From The Physical World To The Spiritual

Laitman_524_01When I begin working with the group I gradually encounter all kinds of problems. This is how the Creator reveals the area of work for me so I will resolve all problems that come up, cover them with bridges of love, and create conditions for His revelation within the group.

So I tie myself with the other group members, as the ten Sefirot, and provide a place for the Creator’s revelation between us.

Therefore, we constantly have to remind one another about this. After all, the Creator constantly resets us in our earthly philistinism, and we have to rise from it toward the spiritual tuning, to the correct view of the situation.

This is our constant work. We rise to the new spiritual state from the earthly, confusing world that the Creator makes for us on purpose.
From the Moscow Convention, Lesson 4, 5/3/16

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