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Coronavirus—Nature’s Boomerang

laitman_269Mutual guarantee is a concept familiar to everyone since childhood. We have always been taught that we need to support each other, otherwise we will be lost. But today, mutual guarantee, connection between people, is becoming an unusually enhanced and relevant topic.

The coronavirus epidemic that has swept the world, gives us the opportunity to learn something new about our lives and relationships in the global world. On the other hand, it shows us what power each, even the smallest element of nature, possesses. The world seems so huge, but suddenly it turns out that a tiny virus can plunge it into chaos and darkness.

This shows us what personal responsibility each of us bears before the world in our time so as not to be a pest in it and not to infect others. Think, some simple trader from a Chinese market has made such dramatic changes in the world. This shows the power each of us possess in the global world, and what responsibility lies on each in relation to everyone.

There is a simple law in the science of Kabbalah: The general and the particular are equal. The general is only a collection of private elements, and therefore it depends on each of them. It is impossible to pull even the single smallest element out from the general without destroying the general. Without one particle, it will be flawed because it lacks this part.

Therefore, we look at coronavirus and do not understand how such a microscopic particle has managed to create so many troubles in the world? But in fact, the virus shows us what damage we have done in the entire system at the biological level, the highest level of nature. Above it there are only thoughts and intentions of people.

We must understand that everything starts with the head. Therefore, if there is a breakdown within the biological system, then it is a consequence of a malfunction in the system of thought and desire that are above the biological level. It should be clarified what kind of problems there are in the relationship within a person, with others, with humanity in general, which creates such distortions as viruses at the biological level.

Apparently, there is a problem in our relationships: they are not integral. We have already violated all laws of the integral nature and disallow its normal existence. Therefore, the destruction that we create in nature, where everything must be connected and harmonious, has become so significant that it hit everyone in the form of a virus.

The epidemic really affects everyone because we live in an integral world. And therefore, it doesn’t matter who lives where—everyone has suffered, whether it be a Chinese peasant, a stockbroker in Hong Kong, or an American because we are in a common, connected system.

Once we lived more isolated and depended only on our local area because the world was not global. But today’s world is so integrated that any Chinese village is linked along a chain through a network of trade relations with all of humanity. We are used to the fact that the fate of the world is managed by governments, and suddenly the reins are at the disposal of a tiny virus.

We are all parts of one integrated system called “Adam,” human being, and we depend on each other without exception. And if this system is increasingly showing our dependence and obliging us to improve it, then let’s learn how to fit in this system, or it will be bad for us. Otherwise, new deadly viruses will be revealed every day.

The system indicates that we are required to connect with each other through positive connections. But we need to find out what “positive” means because our egoism considers only that which is beneficial for it to be positive.

In order to find out what is really positive, we need to study the whole system, and then each and everyone together to act to maintain its integrity. Apart from this, nothing is required, only to take care of others, as of oneself.

Between us there must be a global, mutual guarantee, which is higher than any separation and personal goals. Mutual care, positive connection among us is above all, and it must determine all existing individual bonds between us. Mutual guarantee is the highest law in nature, existing only in nature . All other laws and forms of behavior are derived from it.

Thanks to the coronavirus, the law of mutual guarantee is now being disclosed worldwide. Nature decided to show us who we are and how opposite to it we are.

Maybe during this crisis, we will learn what should be done to become an integral part of nature. Having fulfilled the law of mutual guarantee, we humans will bring nature into balance. Achieving complete balance and harmony of the forces of nature is a true paradise.
From Kab TV’s “New Life #1212,” 3/10/20

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Quarantine—The First Step Toward Overcoming The Crisis

laitman_597.01Global mutual responsibility is the law for all elements, connected in one system. This law obligates everyone to know how he or she should relate to the system in order to bring it into equilibrium, to perfect mutual relationships between all parts.

And of course, we are unable to even grasp this law, and more so, to fulfill it. I cannot make such a commitment because if I do not fulfill my function in the integrated system, then all of it will go out of balance and I will be the one to blame.

Everyone will feel that I have violated the perfection of the system. It turns out that each element is equivalent to the whole system in general, and this is a terrible responsibility. Everyone is responsible for the whole world. Therefore, it is said: “It is better sit and do nothing.”

So now people were asked to quarantine themselves, to not go out anywhere, fly, or come in contact with anyone. So what needs to be done?

We need to study that we are in an integral and global system where the law of mutual responsibility, that is, mutual dependence, operates, and how we can invert this dependence from obligatory into desirable. We want to be connected, not because nature obliges us, but because we ourselves start revealing how good it is to be in touch.

It is just heavenly life—to unite together into one perfect unity and begin to feel the perfection of nature. Then we will feel all parts of nature from the most distant stars to such forms of life that we do not know now. A man can become an exalted creator of perfection.

The first step in overcoming the crisis is quarantine, that is, “sit and do nothing,” just learn. Humanity’s problem is that we begin to act even before we understand what we are doing. While we are in quarantine, we have time to think: in what world do we exist, who are we, and what is the system of nature in which we live, as well as how do we depend on the system of nature and it depends on us?

How do we, through our relationships with each other, influence the global system of nature: inanimate matter, plants, animals, and humans, and how does nature react to our actions? As such, we will begin to learn how to build a beautiful home for everyone—not just comfortable, but eternal and perfect, above this biological life and death, at a higher level.

By correcting the connection between us, we rise to an infinite system, unlimited in time. We begin to live in a world in which death does not exist and there are no restrictions, only unlimited attainment and existence. Now we get the opportunity to come to such a life.

First of all, we need to study the global system of nature and our role in it and how we can get organized among ourselves in order to connect to this global system of nature. After all, each of us is an egoist, the opposite of nature. And how can I adapt myself to the system of nature, which is all integral and exists according to the law of mutual responsibility, connection, love, and mutual complementarity if I have been built with the exact opposite qualities?

This is where the wisdom of Kabbalah comes to our aid; it teaches us egoists how to build a connection between us similar to the integral system of nature. This is called the “ten” in which ten people come together to establish relationships that are consistent with the system of nature.

The human ego has always tried to adapt the whole world to its needs. But that time is over. The epidemic revolutionized consciousness in the world, and we began to understand that we could not use everything only for our own benefit, but we should look for how to become useful for the whole system.

Ten people are like a small laboratory where we try to develop an antivirus by agreeing to establish the same laws between us as the ones that operate in a perfect nature, integral and global, that is, in mutual bestowal. Everyone lowers himself and raises others above himself, building relationships that are higher than everyone’s personal egoism. This will serve as a vaccine against the virus.

Thus, new groups will arise until all of humanity receives an anti-virus vaccine, and we will return everyone to behavior that corresponds to a healthy nature. This will be a new human, because he will perceive the desire of the nine friends as his own and take care of them more than taking care of himself.

To this extent, he will receive support from the integral law of nature, which will turn him into its integral part. The law of mutual guarantee obliges a person to be connected with the whole system above his egoism.

Nature made man the greatest egoist of all creatures. But the global nature of this crisis wants to show us that it has already been waiting to make us its inextricable parts. It is as if nature is telling us: “I am ready now to include you inside myself as integral elements.”

And this is despite the fact that each of us is created anti-integral and wants only to rule and use others. Nature has made us inverse to itself, so that we compare the negative and positive states and appreciate the “advantage of light from darkness.” We will then be able to feel and realize the integral, perfect state and want to achieve it. Otherwise, we would not understand where we are.

Nature originally installed a selfish program in us, which now stops working. We need to understand that a selfish program is incompatible with a global and connected world.

The crisis is pushing us to agree to connect with others and fulfill the integral law of nature. We need to install in ourselves a new, improved mutual guarantee program—the only program that exists in nature.

This program works in everything except the human, only we cannot perceive it with our spoiled, selfish mind. We judge the world based on our shortcomings, and therefore, see it as spoiled. But as soon as we begin to correct ourselves and want to become an integral part of nature, we will see a completely different world and realize that it has always been like that, only we did not notice it.

The law of mutual guarantee states that we all belong to one system and are obliged to feel like gears of one mechanism where everyone depends on everyone. By this we will provide ourselves with eternal, perfect, beautiful life. Nothing more is needed, and the crisis created by the coronavirus epidemic brings us closer to this. Let’s wish us all success in its proper resolution.
From KabTV’s “New Life #1212 —Mutual Responsibility,” 3/10/20

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Development Of Egoism And The Method Of Connection, Part 6


Difference Between the Method of Moses and the Method of Abraham

Question: What kinds of means were there in the method of Abraham and in the method of Moses who pulled people out of egoism?

Answer: Moses had very simple means. From below, everything depends on the desire of the people for connection, for mutual guarantee (Arvut). To the extent that they aspire to this, they are provided with the upper force that connects them.

Question: That is, the main condition is the law of mutual guarantee. In the Babylonian Talmud it is written, “If you accept the law of guarantee, that is good. If not, here will be your burial place.” Does it mean that nature or the Creator forcibly demand this fulfillment?

Answer: There is nothing else in nature. It is all very simple; there is one law: to bring humanity to connection. In the case that along this path there are suddenly some kinds of interference from people, then nature, as usual, destroys them. It will unite us by force.
From KabTV’s “System analysis of the development of the people of Israel,” 7/1/19

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The Method Of Correction, Part 9

laitman_938.02Caring about Each Other

Baal HaSulam, “The Love of God and Love of Man”: It is clear beyond doubt that if 600,000 men have no other engagement in life but to stand guard and see that no need is left unsatisfied in their friends, and they even do it with true love, with all their soul and might, there is absolutely no doubt that there will not be a need in any person in the nation to worry about his own sustenance, for he will have 600,000 loving and loyal people watching over him so not a single need is left unsatisfied.

Question: We are speaking about some kind of society since one person cannot do this?  A person needs to see such examples, and not only examples, but these kinds of relationships among people?

Answer: Naturally. Mutual guarantee is when everyone backs each other up, mutually guaranteeing for each other when each one thinks of others rather than of oneself, this is the law of mutual guarantee.

Question: Baal HaSulam later writes that a certain number of people is required to carry out the law of the mutual guarantee. Why is that?

Answer: It is because one person cannot provide himself with all that he needs. However, if a certain number of people are concerned about it, which depends on the time we live in, our lifestyle, and so on, then we have nothing to worry about. Only if we care about others do we not need to worry about ourselves.

Remark: However, Baal HaSulam writes that even if a single person falls into egoism and starts thinking only about himself, everyone else also stop caring about each other.

My Comment: Here we are talking about a perfect system, as Baal HaSulam describes absolute laws. In general, this is how it should be.
From the KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/7/19

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The Key To Success: Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)

laitman_282.01We still can not tear ourselves away from our desire to enjoy, we have not despaired, and have not cried out from this work in slavery to the Pharaoh. We need to see that we are on the side of egoism in front of an abyss, on the other side of this is freedom from Pharaoh, from thinking about myself, from the constant search for my own benefit. When we realize that we are not able to jump over this abyss, then we will cry out. We need to combine all our efforts in order to feel this common despair.

When we feel that the common egoism keeps us in slavery, prevents us from leaving, and when we want to jump over the abyss and run away from the Pharaoh to become free people and not slaves of egoism, then we will scream. And this cry itself is already liberation.1

Our entire Bnei Baruch world group belongs to that part of the common soul that is now receiving an awakening by the general illumination in the world. Therefore, we gathered and organized a group wishing to reveal the Creator. The Creator brings a person into a group, puts one’s hand on the good fortune, and then the choice is mine: to choose it or not, to follow the path of light or the path of suffering.

We all have one destiny because through our actions in the group we awaken a common spark that should be revealed in our connection with each other as the feeling of the upper force. This feeling is getting closer because with each passing day we are increasingly fulfilling the conditions necessary to feel the Creator together.

It is truly a miracle that happens to us because such a state, such work, has not existed for thousands of years! And although we make small corrections, moving gradually with tiny steps, this is a general correction at the very foundation of creation as opposed to a particular correction of an individual. There are times when individuals start to feel a little spiritual awakening, but this is not a correction. We live in the era of the Messiah, and according to the demand of the time, we must lead a general correction, and pass it on to the people of Israel and all humanity.

This is a much more difficult and gradual path compared to the individual work of the past generations of Kabbalists, but it leads to a genuine correction of creation, of Adam HaRishon. As we advance, we will see how we shall realize the goal of creation.2

The mutual guarantee (Arvut) is the key to success; nothing else is needed. This is the only thing missing in the system of Adam HaRishon in order to connect it back after the breakage. All the parts of the soul are already there, like engine parts that need only to be assembled. The correct order of connection and communication between us is called mutual guarantee. We only need to bring all the details closer to each other and introduce them into the common work. It has nothing to do with the material itself; it is only necessary to establish connections within it.

Everything is resolved in thought. The Creator allows us again and again to feel our separation more and more, and we again try to unite and achieve unity. So, we gradually advance until we receive the full measure.3
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/10/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

1 Minute 8:20
2 Minute 19:30
3 Minute 23:10

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Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)—The Spiritual Law

laitman_263Mutual guarantee (Arvut) is the general law of creation, as well as the particular law of any human being. If we constantly check ourselves for compliance with this law, we will not be mistaken and will advance to the goal of creation in the shortest possible way. If I stop checking myself for mutual guarantee, I will immediately stumble, fall, or lose the way, and I will have to return to the connection of mutual guarantee again to be sure that I am moving in the right direction. To the extent I feel a lack of mutual guarantee in myself and make an effort to achieve it, pray, and include myself in the group, I advance and elevate myself from the path of suffering to the path of light.

The law of mutual guarantee and my attitude to unification determines all my advancement and the extent to which my path will be right and straight without looping and falling. A fall becomes as fast as the pinch of the devil, just one second is enough to wake up and take a step forward. I fall and wake up, fall and wake up, with great speed, thousands of times daily.

Therefore, one must feel how the law of mutual guarantee operates within the whole of creation right now. We exist in the corrected system even now, but we simply cannot see it because we judge from our flaws; therefore, we see the system as corrupted. Each time, we must see the system more and more corrected by becoming more and more included in mutual guarantee, and this is all our work.

The test is how much I humble myself in front of society. If the group has accepted some condition for its advancement, I can agree with it or not; but until I share the opinion of the group, I will not fulfill the law of mutual guarantee, and therefore will not be directed to spirituality, to the purpose of creation, to the goal of life, to the Creator who is in the center of the group. Therefore, I must constantly check to what extent I agree with the group, with the teacher, with what the Kabbalists write, and in this way direct myself toward correction more accurately. In essence, this is the correction.

Mutual guarantee is the iron law of the spiritual system. It is realized in us at every moment, each time returning us to bestowal, to faith above reason, in direction toward the goal, forcing us to include ourselves in the group and humble ourselves before the ten. All this is included in the law of mutual guarantee. Mutual guarantee is the common name for the total of the conditions we must fulfill in order to become one man (Adam) in the system of Adam HaRishon.1

Bestowing to a person is more important than directly bestowing to the Creator. Love for one’s neighbor as for oneself precedes the love for the Creator. Love for the Creator arises to the extent that we realize love for a neighbor, it comes from the upper light that fills the corrected Kelim. It turns out that all our work is to fill the created beings.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/16/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

1 Minute 0:55
2 Minute 42:17

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A Bridge Of Love Over An Abyss Of Hatred

laitman_962.6The Arvut (mutual guarantee) is a special connection, the correct connection between broken desires in one man with one heart. It turns out as not just one person, but as if one, as if in one desire. A deep difference remains inside between one and another, the polar oppositeness and hatred do not disappear, but are covered with love. We are building a bridge of love laid over the abyss of hatred. Hatred, combined with love, gives us an understanding and sense of what is called the Creator: a special state, a unique quality, that arises from a combination of incompatible opposites.

Out of the two extremes that deny one another, a force not from this world is born, the light that reforms, which builds a connection between us that lets us understand what the Creator is. As a result of the confrontation of the two forces, love and hate, and their union, a middle line arises, called the Creator.1

The Arvut is the sensation of the shared network we are in. At first, it seems to us that there is no connection between us. But this general system gradually emerges: spiritual steps and worlds. Although we do not feel it now, it exists, and we want to reveal it. As long as I am included in this general system, I can use it and feel confident.

First, I must make an effort to bring the light and unite our ten in a spiritual Partzuf. The light unites us into one creation, into Malchut. Before that, we are not a creation because Malchut is ten points connected together ready to work together. Only together can they meet the Creator.

The general network is the common soul of Adam HaRishon; we are all parts of it. Each person is a particle in this common desire. In fact, we are all connected by mutual guarantee, merged into one soul, filled with the Creator.

Scientists, biologists, say that there is a universal connection in nature: all plants are connected to each other by an invisible underground network, all fish in the ocean and all birds feel each other. We begin to reveal that the world acts as a single system in which we are located and unconsciously comply with its laws. We need to join it consciously, by our own choice, intentionally participating in its control. For this, we are given special human qualities: imagination, thought, desire,  and sensitivity.

This whole system is broken, completely mixed up, and it is revealed to us at its lowest level  called “this world.” We need to begin to disassemble and connect this system together, thus, we will reach the level of the Creator, and build Him.2
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/8/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

1 Minute 0:18
2 Minute 14:00

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How Do You Sign A Mutual Agreement With The Creator?

laitman_942Question: The Creator is the main guarantor. We sign an agreement with each other before Him with the understanding that He is behind us.

When someone in the group falls and we try to throw him a rope, but nothing happens, then we turn to Him: “You are in a contract with us, and therefore we ask you to fulfill your part of the contract. We did everything to help the friend rise, but we don’t have the strength. You are a participant in our agreement, we ask you now to pull him out.”

Do we understand correctly or not?

Answer: No. Why don’t you turn to the Creator immediately? Do you think you are capable of anything?

Remark: We think that we must put our “half shekel,” pay our price, come to the point where we are not able to do anything anymore, and then ask Him.

My Comment: In principle, it is correct. But it’s better to immediately understand that except for the Creator, no one can help anyway.

Question: How do we sign a mutual agreement in order to feel that He also participates in it?

Answer: The Creator does not participate in it, He defines it. He holds your guarantee. After all, He holds the entire system.

What does this mutual guarantee mean? In a completely closed system everyone is a guarantor for the rest. And if he does not fulfill his part, everything will collapse. Therefore, we must immediately get the Creator as a force that acts in us.

Another thing is that we can turn to Him and say: “Yes, we cannot hold this net of forces. Make it so that we understand where to do this, direct us, help, give strength! Give an understanding of what to do! Govern!” For Him it is a great joy.
From Lesson 7, World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/8/19, Collecting All the States Toward the Creator

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“Turning On” Mutual Guarantee

laitman_943Question: Should we constantly cultivate the importance of the principle “There is none else besides Him”?

Answer: If the friends in the group think about how none of them should forget to identify the Creator as a root cause of their states, then you will really help each other.

This stage is called mutual guarantee; it begins from the fact that we simply mechanically want to help each other keep ourselves in the thought that “There is none else besides Him.” At the same time, each of us thinks about the other.

When we all think this way about each other together, we “turn on” the mutual guarantee and it works. In this case, each member of the group remembers more often that the Creator is the source of his or her thoughts and feelings, and they begin to form, to connect with each other into one network.

By constantly helping the friends remember that we are mutually included into each other and connected to the Creator, we try to identify the Creator as our common source. Each of us then becomes connected with others in such a way that the signal from the Creator passes through each one to everyone else. This is another level of connection.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/11/19

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You Are Responsible For The Whole World

laitman_929Baal HaSulam, “The Giving of the Torah”: “Our sages said ‘All of Israel are responsible for one another.’ This seems to be completely unjust, for is it possible that if someone sins or commits a sin that upsets his Maker, and you have no acquaintance with him, the Creator will collect his debt from you? It is written, ‘Fathers shall not be put to death for children… every man shall be put to death for his own sin” (Deuteronomy 24:16), so how can they say that you are responsible for the sins of even a complete stranger, of whom you know neither him nor his whereabouts?'”

To the extent that we climb the steps of correction, in the measure of our spiritual development we are responsible for others.

Question: Baal HaSulam emphasizes that we are responsible for everyone, without knowing, seeing, or being with them. How can this be?

Answer: This is not about people. It is about the system: you are responsible for it because you can bring the upper Light on it, which will fix it. At your level, you must do it.

It is yours! The whole world is your Kli, your vessel, your soul. And that is why you are responsible for the whole world.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 3/15/18

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