Re-Evaluating Reality

laitman_292Question: Over the course of history, there have been many outbreaks of various epidemics in the world, but we have never seen anything quite similar to what is happening now. What is so special about the current pandemic for you as a Kabbalist?

Answer: The current pandemic is special because of the completely different reaction of the people than before. In the past, we weren’t worried about it; what’s the big deal: avian flu, swine flu. Someone has the flu, so be it.

Every year a couple of million people die from various viruses in the world. So what? Nothing is wrong with that. An epidemic comes and we go on with our usual business. We bear children, raise them, get old, and die from the flu or not, it does not matter.

And suddenly, 400 people got sick in the country and the entire world stands up, not knowing what to do.

I think it’s not about the flu or the coronavirus, Rather, humanity underwent a certain inner re-evaluation of reality. Although we don’t feel it, this is exactly what makes us relate to these phenomena differently.

Think about it: If we take a look at the Earth from the side, and 1,000 people died there, would that justify stopping all production, locking everybody at home, forbidding them to go out on the streets, and leaving them not knowing if there will be food on the table in a month or two? What is happening?

Remark: The pandemic is taking over the entire world, and it has never felt so global before.

My Response: There is a sense of globality in the world. Kabbalists talked about it a long time ago. Kabbalah has always linked our time with the entrance into a new era. And the world feels this. Globalism, in particular, confers a special perception on the world.
From KabTV’s: “The Coronavirus Is Changing the World” 3/19/20

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