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Mutual Guarantee

264.01The need for mutual guarantee stems from the fact that we all belong to the integral Kli, to the globe. Every desire in it, even the smallest and insignificant, can become the highest and most important if you turn the ball so that this point is at the top.

It turns out that no matter how you turn the ball, one of its points will be higher than all of them. If you turn the ball a different way, then another point will be at the top. Therefore, the mutual guarantee is an immutable law, obligatory for correcting the breaking of the common soul. Then we merge into one soul.

There is no other way to make of yourself that soul which the Creator created and broke. After all, every point in this soul must be the highest and vouch for everyone.

There is nothing more important than mutual guarantee because it brings us to the likeness of the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/4/21, “The Mutual Guarantee”

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Intervene In The Fate Of The Other

600.02Question: According to the law of mutual guarantee, it turns out that everyone can change the fate of the other, but no one can ever change their own fate. It is interesting to understand how a person can interfere in the fate of the other person? Is this a special methodology?

Answer: Yes. In fact, we are one common spiritual body and are absolutely integrated with each other. I cannot change myself, but I can influence the other, and the other can influence me. This way, in a state of mutual guarantee, we can “spoon-feed” each other.

Question: Does a person still begin with the fact that he wants to change himself?

Answer: Naturally. For this, he goes to bestow, to influence others. He has no other choice.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 12/31/18

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A World-Wide Mutual Guarantee

944Question: It is interesting that the law of mutual guarantee covers the whole world. Why is one nation not enough to achieve correction?

Answer: We are all part of the same system, and therefore, no one can escape from the law of mutual guarantee.

Question: Can I reach mutual guarantee in the ten or is it not enough?

Answer: Yes, you can reach mutual guarantee in the ten, but not an absolute one. Absolute mutual guarantee is achieved after all of humanity, being divided into tens, comes from tens, to hundreds, and so on, and turns into one single ten consisting of billions of individual tens.

Question: Do you see in the near future each country being divided into such tens?

Answer: How it will be, I do not know. I do not want to think ahead and let alone notify you about it. But I believe that the world is coming to this and will inevitably come to it.

Question: Baal HaSulam writes that everyone should contribute to creating a critical mass in order to achieve social harmony. So, a huge number of people must do it?

Answer: Yes. Everyone will agree. We are moving toward it. Nature will force us either by the path of suffering or by the path of light.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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Who Breaks The Law Of Mutual Guarantee?

161Question: Baal HaSulam writes that only after society wants to achieve an integral state, becomes self-sufficient, and economically independent can people become guarantors for each other. So must everyone have the minimum necessary material first?

Answer: Definitely. This is not even a question. But the fact is that it is possible to achieve an ideal material state if at the same time we have a state of reciprocity.

Comment: Further, Baal HaSulam adds that when the society of those wishing to achieve a mutual guarantee is influenced by irresponsible, self-loving people, the provision of the necessary needs cannot be guaranteed. Even if one person still takes care of himself, everyone else will no longer be able to come to a mutual guarantee.

My Response: Naturally because integrity is violated.

Question: But how can it be that in a society where everyone cares about each other, one person stops doing this?

Answer: In principle, this is theoretically impossible, and even more so in practice. Because everyone will begin to influence each other there will simply be no place for such a person. He will not be able to remain so because under the influence of the environment he will be forced to voluntarily, consciously work for others.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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Mutual Guarantee Is What Love Really Is

632.3Question: Is it right to say that mutual guarantee is a basic form of communication?

Answer: Mutual guarantee is the ultimate form of proper communication when we achieve a one-for-all and all-for-one relationship.

Comment: But you said that the final form is love.

My Response: This is when you can call it love. After all, to be connected to each other in such a way as to feel what the other person lacks and provide it for him is love.

Comment: In one of your books you wrote that the mutual guarantee frees everyone from any worries.

My Response: Mutual guarantee is necessary in order to take care of others. Everyone needs to be sure that they are being taken care of by others. Otherwise, they will have to break away from caring for others and think about themselves.

Therefore, society should be built in such a way that everyone thinks about each other. This is the reverse form of pure egoism.

Question: But still, a person must take care of himself to a necessary extent, right?

Answer: No. Why should he? He is in a society that thinks about each and everyone. And he also takes care of each and everyone, and in no way of himself.

He makes what is called a restriction (Tzimtzum) on himself: let the others think of me and I will think of others. In this state, we are completely connected to each other, included in each other, and achieve an absolutely integral state.

Question: Do you mean to say that, just as a few million years ago, nature combined cells into a complex organism, so it will force us into such an ideal state? It’s hard to imagine what you’re talking about right now. It’s not even a utopia.

Answer: This is the completely real, correct state of individual living organisms.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 11/15/20

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Dissociation Virus

293The problem of coronavirus is not limited to one country because we live in the last generation when the Creator extends the same attitude to all of humanity, without exception, at all levels, at all degrees, and in all states.

Even on some small island lost in the Pacific Ocean, the coronavirus suddenly appears. It would seem, how did it manage to get there if the people live in isolation from the rest of the world? Nevertheless, the virus is transmitted there too.

Today, doctors and researchers are beginning to say that the virus is airborne. Does this mean that the virus is spreading thousands of kilometers in all directions? It appears simply from nature, from within it.

Due to the fact that there is no connection between us at a time when we were already obliged to unite, due to this lack of connection between inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, the coronavirus appears. We will still discover its manifestations in plants, animals, and even in inanimate matter.

First of all, we will find that the virus has reached the most remote parts of the globe, without any human factor, and even affects animals and plants. Where does it come from? From the absence of connection that must exist between all parts of reality. People are responsible for this! Therefore, we should learn about it and think about it.

All that is required of us is the awareness of mutual guarantee, the feeling that we are in the last generation. Apart from this, nothing more is needed. If we understand that we are dependent on each other and are cooking in the same pot, this will be enough to begin gradually getting out of the crisis. We will already begin to see where the cure is.

With the help of mutual guarantee, we can save ourselves from the coronavirus. It all depends on the right connection between us. The coronavirus is a consequence of the lack of unity among us. For this reason alone, it manifests itself.

All problems and all kinds of viruses appear because there is no correspondence between the parts of nature, and therefore they cannot connect with each other starting from the level of atoms, molecules, and up to larger and more complex particles. Parts of nature cannot come together into one system, and this gives rise to all problems—like a cancerous tumor, a malignant formation that lacks the right connections with tissues.

Therefore, the fight against coronavirus can only be at the human level, if we think well of each other. After all, by our unity, we will attract the force of good that will unite everyone. This power is higher and stronger than all our adversity, and it will heal everything for us.

Our association is a cure for all problems, physical and mental, personal, and social. When it passes through all layers of connections between people, animals, plants, and inanimate nature, then the whole world will become one and connected with only one force, in mutual guarantee.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/24/20, “Concerning Above Reason”

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The Perfect Formula For Life

508.2Mutual guarantee is the general law of the correct connection of all creation, and therefore, by fulfilling it, we will correct all problems.

If we will take care of the mutual guarantee between us, we will affect all particles of matter on the physical and chemical levels, which will connect correctly as well. By doing this we will neutralize all microbes, stop all epidemics, and disarm all our enemies, from people to small insects.

The mutual guarantee will protect us from everything: from harmful radiation, from extreme heat and cold. The Earth is ready to explode from climate changes, but we can calm all nature by tying all its parts with mutual guarantee. It all depends only on how we implement this law ourselves.

The law of mutual guarantee is the perfect formula for connecting all parts of nature, on all levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. We have nothing else to worry about.

We will not have to go deep into the study of all the subtleties of nature, its ecological, zoological, biological, and physical laws. There is no need to descend to the quantum level because from our human level we influence all the lower layers of nature.

Besides, we influence the higher nature from our level. We are between two worlds: the higher world and the lower world. If we reach mutual guarantee, we begin to live in both worlds.

The entire universe is one system. Therefore, by our attitude, we influence all of nature. Through our attitude, we can blow up stars, evoke wars, and establish peace. It all depends only on our attitude to the unity between us. If we want the world to feel good, we need to establish good relationships between us. The closer we get to each other, the better the world will become.

The world is not at fault, it acts according to the laws instituted into it by the Creator. But we can bring these laws to the correct connection by inserting our resistance between plus and minus: restriction, screen, and reflected light. Then there will be no confrontation and short-circuit between the positive and negative poles, between the right and left, between all conflicting sides. After all, we will put a buffer between them, the correct adapter.

Everything depends on us; only we can connect all pluses and minuses on all levels for peace to prevail in the world. That is why, first of all, we have to achieve mutual guarantee with the intention to help the whole world and thereby bring contentment to the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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Inside The Law Of Mutual Guarantee

624.04We are inside the law of mutual guarantee and moving forward in accordance with it. Our whole life depends on the fulfillment of this law whether we want it or not, whether we understand it or not. All of humanity is moving in the direction of mutual guarantee.

Even if you look back only three months ago, an insignificant period in comparison with human life, you will see how our ideas about our development, about the present and future have changed. We have made a huge leap forward.

Until three months ago, we thought that the coronavirus pandemic would end quickly and allow us to return to our previous lives. But no one thinks that way today.

Look what a revolution is taking place in all of humanity, in billions of people, and how their attitude to life is changing. They begin to realize that they are in some kind of a mandatory process from which they cannot be freed. They are not in charge of their lives but life controls them and pulls them and not toward the goal they have set for themselves.

Life will not be the same again. We are in a process where in a very short time we can see dramatic changes between the past, present, and future. It turns out that everyone has made very important discoveries about their lives: they realized that today will not be like yesterday, and tomorrow will not be like today. Thus, nature, the Creator, raises us to another level of perception of reality.

We are becoming partners with the Creator, participating with Him in the same process, although only passively for the time being. Nature makes changes, and we are in this process watching it as it unfolds before us.

We already see that we do not control the world, and we cannot change it. Even if the future appears black, we still understand that there is no choice and that what should happen will happen. And then the question arises: is it possible to change something?

We are more and more ready to accept the conditions the Creator sets for us if we want to change the future. We may still be passive, but we are already participants in the process unfolding in front of us. This is noticeable in the media, in people, and in families throughout our lives, and this is a huge achievement.

Everyone gradually bows their head and is no longer as confident and sure of himself as before. We understand that we are inside a flow that is designated by nature. Nature has established for us the law of mutual guarantee and it will become clearer every day that only through the right connection can we organize our lives and that only the lack of a good connection between us is the cause of all our misfortunes.

All this will soon become clear to everyone and we will understand that the law of mutual guarantee is binding and there is no choice but to follow it. It is better if we strive for it ourselves, hasten time, and bring it closer and closer in order to fulfill it before it overtakes us and compels us to fulfill it by force. We want to fulfill it voluntarily, at our own will.

Day by day, humanity is moving closer to mutual guarantee, opening its eyes more and more.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/25/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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Mutual Guarantee—The Law Of Nature

275Mutual guarantee is a global law of nature, the most important and defining. There is nothing higher than it. The Creator wants the creatures to know this law. And the creation can only attain something through the contrast of opposites.

And so the Creator created us as opposed to mutual guarantee, that is, separated, unconnected, shattered, and full of all forms of egoism. We must rise above these egoistic forces of separation and begin to connect the creation anew.

There are four degrees in creation that allow you to fully reveal the Creator. In this way they were created by the force of unity, which came out of the Creator and created the four stages of direct light. Then they descended further, breaking apart and separating, creating degrees and worlds until they reached this world and turned into all kinds of substances. The substances broke down further: into molecules, atoms, subatomic and elementary particles.

But the main work of man is not to delve into physical or chemical research, into elementary particles, but to connect all the parts of creation on all levels: both physical matter and its spiritual embodiment, into one whole, and to return to the original state from which it was broken.

Creation, equivalent in form to the Creator, fully follows the law of mutual guarantee. By the same degrees that the worlds descended, shattered, and divided, creation now rises back up, binds, and connects, first transforming itself from physical material into spiritual. Spiritual matter is one where the law of unity, mutual guarantee, is fulfilled more and more.

The separation and descent of the worlds to the very bottom, down to physical matter, was done in order to enable us to bring the entire creation to unity through our own efforts because “One” is the name of the Creator. In other words, we need to recreate the law of mutual guarantee between all parts of creation.

If we do not do this in time, the process of breakage continues, and we experience more and more new problems and diseases in our lives, that is, separation at all levels: inanimate, vegetative, animal, and human. On the animal level, separation manifests as diseases of the body, on the inanimate and vegetative levels, as natural disasters.

The only thing we need is to comply with the law of mutual guarantee. We have only one task: to connect all the parts of creation into a single integrated system, into “One, Unique and Unified,” except for whom, there is nothing. This law binds all parts of nature by a simple formula called Mutual Guarantee, (Arvut) by which everything exists in perfect harmony. The feeling of this harmony is called the attainment of the Creator by the creation.

The Creator has deliberately shattered this law of mutual guarantee in order to give everyone a point of his “I”—the point of shattering from which he can feel himself existing and attaining unity, mutual guarantee. This is how we embody the name of the Creator, reveal Him, and put him as a king over creation.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam,The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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The Pyramid Of Mutual Guarantee

565.02All the problems and troubles in this world are the result of the revelation of the lack of mutual guarantee (Arvut), which is increasing. Therefore, we need our behavior to be correct, to return to even our ordinary material connection and mutual guarantee.

All diseases are caused by violations of the law of mutual guarantee at the biological, zoological, botanical, or social level.

There are many levels of compliance with the law of mutual guarantee, but the highest is the love of one’s neighbor as oneself. In physical and chemical form, substances bind together, and at higher levels, people’s thoughts and desires bind together. In this perfect system, which is the universe, all the galaxies are connected to each other, that is, everything depends on the mutual guarantee.

The pyramid of mutual guarantee includes at its base the inanimate level, then the vegetative, the animate, and above all, the human level. If we, being above all nature, at the top of the pyramid, fulfill the condition of mutual guarantee (Arvut)  in our desires and thoughts, in our mind and heart, this will affect all the levels below us. This will calm the whole of nature and bring it back to its integral form.

Nature will begin to behave according to the law of mutual guarantee between all its parts in all spheres. And then, of course, we will not have any health problems in the family, in human society, or even in the environment.

It is not possible to fix the environment by burning less oil or taking other protective measures, but only by implementing the law of mutual guarantee at the top of the pyramid where we are. By doing this, we will oblige all of nature below us to return to balance, reciprocity, and harmony.

The action of physical forces or the interaction of chemical substances according to their valences, according to the number of electrons around the atom, which bind together and build new substances—all these are the laws of mutual guarantee, which are revealed in different forms. All the laws of nature are manifestations of one global law.

Even the laws of human relations, psychology, and social life are part of a detailed explanation of the same global law of mutual guarantee, which we must fulfill in its entirety in order to reveal our connection with the Creator within this law. By doing this, we add our part to the Creator, and He adds His to us, and we reach the state of “He and His Name are one.”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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