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Unification = Love

938.05Question: There is a law of mutual guarantee. A lot has been written about this in Kabbalah. Because we are all interconnected, everyone can change the fate of others, but one can never change one’s own fate. That is, if I want to change my destiny, I have to change my environment.

How does it happen? How can I interfere in the fate of another person?

Answer: By giving him an example. The most important and most effective thing is to show a person an example of correct behavior according to the laws of nature: how to unite, how to approach others, how to interact with them, how to change your attitude to the Creator, to His governance, and so on.

Our future directly depends on it, moreover, the nearest future as well as the global one.

Question: What law of nature that must be complied with are you talking about?

Answer: About absolute love and connection of everyone with everyone.

Question: Nature obliges all elements to connect. There was even a period in cosmology when all the simplest elements were uniting and more complex substances and states were obtained. Likewise, people at a certain level must unite through feelings. Is this what you call love?

Answer: Yes. And then a new essence will emerge, full support of each other, when people create among themselves such states that never existed, which arise precisely from their direct, open aspiration to each other.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/26/21

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Kabbalah And The Consumer Economy, Part 8

628.2Toward an Economy of Mutual Guarantee

Question: Baal HaSulam in the articles “The Solution” and “The Last Generation” writes that the consumer economy, which is experiencing a crisis, will be replaced by an economy of mutual guarantee. I would like to understand what this economy is based on?

Answer: On the fact that it is one single system. We are connected to each other and completely dependent on each other.

Nowadays this mutual connection is revealed more and more vividly and fully. It indicates that we must be connected by good ties because we cannot break this connection. If we remain dependent on each other through egoistic connection, then we will lead ourselves to annihilation, to mutual destruction.

Therefore the wisdom of Kabbalah is now being revealed in the world in order to help us correct ourselves, to come to a good dependence on each other, instead of what we already see now that the whole world is becoming global, integral, and everyone only wants to destroy each other.

Therefore in order not to bring ourselves to a Third World War, we need to think now about the way we will organize a new society.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/3/19

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Guarantee—Nullification Of Selfishness

942Question: Is the concept of guarantee something through which we can gain resistance to selfishness?

Answer: Of course. One nullifies oneself in relation to others in order to create a joint common desire.

When a person annuls one’s animal component (receiving for oneself) and wants to include only one’s human component (transmission to others), a single common desire arises in which the Creator is revealed.

Question: Suppose seven or eight thousand people gather, as is usually the case at congresses, and they try to enter the state of Arvut (mutual guarantee). It will work, it will not work, we do not know, but we really want it. Will so many people help you achieve the result?

Answer: Of course, both quantity and quality. The quantity is irreplaceable, it is necessary. But even more important is the quality, the tension of the bond between us. Everyone’s egoism tries to tear him away from others. Therefore everything depends on the strength with which we connect with each other.

The meaning of spiritual work is to find in our common connection that property of bestowal and love that is higher than our nature.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #20

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“No Desire For Children – China As An Example” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “No Desire for Children – China as an Example

Recently, China lifted the cap on births from 2 to 3 in what it now defines as a “three-child policy.” According to a story by David Stanway and Tony Munroe published on Reuters, the reason for the policy shift is that “recent data showed a dramatic decline in births.” Although China canceled its one-child policy back in 2016 and raised the cap to two children, it “failed to result in a sustained surge in births,” state the writers. Now, Beijing has not only raised the cap once more, but added various incentives for married couples to have more children.

I don’t think the birthrate is a matter of policy. The Chinese, like most people all over the world, want fewer and fewer children. Humanity is growing increasingly selfish and people find no pleasure in raising children that they know will ignore them as soon as they can sustain themselves. Zhang Xinyu, a 30-year-old mother of one from Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, clearly articulated her characteristic attitude: “Thinking of the big picture, realistically, I don’t want to have a second child. And a third is even more impossible.”

In light of our growing self-absorption, we are going to see a decline in the world population. Personally, I see nothing wrong with it. Technology will make up for any shortage in working hands, and there will be fewer mouths to feed and fewer people populating the already overpopulated planet. A hundred years ago, humanity was about 2 billion people; now it is close to 8 billion. I see no harm in returning to more sustainable numbers.

However, the more important question is not how many people there are in the world, but what they do here. If people are as hateful of each other as they are today, the fewer of us the better for everyone. But if there is love and unity among people and nations, we can sustain as many people as we want, and we won’t feel any crowdedness or shortage. Therefore, what is important is that we begin to invest not in birthrates but in shifting the attitudes of those who are already here from animosity to amity.

Everything that is happening now—the tensions and pandemics, the crises and upheavals—should lead us to one conclusion: We must deal with the root cause of our problem—our relationships. Nature’s laws dictate that we will operate in an integral and integrated manner, as does nature itself. Our relentless efforts to destroy one another economically, socially, and even physically, put us at odds with nature. We are opposite from the environment we live in, so how can we expect to feel good? Would you expect a fish out of water to feel good? Would you expect it to survive? This is what we are doing to ourselves: We’re living in an interconnected and interdependent environment, yet we are behaving as though we are independent and self-sustaining beings. In such a state, we cannot feel good here, and in the long run, we won’t be able to survive.

We have come to a point, not only in China but the world over, that we must build our connections as an interdependent and interconnected network, just like the world around us. We are too big and too influential for nature to tolerate us at our current level of disruption of its structure. Since we are inside of nature, and since nature created us and sustains us, if we insist on fighting it, it will eradicate us just as it eradicates any being that is incongruent with its laws. Therefore, instead of worrying about the quantity of people, we should worry about their quality, the level of our connectedness and mutual concern.

“A Maximum Plan And A Minimum Plan For The Government” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “A Maximum Plan and a Minimum Plan for the Government

As we evidently see, the State of Israel is unlike any other country. We’re trying to conduct ourselves like the rest of the world, but we’re not; this is why we have been in a political limbo for the past several years. The problem is that we don’t know what we should be like, so we look for role models in the world around us. However, they are not right for us, and we are seeing the results.

Therefore, I think our government needs to conduct itself in two parallel routes, one that follows a maximum plan, and one that follows a minimum plan. The maximum plan is the nation in its ideal state of solidarity and union; the minimum plan is sustaining ourselves until we get there.

The minimum plan has two primary objectives: defense and life. Defense means securing Israel’s borders and addressing military threats to its population. Life means seeing that the economy as a whole is functioning, including the job market, industry and agriculture, and housing, and to maintain the healthcare and welfare systems. As stated, the overall objective of the minimum plan is to sustain us until we realize the maximum plan.

The maximum plan relates to the ultimate goal of the State of Israel, namely to bring the people of Israel to complete unity and solidarity, to the point of realizing the motto of the Jewish people: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” To achieve this, the government must establish an educational system that pertains to all ages—from kindergarten through school, higher education, work, and even retirement homes.

Currently, the nation is in dire need of unity. Its factions are divided and hate each other’s guts. They undermine one another and in the process, they weaken the entire country. Therefore, our survival as a sovereign state depends on our solidarity and unity. If we generate them, we will thrive and prosper. If we do not, we will be overrun by our multiple enemies from without and from within.

Moreover, the nature of our people does not permit us to acknowledge that someone else is right and we are wrong. It is with good reason that the Torah refers to the Jews as a “stiff-necked people” (Ex 32:9), and it is not about to change. Therefore, any plan to generate unity must take into consideration that it must build this accord atop existing, persisting, and even increasing discord. While this is clearly a formidable challenge, the other option is the dissolution of the State of Israel.

In light of all this, the maximum plan will detail and implement the steps toward establishing initial unity, based on the understanding that we are dependent on each other, and either we all succeed or we all fail. Subsequently, the plan will outline the stages of enhancing and solidifying that unity using instances of discord and disputes as incentives for enhancing our unity.

To succeed, the entire nation must commit to the process. If only some of us seek to establish unity, and the rest of us do not, the process will fail. In his essay “Mutual Responsibility,” the great 20th century kabbalist and thinker Yehuda Ashlag, aka Baal HaSulam, offered a poignant analogy from The Book of Zohar pertaining to our mutual responsibility: “If a part of the nation does not want to keep the mutual responsibility … they cause the rest of the nation to remain immersed in their filth and lowliness [of self-interest] without finding a way out of their filth. Therefore, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai [author of The Zohar] described mutual responsibility as two people sailing in a boat, when one of them begins to drill a hole in the boat. His friend says, ‘Why are you drilling?’ The other replies, ‘Why should you care? I am drilling under me, not under you!’ So the friend replies, ‘You fool! We will both drown together in the boat!’”

Right now, we’re sinking. We’re drilling holes in our boat out of vindictiveness, and we don’t realize, or don’t care that in the process, we are drowning ourselves, as well. Still, we haven’t sunk. If we pull together, we will cruise ashore. If we stay apart, we’ll sink for sure. This is why I believe that the government must run the maximum plan and the minimum plan concurrently, with the goal of bringing the people of Israel to the finish line of mutual responsibility and love of others as soon as it possibly can.

Connection Is The Main Law Of Nature

943Question: To reach the land of Israel do you have to accept the condition of mutual guarantee?

Answer: The term earth refers to the spiritual foundation. The land of Israel is not Palestine or the State of Israel, but a spiritual quality in which people are in a state of mutual love.

Comment: Kabbalah explains that earth, Eretz, is a desire, and Israel are those who strive for the Creator, for the quality of bestowal.

The Torah describes that when people came to Mount Sinai, when hatred arose between them, they were given a condition: either you must unite or here will be your burial place.

My Response: Unification is the main law of nature, and we must realize it. The thing is that after the Big Bang, there was a breakage of our desire into a huge number of desires, and we must unite them.

All nature is striving to its unification only very slowly, gradually, according to its laws. We are required to unite between ourselves on our level, on the human level, i.e., on the highest level of nature.

There the problem arises: we are not aware of it, do not understand it, and do not want to implement it. But we still must complete this task either by goodwill or, as they say, by the stick, to happiness.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/14/21

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Mutual Guarantee For The Connection Between Us

75.01Question: People will not be able to reveal a higher power if I do not vouch for them. What is my guarantee?

Answer: In the fact that you, as an elder, as a more experienced person, take upon yourself all states, all possibilities, in order to bring them into connection with yourself and with the whole world.

We are interconnected here. This mutual guarantee comes from the integral system in which we find ourselves. That is, the entire state of the universe, the worlds, is only one, single, integral system.

And each of us acts from the point where he is in this network, like a spider that weaves a web. Each of us is a small spider on which the proper functioning of the entire network depends. I am acting from my point, you are from yours, and he is from his, and so on. If we all interact correctly, the network reaches its maximum, perfect state.

Question: This can be compared with our body, in which different organs seem to vouch for each other.

Answer: Yes. Absolutely based on the same system.

Question: In the body does this happen unconsciously, as programmed? Should we do it consciously?

Answer: We must consciously bring this faulty system to the correct state where we all mutually vouch for each other, complement each other.

Question: What is the reason that no one knows such important information? Why is it laid down so by the program?

Answer: When we are born in this world, we do not know anything about it. We have parents, educators, and teachers who teach us. We live, we exist, we develop somehow, and only then, from the age of 15 to 20, do we begin to creatively, perhaps practically, relate to the world.

The same is true here, both in private spiritual life, when a person comes to Kabbalah and begins to engage in it, and in all of humanity, which passes through thousands of years of its development.

And only in our time, from the 20th century onward, are we entering a state where we can already reveal this system, the laws by which it exists, and begin to understand how we should act in order to bring this system to complete equilibrium. And before that we were like children, we developed unconsciously.

Question: Can we say that the law of mutual guarantee is the law of the existence of a living organism?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/17/18

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In The Common Network Of Connections

264.01In the wisdom of Kabbalah, we study and then reveal that all of creation, everything that exists in our world and in the world of forces around us, which we call spiritual world, is just one common network of connections.

This common, mutual, supportive, mutually complementing network of connections is called the soul. We talk only about it: how to reveal it between us, how to increase it, how to enter it with our mind and feelings, and how to control it. All this is the attainment of the soul.

In revealing this connection, we begin to discover the force of bestowal and love called the Creator. This, in principle, is all that the wisdom of Kabbalah is engaged in, and in general all that a person can do: during his life in this world to attain the Creator, to attain the soul, i.e., the network of forces in which we all exist, and through which we are completely interconnected.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/17/18

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Feel Responsible For Everyone

117Question: In order to feel the network of connection between us, we must be in a state of mutual guarantee. What is this feeling when I am responsible for others?

Answer: I am responsible for others means that I must fulfill my part in this network as if I am fully responsible for it.

This means that each of us from his own point, from his own node, in this network is in control of it. It is controlled through me, through you, through him, through everyone. But it is done on the basis of his specific personal point. Therefore, everyone is responsible for it, meaning, for the entire world.

Every person feels this. As he progresses to this state, he begins to feel that he is attaining this network, this soul, and it is his inner state.

At the same time, each one is responsible for gathering everyone together into one single network of connection, and for spreading the quality of bestowal and love through this network.

Question: Does it mean that I am responsible for the revelation of the Creator to other people?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What are the states that are accompanied by the feeling of the Creator?

Answer: Warm, mutual states: a feeling of eternity, perfection, mutual support, mutual care. That is, this is completely opposite to what we usually feel in our world.

Question: What if I cannot be responsible all the time?

Answer: This is attained gradually and is called the process of correcting a person.

Question: I see that other people are hurting, there are diseases and wars. Does it mean that I feel that I am responsible for this? This is scary.

Answer: Whether this is scary or not is not the question. It is about whether this is true or not. When a person begins to comprehend that the network of common connection depends on him, it means that at the same time he has the opportunity to feed it with the good force.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/17/18

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Mutual Guarantee—The Property Of Mutual Concern

943Question: What does the law of mutual guarantee mean? What does it mean—they vouch for each other? Why?

Answer: The fact is that at the lowest level, if we want to begin to master the spiritual property, the property of bestowal and love, we must realize it in ourselves in the form of mutual guarantee.

This happens within a group of people when they gather together and try to recreate the property of mutual care, love, mutual assistance, and with all their heart want to be one for all and all for one.

Question: And one person should examine it?

Answer: One person cannot do it. He must feel as a part of society. All this is realized in society.

Question: Does a person implement this law. but in relation to other people?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/9/21

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