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Everyone Is Obliged To Correct Themselves

962.2Question: If a person does not correct something himself and we do it for him, we rob him in a way. Why is that?

Answer: Because we are going against the general law of the universe.

Everyone is obliged to correct themselves. Everyone must go out into the infinite higher universe, achieve the quality of eternity and perfection. Absolutely everyone!

And therefore, if a person suffers, we must help him, and not quit, so that it would not be like in Sodom and Gomorrah. They had another philosophy: “Do not help. Since this descends on a person, then this is what God sent.” And that’s all.

We must help people, but help them in what they need. At the same time, we must help them begin to recover on their own so they do not sit without working just waiting until they receive something. Train them, give them a job.

The wisdom of Kabbalah says: make them sit and study. We don’t have a job for everyone. Today our world is slipping toward a state where everything superfluous will gradually leave. The person will lose.

We already see that young people somehow do not strive for luxury, for fashionable clothes. On the contrary, there is some kind of rag and that’s it, nothing else is needed. All these conventions, all excesses, except for what is necessary for normal human existence, will leave our lives.

When humanity gradually comes to this, then many people will be left without work. After all, ninety percent of the population today lives from creating and advertising unnecessary things, and reselling them. Humanity is busy with all the time consuming unnecessary things and throwing them away, consuming again and throwing them away again.

This vicious cycle is already coming to an end. A huge number of unemployed will remain. What to do with them? The wisdom of Kabbalah says: “Do nothing. It is very good. Let them sit and study.” The state will pay them. And ten percent of humanity that wants to work will work.

Or perhaps ten percent of our time will be spent on work and the rest of the time a person will be directed to develop internally and gradually enter the upper world, into the upper universe. The law of nature pushes us to this. Then everyone will be provided with an eternal sense of their life, and a material one.
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Global law”

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Legacy Of The Ari

541The Ari was the man who opened the path to heaven for us. He revealed the end of the thread for us, and if we grasp it, we can rise to the height of the Creator. We still do not have enough understanding and words to thank the Ari and appreciate what he has done.

We just need to believe the Kabbalists who highly appreciated the work of the Ari and thank the Creator for sending us such a messenger who passed knowledge about the upper force, about the way we can come closer to it and how to establish the connection with it.

From the legacy of the Ari, we can receive the reforming light, the most valuable thing in it. When we study the material, the reforming light hidden in these texts influences us.

Of course, its action depends on our desire and intention, on our yearning for connection and unity, and our desire to be similar to the upper system that controls us. The light acts around us, envelops us, purifies us, and brings us closer to the connection.

Therefore, all the texts of the Ari are holy. We can see with what awe the Kabbalists treated them as if they were the Torah from which not a single word can be removed. The death of the Ari became the starting point from which the wisdom of Kabbalah began to develop.

Although it took several hundred years until it came out into the world thanks to his spiritual followers who extracted it from the Ari’s grave and from another hiding place, from some chest. As a result, all the works of the Ari were revealed and served as the basis for the entire modern Kabbalah.

This is very similar to the story of The Book of Zohar, which was also hidden, and then was revealed a thousand years later. It was only in the time of Baal HaSulam that all the writings of the Ari were finally assembled together and he was able to study them, deeply understand them and write a commentary about it: The Study of the Ten Sefirot.

The works of the Ari are a life-saving rope dropped to us from heaven. The entirety of Kabbalah is based on The Book of  Zohar and the writings of the Ari.

Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Book Panim Meirot uMasbirot”: There are not enough words to measure his (ARI’s) holy work in our favor. The doors of attainment were locked and bolted, and he came and opened them for us…

You find a thirty-eight-year-old who subdued with his wisdom all his predecessors….

All the sages of the generations… have abandoned all the books and compositions that precede him…they have attached their spiritual life entirely and solely to his Holy Wisdom.

The point here is not in the height of attainment, but the fact that the Ari’s methodology was built and prepared for the final correction.

Therefore, the Ari symbolizes the Messiah Son of Joseph, that is, he gives us the basis of the correct world. As it is written, Joseph was a righteous man, and the righteous is the foundation of the world. It is only thanks to the teachings of the Ari that we begin our corrections.

Although there were great Kabbalists in the past who had even more knowledge than the Ari, such as Rabbi Akiva and Rashbi, they did not know how to express, explain, formulate, and convey the method of correction to us in the way that the Ari did. This is determined not by the height of the Kabbalist, but by his correspondence to his generation. That is why we value the texts of the Ari so much, with the help of which we can reach the final correction.

After the discoveries made by the Ari and his followers, the successors of his methodology who adapted it to modern generations, everyone can now study the wisdom of Kabbalah and use it to reveal their path to unity with others in order to attain the Creator within this unity. This is a great gift that allows us to rise from the animate degree to the degree of a man, Adam, “similar” to the Creator.

All the horror of egoism, egoistic desires and qualities must be revealed in our generation of the Messiah. But we can understand them correctly, resist them, and move toward correction.

Rav Chaim Vital, Shaar Gilgulim: My teacher cautioned me and all the friends who were with him in that society to take upon ourselves the commandment to-do of “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and to aim to love each one from Israel as his own soul, for by this his prayer would rise comprising all of Israel and will be able to ascend and make a correction above.

Love for others is the foundation of our work. By our studies, we attract the reforming light, but we must provide it with material for work and correction. It needs to correct the connection between us, which was broken during the sin of the Tree of Knowledge. The entire system, called Adam, has shattered. Now we want to use the light to connect all the parts together.

In each of us, there is a broken part, a record (Reshimo). We are the very parts that were once together in the system of Adam HaRishon. Today we need to return to the same connection again. To do this, we are given the teaching of the Ari, the order of work established by Baal HaSulam, and the order of building a group according to Rabash. We have everything we need, we just need to connect everything together and implement the correction.

Praises of the ARI: One day, on the eve of Shabbat [Sabbath], the ARI went with his disciples for Kabbalat Shabbat [service beginning the Sabbath] as was his custom. He said to the friends: “Let us go now to Jerusalem […] and build the Temple, and make an offering of Shabbat, for I see that this time is truly the time of redemption.

“Some of the friends said, ‘How will we go to Jerusalem at this time, It is more than thirty parsas away (approx. 115 km)?’ Others said, ‘Very well, we are willing to go with you, but first we will go let our wives know so they will not worry about us, and then we will go.’”

Then the Rav cried out and said to the friends, “How did the slandering of Satan succeed in revoking the redemption of Israel? I testify before Heaven and Earth that since the time of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai until today there has not been a better time for redemption than this time.

“Had you admitted this, we would have had the Temple, and the outcasts of Israel would have gathered into Jerusalem. Now the time had passed and Israel went into exile once again.” When the friends heard this, they regretted what they had done, but it did not help them.

There are special times. Let’s hope that we will have such an opportunity, and we will not miss our chance.

Before his death, the Ari told his students that if they deserved it, he would come and teach them. It is very difficult for us to understand this, but everything already exists, there is no life and death. There are only changes between the degrees, a change of states.

Therefore, the one who accepts the principles of the Ari’s methodology—connection in the ten and equivalence to the upper system of ABYA—begins to advance, practically integrates with the system, receives force and light from it, and thus, he learns.

It’s not about learning and understanding with your mind. Mental attainment comes many years later, after attainment with feelings. First of all, the sensations must come. As in our world, we first begin to live in it and feel it, and then we can explain some of the sensations in the language of reason.

It is the same in the spiritual world, first of all, we need to penetrate into the sensations, into love and connection, and then we will be able to understand according to what formulas these feelings work.
From KabTV’s “A Talk At the Meal In Honor Of Ari’s Memorial Day” 8/4/19

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Souls Conducting The Will Of The Creator

961.2Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (Rashbi) is a whole spiritual system, a very large soul, which includes many other souls tied to it. Thanks to him, they were able to rise, connect with each other, and merge.

The soul of Rabbi Shimon guides and leads us forward in the same way as the soul of Moses, the Ari, Baal HaSulam, and the soul of Abraham, who was the first to establish the Kabbalistic method.

Basically, Adam was the first. But he did not have a group with which he would develop this technique. In those days, it was not needed because egoism in humanity was still too small.

The next level of egoism was revealed by Abraham, but it also was small since it was enough for him and his disciples to just connect with each other. The most serious egoism was revealed during the period called the Egyptian exile.

Question: And the souls of such great Kabbalists as Adam HaRishon, Abraham, and Rashbi are somehow connected with each other?

Answer: Yes. These are souls that constantly manifest in humanity, as well as the main upper force that must manifest in us in order to spread the method of correction among us to organize us. These souls descend into our world as messengers to teach spiritual methods.

They don’t even correct themselves, they just teach others how to correct. Therefore, it cannot be said that they themselves have reached their level. But they are not like everyone else. These are special souls that are engaged in carrying out the “policy” of the Creator in this world.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #21

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Will Millennials Save Us?

627.2Comment: Millennials are those who were born from 1982 to 2004. These are strong guys who are now under 40. They have already experienced the crisis of 2008, they are now experiencing a pandemic, and it is not yet known what they will experience next.

Demographers compare them to the Great Generation. The great generation is the generation that lived in the 20s and 30s, survived the great depression and, most importantly, survived the Spanish flu. And this generation managed to build America, restore Europe.

Now they say that the millennial generation can be similar to the previous one and that it will be able to build a new economy and turn the world around in a new way.

What do you think of this generation, these strong forty-year-olds?

My Response: I don’t see that they are in a quest, in struggle, in eagerness. They have a very pragmatic view. They don’t look like revolutionaries to me. And why should they rush, do something, make some kind of revolution? What’s the matter?

Comment: They survived the 2008 crisis…

My Response: They lived through it while sitting at their computers. Nothing else.

Question: And a pandemic that stopped entire industries, destroyed entire industries?

Answer: I don’t think it’s that important or alarming for them.

Question: So what will turn the situation around? It can’t go on like that, can it?

Answer: No. There must be an awareness much deeper than a crisis —a dead end.

What did that generation do? It has practically revived industry, trade, and so on. It won’t do any good now. It won’t do anything. There is a huge trade turnover, industry, whatever you want.

Question: What does nature want from us?

Answer: Nature wants us to radically change, reflect on our life, on its meaning.

Question: So there should be a deeper understanding for this generation?

Answer: Yes. Why are we here, what are we doing? What will this pandemic bring us? Why does it come from the depths of nature? What pluses and minuses should it point out to us? None of it is there. I don’t see this anywhere: not among philosophers, psychologists, or politicians, no one has serious research or just thoughts on this topic.

A person should say: “It is wonderful that such an opportunity has arisen to change myself, the system, humanity, the direction of industry, trade, education, and upbringing! We will reconsider everything that is in the world today!” In general, the questions: “What do we live for? Where are we going?” We need to understand what we are today and what we should be tomorrow.

Why should we cry today?! What have we freed ourselves from? We just need to take advantage of this moment and do something about ourselves—all people! Because we are all in a crisis; it is universal. The crisis is global. This crisis is a crisis of human development, of egoistic human development.

Question: Can a person understand this? Turn the thinking around just like that, can he?

Answer: Explain to him what is happening globally with humanity, and I think that everyone will agree with this except for those who do not benefit from it.

Question: Why is there no understanding of it yet?

Answer: Humanity has no way of seeing ahead. Because what is available today, always suits it.

Question: You contradict yourself. Then who will push this situation forward? Who will say first: “Look,” and have people look? Everything has its own “father.” In Singapore, there was a “father” who turned everything around. In America, they began to turn around during the Depression. And so on.

Everywhere there are their own presidents, their own revolutionaries. Who’s going to say the whole thing now? To whom is your appeal? Who are you talking to?

Answer: I do not know to whom to appeal. We don’t have anyone like Einstein or Marx. I personally say what I can. He who hears, hears.

Question: If someone hears, you are ready to sit down and for days, as long as necessary, to talk to him, to explain?

Answer: I am ready not only to talk to such a person, but to work with him in general.

Question: And work as much as necessary, explaining to him the whole system, the whole nature, and where it leads us?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/29/21

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The Mission Of The Science Of Kabbalah

259.02Question: How can we bring Kabbalah as close as possible to people?

Answer: The fact is that our basic desires are for food, sex, family, money, honor, fame, knowledge. They occupy people in this world.

Kabbalah does not touch these desires in any way and does not intend to fulfill them.

Question: But the concept of man (Adam) comes from the word “Domeh”—similar to the Creator. How can Kabbalah be brought closer to such people?

Answer: This is another matter! Then we mean completely different people, people in whom what is called an Adam—similar to the Creator—begins to develop.

That is, the inner image of similarity to the Creator, which can manifest itself in both a man and a woman, in any person in the world, must eventually develop in each of us.

This is the mission of Kabbalah: to help a person become like the Creator.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #10

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A Difficult Path Of Disseminating The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

214Comment: Baal HaSulam went beyond the framework of the generally recognized Kabbalist by engaging in wide public activities. He met with public figures and wrote articles that no Kabbalist had written before.

My Response: Baal HaSulam tried to advertise, disseminate, and spread the wisdom of Kabbalah in any way possible. He met with many other Kabbalists, scientists, statesmen, and ordinary people. He traveled to Poland during the May Day demonstrations to somehow use the enthusiasm of the Polish workers and to tell them what they could bring to our world and how to change their lives with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Generally speaking, he did everything in his power to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Rabash was much more modest and on a much lower level. He lived in a time when there was already a great force of resistance and so, to put it bluntly, he did not really go wild. I grew up by his side, and I saw how limited his actions were.

When he passed away I continued his legacy and have set for myself the goal to disseminate the idea of the wisdom of Kabbalah as much as possible in every language and all over the world, on the Internet and wherever possible, without paying attention to any opposition I might encounter. Even if the whole world curses me, I will still do it. Thus, despite the world’s resistance, I am still here.

Comment: But on the other hand, Rabash was still a great revolutionary like his father. He accepted forty totally non-religious students.

My Response: Yes, yet he did gently, not so harshly. It was a great leap forward.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/10/19

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The Twentieth Century—A Turn To Drastic Changes

254.02Question: What was special during the time of Baal HaSulam that he was the first to feel a sharp internal need to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah, even though he lived about a hundred years ago?

Answer: The world became more egoistic and a revolution led to drastic changes technologically, culturally, and in general. The regimes in many countries changed, farmers began to move to the big cities, and the world became more concentrated and more demanding.

It was therefore possible to begin the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah in a practical manner. People began to ask, “What is the meaning of life?” And not just living like a cow that grazes in the field.

They chose to connect and to join the world, culture, and technology. There were cars, airplanes, and communication between people. Humanity became totally different. The twentieth century developed us like no other century before it, and this is the reason that the wisdom of Kabbalah was revealed.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/10/19

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My Dear Subscribers!

599.01Comment: You have more than two million subscribers on Facebook, more than 260 thousand subscribers on YouTube. They are just like humanity in front of us—Russian-speaking but scattered all over the world. Even in Mongolia, there are about two thousand subscribers. There are subscribers in the Emirates. And so on.

They are people of different religions, ages, and nationalities. And they are gathered here, they are watching and listening. Their opinions clash, especially when events like the last war in Israel occur. There is your opinion, there are a lot of comments from Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

What would you say to all our subscribers, those who watch us? Will you be separating what you say to Jews, Muslims, and Christians?

My Response: No. No at all! They should see this from the way I treat my students, how I talk and what I do. Nothing like that!

For me, humanity is not divided into nations, into nationalities, into some other fragments, into religions, and so on. For me, humanity is divided into two parts: 99.9999999 percent are the people who just live, and it doesn’t matter who they are and what they are, and 0.0000001 percent is that part of the people, the “mighty bunch,” which can influence the Creator and, through Him, the entire world.

This is what I can say. For me, this is how humanity is divided.

Question: And to those who listen to you, and read?

Answer: These are my students.

I would tell them that for me there are no differences between religions, nationalities, only the desire to reveal the upper governing force in order to change us and our world. And nothing else is needed.

Question: And when there is a disagreement? There are a lot of disagreements and clashes in the comments.

Answer: This is along the way. They still want to show themselves in some way all the time, and they are nervous; after all we live in a difficult time. But I understand them.

I would, of course, very much like the world to gradually begin to understand how far this wisdom is detached from all our conventions, national and religious.

We address all people on Earth. We are in such a state that we need to reveal the upper governing force!

You can be engaged in any religion, do any job, anything at all, it does not matter. This upper governing force is above us all and does not apply to any of us in particular.

If you want it to treat you in a special way, you should come closer to it. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is talking about. Let’s find out how we can come closer to this force. It is possible. This is the kind of people I am trying to gather together and teach how to do it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/27/21

Explore Nature’s Program

112Question: Does the Torah always talk about what is happening inside a person?

Answer: In man’s awareness of the world and his only highest common goal, the Creator.

Question: Can a person trace these changes of states in himself?

Answer: Logically, you can build this simple chain in yourself and try to implement it. This is what we all have to do: those who consider themselves to be descendants of Jews and those who consider themselves to be descendants of non-Jews is irrelevant.

Everyone must walk this path, as it is said: “And everyone will know Me, young and old.”

Question: After the growing egoism brought the group of Abraham to Egypt, a new leader appeared, Moses, who pulled the people out of slavery. And so they gradually moved toward the land of Israel.

Should there always be a thought in a person that he should enter this land? At what point does it arise?

Answer: In our time, this whole system must be taught to everyone because we live in a period when it depends on each of us whether we implement the program of nature in a good way; otherwise, it will constantly descend on us with evil forces, blows. And we, humanity, begin to feel this more and more on ourselves.

Therefore, we must necessarily disseminate this teaching, the only one that tells the world about the system in which it is located, about the path of its development. We must know this.

Each time we will see increasingly how this system works on us and realizes itself. And we must help it to the best of our ability. Then we will start to develop quickly, in a good way, realizing everything and avoiding any problems.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/19/21

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The Entire World Is Behind Us

944Comment: I arrived in Israel now and realized more than ever that Israel is on the verge of civil war, that within this society are all the contradictions combined: both socio-economic and political because the left and right really hate each other, also religious and ethnic problems.

It seems that within one country there are five or six different countries and five or six different groups of people who do not hear and do not understand each other.

My Response: Yes. This is why if we solve these problems here in Israel, we will thereby act to solve these problems all over the world.

Question: Obviously, this is possible. It simply amazes me when at night I watch the lessons broadcast from your center and I see representatives of different nations, different ethnic groups, and different religious denominations on the screen! When students from other countries, Muslims, Buddhists, Catholics, and Protestants listen to the lessons, I understand that, in principle, this is possible. You are constantly talking about this, constantly stirring up society.

But what should happen in practice? What do we need to do so that people in Israel would start hearing and seeing each other?

Answer: I do not know if I have an answer. I can give some formal answer, but whether it is actually effective, sustainable, and has the right to exist and be implemented, I do not know. I am trying to act according to the Kabbalistic sources, as far as I understand them. I do not see any Kabbalists in Israel or in the world who are trying to solve this problem.

I think that nevertheless, we must aim to reach the state when, first of all, we ourselves, our small society—not so small since there are many thousands of people in it—come to a very serious interaction, a recognition of the need to unite, an understanding that the entire world is behind us, and it has no idea toward what it is advancing and what is ahead of it. We just need to continue our efforts to unite, and most importantly, to disseminate.
From KabTV’s “Talks. Leonid Macaron and Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/21/21

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