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Have Patience!

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe separation of creation from the Creator happens because of the difference in intention, not in action. Through the action of receiving, the created being adheres to the Creator who is the one giving: as an infant to the mother. And if the infant had adult reasoning and experience, then he would understand that it is not necessary to interrupt his receiving from the mother, but rather to add to it his own intention to give.

It is not enough for the mother to delight only in the infant’s receiving from her. It is also necessary to add the child’s understanding of the entire depth of her experience and love and his own gratitude for such bestowal. This will then become the level of human, not an animal one, as an unaware infant.

In the created being, the sensation of the lack of such an intention is called shame, and it is the reason for making the restriction. (Talmud Eser Sefirot)

The Main Thing Is To Have Patience

The whole difficulty in studying Kabbalah lies in that it demands a change in values. That’s why people leave; they are not ready and do not agree to this because they lack patience. They do not believe that this study will bring them a real outcome and do not understand what this wisdom is talking about.

And here patience is mandatory in order to give the upper Light, the force that turns us into a new creation, time to work. Gradually we begin to feel, understand, and judge by new criteria. Then even though from all appearances it may seem that the individual is still the same person, in reality, he becomes completely different.

It becomes impossible to judge him by ordinary, earlier measures, values, and laws because he now reasons according to the law of similarity of form with the upper force; in other words, he reasons completely differently from the way he did before.

We attain such a substantial change as a result of the work of the upper Light on us, by going through a very complex inner revolution. Many years are needed for this to take place because such changes occur within a person gradually, in small portions. And even this is difficult to bear. It is much easier to advance within a group, which a person can hold on to. If, with eyes closed, a person grabs on to a group, then he can move through all difficulties.

He closes his eyes to the old values and receives from the group, from the connection with the friends, from the new Kli (vessel) in which ten becomes as one with new values: new reason and experience, new relations, new units of measure.
This is a very delicate, difficult period, about which it is written: “A thousand enter the room, but only one exits into the light.” It is necessary to acquire patience, to give the upper Light the opportunity to work on you and give you new qualities. Where it is written: “Do anything, just don’t leave,” it refers specifically to this process.

An infant is not ashamed to receive from the mother; there is no shame yet on his level. But Malchut of the world of Ein Sof (infinity) decided that she wants to be the same as the Creator and bestow to Him in the same manner. That’s why she makes a restriction—a very noble and strict action. On one hand, she stops receiving from the Creator. And on the other hand, she decides that adhesion to the Creator is more important than receiving from Him.

This decision determined the entire subsequent process creation goes through. For the one who desires adhesion with the Creator, the understanding of adhesion must be more important than the reception of fulfillment, in other words, more important than life!

After creation develops, in the fulfillment it receives from the Creator, it discovers that the Creator loves it and wants to give it pleasure. That’s why it cannot be fulfilled just by receiving. The love of the Creator obligates it to respond in a similar manner, called “Reflected Light.” Of course, this returning Light is very weak in comparison with the Light of Hochma of the Creator, but it makes the creation similar to the Creator.
(Rabash, “The First Renewal”)

Until the person rises above his desire to enjoy, acquires a screen and Reflected Light, in other words, some kind of similarity of form with the Creator, can he exist in the spiritual world, in the experience of the upper Light, or to understand spiritual actions? The entire renewal begins only after the exit from Egypt, from egoistic receiving.

That is why it is forbidden for idol worshippers to study the Torah, where “forbidden” means “impossible.” A person cannot study the Torah because he does not have any connection to it. Torah is the clothing of the upper Light in the desire to the degree in which the desire is ready to receive it, in other words, similarity of form with the Light. And then the upper Light clothes in the desire, as water fills an appropriate vessel which correspondences to it, possessing a screen and an intention for bestowal.

So, we attain the Creator by His actions, by studying His nature. In reality, we attain the Creator in our own selves, revealing in ourselves the forms of bestowal and calling them the Creator (Boreh), in other words, “come and see” (Bo-Reh). In this manner we study the Torah, that is, the laws of the upper Light’s clothing in the corrected desire. All of this begins only after the restriction and acquisition of the screen and Reflected Light, which is called the exit from Egypt.

Without a group, the person has no place where he can formulate his relationship to the Creator. In a group he creates that place, through which he receives from the Creator and through which he gives to the Creator. And then he sees that this is not just a group, but ten Sefirot, a soul.

Lo Lishma” means that the work not for the sake of the Creator, but for the Pharaoh, in other words, “not for Her Name” (Lo Lishma).

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History Is Coming To A Close

Laitman_001.02All sciences, except Kabbalah, work within a small Light that can be obtained in receiving desires without correction. So our entire world exists without the intention for bestowal.

But this is a very limited glow, a barely smoldering spark of life that allows desires to exist just waiting until the time of correction.

In our time, the Light has almost filled all desires. Therefore, science is in crisis, and has reached a dead end. There are no more breakthroughs in science; everything is fading. We only find connections between various phenomena. Humanity is allowed to discover this because it leads to the understanding that our world is closed, round, global, and integral.

So we must be connected with each other and with all of nature. Only in this direction does science develop and reveal our common relationship to us. But beyond that, there will be no scientific development. Only technology will develop, not the fundamental sciences. Scientists have been talking about this for many years.

We have completely exhausted our desire to enjoy that we can exist in. Now only its perverted forms are possible. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries before the Great Depression in America, we used such incentives as money and power to advance for.

Then, it ended. Today, we simply earn abstract numbers in accounts, and money also is losing its value. History is coming to a close. In other words, we are becoming aware of the need for correction.

However, there will be no more material development due to the Light of Hochma entering into this world’s desires. As a result, people will experience disappointment, depression, and a global crisis in all areas of human activity.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/28/18, Shamati, Article 37 “An Article for Purim”

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Newsmax: “Trump’s Business Skills Could Defuse a Nuclear North Korea”

The largest portal Newsmax published my new article “Trump’s Business Skills Could Defuse a Nuclear North Korea

As I have expressed before, Trump is not another politician who comes from the business world. Rather, he is expanding the business world to include politics.

Previous U.S. presidents such as Clinton, Bush, and Obama had played with the idea of meeting with North Korea, but mostly hesitated. Likewise, political commentators will tell you that such a meeting requires months of preparation. But Trump, as usual, surprises everyone by making a quick move and saying he’s ready to meet, and soon.

That being said, let’s not be naïve. A diplomatic relationship between the White House and Pyongyang has surely been taking shape behind the scenes, and the invitation for a meeting didn’t come as a total surprise for the Trump administration.

Until a moment ago, the two leaders looked like bullies in a schoolyard, feeding the media by name-calling each other, and now they are setting a date for a possible peace summit? Once again, Trump proves that his politics shouldn’t be taken at face value, and media pundits are last to correctly interpret his fast moves.

Commentators are looking for the familiar style of diplomacy they have gotten far too used to: a well-mannered, predictable politician who says the right things and tries to be clear to everyone. But Trump is different. He brings to the political arena what he knows best: business.

Trump demonstrates a business-like pragmatism, aiming for the results he believes are good for America, while caring a lot less about what spectators understand when he positions himself to make a deal. Like a dedicated entrepreneur, he relates directly to the results he aims to achieve through his actions.

This also explains why rapid changes make perfect sense in Trump’s White House, albeit being portrayed as a mess by mainstream media. Today’s White House works more like a business, which can change more dynamically to meet its goals. When something or someone becomes inefficient, it can be modified or eliminated in a flexible way, which is counter to the political world that everyone is used to.

New Interdependent Reality Vs. Nuclear Capabilities

From a global perspective, we are marching toward an interdependent reality with every passing day. Whether we notice it or not, interdependence forces us to lay a new basis for international relations. In this context, I see Trump’s politics as helping the world go through a “reset” stage, shaking away pompous ideologies and politically correct habits that tend to inhibit our thinking and distort reality, so as to restart human relations from a pragmatic give-and-take stance.

What motivated Kim Jong Un to offer a meeting to President Trump?

The young North Korean dictator surely realizes that the most he can get from using his nuclear weapons is hurting a few enemies on the way to self-destruction. All the while, his people are hungry for bread as their neighbors from the South are well on their way to becoming a technological superpower.

In other words, beneath and above the surface, Trump’s moves may have helped Kim Jong Un recognize that he can get more from coming to terms with the U.S. than by standing behind his weapons of mass destruction. And if this is what’s happening, Trump’s uncanny politics could be defusing the atomic regime that threatens the world.

Read Newsmax Article: Trump’s Business Skills Could Defuse a Nuclear North Korea

Susceptibility To Spirituality

laitman_214Question: Since 1995, Kabbalah has begun its disclosure to the masses. Does this mean that children born after 1995 are at a higher spiritual level than we are, and that they are more susceptible to spirituality? Or are they more egoistic, which makes it more difficult for them to correct themselves?

Answer: It does not matter what egoism they bear, whether it is bigger, smaller, or whatever kind it is. However, each forthcoming generation is more susceptible to abstract concepts than its previous one.

Lower and lower souls constantly descend into our world. But on the other hand, by working on themselves, they reach even greater peaks.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/22/17

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 220

Laitman_630.2Question: In recent years my life has become dominated by depression and boring monotony. I no longer feel color in my life nor in the world.

Answer:  Kabbalah offers everyone the discovery of the upper world.

Question: A “troll” is pursuing me; he publishes terrible fabrications about me on the Internet under various names and is destroying my reputation. What should I do to be freed from this pursuer who remains anonymous behind many false names?

Answer: I personally don’t read anything about myself, neither good nor bad. I am engaged only in disseminating Kabbalah to the world, without feeling anything that people say about me, even though I am sure that anyone who does not understand Kabbalah curses me.

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New Life 948 – True Social Equality

New Life 948 – True Social Equality
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

We establish boundaries between us and divide into political groups according to our egoistic nature. Today, we need a comprehensive social educational system that encompasses the means of communication, the media and culture so that everyone will be active in promoting connection. No one should feel less than another and those in higher positions in society should want to help the ones in lower positions. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, Jews, who are not from this world, will show others how to gain eternal existence through mutual connection.
From KabTV’s “New Life 948 – True Social Equality,” 1/16/18

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