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What To Do With The Knowledge Kabbalah In Practice?

214Question: How can we practically use this awareness that all people are parts of my soul? Should I begin to feed them, to honor, indulge, and love them? I do not feel this way and only know it because I heard about it.

Answer: You do not need to do anything with them on the corporeal level. Nothing! You just need to spread the idea that if we are all connected correctly, everything will be good. Apart from that, nothing else is needed.

Later on, we will have to learn how to do it and what it means to be connected to each other correctly, learn to receive from nature its abundance, its filling, discover new senses, and see nature as the immense upper force that is ready to fill us and to take us inside it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/27/19

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Will We Manage To Reach The End Of Correction?

290Question: There are people who engage in studying the wisdom of Kabbalah for many years, who dedicate their lives to it, but do not manage to reach the goal of going through all the 125 levels. The end of correction seems hard to attain and even impossible and there are only two hundred and fifty years left until the end of correction.

What will happen to humanity if people do not manage to reach the end of correction during this time?

Answer: You are wrong. The fact is that the process of social development is greatly accelerated today and so is the motion forward.

For example, in the EU nothing has happened after 20 years! Although this is the most developed, most advanced and educated part of the world. It is not America, and not even Russia, it is Europe! It is an ancient, historical, cultural, and technological region where everything is concentrated: art, music, science, and education, all this is Europe!

What is America? How old is it? One hundred and fifty years ago, they still scalped people there. It only seems to us that it was a long time ago, yet in fact it is not, but we are simply developing very quickly.

What is Russia? One hundred years ago, they still plowed fields with horses and died of hunger.

Europe is still Europe! What has been happening there in the last twenty years? They have been trying to unite and that is it; now they are already falling. Liberalism and democracy are quickly destroying Europe!

They have done this in twenty years and there are still two hundred years ahead of us. So, we will manage to reach correction. I am absolutely sure of that.

Nature has prepared everything so that it is actually in the last phases that our advancement becomes qualitative and not quantitative. Now we will see how we are pushed forward each year and how we are led to break through forward.

We will manage to do it!
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/13/19

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The Perspective Of The Development Of The Soul

944Baal HaSulam, “The Prophecy“: I raised my eyes, and behold, the Lord stood over me and said to me: “I am the Lord, God of your fathers. Raise your eyes from the place on which you stand before Me and see the whole of reality that I have created existence from absence, upper and lower together, from their very creation in the unfolding of reality through their continuous evolution to their completion, as befits the work of My hands by which to be glorified.

The Creator shows Baal HaSulam the perspective of the development of all souls during the period when they begin to correct themselves starting from our generation onward until all of humanity gathers together in one single group in love, in mutual guarantee, mutual connection with each other.

Humanity will represent one single soul in which the Creator is revealed. This state is called the world of infinity, a complete correction that we must achieve in the near future.

For this, we are given The Book of Zohar with the Sulam Commentary.
From From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” 2/16/21 #5

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The Most Receptive Audience

944Question: You are our spiritual guide in this world. Is there an explanation for the fact that the teacher of such a global group speaks Russian?

Answer: The fact is that today the Russian speaking audience is the most receptive in the world, for several reasons.

First, the majority of the Jewish nation lived in the territory of Czarist Russia and in Eastern Europe, which impregnated this area with its Kabbalistic ideas. This is very important. The land itself began to grow Kabbalists.

Second, while the wisdom of Kabbalah was gradually revealed starting from the 16th century, from the time of the ARI who lived in the land of Israel, in Safed, it mainly developed in Russia in the areas where the Jews in Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine lived, which is where Kabbalists lived.

Many Kabbalah books, which are still famous today and which we study quite often, were written in these places in the 17th to 19th centuries. So from a territorial perspective, Russia is the birthplace of modern Kabbalah. It is the reason that part of the Jewish nation, and not only the Jewish nation, which grew there, perceives the wisdom of Kabbalah so well and is drawn to the attainment of spirituality.

I can see an inclination to study Kabbalah in these people and I welcome them warmly and make sure that I satisfy their spiritual yearning.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the attainment of the meaning of life and of the whole structure of creation. It explains how the system works, how it operates, and how a person can impact it.

So apparently it is not a coincidence that I speak Russian. I know Hebrew only in the framework of studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, but my mother tongue is Russian and I think and feel in Russian. It is impossible to part from that, although I came to Israel in 1974. This is my fate.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/2/18

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Why Is Kabbalah Revealed?

214Question: In the Jewish tradition, it was believed that it is forbidden for an unprepared person to read The Book of the Zohar. Is there any danger in this?

Answer: It is forbidden not because The Book of Zohar is dangerous and can harm a person, but because people were still undeveloped. After all, a person and all of humanity evolve over time.

There was a period when humanity had not yet come to the state when it developed a need to enter the sensation of the upper world.

Today this is the case. We exist in a world that we do not know and do not understand. It is this lack of understanding of the world that oppresses us today and leads us to who knows where. We have to reveal the upper world. Therefore, Kabbalah is revealed.

Question: Does a person find a book or does a book find a person?

Answer: Basically, man is an absolutely controlled being. We just cannot know what will happen in the next moment of our existence, but in fact, it is determined. In order to see this in advance, Kabbalah exists.
From KabTV’s “Questions about Kabbalistic Books” 10/22/19

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From Line To Circle

939.02Question: Even before your teacher, there was a vertical teacher-student relationship and now it is spreading outward to the masses. Are these the same laws? What is changing? Or does the essence remain the same?

Answer: Before our time, everything really spread from top to bottom. But there were periods, mostly in ancient times, when it spread in breadth, in circles.

Question: Can we say that you are the first teacher who teaches the world in breadth?

My Response: Yes, it just so happened. This is how it happens.

Question: The law of the circle is completely different from the law of the line. Is it possible to be somewhere in distant orbits, but to be closer than in the closest orbits?

Answer: Yes. But this is a mutual dependence between the surrounding and the inner light. As, for example, a small child is closest to his mother, and the older he gets, the further away he gets, although he understands her more. But it is also a mutual dependence between light and egoism.
From KabTV’s “Teacher – Student” 2/7/19

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The Beginning Of The Dissemination Of Kabbalah

219.01Question: What motivates you to write a book? You said that you published your first book in 1983. Why did you write it?

Answer: Because I met many people who have asked me: “What is Kabbalah?” In those years, most of society did not know anything about Kabbalah at all.

Therefore, I decided that people should be introduced to it and given the main provisions, the basic concepts. I called this book Basic Principles of Kabbalah in an Accessible Retelling. In my opinion, it turned out well. At least, it spread very quickly. Immediately, the American Embassy bought 300 copies of each of the first three books I wrote.

Closer to the 90s, it became possible to publish them in Russia in the quantities of 50,000 copies.

Question: Is there any connection with the fact that immediately after writing these books, more students began to come to you?

Answer: No. I didn’t have many students at that time. When perestroika began in the Soviet Union, people began to come to Israel and discover Kabbalah. Although there had been books published about Kabbalah, the process was slow.

Gradually, a Russian-speaking group was organized in parallel with the Hebrew-speaking one. Once a week, I taught at my home, where 30 to 40 people gathered.

In addition, I conducted a radio program in Russian, and this also attracted newcomers in those years. Then I gave lectures in Canada, in America, although I rarely went there. At that time, there was no such need because Kabbalah had only just begun to spread. It all started closer to 2000.

Question: Are the books you have written now translated into many languages?

Answer: Yes, because I have students in all countries of the world. They are Japan, Oceania, Russia, China, India, the countries of Europe, not to mention South and North America, which I have traveled up and down, giving lectures, holding seminars and congresses. I do not know where I do not have students. Even in Africa, there are regular students.
From KabTV’s “Questions about Kabbalistic Books” 10/22/19

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When Will Wars End?

212Question: At what level must the group be so that the wars in the world will end and aggressions disappear?

Answer: This requires recognition of evil to which, if not everyone, then at least the main desires of humanity, the main Kelim (vessels), must come.

They do not have to be fully corrected, but they must reach the recognition of evil and yearn for connection between them so that the positive force that they intend to nurture between them will connect them.

Then all the wars in the world will stop. In the meantime, they are necessary to force humanity to yearn for the good. If it were not for wars, people would not feel that they need to connect in any way.

Indeed, evil is not really bad. It is simply an unfulfilled good that we are too lazy to fill.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/2/18

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The End Of “The Prophecy Of Baal HaSulam”

258Baal HaSulam, “The Prophecy of Baal HaSulam“:  Afterwards, the Lord spoke unto me with a vista, saying, “Lay down on your right-hand side.” And I laid down on the ground. And He said unto me: “What do you see?”

And I said, “I see many peoples and nations, rising and falling, and their faces are deformed humans.” And the Lord said unto me: “If you can grant form to all these nations and blow into them the spirit of life, then I shall bring you to the land that I have sworn unto your fathers, to give unto you, and all my goals will have been fulfilled by you.”

The fact is that we are simply making the translation easier so that people would really understand the idea of correction. But in general, of course, the strength of Baal HaSulam lives in his works.

It is through his connection with the Creator, with the upper force, and through his commentaries on The Zohar and all other works that we can approach the completion of this goal.

Everything that practically corrects us is that double-edged sword that he received from the Creator and with which we raise ourselves, correct ourselves, and shift from our egoistic attitude to the world to love and bestowal.

Question: What does it mean “a face of a man”?

Answer: “A face of a man” means “similar to the Creator” because “man – Adam,” comes from the word “similar- Domeh” to the Creator.

That is, the Creator says to Baal HaSulam “Make people become similar to Me. That is why I give you the sword.”
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #5

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Protect The Individuality Of Each One

962.6Question: In our world, there are so many different people in terms of mentality, appearance, everything. How is it possible that such different people scattered all over the world will suddenly want to be together?

Answer: The same thing happens in our body. We just don’t fully understand it yet. Is there any cell in our body like another? If it were completely similar to another cell, it would be it.

It exists because it can give the whole body its own method of maintenance, its own work, its own bestowal. Are the cells of the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys similar to each other? They are completely different tissue.

Question: How will people feel this in Asia, Africa, Latin America?

Answer: That is why, first of all, we must accept as an absolutely necessary condition that each person is unique, and we need to protect and  preserve his individuality, let him personally develop spiritually.

Therefore, the dissemination of Kabbalah should be absolutely voluntary, free, in accordance with how much a person begins to understand and feel that this is really a method of correcting the world, raising it to the next level, to the next dimension, which we must now go through.

Everyone should perceive this to the best of their development. There are some people who go straight for it. There are those who agree, but with a degree of indifference. There are people who reject it, who cannot agree with it in any way, who feel something hateful in it.

It all depends on a person’s level of development. But everyone has to pass all the levels. And in any case, you cannot put pressure on anyone here, but only tell everyone that there is such a method that speaks about the meaning of our life and about how we should rise to the next level of its existence during it. At the same time, our world gradually, as we move away from it, disappears, and turns into the spiritual world. We emanate into a completely different state.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #3

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