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Toward Global Communication

546.03Question: What is the main message in the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Answer: It is about the fact that our world is developing toward more and more universal communication at all levels and in all its parts, and we need to support this connection between everyone and in everything.

Therefore, we are trying to reach out to people in all languages and at all levels so that they understand that the most important thing for everyone is communication, connection, and mutual support. Only then can we achieve the correction of the world.

The whole Torah speaks about proper communication between people, which is expressed in love for one’s neighbor, in mutual guarantee.

Question: Is that why asceticism and seclusion are not encouraged?

Answer: This should all be inside a person: be ascetic about yourself and friendly with a wide embrace toward others.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/7/21

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No Need To Sink With The Titanic

632.1Comment: Yulia writes: “It is obvious that we all live in connection with nature and with each other. We hear you when you call us to be human in the true sense. But how can this be practically achieved? Everyone today lives concerned only with personal problems and joys. To unite people, some kind of grandiose step-by-step program is needed. In my opinion, people can unite only if something concerns them personally.”

Answer: Absolutely right! She speaks correctly. But what can be done? You somehow fold your hands and say, “That’s it. We can’t do anything. We will watch as we slowly sink, like on the Titanic.”

I think that’s wrong. We have to fight. If we turn to the upper force of nature that created us like this and strive to rise in connection with each other, then we should succeed.

Otherwise we just go down to our end. We have no other option. Alternatively we advance gradually and kill ourselves. This could happen in the next war. Or we will rise above ourselves and begin to implement good relations after all.

Question: Yulia wrote: “Some kind of grandiose step-by-step program is needed to unite people.” Does it exist?

Answer: The program exists. But she has to connect to it.

We have this program, and we are trying to disseminate it, explain it, and implement it. It is in front of you, please.

Question: In this step-by-step program of ours there are several stages about which questions are asked all the time. And you have talked about them. The first is “don’t do to others what you don’t want done to yourself.” And the other is “love your neighbor as yourself.” Can you explain them to people in a very simple way?

Answer: This is reaching the level of Bina and reaching the level of Keter.

I’ll say it simply. The first is to rise above your ego. This is “don’t do to others what you don’t want done to yourself.” To achieve a neutral state when you don’t want to do anyone any harm.

And the second is when you want to fill everyone with absolute goodness. That’s it. Two steps.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/25/21

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The Book Of Zohar—The Source Of Upper Energy

525Comment: The twentieth century was marked by many fate-altering events. Thus, in the twentieth century, Baal HaSulam revealed The Book of Zohar to our generation and urged everyone to start studying Kabbalah, foreseeing that delaying it would be catastrophic.

He warned that this was indicated in The Book of Zohar, but very few listened. Everyone knows what followed: world war and a hundred million dead.

At first glance, to the uninitiated eye, there is no connection between the disclosure of The Book of Zohar and its impact on the world setting off a chain of events.

My Response: The Book of Zohar is a source of the upper force in this world. It is a bridge through which we can cross from our world to the upper world, a communication channel through which we can contact the Creator. There is no book equal in power to it. Kabbalists have written about this in all ages.

When we started studying The Book of Zohar in the framework of our Kabbalah academies and education centers  (KabU in the US) all over the world, I immediately began receiving letters from people whom I had previously considered spiritually dead. They wrote: “This is so powerful! What’ is happening to me? Why is that?”

The fact is that they began to feel huge changes within themselves. Without understanding anything, without any preliminary preparation, with only some small rudiments of Kabbalistic knowledge, they suddenly began to feel that they were going through very serious states.

The Book of Zohar is a channel of the upper light to our world. We are dealing with serious energy here.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Fate and The Book of Zohar” 2/5/10

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When The Spiritual Muse Leaves You

962.3Question: How should we organize the work of people responsible for integral education?

Answer: It should be mutual work where everyone is an expert in his own business but all are tied in one team. How? As far as I bend to my friends, in this I am great, despite all my personal searches. The unification should be just above this.

But in our business it happens that a person suddenly falls, for a day, for two, etc. He is unable to speak, he has inner experiences, and his spiritual muse disappears somewhere. Here you need to come to the rescue, look for a temporary replacement.

Question: How can you convey to people with structured thinking, who do not have endless torment and  doubts that these are just properties that can also be useful?

Answer: Do you really think that when I go out to class every day, I have no inner searches, worries, assents and dissents? But my students don’t see it! You can never tell by looking at me what my inner state is like. And, believe me, it is thousands of times more complicated than yours.

You have to own it. At first it is very difficult and may even become an excuse to say: “I cannot do anything now,” they will understand you. But it shouldn’t go into the system. Then it will be easier.
From KabTV’s “Through Time”

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Preparation For Integrated Learning

947Question: How do we make the work of each integral education specialist as efficient as possible in order to get effective dissemination?

Answer: The most important thing in a person’s work is to receive approval, respect, and support from the team in which he works.

We want to do the same in those places where we disseminate integral education and upbringing. We begin to weave a network of connections, so that people are mutually connected, so that they understand how they can enrich the team, how much easier, more joyful and comfortable it will be for them.

In this way, they can improve both themselves and the environment in which they exist, and feel happy. First, we must maintain such a state artificially until we begin to receive it from the internal connection with one another.

For this, a responsible person is appointed who makes sure that the members of the team have a constant ascent, meaning choose special content, clips, arrange phone calls between them throughout the day, and so on.

Moreover, those responsible should understand that since they are engaged in dissemination, they have nothing to pass on to other people without an inner fire. A person with a bad mood who is in a mental decline, definitely needs a team. He needs to be raised, put on his feet, healed, and reassured. And only when he is filled with inner energy, with the air of special unification, can he go on further and do more, otherwise he will fail the work.

People leading integral classes, first of all, should unite themselves, get a collective inspiration, a sense of security, reliability, a sense of their high state. They need to show themselves to students as confident, knowledgeable, and carrying an inner charge and warmth.

When they enter the team they should give the feeling that there are, say, not three people there, but one, one common whole. They begin to play with the collective with six hands, as one single body.

Question: Could there be such concepts as envy and honor?

Answer: There is everything here! We are dealing with the egoism of man, we understand the basis of his nature. Therefore, there should be envy, power, honor, respect, a sense of a leap, a sense of pleasure in the attack, and so on. That is, all these qualities should work, absolutely all of them!
From KabTV’s “Through Time”

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Inner Fulfillment And External Needs

120When engaged in integral education, a person should understand why he is doing it. His most important task is to bring the world to an integral state because in this way we raise it to the upper force, to the upper purpose.

This is the key difference between our organization and all the others. This point is the very first and the very last. The very first because we start our own internal preparation from it, and the very last because we come with it and want to grow it within our listeners. Therefore, it is always present inside the flow in which we conduct workshops, discussions, answer questions, and so on.

This is a clear direction to make the students into one single whole because in this form they will connect to us, and they will be balanced with all of nature. This is the most important task that defines our methodology and the desired result.

By participating in this, people pass the upper energy through themselves and feel how it fills them, they live by it.

Question: Does it mean that in an ordinary enterprise the motivation is mainly financial, but here it is spiritual?

Answer: There can be no financial motivation here. A person should receive enough in order not to feel any special needs. If his head and all his life are dedicated to the spiritual goal, then it is enough for him to provide his family with a normal living standard.

When he works in a good team and his family does not put pressure on him with any increased demands, then this should completely satisfy him and even give him a feeling of happiness. Inner fulfillment will extinguish external needs.
From KabTV’s “Through Time”

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Both Medicine And Poison

938.05Question: What topic can immediately capture people at the first lesson on integrated education?

Answer: If people want to discuss something in accordance with the integrality of nature, then first they need to learn the rules of the workshop, compliance with the rules of behavior in the circle. After becoming somewhat similar to this nature, they will only gain from proper interaction with each other.

At the first workshop, they are usually given questions for discussion to reveal the nature of man. “What is the basic essence of a person?” “Why do I love someone and not someone else?” “Does it come from your inner qualities or because I am so bad and he is so good?” And so on.

Through discussion people themselves come to the conclusion that each of us is an egoist. This is a statement of the fact of our nature. Although physiologically we are all animals, there is an additional component in us, our egoism, which is evil in everything. So, this is already a diagnosis. But is there a cure for it? What do we get if we get cured?

Maybe, thanks to egoism, I’m rushing forward, ascending, rising, exploring, my eyes are burning, I want this dish, this partner, this vacation, etc. And without it, what is the taste in life? Which means, the ego has positive and negative sides, and they need to be balanced somehow.

At the same time, we do not destroy egoism in any way, but only use it correctly in order not to lose. Where it harms me, I will make an inversion in using it and rise to a better outcome. And where it helps me, why not? If, looking at you, I envy that you are so athletic, then I also start running in the morning. Or, looking at someone smart, I start learning. In these cases, egoism is our helper.

Our attitude is neither yogic nor anything similar to that, where everything is put on the suppression of the ego. We do not suppress or annul it, but only use it correctly. And then it turns out that there is a medicine inside egoism, like in a snake: both medicine and poison.
From KabTV’s “Through Time”

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Awaken The Jewish People

269Question: How do you see the beginning of the awakening of the Jewish people? Given that they are settled in absolutely every country, it is very difficult to imagine where the awakening will begin. And do they even understand what nature wants from them?

Answer: Indeed, none of them understand anything and they cannot understand. And you can’t blame them for this; they were created this way. We cannot do anything with the nature that works in man.

The only thing that a small group of people called Kabbalists who understand the meaning of what is happening can do is to constantly increase, more and more, their pressure, dissemination, and explanation to both Jews and non-Jews alike, so that their teachings nevertheless seep into the masses, reach the elites, and people would begin to understand its essence.

But the most important thing is that the Jews themselves begin to understand this because then the rest of the nations will automatically begin to turn in the same direction.

Therefore the main thing that Kabbalists—people who understand this method, even if they themselves are not practically in it—should do is to explain and show everyone that the future of the world rests in good, equal unification, and only this can save humanity.

As soon as we begin to act in this way, then all the forces of integral, global nature will also begin to correctly influence all of humanity. That is, nature itself will help us come to general equilibrium.

Question: Does this mean that Kabbalists should open schools in all countries and teach people?

Answer: I think that Kabbalists first of all should unite themselves correctly among themselves and from this unification start the dissemination of their ideas through all channels. To do this you do not need to open schools, but simply use the communication channels that exist today. They were created for this.
From KabTV’s “Conversation on Anti-Semitism”

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The Original Realization Of The Kabbalah

933Question: In the article “Time to Act,” Baal HaSulam writes that many books of the Jewish people were written by those people who were recognized as Kabbalists and were in comprehension of the higher worlds. And among other peoples, everything revolved around everyday life: culture, painting, literature. Why?

Answer: Because for 1,500 years the Jewish people existed on a spiritual level. After leaving Babylon, the Jews descended to Egypt, then passed through the Sinai desert, and from there to the land of Israel, then there was the exile in Babylon, where Nebuchadnezzar reigned, the return to the land of Israel, the construction of the Second Temple, and another 800 years of existence until the 2,000 year exile.

For 1,500 years from Babylon to the last exile, we lived in a sense of the spiritual world.

Question: Has the Kabbalistic method, which is now offered to all of mankind, already been implemented once in your life?

Answer: Yes, but in those days, selfishness was still small. Therefore, a large mass of people could not understand that it is precisely the ascent above our world that is a necessary method of existence, that our world is needed in order for you to enter the spiritual realm from it. Man did not realize this.

He believed that he should live in this world in a practical way by developing himself, society, family, sciences, crafts, etc. That is, selfishness had not yet outlived itself, and did not expose itself, as in our time.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Difference in souls” 12/11/09

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What Cinema Is Capable Of

922Question: What is your favorite movie? Sometimes in class, you use Harry Potter as an example, in particular, the scene where he is walking through the wall at the train station. Why are you so impressed by this?

Answer: I give this scene as an example: if a person really goes forward, as through a wall, then he will pass all obstacles.

In general, I have no favorite movies. There are scenes that I have seen, and therefore, I can cite them as examples.

Question: What role would you like to play? Maybe, some character from the Tanakh?

Answer: There are no such roles. I just need to be corrected.

Question: If you had all the resources in the world, what movie would you make and what about?

Answer: I would make a movie, and more than one, about the role of man, about the possibility of achieving the revelation of the Creator, how to create such conditions for people to develop spiritually, how to raise children correctly, how to maintain a family in the right way, and so on. Practically, these are educational movies. They are educational both in our world and in the spiritual one.

Question: Do you think that it is exactly through such a transfer of information that one can explain to a person about spirituality?

Answer: Yes. Of course, spirituality cannot be revealed. But you can set up a person so that he wants to reveal it. The movie industry is capable of this.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 9/10/21

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