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“Will The Recent UN Resolutions Regarding Israel Increase Antisemitism Throughout The World?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Will the recent UN resolutions regarding Israel increase antisemitism throughout the world?

I think that the UN resolutions regarding Israel have no impact on the rise of antisemitism.

Antisemitism is a phenomenon that unfolds according to the law of nature, which is a law of interconnection and interdependence.

The more humanity develops, the more interconnected and interdependent we become. If we fail to mitigate our development by realizing our increasing connections and interdependence positively, above our innate divisive drives, then antisemitism increases.

In other words, antisemitism does not increase because the UN or anyone else decided something, but because it is embedded in the law of nature. The more antisemitism rises, the more it signals nature’s pressure on us to make a serious attitude shift: to stop caving into our instinctive divisive drives, and instead, upon them realize our tightening connections positively.

Based on the “Writers Meeting” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on December 12, 2021. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

“What Would Happen To The Jews In Israel If It Became Palestine Again?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What would happen to the Jews in Israel if it became Palestine again?

This question was discussed at the Promise of the Hereafter Conference that took place recently in Gaza. The conferences’ attendees spoke of the disappearance of the State of Israel as a historic event that would take place in a few years, and the conference’s discourse centered on how to deal with the Jews that would remain in the land after Palestine’s liberation.

First, why is the question of eliminating the Jewish state a desirable topic for a conference?

It is because we Jews have yet to learn who we truly are, and instead of realizing our roots—to come together in common love and connection—we relate to each other divisively and egoistically. While we behave as a divided people, then our enemies see it possible to make us disappear from the world.

Until we realize the need to change ourselves, to know what our purpose, role and obligation is in the world—to positively connect with each other in order to bring about a new, harmonious and peaceful world—then the world will feel us increasingly as the root of their problems, relating increasingly negatively toward us.

Therefore, if we emphasized our becoming a united nation that acts as a positive example of unity, care and love, and which projects positive connection, harmony and peace throughout humanity, then the discussion about us would shift. Instead of talking about how to deal with the Jews in a liberated Palestine, people would instead discuss how to reach the kinds of positive, harmonious and peaceful relations that the Jews project.

Based on the video “What Would Happen to Israel’s Jews if Israel Ceased to Exist?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

The Main Outcome Of The Past Year

962.3Question: It is time to summarize the results of the past year. What happened? The UK completed the exit from the European Union; Joe Biden took the office of President of the US; Naftali Bennett became Prime Minister in Israel; the use of disposable non-degradable tableware and plastic was banned in Europe; serious flooding occurred in Western and Central Europe; there were numerous volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in Indonesia, Haiti, and so on; fires blazed throughout Europe, Russia, and Australia; and many tornadoes caused damage in the US.

The Summer Olympic Games were held in Tokyo; Kabul fell and control transferred to the Taliban; same-sex marriage was legalized in Switzerland; Angela Merkel resigned from her duties; the coronavirus continued and continues, and has resulted in nearly 270 million people falling ill and the deaths of 5.3 million people.

How would you sum up the results of the past year?

Answer: It was a year of exacerbations. That’s what I’d call it.

And the most important escalations are between Israel and the United States. It is very serious, to the point that soon we will be at odds with each other. We are already in opposition to each other. I think there are even some who disagree with our existence.

The only thing I still hope is that the Jews in America will slowly come to their senses and will not be in such solidarity with the Democratic Party, with left-wing movements. They still need to realize that, although the government is called “left” and “democratic,” it is not democratic, it is not for democracy, it is not for the people.

But with regard to Israel, we must say it will be worse, much worse. There was nothing better for Israel than the Trump government. And we didn’t appreciate it, no matter how much I wrote and talked and shouted about it. It did not register. The Jews betrayed him. We pushed him away. And it hurts a lot, and we will still suffer a lot because of the fact that it turned out this way.

It will take a long time for the Jews to learn from this, but the lessons will be very serious, lengthy, and, I’m afraid to say, bloody.

Question: Is this the main outcome of the past year for you?

Answer: There is no other outcome because it is tied to the goals of the development of the world.

Question: Summing up the past year, what were you thinking about, yourself, Israel, or us?

Answer: No. I was thinking about the realization of the program of creation in our time, about which way it will be realized. And, unfortunately, we are turning this whole path from a kind, brief one into a bloody one, which in the end will be tragic, long, and painful. Especially for us, but, in principle, and as a result, for the whole world.

Question: You said “the path.” Then explain, please, why these two countries, or one, stands as if in the center of the world?

Answer: Israel is at the center of the world. Not because I’m in it, but because it is so for objective reasons. We have seen this throughout history. And, in principle, most people agree with this, those who see the situation and view the whole of history through the lens of time and events. It’s all tied up this way.

We are in the center of events, and our task is to lead the world to unity and connection by showing an example and dragging others after us.

And we don’t do that. Therefore, of course, it is our fault that the world is in the state it is now. We will have to fix this, and keep on fixing it, maybe, in very, very unpleasant ways. This is called the “path of suffering.”

So there will be no connection, there will be long separations, there will be long term problems, skirmishes, wars, and misunderstandings, but in the end we solve all this. And when we, meaning the Jews, go on the wrong path, not on the path of connection, then, of course, it’s bad.

Question: Does this formula work: bad for us, bad for the world?

Answer: The world will not be better off. The world will be the same way as us, only in a different form. If they deport us, destroy us, force us to vacate our territories, and so on, then the world will eventually also be covered in wounds bleeding. It will just be like a hunted animal.

Well, what will you do? We are to blame for this. I have written about it, talked about it, and in the end we are coming to this now.

Question: What’s more important for you, that the Jews will hear you more or all the nations of the world?

Answer: The nations of the world is good, of course, but the main thing is the Jews since everything depends on them after all. At any moment, if they change and understand that they are the central point and that the state of the whole world depends on their condition, if they unite among themselves, the world will begin to unite and it will be possible to prevent war.

No one will help us. The Americans are already openly declaring that we are not participating in your plans. They don’t even want to supply us with tanker planes. Which means, we won’t even be able to attack. We cannot attack Iran, its nuclear facilities, which they openly say are intended for us. They don’t hide it.

And the Americans also do not hide that they are stopping all help to us. And there’s nothing left for us to do. Are we going to sit here and wait for the atomic bombs to fall? And this is quite likely.

This is what we have brought upon ourselves by ourselves both physically and spiritually. We do not seek connection. We do not seek solidarity. We do not seek solidarity among ourselves. We are an example of such mutual rejection that does not exist in any other nation.

No nation in the world can show an example of such separation and division as we do. We are practically repeating all the same Jewish wars that have been waged throughout history within the Jews with each other.

Comment: When the Temples collapsed.

My Response: It’s the same now.

Question: What is your conclusion from all this?

Answer: Conclusion: Beware, Jews! That’s the conclusion. Just this. And that’s why I’m very pessimistic about the future! Everyone in the world is becoming more and more convinced that Israel and the Jews are just a problem, a malignant tumor on the body of the world.

Comment: But in this case you are not offering to remove the tumor, you are offering to cure it.

My Response: I don’t know how to cure it. I think that people, the nations of the world, the countries, will have the same thought again: “Why did we create this Israel? And what does it even exist for? It’s like an eyesore to us.”

Comment: Let’s say this thought arises. The action is not about destruction I hope.

My Response: There will be such actions that we will be banished from all international clubs and organizations.

Comment: Judged in all international courts.

My Response: It’s already happening. And we will supposedly reassure ourselves that this is not so, that it is all temporary, and so on. Just like the Jews did in Nazi Germany before they were all taken to concentration camps.

Comment: But you have said that it is impossible to destroy this nation.

My Response: Well, there will be a few people left. I’m being completely serious!

If a large number of people can only be in such discord among themselves, then in order to bring them to some more or less logical, correct relations, there will be nothing left but to reduce their numbers. Let them feel how dependent they are on each other.

Question: Let’s say I hear it. Here I am, a Jew, or I am a representative of other nations, I hear it. What are my actions? You’re not talking just for the sake of talking.

Answer: Your actions will be dictated by what will happen to these nations.

Question: If I am a Jew, what are my actions?

Answer: To throw everything off and engage only in connection: to gather all the Jews as much as possible into one single feeling, one awareness that they are one single whole and must connect with each other, overcome mutual hatred, and achieve a state almost like love.

All this is done so that after connecting together, we can do our real work, not only on our own connection, but on the connection of the whole world. Then we must be a light to the nations of the world. And we will have to spread the methods of connecting and uniting all people in the world with each other.

And they will ripen by this time because there will be so many more cataclysms, so many problems, that we would hardly have time to explain to them that it can only be stopped by our kind mutual relations should that come from the Jews.

Comment: You are not talking about the advantage of Jews. You’re talking about the pretty hard work they have to do.

My Response: About their duty to all mankind.

And they don’t feel it. Humanity feels this in its claims to the Jewish people, and the Jewish people themselves do not feel it. And that’s the problem. How can these stiff-necked people, such stubborn ones, be shaken so that they wake up. It turns out that inside they are just frozen, still, preserved for many, many centuries.

I do not know how to do this. And therefore, on the eve of next year, I am in a state of anxious expectations. And I don’t see what good can happen next year. There are no prerequisites for this.

Comment: And if I, a representative of any other nation, hear this, and it even annoys me.

My Response: If you don’t belong to the Jews, then I ask you to put pressure on the Jewish people, explain to everyone what I explained to you. And try to make them, the Jews, understand their necessity, their real role in this world, especially in our time, and immediately begin to implement it, to connect between themselves, to show an example to all the nations of the world of how to unite. And then the world will calm down and come to its correct state.

This should be explained to everyone.

Comment: Still, it amazes not only me, but everyone that you put this to the forefront, at the forefront of everything that is happening in the world! In the world!

So much is happening in the world and you put this at the top of everything.

My Response: There is a free fall of all mankind happening in the world into a moral, technological, ecological pit.

Comment: And you say it is because of us.

My Response: Yes. Because we don’t raise the value of connection. Only it matters!

Question: Connection in a simple sense?

Answer: The connection of people among themselves, because in this case they can reveal the upper force, bring it closer to themselves. As we unite, we bring the upper force closer to ourselves and thus reveal to all of us the existence of all of us in a certain new world. We begin to see the forces that control us. This is very important! And then we understand where we live, what for, how to live, and so on. Therefore, when we begin to unite, we begin to reveal the manifestation of the upper force between us.

Question: Does this revelation really have to come to every person? To absolutely everyone?

Answer: It will come to every person. Sooner, later, depending on one’s internal qualities, but it will come to every person.

Comment: We are entering the next year, what are your wishes, please.

My Response: To be heard!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/13/21

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The Fourth Vaccination

627.1Israel is introducing the 4th dose of the coronavirus vaccine. And people ask, how can it be that we have been fighting the pandemic for two years and in no way are managing to overcome it? Will it continue indefinitely, one vaccination after another?

The best specialists around the world have been looking for a solution for two years, so much money has been invested in these studies and we still cannot defeat this tiny virus. It surprises us every time.

The fact is that this problem is not technical, but biological, at the degree of the human structure. The problem is inside the person! After all, a virus is genetic material, the most complex thing we have. The human body, a biological cell, is the most difficult object to study, the most complex material.

Why can’t we handle the coronavirus? Because we don’t know for what purpose it appeared. We don’t know what cells and intercellular exchange exist for.

We don’t know what anything exists for, we just know that it is. And that is why we cannot unravel the mystery of life, the meaning of life, even of a small cell. And since we don’t know what every cell in man and in general in the whole of nature is for, we don’t understand what is happening.

We don’t know what the coronavirus came for, and therefore, we can’t defeat it. Some new biological material appears, which has its own life, but why did it arise? Why did it suddenly reveal itself right now but did not manifest before? Has it been dormant somewhere for millions of years or did it not even exist?

It’s as if we were looking at some unknown machine and didn’t understand what it was designed for, who made it, and how it could be used. We notice the virus only because it begins to interfere with us. Otherwise we wouldn’t have noticed it at all.

The virus comes in order to awaken us to correction, which means, to rise above our egoism, the desire to receive pleasure for ourselves without taking into account the desires of other people. So maybe we ourselves awaken this virus and force it to come out of hibernation?

If we asked the virus what it wants from us, it would answer that it has an important mission. In nature, nothing exists aimlessly, and therefore, the duty of the virus is to have a negative impact on us. Apparently we have committed such actions that now we need such an impact of the virus. Only it can help us improve.

And that’s why it’s very simple to get rid of the virus: We need to start taking care of each other, get closer to each other, and check how this affects all the viruses around us. You will see that the virus will disappear. Let’s try it! What do we have to lose? At least it won’t get any worse.

The very first recipe is to fix the relationships between us, to get closer to each other, and to cleanse our society of egoistic laws, and so move forward until full recovery.
From KabTV’s “Look from the Inside” 12/27/21

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“To Live In Israel, Be Israel” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “To Live in Israel, Be Israel

Israel, the land, not the state, is a very special place. Over the generations, millions of people from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have praised it, longed for it, and hallowed it. Yet, over the centuries, the land had been scarcely inhabited. Even today, with millions of people living in Israel, not many do so by choice. Many would gladly move to Europe or the United States, if only they were welcome there. There is a good reason for this: You can only feel at home in Israel if you are Israel on the inside—if you strive to live by the principles of the people of Israel: solidarity, mutual responsibility, and love of others.

When the ancient Jews lived here, they were strong when they were united and weak when they were divided. Our sages do not blame our ruins on foreign legions, but only on internal division. They attribute the ruin of the First Temple and the expulsion to Babylon to bloodshed and slander, and the ruin of the Second Temple and the exile that lasted until about a century ago to hatred without cause.

The people of Israel became a nation when they pledged to unite “as one man with one heart.” Immediately thereafter, they were given the task of being a model nation, “a light unto nations,” setting an example of unity to all nations. Subsequently, they were given a land in which to fulfill their obligation to the world.

The unity of the people of Israel was like no other. The first Israelis, known as Hebrews, were complete strangers, at first. The only thing that held them together was their adherence to the three above-mentioned principles that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had taught them. It was an ideological unity, not a biological or a geographical unity, as was the case with other nations.

By forming such a unique, uncanny union, they showed what the future of the world could look like if all the nations united. Because they were the trailblazers, they were given the task of being “a light unto nations,” of setting an example for the rest of the world.

The unity of the ancient Israelites had many ups and downs. When unity reigned, they were on top of the world, so to speak. When division overcame them, they became a horde of bitter enemies fighting each other to the death. But in doing so, they showed the world that peace among the nations was impossible.

Today, too, only those who can live by the laws of unity will feel comfortable living in Israel, and they will be the contemporary people of Israel. If there are not enough people, the country will disintegrate.

As long as there is a State of Israel, the world will look for an example of unity specifically from the people who live in it. If they provide it, they will be venerated and hallowed. If they show division, they will be hated and despised.

If there is no State of Israel, the world will not be a better place. Without the example of unity that Israel must set, the world will be mired in fighting and war.

Only if the people who live here know what it means to be Israel, are willing to take on the task, and strive to fulfill it among themselves, humanity will have a beacon, a compass to follow to the shores of unity, and the world will be spared the looming wars. In the coming years, it will become evident that only people with such a mission in life can call Israel “home.”

“Jewish Ties” (Times Of Israel)

Michael Laitman, On The Times of Israel: “Jewish Ties

Even before the establishment of the State of Israel, the ties between the Jews in Israel (which was then part of the British Mandate in Palestine) and the Jews around the world were complicated. Many Jews in the Diaspora rejected Zionism and believed it would increase antisemitism. They were content to live where they were and did not want to move to a land that (at the time) had nothing to offer but swamps, desert, and hostile Arabs. Nor were the Zionists keen on Diaspora Jews. The heads of the Jewish settlement in Israel wanted only young, socialist immigrants, and preferably unmarried or with small families.

Since then, suspicion and tensions between Israelis and Diaspora Jews, particularly American Jewry, have not improved. In fact, in recent years, relations have deteriorated rapidly, to the point where many American Jews would prefer that Israel did not exist at all. Many of them even side with Israel’s enemies, while Israelis feel growing resentment toward American Jewry, whose values and culture are often very different from those of Israelis.

Mutual alienation helps neither side. On the contrary, it intensifies hatred toward Diaspora Jews and toward Israel alike.

All Jews, no matter where they live, have the same obligation to the world. Whether we are German, American, Russian, or Israeli Jews does not change our obligation to be a light unto nations and an example of unity above all differences.

The people of Israel does not exist for its own sake. It is unlike any other nation. It is a nation comprised of descendants of numerous tribes and nations who united in antiquity around the idea that unity among all people, regardless of differences, is the most noble idea and the key to happiness and prosperity in life.

Accordingly, the sole purpose of the Jewish people is to demonstrate the value of unity by setting an example. This is why the more hatred and alienation increase among nations, the more the world becomes antisemitic. It is looking for a way out of the entanglement of mutual hatred and distrust, and in the absence of an example from the Jews, it is at a loss as to how to achieve it. Jews perceive the world’s anger at them as antisemitism, but in reality, it is the world’s cry for help out of hatred.

No Jew is relieved from this obligation. Hence, no Jew will be spared the anger of the nations for not giving them what they need.

Therefore, despite the chill between Jews in the Diaspora and Israeli Jews, the one thing all parties can do to assuage antisemitism is increase the level of their solidarity and unity. Even though we have accrued generations of mistrust, the only thing that can help us mitigate the world’s anger toward Jews is to rise above the bitterness and restore our nationhood around the principles of our ancestors: solidarity and mutual responsibility. Even if we do not feel inclined toward it, the feedback from the world once we begin to work on it will convince us that this is the way to go.

“A (Very) Short Summary Of 2021” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “A (very) Short Summary of 2021

As we approach the end of 2021, everyone is drawing conclusions about the past year and guessing what 2022 will bring. From my perspective, 2021 has been a good year, a year of learning, and learning is definitely good. It may not have been pleasant, but that does not mean I do not appreciate what we, as humanity, have been receiving. The main lesson we learned this year has been that nature is the sovereign, and we are its subjects. This is a priceless lesson because if we remember this, we will avoid future mistakes that could cost us countless lives and horrible disasters.

Another good lesson from 2021 is that the world powers must put their mutual relationships in order if they want to avoid conflicts that can escalate to an all-out war. Clearly, there is a difference between what governments want and what reality dictates, but I think they learned the lesson and it is good to see that even the Russian and Chinese governments have learned.

The collisions between Russia and America, Russia and Europe, and specifically, NATO and Russia, clarify many things. In the end, they will bring them closer to peace, or at least to a truce.

China, too, will understand that it has no chance to continue its development if it sides with Russia. Economically, there is no question that its future depends on the US. If the US would even slightly limit its purchases in China, it would rattle China to the core. They have nowhere to sell but to America.

I don’t mind what people say or what newspapers write; I mind only numbers. Over the past year, and even before, the US has been giving huge sums of money to its people as rescue packages to assist them through Covid. China needs Americans to spend that money on Chinese goods in order to keep its own economy afloat. If Americans stop purchasing from China, the giant from the east will fall.


As for Israel, I am sorry to say that I do not think we learned a lot from this year’s experiences. To improve, we will need more lessons, and they will not be easy. We have no idea who are our friends and who are our enemies. Worse yet, we have not learned how to correct ourselves. We have a lot more work ahead of us.

I think that one of the biggest problems of Israel is that there are entities within the country that dream of the abolishment of Israel and work hard to achieve it. We are not as assertive as anyone should be toward one’s enemies, and I think that these issues will hurt us.

While the world is learning to put relationships in order, as I wrote above, Israel is not learning anything. We are creating an internal chaos.

However, it is clear why Israel is not learning while the rest of the world is learning well. Israel needs to develop in its own direction. The rest of the world is learning how to function according to people’s natural egoism.

Israel, on the other hand, should develop in the opposite direction. It should evolve toward connection and care among everyone, and set an example of how people can rise above their egoism and form a united, cohesive society based on solidarity rather than on alienation and competition.

Regrettably, Israelis do not want to hear a word about connection or unity, much less live them out. We will reject connection with fellow Israelis for as long as we can until, perhaps, it is too late to save the country from disintegration. We are already close to the edge.


As for the virus, it is here and will stay, as I have been saying from the very beginning. However, it seems as though we are learning how to deal with it, how to live alongside the virus.

Gradually, the virus will teach us what we should and should not do in life. This is why I hope it does not go away, at least not until it teaches us to take only what we need and dedicate our time and efforts to building supportive human relations rather than waste our efforts on destructive consumption.

“Israel’s Hopeless Fight Against Terrorism” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Israel’s Hopeless Fight against Terrorism

Recently, we learned that the US government and the Palestinian Authority have resumed their economic talks after a five-year hiatus. According to the State Department, the talks will revolve around infrastructure development, access to US markets, US regulations, free trade, financial issues, renewable energy, and environmental initiatives. In Israel, some people are concerned that the funds will not go to their stated goals but to fund terrorist activities, while others hope that a higher standard of living for Palestinians will reduce their propensity for terrorism. I think that terrorism stems from hatred and the political goals of those who promote it. Therefore, more or less resources will have no effect on its intensity or frequency.

Look at Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and all the governments in the Near and Middle East. For them, terrorism is a tool, a means to gain power and further their goals. The Palestinians are pawns to be sacrificed when circumstances make it advantageous. For leaders in the Middle East, terrorism is a legitimate means to pressure rivals and enemies, a way to gain control. It is a dirty business, as is the business of funding it.

As for Israel, we have only ourselves to blame, since our internal division weakens us and emboldens our enemies. There is only one thing we can do to protect ourselves: solidify our cohesion, social unity, mutual responsibility and solidarity.

Instead of worrying pointlessly about what others are doing, we should rekindle the spirit of connectedness among ourselves. Otherwise, our “neighbors” will soon oust us. The social rules of the State of Israel must be those that guided us until the ruin of the Temple: mutual responsibility and solidarity. When Maimonides repeatedly emphasizes in his commentaries on the Mishnah that “All of Israel are friends,” he means it not as a metaphor, but to affirm the basis of our nationhood. Without it, we are strangers who have no place on this land since we are not a nation.

The only law that should apply in the State of Israel is “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Since we are still unable to live by it, we should at least strive for it. Our progress toward it will justify our presence here.

When we strive for unity and cohesion, we are “a light unto nations.” When we bicker and slander each other, we spread poison and bile throughout the world, for which the world then hates us.

We can make any hostile government or regime behave favorably toward us or the other way around. We do not need to cajole or cajole anyone into accepting us. All we need to do is work on our internal unity. The example we will set will earn us the recognition of the world and make our presence in our country welcome in the eyes of the world.

“An Israel That The World Would Love” (Times Of Israel)

Michael Laitman, On The Times of Israel: “An Israel That the World Would Love

Among the many divisions that plague the Israeli society, one of the fiercest is the dispute between those who want to define Israel as a nation state for all its citizens and those who want to define it as the nation state of the Jews. Currently, the chasm between them seems irreconcilable. There is a way to resolve it in a way that benefits both sides and which the world embraces, but to do that, we must revive the original spirit of Judaism.

Maimonides writes in Mishneh Torah that in ancient Babylon, Abraham discovered that a single force governs nature, but it divides into the two opposites that we experience as day and night, winter and summer, cold and hot, male and female, and so forth. He also discovered that when you realize that the opposites come from a single source, you see how they complement each other and together create our reality and maintain its balance and harmony.

Abraham told what he had discovered to anyone who took interest in his words. In those days, Babylon was in a social crisis and tensions and violence grew among its people. The book Pirkei de Rabbi Eliezer details the conflicts that Abraham observed: “They wished to speak each other’s language” as before, but “they did not know each other’s language. What did they do?” asks the book, “They each took his sword and fought one another to death. Indeed,” concludes the book and describes the inevitable outcome: “half the world died there by the sword.”

When Abraham introduced his idea that differences are inherent in nature and complement one another rather than compete with one another, many people in Babylon took to it and Abraham began to garner followers. Gradually, people from all over Babylon united around him. When he moved out of Babylon and headed for Canaan, still more people joined him along the way.

Isaac and Jacob, continues Maimonides in his description in Mishneh Torah, followed in Abraham’s spiritual footsteps. Under their leadership, the alien individuals became a nation united by the idea that opposites complement rather than compete.

These were the ancestors of the people of Israel. They were individuals who came from countless tribes and nations, cared nothing for each other, had no relation or affinity for one another, but believed in the tenet that opposites complement rather than compete, and this is the secret to nature’s vitality and harmony; this is the secret of life.

Eventually, they were called Jews for two reasons: One was that they settled in Judah, and the other was that the Hebrew word Yehudi [Jew] comes from the word Yechudi [united/unique]. The unity-above-oppositeness that they had attained made them a nation and gave them their strength.

Over time, Jews often fell from their sublime perception. When they were overcome by competitiveness and hostility, they became divided and weak, and other nations conquered and tortured them. When they restored their unity above oppositeness, they regained their strength and other nations venerated them.

The current State of Israel is rife with division and replete with clashing opposites. There is no Abraham to tell them to unite above their disputes, that opposites complement rather than compete, and that one-sidedness is their worst enemy. But if we want the State of Israel to persist and for the world to appreciate it, we must nevertheless return to our core tenet of complementary opposites.

Currently, the world hates us because instead of demonstrating how to make opposites complement, we are exporting high tech weaponry and cyberwar software. If we want peace to prevail, we must do it the way we teach Israeli officers to lead: by personal example.

Only if we realize that no one will win the argument over defining Israel as a nation state for all its citizens or only for the Jews since we are meant to complement these opposites rather than win the argument, only then will we be able to make peace among ourselves. And as we do so, we will find that the world welcomes our newly found unity and embraces the idea of unity above divisions. If, however, we insist on division, the world will divest from us, boycott us, and sooner rather than later, the country will dissolve.

“Trump Calls A Spade A Spade” (Times Of Israel)

Michael Laitman, On The Times of Israel: “Trump Calls a Spade a Spade

The anger of many American Jews over Donald Trump’s remarks about American Jewry comes as no surprise to anyone. In a recent interview with an Israeli journalist, Trump quoted his father’s words that Jews used to have “a great love of Israel” but it had “dissipated over the years.” To this he added his own words: “I must be honest. It’s a very dangerous thing that’s happening. People in this country that are Jewish no longer love Israel.” He has said it before, and I think he is absolutely right when he says that the chasm between the State of Israel and American Jewry is very dangerous, not only for Israel, but also for American Jewry.

Many American Jews support anti-Israel movements such as BDS and Jewish Voice for Peace not only because they believe in the values that these entities purport to stand for. They support them because they are anti-Israel, and they are anti-Israel because they are ashamed of their own Jewishness. Every day, they move further away from Judaism until eventually they lose all connection to it.

When I say that they shun their Judaism, I am not talking about Jewish customs. I am sure many of them observe those, and still shun Israel. The shunning of Judaism has to do with rejecting the core of Judaism—the unity and mutual responsibility that Israel is obligated to show the world. Instead of caring for their brothers, they show concern for the enemies of their own tradition thinking that by doing so they are showing true Jewish values. Someone should tell them that their Muslim “friends” are not buying that. Muslims will not love them any better when they decide to wipe out the Jews.

This is the same type of Judaism that aroused the most intense hatred in the Nazis, and today’s American Jewry is going to great lengths to form a sequel. The few who understand this are moving out, some to Israel and others elsewhere. However, unless we unite above the chasms in our nation, there will be no safe haven for Jews.

When it comes to anticipating trouble, we have never been wise. We tend to bury our heads in the sand or sink into hubris and complacency. When trouble starts, it invariably gets worse and worse until there is a cataclysm. Only afterwards is there relief. It is all too bad that for all the times we have been through this scenario, we never seem to learn.