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How Not to Drown in a Raging Sea

229Mutual guarantee means that we completely depend on each other, as if we are sitting in a boat in the middle of the sea at risk of drowning in our egoism and finishing our lives in this way. If we want to reach the shore, we must stick together so that everyone helps the other.

No one will come to our aid from the outside until we help each other ourselves. Therefore, we must feel that we are in the same boat under the threat of dying. Only if we help each other get out of the ocean of common egoism surrounding us from all sides, can we be saved.

Imagine yourself in a boat in the middle of a raging egoistic sea. If we support each other, then the sea, with its inner force (the force of the Creator), will take our boat ashore.

The people of Israel were assembled from representatives of all seventy nations of the world to serve as an example of mutual guarantee for everyone else. This group has become a small kernel of connection within the entire vast humanity. The whole history of humanity forces the people of Israel to disperse around the globe in order to convey this message to humanity through philosophy, science, and most importantly, religion.

We are yet to reveal that only this force operates in the world and controls it from the center of reality. Now we are approaching the final stage of this development; it depends only on us whether we will reach it the easy way or through great suffering, problems, and wars.

The entirety of humanity has reached a state when it is ready to listen to the issue of mutual guarantee. Every day we feel more and more how connected we are with each other, so much so that it is impossible to separate us. All nations, countries, and governments are trying to somehow single out and isolate themselves, but nothing will work. We only plunge ourselves into suffering, through which we will understand more clearly that we are tightly connected and can achieve success only through mutual guarantee.

Otherwise, the world will not calm down. It will experience wars and difficult scrutiny. Someday, however, after many years of suffering and problems, we will realize that everyone depends on everyone, and there is no other force capable of governing us except the force of mutual guarantee.

All of humanity is in one small boat in the middle of a big raging sea. If we do not recognize our mutual responsibility, we will plunge ourselves into great troubles. Of course, in the end, we will decide that we are obliged to be in mutual guarantee.

Today, no country in the world can exist without connection with other countries. And it would be desirable for these connections to be positive. After all, bad connection causes troubles to others, and boomerangs back to you. Only through some human, normal agreements is it possible to come to peace.

Thus, we will learn that only mutual care and mutual guarantee can lead us to a good life. Then we will discover that there is another goal—to acknowledge the global force that operates in the world. It is impossible to govern the world without knowing this basic law of loving one’s neighbor as oneself.

This is no longer a simple caring for each other, but complete rejection of the egoistic approach. Instead of foreign ministers helping each country take care of itself, there will be other ministers taking care of the connection between everyone and its mutuality. After all, we will not be able to exist otherwise.

This will lead us to the need to study the laws of mutual guarantee, that is, the laws of the true reality. We live at a time when for the first time the world feels its integral dependence, interconnectedness, and therefore, responsibility to each other. No one has the right to do what he wants, regardless of others. After all, we see what this leads to. Everyone has to take the entire world into account.

This is how we come closer to the truth, which is not found in any country, in any government, or in any person. The truth is above us, and it lies in the good connection from each person to all people.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/26/22, Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut,” (Mutual Guarantee)

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“A Weekend Of Worldwide Unity” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “A Weekend of Worldwide Unity

This past weekend, my students from around the world convened online for a weekend of profound unity and love. Transcending distance, culture, faith, ethnicity, and gender, they gathered in sessions and workshops, meals and celebrations, and rejoiced in their shared desire to bond. More than 6,000 students convened on the platform they have built themselves, and which they named Arvut (mutual responsibility). They spoke in dozens of languages, all with simultaneous interpretation, and talked of nothing but love and responsibility for one another.

Unity will determine the fate of the world. If we establish it, we will reverse the trajectory of enmity, aggression, and violence. If we shun it, the world will plunge into another war.

This weekend, we discovered once again that when there is a will to unite, there is always a way. The differences did not divide us. On the contrary, they brought us that much closer.

As a teacher, my greatest joy is to see my students accomplish themselves. This weekend, I was given a demonstration that my students have accomplished a great deal.

Indeed, this convention was the most powerful, intense, and serious of all the conventions thus far. My students proved that they are willing to fight for the unity of the world, to rise above their own ego, unite, and share that unity with the entire world.

There is nothing that the world needs more than unity. Accordingly, there is no greater gift that we can give to our fellow human beings than our unity and the invitation to join in.

Unity will determine the fate of the world. If we establish it, we will reverse the trajectory of enmity, aggression, and violence. If we shun it, the world will plunge into another war.

Great transformations lie ahead, whose nature depends on the degree of our unity. I hope and pray that humanity will join the unity we have achieved this past weekend, and raise itself from the nadir of abhorrence to the zenith of love of others.

How Do You Sign A Covenant With The Creator?

598Comment: The great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam writes that there is no difference between giving to your neighbor and giving to the Creator.

My Response: That is absolutely correct. If you acquire the quality of bestowal and there is no benefit to your egoism from it anyway, then it does not matter to you to whom you give.

Then it makes no difference to you whether you make an agreement with a friend or with the Creator. It is only in the fact that the Creator is the common, whole, and perfect. Our relationships in the group and between us are private, and come and go. That is, the Creator is the goal and friends are the means.

Question: What is the meaning of the contract? What do we sign?

Answer: You enter into an agreement about a request to the Creator that He will help you become like Him.

Question: And is this is the whole contract?

Answer: Yes. And what else could there be? All you need is His help you rise to His level. But all this is solved in connection with the friends.

Question: It turns out that I cannot directly enter into a contract with the Creator. Will it always be through other people, through society?

Answer: This will always be expressed in your good connection with others.

Comment: But in the primary sources it is written only about a direct covenant with the Creator. For example, Abraham made a covenant with Him directly, and so did other Kabbalists.

My Response: There it is about the highest spiritual laws. And in our world, in our state, it is possible to achieve love of the Creator only from love of friends, from love of others.

Only in this way can I turn to Him and reach Him.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/28/21

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Meaning Of Mutual Guarantee

934In order to reach greater importance of the mutual guarantee and to be filled with love of friends, we must feel how much we are interconnected, interdependent, and responsible for each other and that we are getting closer and closer to each other.

There is me and the Creator, and all the people on earth connect me to Him. Basically, this is my group, this is the ten, which, as a central thread, connects me to the Creator. And all the others join in more and more. Thus, my connection with the Creator becomes broad, infinite, and unlimited.

The Creator gave us only one small point of connection with the group, and by this He inspires each of us to connect with Him. All the rest we have to do ourselves.

This is the meaning of mutual guarantee: We begin to feel that we are all tied together for one spiritual action, connection between us, and from between us to the Creator.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Working in Mutual Responsibility” Lesson 6

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Filling The Place of Lack—An Exercise In Mutual Relations

600.01Question: A woman feels that she gives a lot at home and to the family. All that giving makes her feel that she gives and gives, but has nothing, that she has no air to breathe and that she does not receive anything. How can this be explained?

Answer: There must be mutuality. The family members need to learn what they are doing in order to receive from her so that she feels that they receive from her and thus fill her as she fills them. This is something that we need to learn since we lack the common feeling.

This is what usually happens in relations between a husband and wife; each one thinks that he or she gives to the other, but does not receive anything, or does not understand what he or she receives.

Question: Is there perhaps an exercise that each of us can do in order to advance?

Answer: We need to learn every day, constantly, since it is about a person’s attitude to life. During our life, from the moment we were born, we receive tips only as to how to develop our ego, that is, a one-way system. What we need is to constantly see the mutuality in our relations, how we connect between us. And actually, in the middle, between us, we need to reach such relations in which we do not need anything from each other.

We need to develop give and take relations so that, besides the ability to give to you, I receive from you only in order to show you how I feel, since I need you.

Question: What do we actually give to each other?

Answer: Only a desire; each one gives others a desire, and thus we develop good and right connections between us. In fact, none of us needs anything except the right attitude.

Suppose everyone has everything, but one needs someone to give to, someone to care about, and from whom to receive mental fulfillment. I need to look at the other and try to give him the feeling of participation on my part in order to fill their desire. My participation is not in a material sense, this is not important, but rather, it is mental fulfillment. By doing that, we will feel that there is not only a connection between us, but also a relationship in which we cannot live without each other.

Today we already feel mutual dependence between us, and we are going to reach a state in our evolution in which each one really feels that he needs all the people in the world in order to give to them, to open their hearts, and to give them his care. And what will the person himself be filled by? By the fact that others are ready to receive from him and vice versa. Then we will reach the state in which we will all truly provide each other with unlimited fulfillment.
From Kab TV’s “New Life” 10/31/21

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From Egoistic Guarantee To Spiritual One

630.2Question: What is the difference between the guarantee we can give each other in our current state and a spiritual guarantee? Is the difference quantitative or qualitative?

Answer: Now we can accept a purely mechanical guarantee and somehow it exists between us in the group.

In principle, mutual guarantee is the basis of any society, even the most barbaric one. All the same, there are some elements of mutual obligations.

Throughout the history of mankind, it can be traced that only the degree of even selfish guarantee determines the level of development of social ties that encourage us to build huts, cities, and states.

This comes from an inner awareness of mutual guarantee. Then there are peoples, nations, and so on.

We must take it to another level.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Working in Mutual Responsibility” Lesson 6

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Wave Motion

938.05Question: When we are in the state of descent and concealment, how can we keep mutual guarantee between us?

Answer: If we are in the state of descent and concealment, then we ourselves need to hold on with the help of the friends. And when I am not in a descent, I need to think about the ways I can support my friends.

This is how we work gradually, alternately, in waves: I for the friends, friends for me, and so on. We always position ourselves in such a way that all our negative and positive states mutually add up, and we advance straight to the goal.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Working in Mutual Responsibility” Lesson 6

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Mutual Guarantee Is Worth More Than Money

935How can we change our egoistic intention, which was given to us by nature and always exists within us, without any doubts or clarifications? It is called the evil inclination, which was born first. And now we need to give birth to a good inclination.

And that is why we are working together on our evil inclination in order to build a good inclination within each of us through mutual guarantee. We turn to the Creator. as if to a bank, and say that we want to build a building of bestowal.

Each of us has not a penny to his name, but we sign the mutual guarantee. There are nine friends backing me up, ready to sign a guarantee that I will be in bestowal because they will support me. Since I am in their complete power, whether I want it or not, I will certainly be in bestowal.

This is how we come to the Creator, and everyone signs a guarantee for their friends. No one can be a guarantor for himself because he does not have such powers; where will they come from? But he can be a guarantor for a friend, and in this way we come to mutual guarantee. Then the Creator begins to invest His upper force in this mutual guarantee that we have signed.

What have we invested in this mutual guarantee? After all, no one has anything, so no one can pay anything for the other. But since we want to help each other, this very guarantee helps us start building a common building.

None of us can be the foundation of this common building, nor is anyone its owner. Only due to the fact that each supports the other, due to our mutual support, does this entire building stay upright.

This is how we build the spiritual building. There is nothing in it; it is maintained only by our mutual guarantee and by our appeal to the upper force. That is why this building is spiritual.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/30/22, “Faith Above Reason”

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Unification = Love

938.05Question: There is a law of mutual guarantee. A lot has been written about this in Kabbalah. Because we are all interconnected, everyone can change the fate of others, but one can never change one’s own fate. That is, if I want to change my destiny, I have to change my environment.

How does it happen? How can I interfere in the fate of another person?

Answer: By giving him an example. The most important and most effective thing is to show a person an example of correct behavior according to the laws of nature: how to unite, how to approach others, how to interact with them, how to change your attitude to the Creator, to His governance, and so on.

Our future directly depends on it, moreover, the nearest future as well as the global one.

Question: What law of nature that must be complied with are you talking about?

Answer: About absolute love and connection of everyone with everyone.

Question: Nature obliges all elements to connect. There was even a period in cosmology when all the simplest elements were uniting and more complex substances and states were obtained. Likewise, people at a certain level must unite through feelings. Is this what you call love?

Answer: Yes. And then a new essence will emerge, full support of each other, when people create among themselves such states that never existed, which arise precisely from their direct, open aspiration to each other.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/26/21

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Kabbalah And The Consumer Economy, Part 8

628.2Toward an Economy of Mutual Guarantee

Question: Baal HaSulam in the articles “The Solution” and “The Last Generation” writes that the consumer economy, which is experiencing a crisis, will be replaced by an economy of mutual guarantee. I would like to understand what this economy is based on?

Answer: On the fact that it is one single system. We are connected to each other and completely dependent on each other.

Nowadays this mutual connection is revealed more and more vividly and fully. It indicates that we must be connected by good ties because we cannot break this connection. If we remain dependent on each other through egoistic connection, then we will lead ourselves to annihilation, to mutual destruction.

Therefore the wisdom of Kabbalah is now being revealed in the world in order to help us correct ourselves, to come to a good dependence on each other, instead of what we already see now that the whole world is becoming global, integral, and everyone only wants to destroy each other.

Therefore in order not to bring ourselves to a Third World War, we need to think now about the way we will organize a new society.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/3/19

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