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The Creator Is Playing Hide-And-Seek With Us

947“My sons defeated Me,” that is, not one person but precisely together. Anyone who wants to reveal the Creator must unite with others like himself. And only when they feel themselves as one, as the sons of the Creator, can they come to Him, demand and overpower His concealment.

The Creator is hiding on purpose so that we can search for Him. “He will not quarrel forever” because He wants to reveal Himself but only if we search for Him and need to reveal Him.

Therefore, the more of us who seek Him, the greater the revelation of the Creator, exactly as it is said: “My sons defeated Me,” that is, many sons. The Creator is waiting for our quest and rejoices when we defeat Him. After all, all the concealment created by Him is designed to make us grow, to awaken us to seek and reveal the Creator.

The Creator is always revealed from concealment, and we must make an effort to unite. To the extent that we unite and eliminate all the forces of separation that operate between us, we will turn them from forces of separation into forces of revelation, and to the extent of our efforts, we will reveal the Creator in them.

“My sons defeated Me” means that we are turning concealment into revelation. Of course, we cannot do it ourselves, but we demand the Creator to help us. Therefore, our work consists of two parts: first, to unite by reaching one desire, one aspiration, and second, to seek the Creator and oblige Him to reveal Himself. We are always working mutually: “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.”

And when we almost succeed in defeating the concealment, the Creator immediately hides and forces us to search for Him again. And so again and again because only from both forms, concealment and revelation, do we clarify all the qualities of the Creator and turn them into our own qualities. The revelation of the Creator can only be in the equivalence of form, in the reflection of His qualities in our qualities.

Therefore, spiritual advancement always goes through concealment and revelation. And if we do not associate our states with either revelation or concealment, then we do not relate to spirituality at all and are not directed toward the Creator. After all, the path to the Creator can have only two alternatives: either concealment or revelation.

A person who seeks the revelation of the upper world must direct himself correctly, always discovering the concealment and revelation over all his qualities and actions. And the greater the concealment, the greater revelation comes after it—one against the other.

In order to reveal the Creator, it is necessary to organize a group because the Creator only reveals Himself as ten Sefirot. And so, we need to discover the ten desires that are properly connected and united by a common intention, to feel ready to unite and support each other like the ten Sefirot of the spiritual Partzuf. All are included in all and become ready for the revelation of one force.

And although all tens are very different and separated by their egoism, since we come out of one force, then by annulling our egoism, we again become as if one whole and have the opportunity to reveal new forms of the Creator, one, one and only.

The Creator is playing hide-and-seek with us: He hides, we search and find Him, and He hides again. So we run after Him and in this pursuit gradually study Him and format our desires in equivalence with the upper force, preparing them for the revelation of all the qualities of the upper light.

What is learned in the ten is already a spiritual gain that remains in the Kelim forever. But one person is not able to keep spiritual thoughts and feelings within himself.
From the World Kabbalah Convention 2021, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/28/2, “The Ten: A Musical Instrument in the Creator’s Hands,” Lesson 9

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Let’s Make Space Inside Of Us For The Creator

276.01The entire reality is filled with our great egoism. The entire world, inanimate nature, plants, animals, and people, all these are degrees of our egoistic desire in which we must begin to make room for the force of bestowal, the force of the Creator.

We work inside ourselves, inside our perception of the world, our connection, and create a place where the Creator can place the embryo of His quality of bestowal and begin to grow within us.

The Creator influences us both from within and without. We are inside the white light, which has purposely restricted itself so that we can exist in it. Thus, we find ourselves inside an empty space freed from the presence of the Creator, and we do not feel Him.

A ray of light entered into this empty space and started building spiritual objects and worlds inside this emptiness. Therefore, we are inside the Creator, under His full control. But this is how it looks from the side of the Creator.

From the side of the created beings, we exist in an empty space, supposedly free from the control of the Creator because we do not see this control and do not feel it. Therefore, we think that we are the masters of this world and our lives.

But in fact, the Creator educates us and brings us to the realization that we do not know where we really are. Then we begin to search for what our life depends on and discover that there is the upper force that determines and realizes everything, and we yearn to reveal it.

This is how it happened to all the Kabbalists of the past generations until they disclosed the method that allows us to connect with the Creator and passed on to us the method of revealing the Creator to the created beings in this world, which is called the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the World Kabbalah Convention, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/27/21, “Ibur in the Ten,” Lesson 5

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Not Fantasies, But A Real Correction

232.08If a person simply intuitively yearns for the Creator and it seems to him that he feels the upper force, then this is still only fantasy and self-deception. This is not enough for spiritual conception.

In order to become a spiritual embryo, I need to somehow separate myself from my egoism. This can only be done by connecting with the friends. At the point of my connection with the friends, the very place of annulment of my egoism is formed in which the spiritual embryo will then begin to grow.

We are not talking about fantasies, but about real desires that exist in nature, which we need to correct in order to feel the upper force in them. Otherwise, this force will not be revealed to us.
From the World Kabbalah Convention, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/27/21, “Ibur in the Ten,” Lesson 5

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The Germ Of Bestowal

945The revelation of the Creator in us begins with a state called the “embryo.” This is the first spiritual action that must be performed by preparing a place within us for the embryo of bestowal, the sensation of the first revelation of the Creator.

For this, it is necessary to achieve mutual inclusion with friends so that our union is not for ourselves, but for the sake of others.

We cannot yet act for the sake of the Creator, and therefore, for now we must love only the creatures in order to come to love the Creator through love for the creatures. The connection should be such that no one is left with their egoism, but wants to join in others, get lost there, drown in friends. If everyone loses their “I,” the force of egoism, then a place will be formed between us for the revelation of the Creator.

This is the preparation for the spiritual embryo:

  1. Nullification by each of oneself.
  2. Exiting oneself and achieving inclusion in others on top of one’s egoism.
  3. Connecting all these mutual inclusions together.

When we reach such a minimum connection, a place is formed in us for the revelation of the Creator who can put on this self-abolition and unification and begin to grow as an embryo within us, the property of bestowal, as one form within another.

We must each time clear a place in ourselves so that this embryo of the force of bestowal grows and develops more and more. We cancel our egoism in all sorts of properties, desires, thoughts, at different levels, each time allowing the force of bestowal to manifest in us instead of the force of receiving. The more we reduce the force of receiving, the more the force of bestowal is clothed in us, that is, the Creator.

At each step, the Creator reveals Himself with greater strength, breadth, and inner depth, until He reigns over all our desires, over the entire earth. The Creator and His name will become one, like one desire and one light, all people in common unity.

And it begins with the fact that each ten creates conditions within themselves for the disclosure of the Creator in order to begin to grow within themselves the embryo of the upper force. Our Malchut corrects itself and can begin to feel the Creator in it. Due to the fact that it makes a reduction in its properties, does not want to use them selfishly, they gradually turn into properties of bestowal.

Thus, the Creator places one form inside another, within our egoistic form, an altruistic form begins to emerge and unfold.

All this is revealed in accordance with our efforts, knowledge, and understanding so that we feel ourselves partners of the Creator in this work; we begin to feel Him, understand Him, and give Him pleasure.
From the World Kabbalah Convention, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/27/21, “Ibur in the Ten,” Lesson 5

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High Voltage Network

938.05The revelation of the Creator depends only on the connection between us, on the nature and the strength of this connection. There is no other way to reveal the Creator except to recreate the network of connections between us within which the Creator can manifest.

Such a network of connection between all was initially created, but later was shattered. Now we need to restore it. The difference is that in doing so, we overcome the ego’s resistance that the Creator brought into all the desires during the shattering, as it is said: “I created the evil inclination.”

However, despite this resistance, we want to restore this connection between us all. And then the Creator will be revealed within this network, because the difference in the potential between the plus and the minus will have emerged, the desire to enjoy and desire to bestow, sufficient for the revelation of the Creator. The Creator will begin to reveal himself in the contrast between these two qualities: giving and receiving.

Otherwise, the creations are not able to reveal the upper force. Before the sin of the tree of knowledge, the creation existed as Adam HaRishon, one soul that did not understand what was happening to it. Its internal network was unable to reveal the Creator; therefore, the Creator had to break it.

Now, in order to reveal the Creator, we must turn the egoistic desire formed during the shattering into the desire for bestowal.

And then, in this difference of potentials, the egoistic desire from shattering and the altruistic desire created during correction, we will reveal the Creator between the plus and the minus. The greater the difference between plus and minus, the greater the revelation of the Creator.
From the World Kabbalah Convention, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/25/21 ,“The Joy in the Gathering,” Lesson 1

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Welcome To The Congress!

Dear Friends!
I am very pleased to open the first virtual World Kabbalah Congress, which was previously held annually in Tel Aviv in February.
This convention is a gathering of everyone in whom the desire to learn about the meaning of their life, to reveal the upper force, and to move toward the goal of creation has awakened in their hearts.

More than 7,000 people have already registered for the congress and applications continue to come from those wishing to participate with us in lessons and workshops.

We all exist in a huge ocean of egoistic desire created by the Creator, and the goal of this congress is to establish a special island in it where a new force will rule: the desire to bestow. We ask the Creator to lay this new form within the old form—the embryo of the desire to bestow within the desire to receive pleasure.

The Creator can do this; everything depends only on how much we participate in this action, prepare ourselves for it, ask for it, and pray for it to happen. I hope that during the congress we will be able to practically feel how within our connection with each other while still controlled by egoism, above which we really want to rise, an area is cleared for revelation of the Creator, the desire to bestow. And in this way, we will move toward our unique, eternal, worldwide goal.

This is the only and the most important work entrusted to man in this world: to reveal the upper force and the creature created by it. The goal of creation can only be achieved through our unity. All of us, created as egoists, unite in the desire to create a place between us for revelation of the Creator, the quality of bestowal and love, for each other and from us to the Creator, as the Kabbalists teach: “From love of man one comes to love of the Creator”

And since this is the most sublime, special, holy goal that exists in reality, we feel great joy by the honor granted to us to work on it, to reveal the Creator to the creatures in this world.

We hope that we will be able to reveal the upper force for all creatures and thus fulfill the task of the last generation in which we live. The Creator will be revealed to all the inhabitants of this world and the words of the prophets will come into being: “He Is One and His Name One” for all nations.

Therefore, there is a special joy caused by our unity and the desire to make it fit for the revelation of the Creator in our assembly. All of us, men and women, are participants in this action, and the upper force is included from above.
From the World Kabbalah Convention, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/25/21 ,“The Joy in the Gathering,” Lesson 1

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Congress—Movement Toward The Creator

938.04Question: We have a big convention ahead of us and we are currently conducting very intensive mutual activities in the tens. What depends on each and everyone of us? What can each of us do?

Answer: First, we need to prepare for it and at the convention itself we need to feel that I am dissolving in others. Together with them I want to become the vessel that the Creator fills and receives pleasure from us. That is all.

Question: What does the preparation depend on?

Answer: It depends on how much we all together want this to happen. I must be connected to my friends in such a way that my “I” does not exist but only “we.” And then “we” disappears, and we feel only the Creator.

Question: Is this possible?

Answer: We must yearn for it. It is said: “The end of an act is in the preliminary thought.”
From KabTV’s “Teacher – Student” 2/7/19

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The Creator Truly Wants To Reveal Himself To Us

939.01The revelation of the light depends only on the vessel because the light is in absolute rest. Therefore, all our work is focused on building the vessel (Kli) according to the size and quality of which the greatness and the quality of the Creator are revealed to us.

Therefore, the Creator is called “come and see” (Bo-Re). The greatness of the Creator is determined by the vessel we create for His revelation. If we correct all the desires to receive created by the Creator, we achieve an infinite, that is, unlimited revelation of the Creator to the creatures. Then, after the end of correction, there are new stages of attainment, which we do not yet know about.

In the meantime, we need to get together and connect so that there are no barriers left between us. The more everyone restricts their egoism and annuls themselves, the stronger the revelation of the Creator in our Kli becomes. Of course, the Creator can only reveal himself in the ten.

Everything depends on the integration of friends—on how much we are able to connect our desires, our hearts—and not on the amount of knowledge

If we bring fragments of a broken vessel so closely together that no cracks remain between them, we can reveal the filling in it, the light will no longer flow out of it like water from a cracked cup. The fulfillment depends on the strength of our unity and its character, on the depth of egoism we overcome, and on how we unite. All this determines the shape of the revelation of the Creator to us.

The Creator is completely dependent on the creatures. He gives Himself to us, gives the creatures the right to determine His revelation.

The Creator truly wants to reveal Himself to us and each time secretly leads us to this. But He cannot reveal Himself to us; otherwise we would not have the Kli for His revelation, freewill, our own desire for His quality of bestowal and love. That is why the Creator always acts in a hidden way, pushing us to unite with an invisible hand, and trying to awaken us. At the same time, He remains in hiding and suffers greatly from the fact that we cannot succeed in this.

This is called the suffering of the Shechina. The Creator regrets terribly that He gave people all the necessary means and they are not using the opportunities they have received. And the Creator cannot give us more than that. If we have not implemented the previous state yet, He cannot advance us any further.

Therefore, we need to establish relations between us that are as similar to the Creator as possible. To become like the Creator is the task of man, who will thereafter be called Adam, from the word “similar” (Domeh). Our mutual relationship determines the revelation of the Creator’s quality “come and see,” giving Him pleasure and raising the Shechina from the dust above our head, above our egoistic thoughts and desires.

Therefore, the main task of the congress is mutual advancement, all of us together toward the single goal.
From the World Kabbalah Convention, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/26/21, “The Greatness of the Creator in the Ten,” Lesson 2

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Revealing The Creator In The Ten

938.01I must reach a state where my goal is not my friends, not the Creator, and of course not myself, but that I, my friends, and the Creator connect into one whole, and one will not exist without the other.

Then I will really be correctly directed toward the revelation of the Creator in the ten: I discover the Creator in the ten.
From the World Kabbalah Convention, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/26/21, “The Greatness of the Creator in the Ten,” Lesson 2

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The Ten Is Our Spiritual Capital

939.01As time goes by, we feel a growing distance from the goal. This is not a reason for disappointment but rather the revelation of a new desire which must be felt in order to move forward. Advancement always goes from minus to plus, then from even greater minus to yet greater plus, and so on.

Therefore, I need a group that is always next to me and works like a battery, a capacitor. Everything I received in the descents and ascents is invested in the group. I rise and fall, I move from one state to another, but all my work accumulates in my ten. And it is the same with each of the friends, and thanks to this, we achieve the goal.

The ten is a place where we accumulate all our efforts, successes, and all questions and answers. I fall and forget everything, I do not understand anything, it is even worse than before, and this is because I passed the old state, invested it in the ten, and started a new degree from a clean slate, with an empty Kli.
From the World Kabbalah Convention, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/26/21, “The Greatness of the Creator in the Ten,” Lesson 2

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