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The Force That Fills All Of Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, the article, “There is None Else Besides Him”: It is written, “There is none else besides Him.” This means that there is no other force in the world that has the ability to do anything against Him. Only one force exists, all of us are under its authority and there is no escape from its influence because all of us are found under its control.

And what man sees, that there are things in the world that deny the Higher Household, the reason is that this is His will. This is because it cannot be otherwise. He intentionally confuses us, gives us a false feeling of independent existence, of seemingly private thoughts and feelings. It is as if we exist independently with some kind of desires and thoughts. The Creator arranges all of this intentionally. That is how He awakens various disturbances in us.

This method is called, “the left rejects and the right adducts.” This means that both from the left and from the right when this one power pushes us from feeling existence within Him and also when He suddenly is revealed and reminds us of His existence, all this is done according to a unique plan. All kinds of influences of this one power throw us from side to side.

Only He acts upon us, intentionally making us forget that “There is none else besides Him” and sending disturbances in different forms. He awakens a feeling in us of existing in this world, portraying a picture of this world: that we have a family, children, grandchildren, life, study and work. In fact, all of this is portrayed only within our own mind and nowhere else.

But the main thing is that He brings us closer through rejection, so that we ourselves, based on our capabilities, find the way to approach Him. And the benefit from the rejections is that through them a person receives a need and a complete desire for the Creator to help him, since he sees that otherwise he is lost. And will never be able to discover Him by himself.

And only if the person overcomes all the obstacles with the help of the environment, efforts, and perseverance, then he reaches discovery of this force. He intentionally places obstacles for each one of us and for all of us together, so that we will overcome them, find, and discover Him. Therefore, all of the obstacles, confusions, exhaustion, various difficulties, detachments, and lack of agreement are imperative only in order that from negative states like these we will discover this force.

And to advance from the negative states towards the attainment is possible only if we shut our eyes, meaning that we don’t think about all the obstacles that He places before us. It is up to us to advance beyond them, with what is called “faith above reason” or with “an intention for the sake of bestowal.”

And the more rapidly that the person advances, this force presents clearer, greater, and more sophisticated obstacles in front of him, so that precisely through this subtlety the person will understand Him better, will see the internal state of this force more clearly and will recognize Him more closely.

Therefore the confusion, the subtlety, the cruel flirting, exist only to oblige us to search for what the intentions of that force that is playing with us are. When we investigate His attitude toward us, we learn both about ourselves and about Him, why He surrounds us with various external circumstances specifically this way and why He changes the desires and the thoughts in us all the time. Together with this, He leaves us with only one possibility, to remember that only He does everything and to appreciate this opportunity of connection with Him that is called the point in the heart.

In the end, this force exhausts us so much that we become confused and sink into egoistic thoughts about our world and forget that this is derived from Him, or we ignore Him and don’t want to think about Him; rather, we want to escape quickly and become detached from the spiritual work. We begin to hate the behavior of the Creator and the method to attain Him.

But nevertheless, He brings us to a state where we begin to understand that only He can help if He will “take us by the hands,” and just as He confuses us, so He also will resolve everything. Therefore, our final decision must lead to the confidence that only He can and must do this and that I oblige Him to do this!

But we don’t want Him to ease our distress and bring us somewhere; rather, we want Him to be revealed to us because we agree to be under His control! We want to be in the characteristic of bestowal, in the characteristic of connection with everyone! We want to feel the unity because now it is revealed before our eyes as the only proper and most complete characteristic.

If a person works this way outside of himself in order to bestow, then he has a yearning to connect with the Creator, meaning a yearning to connect with everyone, for mutual fulfillment, bestowal, love, and support. When a true need is awakened in a person like this through work with the group (otherwise he doesn’t reach it and doesn’t understand why), then the higher force is discovered.

Rather, for those people who truly want to draw near the Creator…he is therefore given help from Above. How? …and so they will not settle for little, meaning remain as senseless children. So that everything will be okay, relaxed, good, successful, and this way day after day, … so he will not be able to say that thank God, I have Torah and Mitzvot and good deeds, and what else do I need?

And only if that person has a true desire… for the goal of creation, meaning that his soul needs to discover the Creator. ….will he receive help from Above. How? And he is constantly shown how he is at fault in his present state.  He has still not reached a state of connection with the Creator because his characteristics are absolutely the opposite of His. Namely, he is sent thoughts and views, which are against the work, against the Creator, against unity with Him. This is in order for him to see how far he is from the Creator, that he is not one with the Lord. That is how he is taken care of.

And as much as he overcomes, he always sees how he is farther from holiness (from bestowal), from love of others, than the rest of the friends, than others, who feel that they are one with the Creator, as it seems to him that they are more successful and more diligent. But he, on the other hand, always has complaints and demands, and he cannot justify the Creator’s behavior, and how He behaves toward him. How much time, how much effort and energy he wasted! What for? It is not clear to him what he is doing in life and therefore he cannot justify the behavior of the Creator. This pains him. What exactly? Indeed he suffers not because of his past! If he checks things correctly, he will begin to understand that his lack of agreement with the Creator, his lack of ability to justify Him, these are what cause him pain.

Where are all of those years that passed for nothing, the powers and efforts that he wasted? What is the purpose of all this? Is it truly possible to say that he yearned for something, advanced, did something? What was the benefit of all those years that passed?

Finally, he comes to feel that he has no part in holiness (in bestowal) whatsoever. Although he occasionally receives awakening from Above in regard to the friends or even in regard to the Creator, which momentarily revives him, but soon after he falls into the place of baseness. (This passes immediately and he sees that everything is artificial). And then he falls again.

But if he is stubborn and climbs the mountain all the time and falls, climbs and falls, then ultimately, after prolonged work, after a long time, he receives help from Above because he gathered enough effort in order to overcome himself for the sake of connection with the Creator.

He asks what the Creator wants him to do, and he does it. Does the Creator want him to do something else? He carries this out as well! If the Creator wants him to submit himself to the group, then he submits. Submit to the lessons and dissemination? Please, he also does this. He is ready to submit to everything that the Creator tells him! He doesn’t choose what to do. Suppose that he pays Maaser, studies once a week. It is not he who chooses this; rather, he carries out what our teachers say.

In spiritual work, the precise order of activities is very important, beginning from waking up in the morning, on which leg I stand up, what I do, which words I say, what is the first thing that I think about, what do I think about when I get up from the bed and go to the bathroom? I am saying this seriously! You can’t imagine how important the right intention is! Indeed every move that I make must be accompanied by the right and precise thought! That is what must be all the time, day after day, until this becomes a habit, something automatic! Otherwise, I will go back to various thoughts that detach me from the goal. Therefore I must immediately connect to the higher management. Everything that I feel and I think about, all these are from the Creator.

It’s very difficult to begin to think about the Creator in the morning. It is as if I am divided into two parts. All that I have is not mine, but comes from Him. Now I am going to the bathroom, wash, go back, do something else; all these are not me but Him. And so on. And the main thing is to accept everything gratefully, to elevate in my eyes the characteristic of bestowal that fills the whole world. And he who says that there is another force in the world that is the opposite of the Creator is absolutely disconnected from the supervision.

Basically, we are constantly involved with refining our characteristics, increasing their sensitivity, in order to begin to feel this force, the characteristic within which we are found. We learn how to tune into Him all the time, increasing our sensitivity to Him.

Come, let’s begin to feel Him together now. Where is He found? You see we are found within Him. Through your inner efforts, try to feel that He is found here close by! He is found within us, manages us also by means of the things that I am saying now and also what you hear from me; all this comes from Him. That is how He surrounds us within Him.

And if we become distant from advancement towards feeling the Creator, from equivalence of form with Him, and we fall, even then it is up to us to understand that He is doing this intentionally so that we will be elevated and feel the defect in the state through which we passed. Therefore, He intentionally arranges this fall for us.

And that is how it is all the time. If we become detached and fall, this says that the state through which we passed was incomplete and He is showing us where it is still possible to add a drop of sensitivity. There is no need to complain, because until today I advanced in the best way and that is what is interesting. Whatever it was, there is no need to be concerned about the past! Everything had to be exactly like that. Also there is no reason to be concerned about the future because the future is also from Him. It is the same thing regarding the present since what He is doing with me now is the best condition for me. So what remains for me to do? Just don’t separate from the thought that He constructs the past, the present, and the future both within me and outside of me.

If a person directs himself like this, he begins to feel that the Creator is working with him. And all of the changes within him, all of his thoughts and feelings, he begins to accept as the language of the Creator, as His turning towards him. What does the Creator say? The arrangement of all of my desires and thoughts is His appeal to me. On this level He speaks with me and awakens in me all of the internal changes. If I think about something now, wanted something, or didn’t think and didn’t want anything, He awakens all of this within me, He turns to me. And how do I turn to Him? I also direct my deficiencies and my thoughts to Him, understanding that He controls me absolutely.

And so it follows that I am in a dialogue with Him. I am included within the law of “There is none else besides Him,” because I am no longer the disturbance, rather I am mixed with Him, for nothing more than this is necessary. And so I see that the whole world and all that exists in it are my incorrect reactions regarding the actions of the Creator.

If a person feels that he is in a bad or good state, that something is happening to him, let’s say bestowal from the friends that formerly seemed to him to be a bad influence and now gives him inspiration, in sum this comes from the Creator and certainly this doesn’t happen because of our merits! And if we praise a friend, this says that this is how the Creator turns to us through him.

All of us must respect our friends because they are representatives of the Creator, for He chose them specifically in order to bestow to us through them. And it is necessary to be thankful for all of this only to the Creator and not to the friends. It cannot be that there is nobody to thank. If we say, “from love of the people to love of the Creator,” then everything proceeds in the right direction. Therefore the main thing is not ever to abandon the thought that we are not under the control of two or three forces; rather, we are under the control of the one and only force in the world! We have received the point of departure from Him, so that specifically with the help of our efforts, we will bring ourselves back into Him. The main thing is to imagine to ourselves (in our language) how it is possible to give Him contentment.

This is a wonderful discovery of connection; it absolutely frees a person and gives him immense possibilities of yearning only for discovery of the one and only Creator to all of humanity and even himself in particular. If we were to position ourselves correctly in regard to the Creator, then certainly we would see that there are no problems in the world at all.

I am talking about regular Kabbalists and not about those great Kabbalists, that need to be integrated with everyone and to suffer for all of humanity.

Baal HaSulam writes in the article, “Concealment and Disclosure of the Face of the Creator,” that when a person is in discovery of the face of the Creator, he comprehends the world as, “abundant, good, and great peace from the Creator and is always satisfied” and everyone who yearns for Him is found in wholeness. And the opposite, someone who doesn’t yearn for the Creator, is in confusion, deprivation, and disadvantage. This means that everything depends on how close we are to the Light. “There is none else besides Him!”
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Lesson 1

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War With Myself

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I was constantly at war with the Creator and I always argued that only I exist. And He, the good and benevolent, let me do this, and after that He took everything from me and brought me to a Bnei Baruch group.

The fact that there is a group and a teacher is proof that “There is none else besides Him.” The Creator always teaches me to nullify myself in regard to the group and all that I have left is fear and awe that because of this nullification I could miss the action called “I will hasten it” (Achishena).

Answer: But it is specifically the approach towards the Creator through the group that is called hastening (Achishena).

Question: So why do I feel this fear?

Answer: Because you are not in a covenant, with the group or with the Creator. You don’t have any faith to fall into the hands of the group, the teacher, and all the more so, the Creator. How can you nullify yourself if you don’t have an inclination like this?

Question: Meaning that I feel an indication that I am not there yet?

Answer: Indications gradually change, become more subtle, precise, and narrow.

Time is running out, and you need to feel for yourself how you are advancing forward. Are you placing yourself in the right way regarding the group or do you have many philosophical thoughts that come out of your egoistic mind? You cannot trust this intellect and rely upon it; this is impossible.

You need to rise above everything that is in you today. Spirituality is on the next level and you want to rise to it by using your present emotions and intellect. It will not happen.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Lesson 1

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Course Of Spiritual Progress

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: My physical group, which is closest to me, is a four hour journey away by train. I meet with it once a month. I don’t see and don’t know the trend and direction of advancement of this group.

But the trend and the direction of my virtual group, which meets daily and lives in my heart, I understand. And I try to hold onto it with both hands in order not to deviate and move to the side. Is this enough for spiritual progress, or in spite of all this, is it necessary to change something?

Answer: If you are in contact with your virtual group all the time and this is a good, strong group that tries to be together and to participate in all of our events, and first and foremost in the lessons, even if it is not at the actual time, because we live in different time zones, then this is enough. Moreover, you travel once a month to visit the physical group.

More than this, it provides you with a good indication between the physical and virtual inner perception. And this is good.

To the degree possible, come to all of the various conventions, because you see how participating in it, you can take off in one week.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Lesson 1

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A Pressure Gauge That Helps Me To Rise

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In our group, we read the article “There is None Else Besides Him” every day, but it never is felt as deeply as I have felt it here. It is like cooking some dish without spices. Here, I felt this spice, this taste. What kind of spice can you give us so that we will feel it all the time, everywhere?

Answer: You will not believe me, but I always am watching to relate to a group not like my little pupils but like those who are higher than me. Outside, they don’t see this because I can yell at them too, but, internally, I always am careful with myself.

This is my barometer (pressure gauge), how much I feel them higher than me; I can rise only this way and it makes no difference how they behave. The Creator chose, brought, and gathered them, and it is enough for me to think that there is no one before me higher than they are.

There are Kabbalists who are no longer with us in this world. But I almost don’t feel anything besides my friends. If I could, I would use the opportunity to feel them and to be in contact with them, bringing my excitement, my relationship with them about the greatness of the Creator so that, together with them, I will reach discovery of the Creator, because all of this is found within them.

There is nothing else besides this holding on, this group we were given. Only through dissolving into it, magnifying it, can I approach the Creator who is found within it. We don’t need anything else besides a constant concern to relate to a group like this.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Lesson 1

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Request And Demand

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You always say, “We have to ask, we should demand, and sometimes to do both ask and demand.” At what points should we ask and what should we demand?

Answer: This must come from the heart!

In general, the difference between a request and a demand is on two levels. When we work with the vessels of bestowal, meaning bestowal for the sake of bestowal, then we have a request, and when we work with the vessels of reception, meaning reception for the sake of bestowal, then we form a demand.

In other words, if we work with small egoistic desires, which only require clarification that don’t yet transform the ego into bestowal but only want to inhibit it, to transform it to Hassadim, this is only a request; and when we want to transform the ego into bestowal to work with Aviut ¾ (thickness), then we have a demand. This means that our request becomes a sharp and resolute demand.

In this way, the request or the demand depends upon the same Aviut (the thickness of the ego) with which you are working. If this ego is heavier, then you begin to demand that the Creator will correct it to the degree of its heaviness. However, if it is light and your desire is graded 0-2, then you’re just asking.

Question: However, people have different characteristics. How does one perceive?

Answer: This is not important. It doesn’t provide you with anything. Do you think that it is possible to think whether you are requesting or demanding, and how much and how? This is work in the heart!

You cannot monitor yourself with your intellect because the Creator is in the heart. First, the heart reacts with its degree of correction or destruction. Only after you feel your heart does awareness come to you.

So, it is pointless to carry out some kind of whim where you seemingly turn yourself this way or that. What? Are you going to play with the Creator?

Question: However, when a child asks me for something, my heart is softened and I give to him, and when he begins to demand, I refuse him.

Answer: This is not about that but about yearning for bestowal and love! If it is derived from small egoistic desires, then this is a request because I don’t need anything else, and if this is derived from heavy egoistic desires, then this request becomes a demand.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Lesson 1

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Be Well

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I want to ask a question on behalf of all of the sick and correlate this with the fact that there is none else besides Him. When I hear you, everything flows into me very well and I accept it, after that it passes to my intellect, and as a sensible person I cannot agree for some reason that He needs us to be sick.

Answer: This does not concern you. Use your intellect to recognize that there exists a single force in the world that gives you the possibility of thinking that He is not alone. Begin to “absorb” this initial expression: He gave us the possibility of feeling that we exist outside of Him, that He is not alone; he gave us the chance to choose to approach Him through equivalence of form.

Question: How is it possible to put yourself under this power so He will flirt with us in a different way?

Answer: It depends on how you perceive Him. He increases only His positive influence on you all the time. And depending on your situation, it could be that you feel Him as the opposite, negative.

Question: What do all of my sick friends and I need to do in order to feel this influence as positive?

Answer: Attain resemblance and equivalence to this force at least on the first level, that is, 1/125th of its characteristic, this characteristic of bestowal and love. In this manner you will rise to the first level, pass through the border between an inability to feel Him and minimally feeling Him, this border is called the Machsom.

Do you want to be physically healthy? Yearn to resemble the Creator together with the friends. Imagine how you would nullify yourself in regard to the friends in order to reach the first restriction, Tzimtzum Aleph. It is possible to attain this only through mutual work.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Lesson 1

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Laudable Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: To the degree of our advancement we truly begin to look at the world and people differently. But what must be done in order to see everyone in the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun)? Do you see everyone in this state?

Answer: I can’t imagine how it is possible to describe something from the spiritual world to you if the matching sensations don’t exist with you. I could say words to you and you would comprehend them in a distorted, egoistic mutation. It’s impossible to describe even those small levels close to us.

I am not in the end of correction. I am higher than you, but they also don’t let me rise higher, because I must be close to you. Therefore we need to go forward together.

It’s very good that you yearn for this feeling, want to feel and to understand it. But it’s not given if you lack the property of bestowal, and there is no possibility of creating  an appropriate picture within us. One can only ask; there is nothing other than prayers for all.

Question: A contradiction is created within me between the concept “There is none else besides Him” and the “prayer of many.” Meaning, can the focus of the person be directed towards only one thing?

Answer: No, this is the same thing. The prayer of many to the Creator is the completely accurate accommodation of an intention towards the goal. In the prayer of many you pray for yourself because the many is you, but when you describe them outside of yourself, you are detached from your egoistic “self.”

Question: It follows that the search for There is none else besides Him is not found within me, but is found outside, in the friends?

Answer: He is found everywhere. Don’t divide everything into physical distances but emotional distances that you need to integrate together.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Lesson 1

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Pass Through The Barrier

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we come to a group we have a yearning for some inexplicable property. Then we begin to feel some tastes and understand that we are attracted towards the characteristic of bestowal. But when you say: “Try to feel all this as one,” then we are terribly afraid. There is a desire to flee, it’s unclear to where because this state presses from behind.

Answer: This is very good because there is nothing more opposite to our nature than bestowal and love. We are terribly afraid of it; we don’t want it, and when we reach it, we turn around and go back.

Question: How can we help each other, for indeed you cannot even help yourself?

Answer: Only the group can direct you so that you will cross the Machsom. I very much like the example from the Harry Potter films, Platform 9 3/4. In order to reach it, they must pass through a barrier that separates between the 9th and 10th platforms. So the mother of one of the children advises Harry: “All you have to do is to go directly into the barrier. Don’t stop and don’t be afraid that you will hit it, this is very important.” That is, you shouldn’t see this obstacle, it doesn’t exist, and so you will pass through.

Question: But how is it possible not to see it?!

Answer: You lack a connection. If you connect and unite among yourselves, the obstacle disappears. When you dissolve within the group of ten, the wall also dissolves.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Lesson 1

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Feel The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You have suggested that I should try to feel “there is none else besides Him,” to imagine it, because it is not the reality I am in….

Answer: This is not the problem. The problem is nullifying yourself to such a degree that you feel that only the Creator exists.

Question: How? I don’t feel that He exists in our reality.

Answer: Ask. You turn towards a force that you don’t feel and ask Him to give you the possibility of feeling Him.

Feeling Him means becoming like Him. It means nullifying yourself since the feeling of self occurs because you are opposite to Him. And to that degree that you nullify yourself, you feel Him.

He and I cannot exist simultaneously. So you ask Him to nullify you, and with this, you will become like Him.

Repeat this many times together with the friends, and this will gradually begin to enter into your emotions. There is no other way.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/04/14, Lesson 1

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For The Sake Of Spiritual Advancement

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati, #25, “Things That Come From The Heart”: Regarding things that come from the heart, enter the heart. Hence, why do we see that even if things have already entered the heart, one still falls from his degree? Why do we see that even if things do enter a person’s heart he still falls from his spiritual level? We see that even if a person is impressed by what the teacher conveys to him, he still falls from the level on which he received the Torah, the intention and the thoughts of the teacher.

The thing is that when one hears the words of Torah from his teacher, i.e., the wisdom of his teacher, he immediately agrees with his teacher, and resolves to observe the words of his teacher with his heart and soul, because he really wants it to be fulfilled. But afterwards, when he comes out to the world, he sees, covets, and is infected by the multitude of desires roaming the world, that is, to other people’s desires, thoughts, and plans dealing with all sorts of nonsense and not spiritual development in this case, and he and his mind, his heart, and his will are annulled before the majority, that is, those conditions the environment is in.

As long as he has no power to judge the world to a scale of merit, they subdue him. He mingles with their desires…. What does that mean? If I am in a foreign environment, it is the Creator Who plays with me and Who places me there in different external conditions so that I will grow stronger with regard to the inner decisions that I have already made, despite the external influences that appear.

Suppose I am on my way home from the convention now and when I get on the plane I am already under the domination of a foreign environment. Can I remain in the same inner condition that I felt during the three conventions—concentrated, focused on the goal, feeling elated and feeling my friends—when I am under external conditions that pressure me? If I can, it is a state in which I control the outside world; if I can’t, it means that the outside world controls me.

But afterwards, when he comes out to the world, he sees, covets, and is infected by the multitude of desires i.e., society at large, dealing with nonsense, then if he cannot overcome himself, his thoughts, desires, and heart obey the majority.

Overcoming the multitude consists of two parts.

First, when I realize that I am detached from the support of the friends, I myself internally alienate them and keep away from them.

Secondly, I don’t see that everything is managed by the Creator anymore and that the thoughts of the multitude are sent to me on purpose so that I will tighten the connection with the group, with the sources even more than before, and will regard the external effect as the Creator’s game. After all, He sends me “helpers,” guards who want to throw me down the mountain I have been climbing on my way to the Creator, but I keep moving forward, holding on with my teeth in order to stay above the water and in the right direction. No matter what the influence of the environment is, I don’t go along with the current, but rather row towards my goal.

As long as he has no power to judge the world to a scale of merit…

After all, the Creator works for a person through the whole world! If I justify the world because it actually operates in order to help me advance, it means “to judge the world to the scale of merit.”

But if I cannot judge the whole world to the scale of merit, which means to draw it in my direction, realizing that the Creator sends me these obstacles on purpose so that I will advance more strongly; if I cannot connect to my friends and to the goal more strongly, then the world becomes external and the Creator disappears from it. If I forget that He is the one who has arranged everything and think that the world influences me by itself, the Creator disappears from it and I am left under the dominion of this world. … they subdue him. He mingles with their desires, i.e., a person diverts from the goal.

Then, when a person subdues to the desires of the world that surrounds him, he is led like sheep to the slaughter. He has no choice; he is compelled to think, want, crave, and demand everything that the majority demands; that is, he is under the domination of the external society. This is also under the authority of the Creator. He shouldn’t think that anything other than Him operates here. But this is a completely different control, not I shall hasten it (Achishena), but in its time (Beito). He then chooses their alien thoughts and their loathsome lusts and desires, which are alien to the spirit of the Torah. In that state he has no strength to subdue the majority, and goes along with the current, like the rest of the world.

Instead, there is only one counsel then, to cling to his teacher and to the books. This is called “From the mouth of books and from the mouth of authors.” He has to hold on with his teeth to the lessons and to the sources and to choose what is closer to him and what impresses him most strongly. It may be a certain article or a passage from TES, a song, anything. What’s important is that it should strengthen his connection with our society. Only by cleaving to them can he change his mind and will for the better. However, witty arguments will not help him change his mind, but only the remedy of Dvekut (adhesion), for this is a wondrous cure, as the Dvekut reforms him.

Only while one is inside Kedusha (Sanctity) can one argue with oneself and indulge in clever polemics that the mind necessitates that he should always walk on the path of the Creator. But this is all nonsense. However, one should know that even when he is wise and certain that he can already use this wit to defeat the Sitra Achra (other side), one must bear in mind, that all his wit and nice conclusions, the studying and the agreement with the friends, that all this is worthless. This is not an armament that can defeat the war on desire, for all these concepts are but a consequence he has attained after the aforementioned Dvekut.

Everything depends on how strongly a person ties himself to the group. After all, he has to speak to his friends on the phone, to contact them on the Internet, to prepare some material for them, to participate in the daily work. If he doesn’t do that, nothing will help. We are the ones who need the dissemination and not those to whom we disseminate. It compels us to be in constant movement and to improve. This is the only way we can advance!

What I say is based on my personal experience. Unfortunately I can think of 30-40 people who I once brought to Rabash who also engage in Kabbalah to a certain extent now, but you can feel what it means to study Kabbalah without advancement when you speak to them.

In other words, all the concepts upon which he builds his building, saying one must always follow in the path of the Creator, is founded in the Dvekut with his teacher. Thus, if he loses the foundation, then all the concepts are powerless, since they will now be lacking the foundation. Hence, one must not rely on one’s own mind, but cleave once more to books and authors, for only that can help him, and no wit and intellect, as they are lifeless.

In principle, this article says that everything that is sent to us in life is sent to us intentionally by the Creator, and we mustn’t forget it. We have to take advantage of all the obstacles in order to advance and to grow stronger in our advancement.

In fact there are no interferences. All these obstacles and barriers are a springboard. If we overcome them we will advance; if not, it means that we will have to overcome them indirectly. Everything depends on our participation.

The point is that we are not given any obstacles from Above that cannot be overcome. The Upper Light operates in a manner that is adapted to each of us according to our personal circumstances. All the obstacles that we encounter are always adapted to our abilities. It’s the ego that we have to correct on the next level. If a person remembers that, he adheres even more strongly to the advancement towards the Creator, to the teacher, the books, and the group.

Thus, he is not controlled by the external environment, although he is in good relations with it, but internally he is loyal to himself and to the environment. Moreover, gradually and without words, he begins to influence the environment so that it suddenly begins to change.

Let’s keep the connection between us so that the impression of the week we spent united, feeling wholeness between us, and in a wonderful state will only grow stronger! After all, we will each go our own way and each one will receive his own interferences and we have to keep the spirit of mutual guarantee and be committed that nothing will detach us from the group and that we will overcome all the obstacles and feel that we are together as if we have never gone our own ways.

If the interferences don’t pull us in different directions, we will feel the connection between us even more strongly, and this is actually what we need. If we can do that, then there are no words that can describe the level to which we will immediately ascend. We can fulfill our dream within the coming week! If we all, regardless of the distance between us, think about the fact that our friends should remain connected just as they are now, we can be sure that the Messiah will come. The word Messiah stems from the Hebrew word “Moshech,” “to pull,” and the Upper Light is revealed that completes all the corrections, pulling a person out of his ego to full adhesion with the Creator.
From a lesson in Russian, 2/07/14

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