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True Prayer

laitman_943Baal HaSulam, Sages Fruit, Article “Wrong Time to Gather the Herd”: It’s prohibited to separate oneself from the society and ask for oneself, even for the sake of pleasing the Creator.

One should address the Creator, having the purest thoughts and ideal desires that are not for one’s own sake, but for the sake of others or for His sake. But if one prays to the Creator on one’s own, alone, the prayer won’t rise to Him. Rather, it will stay with the person who prays.

We can continue screaming for a thousand years, but it won’t help us at all. The spiritual system doesn’t hear solitary requests. A single person is unable to raise the desire to be connected with others, the desire that elicits the correction from Above. This demand has to be raised together with other similar desires, as part of a common desire to unite. Then the Light that fulfilled these desires before the shattering took place, when all desires were one whole, will automatically descend.

Praying for the entire society is the only possible type of prayer. Those who are detached from their surroundings as well as those who pray only for their own sake harm and destroy their souls. The Light won’t respond to such an appeal. It is said: The Creator says to all proud men: “We cannot dwell in the same abode you and I.”

It’s impossible to get out of one’s surroundings if one doesn’t wear the vestments of pride. One’s separation from the group automatically implies that one becomes more selfish. Detachment from the group is a result of various spiritual “moves,” not physical ones. No matter how justified one’s separation looks, it always is an outcome of one’s increased pride, wickedness, and egoism.

Praying alone makes one involuntarily abandon one’s community, thus ruining one’s soul, an aspiration towards the Creator. A sensation that one’s soul is implanted into a corrected community, in each of our friends not as a discrete part, but as an inseparable element of the whole system signifies a complete correction of the body (the general desire).

The category “we” becomes the only one that really exists. The sensation of “I-ness” vanishes since it is given to us only to make us understand that we are placed outside of the spiritual ladder.

“I-ness” exists only in this world. The lowest spiritual degree, as well as all other 125 spiritual steps, is based solely on “we” and the sensation of “we” becomes higher with each next step. The “I” disappears at the level of this world that is called the imaginary world since it exists only in our shattered desires.

Spirituality is felt only in the “we.” This notion includes me, you, him, and other friends connected together. It is quite a weak spiritual level of the world of Assiya at which clarifications and shatterings still occur. The world of Yetzira is nothing like that. There, in the world of Yetzira everything is truly connected into one whole. The world of Beria is a preparatory link for attaining a complete correction in the world of Atzilut.

This explains why we should never forget that spirituality can be felt only through the connection among us. It is said, the minimal Kli (vessel) is comprised of two. Ten people constitute an ideal structure. This is stated in The Zohar and Rabash’s articles.

For thousands of years, humanity did not have such wonderful conditions! We have to take advantage of our developmental stage and implement the transition from “I” to “we” as efficiently as possible.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day Two” 9/20/14, Lesson 4

Games Of The Creator

Laitman_514_04Question: There can be these states where we are so integrated into the group, come to lessons, and keep the connection with the friends, as if everything was within us and there was no external force, no Creator. The question arises, whether this force exists on the outside or do we build it on our own?

Answer: The Creator plays with us. He gives you, like small children, the opportunity to be shown to what extent you are, as if, independent, understanding, clever, and brave.

You need to stop yourselves in time. There can’t be any forward advancement, only if He pulls you, carries you on His wings, pulls you forward, or pushes you from behind.

We have no motor! The motor isn’t within us, and the fuel is from Him. We don’t have any! It is done on purpose to later show us how far we have come.

We need to balance everything and not complain that we have nothing. We are nobody and have nothing, i.e., we are like a rag underfoot or a pile of broken mechanisms. No. It needs to be in the middle, somewhere in between the two.

At each moment of our existence we need to feel the necessity for the upper force: the need to recognize good and evil, the need to differentiate between them, the need for the correct choice for the direction of forward movement.

As Baal HaSulam explained, one needs to go forward correctly exactly in the middle line. This means that without any connection to the next level, to the upper line, to a higher category, you are not able to do anything.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Lesson 2

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Useful Types Of Fear

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is to be done with fear and trembling before a descent? After all, the Creator gave us the point in the heart and He can pick it up.

Answer: A descent does not at all mean that the Creator takes away the point in the heart. The fear of a descent can be the fear of the pain involved in a descent, when a person is detached from spirituality. He may fear it because he doesn’t want to be in this state, because during the descent he curses the group, the teacher, and the Creator.

He may also fear the powerlessness of the ascent after the descent; you do not raise yourself; you aren’t able to do this by yourself.  because he cannot do this by himself. This means that there can be a descent in which a person loses all connection with the upper world and he may not even be reminded of it. On the whole, there are different types of fear of a descent, and they are all very good and essential.

It is a blessing if a person feels fear. The remedy for this fear is the connection with the group, because when you fall, you cannot promise yourself in any way that you will awaken from the descent, except through the provision of the guarantee that the group will help you. There is no other way.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Lesson 2

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Learn To Work On Others’ Desires

Laitman_524_01Question: How can one pass from artificial, cognitive fear to emotional fear?

Answer: It is possible to do this by immersing oneself in thought and emotion. If I am among friends and listen to them all the time, immersing myself in their words, trying to sail on the waves of their thought, I absorb their characteristics and emotions.

Even though inside me everything may be dead, as a result of such mutual influence, my own emotions begin to appear.

If a person is full from the start, this isn’t good. The best situation is when you are empty; you have nothing, not even the smallest desire. You come to the group mechanically and begin the work on yourself from an absolutely dormant state, from a completely empty state.

But it is not worthwhile to immerse oneself in such a state intentionally and worry about that you are not in it. Learn to work with others’ desires and bring yourself to a state of awe because you are absorbing the feelings of your friends. This is very good.

If you are not ready, then invest some effort in others; try to do something physical, or just speak with the friends so that somehow they will awaken you and give you inspiration.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Workshop 1

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The Remedy Against Laziness

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: Often I want to put everything aside instead of making an effort.

Answer: This is Klipa, the serpent who is sitting within you and constantly convinces you, “It doesn’t matter, let’s wait.” This is called laziness.

A state like this can go on for thousands of years! So it is necessary to convince the friends to always take you to all the events without paying attention to excuses that you cannot, that you don’t want to go out to disseminate, or that you don’t want to go to the gathering of friends. Maybe you say that you are very tired, something hurts you, there is a soccer game on television, or other things. You must convince your friends not to listen to you and to pull you out of the doghouse you are trying to push yourself into. This is the only way you can be saved.

There is no other possibility of getting you out of this state besides the influence of the environment! This is done intentionally, because it is specifically through connection with the environment that you correct yourself.

You will be given you all kinds of opportunities to flee from spiritual efforts, from victory! It is here, beside you, but instead you say: “Next time, tomorrow evening, surely.” And again you forget.

Success is possible only if you convince your friends to forcefully obligate you to come out of your laziness.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Lesson 2

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Privately Or Collectively?

laitman_942Question: How should we invoke fear properly? Should it be from the center of the group by myself as an individual?

Answer: I can spur the group, not as a spiritual person, but as a corporeal egoistic individual. However, if I merge with the group, I am already a spiritual element because the group is a spiritual body, and it is possible to influence the environment on the next level through it.

Do you want to ascend to a higher level? It is possible only through the group of ten!

On the next level when you connect ten groups of ten into one, you will work on a level of a hundred, and so on. This is how the system is organized. Moreover, it works in depth rather than breadth, i.e., in the general deepening. We have to pay attention to that and constantly aspire for improving the quality of our connection. This is very important.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Workshop 1

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From A Desire To A Thought

Laitman_155Question: We have been talking about the point in the heart for many years. Now we have begun to speak about the point in the mind, what is it?

Answer: The point in the heart and the mental point are two points or two attributes by which I feel, measure, and examine my state, my intention.

The desire exists in a form of a point and the thought is always with the desire. When I feel something in my desire, a thought that connects my current state with the state I want to achieve appears naturally. The thought is born in the gap between what I desire and what I feel.

Thus, the greater the distance between the desired state and the initial state, the more active our thought becomes. If we give a person everything, he doesn’t only lose his desire, but his thoughts also cease to work and he becomes numb.

A thought appears only when a feeling of emptiness appears in the desire, when we lack something. Our thoughts are a derivative of the desire. The desire is the initial phase and the thought is secondary. These two categories have to exist in every person and we have to develop them simultaneously in order to reach our goal.

We picture the goal as a clear state of the group. The point is that the spiritual goal is an unclear, vague concept. We have to imagine it in the material form of the spiritual state, which is the full mutual connection between us when we are all united, mutually caring about one another constantly, when the upper force flows among us and fills, connects, and ties us together.

In other words, the Creator fills the network of the desires, our mutual fear, that we have created. Then we can call this state spiritual.

We have to first picture the state we are in and the state we want to reach. After we feel it clearly, we picture the gap between them in the form of an infinite thought: “How do we attain the desired state.”

Thus we act from a desire to a thought, from a thought to a prayer, to a demand, and to its fulfillment.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Workshop 1

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The Labyrinths Of Understanding

laitman_571_02Question: Getting closer to others, I ask the Creator to help me think about them. He helps me, and here we are in a single motion, a closed triangle. In what form do I ask the Creator to think of others? How can I form this request?

Answer: Your concern for others should show you how to form this address. How can you help others? With what good qualities?

We hug and support each other, but internally we reflect that we have nothing to give each other. We see that the words of encouragement that we tell one another do not help. Mutual help does not help either. Festive meals and all kinds of events also do not give anything. To be honest, everything is useless.

It only gives us the opportunity to give up on our own strength so that we feel the need of the Creator, and when I feel the need for Him precisely because of my own weakness, confusion, bewilderment, then I begin finally to realize that I am a created being, and He is the Creator.

Only then does an urgent request, a demand, to Him arise in me like in a small child who demands something from his parents. This condition is called “My sons have defeated Me,” because the correct request, the correct demand, pleases the Creator, giving Him pleasure.

Thus, He is manifested in us. Therefore, the correct interaction between us should lead us to the need to work with the highest power of nature.
From the Convention in St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Workshop 1

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The Primary Concern

laitman_572_03Question: Can I assume that the unity of our total awe, our common fears, into one single fear creates the Creator among us?

Answer: Our fears—even better to say, anxiety—does not create the Creator, but the precondition for His revelation.

Fear is what we call concern for our material existence, but anxiety is a condition that is above our physical life, when I am in awe as to whether I will have an opportunity to exist in the property of bestowal. My concern is not even about that because it is also somewhat egoistic, but so that my awe serves as an opportunity for the Light to pass through me to others, as through the transfer channel.

The concern as to whether I can be a conduit for the Light to all the rest of the world is the correct awe. If a person imagines everything all the time in this way, then he is already close to a good state, connecting with others in one intention. Then, we have an ability to become a wide channel for passing the Light, a vessel in which we will feel the Creator.

Therefore, I am constantly in awe as to whether I will be able to pass through myself all that good, all that correction, which the Creator wants to produce in the whole of humanity. I want to be just a means for the movement of forces for correcting others.
From the Convention in St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Workshop 1

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See The Friends As Higher

laitman_527Question: Practically, how is it possible to try to ask for Light for the friends in a group of ten? Must I imagine them as miserable and try to transform them into being happy, or is it preferable to imagine them as uncorrected and ask for the Light of correction for them?

Answer: The right mutual relationships are shaped in a group when for me all of the friends in a group become exalted spiritual creatures, completely corrected people. I look at the friends through my ego so I see them negatively, with a multitude of deficiencies. If I were to correct myself, then I would see them as complete.

So I adhere to them and constantly try to work with them only for the purpose of bestowal. This is not because they need this, for in fact they are complete. Rather it is because if I try to help them with everything even though they don’t need any of this, because, after, all I am looking at them with my ego, then I will also advance towards them.

I must pray for them, ask for them, and follow them in everything, dissolving in what they say. First and foremost, this is a full nullification of myself in regard to the others. And it is completely unimportant who they are and what they are.

There were new students, small and limited with the great Kabbalist, Rabbi Yosi ben Kisma. But he saw their inner state and could humble himself in regard to them; he could feel them as being higher than himself. So he advanced forward. We must also do the same thing. We are not yet on the level of the great Rabbi Yosi, so it is much easier for us to do this.

But in no way should you allow any criticism! On the contrary, everything is done only to make it possible for me to make myself into the characteristic of bestowal. And then I will feel that the whole world was created for me.

We must concentrate only on this, so that with intellect and heart, with thoughts and desires to be with my group of ten, I try to create one thought and one desire in it, as one person with one heart. Try to reach a state like this and you will see what it carries within it.

You will begin to feel completely different characteristics and laws. This will be like a feeling from the start of a higher state, of the upper world. Switching the laws between us is correct; this is the spiritual world. Within it we begin to feel a completely different plane, a different dimension.

From the Convention In St. Petersburg 9/18/14, Preparatory Lesson 2

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