “A Prayer of Many,” Lesson 4

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Convention in Italy 2019, “Arvut,” Lesson 5

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Convention In Italy “Day One” – 9/20/19

Convention in Italy 2019, “Renewing the Foundations in the Group,” Lesson 1

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World Kabbalah Conference In Chisinau, Moldova

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 9/11/19

We have returned to Israel from the World Kabbalah Conference held in Chisinau, Moldova. The conference brought together some 1,500 of my Russian speaking students. It is a great joy that the Creator gathered us to such a wonderful assembly. We achieved more from the conference than I expected. And now on we will move forward together, in one heart. I wish you all to be loved and desired by the Creator!

For all the conference classes

Convention In Chisinau, Moldova

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 9/8/19

We have just completed a huge Kabbalah convention in Chisinau, Moldova. Over 1,200 Russian-speaking students came from different countries. In our union, in rising above our egoism, we discover the upper force, and the attributes of love and bestowal.