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The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion, Selected Excerpts

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Why Is The USA Falling So Fast?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (from Washington’s Blog): “… Jared Diamond’s book’s, : Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, studies the collapse of civilizations throughout history, and finds:

“‘Civilizations share a sharp curve of decline. Indeed, a society’s demise may begin only a decade or two after it reaches its peak population, wealth and power…

“‘One of the choices has depended on the courage to practice long-term thinking, and to make bold, courageous, anticipatory decisions at a time when problems have become perceptible but before they reach crisis proportions …’”

My Comment: That is, perhaps it is not too late for the entire Western world to choose a peaceful solution to the problem: to begin to unite with us before the terrible sufferings compel us to do so.

“PhD economist Marc Faber states:

“‘How [am I] so sure about this final collapse?

“Of all the questions I have about the future, this is the easiest one to answer. Once a society becomes successful it becomes arrogant, righteous, overconfident, corrupt, and decadent … overspends … costly wars … wealth inequity and social tensions increase; and society enters a secular decline.’ …”

My Comment: Clearly, it is a pessimistic view of the future. Humanity will not be able to make a reasonable decision—to begin to unite in order to eliminate all the conflicts between itself and nature by their similarity to the integral system of nature. The easiest thing is to do nothing and allow nature to push us towards the necessary change by its own means, that is, by force.

“…18th century Scottish historian Alexander Fraser Tytler: The average life span of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years progressing from “bondage to spiritual faith … to great courage … to liberty … to abundance … to selfishness … to complacency … to apathy … to dependence and … back into bondage …”

My Comment: The USA is already in the decline phase. But because it is not just egoistic linear development, like throughout our history, but the rise to a new level of universal integral dependence, of unification, similarity to unified Nature, the period of decline is not necessary. As soon as we recognize our next state, we will be able to make the transition to it outside the axis of historical time by having accelerated our evolution through the awareness of a new need.

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Past Generations Were Cleverer Than Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Telegraph): “The Victorians achieved so much because they were cleverer than us, a new study suggests.

“Reaction times – a reliable marker of general intelligence – have declined steadily since the Victorian era from about 183 milliseconds to 250ms in men, and from 187ms to 277ms in women.

“The slowing of our reflexes points to a decrease in general intelligence equivalent to 1.23 IQ points per decade since the 1880s or about 14 IQ points overall, researchers said.

“Actual IQ scores from different decades cannot be directly compared because people today enjoy better teaching, health and nutrition which would help improve their results, the scientists explained.

“But the reaction times signify that the genetic component of general intelligence – which leads to the type of creativity and invention typical of the Victorian era – has been dwindling over the past century.

“Our declining intelligence is most likely down to a ‘reverse’ in the process of natural selection, he explained. The most intelligent people now have fewer children on average than in previous decades, while there are higher survival rates among people with less favorable genes.”

My Comment: Since humanity is bound to transition to a new integral development, during which not the earthly egoistic, but the altruistic (integral, analog, collective) mind will develop in us, the decline in intelligence points to the imminent transition to a new level of consciousness.

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Completing The Work Of The Present Level

Completing The Work Of The Present LevelQuestion: Would it be worthwhile for us to change the form of the conventions gradually and to do them not for those who have been learning the integral method but for those who don’t study and want to hear about it? Immense efforts and means are invested in preparation for conventions. Might it be preferable to invest in attracting people who are not familiar with the integral method?

Answer: Certainly, it would be nice to use all our means for world dissemination. However, it is impossible to turn to a person and say: “Let’s set up a virtual convention, and the effort and resources that could be invested in a physical convention, we will invest in dissemination.”

Question: Why not? It is certainly very nice to see like-minded people with whom you are familiar at the conventions. However, these events gather so many people now that it is more and more difficult to meet people whom we know. So, our experiment to create a big family where everyone knows everyone else essentially becomes a fantasy. Is it worthwhile to waste our resources and efforts on this?

Answer: You might be right. I feel that we are going in this direction, but every paradigm must finish its work. So, I hope that what is being conceived now will ultimately come into being: a virtual world system of integral education that will not require constant meetings.

However, today, when I come to Europe, for example, and hundreds of students arrive from thirty countries, for them, this is not just a meeting with me. This is an organization. They communicate with each other, regroup, and agree on how to disseminate, what must be done next, and so on. Along with this, I try to give them the opportunity to connect, to mold an organized center for information and publicity by themselves.

The power that is created through our communication is what is called the wisdom of the group that today already has been established through experiments.

We are dealing with physical values, not imaginary ones. When people gather and organize some kind of society among themselves, a great power and potential appears, which is greater than the mere sum. This is natural and scientifically proven.
From KabTV’s “The Global Crisis” 3/19/13

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Reaching Out To Leaders

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the people making decisions today understood that the main thing is being acknowledged by society rather than having power over it, then perhaps it would be easier to introduce integral upbringing. Possibly, we should first educate such people? After all, leaders can change everything from above, and from below it would still be a revolutionary way even if we begin to teach people.

Answer: I think it will come from both sides. We need to educate everyone without exception, try to reach out to everyone. We have to explain to ordinary people who are using the Internet on a regular basis that the next state of humanity is obligatory, instilled in us by nature, and that we are pushed towards it from behind, as they say, using the rod to compel into happiness. If they understand this and move forward, it will be easier and faster for them to achieve a good state.

Once this feeling penetrates society, it will be simultaneously accepted by the leaders. On the other hand, there is hope that somehow, we will nonetheless reach the leaders through respectable people who are involved in the integral method. Their knowledge, their contact with us may later be passed to those who are in power. That is why the leaders will hear this directly, or through one of us, or through society.

We are not in favor of destroying the existing systems. We are not if favor of turning the pyramid upside down so that a housewife starts governing a country. We have already seen what comes out of that.

On the contrary, energetic, serious people who, due to their work, intelligence, and good egoistic desire, have reached the heights, are also able to see what is really worth aspiring to. And they can realize themselves in this direction just as well, even with a greater success. So, I wish them only the best in their rise and leadership over all of us.

I personally do not have these skills or aptitude. I understand what should happen, but I would gladly offer the organization of this process to our world leaders.
From KabTV’s “The Global Crisis” 3/19/13

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Learn About Permanence From The Light

Learn About Permanence From The LightThe first and primary rule is that the upper Light is at absolute rest. The influence of the Creator on us is constant, as it is written, “There is none else besides Him”; His manifestation, HaVaYaH, is invariable. Therefore, the reactions and changes within us need to reach stability and cease changing as well so that from our side also, there will be a permanent relationship existing at absolute rest, meaning in perfection.

In addition, if we still feel constant changes within us, if we feel physical or spiritual time, movement, or place, this is a sign that the creature has not yet reached perfection. We must yearn for a state where everything will be invariant, where adherence will be permanent.

All of our work is to act on those outside of us and help friends reach this kind of state. We cannot influence ourselves. Nobody works on himself since a person is not master over himself. However, since we are in a closed integral system, it follows that all the action is done only outside of the person and directed toward others and from the others, on the person himself. The person cannot act on himself.

Therefore, all the activities are done within a group, in a group of ten. Together with this, I need to desire that the action of the group on me will hold me in a perfect and permanent state. If I behave like this toward the friends and they behave like this toward me, then from this, we learn how to behave toward the Creator. To the degree that we connect to Him correctly, we discover His relationship with us, until we reach permanent connection and adherence.

All the changes are intended to show to us where we still lack permanence so that we can reach absolute rest. Therefore, one of the main rules of behavior in the group determines that a person cannot influence himself. Instead, he is activated and influenced only by the environment. To the degree that he influences others, he discovers himself, developing within himself sensitivity to the similar, external influences of the friends.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/20/13

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Shattering For The Sake Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we receive the Creator’s desire to bestow and become the ones who bestow ourselves?

Answer: The Light that shattered the vessels inserted its desire to bestow into them, into the desire to receive. So when the desire to receive discovers the shattering, it also discovers the Creator’s desire to bestow inside it. This is already concealed in my vessels.

The Creator inserted the desire to bestow into my shattered vessels during the shattering. He gave me His testimony as to how much He wants to give me. I am incorporated in His deficiency to give by the revelation of this testimony. This becomes my desire to give and my ability to bestow by the Light that Reforms. This is the preparation that was inserted into us during the shattering and that was imprinted in us.

Otherwise I wouldn’t be impressed by His desire to bestow and couldn’t respond to it. It can be revealed in me only thanks to the fact that my attitude towards the Creator has already been imprinted in me.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/19/13, Writings of Rabash

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You Are Invited To The Stage

Dr. Michael LaitmanMany people in the world are connected to all kinds of groups, associations, alliances, and communities, and they are quite satisfied with these “hobby clubs.” In addition, people also cooperate in businesses in order to make a profit together.

There are the great and small, supervisors and subordinates, but, ultimately, there is a clear goal for everyone, and they understand that everyone needs to have his own place and contribute for the benefit of all. The picture is clear when the result is felt in the pocket or our desire for pleasure is delighted in some other way.

All the ways and forms of connection differ, including the religions. However, in general, people enjoy shared interaction that provides everyone with some benefit.

It seems to be different when a person asks the question about the meaning of life, “Why and for what am I here?” After all the searching, this question only grows, leaving a sensation of emptiness inside. So, finally, the person comes to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

However, in addition, he opens books and doesn’t find an answer. Essentially, the wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t reveal anything. On the contrary, it is called the “concealed wisdom” because it removes the cover and only shows a person that something is hidden from him. What is this exactly?

What is concealed from us is the Creator. He is what we are missing. If we were to discover the higher power in nature that activates all of its forms—the still, the vegetative, the animate, and the speaking—then everything will become clear to us.

So, actually, in our world, in our life, there is no other question than the discovery of the Creator. In this way, we will solve all problems. We will understand what is happening to us, how we should act, what the consequences of our actions are, how they come back to us, and so forth. In brief, everything will be revealed to us. When we go beyond the limitations of this world, we feel not only the shortness of material life but also the entire way that stretches to Infinity. All this is provided that we discover the Creator and understand and feel reality in the same way that He does.

In addition, we don’t understand and feel. Here, the question arises, “What do I get out of this understanding and feeling?” The wisdom of Kabbalah answers like this, “You can understand and feel to the degree that you can become like the Creator.” In other words, the wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t make it possible for us to recognize that particular phenomenon called the “Creator” but presents a condition that is not characteristic of our world.

Here, we look at things from the side. For example, I go to a ballet performance and see people dancing on the stage. I enjoy watching them, but I can’t perform like them myself. However, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, this would not be called attainment. True attainment requires that I carry out this activity myself. From this, I will understand and feel what is being said; I must be “on stage.”  [Read more →]

You Are Yourself Responsible For Your Own Birth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a person truly believe what the Kabbalists write if, in the meantime, he has no concept of what they are talking about?

Answer: No one can just believe like that. In the meantime, the upper Light is what holds us in the state in which we are found and doesn’t let us leave. Likewise, the person also needs to invest some effort in order to tie himself to a group in order to make it possible for his beastly body not to flee. However, at the end of the matter, we can expect and be supported only by the mercy of heaven.

Someone in whom the point in the heart is manifested needs little physical evidence, rather only to the degree of his link with this world. If we were not linked to this world, then, for us, we wouldn’t require any evidence at all. If the desire for spirituality is awakened in you, then it no longer concerns you that a crisis exists in the world. There exist good and bad events, and all kinds of predictions and their scientific explanations. No physical arguments are required for you.

However, if you are linked with the world and, in the meantime, share its opinion, then you need to answer for yourself all of these strange questions, and for this you need to receive explanations that all of these concerns of this world are just vanity. You need to place a protective barrier against the influence of the external world and against its values, and then you will be freed of this influence and your point in the heart will continue its movement toward the goal.

It is as if you bring yourself to a group but, essentially, everyone was dropped into it from above, as a drop of semen drops into the uterus. And, what can it know about this itself? It doesn’t choose anything; everything comes from above, from a father and a mother. The same thing happens with us. You have a higher Abba and Ima, a father and mother, who are responsible for you so that you will develop as a human being, and therefore, they bring you to a group.

However, when they bring you there, then this society needs to be ready to help you to neutralize all the external influences. If you love science and research, then they need to give you information that will neutralize this materialistic desire.

Therefore, our work within the group in absorbing the new friends is in order to free the point in the heart from the external influence of this world with all the temporary values and scientific authorities. In this it creates a neutral environment for you. The person needs to receive an explanation relevant to the circular integral system so that everything will be combined to that system within which we learn and work.

This spiritual drop of semen must be free in order to make a choice and be held within the new environment. Essentially, the person receives this drop and needs, himself, to insert it into the uterus, into the group. He, himself, is responsible for the absorption of his semen, how much he is absorbed within the group. They need to give him all the support possible in this in order to make something like this possible for him. Here, the influence of the environment and the family is very important.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/19/13, Writings of Rabash

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