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When Technological Progress Overtakes Moral Progress

200.02Comment: Two thousand years ago it was written in The Book of Zohar that the Earth is round.

My Response: It turns out that the unfortunate Giordano Bruno was burned, and the Kabbalists were sitting somewhere in silence.

The fact is that it was impossible to reveal this to people ahead of time, otherwise, all Kabbalists would have been burned. The Book of Zohar contains such things that humanity has discovered not only in the last two thousand years but there are those we have yet to discover. Still, we do not talk about them.

It is not necessary for a person to know more than he himself achieves through his work. As it is, we have revealed too much, it would have been better if we knew less. After all, most of our discoveries are not good for us.

Everything that a person has done after he left the cave or descended from the tree, he does only to his own detriment since technological progress overtakes moral progress.

We are not even trying to make ourselves better and naturally adapt nature for ourselves. We try to artificially clothe ourselves in some kind of cocoon and be independent of nature, independent of the Creator. It does not work.

We are constantly in a race of how to protect ourselves, how to secure ourselves. We nevertheless come to a failure.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Pole Inversion” 5/15/11

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Two States: Smallness And Greatness

528.02Question: Rabbi Nachman writes that while studying The Book of Zohar, he cried a lot until he was rewarded with understanding it. What is this state of “crying”?

Answer: Crying represents the state of smallness (Katnut), when a person regrets that he cannot understand and see more in order to make an even greater effort in coming closer to the Creator.

Question: In addition, he writes: “Although they (the disciples of Rashbi) were in connection and union with each other, this connection was temporary and was called the union of the first pillar, that is, a single connection. And then Rabbi Shimon wanted to connect them with a double connection, so that this connection is strong and solid.” What are these two types of connection?

Answer: We are talking about the connection between people studying the Torah, which speaks only of uniting them into one single system, a single ten, a single soul.

The fact is that there is a connection directed only to bestowing desires, the so-called connection of smallness, a state of smallness (Katnut). And there is a connection that includes a state of greatness (Gadlut), strong egoistic desires of a person in a corrected state.

It is written in Zohar for All with Baal HaSulam’s commentaries: All those friends who do not love each other depart the world before their time. All those friends who do not love each other depart the world before their time (Zohar for All, Ki Tissa 54).   All the friends in Rashbi’s time had love of soul and love of spirit among them. Love of soul means love at the level of smallness (state of smallness). And love of spirit is love at the level of greatness (state of greatness).

This is why in his generation, the secrets of Torah were revealed. Rabbi Shimon would say, “All the friends who do not love each other cause themselves to stray from the right path,” because they have not developed themselves to the state of great love when the desires to receive also work for bestowal.

Moreover, they put a blemish in the Torah, since there is love, brotherhood, and truth in the Torah.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/15/22

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Little Secret Of Jews

65Question: Does the discovery of The Book of the Zohar and the fact that we are studying it indicate that a new cycle of development has begun in humanity?

Answer: According to Kabbalah, since the end of the 20th century humanity has entered a special period when it is obliged to change the paradigm of development from reception to bestowal. We must fully implement the principle of “love your neighbor as yourself.”

However, we have neither the strength nor the desire for this. We are guided only by the need to avoid suffering. If, along with this, we open The Book of the Zohar, then a person will be able to change so much that while in our world he will feel himself as if he is in paradise.

Today, there are many comments and explanations on this book available in every language. There are about two million people around the world who are studying within the system of the international KabU education centers. Therefore, we have the experience to explain to everyone the essence of The Book of Zohar.

In the past, we were promised a bright future and we will really be able to implement it because there is a force in nature that can change us. The communists did not know this, but the Jews had it as their little secret. Today they tell everyone about it.

The time has come when humanity must realize that it must change itself, otherwise it has no future. Therefore, The Book of Zohar is now revealed and we can use it. I am sure that all of us will be happy.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Gene of Altruism” 9/19/10

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The Creator Is Not Revealed In Egoism

207According to the extent of the Panim of the degree, so is the extent of its Achoraim. The instilling of the Achoraim is a calling and an invitation to instill the Panim. This is why by the measure of the concealment of the Achoraim that they attained, they knew the measure of disclosure that they were about to attain (Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, Zohar for All).

We are talking about the concealment that we have to make on our egoism in order to correct it. Revelation above concealment is how the spiritual Kli or spiritual vessel works. Only in this case will we be able to receive the revelation of the Creator into it.

Question: What is concealed from us?

Answer: Everything is concealed from us! Yet, we were given a very interesting state, which if we gradually attain it, we will reveal everything. However, we will reveal this state not in our receiving, but in the bestowing desires. Therefore, there is revelation in concealment. These two opposite forces, two opposite states, confuse people.

Question: Does a person, nevertheless, reveal the governance of the Creator?

Answer: Yes, but he does not reveal it in his egoistic desires, which are inherent in him, but in the altruistic ones that he creates above the egoistic desires. Therefore, the initial state is called concealment, and then it becomes revelation in concealment.

There is a big difference between these states because you do not reveal the Creator in egoism, but in the fact that thanks to your special work with the ego, you build a system above it in which you reveal the Creator, the quality of bestowal.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/15/22

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The Special Feature Of The Book Of Zohar

65Question: What is special about The Book of Zohar?

Answer: This book changes people if they follow it. It is written and connected with such higher sources, which greatly influence a person and are able to reveal the hidden qualities of bestowal and love in him.

The Book of Zohar evokes an illumination of the upper light on a person. In the sources, The Flag of the Camp of Ephraim, it is written: “Those who have not been honored to understand The Book of the Zohar should still study it, since the language of The Zohar cleanses the soul.”

Question: In the same sourcebook, it is said that The Book of Zohar explains Maase Bereshit (Initial Action) and Maase Merkava (Action of Creation). What are these states?

Answer: Maase Bereshit are texts about the creation of the world, about the whole creation, and its system. And Maase Merkava are texts that tell about the work of governance of the systems of this world, the connection of all souls, and their cycles. Both apply specifically to us. We need to uncover these systems and take part in them. It is written about this in The Book of Zohar, maybe a few lines, but through them a person begins to see the whole system.

It is said that The Book of Zohar has a new interpretation every day. It depends on the quality of a person. If he changes, if he becomes more corrected, then every day he sees the Book itself differently. It reveals to him greater and greater depths of its text.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/15/22

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Language Tailored For The Soul

165The language of  The Book of Zohar is tailored for the soul, despite the fact that a person does not understand what it says. Like, for example, a person who enters a perfume store, even though he did not take anything from it, he still absorbed their pleasant aroma (Moshe Chaim Ephraim, Degel Machaneh Ephraim).

The moment we begin to move toward the quality of bestowal instead of reception, to altruism instead of egoism, we begin to understand what The Book of Zohar is talking about and what it urges us to do. Therefore, we easily follow its recommendations and understand that The Book of Zohar is an instruction for correcting and filling the soul.

Question: Many sages write that a person who studies The Book of the Zohar does not understand anything, but by reading it invites an illumination upon himself that changes him. Why is it arranged in such a way that a person reads, but does not understand?

Answer: Try reading adult books to a child, not even complex ones but the most elementary, simple, and everyday ones, and he also will not understand what they are about because he does not know the meaning of their words.

The method is in the fact that by opening The Book of the Zohar and starting to read it, you yearn for a greater connection with your friends and through them, allegedly, with the Creator, “allegedly” because you do not know what goes where. But all these inclinations, together with The Book of Zohar begin to reveal the internal system of the world within you. At the same time, you get some kind of illumination of the upper light, which corrects you. And in this way you are advance.

Question: So you do not recommend reading The Book of Zohar alone? Do we need to read it together?

Answer: Preferably together with at least two or three people.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/15/22

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How Was The Book of Zohar Written?

563Question: Is there any difference if a book was written by a single person like Baal HaSulam or by ten people like Rabbi Shimon and his students?

Answer: In Kabbalah either one person writes a book about what one attains, as Baal HaSulam did, or a group of people who are connected together write a book. Between them, there are various states in which they begin to perceive the Creator differently. This is what they describe.

Moreover, the states that Rabbi Shimon and his students went through among themselves, they described in the form of journeys to some earthly places. But in fact, they did not move from the cave they were in. Everything happened only in one place and in connection between them.

The more they increased their connection with each other, the more they attained the Creator. And vice versa, the more they became estranged from each other, the less they felt the Creator. Those scrutinies of nearing and distancing between each other in the ten and accordingly with the Creator is what they recorded. And they are included in The Book of Zohar.

Baal HaSulam wrote that the students of Rashbi attained all 125 steps. This means that they revealed all their original egoism, rose above it in connection with each other, and felt the single upper force in this connection.

Accordingly, they became similar to it as one man with one heart and attained the Creator in their common desire.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/15/22

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Pass The Light Into The World

137The famous Kabbalist of the XVI century Ramak wrote in the book Ohr Yakar that people studying The Book of Zohar awaken forces of the souls of the righteous together with the force of Moses. After all, a person who studies The Book of Zohar is in connection with the source of the upper light, with the force of bestowal and love. Therefore, he passes the upper light through him to all the souls that are below him.

There is a point in each of us that distinguishes him from others. It is within this point that he is the only one above all the others. This is how each of us passes the upper light through him to all other souls.

Therefore, we do not need to change the world. By changing himself, a person changes everyone else because he is in connection with them.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/15/22

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Attaining The Source Of Existence

527.04The wisdom that one should know: to know and to observe the secret of his Master … (Zohar for All, Song of Songs, 482-483).

Question: What secrets does the Creator have?

Answer: The Creator has no secrets, all secrets are in us. If we connect with each other better and better so that any inner distance disappears between us altogether, then we reveal the universe more and more. This is what The Book of Zohar talks about.

He needs … to know himself, to know who he is, how he was created, where he comes from and where he is going, how the body is corrected, and how he will be judged by the King of All.

By the body we mean the egoism of a person. And our physical body does not belong to the level of a human, but to the level of an animal.

The trial means that a person must reach a state where he can soberly assess his actions, correctly understand them, and judge himself.

To know and to observe the secret of the soul. What is the soul within him? Where does it come from, and why does it come into this body, which is a foul drop that is here today, and in the grave tomorrow?

A person must attain the source of his existence, where he comes from, and what he is here for.

To know the world one is in, and for what will the world be corrected; to gaze upon the sublime secrets of the Upper World, and to know one’s Master. And one observes all that from within the secrets of the Torah.

These are the tasks of The Book of Zohar.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/15/22

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The Book Of Zohar—Revealed In People

65Question: The Book of Zohar was written 2,000 years ago. Do you know the current location of the original book, its first scrolls? After all, there were a huge number of scrolls, and only 5-10% reached us.

Answer: Yes, initially The Book of Zohar consisted of 100 volumes, but a maximum of three or five of them have reached our time.

Question: Can the original source itself ever be revealed?

Answer: I think it can be, but why reveal it? If a thousand more pieces of parchment are revealed, like the Qumran scrolls, for example, so what?

The Book of Zohar must be revealed in people. People need to understand its meaning, its basis. This is the most important thing.

Question: Baal HaSulam notes that this book has made a very strong impression on the world. Where are the consequences of this visible in our world?

Answer: We don’t see that, but, in principle, if such knowledge, such force, is manifested at least in something, in people, in forces at the level of our world, then this should give the world a big boost in its movement toward final correction.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/15/22

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