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Does Soccer Have a Spiritual Root?

How Do You Avoid Becoming Relaxed On the Path?Two questions I received on soccer and Kabbalah:

Question: Soccer draws the attention of many people. What is its spiritual root? I heard that you once drove by a soccer field with Rabash, and he said that it is a special place because it brings joy and pleasure to people. Soccer is full of corporeal, egoistic desires of the fans. What kind of ascent did Rabash see in this place? Maybe his words were a joke or a parable, or is there really a spiritual root to soccer?

My Answer: What’s important is not the game of soccer, but that a person receives pleasure from life. And this pleasure, of course, comes from the Creator. There are many parables like this.

If a person’s point in the heart – the yearning for the Creator – hasn’t surfaced yet, then he exists in exile from spirituality,even without being aware of it. As long as he is in this state, he enjoys the small pleasures of this world, called “a weak glow.”

Here we are talking about people who are not yet ready for spiritual work. The Light gathers people together and gives them some contentment – and hence it is a special place. By being there, they don’t harm anyone, but on the contrary – unite with each other.

Question: What if I want to be a soccer player and a Kabbalist at the same time?

My Answer: Give it a try!

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