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The Ignition System For The World Soul

laitman_212In the past, there were cars that required a great deal of effort to start. You would turn the key, the starter would sputter, and then die; over and over again like this until it would finally start.

Here an individual must “start” himself. For each such attempt at igniting our soul, we receive the upper light, which acts on us and begins to gradually turn on the soul, according to the force of the light, toward bestowal.

Initially, needing to connect are just empty words because the heart cannot be forced. Nonetheless, we try with all our might to start it, each time drawing the light that reforms with our efforts.

This takes a long time, since the engine of our soul is very old, broken, and refuses to ignite. But once in a while it starts to turn over a little, and then we can already understand that love of others that the Kabbalists write about is not morality, but a law of nature, the law of all of creation.

We must unite in order to enter the real world, to enter our true existence. Without it we exist in an illusion, in an imaginary world, as if watching a movie that has nothing to do with reality.

We apply all our efforts in order to awaken our soul. As a result of a great number of such attempts, our engine finally turns over and begins to turn in the right direction. Fuel enters it, the upper light, and it begins to work.

Europe is very similar to this untuned engine. There are many groups there, new and old, and also individuals who do not belong to any group. We need to try to prepare everyone so that all turn in the same direction, in the direction of the general movement.

Each group that already has experience, strength, the correct direction, understanding, and, most importantly, feels that it is within the connection that opens the entrance to the true world from the unconscious state we now are in now, as in a fog.

We need to understand what responsibility lies on each one who has achieved an advanced state. He must tow this entire broken, creaking cart, that doesn’t want to move on it’s own. This will be our attack on connection. We don’t need to wait for the Congress for this; even before it, we can reach such unity as is planned in the Creator’s program.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/17/18 “Preparation for the World Convention in Italy 2018 – Melting the Hearts into One”

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Convention “All As One” In New Jersey, Day Three – 5/6/18

Convention “All As One” in New Jersey, “Question and Answers,” Lesson 8

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Convention “All As One” in New Jersey, “Perceiving Reality Through the Ten,” Lesson 9

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Convention “All As One” In New Jersey, Day Two – 5/5/18

Convention “All As One” in New Jersey, “Covering All Transgressions with Love,” Lesson 5

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Convention “All As One” in New Jersey, “Signing the Arvut in the Ten,” Lesson 6

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Convention “All As One” in New Jersey, “Needing the Upper Force,” Lesson 7

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Convention “All As One” In New Jersey, Day One – 5/4/18

Convention “All As One” in New Jersey, “Discovering the Need for the Ten – We Are All One Soul,” Lesson 2

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Convention “All As One” in New Jersey, “Dissolving  Into the Ten – Annulment,” Lesson 3

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Convention “All As One” in New Jersey, “Discovering the Force of the Creator in the Ten – There Is None Else Besides Him,” Lesson 4

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Convention “All As One” In New Jersey – 5/3/18

Convention “All As One” in New Jersey, “Awakening to the Creator’s Invitation,” Lesson 1

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Belonging To One System

laitman_267.02We are already beginning to feel that our world hit a dead end and is in crisis. The reason is that nature is pushing us toward greater unity and connection in one system, toward mutual interdependence of all people, societies, and governments.

In the last 50 to 60 years humanity has built a myriad of international systems, transcontinental corporations, which suddenly and quickly grew to encompass the entire world, rising above governments and borders in their activities and interests.

But at the same time, politicians and people are becoming ever more egoistic and incapable of cooperation, unwilling to see themselves as a single unit, a whole. The outcome is that the world descends into a very complex crisis, one that has never before existed.

On one hand, nature, through financial and manufacturing systems, locks us into a single system, into an integrated world. But we refuse to be integrated; each nation feels that it is unique, independent, and doesn’t want to rely on anyone else.

At this juncture erupts a tremendous crisis to which no solution is found. The world enters a global resistance. Baal HaSulam writes that there is no choice other than realizing that in everything, it is only human egoism that is to blame, but we are still obligated to achieve unity.

Egoism hinders us, but we need to rise above it, as the methodology of Kabbalah teaches us. If we use this methodology, then we will advance. Otherwise, we will involve ourselves in a very long path of suffering.

America feels this crisis much more powerfully than other countries. That’s why the goal of the upcoming Kabbalah convention in New Jersey, which will take place in May, is to enable us to actually feel ourselves not as separated by distant continents, but as belonging to one system which is above geography, history, and different languages, in other words, belonging to one body, one soul.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/18, Preparation for the World Convention in New Jersey 2018

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Photos From The 2018 World Kabbalah Convention “We Are One Family”

The 2018 World Kabbalah Convention held in Israel was special. It was our most powerful and focused convention ever, uniting its participants in one desire for one goal. For the first time everyone felt that unity is possible! I hug and thank you all! Let’s connect in one heart and in the Creator!


The World Kabbalah Convention—Newark, New Jersey May 2018

laitman_929Question: What is the main reason a person should attend a Kabbalah convention?

Answer: We are in a state where the wisdom of Kabbalah is becoming more and more widely recognized, not as it has been popularly misconceived throughout history, as religion, mysticism, magic or philosophy, to name a few, but as a substantive method through which we need to upgrade ourselves and the world in all of its fields.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains the structure of human relations on personal, domestic, social, national and global scales. It addresses the education of both adults and youth according to what is most important in life, how to prioritize human values and engagements, and how to plan personal, domestic and national life in order to bring about a harmonious future generation.

In other words, the wisdom of Kabbalah opens up a new and improved map of the world, showing where the world is headed, and explaining the laws of nature: why and how they work on us. It doesn’t ask anyone whether or not they want to know about the wisdom and awareness it brings. However, if it is important for us to find our optimal place in the world, and to have happier and easier lives, then it is important for us to at least learn and experience a little of what Kabbalah has to offer.

Therefore, I invite everyone to the World Kabbalah Convention. I am sure that everyone will head home with a healthy, rational and practical approach to life, both in relation to everyone’s personal lives, as well as to the world in general. In modern life, which is globally interdependent, such an approach is very much needed.

Question: What feelings can a person expect to experience at a Kabbalah convention?

Answer: We are expecting to make this Kabbalah convention practical, that it will give its participants an ability to feel the forces of nature acting on us, as well as the learning of how to act with and even manage them. By doing so, we will be able to manage our lives, on individual, social, national and even global scales. Through that, we will know what to expect in the near future, as well as in the future generations. It will help us with our own education, with children’s education, with everything, that is, I’ll know how to get along with everyone and everything.

Therefore, physical participation in the convention is very important, because we cannot grasp these things from long distance, over the Internet.

In addition, people will have the ability to ask questions and get answers, and there will be many people helping everyone scrutinize and clarify everything we learn and experience. We will be very happy to see participants from all ages and backgrounds, without limitations, because the wisdom of Kabbalah belongs to the whole of humanity, everyone included, and everyone is equal in relation to the wisdom of Kabbalah. It comes to us from Adam HaRishon (“the First Man”), therefore it is equal for everyone.

My Facebook Page: “First Images From The Convention”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 2/27/18

First images from the World Kabbalah Convention 2018

My Facebook Page: “About The Convention”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 2/24/18

3 thank you messages for what made the World Kabbalah Convention the most powerful spiritual event ever held.

First and foremost, thanks to all the friends and students who came from 70 different countries and dedicated a week of their lives to take part in this special event.

Second, thanks go to the friends and study groups who could not make it but participated virtually and were with us through their screens the whole time.

Third, thanks to all the students and friends from Israel and to all their guests who participated in the convention for the first time.

In addition, the convention took place on the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel, so we have put a special emphasis on Israel’s spiritual role in the world. We learned that in Kabbalah, an “Israeli” means one who yearns to discover the higher attributes of love and bestowal and wants them to prevail in all human relations. And people from all over the world identify with this sublime idea, whether they are Jewish or not.

Now, in the days after the convention, we must maintain the spiritual connection we created together. The special connection we had at the conference is a clear example of the spiritual bond that we must achieve and maintain between us at all times—until we merit such a connection that the Creator, the quality of love and bestowal, will be revealed among us in all its glory.

As the great Kabbalists wrote, I truly believe that we can reach such a connection between us and the whole world. The dedication of friends from all around the world and the great effort made in all the preparations for our annual event only indicate that we are laying the foundation for a new and corrected world.

Thank you!


(Image from the opening ceremony of the World Kabbalah Convention 2018)