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Here Is My Home

200.01Israel is not a very attractive country for immigrants due to the high cost of living, military service  requirement, and the threat of terrorism. The situation in the country is not simple and has not improved, but has only deteriorated over the years. And yet if I was faced today with a choice of where to emigrate, I would choose Israel again, as I did forty years ago.

Over the years I have visited many countries, gave lectures and talked about the science of Kabbalah, or just traveled to get to know the world. But I cannot imagine myself living anywhere else, in any other country; and although I have been invited to move more than once, I cannot.

I can’t imagine myself living somewhere in a foreign place, outside of my home. I feel at home in Israel. In order to move to live in Israel, a person needs some additional incentive. For me, such an incentive was a sense of connection with this country, with this people, with this land.

Although I don’t like this climate and the relationships between people, whatever you look at in material life, I don’t like it here. But between these islands of hatred there is a certain field reigning between all called “spirituality.”

People themselves don’t know about its existence, but I feel this spirituality.

In that place between one person and another where there should be love, now there is hatred; due to my attitude, my view, toward them, I turn hatred into love and live by it. I can’t find such spirituality in any other corner of the world. I feel that there is a special spirit in these people, and it will change, as it is said “a hero will grow out of a baby.”

There is a certain spirit here that can be born, come out of hiding and become a great source of spirituality for the whole world.

Therefore I want to live here and only here; there is no other place for me. Such a spirit can only exist in Israeli society. It will take more time to correct it, but only from it will come the upper light, the upper force that embraces the world and will raise everyone to full connection and integration with the Creator.

This spirit is not contained in the earth itself, not in stones, and not in people. But it exists in a potential form between everyone and can come out of hiding provided that people change their attitude to each other at least a little.

I have been everywhere: Moscow, New York, and many places where I was offered to stay in order to live in peace and prosperity. But for me this is unacceptable because it is impossible to get the feeling and fulfillment I feel in Israel.

In order to feel this high spirit, it is necessary to turn this hatred between people in your imagination and feel that it can be a source of spirituality, an accumulator of the upper force, an amplifier for feeling the Creator in our world. Imagine how the force of bestowal and love explodes inside this nation because of the opposite relationships that have arisen between people.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 10/12/21

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“The Balance A Year After The Abraham Accords” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Balance a Year After the Abraham Accords

A bilateral agreement between countries is always better than no agreement. A year since the signing of the US-brokered Abraham Accords for peace and normalization of relations between Israel and Arab states, the question is how have they truly transformed the region and how in particular has Israel benefited from it?

The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, celebrated the first anniversary of the pact with the launching of a new caucus dedicated to the Abraham Accords. The aim was to strengthen the ties between Israel and the Gulf states, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan, from an economic and tourist perspective. The commemoration was followed by a trilateral meeting in Washington between US, Israeli and Emirati officials.

It is good that the State of Israel, which endures hostile relations and is under constant existential threat from its neighbors, continues to preserve the agreements and its tenets. It also serves as a good yardstick for other countries who contemplate reaching out for peace.

We could have benefited much more from relations with the Arab Gulf states, and with the Middle East in general if only we had been more united and stronger among ourselves. Within Israel there are so many opposing and divided forces, each one disqualifying the other and preventing the other from succeeding, even when it comes to crucial agreements upon which the future of the State of Israel depends.

This is the way of the egoism—benefitting at the expense of others—that acts in us naturally and grows incessantly. Even 3,800 years ago human egoism brought us to a significant division. The inhabitants of the ancient kingdom of Babylon were self-centered and divided, which culminated in the construction of the famous Tower of Babel. This “skyscraper” symbolized the egoistic urge, the pretentious thought of the Babylonians that they had the power to reach up to heaven and control nature, even the supreme force of nature.

Abraham, our father, who recognized the egoism and its tendency to lead to serious trouble, gathered a group of people under his tent and taught them the doctrine of life—the method of connection. From this group of disparate residents of Babylon, the people of Israel were founded as a nation.

Abraham taught anyone who was interested how to reach cordial agreements between them, how to transcend conflicts that separate people, and to connect with love. He explained that from the desire to unite with each other in friendship the positive force that exists in nature arises, a unifying and connecting force. It is this supreme force of nature that elevates human beings above the miserable egoism and binds them together in love.

From the days of Abraham until today, the condition for all peace agreements, with any country, depends on our agreement to make peace between ourselves. If we continue to separate and quarrel amongst ourselves, then those countries that have already signed agreements and captured beautifully as a poster picture may withdraw their signature from the accords.

It is very unfortunate to live in such a time when we had supporters such as former President Trump and were given the opportunity to manage our destiny in a direction that is beneficial to us and all people, but we have disregarded and rejected that opportunity. Who knows when such a chance will return.

It seems to us that we live on the land of Israel by our resilience, intellect and the force of our hands, but the truth is that we exist here by the grace of heaven. Agreements are always preferable to fractious relationships, but first and foremost we must commit and agree among ourselves that despite the separating egoism, we will strive to increase the power of connection between us and be kind to each other. Only in this way the supreme grace will be aroused, and He will make peace among us and with the rest of the world.

“The Day Israel Disappears” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Day Israel Disappears

On the day Palestine is liberated and Israel is destroyed, Jews and IDF soldiers will be executed, peace activists will be able to safely leave, and the technological experts and brilliant minds will be forced to stay here for some time to provide support.

These are some of the conclusions about the planned fate of the Jewish state reached during the “Promise of the Hereafter” conference recently held by the Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip.

One can roll one’s eyes at yet another announcement foretelling the disappearance of Israel in the coming years, but if one examines the area, almost everything is prepared and ready to enact this plan. There are Arab representatives in Israel in key positions, they receive large sums of money, they are armed and full of manpower and they are surrounded by support from all Arab countries. So why should such a disturbing event not occur in the future?

We do not exist in the land of Israel only by virtue of our security forces, but mainly by Supreme grace. Our very contempt for this fact and our unwillingness to acknowledge it and behave accordingly cause us to gradually lose the spiritual umbrella that protects us.

I do not think Hamas’ descriptions of nightmares for the people of Israel will occur as they describe, but it is important to be alert and to recognize that the situation is unstable and that there is always a chance that we will degenerate into such a dangerous situation.

The enemy’s plan is very detailed: from transitional laws—through the transfer of real estate to them—to military, legal and security laws. While they envision a new state—and as we know, nothing stands in the way of desire—our Jewish vision is fading.

Every day that passes during which we do not engage in a serious plan of heartfelt bonding between us, overcoming all the alienation and resentment between us towards a more complete unity, causes us to lose our strength. Every day that we do not act and try vigorously to discover the Supreme Force—the power of giving and love—causes us to lose our truth.

At the same time as our settlement in the land of Israel and, alongside of it, our intensive focus on its security, we must pay attention to the nation’s spirit as a single unit because without it, we will not survive here for long. The separation between us breaks that spirit which then transforms into negative forces that threaten us through our enemies.

We need to build a spiritual home from our hearts, to live as one man in one heart. Our intention must be too giving to the Supreme Force—to the power of connection—a space within our common heart to dwell among us and between us. Only in this way can we ensure our future existence in the land of Israel. This spirit of mutual responsibility and love that awakens in us will be the cause of our success. Therefore, we must hasten steps towards building a correct, strong, spiritual Israel—a land inhabited by people who are emotionally connected to one another and to their Upper Root.

Foremost kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) has already warned that “Israel must present something new to the nations. This is what they expect from the return of Israel to the land! …Justice, and peace. And this wisdom is attributed to us alone. If this return is canceled, Zionism will be canceled altogether…And its residents are destined to endure much suffering. Undoubtedly, either they or their children will gradually leave the country, and only an insignificant number will remain, which will ultimately be swallowed among the Arabs.” (“The Writings of the Last Generation.”)

Such an internal connection as the common heart we must build will attract everyone to it and expand circles of positive influence throughout the world. Thus, gradually the rest of the nations of the world will join us. On that day, there will be no Arabs and Jews but rather, one people. There will be no Israel or Palestine, but one humanity with one prayer to the one Supreme Force, the power of influence and love, as it is written: “For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” (Isaiah 56:7)

“The Enigmatic Impact Of The Jews On Nations” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Enigmatic Impact of the Jews on Nations

Last month, some 300 courageous Iraqi leaders, both Shiite and Sunni, called on the government to join the Abraham Accords, normalize ties with Israel, and repeal the law prohibiting civilian ties between Iraqis and Israelis. I am all for peace and good relations, but regrettably, at the moment, it does not seem like the Iraqi government is willing to become a real partner for it. In fact, the government has already issued orders of arrest to some of the participants in the declaration.

There used to be a flourishing Jewish community in Iraq, which contributed to the thriving of the country. Today, without the Jews, it is a shadow of itself. When acclaimed German economist and sociologist Werner Sombart wished to describe the impact of the Jews on Europe, he articulated himself in a manner that suits many other places, too. In his book The Jews and Modern Capitalism, he wrote: “Israel passes over Europe like the sun: at its coming new life bursts forth; at its going all falls into decay.”

Leaders have always known this impact of the Jews and attempted to use it to their benefit. In the 15th century, the Ottoman Sultan, Bayezid II, was delighted at the Jews’ expulsion from Spain and their arrival in Turkey. In his book History of Jewish Literature: The Jewish Center of Culture in the Ottoman Empire, historian Israel Zinberg writes in this regard: “When King Ferdinand, who expelled the Jews from Spain, was mentioned in [the sultan’s] presence, he said: ‘How can you consider King Ferdinand a wise ruler when he impoverished his own land and enriched ours?’”

In some cases, manipulation of the economic power of the Jews was not as overt. It is said that when the US pressured the Soviet Union to let its Jews leave for the West, it was not so much because it wanted to help the Jews, but more because it wanted to weaken the Soviet Union. The latter, which was quite aware of the power of the Jews, did not let them out. It also quelled any display of overt antisemitism in the USSR in order not to scare the Jews away.

The Iraqi leaders who convened last month are well aware of it. Wissam al-Hardan, a Sunni tribal leader from Anbar province in Iraq, said that the expulsion of Iraq’s Jews was “the most infamous act” in the country’s decline. Likewise, Dr. Sahr al-Ta’i, an Iraqi advocate of normalizing ties with Israel, said that “Israel today … is a strong country and an inseparable part of the world and the United Nations. Iraq cannot neglect this fact and live in isolation from the world.”

While all the above is impressive, we should also note that wherever Jews are welcome first, they are eventually rejected and expelled. There are good reasons for both phenomena.

The Jews bear within them a special trait, a spiritual force that derives from our illustrious past when we were connected among each other and therefore connected to all of reality. The power of the Jews is the power of unity, the power of caring for each other “as one man with one heart,” the power of mutual responsibility.

Today, even though we have lost our love for one another, we still carry within us a spark of the power we had had in antiquity. That spark makes us unique. It allows us to thrive within any society where we live. However, because we have fallen from the state of loving others, we use it to our benefit instead of for the benefit of the entire society. This is why at first, everyone welcomes us and we contribute to the prosperity of our host country, due to the hidden spark within us, but in the end we are expelled, when our host realizes it’s been used and manipulated to benefit the Jews.

Just as it happened in Spain, Germany, and basically everywhere we went, it will happen in the US. As long as we behave the same, the result will be the same. It is just as one famous Jew, Albert Einstein, once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The good intentions of the Iraqi leaders will therefore not lead to anything positive. Peace with Israel is not in their hands, but in ours. If we decide to make peace among ourselves and renew the love of others that we once possessed, we will project it to the nations and the world will prosper. If we continue to detest one another and maintain our selfish attitude, the world will accuse us of selfishness and banish us from the family of nations.

“A Lesson From The Iron Dome Funding Saga” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “A Lesson from the Iron Dome Funding Saga

This week’s saga surrounding the funding of manufacturing Iron Dome interceptors, which protect Israeli citizens from Hamas rockets, should come as no surprise. Much of the press tried to portray the attempt to withhold the funding as an initiative of a few left-wing liberals within the Democratic Party, and nothing more. But it is much more than that since the real force behind the push toward an anti-Israel policy is the majority of American Jewry, who see Israel as a hindrance to their efforts to dissolve beyond recognition into American society.

Fewer and fewer strings connect the State of Israel with Diaspora Jews. Jews outside of Israel wish to assimilate in the general population, and Israel’s deteriorating international status often causes them to “take the heat” for Israel’s perceived crimes. In many ways, they feel they have become unwitting ambassadors of the Jewish state, when they want nothing to do with the Jewish state or with Judaism. No wonder they resent Israel and want to prove their alienation from the pariah state.

In fact, if anything still keeps them Jewish, it is the one cause that has kept Jews together for two millennia: Jew-hatred. In 2005, when I spoke at Hillel San Francisco and warned Jews about rising antisemitism, they jeered at me. They thought I was delusional. In November 2014, when I spoke about rising antisemitism in the US at the Inaugural IAC Conference in D.C., they still did not believe me, though they weren’t as arrogant and complacent as before. Today, they are stripping their doorposts of mezuzahs to avoid being recognized as Jewish homes. Today, they are no longer confident that the Holocaust will never return. And to secure their future, they want to get rid of the State of Israel, the last reminder of their Jewishness, as they see it.

But antisemitism did not start when the State of Israel was established. Israel was established precisely because of antisemitism and in order to abolish it. While it hasn’t, abolishing the State of Israel will not abolish antisemitism; our history of 3,500 years since Egypt proves it.

If we want to end antisemitism, we need to adopt a completely novel approach. Instead of hiding our identity and trying to blend into the environment like hunted animals seeking to camouflage themselves, we should assert our Jewish identity and live up to our legacy.

Our nation is unique, and so is its role in the world. The Jewish nation contains within it representatives from every nation that existed in antiquity around Babylon, Egypt, and countless other nations from the Near and Middle East. In those days, they gathered around a unique individual who introduced a novel idea to the world: compassion and care for others. His name was Abraham, and he is the father of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The people who came to him did not know or like each other. They united only because they agreed with their teacher’s idea that the right way to live is with love for one another rather than hate. Hate cannot be suppressed or eliminated; it is human nature. However, we can rise above it by increasing the importance of loving others and mutual responsibility. This is what Abraham taught his students; this is what he bequeathed to his children; and this is what they taught their own children.

In doing so, Abraham and his descendants created a nation whose motto was “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and whose duty was to pass their method of uniting above division to the world. In the words of the Torah, the duty of the Jews, once they achieved nationhood, was to be “a light unto nations.”

Since then, when Jews were united, they thrived and were welcome by all. When they squabbled among themselves and hated one another, they became the world’s pariahs, who sent merciless oppressors to penalize them.

But the Jews, instead of owning up to their errors, condemned the nations for their cruelty and mourned the loss of their freedom and sovereignty. Instead of realizing that all they had to do was reestablish their unity, they tried to hide and become invisible among the nations, and chastised any Jew who championed unity.

To this day, we do not understand that our fate is in our hands. A billion dollars more or less will not create a protective dome above us. If we want lasting and effective protection, we will find it only in our unity. It will not shelter us from missiles; it will open the hearts of the nations toward us with love.

If we love each other, the world will love us. If we hate each other, the world will hate us, too.

For more on this topic, see my book Like a Bundle of Reeds: Why unity and mutual guarantee are today’s call of the hour.

My Thoughts On Twitter 9/21/21

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We’re surprised that the virus in #Israel is ‘the worst’ while our methods of fighting it are “the best.” The reason is that nature (Creator) does this for our own correction, as upon our correction hinges the pandemic and the correction of the world as a whole. #COVID19

From Twitter, 9/21/21

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My Thoughts On Twitter 9/19/21

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

#Jews, Yehudi, those who are united. The nation of #Israel are those who strive for unity, in order to be as one man with one heart. By rising above all the differences, we will achieve #peace in the world, but first of all inside ourselves.

Disagreements come so we could unite above them. Each one annuls himself and concedes to the other, in order to unite. Only unity of hearts, by everyone’s care about the well-being of the country, nation, world—will save humanity.

If Israeli society will feel that it is in a hostile world, which will never run out of hatred for Jews and #Israel, it will understand that the only means of salvation is unity among us. As much as we unite is how much we’ll be able to chase all the haters away!

By hating each other, the #Jews beget and raise their enemies. Israel begets them because warring groups exist inside the nation. If Jews start treating each other well and become a single nation, no enemy will want to wage war against them.

From Twitter, 9/19/21

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“Digging Under Our Own Feet” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Digging Under Our Own Feet

Regrettably, I don’t think that the series of debacles that enabled the escape of six terrorists with blood on their hands from imprisonment will teach us any significant lessons. For years, the Israeli society has been on a decline. For years, we have been growing alienated from each other and indifferent to the country that was established for a very meaningful purpose. The Arabs already know they don’t have to fight us; they can wait and let us disintegrate from within until there is nothing left.

The corrosion does not begin with the Israel Prison Service, and it certainly does not end there. Therefore, I am not at all impressed by the celebrations of the media at the capture of four of the six terrorists. They need to fuss over something; it is how they make their money, but in the end, it is meaningless.

The crux of the problem lies in our unwillingness to be what we are supposed to be. Instead of assuming our responsibility for ourselves and for the world, and unapologetically asserting our position, we cater to the interests of enemies who want our destruction, who bribe us with phony smiles of affection. But they feel no affection for us, only contempt.

Indeed, how can anyone respect a nation that does not respect itself? When Jewish Israelis pride themselves in being activists against the existence of the Jewish state, and believe that they are morally superior because of it, can we blame anyone for holding similar views? We are digging under our own feet, and then we are alarmed by our falling.

The Jewish nation has a unique legacy, unique values, and a unique way of life. If we follow them, just as every nation follows its own values, we will be what we are meant to be—a nation whose members love each other as themselves, and set an example of unity in a world torn by division and hatred. This is what we are supposed to do in the Jewish state, the State of Israel, and setting this example is the meaning of being “a light unto nations.”

When Israelis declare that the brutal terrorists who escaped are their “men of the year,” it does not testify to their moral superiority; it testifies to the depth of their hatred for their own people. If anyone can glorify a murderer of women and children for the sole reason that those women and children were members of his own nation, it testifies to that person’s hatred for his people. When the world sees that the Jewish nation has such people within it, can it view Jews in any positive light? Can anyone appreciate a nation that hates itself that much?

In his paper, The Nation, the great 20th century kabbalist and thinker Baal HaSulam explained what it means to be an equitable nation: “The only hope is to thoroughly establish for ourselves a new national education, to reveal and ignite once more the natural national love that has been dimmed within us … for two millennia… Then we will know that we have a natural, reliable foundation to be rebuilt and to continue our existence as a nation, qualified to carry itself as all the nations of the world. … [However] Here I must stress concerning the above-mentioned national education: Although I aim to plant great love among the individuals in the nation in particular and for the entire nation in general, in the fullest possible measure [due to our vow to set an example of unity], this is not at all similar to … fascism. I loathe it, and my conscience is completely clear of it. …To easily perceive the difference [between national love and fascism] … we should compare it to the attributes of egoism and altruism in a person. … Clearly, the measure of egoism … is a necessary condition in the actual existence of the creature. Without it, it would not be a separate and distinct being in itself. Yet, this should not at all deny the measure of altruism in a person. The only thing required is to set distinct boundaries between them: The law of egoism must be kept in all its might, to the extent that it concerns the minimum existence. And with any surplus of that measure, permission is granted to waive it for the well-being of one’s fellow person.”

Regrettably, we are not doing the minimum to establish national love in order to secure our existence. In order to do that, we must know how we were created, what for, and how we can achieve our goal. If we realize our legacy, that people will appreciate us only when we set an example of solidarity and cohesion, and that under any other circumstances they will hate us, perhaps we will be more attentive to our duty. If we do this, it will make us Israel. Even more importantly, it will make us an example, the only example that the world needs in order to overcome its countless, deepening rifts, which are the only reason for humanity’s afflictions.

“The Mother Lode Of International Terrorism” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Mother Lode of International Terrorism

Twenty years after the September 11 attacks, the US army has pulled out of Afghanistan, which it conquered following the attack in order to prevent the making of a terror state. Twenty years, nearly 2,400 casualties, and 2.3 trillion dollars later, the United States has left Afghanistan having achieved the exact opposite of its original intention. Equipped with American weaponry, and cushioned with American and international funding, the Taliban is well on its way to create the mother lode of terror states. Through its desire to destroy it, America has bolstered the very monster it had set out to destroy.

Truth be told, I don’t think it could have turned out any other way. Even if it fought against the Taliban twenty-four hours a day the entire twenty years, America would not succeed. It was a guerilla war, and the Taliban were fighting for their faith and for their way of life. In such wars, an invading army, however strong, never wins.

From our perspective, they are terrorists. From their perspective, the Taliban are fundamentalists, and this is why it will continue. Being fundamentalists, they will do in Afghanistan whatever they need to do to achieve their goal, and no one will stop them. In the eyes of radical Islamists, humanity has three options: Join them, serve them, or die.

Now that they have their Islamic state, they can carry on with their plan: to wave the green banner of Islam the world over. For the time being, there are conflicts among radical Islamist groups. However, I think that ultimately, they will unite under one banner, one organization, and make all the countries bow before them, including today’s superpowers.

It is already clear that the dominant countries of the previous century are in various stages of disintegration. They will not last long. The only superpower that will remain is the newcomer in this arena: China.

Admittedly, China is somewhat of a riddle. It does not want to control or dominate in the old sense of the word, at least not the way America and Russia did. It is stretching its arms through purchasing economically strategic facilities, but the benefits of this strategy are still unclear. China produces most of the world’s goods, but production is not an ideology, so it is not clear what it wants. I admit that China baffles me.

Be that as it may, controlling international trade and finances does not last. It is an especially precarious venture when the world is going through such tectonic shifts. It seems to me that China’s attempt to make the world dependent on its production power is only making it dependent on the world. Now that the global economy is slowing, the world’s producers, and first and foremost China, will be the hardest hit.

But in the end, of course, it will all concentrate around Israel. When all the ideologies and power struggles leave the world disillusioned and exhausted, Israel will remain as humanity’s last hope, provided it operates as Israel should. This will be the time when Israel itself will have to unite above all its inner rifts and divisions, and set an example of unity.

The world, torn by hatred and violence, will look to Israel for answers, as it always does in times of crisis. At that time, if Israel rises to the challenge and unites, the world will follow suit, unity will prevail, and the world’s gratitude will be given to Israel. If, however, Israel remains as it is today—fragmented and filled with inner hate—the world will unite against Israel and unleash its wrath against it. Indeed, tectonic shifts are coming.

Money Cannot Buy Love

292We cannot conquer nature. Nature has brought us to a special stage of development, and we must fulfill its demand to get closer to each other, to be more united as one nation, and end all disputes. If we do not do that, it will get even worse than it is now. I warned at the very beginning of the pandemic that it will not end quickly,  three years, five years, it will last for years.

Until we fulfill the law of nature that requires us to truly connect as one person with one heart, we will not be able to be healthy and free. The restrictions that we now feel from nature show us that we are not allowed to come close to one another because of our bad attitude toward each other.

The distance between us cannot be less than two meters, which is a reflection of my attitude to others. I do not want to feel them any closer and this feeling is now being broadcast into the distance between us.

Do you want to live without physical restrictions? Then cancel the internal restrictions. Try to be closer to each other, eliminate all quarrels and disputes among the people of Israel, and you will see that the pandemic will immediately subside. It would seem that there is no connection between our relationship and the virus. But this is how it works.

If we do not do this, we will spend millions of shekels and dollars more on medicines and vaccinations, but the problems will grow bigger and we will not be able to get rid of them. We want to be bailed with money just not to change our hearts. But this will not work. Money cannot buy love. And it is a great closeness and love that is required of us.

Of course, love is not given for free. It must be earned. However, this is an eternal acquisition, the most reliable action that guarantees us health, strength, peace, serenity, and lifts us above life and death. There is nothing stronger than love; it is the upper force.

Yet, we are not ready to trouble our hearts with love and instead try to cover it in hope of finding peace. But there is no way out. We will only prolong our suffering for a few more years until we become smarter. The Creator will not abandon his plans. He will persistently and tirelessly force us to love others as ourselves.

It is not enough just to become a little kinder to each other, it is necessary to really come to universal love so that only love will rule in the world.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 11/29/20

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