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For The First Time In History

Dr. Michael LaitmanFor the first time in many years of engaging in the wisdom of Kabbalah we are engaging in the practical implementation of the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is just the beginning and we are trying to do so step by step by going out to the public and being pinched here and pricked there, but this is actually an amazing historical event.

Previously it was impossible to go out to the public and to tell people about what seems unnatural. Today they already feel an inner demand that is not clear yet. And on our part many friends agree that we have to go out to the public, that we have to do something and by doing so we fulfill ourselves by it.

People are finally beginning to understand that the Creator is actually attained in the unity among us and not in any other way. If we establish such a system of mutual relations among us by which we constantly support one another, we will gradually discover the mutual integral connection and in it we will find the Creator.

I have been studying Kabbalah for 35 years and never in history, after the shattering of the vessel (of the general soul), have people who are total strangers and who belong to different nations, different social classes, and different races gathered and gradually incorporated into the global correction of the ego. What is more, we have to take into account that the correction on our part is not quantitative but qualitative. We are few, but that doesn’t matter: qualitative work is very powerful work. We are actually performing an immense correction!

This will be revealed more and more from one month to the next as people suddenly begin to use our words, as if they agree with us in advance. For them it will be natural. They think this way since this is how they feel and that’s it. They are not aware of the fact that a little while ago they didn’t even think this way and didn’t agree with these ideas. Thus, the Upper Light will influence them through us.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria 7/11/14, Lesson 1

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Convention In Chile “Day Two” – 07.31.14

Convention in Colombia “Day Two,” Lesson 3 

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One Desire In Two Forms

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that while presenting and bringing the integral program to the external public it is possible to mention the existence of a single managing force in nature that we take for granted.

Is it possible to explain that this force can be discovered through experiments in both one’s feelings and mind, but it is necessary to change our nature? And that it is impossible to do this alone; it can only happen in a society?

Answer: Certainly. If you can present all this correctly, then both scientists and ordinary people will understand you. The problem is that science is not connected with psychology. It cannot be connected with the investigation of feelings. In this field, Einstein implemented a slight breakthrough, and then everything became quiet again.

Today, in relation to this, there are all kinds of shifts among physicists and astrophysicists, but so far no science has appeared that is able to connect what has been observed with instruments and what happens in our consciousness.

The problem is in the attainment of reality, meaning, where the reality of our physical senses ends and the new senses, that are created by us collectively, begins.

In principle, only one sense exists, desire. But if I feel this desire within me, then it is on the level of the still, vegetative, and animate. But apparently if I feel the desire outside of me, then this is a desire on the level of Adam (man).

In the meantime, it is still difficult to explain this, but I think that soon we will clarify this question. I hope that I can still get something done and humanity will understand that all of this is our one desire: It seems to us that it is within us or that it is outside of us; we connect it together and get a true picture of creation.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day Two”7/12/14, Lesson 3

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Convention In Chile “Day One” – 07.30.14

Convention in Colombia “Day One,” The Meal 

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Convention in Colombia “Day One,” Lesson 1 

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Convention in Colombia “Day One,” Lesson 2 

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Contrary To Primordial Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is this falsehood in daily life and in spiritual work? It is poured on us not only from the television screens but also from other media sources. What is this desire to distort information, and what is the technology for its correction?

Answer: Our primordial nature, the need to be satisfied with fulfillments encourages us to lie to ourselves. If I cannot be fulfilled, then my ego still yearns to protect itself and to limit its suffering because its only direction is to be happy, full, satisfied, and independent. So if I cannot get something, I close my eyes to it.

It is said, “A simple man does not want the daughter of a king.” He does not suffer that he will never have a princess because he knows that she is not for him. His ego automatically closes off this suffering for him: “Don’t be upset, you don’t have a need for this. Think about that girl who lives near you in the neighborhood. She is for you.”

Our ego behaves like this in all relationships. So when we see that we cannot attain something, we immediately abandon these thoughts so that we will not suffer in vain. This is an original system of self-defense. It exists in nature on all levels: the still, vegetative, animate, and of course on our mental level.

We behave similarly with regard to spirituality. We don’t really have serious desires for greater levels. We don’t feel them; we ourselves conceal them from ourselves! How much effort is required to orient ourselves towards a higher level, the level of today plus one? And so we always run away from it.

This means that our ego automatically destroys us; it distances us from the spiritual goal and directs us towards what exists here in front of us. I can see the higher level, but don’t want to invest effort for it, so I don’t see it. That is all.

How is it possible to correct this? Only with the help of the environment. I look at how the friends differ in their excitement: “Do you see? Yes, this is wonderful!” So I envy them. Even when they work on me, I am still envious of them. Maybe they really feel something and I don’t.

We need to play as if we are already in spiritual attainment in front of each other; then the friend will also want it. He will invest energy to attain spirituality. And when I look at him, there will be the force of envy. And in this manner, when one envies the other, we raise each other. This is the first principle of mutual cooperation in a group.

It is possible to use this in circles, to awaken the people everywhere, so that they will feel that it is possible to feel and see spirituality.

Every person has senses for all 125 spiritual levels, and for the last level, which is the completion of correction. But we don’t activate them! The whole problem is that.

So we need to evoke, impress, and inspire each other so that yearning and desire will appear in each one of us, desire that will devour us like good envy burning within us, so they won’t let us fall asleep! This can be done.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day One” 7/11/14, Lesson 2

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Theory Without Practice Is Fruitless

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person needs to pass the integral method through his or her own feelings, to work repeatedly, dig through this material, grind it within oneself, enter it emotionally, and pass it through yourself.

This is not a simple system. You need to sense it gradually through your suffering, searching, and frustrations—through the questions inside you. Otherwise, nothing will come of it, just like with everything else.

How much does a person suffer, toil, blunder, and spend sleepless nights until he or she becomes a good specialist in something. This is the only way we grow, by grinding everything inside ourselves. Any workshop, any Convention, any collective action, leaves its imprint, its Reshimo (reminiscence).

We just held a two-day convention, which is already imprinted in a collective Kli (vessel) because a certain commonality formed here between us. Thus, in our future work, we will turn to this convention once again because it has its history and its continuation. This is how it works. This is why I feel sorry for those people who did not come here.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day Two” 7/12/14, Lesson 3

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Spiritual Hierarchy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We have heard many times that, initially, the people of Israel should be corrected. Is it worthwhile to concentrate on its correction in order to come closer to our goal and give delight to the Creator?

Answer: The people of Israel are that part of humanity that longs for the Creator through the way of connection and unity between themselves. There is no such concept of “Israel” from nature, as if someone is born Israeli and someone is not. We know that this concept first appeared in ancient Babylon.

In the spiritual world, the concept of Israel is the direction toward the Creator via the unity between us, the creation of the desire in them that is similar to the Creator, which means as one, unique and unified. Therefore, first of all, we constitute those who want to attain the Creator in the unity between us.

The next circle we need to work on are those who, 2000 years ago, were in this state and fell from it. In them, there exists hidden Reshimot (reminiscences) which work negatively, repelling them from spiritual attainment since the broken Kli (vessel) operates in the opposite direction.

In addition, if one of us has even a minimal possibility, we need to try in every way possible to work with these people. In Israel, there is such an opportunity since here they are a majority.

The rest of humanity, the nations of the world, also have these genes, but they were never awakened, not in Babylon, not after, and not now. We will work with them at the end because as we build a stronger inner part, the easier it will be to work with this external part that is far from spiritual longings.

Thus, the correction is made from the inner part to the outer part. This is what Baal HaSulam writes about in “Introduction to The Book of Zohar(Sections 60-70).

Every person in the world who longs to attain and reveal the Creator constitutes Yashar El (straight to the Creator)—those longing for Him. If there isn’t unity and connection between them and connection with the Light, then it isn’t likely that the Light from them will spread first to the people of Israel and then to the rest of the nations of the world because the most important thing is the mutual connection that is shared by us.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria 7/11/14, Lesson 2

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Convention In Colombia “Day Three” – 07.27.14

Convention in Colombia “Day Three,” Lesson 4

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Convention In Colombia “Day Two” – 07.26.14

Convention in Colombia “Day Two,” Lesson 1 

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Convention in Colombia “Day Two,” Workshop 1 

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Convention in Colombia “Day Two,” Lesson 2 

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Convention in Colombia “Day Two,” Lesson 3 

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A Simple Method

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we accelerate spiritual advancement, unite, put all the pieces together, and adhere to the Creator more quickly?

Answer: How do we accelerate the time of correction? Actually, this is what we are doing.

It can be stretched out for decades and even centuries, resulting in repeatedly returning to this life until we rise to the next degree. Acceleration can only be achieved through drawing the Upper Light to ourselves; there is no other way! We have a very simple, very primitive method of working, which we only need to use. You can dig through thousands of Kabbalah books, but believe me, you will not find anything different.

After all, what do we learn from the model of creation itself, from the governing system? Only how to evoke the Upper Light, which will gradually correct us through its influence. And it is only possible to attract it through equivalence with it.

I often give examples of the way that children play in that they act like they are adults and gradually they become smarter and become like them. This, too, is the influence of the Upper Light.

Everything is only achieved through equivalence! When, in your current degree, you are striving to become similar to something, the next degree acts on you and you gradually ascend to it. Plants, animals, all cells and systems develop according to this principle. We need to develop according to this principle as well, both on the mental and spiritual levels.
From the 2nd lesson of the congress in Bulgaria. 7/11/14

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