The Time Of The Last Generation Is Coming

laitman_621Comment: Currently there is a lot of speculation about what will happen after the coronavirus. There are a lot of fears, mostly from the fact that there will be no work. People don’t have money right now. They are afraid of new viruses, they are afraid to leave their homes, they are afraid to send children to kindergartens, etc.

Surveys show that few people see the light at the end of the tunnel. Kabbalists say that this is the time of the “last generation.”

Many people are afraid of this word “last” generation. After all, the last one means that there will be nothing after it.

Please explain to ordinary people what the last generation is.

My Response: In the state of the last generation, we gradually prepare ourselves to move to the next state, the state of soul. To do this, it is not necessary to die physically, but simply to start living, to exist in a state of spiritual connection.

A sign of the last generation is that humanity has come close to correcting and getting rid of its egoism.

We will not need to pursue all the material and egoistic values. We will quietly be able to exist very simply, to the point that we will no longer pay attention to material values, to material life. We will only have direction toward the spiritual, meaning the connection between us. We will come to a state where we value only mutual interconnection in each other.

We will begin to work together to be even more than friends, even more than one whole.

Question: Do you think that humanity is now moving in this direction?

Answer: I see it absolutely clearly. Moreover, this movement is quite intense.

Question: You keep saying that nature will make us come to this connection. If we resist it, it will constantly force us. How do I make a person feel it? He needs to feel that he is a complete egoist? Isn’t that what’s important?

Answer: He will feel this as he goes along. On the one hand, he will feel that he has pressure to get closer to others, and on the other hand, when he begins to do this, he will feel the resistance of his egoism. He will understand that what is preventing him from connecting is his ego. As it is, he doesn’t even know where he is, his egoism.

Question: What are the laws of the last generation?

Answer: In principle, these are the laws that come from unity.

Question: A person should understand that there is no other way out?

Answer: Absolutely! We have no other choice. We have already stepped out on the road. There is no turning back now.

Question: So my task now is to agree, accept this, and start moving smoothly, little by little, toward this connection, to start talking and thinking about it?

Answer: Exactly. Understand that everything that exists is integrally interconnected. And we must be mutually connected with each other and with the rest of nature. Until we can love each other so much that “the wolves will dwell with the sheep,” we will not achieve our mission.

In other words, we must lead all of nature to reciprocity and love where all in nature will only care for each other because people care for each other.

Question: Does everything start with people? Is this the top? As soon as a person reaches this state, everything will be settled?

Answer: Yes. If I go to integrality in nature, all of nature will become integral.

A person can already see it from the virus. And the virus won’t let us go so we don’t think we can get out of this business. We must go only to global integral interaction. There we will find a right, good, easy existence. Which means, here we need to reconstruct ourselves.

Question: In order for us to rebuild ourselves, a humane, loving nature can bring us to great pain?

Answer: We, as egoists, do not want to change. It seems to us that a humane and loving nature should accept us as we are. It has created us to be the opposite of our final, correct state, and brings us to it gradually, so that we learn and understand the difference between these states. And then we’ll be adults.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman.” 5/11/20

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