Connections Of Egoists Are Doomed To Fail

Laitman_115.05Remark: On one hand, nature, the upper mind, created egoism that is constantly dividing and differentiating us. If there were no egoism, there would be no diversity in nature.

My Comment: This is not the diversity of egoism, but the diversity of desires. The ego is not just a desire, but rather a desire to subjugate everything that surrounds us.

Question: On the other hand, nature has a quality to bestow, to create integral systems, to connect. In cosmology, this is called the grand unification period when all the elementary particles began to connect.

In the same way, people were subjected to the process of forcible connection into empires, nationalities, and so on. Today we are connected by religion, economy, and information. Why do you constantly oppose connection on this basis?

Answer: Such rapprochement does not imply the correction of egoism. Connections of egoists will anyway lead to the fact that people begin to fight, quarrel, and want to kill each other.

Any connection based on egoistic grounds without prior correction of the nature of egoists as participants is a priori doomed to fail. In the end, it will lead to an explosion between them, to war, to mutual destruction, and it is better to avoid it.

Question: But this does not depend on people. How can they know the upper plan of nature?

Answer: I will explain it to them. I have met with some of the leaders of the European community and they have a completely different intention, a different goal of connection.

Question: You are saying that we need to connect in order to feel a qualitatively higher reality, a new life. How can a person accept such information?

Answer: In no way. But gradually, we will be forced to. This is why we have such problems as wars, all kinds of disasters, cataclysms, economic shocks, the coronavirus, and so on.

Gradually, humanity anyhow is accumulating experience of what is happening to it. This is where knowledge comes from. You receive a blow, you do nothing; the second blow, you react differently; the third one, you start to see a system in this; the fourth one, you start to ask, “Where from? Why? Why do I need these blows?” Slowly, humanity is learning. After all, it is developing.

Question: Does it mean that after all these cataclysms, there will nevertheless be internal changes in humanity?

Answer: Certainly. The only question is whether the changes will happen in a good way through awareness, the use of reason, and some kind of good forces, which, in principle, we can develop in ourselves on the basis of possible catastrophes, or we will have to learn through the blows of fate, by the stick to happiness.

Remark: When you began studying 40 years ago, you were also told that there is a system to which you need to come by becoming similar to it in qualities. You also did not immediately believe it, you began to check, and it took some time.

My Comment: Yes. It took years. But this is how it was before. Today everything passes very fast over every person. We are approaching a state when all the processes are accelerating and we need to decide quickly in which way we should move forward.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/2/20

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