Purim ‑ The Last Of All Corrections

laitman_282.01Purim is the last of all of corrections, which each time requires the desire to receive to be combined with the desire to bestow so that they connect with each other.

The goal of creation is to fill the desire to receive with the entire Light of Hochma, with the intention to bestow. However, the desire to bestow is very weak; it does not have any intention to receive pleasure. Bestowal is Bina, and it is opposite to Malchut.

That is why it is necessary to somehow awaken the desire to bestow so that it would be motivated to do something. The righteous have no needs. Mordechai sits on a rock at the king’s gates and does not worry about anything until he sees that the situation is dangerous and it is impossible to sit still any longer.

Otherwise, even the bestowing, weak desires will disappear as they combine with the desires to receive in the great kingdom of Malchut ‑ the people of Israel, scattered throughout all the 127 countries.

However, on the other hand, it is impossible to work only with the desire to bestow without engaging the desire to receive, since correction needs to be realized. Therefore, we must first awaken Haman, so that the desires to receive think that the Light is meant only for them. We see that in the evolutionary process, our egoism constantly grows and in the end wants to swallow everything.

At the same time, we realize that the goal of creation cannot be realized in the desire to receive. Egoism is not designed for that. It is final, and having received fulfillment, loses the desire. Light extinguishes the desire. That is why it is impossible to receive infinite Light with the desire to receive. In and of itself, it is very limited.

Moreover, it is impossible to receive the Light with the desire to bestow. It does not want to receive. It only wants to give. That is why a certain combination of desire to receive and desire to bestow is needed, which is called “the middle line.” Using both types of desires and the right kind of combination solves this problem, and this solution must be discovered by the individual! The Creator will not organize such a correction and finish it.

That is why, first the power was given to Haman so that he would think everything is for himself and would begin to rule and move to destroy the desires opposite to his own, in other words, to use them for his own benefit. Haman hoped to sit on a horse and command Mordechai as to where he should lead the horse.

However, the opposite was the case: since the possibilities for egoistic bestowal are limited, the intention for one’s own benefit is limited. Egoism, having received fulfillment, disappears, since pleasure extinguishes desire. That is why the only method to obtain infinite pleasure and unlimited fulfillment is to receive in order to give. Only this type of vessel is unlimited.

It turns out that Mordechai sits on the horse and Haman leads the horse according to Mordechai’s direction. This is called “receiving the light of Haman in the vessels of Mordechai.” Then, we can receive all the pleasure coming from the Creator into the receiving desires, with the intention to bestow, which is why the Light that fills it is limitless.

Therefore, in the process of correction, combining desires to receive and bestow always takes place. We must distinguish them from each other and give greater value to one, and then to the other: the desire to receive—Haman, then bestowal—Mordechai.

If the desire to receive is not given the opportunity to develop, then we cannot progress. And if Mordechai, the intention to bestow, is not given power over the desire to receive, then he will be limited. Therefore, there is this constant combination of these two approaches until the formation of a clear middle line occurs that includes the desire to receive and the desire to bestow together, and which leads us to the end of correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 2/28/18, Writing of Baal Sulam

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