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At The Beginning Of The Path

234Question: Why do you think that Kabbalah is the ultimate truth? And if so, why is it that the group that is now engaged in Kabbalah has not yet made the people of the whole world happy, rich spiritually and materially? What is needed for this? Maybe we should want it more?

Answer: I have been teaching a Kabbalistic group for more than twenty years. We have not yet reached the level to engage with all of humanity.

However, we have created a huge system of virtual classes in forty different languages, published books, and held conferences on all continents. But this is still the beginning of the path.

Kabbalah has been hidden for many millennia and only since 1995 began to be revealed to people. Therefore, today we are at the beginning of the path.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 3/20/19

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Understanding The Reason For The Current State Of The World

254.02Question: Does the spiritual influence on all of humanity depend only on your group or does it also depend on the support of those who listen a little, read, and are interested but are not yet included in this?

Answer: We are relying on all of our friends who are literally on every continent in the world.

The fact is that humanity must nevertheless understand the reason for our shattering and for our terrible descent into this state where we do not see the future, and everyone experiences anxiety and depression.

Scientists say that science has exhausted itself. Financial experts say that there is nothing further to do and that a general collapse is approaching. Psychologists say that the whole world is immersing itself into drugs.

In principle, we have come to a state in which, according to Kabbalah and all spiritual practices in general, humanity needs connection. Therefore, on the one hand, life has pushed us toward the need for connection and to find solutions to our problems. On the other hand, we still need to develop the wisdom of Kabbalah ,which precisely on this topic  establishes its vision of correcting the world.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 3/20/19

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Time For Opening The Hearts

214Comment: People write to you: “Michael Laitman, you make Kabbalah primitive when you want to reveal it to everyone. Kabbalah is for the elite, it is the inner part of the Torah. And you bring it out into the world. Don’t do it!”

My Response: I would agree with you, but the Kabbalistic books tell us something else: that the time will come—this was said thousands of years ago—when Kabbalah will be opened to everyone.

It is said in the Torah: “I will bring them to My holy mount, and I will cause them to rejoice in My house of prayer, their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be acceptable upon My altar, for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples. So you are not entirely correct.

Question: So these are precisely Kabbalistic sayings?

Answer: Of course. The statements of King David or the ancient Kabbalists or The Book of Zohar.

Question: But this was said by Kabbalists. And to you, King David was also a Kabbalist?

Answer: Of course a Kabbalist! Comprehending the Creator, writing such things that reveal the upper world to us!

Comment: But this letter is clearly written by a person for whom there was a ban for studying Kabbalah.

My Response: That is his business.

Question: In principle, are you sure that time has come for the absolute, full disclosure of this science?

Answer: Kabbalists said that too.

Question: And the fact that you teach absolutely everyone?

Answer: It is also said about this: “Know the Lord,” for they shall all know Me from their smallest to their greatest”

Question: Do you think that that time is now?

Answer: And they said that too. I don’t say anything on my own, they all say this.

Question: Are you sure that now is the time of the last generation? Or maybe it is a mistake?

Answer: If they said so, I abide by it.

Question: And they say that this time is right now?

Answer: Yes. I was a disciple of the last great Kabbalist Rabash, and what I received from him, I carry on.

Question: Rabash had this confidence that “doors would open”?

Answer: Undoubtedly!

Comment: Still, Rabash had a small group.

My Response: He could not afford more. And I don’t feel limited by anything. Times are different now.

Comment: Yes. But you have provoked a lot of criticism upon yourself.

My Response: It doesn’t matter. It will still all work.

Question: Why exactly is today the time for disclosure?

Answer: Because the world is becoming global, integral, interconnected. And it needs the right attitude of people to people. And this is exactly what Kabbalah is talking about: how to do it, how to come to goodness and mutual love.

Question: Is this a secret inner science?

Answer: There is nothing secret. What we have not revealed is called a mystery. Therefore, science is called a mystery because it creates reality out of any mysteries.

Question: And when it says that this is the inner part of the Torah, what does it mean?

Answer: That there is that Torah which is impossible to read with just eyes, you also need to open your heart.

Question: So the time for the opening of the heart is coming now?

Answer: Yes. Opening your eyes is not enough. We are approaching such a state that the world needs the opening of hearts.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/23/20

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Honor The Madmen!

294.2But whilst our globe, sirs, seeks in vain
The path of happiness to gain,
Honor the madmen who can trace
Gay dreams, to please the human race.
Pierre-Jean de Béranger, “Madmen”

Question: What do you think about this Quatrain?

Answer: It’s romance.

Question: Our viewers and readers write that they relate this verse to you. The beginning of the verse I can understand “But whilst our globe, sirs, seeks in vain the path of happiness to gain.” Well, it really seeks in vain. However, are you not offended when they say “Honor the madman”?

Answer: No, of course not. Would a sane person do what I do, go against nature? Really! Against the normal, healthy nature of egoism that is in each and every person, with which everyone agrees, and I try to direct them against themselves.

Question: Are you going against corporeal logic?

Answer: Against nature, not against logic. Logic is something abstract. We are talking about nature, the law of nature, which is in us, in our bones, it is simply instilled within us. And I say, “No, we have to go in a different way.” How can we go in a different way?

Comment: And then “Gay dreams, to please the human race.”

My Response: This, of course, is a dream, a fantasy, a fiction. This is certainly something very abstract and almost unbelievable, this thing we fantasize about, talk about, and dream about.

Question: Is the fact that we can connect into one organism, one humanity, one family, as Baal HaSulam writes like a “gay dream”?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Are you convinced that this will happen?

Answer: Without a doubt! This is initially inherent in nature, and only later was there a special egoistic counter made in it, which controls us. Practically all of nature within itself, except for this superficial egoistic addition, is absolutely altruistic. It cannot be different, because it is one, interconnected, and all its parts, organs, and systems work in absolute homeostasis, in absolute unity.

Question: When you say that, I absolutely agree with you. Why does a person agree when you speak?

Answer: Because it is logical: all nature is one, it acts with one force, according to one formula, for one movement forward.

Question: Then why when I go a few meters away or after a while I hear something else, I forget all this, it is erased from my memory?

Answer: You go back to yourself. When you go back to yourself, you forget what was said. This is not yet yours, does not yet live in you as a law within your individual system. Therefore, you go back to your system.

Question: How did this conviction grow in you?

Answer: It takes time. Only time. 20 to 30 years.

Comment: Can you give advice to the person who really wants to come to this connection?

My Response: Only through the group where everyone wants it and supports each other, because everyone supports themselves through the others.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/1/20

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According To The Original Desire

214The wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed to humanity gradually. The first Kabbalist to attain it was Adam, a Kabbalist who lived 5,579 years ago. But it was revealed more explicitly through Abraham, about 3,600 years ago.

Today the wisdom of Kabbalah is going through a very interesting phase of becoming familiar to humanity.

In the past, it was known only to a few Kabbalists who were secluded and apart from the rest of society, but today it begins to gradually spread all over the world. This is the reason we also participate in and are witnesses to a unique phenomenon in which the essence of the world we live in, the cause and effect of our existence, and the plan of human evolution are gradually revealed to humanity.

People are divided into five levels (just like the general desire to receive) according to the level of their development and the level of their participation in life.

There are people who are not concerned about anything other than themselves. There are those who care about their family, the society they live in, etc. Those, on the next level, are concerned with the Earth, the planets, and space. At the same time, they are not interested in breaking through the frameworks of this world. There are those who want to reveal and to know what happened in the past and what will happen in the future.

However, there are people who are interested in the general system of creation, the extent to which we participate in it, and the extent to which the creation exits by itself, where it stems from, what happens to it, and how. They aspire to understand the general picture of mutual cooperation between all the parts of creation.

It is actually the principle of the global, integral connection of all of nature that they find most interesting of all. They want to know how everything is connected, why, for what purpose, and how one component responds and manages another and impacts all the other parts. They have such a big desire that they want to know and to attain the general system, the general schema, the general structure, of everything there is, not only in our world, but also beyond this world, and they cannot find peace in ordinary life.

By trying to resemble others, they try to engage in all sorts of corporeal problems, but this does not last long. The first chance that fate brings an opportunity their way, they immediately fly somewhere, which means that they cannot engage in daily problems.

They are more concerned with problems that are not even on a cosmic scale, but above that (which means with problems that the word “everything” incorporates). It is not space, not our world, but something whole. Such people who do not settle for a general idea—they find it troubling and it gnaws them from the inside—reach the wisdom of Kabbalah.

This question does not necessarily reach its maximum level in each and every one of them, but it is still a bit higher than our world. There are questions of a lower order, when people are interested in knowing what determines things like their health and their fate. They are fond of mysticism or start practicing folk medicine, etc.

Thus, we begin to revolve around the wisdom of Kabbalah from below, from the lowest beastly level, all the way to the highest level in which a person feels the need to sense and to attain the whole creation, the whole system and its leadership.

There are different upgrades of desires, and therefore many reach the wisdom of Kabbalah, but once they hear that it is about the highest levels, they understand that it is not for them because they are more interested in the corporal implementation of both mankind and of the wisdom of Kabbalah. They accumulate some knowledge and move to their level.

This is actually how it has to be. This is the reason that we never force anyone to stay, those who come, or those who leave, since it is their private business. Each one should find his balance in this system, on all the levels of the attainment of creation and according to the demand of one’s soul, which means of one’s internal, original, personal desire.

This is how we exist.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/5/19

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Appeal To The Hearts

232.1Question: Charisma is a special endowment, an exceptional personality in intellectual, spiritual, or any other respect, an ability to literally appeal to hearts. You are a very charismatic person. Can you advise how to be like that?

Answer: I do not think I am fortunate enough to attract others. Not at all.

I rely on science, which speaks of the universe, of all the worlds combined, including the upper force that governs the entire universe. And I slightly open the way to this enormous knowledge for everyone that wants it.

I do not have any charisma, I do not want to command, I do not want to attract. Maybe sometimes I can be harsh or rude, but this refers to the desire to be understood correctly and to only follow the path I am walking.

It seems to me that if a person has a goal, then he can captivate others with it. In general, you need to do what is closest to you, what your soul desires. And then you will give a good example to others.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 11/6/20

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Finish Line Or Penalty Circle?

750.03Evolution will certainly lead us to equivalence of form with the Creator, voluntarily or through suffering; there are only two ways. At first, the whole world develops unconsciously, only due to the forces of nature. But starting from a certain stage of development, a person breaks away from his animal existence and develops a person in himself, a spiritual form similar to the Creator.

Such people can attract an upper force to themselves and accelerate their development, and through themselves, as through an open channel, transmit this power of development to everyone else. As a result, all evil will turn into good, but we must contribute to this by becoming active participants in this process.

We are at the finish line of the process of development, and therefore it is worth taking an active part in it, so that we are not thrown back. Otherwise, there is a danger that it will turn out like in a child’s game when a player each time moves a few steps forward, but after the next roll of the dice suddenly is sent back almost to the very start of the game.

If we want to avoid such a return to the penalty circle of evolution, we should observe the laws of nature, the laws of the Creator, and try to unite more and more and connect with the upper force. And then more and more light will flow through us into the world.

The world is not to blame for anything, everything depends on the part of “Israel” who strive for the Creator, those who connect all the nations, this whole circle with the Creator through a line, a direct channel.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/18/20, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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America Is Left Without A President

448.3Kabbalah teaches us to work in three lines, which is very important especially in our time. We see that today in the world, the confrontation, the struggle, the contradiction between the right and the left is growing everywhere, splitting countries and peoples in two, and putting two camps against each other.

We feel this polarization even within families. In all developed and even developing countries, there is a huge distance between the left and the right, a split in society, in every country.

As we develop, egoism grows more and more, and therefore we don’t see that this contradiction between the right and the left is getting smoothed out. On the contrary, they are becoming increasingly distant from each other and colliding and arguing more. This is especially evident in America, where society is divided into two camps, the left and the right, which cannot find any common point. This rift is felt even within families.

Previously, there was no such contradiction between opinions on all issues, in relation to nature, ecology, weapons, family, sex, food, and absolutely everything. Instead of looking for points of convergence and understanding how to reach an agreement, we see that the two lines, the right and left, diverge further and further, become more polar and differ as East from West or North from South.

The distance between them is growing more and more, and there is nothing that would connect them. The further the world develops, the deeper this split will become, and hatred, rejection, misunderstanding, and unwillingness to understand each other will increase.

All this is awakened in human society by the Creator. America is splitting into two hostile camps as if there are no other approaches and parties other than the right and the left. And nothing can be done about it because this is nature.

Nature is not going to help people connect; on the contrary, it will divide them into two equal camps, as we now see in the United States. How is it possible for a society to split exactly in the middle with millions of people on one side and millions on the other against each other in such a way that a few units of preponderance decide who will become president of America?

In such a situation, there is no president at all because he should stand in the middle between these two lines. Two lines are revealed in any modern society in order for us to establish the middle line, that is, the Creator, who should reveal Himself and establish a connection between us. Otherwise, we will not be able to exist and will be at war with each other without any compromise and possibility to reach agreement.

There is no middle line; it can only come from above. This is how the world works, this is how nature works. Therefore, Kabbalistic groups working on getting closer to the upper force, to the purpose of creation, who are called Israel, aimed “directly at the Creator” (Yashar Kel), will be in the center of the entire world, in the center of everyone’s attention, and they will have to provide a connection between the left and right lines.

The entire world will be divided into right and left. And between them there are a few thousands who are called “Israel,” who will be responsible for the fact that billions of people on one side and billions on the other side cannot connect with each other. Therefore, we must learn the middle line, which is determined by the upper force, as it is written, “He who creates peace in His celestial heights, may He in His mercy create peace for us’’ and help us to develop correctly.

The state that is revealed in the American election shows us what the future of the world will be like. American society is more developed, and therefore this contradiction is already evident there. The rest of the world is still lagging behind, thanks to religious and cultural traditions. In America, however, all the nations are mixed, and therefore it is so obvious that the two parts of American society are completely separated from each other, and there is no one to connect them.

How can someone who is one hundred percent accepted by one side and one hundred percent not acceptable by the other side, by half of the country’s citizens, be the president? How in this situation can there be a president who stands in the middle and controls everyone? This is absolutely impossible.

There is only one possibility: to reveal the upper force that will connect the two camps together. The revelation of the upper force and the global connection is our work as Kabbalists. This will soon become clear, and we must be ready for it. The world will want this; it will come and ask for this.

The world will be splitting into two parts more and more, and we will need to attract the middle line from above so that it begins to dominate both poles, leading them to the agreement. The president can be neither from the left nor from the right, but only standing in the middle and leading to connection, to the middle line that the wisdom of Kabbalah reveals.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/6/20, Writings of Rabash, “Three Lines”

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The Purpose Of Information Transfer

267.02Question: There are different forms of conveying information. Messages usually take up to ten minutes. A report can run from ten minutes to three hours. Lectures last an hour and a half on average.

From your experience in lecturing, what is the most effective form of information transfer for human development, unification of people, and acquisition of communication skills? Or does it all depend on the goal?

Answer: Of course, it depends on the goal. Information can be audio, visual, etc., as well as spiritual. In our world, it is transmitted by speech, text, music, and pictures. All this reveals the inner world of a person.

Information should fill everything that a person is ready to perceive. And a person should take care about how to correctly perceive it and prepare to receive a certain amount of information. It is most important.

The transfer of information is the stimulation of certain internal schemes that need to be employed in a person.

He must awaken in himself specific forms of communication that close certain chains in his consciousness, in his sensory, visual, and mainly spiritual perception in order to create such forms in himself that are not in our world, and thus correctly perceive the picture that I want to convey to him.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/14/20

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Information Is A Message

254.02Question: Any speech addressed to several listeners can be considered a public speech. It can be informative, entertaining, or promotional. Which of these can your daily lessons be related to? You do not just transmit information like at a university.

Answer: On one hand, my lessons are public performances because representatives of all nations, professions, and strata of different countries from all continents connect to them.

On the other hand, these are lectures because during a lesson we perform analysis of material with questions and answers. Usually, the lecture is held on a specific topic, which is divided into several small topics of interest to Kabbalah students.

Any information passes through a person’s desires and thus forms and changes him. My task is precisely for a person, by working on himself, to begin to change.

Question: But are you interested in him knowing the subject?

Answer: Sure. This is the most important thing. I teach not for gaining huge knowledge but quality of perception. The result depends on the person. And I must give everything I can in the form closest to correct perception.

Question: Does it make a difference whether one is listening to your lectures live or recorded?

Answer: It all depends on the perceiver. When reading books or watching recorded movies we can cry, laugh, worry. They affect us perhaps even more than scenes from real life.

Question: Indeed, a book was written a few hundred years ago and now a person reads, experiences it, and even cries. Is there some kind of energy in the book?

Answer: It is information, it is energy, it is a message!

Question: But when this happens online, does nothing really change? Let’s say we are talking now and someone will listen to our conversation in a week. Does it have the same effect?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. This information is in the air, and those who connect to it perceive it as if we are talking to them today.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/14/20

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