The Meaning Of Kabbalistic Books, Part 3

laitman_260.02Torah Is the Plan of Creation and Its Realization

Question: Philosopher Paulus Ricius (Paulo Riccio) in the 16th century wrote that the literal meaning of the Tanakh is subject to the conditions of time and space and that the Kabbalistic meaning remains for centuries, without time and space restrictions. What does that mean?

Answer: The Kabbalistic meaning of the Tanakh is independent of time and on the circumstances of our world. This meaning does not apply to the Torah at all. After all, a Kabbalist who has acquired special spiritual properties reads it from his spiritual attainment.

Question: The Book of Zohar, which comments on the Torah, says that all events in the Torah are sublime secrets. What secrets are we talking about? What is hidden from us?

Answer: Nothing. Just in order to understand the internal interactions between all the elements of creation, one must be at the level of these interactions. Their properties are mutual bestowal, mutual connection, love, conjugation, that is, all the properties that are opposite to our world. Therefore, a person must acquire these inverse properties, and to this extent, at this level, he will be able to correctly understand the Torah.

Question: But what is still hidden from us?

Answer: The whole method is hidden, the whole history of the transformation of the universe from its initial to final state.

Question: So one can say that the Torah is a method?

Answer: The Torah is a method, the Torah is a plan of creation and its implementation in each one and all together, the sequence of this plan, its embodiment.

Question: In Kabbalistic books, in particular, those by Baal HaSulam and Rabash, it is written that the Torah by definition is the light that returns to the source.

Answer: This is a completely different use of the Torah when we use it so that it brings about certain changes in us. It is because we study the upper processes based on the properties of bestowal, love, conjugation, help, inclusion in each other, meaning in the opposite anti-egoistic nature, and then in the process of studying, we attract the light, a certain force that changes us. This is the good influence of the Torah on man.

Question: Can one say that there is a book called the Torah, there is a method of the Torah, and there is a force that is inherent in this book?

Answer: Yes. The Torah is the plan of the whole universe, the way it goes through all its stages of development.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/18/18

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