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Prepare For The Convention—Invest In Your Soul

Laitman_013.01By investing in preparation for the convention, a person invests in his or her soul. It is unfortunate that not everyone understands this.

When a person comes to study the science of Kabbalah, one still does not understand where one has arrived. It seems that this is just some kind of a course where one will gain new knowledge and understanding—one will learn and then leave. A person fails to realize that the science of Kabbalah is unlike all other sciences that leave us in the same world where we live with our relatives in a familiar reality. We do not realize that we enter the door that opens to a new reality. And we receive there not after death, but during this life by expanding our perception, and as a result, start to feel reality at a different level.

This is not a simple extension of impressions like the difference between the perception of a dog and a person where a person understands what is happening to a dog and a dog cannot understand the intentions of a person. Here, we talk about a totally different reality, that is, all the forces acting upon us on a spiritual level are revealed to a person. The common force is called the Creator, and we will learn how to connect with Him and establish mutual relations: He bestows to me and I bestow to Him.

This perception does not change with the death of the body. The bodily state has no effect on the spiritual state of a person because one reaches the perception of the true reality.

A person who has come to study knows nothing about this, and even if this is explained to him, he will still not understand since this goes beyond one’s perception and sensation. Now we have been given the opportunity to move on to the perception of a new, spiritual reality: to feel the force with which we must work and establish mutual connection.

And all this depends on how we now increase our common strength together. It is not a matter of everyone’s individual strength. Specifically when a person breaks free from internal isolation and wants to exit oneself to one’s friends, to one’s group, to the world, a person gradually acquires a new perception and feels that outside of oneself there is a force, the Creator, who fills everything. To do this, one needs the help of one’s group, one’s friends, because a person is not able to exit oneself alone and needs external power.

Therefore, a person forces himself to be in a group, to connect with his friends and follow the majority even against his desire because it is clear that from birth, he has had no desire for bestowal and unity. If one manages to do this with help from above, then the person will continue. But many cannot endure and quit. This work requires a lot of patience and, most importantly, not to leave.

There is no other way to get to the truth; otherwise, you will end your life without becoming a person (Adam). The choice is yours. The Creator pushes everyone, but only to a certain border beyond which pressure is no longer possible. Otherwise, you will not be a human being but an angel, that is, a spiritual animal.

Therefore, you need to put yourself in a clear, iron-clad framework and not allow yourself to escape it. In this way, we provide the Creator with an opportunity to work on us. Part of the work is entrusted to us, and the other part will be performed by the Creator. But the Creator works only under the condition that we have completed our part; that is, we have attended the lessons and participated in them to the extent that we could and even beyond, until we have filled up the measure of the effort that was assigned to us.

Our time is special because everyone is looking for a way out of a corporeal and spiritual crisis. A man or woman in the modern world, with all their intellect, achievements in science and high technology, is entangled in worthless games and vile addictions. The Creator pushes us to spiritual development and that is why He disallows our successful development in the corporeal world. As a result of our development, each time we find ourselves in a deeper crisis in order to finally understand that only our egoism is the main enemy that disturbs our life. If we do not correct it, we will never live a happy life. Each temporary improvement will be inevitably followed by a fall, a war, or a catastrophe.

Therefore, the whole world must understand where we are, where we must go, and how we can advance toward this goal designated by nature. What does nature, the Creator, the upper force want from us?

Our group Bnei Baruch has clarified the final steps before entering Lishma (bestowal) and is right on the threshold of spirituality. Of course, it is not easy to take this last step in Lo Lishma and the first step in Lishma—this is the Machsom, the border of the upper world. But we are approaching it and starting to feel the transition from the state of receiving to bestowal, that is, from the power of the egoistic force to the desire to be under the influence of the force of bestowal.

The egoistic force does not disappear; rather, it is balanced by the altruistic force added to it. Then we will work with two forces of nature: the negative and the positive, the egoistic force of the created being and the altruistic force of the Creator, which clothes in us.

And all this work is possible only through the environment. That is why Adam HaRishon, the system of creation created by the Creator from the desire to enjoy, is shattered. And we want to be people, that is, children of Adam, and restore this system, reconnect it. We connect it with the help of the Creator who shattered this system and is ready to fix it at our request. And due to this work, we become similar to the Creator and merge with Him.

This is our state before the convention, which poses a unique, inspirational task in front of us: to enter the spiritual world, the first sensation of the upper reality that is beyond our current thoughts and desires. This is a very exciting anticipation, a heavenly aspiration out of this world, because we are entering the true state that exists in nature. And today, we are in the preparation stage, which is created artificially and actually does not exist in nature. This world is needed only in order to reach correction in it.

We gather in the convention to celebrate our entrance into spirituality, which is in front of us. Therefore, we need even greater unity and mutual guarantee for each other. Without the friends, none of us can do anything; every advancement takes place only due to connection and unity.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/25/20, Preparation for Convention
1 Minute 5:00

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African Unity—The Key To Their Real Freedom

laitman_962.5Egypt, the land of slavery for the people of Israel, is located in Africa. Africa is the birthplace of Pharaoh, global egoism. 400 years of Egyptian exile enabled the people of Israel to receive the Torah and to reveal the Creator. Therefore, all the nations that developed in Africa and became enslaved no longer to Pharaoh, like the Jews, but to the European nations in America, are more prepared for the correction of the soul. I hope that soon we will see that people in Africa are more receptive to the method of Kabbalah.1

The whole of humanity needs the science of Kabbalah in order to reveal the upper force. Thus, all of human development has been accompanied by problems, disasters, plagues, and wars all in order to force a person to think about the meaning of his life—what are we living for? Humanity could find no answer to this question until the science of Kabbalah became revealed and provides the answer that the moment we attain the upper force which controls our whole life, we realize what we live for and what the essence of our life is.

The question is how to reveal this single upper force that governs the universe. We have no means of changing our lives except with the help of the upper force. The moment we reveal the upper force, we receive the answers to our questions. This is the uniqueness of the science of Kabbalah, the method of revealing the upper force, which gives the answers to everything.2

The consequences of European colonization are still felt in Europe. Slavery has been long abolished, but European countries still try to use the natural and human resources in Africa and ignite conflicts there by selling them weapons and facilitating emigration. This is a difficult issue for Africa, but I feel that Africans will eventually understand that only through unity of all can they achieve the upper force. Then they will feel free rather than oppressed as they do to this day.

This solution for Africa can only come from the science of Kabbalah and nothing else. The genuine freedom of Africa is impossible without the sensation of spiritual freedom. After all, the African nations have always had financial independence, but European and other countries from all over the world have always meddled in their lives. Nothing will help until the Africans feel genuine, spiritual freedom.

They will then have the power to resist those who are trying to influence them, and will be able to feel inner freedom not just from the Europeans, but from all external powers, from philosophies foreign to Africa.

It is impossible to achieve freedom before establishing connection with the Creator. Until then, it will only be imaginary, material freedom. We can call the African nations free even now since there are no slaves there, but they are still being exploited, used in all sorts of ways. It happens all over the world as each country wants to use the other and squeeze all the natural resources out of it.

In this regard, African countries are no different from other states. Anyone who wants to become independent nowadays must reach closer, correct connection with the Creator. Freedom in the upper world will bring us freedom in this world because this is not just spiritual, forces are projected down upon us allowing us to stand up against everyone. Then, nobody will be able to hurt us.

It is enough to look at the people of Israel and their path. Various nations tried to oppress and destroy them throughout history from Pharaoh onward. But no one succeeded in ruling over the people of Israel, not Pharaoh, the German Nazis, the Spanish Inquisition, the Russian Tzar, etc. This is because Jews have a connection with the upper force. I advise the same for the African nations: to receive the same support from above and then nobody will be able to harm them.

There are many different religions in Africa, but the science of Kabbalah contradicts none of them; it only explains how to achieve connection with the upper force, which is above all faiths and religions, through unity. Such unity, which existed a long time ago among the people of Israel, kept the nation together to this day and disallowed their becoming slaves to any nation.3
From the African Virtual Congress 1/18/20, The Importance of Society, Lesson 1
1 Minute 28:40
2 Minute 46:05
3 Minute 48:00

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Evoke Envy In The Friends

laitman_938.04Question: I see that no one in the group follows the good example you want to show. What should be the example and how can one see that it is really perceived and followed?

Answer: Through envy.

Question: It does not work. They aren’t envious. Why?

Answer: It means that you are not working correctly with your friends. You have to evoke envy. There is no way that envy does not work.

You just need to find out what or whom a person can envy so that they will be unable to escape from feeling it. He can say: “It does not matter, he is a beginner, does not understand anything, and this one has been studying for 30 years, what can I do?”

It has to be done in a way to make a person jealous of any envy: white, black— no matter what. This is the only way.
From the World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/8/19, “Collecting All the States Toward the Creator,” Lesson 7

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Break The Wall Between Our Hearts

laitman_962.4Let’s hope that during the convention we will generate such enormous power that we can break the wall separating us from the Creator, from the spiritual world, the wall between our hearts.

Once a year, at the World Kabbalah Convention in Tel Aviv, I sit before a massive audience of several thousand people. How do I feel this sea of people? I cover it with my screen and turn it into a spiritual vessel that I appeal to. I do not see people in front of me, but I see a desire that is in internal changes, in search, in hope. I do not distinguish between faces. I feel what correction this Kli is created for, how it approaches the correction, how the Creator acts in it and rejoices. It is like a baby who is about to be born and we are impatiently waiting for him. That is how I feel this state.

I hope that we will enter the process of birth at the convention. The preparation is already done, we only need to induce the labor pains—we need internal pressure from us and external pressure from the Creator. And then it will happen.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/25/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam “Introduction to the Study Of The Ten Sefirot
Minute 50:00

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The Only Request To The Creator

laitman_619Question: I follow you to all conventions. Sometimes this is the only force I have and only out of complete despair. I do everything you tell me, even if it makes me look funny. I do not know what to do next!

Answer: Ask the Creator. A person has nothing else. There is no one to appeal to, only to Him, He is the only one. Try to appeal to Him with only one request that you are begging for closeness with Him: “I know nothing more, I don’t want anything, and I don’t need anything! I only want to be close to You.”

Question: Why does the Creator constantly separate me and take away my strength to be with my group?

Answer: You have a very good, strong desire. However, it has not been formed correctly yet and therefore it throws you like that. I do not know what to advise you. In fact, just patience. Patience. Let the light, the Creator, work on you, one day, and another day.

I have been in this work for 44 years. Nothing but patience helped me. There is nowhere else to go.
From the World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/8/19, “Collecting All the States Toward the Creator,” Lesson 7

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Desire To Reveal The Creator

Laitman_524.01Question: During the workshop, a desire to reveal the Creator was felt. This desire appeared more than once for a second and disappeared. Then there was a demand that this desire would stay. Can I demand it or should I somehow hold on to it?

Answer: Only if it is within the group. If it is not within the group, this is egoism.

Question: This actually happened in the ten.

Answer: Then you should try to bring this desire back to you but through the ten.
From the World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/8/19, “Collecting All the States Toward the Creator,” Lesson 7

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Africa Congress

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 1/20/20

Our virtual convention for our groups in Africa over the weekend—including groups in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Togo, Benin, Congo, Guinea, Ethiopia, South Africa and dozens of virtual connections from remote areas across the vast continent—was a living testimony of how the time has come for the wondrous wisdom of Kabbalah to be revealed to humanity.

The African people have experienced great suffering and oppression, and today’s spiritual awakening in the continent, with groups of people showing readiness to connect above all differences, was a very moving experience. I personally was moved to tears.

A significant part of Kabbalah is how new students advance much faster than the veteran students did when they started, since like newborn babies entering a family, they inherit everything the family has earned and prepared for them. This became especially evident when seeing the participation of the African friends over the course of the convention’s lessons and events.

I wish to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who prepared the event. Together, we will continue to try and open the heart of the world to connection and love.

Israel’s Duty Toward Humanity

laitman_962.1Israel’s duty toward humanity is a very important topic because it determines our entire work directed to the end result: to connect all the created beings into one being in adhesion with the Creator. This process includes internality and externality because there is the Creator and there is the created being, and both these systems consist of internal and external parts.

The internal part of the Creator is Atzmuto, His essence, and the external part is His attitude toward the created beings. The created beings consist of Israel and the nations of the world in proportion to the intensity of the desire remaining after the shattering.

The point that awakens in a person and pulls one to correction is called “straight to the Creator” (Yashar-Kel), Israel. Such a person must receive help from above and also organize one’s environment and work from below.

The purpose of creation is the general end of correction, and therefore, we must yearn for it all the time. This will appeal to the upper force, which wants everyone to know it from the smallest to the greatest. Therefore, we must bring this knowledge to all the nations of the world and provide them with a connection to the force of correction and unity, seeing ourselves in the role of Jonah the Prophet. Although we neither want nor know how to do it, we understand the importance and the greatness of our responsibility to become the light for the nations of the world.

“The end result is in the preliminary thought,” and therefore, we must already see the final goal and the final state, verifying each step by the extent to which we realize this goal. Our whole path is in carrying out the purpose of creation, the final corrected state, by getting closer and closer to it and perfecting ourselves.

The purpose of the big convention in Tel Aviv is to connect the entire worldwide Bnei Baruch group, thus laying the foundation for the general correction of the world.1

We have received spiritual awakening only because it is necessary for our generation, which is obliged to start the correction. Therefore, if we wish to progress, we have to think about who we are working for. We, Israel, are the transitional channel connecting the Creator with the created beings. If we become faithful workers of the Creator and fulfill our mission without thinking about our own reward and destiny but only about giving contentment to the Creator and bring the created beings closer to Him so that He could correct and fulfill them, then we will succeed.

Therefore, we must take into account not our success but only our mission as servants of the Creator and the created beings, and then we can become partners of the Creator in creation. The main thing is to explain our future state to humanity, which already exists in nature and must be revealed. If we are ready for this revelation, we perceive it as good times. But if we are not ready, then nature still leads us through the same states toward the end of correction, but we feel them as unpleasant and we suffer. Therefore, for the benefit of the Creator and the benefit of the created beings, we need to prepare humanity for the next steps and help them constantly increase their connection.2

Why do we discuss these painful questions of anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, and Nazism if there are so many nice topics in Kabbalah? The fact is that it is for the sake of healing, and the treatment is unpleasant and painful. The festering was internal and now that the doctor is opening it up to cure it; of course, it hurts. However, there is no way out, we need to open this wound and check it in order to understand what we did wrong and how to continue.

The correction is not revealed in the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, but it depends on the human material to the extent that it feels the stages of its development. If we understand how we should develop, we will welcome the doctor’s actions. Even animals tolerate pain if they feel that a person is trying to help them.

However, we should not just tolerate it but rather take part in our own development, and then these stages will become pleasant for us not only in our sensations but will also bring understanding and attainment. We will carry out our own treatment with the help of the upper force. This development will become desirable for us because we will be looking at ourselves from above, wanting to receive the force of bestowal against our egoistic desire.

Otherwise we will see the same catastrophe unfolding as eighty years ago in Germany, knowing what will happen if we do not intervene in the course of events. The path to the end of correction has already been set, but it is possible to walk through it by the path of the light or by the path of suffering—the choice is ours. There is no way to escape from it.

We must draw conclusions from the past history for the future because history always returns, the ten Sefirot are revealed again in our world, it is always the same process. It takes place with new weapons and on a new scale, always bigger and bigger, but the overall image always repeats itself.

Humanity is on the verge of a world war. It is no longer about individual extremist actions but about escaping the global catastrophe—the third world war that Baal HaSulam wrote about. This is not a long-term prospect and can happen at any moment. Once upon a time, war required long preparations, movement of troops, warships, and today it is enough to push a button to destroy half the world.

The increased attacks on the grounds of anti-Semitism are only initial signs of the final process of the general correction of the world through a world war. After all, we live in the last generation, in the era of the end of correction, so it will not be limited to a local war somewhere in Europe as it was before. The war will cover the entire planet, everyone will begin to settle scores with each other. It will be revealed that fifty countries have nuclear weapons, which is unknown at the moment.3

With each passing day, it becomes increasingly clear that the world needs to unite; otherwise, it will fall apart. The glue is a connection that can only be achieved by Israel’s example. There is no other way according to the laws of nature.4

People must understand:
1. The key to the entire historical process is in the people of Israel.
2. The sharp reaction of the general egoism of the nations of the world is caused by the fact that the Jews hesitate and do not accelerate the correction.

Now it becomes clear how we must act together: Israel and the nations of the world. Anti-Semitism, hatred toward Jews, in the nations of the world, awakens in order to push the Jews forward.

It is written in Prophets that the nations of the world will lift Israel on their shoulders and bring them to build the Temple. Do you think that Jews will be carried on a tray like a gift? No, it will be in the form of a demand. The people of Israel must feel the need of the nations of the world for correction, for understanding the thought of creation, its purpose. All the troubles of this world are the result of the fact that humanity receives no answer about the cause of its suffering. This is suffering from the lack of the light of Hassadim, the attainment of the Creator, which is also why drugs are so common. This is all because Israel does not carry the upper light through themselves to the nations of the world.

The nations of the world should learn their role, how they should use the negative attitude toward the Jews, the hatred that is awakening in them, and turn it into a demand so that together with the people of Israel, they can perform the correction. The method is in the people of Israel, and the power is in the nations of the world, so we must tread together toward the end of correction.5
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/30/19, Israel’s Duty Toward Humanity
1 Minute 0:00
2 Minute 9:40
3 Minute 13:00
4 Minute 32:00
5 Minute 40:40

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The Creator Is Within Connection

laitman_938.02Question: During the convention we went through many things. How can we keep this so that we will not live from one convention to the next, but will multiply the experience every day?

Answer: At the convention, I tried to prove to you that when you connect you get closer to the Creator. You must clearly remember this, engrave it on your heart.

Only by connecting with each other do we approach the Creator because to begin with He is inside of our connection. That’s all.

Question: In both concealment and revelation?

Answer: Everywhere, always.
From the World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/8/19, “Collecting All the States Toward the Creator,” Lesson 7

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Attaining The Creator In The Center Of The Group

laitman_938.04Question: On our path, we should go through moments of hatred. If hatred is not revealed, is it a sign that we are not advancing?

Answer: We should not wait for any negative feelings. If we do not have them so be it. We just need to move toward the center of the group and persistently look for the Creator in it.

Our work is very simple. As Baal HaSulam writes in the article “Arvut” (Mutual Guarantee), the Creator brings a person to the group, places his hand on the correct path and says “Take it.”

Now in the group, we just need to increase the influence of the environment on us until we will attain the Creator in the center of the group. That’s it! There is nothing else!

We will see that the world around us is all fiction. All of it is the illusory world (Olam ha Medume). There is only the ten and the Creator within the ten. I want you to leave the convention with this thought, with this truth.
From the World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/8/19, “Collecting All the States Toward the Creator,” Lesson 7

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