Rise Above The Old Values

laitman_962.2Question: In the times before the virus, the main values of a person were family, earning money, maybe having a small business, not to mention a large one, etc. And now, when people are slowly beginning to come out of self-isolation, it is unclear what to do. Many businesses will not recover, there will be no tourism, planes aren’t flying.

How can a person live? By what values will the world exist after the crisis?

Answer: I think that a person, on the contrary, will have real values. All the flights around the planet, running around on sales and other unnecessary activities for which you only work, earn pennies, and spend, while someone else is profiting from you, making billions, and in general doing nothing with it—all this will come to some kind of averaging. If not completely, then at least it will fall to some normal level, “deflate,” as they say.

Therefore, a person, first of all, will look for values in their life. Will ask what you live for and try to find the answer, which is already valuable. I believe we are on the right track.

Then it all depends on people so as not to succumb to deception and some promotions, which they are spurred on by fools and the nouveau riche who do not see any value in life except adding another billion to their bank account, and then another billion. I hope that people will start looking for something higher.

And high values are not inside our life, but above it. What is there to look for in it, if it ends? Moreover, we see there is no happiness in life. We need something different, more powerful, eternal, and perfect. To the extent that a person can grasp the whole of this life and what is beyond it, he must give an answer to the question: “What is this life for?”

If we would care only for our physical existence, like animals who see nothing more, then we would provide for ourselves instinctively and would be satisfied with it. That would be enough.

But if we look a little higher, without wanting to lock ourselves in the narrow confines of our world from birth to death and no more, then we need to answer the question: “What is life itself given for?” Where is the answer to quench the thirst of searching for the meaning of existence?

Nature doesn’t do anything for nothing. And if the question of non-biological existence arises in us, in our biological life, then we can and must find the answer to it.

There are people in whom this appears as an urgent demand, and there are those who still have to develop until they ask this question; they cannot push it away from themselves and will have to find an answer to it. It’s not easy. But still, the very fact of generating this question, which occurs in us at the call of nature—is a great thing.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/17/20

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