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The Work of a Kabbalist

619Question: What does a Kabbalist experience when he takes people to another degree?

Answer: That is his job. He works!

Question: Is there some mechanism by which he feeds all this mass?

Answer: He lives off their desire. They want to rise at least in something, at least somehow, at least passively, but they want to. And he doesn’t need anything else besides that.

Question: What is the beauty of this action?

Answer: The beauty is that there is a connection of different souls. When they unite with each other, they reveal the Creator, the upper force. Moreover, everyone to the extent of their participation.

And the Kabbalist who connects them feels it more, above all. He feels the benefit of his action both in relation to these souls and in relation to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to Become a Star?” 5/14/11

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Why Does the World Need Kabbalah?

254.01Question: What does the study of Kabbalah give a person?

Answer: It gives the ability to feel the world and answer all the questions that arise in him.

Question: Why does the world need Kabbalah?

Answer: So that the people who live in it can answer their questions.

Question: What is the power of thought and how can we use it?

Answer: The power of thought is what controls a person and with the help of which a person controls the world.
From KabTV’s “Blitz Questions and Answers” 1/6/23

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The Development of the Methodology of Kabbalah

202.0The method for exiting the state of spiritual exile began to develop in the sixteenth century; it is called Kabbalah. Of course, Kabbalistic teaching existed before that. The great ideologists following Abraham and his disciples discovered all this and wrote it down. Their books are called the Holy Books of the Jews.

But the fact is that they did not have a clear method for exiting selfishness. At that time, the last state—which began to manifest itself during the time of Aristotle—had not yet been revealed.

Ari is a great Kabbalist who laid the foundations for the method of correction. After him, other Kabbalists began to appear: the Baal Shem Tov, the Magid of Mezrich, and many others. Thus, the number of spiritual guides who described the same methodology, but in different styles expanded, and they could work with people theoretically and practically at different levels.

However, the development of Kabbalah, which went from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries to the present day, stopped at us. The last of the great teachers was my teacher Rabash. He and his father laid the foundations of the method of correction in action, in its application.

And we who follow them, by implementing this method, hope for an effective way out of the exile in which we and all of humanity are. This is a special exile because that group of Abraham is dissolving into the whole of humanity, if not physically, then morally, spiritually, and ideologically; they are losing absolutely everything.

A part of this group alters the entire methodology, that is, it takes on mechanical actions without thinking that it is necessary to engage in this internally, with one’s own intentions, with one’s heart. This is the big problem of getting out of the last exile.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. History of the Jewish People” 5/4/14

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There Is Nothing More Powerful than Classical Kabbalah

963.1Question: What keeps those people who have been studying with you for years but who have little understanding what it is about? Why don’t they leave?

Answer: And go to where?! There is nothing higher! There is nothing more powerful than this!

It is possible to find answers to all questions here. It is an enclosed, absolutely complete, self-sufficient system that includes all sciences, all religions, and an explanation of everything that was, is, and will be.

It binds present, past, and future together from top to bottom and in all directions: in our world, in the spiritual world, in galaxies and inside a person. It’s all one single system, one single law, simple and impossible to catch.

This is what intrigues a person, because actually everything is like that, but he cannot grasp it. And people sit on it.

If those who go to another place are lucky, and they can forget themselves or somehow justify themselves, then they are satisfied with this. Or they are offered some super-technologies, and they enjoy them. It is up to them (or it is their business).

But, in principle, there can be no other place where the answers to the questions would be so clearly formulated and as complete as in classical Kabbalah.

That is why I am not afraid to meet with anyone. Let them come to me to discuss any problems, I’m ready. I believe that this will only help reveal the truth and bring a person closer to it. I am not scared and I’m not afraid to make a mistake. On the contrary, convince me that I’m wrong, I’m ready.

For me, Kabbalah is not something hereditary that I have to hold on to. For me, this is a means to achieve the goal of life of every person, of all mankind, and overall, of the entire universe.

If I am wrong, then correct me within Kabbalah. And if Kabbalah itself is wrong, then give me another method, I am ready to listen, but only if it is based on something actually real.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. There Are no Former Students” 1/28/12

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A Conduit of Spiritual Energy

234Question: What happens at the moment when a person choses how to correctly convey information to others, meaning, he is not giving a canned speech, but speaks through his heart? Let us say when you are speaking you give out certain feelings through your words. What is happening at that moment?

Answer: At that moment I exist inside of my words, inside of these actions. At that moment I am connected with the upper rung. From there, the upper energy is passing through me to the one with whom I am speaking. The upper energy is working on that person to the degree that he wants to hear and agree with me. If not, the upper energy will not act upon him even if he listens.

Therefore, everything depends on the relationship between the people. There cannot be any coercion.

Remark: You are doing this consciously, but your student is simply speaking with someone and passing along the information. It is clear that he partly conveys himself.

My Comment: No, it doesn’t matter. The “himself” is to a very small degree, even if it carries a lot of nonsense. In general, he is connected to the group and to me and through this, with the upper rung.

Whatever he talks about it is still manifested more positively in his listeners. In this case he is simply a conduit even if he says something from himself. It doesn’t matter. He has nothing to say from himself.

He is speaking in plain words about something that he heard, and perhaps he still has no clear understanding what notion is instilled in these words. It still conducts our energy.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Conductor of Spiritual Energy” 4/12/14

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The Inevitability of Realizing the Thought of Nature

933Question: At which point in history did the Jews lose any sense of spirituality?

Answer: I think they had it until the 18th century. Then they completely lost it. Only a few knew about it and the rest did not. Baal Shem Tov tried to revive it, but only to the extent that it worked out. Then, closer to our time, spirituality completely disappeared from their sensations.

Question: You live in a country for which the Jews fought for a long time, and from which they were expelled. Can the past sense of spirituality wake up in those who now live here?

Answer: They will have to wake up! It does not matter in which way, but in the end they will still wake up.

I am not talking about what will happen between now and the moment they wake up. Maybe decades will pass during which they will need to go through all sorts of metamorphoses, but they must come together in the same way as they were in the past—as one man with one heart in a state of mutual guarantee, not only them, but all people in the world who feel the same need and understand that it is necessary.

All these people together will become the brain, the mind of humanity, which will lead all the rest, and will begin to shape them, invigorate, and enlighten them toward universal guarantee, until they reach “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

People are still obliged to come to this, otherwise they will not reach similarity with nature and they will lead themselves to destruction.

The law will still be observed, and the thought of the upper force will have to be realized; there is no doubt about it.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What to Expect from the Jews?” 1/21/12

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Salvation or Correction?

283.01Comment: The group requires absolute compliance to its rules and discipline, as this is the only way to salvation, is given and a characteristic of cults.

My Response: What does the way to salvation mean? We are not talking about salvation. We are talking about correction. In ordinary society, there is a salvation army or rescue from drowning. We, however, do not have such a word. We have correction.

Humanity must correct itself and get rid of its ego, then it will come to a good life. Until then, its ego itself will be “pushing it with a stick” to happiness.

We talk about it everywhere. By the way, the Torah and all religions talk about this. They all agree that “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the main slogan of humanity. They just do not implement it. Kabbalah shows us how it can be implemented.

A cult is a closed organization with a clear, strict, and secret statute, which very cautiously lets people in and does not let anyone out. It has special norms of behavior associated with mysticism and some physical actions, like when people make self-sacrifice or self-restraint, etc.

There is absolutely no such thing in the Kabbalistic group. Everything is only within yourself and only regarding a friend, and then regarding the world with absolute kindness and love.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Kabbalah about Cults” 12/18/13

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The Real History of the World

437The history of the world can be viewed either as earthly or as one that unfolds in our growing egoistic desire.

I see it in front of me supposedly on a deep, three-dimensional spherical screen called this world. Inside it and around me, I am watch the cinema, which is live, and I participate in it. But in fact, it is inside me, in my desire.

Our whole world is my desires, my projection, I just see it from the outside and not inside myself. It does not matter if it is outside or inside, but all this is me.

However, the fallacy of my perception must be put aside because I divide the entire universe into myself and outside myself because this is how my egoism perceives this picture so far. And when I remove my ego, I will find that all this is only my “I,” and I will feel everything inside myself and not outside of myself.

We are talking about egoism, which developed from the Big Bang to inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature.

Human nature manifested itself, supposedly, 50,000 BCE, and up to 5,000 BCE, a primitive communal society developed, in which everyone was equal and everyone had the same possessions.

First, desires that worked on an inanimate level developed, and in the 5th century CE, desires for wealth appeared. This period was marked with a very rapid development of humanity, the appearance of the first technologies, and so on.

From the 5th century BCE to the 15th century CE, until the end of the Middle Ages, there had been a period of striving for power. And along with the Renaissance, great discoveries, printing, and other achievements, the period of development of sciences, the era of enlightenment began, which lasted until the end of the 20th century.

The current 21st century and beyond is already a completely new period that goes beyond the limits of nature to a higher level—the level of similarity to the Creator. However, we cannot handle it. For the first time in our history, we find ourselves completely ignorant of what is happening to us.

There are many different opinions and theories. We realize that none of them tell us anything. But by the development of nature, we can guess that it requires from us integrity, unity, and realization of the biblical principle “love your neighbor.”
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Real History of the World” 1/21/12

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On The Verge of Coming Out Of the Last Exile

49.04We are in a state where, after successive exile from Babylon, Egypt, and Persia, we are figuring out the conditions for the ascent to the last degree, meaning the way out of the current global crisis of all mankind.

Now modern global plagues are manifesting in front of all mankind. They have not yet fully manifested, but we are already beginning to be a little aware of them and we feel their approach. Threatening “tsunamis” are coming at us. People are beginning to understand what Pandora’s Box they have opened with their insane, thoughtless egoistic actions.

Today we must put the methodology of Kabbalah into action. I am happy that I have something to do with this, and I can reveal and explain to people what we are obliged to do, what state we are in, what kind of world this is, and what opportunities we have.

I am glad that we can discover this technique within ourselves, like in a laboratory, and then present it to the whole world, show that it is effective, show how to work practically, become an example for all mankind, and return it to a state of upper force, meaning, to the quality of bestowal and love in a kind, quick way, as soon as it’s possible.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. History of the Jewish People” 5/4/14

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For Peace and Friendship

943Comment: According to the classification of cults, “The group fills all your time with assignments, selling books or newspapers, recruiting new members, attending courses, and meditation.”

My Response: Kabbalists do not recruit anyone. On the contrary, we believe that everything should be absolutely open. We do not pull people to us, but disseminate our knowledge outside. A person can watch our classes on television and on the Internet; we are open to everyone more than any other organization.

A closed organization is, first of all, a characteristic of a cult. We are not like that. A person can come or leave, marry, get divorced, or change jobs or professions. We have African Americans, Chinese, Europeans, South Americans, Native Americans, and other peoples.

We have branches in Germany, Holland, France, South and North America, and so on. There is not a single country, including most of the Arab countries, in which we do not have our students.

What cult can you talk about when it is open to everyone?! We openly show it and bring it to the widest broadcast.

Comment: But it also says,”the group fills all your time with tasks.”

My Response: If you are in a group, then you have to devote some free time to dissemination because the world depends on it.

The world has no other method of salvation, but only through the correction of human nature from egoistic to altruistic, from hatred to love. I think it is clear to everyone.

Every person in the world should make time to work on themselves and pull others to the same correction. Otherwise, what are we going to do? Sit and wait for even more blows on the head? No, we are for peace and friendship.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Kabbalah about Cults” 12/18/13

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