Nature Separates Egoists

Laitman_115.05Question: Today everybody has all the information about what is happening in the world. It was not like this before. Some 30 to 40 years ago we had no way of knowing, to the smallest detail, what was going on in any other country.

Besides, there was never such a thing as a universal quarantine . Everybody is sitting at home now or will be sitting there soon. There are countries where people cannot go out at all, they are fined for it.

What is special about the fact that nature disconnects us?

Answer: This is very good. Nature disconnects egoists to keep them away from each other. That is how we usually disperse a group of teenagers who violate public order because together, they only heat each other up, instigate each other, make noise, and do all kids of stupid things. And separately, they calm down.

It is the same here: The world disengages, egoists forcibly distance themselves from each other, and everything calms down. We see this with ecology in what is happening with the world today. The air clears, everything becomes calmer, smoother. Nature gets rid of the human impact, since people are the rudest egoists, violators of harmony. Then, everything becomes beautiful and good.
From KabTv’s: “The Corona Virus is Changing the World,” 3/19/20

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