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The Question About Life And The Answer

laitman_214Our sages said: “The study of the sacred Zohar nullifies all kinds of disasters.” In the book, Sha’arei Yisrael it states: “The words and speech of the sacred Zohar themselves connect the person to the Ein Sof, be He blessed.”

And Rav Yitzhak Safrin of Komarno wrote this: “If my people would hear me during the footsteps of the Messiah when evil and heresy increase, they would strive all their days to study The Book of Zohar and the amendments from the letters of Rabbi Nachman and would nullify all the evil decrees and would attract abundance and Light.”

How could it be that one book could rid humanity of all its problems and every individual of his personal problems related to health, family, children, money, culture, and behavior, and relationships between people, countries, and nations?

This arouses lots of questions. How can The Book of Zohar solve all of our environmental problems with inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, i.e., environmental disasters and climate change that we are beginning to feel more and more now?

The Kabbalists from all generations specifically point to The Book of Zohar as having the power to organize the whole world, to restore harmony and peace, to transform us into absolutely different people who relate to each other benevolently, to deliver us from all evil, all wars. It is able to make peace between people and also within a person himself, within his family, within the nation, between rival parties, and to resolve all internal and international conflicts, and also to fix the climate.

It can give an answer about a person’s questions like: “What is the reason for my life?” “What am I alive for?” Apparently this is a subtle problem and we don’t want to acknowledge that these questions nag us. But in fact, specifically all of the problems of modern society are derived from that, both personal and societal problems. It is not clear to us what we are alive for and what we need to achieve in life. We are searching and pursuing something all the time, using one another as an example, but basically nobody knows what to do.

This happens to everyone. There are those who still don’t understand this, but they also encounter the same problem. Subconsciously this question “nibbles at our brain and drops us to the ground.” So we oppose it and do stupid things. We simply try to run away from this question somehow until we “succeed in flowing in the streams of life like yesterday.”

This means that we want to continue with everything without changes, today like yesterday and tomorrow like today, the main thing being not to think that our entire life goes by for nothing and in vain and nothing happens besides ordinary life. Life itself is filled with occupations that don’t bring any benefit and only cause harm to one another.

After thousands of years of the development of humanity, of society, and civilization, we finally reach a unique process, a unique milestone. Humanity is beginning to discover the question, “Why am I here?” This question begins to be awakened in every person and in every society. It is impossible to hide it any more. We must discover it and answer it because we still are not able to escape from it.

So we are destined to contend with great challenges. After all, according to our nature, we still want to run away from this question, pretend it doesn’t exist, and continue living as before. Nevertheless, this question is aroused in every person, “embittering his life,” and subconsciously he tries to do everything not to feel it. The crisis that we are beginning to feel in our time is designed specifically to prevent us from running away from this question and to seek an answer to it.

But humanity will not be able to find the answer to the question by itself. It will discover that the answer is found within us, within those who study the wisdom of Kabbalah and it will come to us with demands. Humanity will come to us with all their bitter and empty feelings and they will demand a solution from us. In other words, they will submit an account to us, will claim that they are suffering because of us, and that we are to blame that things are bad for them!

Together with the awakening of the question about the purpose of life, people will feel that specifically we have an answer and we seem to hide it from them, that is, we are preventing them from reaching a good, happy, and complete life. And in truth, it is our obligation to reveal the answer to them and to be the leaders of this process. We have received the desire to discover the question of life and the answer to it from above.
From the World Zohar Convention, Day One – 2.5.14, Lesson 2

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We Begin With An Upward Ascent

laitman_938_04 We have reached the beginning of the way upward, toward the completion of correction. We have learned what the chain is from above to below, from Olam Ein Sof through all the worlds, meaning the Ha’alamot (Concealments), intensifying more and more until we have reached this world.

Gradually, all of the Light of Ein Sof and its perfect eternal life is concealed from us, and all of this is so that from here, from below, we begin to rise again, and in this way we discover the upper force, the higher spiritual life.

The Book of Zohar is at our disposal, and only with it did all the Kabbalists connect their hopes for correction, for the good future for us and for the entire world. In The Book of Zohar there is a power to elevate us from feeling the mortal physical life in this world to feel the eternal existence in Olam Ein Sof. The keys for happiness are in one book. The unique power of The Book of Zohar is capable of removing all the obstacles, all the problems, and ward off all human misery.

But it doesn’t work like all kinds of blessings, amulets,mystical miracles and actions. It doesn’t change the surrounding world; it changes me. I am changed in such a way that I see and feel the Olam Ein Sof in the same reality that previously seemed like this world.

It becomes clear to me that the people that I saw before as strangers are parts of my soul and are connected together into one soul. That is how I see them now! We are connected as one soul and are filled with the same Light, eternity, wholeness, attainment and understanding. I don’t even find the solution to the previous problems, but rather, the power to rise to another dimension of life. All of this is thanks to The Book of Zohar.

To push us toward this, the Light that influences us from above is revealed more and more. The informational genes, the Reshimot, according to which we are developed and changed, are discovered in us more strongly as a result of the increasing influence of the Light. Accordingly, we feel worse and worse. After all, the opposition between the Light and the broken desires, the Reshimot, produce in us the feeling of being broken.

Here, we need to precede the blows with a remedy, and we are given the remedy. After all, we came to the wisdom of Kabbalah not to avoid troubles, but because of spiritual suffering; we didn’t feel spiritual fulfillment in our lives. So, we were drawn to the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is not as it is with all of the rest of the world that feels no connection to the meaning of life, neither negatively nor positively. The question about the meaning of life is hidden in everyone, but, externally, the person simply feels that it is bad for him.

So, we must respond to this invitation, the call directed toward us, and make a correction on the spiritual level, on the height of that elevated state that we must attain. We must reach a state where the evil doesn’t push us from behind through blows. Rather, we ourselves elevate the good, the greatness of the goal, the upper force, the upper world, the elevated state, that is ready for us. We must ascend and appreciate it, and we have all the means necessary for this.

We have many friends and groups in all parts of the world, an international organization, a well-organized connection between us. We only need to play this game of life as if all of our lives have spiritual characteristics, with bestowal that is the opposite of our natural ego, as if your lives are sanctified by love that is the opposite of hatred. If we play like this, we grow.

Nothing impossible is required of us: we don’t need to be good. It is known that a person is not able to correct himself. We just must want to be good. This is called our “half-shekel.” The Light adds the second half and completes the correction instead of us. The Light does everything according to the rule that I labored and found, as it is written, “If you labored and did not find, do not believe.”

So, our goal is to invest effort, to want to connect, to play with oneness, and to take all the necessary actions like children who play at being adults and attract the Light that Reforms that causes them to grow. We also want to be big in a qualitatively different sense, correcting our relationship with each other, with the group, and, through the group, our relationship to the Creator.

I must measure the stages of my development. Have I truly begun to feel that the friends matter to me, even egoistically so that I will feel internally that I depend on them and my entire future is with them, that I am connected to them and must be within the group, immerse myself, and dissolve into it?

If I feel that I am approaching this state and begin to feel that I am more and more dependent on the group, then I advance. This is a very gratifying sign that testifies that the Light truly influences me.

After this, when I feel my dependence on the group, I must check as to whether my pleasant feeling is connected to my wanting to give contentment to the Creator. Try it! Does the thought that I want to make the Creator happy awaken warmth and pleasure in me? If this feeling exists in me, then I am aiming correctly through the group to the Creator. That is how the Upper Light begins to build the way upward within me.
From lesson 2 of the World Zohar Convention, Day One 2/5/14

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Reason Above Desire

Laitman_633_2Question: Have I understood correctly that when disseminating to the 99% of the population, we are going from something positive to something positive, meaning from great happiness to even greater happiness?

Answer: It depends on how you accept everything.

In the Introduction to The Book of Zohar, it is said that only one state exists, and it is absolutely corrected. We are in it, but don’t perceive it with our senses. To truly feel wholeness, we must develop ourselves.

All of our work is to direct ourselves toward this wholeness. We cannot understand it because we are so broken, so damaged inside that we cannot perceive it. It seems terrible to us because this life for us is eating, sleeping, and spending some time, like in a movie, and we don’t think of anything else as living.

We just need to correct ourselves, our feelings, our senses, our understanding, and perception—only ourselves, nothing else. The intention is made in the center of the group. The more that the group grows and becomes stronger, the more rapid the intention becomes.

Question: When we sit in a circle, sometimes we go through very painful states.

Answer: In both the bad states and the good states, it is necessary to find out whether you are above them or within them. If you cannot answer this question, it is a sign that your feelings and intellect are at the same point. This is impossible. You need to be lifted above your feelings. This is reason above desire.

You have these two points that are far from each other, and you examine your feelings through the intellect. It could be that you don’t agree with the feelings, but you agree that they have a place, and you must go through them.

Suppose that I feel bad because my foot hurts. However, the doctor says, “Cut it off.” So, it must be cut off. I understand that he is doing something good for me. It will be beneficial for me. Therefore, all the bad states that you go through are only for your benefit.

Question: Do the people who belong to the 99% go through painful states in circles like these?

Answer: No, they don’t have duality and contradictions. They are within their emotions and don’t rise above this. Depending on their psychology, they are elevated slightly, but only to make the negative feeling disappear. But we don’t annihilate this negative feeling, Instead, we transform it into something positive.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Workshop 5

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From State To State

laitman_233Question: Suppose that I blame a friend for not being nice to me. On the other hand, I understand that this is the Creator. These two situations—between the Creator and the form through which He sends me everything—really tear me apart. Where is the turning point, the place where the two things connect?

Answer: When some negative thought appears in me regarding a friend, this is a result of the egoism that is growing within me. Nothing has changed, except for the ego (desire). Desire is the only component that changes in all of creation. In each one of us, it grows gradually both qualitatively and quantitatively.

When desire increases, I begin to feel new feelings regarding my friends, and in general, they are negative. If I don’t do anything, they work on me, and it is absolutely possible that they will take me out of this state. Or, I do something and my situation changes that way. In both cases, the states are changed into opposite states. From above, I am let to understand how quickly everything can transform and how my opinion regarding the friends can transform from negative to positive, and later, vice versa. That is how we are taught.

From us only one thing is to be achieved:that we will create an image, a system, an example of the ideal higher state within us, and we will yearn for it, wanting to realize it among us, including it within us so that we become not “we” but “one.” This means that we won’t just become connected together. Rather, we will work as a single body so much so that the “we” disappears. There is no summation. Rather, there is “one” that includes everything within it.

We know that ten components of creation connect harmoniously between us on the lowest level. They are equal in value to one, a single component of creation on the next level. Within it, the ego grows and again creates another ten components from one point that work on themselves, integrate together, rise to the next level, and then they transform into a single unit there. This is the order of growth of the levels.
So, we always need to see this pattern until it becomes our internal state, really to the feeling that we are living within it, existing within it.

Question: When the transition from ten to one is felt to a particular degree, you also begin to understand that it could not be otherwise. This means that all the bad states are intentionally sent by the Creator to then feel His goodness and His care.

Answer: This happens because feelings grow in you like this for observations and new characteristics that you could not feel before.

Question: Sometimes I am in these states for a day, two days, a week, and sometimes move through them in seconds. How is it possible to hasten this process? How does one turn toward the Creator correctly?

Answer: Don’t ever be sorry about that state you are in. Even the best state will pass as quickly as possible and will transform into a higher state. You don’t want to delay any one of them, not even for a second. It is impossible to stop the moment. Otherwise, you come to the adversary, like Doctor Faustus.

Question: There are such states that simply fall and pile up on me, and I don’t even have enough time to clarify and understand them. What is happening to me?

Answer: This is not important. After that, you will clarify things. Sometimes, it is impossible to correctly grasp your state, even on the next level, rather only through a few levels. Sometimes, what you already have passed through begins to be perceived and realized after ten years have passed. Don’t worry. The main thing is the acceleration.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Workshop 5

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The Best Healer

laitman_528_01Question: Nine years ago, you suggested that we don’t talk about our states. We have grown gradually, and now we are allowed to speak about them in workshops.

Answer: But I think you will talk only about what is beneficial for the group and not just spill out all of your states. After all, you have to be responsible for the group and raise it, even contrarily to what you feel at that specific time.

You can come to the group and ask your friends to sit with you, “Guys, I feel bad, but I don’t understand why.” The group is like a doctor. It can help you clarify things inside you, It must include you inside it and diagnose you and why you feel bad. There should be no secrets. No one is asking us to share intimate details. We are talking about spiritual details, and we are leaving all the corporeality aside.

When we advance neither the corporeal problems nor the spiritual ones affect our spiritual advancement. In that case, we must discuss them with the friends. We must clarify this so that we can be connected on a spiritual level.

You don’t have to tell others what is deep in your heart. You keep that only for the Creator. But you can discuss certain doubts, problems and descents in the group, and the friends will support you, cheer you up, awaken and raise you.

When the friends feel that you are not in a very good state, they must carry you in their arms like a child, rock you a little, calm you down, give you some pacifier, sit together and talk.

Your states are not yours. You must feel the state that the group is in and whether you are in it with the group. Align in this direction, according to this inclination, and don’t think about anything else. Try to worry about the group and think about it all day long. How are they getting along? Are they holding on to one another? Can I help them in any way? Should I call them? Should I do something? Try to get used to this state of worrying about the group as a mother worries about her children.

This is how you remove all the negative influences from yourself. Why should the Creator send them to you for you to uncover the ego if you are ahead of the ego looking for a way to be more connected to the friends? After all, the ego awakens in us only with regard to greater cooperation and stronger connection with the group, and you are headed toward such a connection and cooperation anyway. So, you never will feel any negative influences. You are looking for it yourself like an old man bent over who dropped something in the street.

Try to cultivate this state among you and you will see how suddenly everything goes smoothly. Turn you head away from all the other problems as much as you can and begin engaging only in this one worry, and 99% of your problems will be solved.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Workshop 5

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Those Who Skip Over The Section Of Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar”: An exception is Rashbi and his generation, the authors of The Zohar, who were granted all 125 degrees in completeness, even though it was prior to the days of the Messiah.

Hence, we often find in The Zohar that there will be none like the generation of Rashbi until the generation of the Messiah King. This is why his composition made such a great impact in the world, since the secrets of the Torah in it occupy the level of all 125 degrees.

Hence, it is said in The Zohar that The Book of Zohar will be revealed only at the end of days, the days of the Messiah.

And since The Zohar appeared in our generation, it is a clear proof that we are already in the days of the Messiah, at the outset of that generation upon which it was said, “for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord.”

In the past we studied very little from The Book of Zohar. A person’s individual path of his spiritual development, that of the group, and the general path of the development of the world are connected to one another, because the individual and the general are equal. We couldn’t rush ahead and start studying The Book of Zohar until now because we were unable to hear it, so for many years we hardly touched The Book of Zohar in our study.

A special time had to come and our inner impulse had to ripen. About four years ago I suddenly felt that we have to do something with The Book because it is impossible to study from an authentic source in our times. There was a need to simplify The Book of Zohar so that an ordinary person would be able to understand it, and so we had to remove the many obstacles one encounters when studying this Book and also to translate it to other languages.

I felt a great elation in doing this work. I gradually went over all the writings of The Book of Zohar, day by day, volume after volume, and I greatly enjoyed it, feeling that I was drinking from the spring of life. Many other people took part in this project. We can actually say that it wasn’t work but a gift from above. Now we are glad to bring the outcome of our work to the whole world: the first complete edition in Hebrew and abridged editions in Russian and English. The Book of Zohar will gradually be published in other languages so that everyone will have a chance to study it with us.

No other book has ever been written by a group of Kabbalists as a result of ten connecting. Moreover, there has never been another book that was written in such a special time when people were both on the spiritual level that was before the destruction of the Temple and after the destruction. This means that they were exactly in the center of the shattering, between the two parts of the shattering, and managed to connect the shattering, to skip over it, and to connect its two parts.

There have never been Kabbalists who managed to attain all the 125 levels, which means to attain complete connection with the Creator. This is actually the reason that The Book of Zohar is on such a high level and belongs to the end of correction. It wasn’t written by one Kabbalist, but is the product of the connection between people who attained the Creator. This is very important. So when we study this book, it takes us back to that connection, to the correction.

All the other Kabbalistic books were written by people who attained spirituality but not as a result of the connection between people in a group. This is the reason that we wanted to make this book as close to everyone as possible. If a person reads it, the Light that comes through the high souls that connected begins to operate on him.

This Light operates among us and raises our sensitivity to connection. It operates whether we want it or not. Therefore , it was so important to simplify The Book of Zohar and translate it into different languages. This book includes everything we need for our correction!
From the World Zohar Week “World Zohar Convention,” Day One 2/5/14, Lesson 1

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Convention In Romania, “Realizing The Connection, “Day Three” – 09.06.15

Convention in Romania “Realizing the Connection,” “Day Three,” “Continuing As One Group in Arvut,” Lesson 6

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Convention In Romania “Realizing The Connection,” “Day Two” – 09.05.15

Convention in Romania “Realizing the Connection,” “Day Two,” “The Connection Between Us Is Our Spiritual Conception,” Lesson 3

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Convention In Romania “Realizing The Connection,” “Day One” – 09.04.15

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Convention In Romania “Realizing The Convention” – 09.03.15

Convention in Romania “Realizing the Connection,” Preparatory Lesson

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