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According To The Feelings

219.01Question: Is it possible that my enemies in this world will be revealed as my friends in the spiritual world?

Answer: Of course, this has nothing to do with spirituality. We are deliberately confused, pushed into conflict with each other, and become enemies in this world.

Question: So, there must be some force telling us: “This is how you are confused, let us untangle this confusion, keeping in mind that you are being played with.” Is there something deeper here? There must be some system, right?

Answer: There is a system, a very simple and clear one. The only thing is that it is revealed not through logic that enable it to be passed on to others, but through feelings. You can only suggest to another how to change oneself so that this system will clothe in him, and then it will become comprehensible, clear to him, will become his world.

When I give lessons, I do not speak from a book. For me, a book is an object, a topic, and then I begin to reveal it all, supplement and explain it. After all, everything comes not from the book but from your feelings.

There is nothing difficult about this, I do not need to memorize anything. I come to the lesson without preparing in advance, like a professor usually does who needs to know the topic he is currently discussing with students. This is not the case in Kabbalah. In Kabbalah, if you are at a certain level, you talk about it, if you are not there, you keep quiet.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #20

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A Simple Story

281.01Comment: The desire to attain the Creator, break away from egoism, and enter the spiritual world is a multi-layered story, and it is not simple at all.

My Response: It is very simple. We just don’t feel it so it feels complicated. Let’s say a cat is sitting next to us and looks at you, at me, at you, at me. Well, what does he understand? Nothing.

To eat, yes. We eat fish and give it to him, he understands this, the same pleasures. He will find a mate, and we will find a mate, he also understands the same pleasures. You will make a bed for him to sleep, and for us too, we will have the same pleasures, we understand this.

And we are talking about a level called the highest, spiritual, the Creator. At this level, the cat does not have any sensations. This is where our similarity to each other ends.

The connection is above us. We need to reveal completely new qualities in ourselves, which are located in us, and then you will see that you were a cat in the past compared to you today.

And you cannot do anything, the others do not understand you. You love them, you want to treat them well, raise them up to yourself, but they do not understand you yet.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #20

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Not Fantasies But Reality

209Question: You usually read a paragraph from the original source and then comment on it. How is this different from a simple explanation?

Answer: I live in this state, and to the extent that I can understand it and experience it, I can talk about it.

At the same time, I awaken in students the desire to reach that sensation. And then, from reading a book or an article, they will have a desire to feel, to reveal, not to understand, but to feel, to be in it. Like a child who reads a book about adventures on a desert island and he finds it exciting, interesting.

Imagine that you are becoming the same boy in spirituality. This is how you should feel what the spiritual book tells you, and not as in a boy’s fantasy, but in reality. It captivates all of you.

These states are imperishable, they change every second, and you are constantly in such metamorphoses, spectra of feelings, sounds, even smells.

We can remember what was thirty years ago by smell or sound, and what will be millions of years ahead. All this is in us. We do not keep it in our “box,” but we are connected to the huge world of infinity.

We must fully open it, absorb it, and exist in this dimension outside of time and space, they are simply annulled for us.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #20

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Join The Multitude Of Corrected Souls

961.2Rashbi, Zohar for All, VaYechi, Item 168: “When a person dies, he is given permission to see. He sees his kin and his friends from the world of truth, he recognizes them, and they are all engraved in the same form that they had in this world. If a person is righteous, they all rejoice before him and greet him.”

Question: What does it mean “engraved in the same form that they had in this world”?

Answer: When climbing the spiritual ladder, a person does not change. He only changes the use of his properties.

Question: Why is everyone rejoicing and greeting him?

Answer: Because a whole soul is rising up to them, and it now joins the multitude of their corrected souls. This is a huge addition, a huge event, in the spiritual world.

Imagine that there are seven billion souls or rather black dots on the level of this world and each one must rise and reach the power of the level of the world of infinity. In the meantime, they are vegetating at this dot level.

Of course, it is desirable that they all correct themselves. And that is why those high souls help, lift and shake us up so that we finally reach the spiritual stage, perfection and harmony, and rejoice in every corrected soul.

Systemic sufferings are beginning to appear in our world, and they force people to start thinking systematically. We are connected to each other, dependent on each other, and we cannot change anything by any violent methods.

I hope that these systemic sufferings will lead everyone to the need for unification. And then by quantity, not by quality of a small group, but the whole of humanity, we will begin to rise. It will be very easy, simple, understandable, and natural for everyone.

It will be written about in newspapers, talked about on television, and discussed everywhere. It will constantly roll through people’s heads and will become a subject of life for them.

I am absolutely certain that we will come to unity in a good, gentle way. And the fact that The Book of Zohar is being revealed now is a very good sign. You just need to open it, take it as an infusion drop by drop, and it will work.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #20

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Friends From The World Of Truth

294.3When a person dies, he is given permission to see. He sees his kin and his friends from the world of truth, he recognizes them (Zohar for All, “VaYechi,” Item 168).

“When a person dies” means that he has risen from the previous degree to the upper degree, i.e., he has connected even more with the rest of the souls above his animalistic egoistic desires. There he sees those kindred, close-to-him souls, with whom he will now begin to connect to master this degree.

That is, each spiritual degree is arranged according to a very simple principle and is based on an even greater connection of souls between themselves both in quantity and quality.

Question: Are the close here called those who were close to him in life?

Answer: Of course not! The father, mother, brothers, sisters, or children have no relation to spirituality. Only your friends from the spiritual work or those upper souls, your teachers, who helped you do. You discover that they are around you. This is your spiritual environment, your spiritual group.

First you discover your friends, and possibly not even those you had before on previous levels. Additionally, you discover upper souls who are now connecting to you. In the same way at school, for example, you move from one class to another, change teachers, or move from one place of work to another and change your environment.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #20

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“And They Will Return To Their Dust”

232.08When the spirit is added in him and he sees, then he departs from this world, as it is written, “You withdraw their breath, they perish, and return to their dust.” (The Book of Zohar)

When you ascend the spiritual levels, the previous step is mortified and egoism becomes even greater and passes only the states of your denial. According to the law of denial, of negation, at the next stage, you use it to an even greater extent, in an even greater egoistic expression.

A person sees this death, this decay, this immersion in the “grave” of his egoism. He rejoices that his egoism will rot, that he covers it, buries it.

The decay of egoism is an unwillingness to use it because it is lifeless, it does not breathe life into you.

Question: Is there any connection between spiritual decay and what is happening in the ground with the human body?

Answer: All these processes take place in the spiritual. In our world, only a weak copy of them is embodied.

In fact, the spiritual world is a huge system of levels, while our world is the smallest, dim, last, inanimate level. Compared to the spiritual fillings, there is absolute emptiness here.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #20

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The Hardship Of Birth

592.01And when a person passes away from this world, that Nefesh will never move from the grave, … (The Book of Zohar, “Lech Lecha,” Item 98)

The grave is the force of the quality of judgment that a person died from. “A person died” means a transformation of our egoistic inclination. What does it mean that we came out of the womb? We turned upside down, left all the previous egoistic calculations and started new ones, altruistic ones, and entered a new world.

In the spiritual world, as in our world, the embryo passes through a narrow passage. “Narrow” in Hebrew is “Tsar,” “Tsarot” (suffering). This is a result of the absence of the light of Hassadim when only the light of Hochma, a force without mercy, acts on a person to give birth to him.

Otherwise, he will not be able to pass through this narrow passage and be born in the upper world, because he himself does not have the strength to create a quality of mercy from himself.

Question: So he must necessarily experience these Tsarot, this hardship of birth?

Answer: There is no caesarean section in the spiritual world. You can be born there only by going through a state resulting from the light of Hochma acting upon you. This light is very sharp, very heavy, and complex.

This state is called fleeing Egypt. A person must go through it because the light of mercy, the so-called quality of Hasadim, does not come from above but develops from the person himself. But one is still unable to develop this quality, therefore only the light of Hochma affects him, which causes his birth. In spirituality this is called crossing the Final Sea (Yam Suf). This passage is very dramatic.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #19

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The Resistance That Carries The Light Of Life

608.02For man shall not see Me and live (Exodus 33:20).

To see the Creator means to engage your senses of perception of the direct light, the so-called desires of the mind, the light of Hochma, and receive it in your desires. But you cannot do this because it will instantly result in a short circuit between the upper light and your desire, like plus and minus.

You need to build resistance between them where the difference in potential and energy will be created, which is transformed into a sensation of this degree to the extent that you can be between a plus and a minus, between your egoism and the light of the Creator.

When you are between them and are ready to resist straight fulfillment, namely you turn on your resistance and want to use the desire and the incoming pleasure to fulfill others, you begin to attain the next, higher degree.

Turning into resistance to your own egoism and fulfilling others is an ideal state. Then the upper light will pass through you, which will work for you as resistance.

This is perfection, this is where joy is, because all the qualities of the Creator, all the qualities of the upper light, and all the spiritual energy will manifest in you. Otherwise, you will simply short-circuit the plus and minus and turn everything into death.

Question: Are all other souls included in this resistance? Do I sense them in it?

Answer: No, only you are included in this resistance. What does it mean that you are working with it? By rising above your egoism, you connect with other souls in order to fulfill them. You put a barrier before your egoism and start working in the opposite direction.

At the same time you connect other receiving souls to yourself so the energy, light, power, and strength consumed by you, passes through you, and goes to them. In this you become like the Creator filling them.

The Creator stands behind you as a source of infinite energy, pleasure, and attainment. And all of it passes through you to others.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #20

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Find A New Life

232.05When a person is going to die and the sentence to exit the world is on him, the high spirit is added to him. (The Book of Zohar)

We are not talking about material death. “To die” means to rise from one state to another.

All the lives and deaths about which The Book of Zohar speaks we must endure during our animal life. A person must die at the previous stage and rise to the next.

The previous one seems to be dying for him, as we sometimes say: “You’re dead to me. I no longer feel you, I don’t feel you, I don’t perceive you.” We must also treat this state in the same way: wait and act in such a way that it will die out, become an obsolete, worked-out stage.

A person feels that he is acquiring a new life. “Whoever wants to live (to ascend to the next level), mortify yourself” at this level.

The High Spirit is added to him to an extent which he never had before. The spirit of the next step, its light, descends to a person in order to spiritually, morally, and internally raise him to the next step. This spirit is above him, like the surrounding light (Ohr Makif).

And since it is upon him and becomes attached to him, he sees what he has never been rewarded with seeing, because the next step opens up for him, a higher light enters him.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #20

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When Blood Turns Into Milk

565.01Nefesh, the lowest degree of the spiritual world, is like a baby who does not understand anything yet, does not know anything, but already exists at the expense of others due to the fact that his parents provide him with everything. Certainly when it comes out of the mother, the nursing period begins.

Everything he has not received during the nine months of his intrauterine spiritual development, he receives in the first two years of life, the period of spiritual nursing.

This is a very interesting period because everything a person could not develop in our world, at our level, rises together with him to the world of Assiya, to a higher level. There he will receive this development in the form of milk.

Instead of receiving it at our level in the form of blood (a common circulation with the mother), he receives it there in the form of spiritual light.

In our world, the power that is developing a person is called “blood” since our world is inanimate; blood in Hebrew is “Dam” from the word “Domem,” “inanimate.” In the spiritual world, the power of light is called “Halav,” “milk,” because it acquires a white quality, the quality of bestowal.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #18

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