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The Years Do Not Go By In Vain

laitman_219_03Question: Compared to my group, I feel that I lag behind in understanding the necessity for connection between friends. Because of this, I am considering leaving the studies.

Answer: Each one reaches his moment of connection with the group. For some individuals, this takes a few years, for others 20 or even 30 years, as Baal HaSulam writes.

But the moment comes for everyone when he begins to feel that the means for spiritual development comes from connection in a group. And he begins to grow in it. The years that go by do not pass in vain, and specifically those who patiently walk in the dark, as Baal HaSulam writes, gradually rise to great spiritual heights.

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 10/30/16

laitman_249-01Question: Is it possible to gather a group? Where is it possible to find the “right” friends?

Answer: You don’t need to do anything in particular. People are chosen in a completely random manner. But please note: everything that you do comes from above. A person has no independent action.

Question: Is it possible to examine how we connect into a group of ten?

Answer: No, before the Creator is revealed between you, there is no connection, so there is nothing to measure.

Question: There are times when there is no eagerness to watch the lessons, they are only for communication and connection. Is this normal?

Answer: Very good! This is not terrible. Connect, do a workshop.

Question: We have 11 people in the group. Is it preferable that men and women do workshops separately or together?

Answer: It is necessary to do them separately, without any connection to the number of people.

Men and women should not be together, except during meals, and even this depends on the type of meal. If this is a family meal, then it is possible, but if this is a meal with Kabbalistic content, then it should also be done separately. The men should not feel the presence of women.

Question: What can the feeling of attainment be compared with?

Answer: It is possible to compare it to being freed from all internal and external limitations, when you feel that everything is managed by the collective power of the Light, which is called the Creator, and you just swim in it. After that, this feeling disappears. Nothing is left until the full completion of correction.

Question: Could it be that in the future I will have several groups of ten: a group of ten in the lessons, a group of ten at work, a group of ten in the family?

Answer: Certainly, there is no problem with that. But it is first necessary to begin with ten people with whom you have a common goal, and then you go on.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/30/16

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New Life #816 – Conflicts In Relationships

New Life #816 – Conflicts In Relationships
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Why are conflicts essential in a relationship? What is the right way of coping with opposing opinions in a relationship and how does it build a new level in the relationship?

We become equal when we reach a mutual agreement that the importance of the connection between us is above everything.
From KabTV’s “New Life #816 –Conflicts In Relationships,” 1/24/17

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What Is Unity?

laitman_934Question: What does it mean to unite? What is this state?

Answer: To unite means to identify with the friends who have the same goal as I do, the desire to discover the meaning of life.

Baal HaSulam tells us in The Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot that the search for the meaning of life is the main factor that brings us to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

I organize a group with the friends and we unite because without them I cannot ascend above my ego and begin to feel the upper world.

We understand that we cannot manage without each other because we have to establish a system of mutual actions between us that will have the attributes of the upper world. Then like in a magic mirror, we will see a new world, and it will gradually be revealed in the connection between us.

This is the reason that I am looking for people who share the same views as mine; together we establish a connection that is similar to spiritual connection, and in this connection, we gradually feel the upper world, which means our complete interaction up to the revelation of the Creator in it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/30/16

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An Education In Common

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is the education of the members in a group studying Kabbalah adequate, does it have a place and in which circumstances exactly?

Answer: We have an education in common: I with him, he with me, we, all of us are together! We don’t really educate each other. It is just called an “educational method.” It is actually an educational method for correcting a group of Ten so we form the proper connection between us!

After we create a group of Ten, everything else comes automatically. We discover the positive force in nature, it balances the negative force, creates the correct system of mutual connection between us, and we begin to feel a connection with the system of the world that until now was concealed. It is called the upper world or the concealed world.

We feel it in our desires through which we weave connections between the ten members. That is how we attain our soul, our eternal and perfect state! From this moment on, what happens in our earthly life, in our temporary body, no longer matters because we have already revealed the next state, the next level.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/3/16

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Advancement Is Only In A Group

laitman_528_01Question: We learn that we must advance through studying n a physical or virtual group. What can I do if I have no desire to engage with a group?

Answer: I cannot imagine how it is possible otherwise. Do you want to wait for the blows of fate until you become wiser?

I can say only one thing: no one wants to come to a group to be corrected. A person simply must decide for themselves the extent to which it is necessary. Close your eyes, bow your head, and begin to dissolve within the group.

Participate in all of the common activities and I assure you that an immense, positive, spiritual force will begin to influence you. After a short time you will feel that participation in a group specifically creates this within you. The positive force will balance the negative force, and then you will be able to exist in the feeling of the upper world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/3/16

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A Cumulative Process

laitman_938_03Comment: Many people are afraid of spiritual descents because they don’t believe they will find the strength to rise.

Answer: In a group we do not fall and do not rise; we simply engage in the group. The more we engage in the group, the more intensely the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) passes through them.

When we begin to unite with other friends, arranging and preparing a connection with them, immediately amplitudes of ascents and descents happen. Suppose I want to connect with a friend and see darkness because I cannot connect with him; this says that I have fallen into egoism.

This is not about the physical ego but about the ego that appears while building the right relationships between people.

So, there is nothing to fear. Do I seem like a person who doesn’t want to live?! On the contrary, I love life in all its aspects.

The darkness that I am talking about appears as a result of despair when you want to establish connections in a group and cannot. In principle, this desperation comes from the same desire that makes it impossible for you to see the Creator.

However, it is still small, there is not enough. It must pass through a cumulative process in which you will see that you absolutely cannot accomplish anything! So you reach great despair when you realize this is coming from the Creator!

The Torah states the Creator says to Abraham, “Don’t worry, your children will go out from this world to the upper world because I will bring them to Pharaoh,” meaning an immense ego.

It is specifically the discovery of the immense ego that makes it possible for us to leave it because Pharaoh (the ego) is discovered to be incompatible with the attainment of the upper world. So it signs its own death warrant, and I must abandon it. I must leave it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/15/16

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On The Spiritual Map of the World

laitman_254_03Question: Perhaps for the correct prayer we lack the desires of the lower ones?

Answer: Certainly. I stay in contact with all groups in the world. This is a broad geography covering practically all the territory of South and North America, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, European groups, and groups from Africa.

We have to be in contact with one another because the lack of the outer desire relative to every ten limits it and it does not feel the ability to advance further.

I purposefully try to be in some connection with everyone as much as my time allows me. After all, I don’t have more time than anyone else does, but I try to absorb desires, sufferings, and the doubts of the groups.

I do not attempt to enter someone’s private life. It does not give anything. In spirituality, one can sense only the common state of the group, its common opinion, and its aspirations. This is what becomes inscribed on the spiritual map!

However, if it is not a group, not an assembly of at least a few people, I am not interested in them even if they are some great individuals. I do not become included in them because their desires do not exist in the spiritual world.
From the Convention in Moscow, Day One, Lesson 3, 5/2/16

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How Not To Deceive Myself

laitman_933Question: How is it possible to learn to differentiate between a state in which I have truly risen above the ego and the usual happy feeling of fulfillment within the ego? How do I not deceive myself?

Answer: It is possible to distinguish this only within the group, not in any other place.

You need to nullify yourself in relation toward others, seeing yourself higher or lower than them, communicating with each other on specific channels. You should do the groundwork within the group of Ten in such a way that everyone will be equal and interconnected so the network that we weave among us will become like the characteristics of the Creator, with mutual bestowal and love between us. Then to the degree that there is equivalence of form with Him, the Light will be revealed in it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/8/16

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A Prayer For The Society

laitman_624_07The only correct prayer is a prayer for the society, meaning for the ten, while the state of a prayer for myself should be crossed out within my “I.”

A person who raises a prayer for his ten becomes its representative and is the first one to be awarded leading the merging with the Creator.

It is precisely the one who, through his ten, can appeal to the Creator that is called a creation, an individual, a human being. The rest of the nine people represent a matrix through which he appeals to the Creator.

The acceleration of spiritual advancement boils down to enlarging the society that can become closer to the prayer. It means that when you raise an appeal, you can take the biggest desires from this society and direct them toward fulfillment, toward the common merging. This can be accomplished through dissemination and education.
From the Convention In Moscow, Day One 5/2/16, Lesson 3

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