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New Life 493 – Online Connection Between The People And The Elected Officials

New Life 493 – Online Connection Between The People And The Elected Officials
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

The modern forms of communication enable people to confuse, cheat, and rob each other. On the whole, the current use of the Internet brings mainly destruction to our lives. This is the recognition of evil. There is no turning back.

We need to learn how to use the Internet wisely. It was revealed to the world in order to help us to connect in a circle, in equality, and in mutuality. An online education system will align everyone, bring us to a common understanding, and generate future leaders who will explain how to connect with each other. It will help us advance toward a more internal network of connection between the hearts until we feel as one man.
From KabTV’s “New Life 493 – Online Connection Between The People And The Elected Officials,” 1/6/15

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Will Online Communication Lead To The Severing Of Social Ties?

laitman_962.8Question: Now everyone is talking about the emergence of online professions, in particular, a digital transformation. Everyone learned how to use Zoom. In general, a large-scale digitization took place in two months.

How can one remain a full-fledged member of society if, in online professions, you will constantly interact with a computer, with numbers?

Answer: I do not see any problems here. Many of my friends, despite the coronavirus, continue to work from home. Most of them love it. And the enterprises themselves like it too because this is a big budget saver.

I think that the majority of enterprises will develop in this direction. A person will work from home.

I also switched to such a job. Previously, up to 500 or 600 people gathered in our center every morning, not counting those in different parts of the world who connected to our broadcasts. And for the last few months I have only been teaching online, and I must say that the number of people is only constantly increasing, and everyone is happy with it.

Question: Do you think that the severing of social ties due to online communication will not happen?

Answer: I think, on the contrary, new, correct, good social connections will appear. And breaking past ties is only for our benefit.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/24/20

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Recognized Harm In Facebook

laitman_959Remark: Facebook recognizes its influence. This social network no longer denies that it can cause people to become dependent on it and spread false information. On its official blog, the company representatives confirmed that social networks directly affect democracy, and not in the best way.

My Comment: There is nothing to be done about it. They will continue to do it in every possible way. It is a very profitable business, which provides the most powerful way to influence the world.

Specialists in social technologies, in fact, program a person, determine his way of thinking, his feelings and views. It is impossible to resist them because we see only the tip of the iceberg.

While we do not want to be guided by the upper management, the program of our internal development, our own domestic “fate programmers” will cause us trouble again and again. Under their “keen guidance,” egoism will take power over all spheres of life and turn people into a herd. It already does.

There is only one solution: realizing the evil that lies within our nature. Then, we will “expose” ourselves to a different program that develops us, rather than “trains” us. In direct communication, with the help of Kabbalah, a person will discover a system of relationships that elevates him vertically upward into the upper world, above the surface of this network that will choke him to the last.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/30/18

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The Health Of Social Networks

laitman_959In the News (Wired): “Twitter launched a new initiative Thursday to find out exactly what it means to be a healthy social network in 2018. The company, which has been plagued by a number of election-meddling, harassment, bot, and scam-related scandals since the 2016 presidential election, announced that it was looking to partner with outside experts to help ‘identify how we measure the health of Twitter.’ The company said it was looking to find new ways to fight abuse and spam, and to encourage ‘healthy’ debates and conversations.

“In a series of tweets, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey acknowledged that his company didn’t ‘fully predict or understand the real-world negative consequences’ of how the platform was designed, like harassment, trolls, bots, and other forms of abuse. ‘We aren’t proud of how people have taken advantage of our service, or our inability to address it fast enough,’ he wrote.”

Question: This begs the question, what is a healthy social network?

Answer: I suppose that to give an answer to the question, it is first necessary to understand the significance of our development. Then it will be possible to evaluate scientific and social platforms according to the degree of benefit or harm they cause, relative to the attainment of the goal in the best way. Then the “diagnosis” of the social networks will be severe: “terminally ill.”

I understand the disappointment of the creators of the Internet with what people have done with their brainchild. The problem here is not about the Internet itself, but the ego that controls us. We must correct ourselves, not the Internet. Without correcting ourselves, nothing will help. People will bypass everything because the ego is what motivates them.

Twitter in particular and the Internet in general must begin to be involved with only one thing: re-education. It is necessary to fill the virtual space with what is useful for the development of positive mutual connections among people.

I am not an ascetic and I do not advocate restriction. However, people have stopped reading, stopped consuming normal information, have forgotten how to think, analyze, and empathize. In fact, they are unhappy, duped.

Today in the network where the majority are entangled, most engage with everything except what is most important—themselves! A person is captivated and mesmerized by the flickering screen and doesn’t desire anything higher, the next level.

It’s time to use the same system differently, for ascent, to benefit all people.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/13/18

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How To Neutralize The Negativity Of Facebook

Zuckerberg and his team are gradually becoming aware of the impact their creation has on people. Facebook does not deny that it can cause people to depend on and spread fake news (Ziff Davis, LLC)


Now he also admitted that social networks can directly influence democracy, and not in the best way (NPR).

Nothing can be done here. The most powerful means of influencing the world is far too profitable. In fact, a social network can “install a new software” in any person with or without one’s awareness.

A person is a social being; he has “buttons” and “springs” that act unconsciously, but very effectively. Therefore, no matter what the social network says, what sins it confesses, it nevertheless dominates us and decides for us how we look at the world.

In fact, a social network is not only an Internet platform, but the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to it, “heavy” ideological propaganda is replaced by an inconspicuous and much more powerful psychological treatment. It penetrates deep into the subconscious and implants an attitude to life. Everything else is derived from that.

As a result, a person accepts everything the system is feeding him and remains an eternal consumer in its framework.

It is time to recognize the evil that sweet-voiced architects of “right” relationships bring to us. Our interconnection must grow out of the warmth of the heart, not from an exemplary charity. Cheesy ads and beautiful gestures help to “tame” our egoism, but do nothing at all to correct it.

The only way to escape from this influence is to consciously choose another “program,” other criteria for interaction and mutual assistance. With the help of Kabbalah’s method, we can create a social network of hearts, not users. We can really improve the society we live in, and certainly without any damage to democracy.

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My Page Is For You

Laitman_917.01Dear Friends!

I have been running my Facebook page for years now. When I opened this page I was driven, of course, by a feeling of deep pain and compassion for all of humanity.

After all, every day our goals and desires are fading more and more; we are abandoning everything only to exist. Our hard, selfish nature confronts us and does not allow us to enjoy life in any way. We involuntarily live this short number of years, which is given to us, and no one enjoys it.

An era has come when the science of Kabbalah can be revealed to all. With its help, we can really make our lives happy, balanced, and peaceful. I see what can be achieved with the help of the hidden forces of nature, which the science of Kabbalah allows us to disclose and properly manage.

This is why I opened my Facebook page. I truly hope that it will help us all attain a good and peaceful life on the next upper level where all our wishes can actually be fulfilled by us. I wish us all success in achieving this. Get to know what the wisdom of Kabbalah has to offer humanity.

Good luck to all of us!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/27/17

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The Internet Goes Through Chaos To The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It seems that the existing governance systems have lost their ability to govern countries. How can the Internet, which connects all of humanity into one system, facilitate the formation of a new governance system?

Answer: Today’s leaders at all levels lack the “middle line.” All opposing trends, from the smallest to the most global, should be balanced out, and this has to be revealed on the Internet as well. Therefore, Kabbalah as the method of “the middle line” is the only salvation.

Question: There is complete chaos on the Internet today. Is this just the initial period of natural development that will result in the formation of a certain single structure? Is it similar to chaotic cells first fighting with each other but then gradually forming one organism?

Answer: The same thing is happening with human society, not just with the Internet. We see that all sorts of opposing forces eventually become more and more organized. Certain disorder is revealed time after time, then things get back to normal until we reach the present state of the world when there is a pressing need for a certain force that connects the right and the left together.

And this force is not just a median, like a centrist party that is also based on egoism and exists by itself. The middle line, connecting the right and the left, has to exist above them, at a higher level, like the higher force between the two lines. The middle line is a consequence of the right and the left lines; it doesn’t exist by itself as some third entity.

Centrist parties exist in every country, but they are not a solution. The middle line is meant to connect the polar opposites by means of unity and understanding—not just by concessions and compromises, but mutual completion. There is a huge difference between concession and completion, whereby everyone understands that he can enrich himself due to another and needs him, and that’s why they are both building the middle line together.

This is what should eventually happen to the Internet. The only question is whether humanity will realize the need for this middle line on its own from the system itself, or will it learn from the examples provided by the wisdom of Kabbalah.

I think that advancement will come from both sides. As it is said, the nation of Israel has to become a light unto the nations. However, it can only become a light unto the nations when they find themselves in darkness.

Similarly, the Internet has to first reveal darkness. And is is where we are heading to: The more people use the Internet, the more disappointed with it they become. On the other hand, the method of Kabbalah will come to their assistance and help them build the middle line.
From the 3d part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/18/17, “Mismach Arosa,” (Arosa Document)

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Catch Pokemon, Attain the Creator

laitman_527_03In the News (Pravda.ru): For me, a very interesting experience is Pokemon Go. Until recently, there was a period of immersion in the virtual world, and now it is moving to a desire to get out into the real world. And this Pokemon Go – it’s just about wanting a real dialogue, real reactions, dating is a way of attracting attention and a way to say that I did not do something as an Avatar, but I’m a man and I want to be seen, heard, I want to interact with others, even in such a strange way.

“People also do not have enough positive emotions and some purpose, meaning in life.”

My Comment: A person is playing all the time since he is searching for the meaning of life and self-realization. I am not against the Pokemon game because everything that appears in our world ultimately leads us toward correction.

Question: Can a person find the meaning of life through a game?

Answer: Obviously! The entire wisdom of Kabbalah is a game. It is written that the Creator plays with Leviathan, so we also play with each other. A game is an activity in which I imagine a state in which I am not yet found, like in a theater. We gather together and begin to simulate our spiritual states that are specifically discovered in the connection between us. Even though we have not yet attained that connection, we imagine to ourselves how it will be, how a future society will look in which everyone is connected together, to begin to feel the start of spiritual states. So in this way we attract a unique energy on ourselves that moves us forward physically.

Question: Are we children?

Answer: Certainly! If we realize that we are children and we truly are like children who have long since already become serious adults. We gradually grow when we come into the game because in the future life on a higher level is expected for us, a very good and warm life in which we are no longer just playing a game but a real Pokemon.

This is because the pursuit of Pokemon is a pursuit to discover the Creator! This is essentially what the wisdom of Kabbalah engages in. Within us and in our connection with others, we are constantly directing ourselves toward a greater revelation of the Creator. We pursue this until we reach a state in which the Creator begins to be revealed more and more. These are 125 levels of attainment and the discovery of a higher perfected and unlimited state; this is not a pursuit of some kind of ghostly image. Rather, it is a state that changes our lives and takes us out to another dimension.

Question: What leads us forward in this game?

Answer: When a person directs himself toward the inner connection between himself and others, he changes all of his senses this way. We enter into another reality more and more. It is impossible to compare this to running in a park searching for something.

Comment: In spite of it all, this is a tiny additional step for humanity.

Answer: Without a doubt! Various phenomena in our world always give us some kind of advancement. So let’s direct ourselves toward a real search.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/21/16

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Terrorism On The Social Networks

laitman_959In the News (Los Angeles Times): “Israeli and American families of victims of Palestinian attacks filed a $1-billion lawsuit against Facebook Inc., claiming the social network is providing a platform for militants to spread incitement and violence, their lawyers said Monday.

“Shurat Hadin, an Israeli legal advocacy group, filed the suit on behalf of the five families in a New York court late Sunday, alleging that Facebook is violating the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act by providing a service to militant groups that assists them in ‘recruiting, radicalizing, and instructing terrorists, raising funds, creating fear and carrying out attacks.’

“‘Facebook can’t sit in its stone tower in Palo Alto while blood is being spilled here on the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It has a social responsibility. It can’t serve as a social network for Hamas,’ said Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, the Israeli lawyer who is representing the families.

“She compared Facebook to a bank, saying that just as money may be transferred as a service for terror groups, so can content.

“Facebook had no immediate comment on the lawsuit, saying it had not yet received a copy. But in a statement it said people need to ‘feel safe’ when using Facebook.

“‘There is no place for content encouraging violence, direct threats, terrorism or hate speech on Facebook,’ it said. ‘We have a set of Community Standards to help people understand what is allowed on Facebook, and we urge people to use our reporting tools if they find content that they believe violates our standards so we can investigate and take swift action.’

“The suit comes amid a 10-month outburst of Israeli-Palestinian violence that has seen scores of Palestinian attacks targeting Israeli civilians and troops. …

“The case is among the first to argue that U.S. anti-terrorism laws should take precedence over the ‘safe harbor’ provisions of the Communications Decency Act, which normally shield online companies for liability for what their users post.

“It is not clear whether the lawsuit will succeed. In addition to the ‘safe harbor’ protections, the court may rule that freedom of expression precedes anti-terror laws. Facebook has its own code of conduct and often removes content deemed objectionable. …

“The suit comes as Israel is considering how to contain what it sees as rampant Palestinian incitement on social media. Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan is preparing a bill meant to rein in content seen as incitement on social media, and earlier this month he said Facebook had become ‘a monster,’ adding that the company had ‘some of the victims’ blood’ on its hands.”

My Comment: The network administrators need to demonstrate their independence and it is particularly important for them not to anger the Muslims and terrorists because this is an uncontrollable force and everyone is afraid of it. People who don’t like the situation and try to oppose it will encounter the strongest Facebook lawyers.

The conclusion is simple: raise a wave of protest on Facebook and competing social networks. And, the influence from above, through the unity of all in the network of our methodology of unity —this will invoke the positive force of nature—and terrorist activities on social media will dissipate!

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