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How To Overcome Shame

294.2Comment: On the second Israeli TV channel there was a story about a charity canteen that opened in Tel Aviv.

The number of their clients increased by almost 70%. These are new people who come there for a free lunch. And these people feel very uncomfortable. They are the former waiters, former El Al flight attendants, a real mix of different kinds of people. There are a lot of young people, boys and girls. They do not look up so as not to see each other. They come up, get lunch, and carefully ask: “How much does it cost?” They learn that it costs nothing and step aside.

The feeling of shame was conveyed very strongly.

My Response: Shame is the most burning feeling. Stronger than any pain. Even sometimes stronger than death.

Question: Do you need to rise above this feeling when you go to such a place?

Answer: The point is that either you want to justify this feeling of shame: “I don’t care, everything is so, and I am like that,” and so on. That is, you can somehow chat about it at the everyday level, at the level of our world.

But, in principle, this is the most terrible feeling. Because the feeling of shame is actually a feeling of annulling a person in you. That is, you are really nothing and nobody.

We do not even understand to what extent we must remove what is called “I” from ourselves and leave only the animal shell from this. And the animal is not ashamed.

It is, of course, very difficult. And I do not think that humanity will correct itself based on this, although this is the most serious level of correction. I think that after all, we will reveal the path of light to people and not the path of suffering.

Question: Is this the path of real suffering?

Answer: This is the path of real suffering, because in fact, if a person is brought to a very serious feeling of shame, he will only pray to die. “Why did I live to see this ?!” I would like to just cease to exist.

Question: What do we do with this state?

Answer: We only need to reveal our purpose, that this is the highest governance, the system is so arranged and it causes such feelings of shame in us so that we rise above our “I,” so they would not annul it, but rise above it.

Question: Can you say how to rise above my “I,” which cries out, is ashamed, as it is said: “Death is better than this kind of life”? How do we rise above this “I,” above this shame?

Answer: With a good attitude toward people. This shame is designed to make us lose our temper.

Question: Then tell me, how can I not be ashamed? In difficult situations, what should I do?

Answer: You cannot be ashamed only in two cases: either you lose your human appearance and become an animal, that is: “Oh, I don’t care! I don’t care about anything!” In general, when you sort of annihilate everything that is outside of you. When you annul society, the whole environment, then you have no shame. You cancel it, so what are you ashamed of?

Or, when you annul yourself in relation to society and say: “I am worth nothing. I am ready to do everything for the sake of society, to belong to the society in everything! My “I” is nothing, only “we” exist!” And then shame also disappears.
This second option is preferable. But there are also higher ones.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/2/20

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The Hague International Criminal Court Is Against Israel

293In the News (AssociatedPress): “The International Criminal Court said Friday that its jurisdiction extends to territories occupied by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war, potentially clearing the way for its chief prosecutor to open a war crimes probe into Israeli military actions. …

“The ICC’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, said in 2019 that there was a “reasonable basis” to open a war crimes probe into Israeli military actions in the Gaza Strip as well as Israeli settlement activity in the occupied West Bank. ”

Comment: This is happening while thousands of people are being killed in Syria and nobody knows what is happening in Lebanon. Look at what is going on in the world!

My Response: It is the one thing that people least understand, but what should be clear is that when it comes to demands, Jews are naturally held to a higher order of magnitude than everyone else, a higher spiritual standard. This is because based on their internality, their internal preparation, the Jews must behave in such a way that all this in the world does not happen at all.

But if it does happen, who is to blame? The Jews! There is no doubt about it! If something bad happens in the world, it is the Jews who are to blame! And we need to agree with this.

Question: Is this your statement?

Answer: This is my statement, because otherwise there is no answer for who we are. Eventually we need to explain who we are to ourselves by ourselves. Why do we constantly try to say that we are like others while others say, no you are not like everyone else? They tell us that they have a special demand from us, that we have a certain method of correction for humanity, but we don’t show it to anyone. We don’t implement it on ourselves, and eventually all the problems and all the suffering that humanity undergoes are actually your fault.

It isn’t just our fault, but it is the result of our disrespect to everything that happens around us. We need to appreciate and understand our powers, our role, our capabilities, and the dependence of all of humanity on us.

As a person who studies the general state of nature, providence, nature’s plan, and everything that the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about, the original internal methodology of the Jewish people and humanity as a whole, I would say that basically I agree with this approach. There is nowhere we can escape to. It is the law of nature! It is therefore pointless to resist it.

The Hague International Criminal Court? There will be a thousand other different courts and the consequences of their decisions will all be bleak for us.

Question: Are there only enemies around us and we need to defend ourselves?

Answer: We need to behave so that there will be only friends around us.

Comment: That would probably be preferable.

My Response: Not that it would be preferable, but that we must!

Comment: But in the meantime…

My Response: There is no meantime! We must begin to understand how nature is built, how the plan is built, how all of humanity is moving, how it is managed by one unique law, and what we have to do about it. We have the ability to influence everything!

Question: Does this mean that we are expected to start now?

Answer: Of course! We should have started thousands of years ago.

Question: And then this global mess would not have happened?

Answer: Yes. What is the purpose of all the suffering?

Comment: I know your answer.

My Response: There is nowhere we can escape from it! But I see how in response to what I write and try to explain everywhere I go, people brush me off. The Jews brush it off! We simply need to agree, to agree with the law of nature that has been right before our eyes for ages, which Kabbalists write about and not only Kabbalists.

There are no compromises in the laws of nature. We need to understand that we either operate as we should according to nature, or nature operates on us.

Question: What should we do so that everyone will be our friends?

Answer: We need to connect between us. By doing so we will not need to depend on anyone! No one needs to help us do so. We only need to establish the right connection between us. To come together all of us, to establish a normal state, that no one will want to run away from, to feel as a nation, to ascend above the divide and then everything will be fine!

Question: In the world?

Answer: Both for us and in the world.

Question: Are you speaking about this small point called Israel?

Answer: Of course, only about that. We don’t need to worry about anything else in the world. Everything in the world will happen as a result of what happens in this point, and it will also be so in The Hague International Criminal Court.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/23/19

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“Justice Is Blind, Until It Concerns Israel” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “.Justice Is Blind, Until It Concerns Israel

Israel is once again singled out as it was recently announced that it is threatened to be put on the docket 0f the International Criminal Court in The Hague for alleged war crimes. Meanwhile, the actions of blatantly oppressive regimes are being conveniently overlooked. So how can the “special treatment” toward the Jewish nation be explained if not by the motivation of antisemitism? We have to understand where the hatred comes from. It is not the result of what we do, but what we fail to deliver: unity to the world.

The international community looks at us through a magnifying glass. They hate us and want to see an end to the Israeli enterprise. Hostile organizations are rising up and multiplying against us day by day, and those who showed some restraint in the past, in line with the previous US administration’s friendly policies toward Israel, now feel more comfortable to act in step with the new White House.

We can continue fighting those who are not on our side, our instinctive reaction is to hate back, but this only confuses our vision and blurs our thoughts. We need to understand hatred from a deeper level, from an internal goal-oriented role demanded of the Jewish people.

We are the ones who fail to rise above the hatred and rejection between us, and the nations of the world reflect the state of our relations. In fact, the hostility against us is not because of our necessity for self-defense, but due to our lack of awareness of what the world demands from us: to connect and provide the world with the system for ultimate connection.

The nation of Israel was created differently from all other nations. Ours is a nation established to serve as a source for humanity’s future connection, for and of every nation in the world. It is why Israel was created and it is our destiny. Moreover, it is what the world subconsciously expects of us. They instinctively feel Jews know how to achieve peace and prosperity in the world and are not sharing it with them, so their complaint is manifested as antisemitism.

Understanding our background is therefore key to understanding that the Jewish people is not a nation in the common sense of the word, but a group of people from many different tribes and cultures who subscribed to an idea. This common vision was the fact that there is one force that governs the universe, the force of unity, the only power that can connect us above our differences.

We agreed to unite “as one man with one heart” at the foot of Mt. Sinai, and received the code of law for conducting a society whose members are united at heart. The task we were given is as valid now as it was then, and the world demands that we carry it out. Is Israel detrimental to the world? We are as long as we do no not overcome our deep divisions and get closer to each other. Thus, the only solution to end the animosity against the Jewish nation is becoming one unified people. As Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag wrote during WWII in his 1940 paper The Nation:

“It is also clear that the enormous effort that the rugged road ahead requires of us mandates unity that is as solid and as hard as steel from all parts of the nation, without exception. If we do not come out with united ranks toward the mighty forces that are standing on our way to harm us, we will find that our hope is doomed in advance.”

Therefore, if we can find this desire to unify within us and fan its flames, we will become a positive force that will permeate the world and hatred against us will vanish.

“What Politicians “Want”” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “What Politicians “Want”

When you examine how Republicans and Democrats treat Israel, it is easy to tell the difference: Republicans are palpably pro Israel, while Democrats give Israel a cold shoulder. We, in Israel, may feel their attitude as a reflection of their “feelings,” but there is no such thing in politics. In truth, neither Republican nor Democrat politicians care about Israel; if it were up to them, they would casually kick us out of here and into the Mediterranean Sea.

What politicians do want is to be reelected, and in order to be reelected, they must cater to their constituency’s taste. If their voters favor Israel, so will their messengers in the House of Representatives. If their voters dislike Israel, so will their reps.

In addition to the above, there is one person in the White House with a real agenda when it comes to Israel: Barack Hussein Obama. He is the one pulling the strings in the current administration, and the Biden-Harris title is just a front. Obama’s odium toward Israel is religiously, geographically, and politically motivated. We must have no illusions about this.

Nevertheless, Israel is not helpless. We may not be able to change the opinion of politicians about Israel, but we can change the opinion of their voters, and this is what really counts. If we, in Israel, unite above our (countless) differences, we will dissolve any hatred that the world currently feels toward us, and it does. The world’s eyes are always on Israel, often even more than on domestic affairs. People feel that what happens here affects them personally. The loathing we are showing to each other here radiates throughout the world and its ripples ignite conflicts and wars the world over. This is why Jew haters blame Israel and Jews for causing all the wars. They don’t really think that we start wars everywhere on the planet, but they feel that it’s our fault.

And the truth is that they’re right. We are starting wars by fighting among ourselves. The world constantly pays us attention; we project hatred; the world absorbs the hatred we project; and the hatred starts wars. We think that the world has forgotten about the “nonsense” of that Biblical obligation of Israel to be “a light unto nations,” and the world, too, may not think about it consciously. But the fact that the world is always looking at us, always examining our every move, and always judging us by a higher standard than it judges the rest of the nations, is because it expects us to be “a light unto nations.”

Actions are not determined by people’s words, but by people’s feelings. They feel that we, Jews in general and Israel in particular, are a source of trouble. The only way we can stop being a burden and a menace in the eyes of the world is if we reinstate the unity that had made us into a nation, stop projecting hatred, and the stream of hatred threatening to drown the world will stop. We may not want to unite with our brothers, but we cannot say that there is nothing we can do against Jew hatred. In fact, we are the only nation on Earth whose fate is solely in its own hands.

For more on this topic, please see my latest publication, The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism: Historical facts on anti-Semitism as a reflection of Jewish social discord

“The Vicious Cycle Of Success And Hatred” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Vicious Cycle of Success and Hatred

We Jews have always been successful far beyond our proportion of the world’s population. The same goes for Israel, the Jewish State. We are world leaders in technology, in medicine, in development and manufacturing of arms and sophisticated weapons, and we even excel in agriculture and water solutions.

Overseas, Jewish people are at the top of the American finance industry, and not only in America. Many famous actors and comedians are Jewish, we shine in politics, law, and if you look at the list of Nobel Prize laureates throughout the years, you’ll find a staggering number of Jews there.

There is a very good reason that the world is largely unimpressed with our achievements, and when it is, it holds them against us. These achievements are not what the world wants from us. If it were, they would thank us, but they don’t. The world expects something totally different from the Jews: As unlikely as it sounds, the world expects from us to project unity, and nothing else.

You’d think that since we have contributed so much to the world, the world would cheer for us. It doesn’t. In fact, it does the opposite: It blames our arms industry for starting wars, and our financiers for causing financial crises and for taking people’s money. The world blames us for spreading bad values through the entertainment industry, and for manipulating politicians in Israel’s favor. And most recently, the world blames us for vaccinating the Israeli population so quickly instead of giving the vaccines to the Palestinians. Why doesn’t the world appreciate us? Why do they hate us?

There is a very good reason that the world is largely unimpressed with our achievements, and when it is, it holds them against us. These achievements are not what the world wants from us. If it were, they would thank us, but they don’t. The world expects something totally different from the Jews: As unlikely as it sounds, the world expects from us to project unity, and nothing else.

The global attention that the Jewish State and the Jewish people are constantly getting has a very deep root. Our forefathers came from all those nations that are now observing our every move. We don’t have a common root; our ancestors came from many tribes and peoples all over the ancient Fertile Crescent. These people were often sworn enemies, but under Abraham’s leadership, they forged a solid group and unique cohesion that has never been achieved before or after, except by Jews. Abraham’s descendants developed and polished their unity until they managed to turn complete strangers, who hated one another, into a unified nation.

To achieve such a miraculous union, they had to form a stronger bond than any nation had ever achieved, and that union turned a tiny group into a formidable power. The rulers of the strongest nations always respected the Jews, gave them freedom, and let them rule themselves. The Babylonians, the Greeks and the Romans all let the Israelites rule themselves in Israel. They only conquered Israel and interfered with our lives if we invited them, since we did not want to stay united anymore.

But when we united, we were “a light unto nations.” The link between the strangers who formed Abraham’s first group and the nations they came from is still there, buried deep within them. This is why the nations cannot stop observing our every move. This is also why only we, the representatives of countless peoples, could become “a light unto nations,” an example of “world peace” within our nation. To this day, this is what the nations want to learn from us—that magical unity that formed thousands of hostile individuals into a solid nation. They feel deep down in their subconscious that we owe them this since we are inseparable from them, and deep down, we feel it, too.

But since we fell into unfounded hatred, we have demonstrated nothing but disdain and contempt for one another, the opposite of what the world expects from us. In such a state, no matter what we do, it will hate us, since we are denying it the one thing it needs from us.

Instead of demonstrating unity, we fell into a vicious cycle of success and great achievements, which lead to hubris, which causes us to divide among us even more, which then intensifies the world’s hatred toward us even more. We must understand that anything that separates us intensifies the world’s hatred toward us, and nothing separates us more than success. For this reason, whatever we do that’s currently considered an achievement, rest assured that it will eventually be held against us. It is a vicious cycle of success and hatred, and the only way to break it is to focus our attention solely on our unity.

“The Root Of Israel Will Give Israel No Peace” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Root of Israel Will Give Israel No Peace

Prof. Ran Blitzer, head of Israel’s Experts Cabinet appointed to fight Covid-19, has stated that the closure isn’t working anymore. Vaccines are effective, he said, but we are still seeing high infection rates. Alongside the battle with the virus, Israel is grappled in yet another vitriolic general elections campaign, which makes many of the Covid related decisions made by policymakers politically motivated, at the expense of the public’s health. The overall sensation among many Israelis is that there is chaos and disorientation because of the political mayhem, where politicians are battling each other instead of the virus.

The crises may seem unrelated, and each country is dealing with its problems on its own, but the truth is that everything is connected. Even worse, on a deeper level, everything is connected to Israel. And now that the American saga has calmed down a little, the world will turn its attention to Israel and the Jews, and not in order to compliment us on our achievement in vaccinating the Israeli population so quickly.

But chaos isn’t taking over only in Israel. Social, political, and medical crises are occurring the world over. The news may have focused more on the US since last summer due to the growing racial and political tensions that turned violent there, but Europe has been entangled with persistent violent political and Covid related riots, as has Russia, Myanmar, with its military coup, and many other countries. Even where there seems to be relative calm, such as in China, it is only a facade. Everyone is suffering from the global economic slowdown, the repeated closures, and the unnerving sense that humanity has no leaders, that everyone is at a loss.

The crises may seem unrelated, and each country is dealing with its problems on its own, but the truth is that everything is connected. Even worse, on a deeper level, everything is connected to Israel. And now that the American saga has calmed down a little, the world will turn its attention to Israel and the Jews, and not in order to compliment us on our achievement in vaccinating the Israeli population so quickly.

We must understand once and for all why the world never stops blaming Israel for its woes, and why it feels that Israel owes it something. The root of the people of Israel is not in some remote tribe in ancient Mesopotamia. Israel coalesced into a nation after many people from many tribes and nations joined together under Abraham’s leadership since they believed in his tenet that mercy and love of others are the keys to happiness. Those people, who had nothing in common, developed a unique bond that was based on an ideology of unity above enmity rather than on familiar or tribal affinity. Because those strangers had to overcome profound initial distrust and hatred, the bond they forged had to be equally strong. As a result, the bond they formed was like no other, and it lifted Israel to heights that had never existed before. That bond, forged by transcending intense enmity, became a role model for the nations, a proof that we can bridge any rancor and resolve any conflict, if we only exalt unity high enough.

But the connection between the people of Israel and the nations of the world has not been broken. It cannot be broken since the nations of the world are our root, our origin. This is why humanity cannot stop taking interest in Israel or in Jews. Like it or not, they feel connected to the Jews, and like it or not, we are connected to them, to all the nations in the world.

Today, when disarray and disunion plague every corner of the globe, the world will turn to Israel even more quickly than before. Israel, which once managed to unite sworn enemies under the idea that unity is the supreme value, is now failing the world. We have turned our most sacred values of “mutual responsibility” and “love of others” into mere lip-service, election slogans that no one means and no one believes. Yet, these values are exactly what the world needs, we are the ones who once achieved it, and because the world feels connected to us, it demands this from us. It demands that we restore our unity and spread it, share the secret of uniting above hatred.

In the meantime, we, who have abandoned our unity, have become the distrusting people we were before we came to Abraham and discovered the value of unity. We want to rejoin the nations of the world, but they will not let us. They will only accept one thing from us: that we become Israel once more. They don’t need us to be like them; they need us to be Israel—people who rise above their hatred and unite, and thereby set an example that today is the only thing that can save the world from misery.

“The One Clear Takeaway From President Biden’s First Foreign Policy Speech” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The One Clear Takeaway from President Biden’s First Foreign Policy Speech

US President Joe Biden’s first foreign policy speech had a clear message for Israel. It wasn’t in what he said, but in what he didn’t say. He didn’t mention Israel. Even more interesting, in naming America’s closest friends, and Biden’s aim for “reforming the habits of cooperation and rebuilding the muscle of democratic alliances,” Israel was nowhere to be found. According to Biden, “America’s alliances are our greatest asset, and leading with diplomacy means standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our allies and key partners once again.” But if Israel is not mentioned among America’s allies, it means we are not a great asset to America, in the eyes of this administration, and it will not stand “shoulder-to-shoulder” with us.

This should come as no surprise to us. I warned that Biden would reverse Trump’s policy, and he went straight to work as soon as he took office. But is this bad for Israel? It is certainly unpleasant, but with all due respect, whether it is bad for Israel or not depends on our actions, not on Biden’s will.

As I explained in countless essays and several books, Israel depends on itself because Israel depends on its internal unity. When we are united, we dissolve the enmity of the world toward us. It is not that we are stronger in the military sense because we are united; it is that achieving unity is itself the purpose of our being a sovereign state. The world feels connected to Israel because our forefathers came from the nations of the world. At that time of the formation of our people, civilization was largely concentrated around the Fertile Crescent. Our forefathers, who came from many tribes and peoples along that area, were initially distrustful and hateful toward each other, much as we are now. Despite their suspicions, they developed such regard for unity that they managed to overcome their enmity and formed a nation.

In doing so, Israel, which contained “specimens” of all the nations of the world, became a minuscule example of world peace. Being “a light unto nations” means being that example. When we unite, we set the example that the world needs, and this dissolves its enmity toward us and turns it into favor. When we decline into the current state of inner conflicts and enmity, we violate the purpose of our nationhood, and the world sees no benefit in our existence.

For the past two millennia, we have been in a state of hatred that we haven’t managed to overcome. By doing so, we broke that sample of “world peace” and the world lost its only proof that peace is truly possible. This is the root of its contempt and hostility toward Jews. Yet, this also means that if we want to reverse the nations’ feelings toward us, we needn’t focus on pleasing them but on restoring our internal unity. This is what will truly please them as it will enable them to forge peace among themselves, as well.

For this reason, I think that the cold shoulder that the Biden administration is giving us is a golden opportunity for the people of Israel to unite, and truly be what we can and must be—a role model of unity against all odds and above all contradictions. If we rise to the challenge, we will not need to worry about who is occupying the White House.

“The Biggest Worry About US-Israel Relations” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Biggest Worry about US-Israel Relations

Today, Wednesday, January 20, 2021, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be inaugurated as President and Vice President of the United States. The US has been in decline for decades, but recently, it has accelerated to such a pace that it is threatening to bring about a complete collapse of the once mighty superpower. It is rarely acknowledged but Donald Trump did a lot of good for the American economy under the conditions he was in; I doubt that another president would have done better.


Be that as it may, Trump is going and Biden is coming, and the world is in for some very tough times, and especially Israel. How tough? Suffice to say that in my view, the question of continuing the reception of $3.8 billion in military aid from the US is not Israel’s biggest worry, and not because three quarters of it are spent on US made products. Israel’s biggest worry is that the incoming administration has no interest in the existence of the State of Israel whatsoever. This is our biggest worry, and with our wobbling government, I’m not sure how we will be able to handle it.

Yet, since there is no bane without a boon, the approaching plight might actually present a great opportunity for Israel. This is our chance to realize that we cannot rely on foreign aid indefinitely, that we must find within the strength to repel outside enemies—through our unity. In other words, I hope that since we have no choice, we will finally realize that only our union is a lasting pillar we can rely on, that this is our only weapon against aggressors. When you look at the world today, with all its “enlightened” nations, you will not find one country that does not hate us, including those who haven’t verbalized it, but soon will.

Moreover, if we were connected, we wouldn’t be facing the predicament we’re facing now. Instead, there would be more peace agreements such as we have seen recently, and no one would even want to interrupt or cripple them.

But now that the US is collapsing, Israel will dive down with it. Without America’s support, we will go down in a freefall right alongside America.

That said, if we had spiritual powers, the spirit of unity would fortify us and no harm would come to us. We would not need any foreign money or aid of any kind.

After we fall, the collapse is certain to awaken us, the price we will have to pay over many years is too high to express. I truly hope that we will still manage to awaken people so that they want to achieve correction in a calmer way. My true wish is that they will see the necessity of connecting without the suffering that’s lurking right around the corner, but for now, I don’t see that it is even possible to talk about it, that anyone is listening, understanding, or feeling anything in that direction. No one understands that we have no choice but to unite. The obtuseness in people’s hearts and minds is so thick that it seems impossible to penetrate.

We’re like a child standing baffled in the middle of a highway with a truck speeding toward him and with no sign of slowing down. I am screaming for the child to get off the road but he can’t hear me. This is the state of our nation; this is the state of our people.

The Power Of The Land Of Israel

933Comment: A strange thing happened after the evacuation of the Jewish settlements in the Gaza strip. The agricultural products in this region were grown on sand using special technology. They were considered to be the best exported produce.

When the decree was signed that all the Jews had to evacuate this region, one of the families that had big plantations there left them to the locals because the managers and the workers were all Arabs.

After a while, the manager called the former owner and said: “Listen, I have been the manager of this plant for 20 years, and I know every detail of the technology. No one knows it better than I do. When you were here everything grew and prospered, but now that you have left, we are doing everything in the exact same way, yet nothing works.”

My Response: There is a connection between the Jewish nation and this land, but it is not totally correct in our days yet.

The correct connection of the Jewish people with its land lies in the fact that it behaves in accordance with this land, that is, it draws closer to it, draws closer to each other. If it is correct, it will feed the whole world. The whole world! It will give such scientific achievements, discoveries, and technical achievements that will raise humanity above nature.

Why? You can think about it all you want, but you won’t guess. Because our world is fueled by a special higher power, which gives our world, our Earth, the entire planet, the air, all of this a reproducing force, a multiplying force, an upper force, as they say. And if this does not happen, then, of course, everything will calm down and wither away.

Nothing will help us except the only remedy: our unity. It is through our unity that we will begin to neutralize the evil forces in the world and will awaken goodness and abundance in the world. We will awaken the upper forces of nature that will enable us not only to exist correctly between us, but will also feed us and supply our needs, clothe us, and put an end to the problem of climate change. They will do everything and will totally balance our life.

The main thing is that humanity will finally acquire the knowledge about the purpose of its existence. Because, in fact, no matter how we live or whatever happens to us, we will still ask ourselves what we are living for. After all, our existence, whether good or bad, eventually ends aimlessly and with no purpose.

So, we better begin to understand what our goal is.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/27/18

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“A New Day, A New Party” (Times Of Israel)

Michael Laitman, On The Times of Israel: “A New Day, a New Party

(Yet) Another general election is coming up in Israel in less than three months. As we have seen over the past recent general elections, all of which happened in the last two years, a new campaign brings with it new parties. And as we have seen, these parties turn out to be ad hoc initiatives, which often fall apart soon after the election or, perhaps, last just until the next election.

Jews have always been opinionated people; it’s our nature. However, when the only purpose of establishing new parties is to politically eliminate other parties or other people and to take control instead, nothing good can come out of such political maneuvers. If there is any purpose to them, it is to discover that this road has no way out; it will amount to nothing. The only question is how soon we will discover it.

You cannot achieve anything by splitting the society. You also cannot establish a solid and stable party when you have dozens of other parties whose sole purpose is to ruin one another. We are only splintering our society to the point where we will be compelled to agree that we cannot build anything this way.

At the same time, we also cannot agree on anything, although we know how destructive division is to our society. What do we do? We realize that we cannot reconcile our differences, yet we must find a way to coexist despite the fragmentation. When we acknowledge this, we will realize why we are so divided—since this is the only way that we can build unity.

We must understand that without division, there is no unity. If we have no disagreements, we can live peacefully next to each other, but not with each other. We may live side by side, but not in any form of unity, but as neighbors who ignore one another, oblivious to each other’s existence. If this were the case, we’d be like different animal species sharing the same habitat, yet are separated from one another.

Humans aren’t animals. If we were, we wouldn’t evolve the way we have; we wouldn’t have developed civilization and we wouldn’t have developed global interdependence. Humans are meant to mingle because only mingling, connecting, and disagreeing force us to find a tighter bond than separate animal species cohabitating.

The process of forced unification is very meaningful. It’s the only way we can come to feel consciously what animals feel instinctively: that we are all connected. Instead of sensing that connection and following it instinctively, and therefore unconsciously, we humans must toil on our connection, exert for it, and overcome hatred and conflicts. In the process, we become aware of all the intricacies in our connection, cherish it, and comprehend it on levels that no animal can. This is the advantage of man over beast: the profound understanding of the makeup of life. But it happens only if we 1) reveal the separation that exists between us, and 2) exert to overcome it.

The Jewish people, or more correctly, the ancient Israelites, were the first to achieve this unity, at the foot of Mt. Sinai, when we connected “as one man with one heart.” Only once we did that, we became a nation. Immediately afterwards, we were instructed to reflect that unity to the rest of the world, or as the Torah phrased it, be “a light unto nations.”

It is therefore no wonder that we find that the Israeli society is more divided than any other society. The conflicts manifest in us more than anywhere else precisely so we will set an example of rising above them. We will never be able to eliminate them, since then we will have no need to unite. All we will be able to do is realize that our common goal is to be a light of unity for the nations and because of it—and for no other reason—unite among us.

I have no timeline for the completion of this process; I don’t know how long it will take, or how much pain the people of Israel in the State of Israel will have to endure before we realize what it is we have to do. Either way, unity will be the end result, and it will also be the solution to our problems. I hope we come to it sooner rather than later.

Happy New Year to all.