What Will The Post-Coronavirus World Be Like?

laitman_229The coronavirus is here to stay. The other day, the Governor of the State of New York expressed concern that we may never see the number of cases of coronavirus infection go to zero.

In addition, the South Korean center for disease control warns of the danger of re-infection of those who have already had the virus.

But on the other hand, the Jerusalem Post reported that the antiviral vaccine could be put into production in three months at a small factory in northern Israel. This raises two questions. If we can quickly get out of quarantine and return to our previous way of lives, all the positive lessons learned from the pandemic will be quickly forgotten. On the other hand, if a cure or a vaccine is not found in
the near future, what will it be like to live in permanent isolation?

I think that we will get used to living in a new world, completely different from the one that was before. We will change many of our occupations and get used to being at home more, working over the Internet. Many businesses will go bankrupt and will not be restored, since there was no need for them.

In a few months, when the first wave of the pandemic subsides and restrictions begin to ease, we will gradually return to normal life. But it will be a different life, not the same as before the virus: We will become different, and so will our activities.

I am sure that we will live in a new world and be different people. This life will be better than the old one. We will begin to value peace more than running from one end of the world to the other.

We will start thinking about the meaning of life, about its purpose, and want to explore why we live, what the outcome of our exhausting work is? Why did we rush from one country to another: just in order to eat in all the restaurants and look at someone else’s culture? What was the benefit of all this? It was just global insanity, and it was difficult to resist and not run after everyone.

I think that there is no return to the past, and a new life is waiting for us, more calm, internal, and people’s attitudes will change. The post-coronavirus world will be different! Out of all the fulfillments, friendships will be the most valued, as through the closer connection between people we create an integral force, an integral mind, concentration, and desire.

When many people are united into one person: big, wise, and strong, we begin to discover nature in a new way, as if instead of our senses, we get new, thousand-times more sensitive, one million-times wiser minds. We will begin to see reality more internally and deeply. And everyone will have all this attainment. This is how people will live in tomorrow’s world.
From KabTV’s “Global Perspectives,” 4/10/20

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