What Does The Future Of Israel Depend On?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You are well aware and have a good understanding of the situation in Israel’s society. On one hand it represents a society of Torah, and on the other hand it is a civilization of high technology, while it also exists in an unfriendly surrounding. How do you see the process of this society’s development? Will we manage to solve anything in this small area of the world?

Answer: I am sure that the future of Israel and its fate has no connection with technologies, science, industry, banking business, army, weapons, or the relationship between us and our neighbors.

I am sure that everything depends only on the ability of Israel’s society to restructure itself according to the new requirements for humanity. Everything depends on the degree of its unity, equality, harmony, and how much people will be able to connect into one integral system. Then they will start living in harmony with the surrounding nature. Practically, the whole goodness which can manifest in humanity and society depends on this.
From KabTV’s “Global Crisis,” 3/19/2013

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