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My Thoughts On Twitter 7/9/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

When a person loses the desire for spirituality, he doesn’t understand that this comes from the Creator, on purpose, to give him the opportunity to go by faith above reason—and thus to rise to the spiritual degree. That is how freedom of choice emerges—to close your eyes and follow the path of justifying the Creator!

Where did the virus come from?
We are the sources of the virus.
When we are neglectful and rejecting of one another, we elicit negative forces in nature…

The remedy to all problems is to rise above all differences between us and unite. That is how we will attain the spiritual world. All the problems that are being revealed now and will be revealed in the future, are given only to obligate us to rise above our egoism.
But why wait for the suffering..?
#racism #Covid_19

Protests and pogroms in the United States will only worsen the situation of African Americans. Only coming closer can help. The United States, modern-day Babylon, and most importantly—its Jews, must set an example of how to come closer.
Otherwise they will be persecuted: blacks and whites will let their rage (egoism) out on the Jews!
#antisemitism #jews

The #coronavirus is an instrument by which nature pushes us toward the proper unification. It shows the consequences incurred through improper closeness, when we think only of ourselves. But if we start wearing protection masks not for ourselves, but to prevent infecting others, the virus will disappear!
From Twitter, 7/9/20

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“What Does It Mean To Love Your Neighbor As Yourself?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What does it mean to love your neighbor as yourself?

As much as we depict the extent of our love for ourselves, we need to love others to that same extent.

The more we develop, the more we perceive “love your neighbor as yourself” differently.

As the human ego, the attribute of self-love, constantly grows in each and every person, then the more we develop, the more we love ourselves.

Our self-love should then serve as an example for how we should love others.

The path to reaching “love your neighbor as yourself” is thus a path that has a necessary first stage, which is defined as “don’t do to others what you hate.” By exercising not doing to others what we hate, we gradually learn how to rise above the ego that separates us from each other, developing the quality of bestowal above our innate quality of reception, developing our readiness to reach the sublime state of “love your neighbor as yourself.”

In other words, “love your neighbor as yourself” is not merely a pleasant slogan, but a state of absolute positive connection above the ego, where we perceive and sense a completely different reality to the one we feel in our inborn ego.

Reaching such a state requires a surrounding society of people willing to support each other in order to achieve that goal. Otherwise, if there is a lack of agreement among anyone in such a society, where even one remains in the natural egoistic drive for self-love, it then harms everyone’s ability to achieve a common state of love.

“Are You Aware That Love Is All We Need?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Are you aware that love is all we need?

In an era when social division and hatred is soaring, and when authorities and human reasoning fail to contain the surging negative emotions, the world definitely needs a shift to a whole, inclusive and absolute form of love.

It is common to think of love as an illogical sensation that emerges seemingly out of thin air, and that there is no real reason to love each other.

However, the power of love is all that can bring us together upon our divisions, and guide us to a more positive world.

We are developing into times where we will feel on our flesh that love is a necessity, that without love, life will become increasingly painful, and with love, we will rise to a whole new harmonious dimension that we’ve never experienced before.

On The Threshold Of A New Formation: “Integral Society” Part 2

laitman_566.02Nature requires human society to be reorganized according to the principles of integration and rapprochement [establishment of harmonious relations] of people with each other. How will this affect the world of entrepreneurship? As a result, everyone should join in one common business around the globe as one humanity.

More than fifty years ago, we started talking about the butterfly effect, about universal dependence in a global integrated system. Fifty years ago, we did not want to make this change out of awareness and good will, and now we will have to do it involuntarily. We don’t want it and we don’t agree, but we have no choice. We will have to build unified public state economic and industrial systems in all sectors and all countries together.

The question arises: what practical steps should each business owner take to adapt it to the new integral law? The main problem is not how to execute the law, but who executes it. We should start by teaching all employees new relationships, connections, with each other as a single system, at least in the minimal way possible.

It is clear that integration is a multi-stage process, but it must begin. Therefore, we need to organize training courses for employees of each business. Everyone should know what the law of integration includes, where it comes from, what it requires of us, and why we are obliged to comply with it. Its implementation guarantees us great gains and success in general and in particular, that is, each in their personal life, and collectively in society and the whole world.

Those who can adapt themselves to the law of integration will be more successful in all the activities of this world. Gradually, everyone will have to come to this sooner or later.

Employees must understand that they depend on each other and are connected because they are in the same system. The success of an organization depends on how close employees are to reciprocating each other. This is understood even today, and much is being done to strengthen relationships in a team. But the main difference is that now this is done in order to increase one’s ability to compete, stomp on the opponent, and take his place.

In the integral world, we initially build such systems of relationships that everyone strives to be together, wants to help, and opens themselves to others. This approach guarantees their future success.

This is to the extent that if I see that another factory that produces the same product has managed to make it cheaper and better, then I shut down my entire manufacturing in order to help the competing company and the whole of humanity achieve the best results. I am guided by only one criterion: the benefit of humanity, the benefit of the consumer.

After all, why would I produce the same product and try to beat a competitor with all sorts of dirty ploys? I’d rather let the whole world enjoy the best product. I think about the benefits of the consumer, the benefits of the world, and in this I see my profit.

This is a real revolution, because until today, the business owner thought about how to break everyone and remain alone without competitors. And now, in order to succeed, he must take into account the law of integration, which turns around his way of thinking and forces him to care about the good of the consumer, the good of humanity. The concept of business changes radically.

I run my own business and know what is happening around the world in this field, I see who is producing the same product. We always give in to the one who is more successful and try to support and strengthen him. I act in the interest of the consumer, in the interest of the advancement of humanity, not in the interest of my personal pocket.

I can give my equipment to a competitor and help them in every way in order for them to succeed. And likewise in everything. This breaks the law of competition. Competition remains, but in a different form: whoever is better is whom we elevate. And all the others are included in him or disappear from the market altogether.

Businesspeople are always interested in the business perspective, that is, the answer to the question of what will be in demand tomorrow. What is most in demand in business right now is to sort out all the products produced by humanity, and remove everything that is not urgently needed. Closing unnecessary businesses is the most successful business.

The success of a business depends on good relationships between employees, not on equipment and skills. Professional training will take a back seat, giving way to human relationships. Within the relationships between people, we will begin to understand, feel, and discover how to do business more successfully. After all, success is determined only by our connections with each other.
From KabTV’s “A New Life,” 6/22/20

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“The Benefits Of Diversity” (Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “The Benefits of Diversity

It is written in the Mishnah (Sotah, 9:15) that at the end of days, hatred will soar. Judging by what is happening today, we’re nearing the end of days. Never has so much hatred been spewed on social media, newspapers, and television, and the wave only seems to crest ever higher. It’s not as if there are no quiet places anymore, but the zeitgeist is simply toxic. One word out of line—and it is super easy to cross the line—and you’re banned, excommunicated from the world.

The racial hatred and anti-racist protests we have seen lately are part of that murky tide. Like all waves, racism-driven riots will have their crests and troughs, but the trend is definitely toward a giant storm.

The hatred will not stop there. As hatred intensifies and spreads, fragments within each group will split from the main corps and form smaller camps that will fight against each other. Society will disintegrate and anarchy will reign. It is written in the Talmud (Sanhedrin 98b) that even the greatest sages would not want to live at the end of days.

Clearly, we are not there yet, but we are heading there. If we don’t reverse course, we’ll get there sooner than we realize.

The Role of Hatred

The problem is that we think that hatred is all bad and harmful. We’re trying not to hate but by doing so, we’re missing the chance to correct it until we face a more intense eruption of hatred.

Hatred is the dislike we feel toward anything that is not us. Our sense of uniqueness is deeply rooted in our psyche, but it is there for a good reason: We perceive only through opposites. If we didn’t grasp the sensation of darkness, we wouldn’t know that there is light. If we didn’t feel what cold is, we wouldn’t be able to feel warmth. Likewise, if we didn’t feel hate, we wouldn’t be able to feel love.

Therefore, when hatred surfaces, we shouldn’t try to stifle or deny it. Instead, we should make a conscious effort to increase our love for the object of our hatred to the point that it is bigger than the hatred that has surfaced. If all the parties involved in the manifestation of hatred participate in the effort, the result will be greater love than ever before. If not all parties take part, the whole process is hopeless.

If all parts of society engage in this endeavor, we will increase the love in our world to levels that we’ve never seen before, and it will be precisely because of the unprecedented level of hatred which forced us to forge a matching level of love. By denying the legitimacy of hate, we are denying the world of love, and sentence it to more intense manifestations of hate that will soon follow.

According to this paradigm, everything that we hate is actually a springboard to experiencing greater love. If today, the most intense hatred manifests between races, this is precisely where the new level of love should appear. However, this will only happen if both sides work together on increasing the love between them to the extent of the current hatred.

I realize this is a completely novel idea and contradicts most everything that we’ve been taught. But on the other hand, what we’ve been taught isn’t working anymore, so it’s time to try a new direction.

The idea is simple: The other person is different from me; I dislike the other person, and I want that person hurt or at least gone. This hatred is what is fueling all the violence we’ve seen in recent weeks and months. If we leave it at that, it’ll blow up the entire country. So instead of letting it fester and grow, we should all make conscious efforts to increase our love for one another, even though it’s clearly fake. Surprisingly, however, our efforts will bear fruit and we will find that we can love people who, a moment ago, we couldn’t stand.

It is a very practical paradigm; it demands courage and commitment, and it is the country’s only hope for avoiding complete meltdown.

“Does The Tree Of Life From The Bible Have Any Connection To The Tree Of Life Found In Kabbalah?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Does the tree of life from the Bible have any connection to the tree of life found in Kabbalah?

In the wisdom of Kabbalah, the Tree of Life describes a specific spiritual phenomenon.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is defined as a sequence of roots that hang down by way of cause and consequence, weaving to a single exalted goal: the person’s discovery of the upper light (the Creator).

The Tree of Life is that entire cause-and-effect chain. It is a formation that emanates from the upper light that fills reality, through a series of concealments that dim the light, down to the final filter of our world, where it continues acting through our entire universe.

As humans, the light guides our development: We first exist in this world to preserve ourselves like rocks, then grow like plants, move like animals, and finally, connect socially as human beings.

Toward the end of our development, we begin feeling the original upper light acting in our lives. It causes us to feel a certain kind of emptiness in the ways we have fulfilled ourselves up until today, surfacing existential questions within us.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, such a state marks the beginning of our ascent from this world up the Tree of Life, to our source.

The light continues guiding the development of this new desire that emerges. It also gives us opportunities to strengthen its influence upon us, so that we can accelerate our way up the Tree of Life.

The wisdom of Kabbalah details this process of spiritual awakening and how to navigate our ascent to our life’s source.

“How Long Does A Spiritual Awakening Take?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How long does a spiritual awakening take?

The length of time for each person’s spiritual awakening depends on the state of the collective system we are all parts of, which develops to an increasingly unified state, and how we are needed in that system.

A person is a small part of the collective system (called “the soul of Adam HaRishon” in the wisdom of Kabbalah). This system determines each person’s appearance in this world and development toward our final unified state.

Our initial spiritual awakening takes place involuntarily. We are given a desire for spirituality, called a “point in the heart,” which is expressed as questions about life’s meaning and purpose. Such questions lead us through different environments until we find one that provides us with a path to their fulfillment.

When on this path, we then need only do whatever is in our hands to do, and then the time it takes to receive further spiritual awakening no longer depends on us.

The spiritual path divides into stages of knowledge, understanding, and finally, attainment.

Attainment of spirituality in our senses takes the longest amount of time.

Spiritual attainment means not only understanding the system’s intelligence, but also completely internalizing all of its connections, working with it as a partner.

Reaching such a state means harmonizing with the collective system we are parts of, benefiting the system by contributing to its harmony, and discovering the root of our soul.

Coming Closer Together In The Modern World

laitman_275Question: What is required now of people all over the world?

Answer: To accept the system of the correct attitude to themselves and to nature—”love your neighbor as yourself” and create an absolutely complete, integral mutual connection between all people in the world.

As it is written, “…they shall beat their swords into plowshares…” Therefore, I hope that we will move toward this now. At least, according to Kabbalah, we live in a time, in an era, that will force us to come closer to each other and create a correct society.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/10/20

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Know The Root That Starts Our Lives

Laitman_198Question: What kind of force is pushing us to find the answer to the question “What is the meaning of life?” It would seem, enjoy everything, throw this garbage out of your head, and live a full life here and now. What constantly drives us to search?

Answer: It does not depend on you, but on the root of your soul.

In man, besides the desire to enjoy this world, this life, to be better than others, stronger, more respected, etc., there is one more small, but the most internal desire—to learn the meaning of life. After all, without comprehending it, everything else seems very small, temporary, and transient.

The desire to understand the meaning of life, to find out why a person is born is very good, but it must be realized. For this it is necessary to rise above life, because in life itself, in simple existence, there is no sense. And to rise higher, you need to master a special technique.

Question: What does “higher” mean? What is above life?

Answer: It’s root is where our life starts, where it is controlled, where all the signals come to us, and where the signals from our world come.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/24/20

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