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Man In An Interconnected World, Part 5

Laitman_718.04Nature Is a Strict Teacher

Question: Baal HaSulam writes that the blows of nature occur precisely and in accordance with the level of development of society. That is, as society develops, nature corrects us.

How does the current correction differ from those viruses and cataclysms of 100 years ago?

Answer: In accordance with our development, we get more and more blows from nature. It seems to us that nature is punishing us. But this is not true. It teaches us, shows us at what level and to what extent we are mistaken. We deviate from the striving to integrate between each other and uniting with the global picture of nature.

It turns out that we are, in general, unteachable, clueless participants of nature. We don’t understand what we should do. Or we understand, but we don’t want to hear it.

As a result, nature always points a finger at us, pokes our nose at our mistakes, and we don’t seem to see them. It turns out that the most successful among us seem to be those who notice these mistakes less, who do not care about the inconsistencies of a person with the world around them. They do everything in their own way, and at the same time, in the understanding of others, they are considered the most successful.

Comment: But nature still pushes us toward partnership, cooperation, solidarity. We see that when some cataclysms occur, people begin to treat one another more sensitively and gently.

My Response: Not because they realize something, but out of necessity. And as soon as the threatening state passes, they immediately return to the stand against each other.

Question: How can nature lead us to solidarity, to sensitive relationships, if blows don’t help? What’s the point of them?

Answer: Nature leads us nevertheless to see how integral it is and to feel, by analogy with itself, how integral we should be.

Question: So, nature still requires us as human beings, as the crown of creation, to recognize this on our own and to want to connect with each other sensitively?

Answer: Yes. In order to unite at the highest level, we create a system in which we feel all the internal, driving force of nature and become the same as it: eternal, perfect, and attain everything.

Question: So there should be some kind of reset of values in society?

Answer: Of course. In each and every one.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/16/20

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laitman_760.1The Element of Freedom in the Rigid Program of Nature

Question: According to Baal HaSulam, the law of mutual guarantee is the basis for the interaction of all living organisms and is built on the balance between reception and bestowal.

Moreover, the law of reception is that each member of society tries to get everything he needs to live in the way his individual, egoistic system requires. And the law of bestowal is that each person cares about the welfare of the entire society.

If a person does not observe the law of bestowal, then he is hit by disasters and problems sent to him by nature. How can a person observe this law?

Answer: How to observe is one problem. And the fact that a person is obliged to observe this law follows from the image of nature that is revealed to us.

We see in front of us an absolutely integral picture: one single nature in which man is included with all his egoisms, scientific and anti-scientific “isms.” It turns out that we can not dodge and escape from the integral picture of nature. Whether we want it or not, we are inside this system and cannot exist outside of it.

This system is constantly evolving: from the inanimate level for hundreds of thousands of years, to the vegetative level for tens of thousands of years, to the animate level for thousands of years, and at the human level for literally decades. In other words, the higher nature is organized, the faster the stages of development occur in it.

The only question is when do we begin to discover ourselves in this system? We see that we are opposed to it for a very simple reason. We are not instinctively involved in nature because it affects us with the element of freedom.

We can agree or disagree with the way nature works on us, and to this extent, we determine our fate. It turns out that we are unhappy people. Nature is given to us, we can live in it, work, reproduce, create anything imaginable—unlike animals—on the next, conscious level. And we do not know what to do with it.

We create everything based on our natural egoistic nature, acting to the detriment of others and ostensibly for the benefit of ourselves. We do not understand that integral nature forces us to become different. For the benefit of oneself means for the benefit of others.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/16/20

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laitman_929Humanity Is a Single Organism

Question: We live in an interconnected world, and this connection manifests itself at all levels. Everyone knows such phenomena as the butterfly effect, the domino effect, collective intelligence, the wisdom of the crowd, etc.

There is even a discipline called “crowdsourcing,” using the wisdom of the crowd to solve all sorts of problems. It defines that interconnection as a state of mutual responsibility, dependence on each other of someone or something, a relationship in which neither party can do without the other.

In Kabbalah, this law of mutual guarantee was described 3,000 years ago. What is this law?

Answer: Mutual guarantee (Arvut) is when we all represent one unified integrated system.

We are not talking yet about all the people of the earth, but, in principle, nature moves us to realize that we are fully integrally interconnected. Therefore, we must change in our attitude to each other, in our attention and mutual assistance, so that we are an absolutely united single organism. A body!

This means that just as I take care of my body and instinctively wish for the best for it, I must take the same part in nature and strive for everyone to reach the same level.
From KabTV’s “The Age of Post-Coronavirus,” 4/16/20

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No Loss, Only Gain

laitman_255Question: If we achieve mutual guarantee in a society and similarity of form with the Creator, will we not lose our freedom as individuals in such a society?

Answer: We will not lose anything because along the way we will see that we are absolutely not free. We are ruled by our egoism without it asking us anything, and it forces us to act as it wishes at any given time.

But if we realize that it is egoism that rules us, and rise above it, we can control it and by that control ourselves, our destiny.

And most importantly, we will begin to feel that we are not living in an egoistic animal body, but above it, and thus we will feel that we exist forever in a perfect space. We must come to this while we are still in this world. As it is said: “May you see your world in your lifetime.”

This is the role of Kabbalah—to give man the opportunity to rise above the animal nature to the human level. And man is someone who lives forever, outside of time. Time exists only in inanimate, vegetative, and animal organisms, but in the level of Adam there is no time. There, just like according to Einstein, everything goes into another dimension.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/19/20

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3,000 Year Journey

laitman_600.04Question: 3,000 years ago, people discovered the law of mutual guarantee: love your neighbor. It was already written about it back then. This is the same law that exists at the level of elementary particles.

How is it that we have known this law for thousands of years, but it does not help us? We still cannot balance our egoism in any way, can we?

Answer: But this law is against our nature. Our nature seeks to exalt itself, to subjugate all to itself, to absorb everything in itself, without giving anything to anyone, without considering anyone. This is the law of egoism that exists in every person.

I am not just like animals, dragging some carcass for myself and not sharing it with anyone. I want to subjugate everyone, so that everyone will be my slaves, groveling before me. I want absolute power over the whole world. If someone thinks that this is not the case, they simply do not know themselves well.

Question: If a few thousand years ago people already knew that love will cover all sins and did not achieve this, is it that perhaps thousands of years must pass before we come to this?

Answer: Perhaps. I am not saying that it should end today. But we are coming to this. We are moving toward the realization of the evil that we cannot live within our nature. By this, we are killing ourselves and endangering life on Earth. We must somehow raise ourselves above our egoism, above our instincts, and come to integral interaction.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/16/20

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“How Practical Is Mutual Responsibility?” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “How Practical Is Mutual Responsibility?

Not long ago, a comment on one of my posts stated that adapting society to the harmonious and integral nature we live in is impractical. At the moment, it is indeed impractical since people see no reason to be harmonious with others. For as long as we can, our self-centered nature will try to maintain its self-centered mindset.

But reality has changed, and the sooner we realize it, the better for all of us. The virus will force us to think about each other. Each of us can transmit it to everyone around us. Even if we aren’t sick, it doesn’t mean we’re not carriers, and therefore should be careful not to transmit it to others. In this way, the virus is teaching us to think about each other, to be considerate, even if not of our own volition or affection to others.

Since the virus isn’t going away in the foreseeable future, we will have to adopt the approach of mutual responsibility. Inadvertently, we will find ourselves in a society that abides by different rules: rules of a harmonious, integral society. We will simply have no choice; our lives will depend on it.

It may be a few months or a few years from now, but a society of mutual responsibility and solidarity will not only be practical and realistic, it will be the only option for humanity since it will be the only way to deal successfully with COVID-19 or with all the crises down the road.

Mutual Guarantee—Now And Forever

laitman_275The life we see outside the window is a reflection of our inner connection with one another. Violent demonstrations in American cities protesting against racism and a new wave of coronavirus around the world, is all due to our inaction and our unwillingness to correct our attitudes toward each other.

The coronavirus burst into our lives and declares, “You are all in an integral connection. You are standing together in front of Mount Sinai. If you do not unite with each other and do not ask the higher power to correct you, then this will be the place of your burial.”

The coronavirus is designed to show us how much we depend on one another. This dependence is called “mutual guarantee” which means that I should not think about how to protect myself from the coronavirus, but how to protect others from illness due to my kind and correct attitude toward them.

And what is happening now? Now, as a genuine egoist, I say that am tired of sitting at home in quarantine, I want to go outside and have fun, go to a restaurant, cafe, park, and the seashore. I want this! And I do not think about others; there is absolutely no mutual guarantee between us. Others are not considered by me at all; I do what is best for me.

If I was sure that everyone else were healthy and that I was the only sick one, I would carelessly walk around everyone with my infection. I would know that no one would infect me and I would let others become infected; what do I care about them? And this is exactly what is happening in human society in America, in Israel, in Europe, and everywhere. Everyone thinks only of himself; there is no sense of responsibility for one another.

We will begin to take the right path only when we sit at home without sticking our noses out because we are afraid of infecting others and are not thinking about ourselves. The coronavirus will lead us to such change and will not disappear until the change happens. The virus will make us think about how not to harm our neighbor. I will be afraid to harm others and therefore will prefer to stay at home.

The coronavirus should give us the feeling that we are living in an integral world where you can be healthy only under the condition of mutual guarantee. This is not everything, but it is the very first and necessary thing to start the correction.

And then I will no longer need any restrictions like closed borders between countries, a mandatory distance of two meters, or a mask; no one will have to be obligated to do anything. After all, everyone will take care of others and try to do everything so that others would remain healthy.

We need to look deeper into the essence of this virus because it reveals to us, not the biological disease in us, but our spiritual condition: the relationships between us and the lack of guarantee for one another. And in order to maintain such a guarantee and mutual care, we need the upper light.

Therefore, the coronavirus has come to us from above and has awakened us so that we will turn our attention upward and ask for the upper light that will correct us and give us a sense of responsibility for one another, which we do not have. Then I will worry about others so as not to harm them, but rather to be useful to them.

Mutual guarantee is the most difficult of all efforts because it is our main correction. I have to think about others, get involved in their lives, take care of them, feel their desires, and understand how to help them get closer to adhering to the Creator, how to merge with the upper force.

These are very high concepts related to the correction of the broken soul of Adam HaRishon. But we are approaching them day by day in understanding and in feeling.

The health of people depends on their unity and mutual guarantee. Everyone is the guarantor of their neighbor’s health and ensures that everyone is healthy. In this way, we will get rid of the coronavirus because, by doing this, we will act toward unification, mutual guarantee, and the construction of a common integral vessel.

We will take such a step when everyone will worry, not about getting infected with the virus themselves, but about not transmitting the virus to others. That is, the direction of thought should be the other way around and the reasoning should be opposite as well.

Mutual guarantee means that I cannot think about myself because everyone else thinks about me. And I would have to think about them, about the ten. And so we will all be in mutual guarantee, gradually expanding it to the whole world, and the Creator will be between us and correct us.

The guarantee is accepted together, now and forever. A guarantee, by its nature, cannot exist if there are restrictions because it is based on love. And love is not compatible with limitations.

Our well-being depends on mutual guarantee because this is the basic law of the corrected system. In order to be healthy, a person needs to be in a body whose parts are correctly connected to one another. And the correct connection between all parts of human society is mutual guarantee in which everyone thinks about everyone and does good to everyone. And so we need to collect all of our broken parts and connect them into one healthy body.

And when a kind connection and guarantee between all the organs arises in this perfect body, we will feel life in this body, not today’s sick existence where the whole body is cut and fragmented, but real life where the upper light circulates throughout our body and fills every part of us. This means we must attain correction as well as eternal and perfect life.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/30/20

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Corona Mutual Responsibility

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/6/20

The coronavirus imposes on us social behaviors we aren’t used to and don’t welcome; it imposes mutual responsibility. In fact, the virus initiated a new phase in our development, and every new phase is better and more evolved than its predecessor; it is another step in the advancement of humanity toward unity and cohesion.

For the most part, we inherently object to changes and prefer to stay in the complacent known. This dissonance we feel between where we want to stay and where reality is pulling us feels painful and intimidating, but the biggest mistake we make as individuals, societies, and governments is to deny the arrival of the new phase and try to force reality to stay where it was. It won’t. Today, if we want to be happy, secure, and even healthy, we must embrace unity and mutual responsibility among all factions of society. The sooner we begin, the easier it will be for us to shift our mindsets from “me” to “we,” and ultimately to “one.”

(Image: NY: Thank You To Health Care Workers Set Up In Elmhurst)

Coronavirus—Nature’s Boomerang

laitman_269Mutual guarantee is a concept familiar to everyone since childhood. We have always been taught that we need to support each other, otherwise we will be lost. But today, mutual guarantee, connection between people, is becoming an unusually enhanced and relevant topic.

The coronavirus epidemic that has swept the world, gives us the opportunity to learn something new about our lives and relationships in the global world. On the other hand, it shows us what power each, even the smallest element of nature, possesses. The world seems so huge, but suddenly it turns out that a tiny virus can plunge it into chaos and darkness.

This shows us what personal responsibility each of us bears before the world in our time so as not to be a pest in it and not to infect others. Think, some simple trader from a Chinese market has made such dramatic changes in the world. This shows the power each of us possess in the global world, and what responsibility lies on each in relation to everyone.

There is a simple law in the science of Kabbalah: The general and the particular are equal. The general is only a collection of private elements, and therefore it depends on each of them. It is impossible to pull even the single smallest element out from the general without destroying the general. Without one particle, it will be flawed because it lacks this part.

Therefore, we look at coronavirus and do not understand how such a microscopic particle has managed to create so many troubles in the world? But in fact, the virus shows us what damage we have done in the entire system at the biological level, the highest level of nature. Above it there are only thoughts and intentions of people.

We must understand that everything starts with the head. Therefore, if there is a breakdown within the biological system, then it is a consequence of a malfunction in the system of thought and desire that are above the biological level. It should be clarified what kind of problems there are in the relationship within a person, with others, with humanity in general, which creates such distortions as viruses at the biological level.

Apparently, there is a problem in our relationships: they are not integral. We have already violated all laws of the integral nature and disallow its normal existence. Therefore, the destruction that we create in nature, where everything must be connected and harmonious, has become so significant that it hit everyone in the form of a virus.

The epidemic really affects everyone because we live in an integral world. And therefore, it doesn’t matter who lives where—everyone has suffered, whether it be a Chinese peasant, a stockbroker in Hong Kong, or an American because we are in a common, connected system.

Once we lived more isolated and depended only on our local area because the world was not global. But today’s world is so integrated that any Chinese village is linked along a chain through a network of trade relations with all of humanity. We are used to the fact that the fate of the world is managed by governments, and suddenly the reins are at the disposal of a tiny virus.

We are all parts of one integrated system called “Adam,” human being, and we depend on each other without exception. And if this system is increasingly showing our dependence and obliging us to improve it, then let’s learn how to fit in this system, or it will be bad for us. Otherwise, new deadly viruses will be revealed every day.

The system indicates that we are required to connect with each other through positive connections. But we need to find out what “positive” means because our egoism considers only that which is beneficial for it to be positive.

In order to find out what is really positive, we need to study the whole system, and then each and everyone together to act to maintain its integrity. Apart from this, nothing is required, only to take care of others, as of oneself.

Between us there must be a global, mutual guarantee, which is higher than any separation and personal goals. Mutual care, positive connection among us is above all, and it must determine all existing individual bonds between us. Mutual guarantee is the highest law in nature, existing only in nature . All other laws and forms of behavior are derived from it.

Thanks to the coronavirus, the law of mutual guarantee is now being disclosed worldwide. Nature decided to show us who we are and how opposite to it we are.

Maybe during this crisis, we will learn what should be done to become an integral part of nature. Having fulfilled the law of mutual guarantee, we humans will bring nature into balance. Achieving complete balance and harmony of the forces of nature is a true paradise.
From Kab TV’s “New Life #1212,” 3/10/20

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Quarantine—The First Step Toward Overcoming The Crisis

laitman_597.01Global mutual responsibility is the law for all elements, connected in one system. This law obligates everyone to know how he or she should relate to the system in order to bring it into equilibrium, to perfect mutual relationships between all parts.

And of course, we are unable to even grasp this law, and more so, to fulfill it. I cannot make such a commitment because if I do not fulfill my function in the integrated system, then all of it will go out of balance and I will be the one to blame.

Everyone will feel that I have violated the perfection of the system. It turns out that each element is equivalent to the whole system in general, and this is a terrible responsibility. Everyone is responsible for the whole world. Therefore, it is said: “It is better sit and do nothing.”

So now people were asked to quarantine themselves, to not go out anywhere, fly, or come in contact with anyone. So what needs to be done?

We need to study that we are in an integral and global system where the law of mutual responsibility, that is, mutual dependence, operates, and how we can invert this dependence from obligatory into desirable. We want to be connected, not because nature obliges us, but because we ourselves start revealing how good it is to be in touch.

It is just heavenly life—to unite together into one perfect unity and begin to feel the perfection of nature. Then we will feel all parts of nature from the most distant stars to such forms of life that we do not know now. A man can become an exalted creator of perfection.

The first step in overcoming the crisis is quarantine, that is, “sit and do nothing,” just learn. Humanity’s problem is that we begin to act even before we understand what we are doing. While we are in quarantine, we have time to think: in what world do we exist, who are we, and what is the system of nature in which we live, as well as how do we depend on the system of nature and it depends on us?

How do we, through our relationships with each other, influence the global system of nature: inanimate matter, plants, animals, and humans, and how does nature react to our actions? As such, we will begin to learn how to build a beautiful home for everyone—not just comfortable, but eternal and perfect, above this biological life and death, at a higher level.

By correcting the connection between us, we rise to an infinite system, unlimited in time. We begin to live in a world in which death does not exist and there are no restrictions, only unlimited attainment and existence. Now we get the opportunity to come to such a life.

First of all, we need to study the global system of nature and our role in it and how we can get organized among ourselves in order to connect to this global system of nature. After all, each of us is an egoist, the opposite of nature. And how can I adapt myself to the system of nature, which is all integral and exists according to the law of mutual responsibility, connection, love, and mutual complementarity if I have been built with the exact opposite qualities?

This is where the wisdom of Kabbalah comes to our aid; it teaches us egoists how to build a connection between us similar to the integral system of nature. This is called the “ten” in which ten people come together to establish relationships that are consistent with the system of nature.

The human ego has always tried to adapt the whole world to its needs. But that time is over. The epidemic revolutionized consciousness in the world, and we began to understand that we could not use everything only for our own benefit, but we should look for how to become useful for the whole system.

Ten people are like a small laboratory where we try to develop an antivirus by agreeing to establish the same laws between us as the ones that operate in a perfect nature, integral and global, that is, in mutual bestowal. Everyone lowers himself and raises others above himself, building relationships that are higher than everyone’s personal egoism. This will serve as a vaccine against the virus.

Thus, new groups will arise until all of humanity receives an anti-virus vaccine, and we will return everyone to behavior that corresponds to a healthy nature. This will be a new human, because he will perceive the desire of the nine friends as his own and take care of them more than taking care of himself.

To this extent, he will receive support from the integral law of nature, which will turn him into its integral part. The law of mutual guarantee obliges a person to be connected with the whole system above his egoism.

Nature made man the greatest egoist of all creatures. But the global nature of this crisis wants to show us that it has already been waiting to make us its inextricable parts. It is as if nature is telling us: “I am ready now to include you inside myself as integral elements.”

And this is despite the fact that each of us is created anti-integral and wants only to rule and use others. Nature has made us inverse to itself, so that we compare the negative and positive states and appreciate the “advantage of light from darkness.” We will then be able to feel and realize the integral, perfect state and want to achieve it. Otherwise, we would not understand where we are.

Nature originally installed a selfish program in us, which now stops working. We need to understand that a selfish program is incompatible with a global and connected world.

The crisis is pushing us to agree to connect with others and fulfill the integral law of nature. We need to install in ourselves a new, improved mutual guarantee program—the only program that exists in nature.

This program works in everything except the human, only we cannot perceive it with our spoiled, selfish mind. We judge the world based on our shortcomings, and therefore, see it as spoiled. But as soon as we begin to correct ourselves and want to become an integral part of nature, we will see a completely different world and realize that it has always been like that, only we did not notice it.

The law of mutual guarantee states that we all belong to one system and are obliged to feel like gears of one mechanism where everyone depends on everyone. By this we will provide ourselves with eternal, perfect, beautiful life. Nothing more is needed, and the crisis created by the coronavirus epidemic brings us closer to this. Let’s wish us all success in its proper resolution.
From KabTV’s “New Life #1212 —Mutual Responsibility,” 3/10/20

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