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Friendly Relations

938.07Question: What relationship should there be between friends in a Kabbalistic group?

Answer: Relationships between friends in a group are very complicated. Everyone should give others full confidence that he or she loves them, cares about them, and that a friend in his arms is like a baby in its mother’s arms.

By giving such a feeling, it is as if I impose the feeling of the upper state on him, when he can think about others and not about himself. You disarm him, neutralize his ego, and he will inevitably think about others. He will not be able to think about himself because you have neutralized him. You gave him the feeling that you would provide him with everything he would ever need. Then he can go to the spiritual world.

Can you imagine how dependent we are on each other? This is a mutual guarantee. It is not that I think about it, feel it, and measure it, but my friends, with their thoughts and concerns about me, put me in such a state.

I cannot do anything, I involuntarily move into bestowing and into exiting myself because I have nothing to do inside myself. Just nothing! They took it all away from me and it is as if I said: “Do not worry about yourself; this is all on us.” Then I have no choice, I start thinking externally: How can I through them do the same with the Creator?
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Motherly Care” 12/31/12

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Mutual Guarantee Is a Lifeline

943All the forces of connection that existed in Adam HaRishon before the shattering should be revealed in our time in a negative form, in the form of separation, confrontation, hatred, and rejection. And we must gradually fix it all.

People who have a tendency to correct the world come to study the science of Kabbalah because a “point in the heart” awakens in them, a spark of unity. Thus they begin to learn how to fix the shattering.

This is a long and difficult job although we are already in its final stages. We will see how the aspiration for correction and connection will begin to unfold day by day and it will become clear to everyone in the world that it is urgently needed.

This realization will come at the expense of wars and all kinds of problems, the global crisis, which is now approaching in all forms. And all this is so that we understand that connection between us is a panacea for all problems.

We are in a closed circular system where everyone is connected to everyone. Therefore through our good and bad actions, corrections or damage, we cause changes in the entire system relative to each of its elements.

Therefore I must see salvation in the guarantee—personal, general, global, and in all spheres, in the economy, in health care, balance in nature, ecology—salvation through the guarantee in absolutely everything. Do not wait for more severe blows; those that exist today are enough to see that a tsunami is moving toward us which can wash us all off the face of the earth.

By the force of our connection we can stop this tsunami wave and prevent it from approaching. Only our unity can serve as a shield against all these storm waves that threaten to hit us. Nature—meaning, the upper force, the Creator—is already preparing all kinds of arguments for us to prove that it is worth bending down and accepting the force of the upper governance.

And in fact it is not that hard to accomplish. After all, the forces of connection and integral nature are the most powerful and common forces that can really save us from all problems. We just have to try to perceive nature as one force, as the only thing that works.

We see that in this world everything depends on a person. And in the spiritual worlds, everything depends on a spiritual person, which means on the ten, on a group of Kabbalists who are imbued with world problems, who absorb all the inhabitants of this world, and become that maternal womb from which they will be born already at a new spiritual degree and from which a new corrected world will be born.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/11/22, “Arvut on the Way to Lishma

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The Key for Correcting the World

935Life in the corporeal world constantly gives us difficult problems, pushes us away from spirituality, and undermines the importance of connection with the friends. But someday we will reveal how much all this shattering contributes to correction.

All the states that we reveal are given to us only for the sake of those actions that we need to arrange, combine, and correct. By doing this, we eventually establish ourselves in the very center of creation as a force that raises prayer and leads to correction.

The higher the Kli was before the shattering, the lower it fell after it. Therefore when we correct the Kelim, we start with the lightest and end with the heaviest ones, and we return the entire creation to move in the opposite direction. What fell down, rises up. By correcting ourselves in this way, we correct the entire creation.

It turns out that we humans include within ourselves all inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature that exist in creation, and also all people. If we, the greatest egoists, correct ourselves, then through this all the rest of the people will be corrected.

People who have received the yearning to correct egoistic desire are responsible for correcting the entire world. After all, if we correct ourselves, then this desire for correction will be transmitted to everyone else. We have the key to correcting the world.

By establishing the mutual guarantee between us, we will contribute to establishing world peace. After all, our desire to connect together in our state, at our degree of the last generation, affects all of reality, the whole of humanity, the entire universe, and all galaxies. This brings the forces of nature into balance at all degrees and levels, and of course, we should see the consequences of this balance of nature.

If we connect at our own degree, it means that all the degrees below us will also connect through the same forces and the same relationships as we do.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/11/22, “Arvut on the Way to Lishma

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Mutual Guarantee: A Guiding Beacon

936Mutual guarantee is the interconnection of everyone in everyone to the point where it is impossible to make even the slightest movement independently of others. Any movement is transmitted to everyone else, depends on everyone, and is implemented by everyone together.

Thus, due to separate, discrete actions, we come to an integral, indissoluble movement of the entire system. This is mutual guarantee.

Mutual guarantee is our cherished goal, a guiding beacon, to which we are constantly moving with the help of actions to unite in the ten and actions to annul ourselves in front of our friends. The goal of all these actions is to eventually lead us to a unity in which everyone does not exist separately. We dissolve into each other to such an extent that we turn into a homogeneous liquid in which not a single drop differs from another, but all merge into one big drop.

Mutual guarantee means that we have reached such a power of connection that I no longer separate myself from others because we are turning into one person again. Moreover, one person after this correction is no longer the Adam who was before the shattering.

That original Adam consisted of different parts: head, body, legs (Rosh – Toch – Sof), male and female parts. And after correction, it is Adam, like (Domeh) the Creator, because there is no division into Rosh – Toch – Sof, no division into any parts, but rather he is as one whole.

When we want to achieve such a connection between friends, we find out that it is impossible to realize a mutual guarantee between us without the Creator. And then we turn to Him and oblige Him to become the guarantor of our mutual guarantee.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/11/22, “Arvut on the Way to Lishma

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Thoughts and Desires Bind Together

565.02All the problems and troubles in this world are the result of the revelation of the lack of mutual guarantee (Arvut), which is increasing. Therefore, we need our behavior to be correct, to return to even our ordinary material connection and mutual guarantee.

All diseases are caused by violations of the law of mutual guarantee at the biological, zoological, botanical, or social level.

There are many levels of compliance with the law of mutual guarantee, but the highest is the love of one’s neighbor as oneself. In physical and chemical form, substances bind together, and at higher levels, people’s thoughts and desires bind together. In this perfect system, which is the universe, all the galaxies are connected to each other, that is, everything depends on mutual guarantee.

The pyramid of mutual guarantee includes the inanimate level at its base, then the vegetative, the animate, and above all, the human level. If we, are above all nature, at the top of the pyramid, fulfill the condition of mutual guarantee (Arvut)  in our desires and thoughts, in our mind and heart, this will affect all the levels below us. This will calm the whole of nature and bring it back to its integral form.

Nature will begin to behave according to the law of mutual guarantee between all its parts in all spheres. And then, of course, we will not have any health problems in the family, in human society, or even in the environment.

It is not possible to fix the environment by burning less oil or taking other protective measures, but only by implementing the law of mutual guarantee at the top of the pyramid where we are. By doing this, we will oblige all of nature below us to return to balance, reciprocity, and harmony.

The action of physical forces or the interaction of chemical substances according to their valences, according to the number of electrons around the atom, which bind together and build new substances—all these are the laws of mutual guarantee, which are revealed in different forms. All the laws of nature are manifestations of one global law.

Even the laws of human relations, psychology, and social life are part of a detailed explanation of the same global law of mutual guarantee, which we must fulfill in its entirety in order to reveal our connection with the Creator within this law. By doing this, we add our part to the Creator, and He adds His to us, and we reach the state of “He and His Name are one.”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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Mutual Guarantee: The Law of the Existence of Humanity

935Mutual guarantee is the global law of the existence of humanity as one soul. If it is realized between people, then all the degrees below us, meaning the animate, vegetative, and still nature, will reconnect into one single system.

If humanity were united at its human degree today, we would see such changes in the entire universe where all nature gathers into one system, where no eruptions occur, and complete harmony reigns throughout the still, vegetative, and animate world.

As the prophets said, the wolf will live peacefully next to the lamb, and the whole creation will exist in single harmony. In this way we will bring the whole universe and the whole world to a single connection, and the Creator will reveal Himself within this harmony as one force that fills and embraces the whole creation. Our mutual guarantee and connection will not only improve our life, but it will also correct the whole creation and will combine it into one perfect system.

And this is bound to happen because these informational genes are recorded in the creation and forces are acting in it that lead it to this goal. We can bring this goal closer with our participation. Everything depends on us!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/11/22, “Arvut on the Way to Lishma

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Just Agree—And It Will Be Revealed!

530It does not matter from which part and exact place we begin to read The Zohar. Even if a person hears a lesson for the first time, it doesn’t matter at all. “There is no time in the Torah“; it talks about spiritual states and all this happens inside us, but we do not feel it yet.

But it doesn’t matter. It is important for us to awaken the light that is in The Book of Zohar, which is the highest, most faithful and powerful source. No book can even compare with The Book of Zohar in its effect on the soul.

To summon its light upon oneself so that it affects us is possible only by becoming like it in qualities. Therefore, we read The Book of Zohar together, meaning, first of all, before we open this Book, everyone should prepare themselves for connection with others.

It is also written about the gift of the Torah that if you agree (it is clear that you are unable to, but only agree!) to become “like one person with one heart” and to achieve brotherly love (in the future), then you will receive the Torah, that is, the method of correction by the light that returns to the source, the Creator. Then this light will affect you and return you to the source, to goodness, to equivalence with the Creator.

Therefore, while reading The Book of Zohar, we must always try to meet this condition: to be ready to unite so that the light affects us, unites us, and in our unity, as in one soul, we will reveal the light, the Creator. After all, an individual soul can only feel our current reality that we perceive now.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/10, The Book of Zohar, “VaYechi

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The Birth of Joseph

165The flower buds are the patriarchs, who entered in thought and entered the next world, Bina, and were hidden there.

From there, they came out in concealment and were hidden in the true prophets. Joseph was born and they hid in him.

Joseph entered the holy land and erected them there. As it is written: Joseph was born, who is Yesod de Gadlut. (Zohar for All, “The Flower Buds,” Item 5)

Our entire connection with the spiritual world passes through the Partzuf of Nukva of the world of Atzilut. It is to it that broken souls raise MAN, a request for correction.

A person with a point in his heart yearns for the spiritual world, and spirituality is bestowal and unity. Therefore, he strives to unite with others, and he is given such an opportunity in the group.

If a person fulfills the condition of the ascent and creates a Kli, he connects with Malchut de Atzilut. It raises the common request of the friends to Zeir Anpin, and Zeir Anpin gives them the reforming light. Then the souls who want to become one ascend the degrees of unity.

First, to the state of an embryo (Ibur). Here they annul themselves before each other and unite. Everyone bows his head to the environment and becomes an “embryo in the mother’s womb.”

Then they reach the stage of nursing (Yenika), where their connection grows stronger. Now they are already able to work with their will to receive, to rise above it.

Then the souls move to the state of maturity (Gadlut). The level of their connection allows them to connect with Zeir Anpin, and this stage is called Yesod de Gadlut, or Joseph.

From here we can understand the story of Joseph described in the Torah, whom his brothers sold into slavery. These events unfold around the fight for our connection so that we achieve mutual guarantee (Arvut) to the extent sufficient to reveal the Creator between us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/2/10The Book of Zohar“The Buds”

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To What Does the Cessation of the Growth of Egoism Oblige Us?

115.06Question: It is believed that all revolutions in the world proceed according to a certain plan. Special services under the guise of terrorists attack somebody. Is there any limit to this technique?

Answer: What difference does it make in what form this is determined in our world? Hot spots are everywhere. So many weapons have  amassed that we do not know what to do. A man can make anything at home.

The point is not in the instruments of murder and not in the reason but in the fact that it is necessary in order to further implement the program of creation in a bad or good way. Which way exactly? It is only about that.

The world is following the path of unification anyway. You cannot get away from it. The problem is only in the extent to which it understands that it must reach this and contribute to this, to this extent the path becomes better. If the world does not understand, then it is punished, like a child, until it understands.

We are in a state where we can already explain this idea to the world, and we are explaining it. I think that we do it more or less successfully and at a good pace. At least we see how it works. The world is beginning to understand that it has nowhere to go; it is beginning to feel that new, completely unusual changes are taking place in people, that their egoism has stopped growing.

For the first time in the entire history of not only mankind but the existence of the universe, which developed from a small egoistic nucleus to the planets of the solar system (and this was constantly accompanied by the development of our ego), egoism has suddenly stopped growing by itself.

It began to become round and to connect, and to demand from people that they become the same as the rest of nature, all parts of which are in harmony with each other. And man is not in this state, not among themselves or with nature.

Therefore, all of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature that surrounds us is driving us to do this now. For the first time in the universe, in the entire world, egoism, which has lately been constantly growing exponentially, has reached some gently sloping line and has begun to become round. It is no longer growing, but it obliges us to become integrally interconnected in mutual guarantee.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. USA, Intelligence Agencies, Conspiracy” 3/10/13

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The Main Law of the Universe

283.02Until we come to mutual guarantee on the basis of “love thy neighbor as thyself,” we will not receive the Torah. And the Torah is the light that is clothed in the desire created by the Creator. In principle, the global law “love your neighbor as yourself” is the main law of the universe that will fulfill that everyone reveals the whole universe in himself.

Let’s try not to forget about it and gradually associate with it.
From the “Arava” Convention in Europe—Lithuania 2022, Lesson 2, 7/24/22

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